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The Cincinnati Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1842, Page 2

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The Cincinnati Chronicle (Newspaper) - July 2, 1842, Cincinnati, OhioIts. Or of Llin then proposed is an amendment pro Iso for the payment of Ojima for Aera Icea Renda red bar tin Georgia military. House of represent v Ati ves. 0stom Aua term. I i menu land w a an ants. Mrs Gooowin called for the order of the tiny which waa the Resolution in favor of Virginia in Granta. Or. U. Spoke it length upon the question exp Reading a great regret to the hour to which he waa entitled had expired before he finished what he had to say. Between 11 and 19 of clock or. Fil Lhoir prom lie episcopal record or. .1 a a Paar my a was. A Quot suggested by the motto on the ring of a Friend a pausing away passing away1�?T�? a Bright Bird warbled in numbers Gay % pausing awhile on its quivering Wing of its Onward flight and its Home to sing \ a a i Joy to leave your my Northern Bowers. Though grateful you Shade in the summer hours it r of Frimi 1 a twarow. Be a Evasew Taei Tea in the debate which took a Tiee in the a 8. Senate on thus it Lay on the subject of the provisional Revenue Rill or Evans one of the most Able and intelligent members of that body expressed the opinion without further legislation it was exceedingly doubtful whether after the 30th inst any duties can be collect etl tinder the on Promise act. The correspondent of the n. Express writing from Washington says a a opinion i Ere is divided As to the effect i pram the Phi Delphi 1 Ilg usage. In left from no. Doul Ned. The Schr. Orr Alloo capt. Of Iriti arrived last evening from Cape Flay Tien which place she left on the thirteenth instant from or Andrews the super cargo we learn that All was quiet in the Island of St. Lion Togo no sent i ninth Boston Timen a h Kitti Ratum if five of whets Esris Mimas a tit Jymm tsp my a a amp. The melting holy intelligence Fia Boon received of the loss or or of the amp Georgia Mitchell from Calcutta for London Attis Listl we for the cold rough blasts have destroyed your "b���110 Congre thai the of or yesterday until . Pickens the end of his hour ent for the largest lib moved that the House resolve itself into committee of the w Hole on the state of the Union. The motion Prev nil de and with or. Me kenyan in the chair the debate proceeded. Or. Pickets spoke his hour and his Tongue fun upon he Gallop and with More than Jehu Speed for the sixty minutes allotted hint under the even Dorizas one hour Rule or. Pickens sustained the extreme of the very extreme notions of those who subscribe to the Calhoun Aith. He was anti Tariff anti Protection anti distribution anti Revenue from customs anti restriction anti every thing hut a hard Money currency and free Trade. This he was ready to adopt but in favor of Bis opinion no of cig in form of an argument was presented. There was much sweeping declamation and the speech Wii nothing Mese from beginning to end Allm a sounding tirade and a tinkling to hear this speech the committee gave or. Pickens a postponement of the question from an Earl a a a a a i erty #1 Trade and stated and defended As Many Nhsn dittes As one Man Ever advanced in the space of a Lew moments. Or. Syper of pcnii., continued the debate and want the death against distribution to which he was much opposed and then perhaps of a Model ate and judicious Tariff. What he was for or against however was n6t Well understood from the utter inability to hear him. Or. Hubbard of vn., continued the discussion in opposition to a Tariff and in opposition to the distribution of the lands. A womb a War Wise Here made an a flirt to have Fol a Bill cast aside in order to take up the Bill from he committee of naval affairs relating to naval appropriations. Or gushing continued the debate a and Ilis classed some of the questions connected with the Tariff wit Vety great interest. He was disposed the question considered As one of the Revenue and thought it unnecessary to debate the Bill As a measure of Protection. The expenditures of our government Quarter of million of dollars or when it became necessary to raise i this amount Protection would have to come in some Fornitt or other. It was impossible to Levy duties which would not in some form operate As protective duties. 1 w or. Vise continued the debate and stated that he was in one sense a Tariff Man and in but other a Fri in att. Matt he was for Tjade As compared with one Section of country a Jad another and tor Protection when the people of this country came into Competition with those of another country. A a a Ltd w nothing of importance was done in Congress of thursday although some of importance was debated. A Quot Bloom and Winter hath come with his chilling gloom and homeward detained by no captive Chain i return to my native clime again. To cloudier skies to a fairer land a haste with a free and Joyful band gladly i Carol my parting Lay passing away passing Swap a a a a a it y. He i Jim a passing away ring away a murmured a Flower in its slow Decoy and it bowed its head to the Rii gang blast. That its beauteous petals around it cast a i rejoice Stern Friend that thou latest me Low i Welcome Juliy summons i Long to go in the Earth swarm bosom to sink to rest a she will guard me Safe in her sheltering breast. When the Spring returns i again shall Rise. And Clad in new Beauty enclose mine eyes. Why should i linger alone a mid the dead the loved and the Lovely around me have fled calmly i yield to thy pitiless Sway y it passing away passing Avoy a t k f a a j v a # 1 1 t. A \ y Ltd a a i a a o a passing away passing away a whispered a Saint As he dying Lay a while his pallid brow and his languid Eye now spake of the Triumph the glory nigh a Gladsome Earth Farewell i am thine no More tempting world thy Joy Sand thy woes Are Over soon from sin and anguish forever free i shall mount on High with my lord to be heavens shining portals even now Appeal the song of the Ranson fed i hear i hear Ai a i i shall soon be with you be blessed band release me Sweet death with thy mighty hand to the land of Rost and eternal Day a v passing away passing of a neglect to pass this Bill prior to the first of huh i �?~i1 to operation without additional legislation ence a in the Senate or. Evans Ftp the finance brought up the Revenue Bill. Among other things said was the following under the Compromise act it was doubtful whether any thing could he collected he had Stead that Law. Others thought differently but Many in his Pinion he had great cof Fidei believed that the jaw was inefficient. Mini there was then no Revenue Laws but the act ��4\\\e last session of com Resst which contemplated Revenue Lor f Small number of articles. The necessity of pissing this Bill being admitted or. Evans pts needed to comment upon the proviso which related Toabe Public lands. To obviate it re put objections to this proviso be would he said introduce an amendment the effect of which Wou Ixl be to postpone the operation of the comp of Mdse act arid the Dis Tribu Tiore the 1st of August in or. Evans thought with such a proviso leaving All the contested questions open until the great Bill which remained by hindi he , there could be no serious objections to the Bill Nurit was. The Compromise would satisfy not Only the opponents of Fhy Bill but a those who thought that the lands ought not now tripe distributed. The Friels of the Bill he hoped also would be satisfied to with the postponement of dist Rienti a. H Quot to a i r a a a. In the4house, the Navy Bill was brought up and discharged my. S t j a i Jav i away passing away Sang in Angel choir Over the child of Clay a unseen their glances of pitying Dove w while wafted their songs to the courts above a it will soon be ended this fearful strife arid thou Shalt awaken to Blissful life then tremble not mortal no fear to die it a j. A. A o Corne thou with jus to thy Honie on High a j the sainted the loved for thy coming wait to Dell with them in their Happy state there ar0 mansions fair in that world of Light soon soon will they burst on thy captured sight gazing upon thee we joyfully say v it a. A a j a passing away passing would be to have no Revenue Laws which could he enforced the Compromise act itself As was argued requiring additional legislation. There is a difference of opinion upon this Point. The Secretary of the Treasury gave his opinion i believe that additional legislation would be required but in this opinion it is said he has been overruled. The importers May conclude that by Hook or Crook Congress or the executive will contrive some plan for collection of the Revenue at least at the rate of 20 per cent. If the Bill before the Senate shall pass or not or if it shall pass and be vetoed which i do not believe the result will be the distribution of the land proceeds from january to july of the current it would appear by the annexed letter that the government has take decided wet Ion on the subject of impost duties after the 30th inst correspond Etire of the journal of Commerce. Washington tuesday june 21, 1842. Circulars will be issued from the Treasury department to Day to the collectors Witlin Struci ions As to Tho Mode of collecting the Revenue Niter the 30th>ojf june. It seems that the existing Laws con rarer to lbs ii pression which Lias prevailed Here provide Ain Jsu Means for collecting the Revenue after the 30th of june in Case the legislation contemplated by the Compromise act Sti buld not take place. Should the president veto the temporary Tariff Bill the duties will be levied according to the terms of the Compromise act and the Revenue Law of last session and the distribution of the proceeds of the Sale of Public lands will take place on the 1st of july i. E. Should there be any Money in the Treasury to distribute which is not approve the Bill the distribution a ill in like manner take effect and the duties will remain the sume As they were on Ihu Ltd Ray of january no Revenue Law be enacted at this session a and it is not probable that any will be a the amount of Revenue that the Stoms Wili yield is estimated by the Secretary of the Treasury at fifteen millions and by others Ai less than ten./, probably it will be about twelve. The in count wanted without the land Money a is Twenty eight millions. A a. % 7 Blanco whatever of a revolution. President Boyer had exerted himself to the utmost to protect property Atid had sent from port a Rinco Sevy ral cargoes of provisions fur the Relief of the distressed inhabitant of the town of Cape Hytien. The first four vessels which arrived after the earthquake took place were admitted free of duty on their cargoes subsequently the usual regret to say with u deplorable sacrifice of Nan life. 1 he ship was Between 80# a Iff preparations were being made for rebuilding the town. Depredations however continued to be practice by people from the Gen. Auba was in command the former ten eral having bout severely wounded during the earthquake. Quot a a. W. m Quot a the old a Dpi Olet a a Strong French fort was nearly i Tonoli Inird. At port Ait Platt the Walls of the fort built soon after Columbus a discovery about 330 years ago were thrown Down. Or. Fearon the principal american agent was not killed As re the British Consul or. Thompson was about embarking for England leaving a vice Consul. We Are compelled to defer further particulars. Port lost. Red but was wounded. Tree Turlot mid the South. In the hours of representatives yesterday Fri while of Louisiana submitted a memorial of the sugar planters of that state. This Doc Uta ent very numerous by signed and which was Abo presented to the Senate on the proceeding Dav is the product of a convention recently held at Donaldsonville. It exhibits the melancholy condition Bortl ering on utter ruin to which the sugar growing interest is reduced aft a tons Burden and was Vul Tietel at �7,1 00, being splendidly fitted up for the accommodation of passengers. She had a Rich cargo it a Board consisting of a weary Mercle Lixe and other valuable property which a writhed with the vessel a loss in total of �20,000. It appears that Early on the morning of the 1st of april the a Waichu of the deck discovered a Strong smell of burning about the ship he aroused the commander capt. Mitchell and the rest of the ships Crew and a strict search was determined upon. On the boats removed to twi the main hatches take in off the Burn tag was found to proceed from the cargo when orders were Given to remove Over a portion of it so As of get at the fire. The Crew however had not proceeded far before a volume of smoke burst upon them and shortly afterwards it became so intense accompanied with excessive heat that they were forced to desist. A capt. Mitchell perceiving that the destruction of the vessel Fis inevitable directed the Crew to prepare themselves to leave the ship which they immediately set about doing by lowering the boat two in number Over the vessels Side. trying moment for the sea was extremely rough with a heavy Gale of we amp i and with the knowledge of their be ing 800 and 900 Miles from land every soul expected to meet with a watery grave. At about 8 of clock the chief mate with nine of the Crew left the burning vessel in the Jolly boat and they were directly followed by capt. Mitchell and the rest of the ship a Crew four in number in the Small boat. 7 at this critical period a vessel was observed it a distance hearing towards the ill fated ship and the chief mate turned to make know ii the Jive Kiiji to a Ron tilt a a rot Quot 8iturd.1t morning july i 1848. Rior counties of Ohio could not Bao cultivated wheat at All without theae facilities. If the entire Paat experience of this country is Worth any thing it is certain that the Export of american flour does not Tho Region of country North of Tho Ohio �ep�,0 Home but upon and act of the alleghenies including Corr not it aces of the country to which Western new York a portion of be Noichi fun have before a a Vania. And extending to Missouri and Lowgap an it i Gio beyond Tho Mississippi was Long since fore n flour. For 7 w jew. And in that it b an established fact that the exported value erf american flour and hat been the greatest when increased the exportation in a proportion equal to the diminution of that Price. We extract from that table the results of the five years of highest priced and of the five years of lowest Price without reference to other circumstances. $0,064,955 17,201,824 7,286,111 11,465,417 11,530,662 year. Jurlee. 1796, $12.50 1817, 11.67 1795, 10.60 1801, 10.40 1818, 9.96. Joyful intelligence to Cut. Mitchell and the rest der the operation o. The act of 1833. The san a the c 6 when he a horror struck on Ristics Are taken from Public document and of Imja but the boat Haa Fronde de and none de sources. It results from l r to. A re manii a it v a a a a 4 1 a which was sent to the birr each. The first Section the 4 item eve concerns Fhi Apia the following from an English paper May be read with profit by Matiy in olt to own country h May be Well to substitute in the last line Lor Holting to America a sloping to Texas ? it is a prevail no insanity among shopkeepers of the present Day to be at the head of nil immense concern and it is a Maludy which in almost every Ensei finishes with it fatal result not Ordy to the individual who �9 the immediate subject of the complaint but to those who May happen to be bitten in. The Intermix. It Gener Ull seizes the proprietors Oflinn Draper shops and like the b Ite of the Tarantula sets them cutting the Mosi extraordinary Capers in the course of which they Start off in the most Lively a allow and conclude Vith a not of the most Graceful kind., in the court of bankruptcy. An Imp hens concern generally begins Iti vhf single House and the disease first develops Itsell in n Strong itching to take the next door who cab when once Zucco pushed is soon followed by an eccentric Resolution to add the word a and t. It to the name of the proprietor. The next stage is Quot an eruption of Large placards conveying incl prent hints about a giving away a a Selling under u9eiul Grain is indigenous to the northernmost parts of Persia and in Lia where it grows spontaneously. A negro slave of Fernando Cortez we a the first to cultivate it in Mexico. He found a few grains among some Rice brought Over from Spain for the use of the army and planted these few grains have covered our Hills and Villics with the Golden Harvest. Phil. Gutz. In to present sufferings and future 4 Quot. 1 they sufferings of the just May Well be likened to fleeting shadows or passing dreams. A3 soon5 As the Bright morning it of eternity begins to Dawn the Shade s of mortality Are dissipated forever and. The Ferget at once in the glorious Light of gods majesty the tribulation that endures but for a night. The unspeakable Joys of which they now partake so absorb their souls that there is no room left for sorrow or sufferings. And if their past trials Are even remembered by them it is but to swell their harps with fresh rapture and to tune their voices to Loutner and sweeter anthem9 to the Praise of him who has Given them in Exchange for their sufferings endless Joy in Exchange for the Cross a Crown of unfading Glt y. M a custom ii Cusp an official report it appears that the actual expense of thi9commission has been seventeen thousand 9even Hundred and Twenty eight dollars. We have no doubt this is the most judicious expenditure of Money that has been appropriated in a no time. The disclosures of the enormous waste and extravagance of Money under the administration of or hot in stationery and other items Are transactions that ought a veto he brought to Light. The enormous amount Oil r mar prime Cost a Ait other unaccountable acts a i a i 1 generosity which the patient professes to prac a a pm a a to other .d, Tice by degrees he grows bolder in the a>9 a is Een sur a96, Fth effect of i. To Troia a in h �?_____.1,� of this Coop Mission will be left in every depart Merit not Only Here but elsewhere. It has been a the proceedings of the Senate on Friday was marked by one Vii a. A. -. F a the passage of a Bill to a define and establish i the fiscal year House for Concini Rreece. A -. I ii a. Provides that of or after the 1st of july 1s43, the Fisca year of Theta United states. Quot i r it shall commence and end on the 1st july. The Section makes it the duty of Thuc a a. a. T a1 a a a \ Ai it y Secretary of the teat try at the next session to Render accounts and estimates for the half year Mojing the of Jurie 1843 a a a a r a a a Aud also for the year ending june 1844. , so too provide so that All receipts accounts and expenditures shall hereafter be made a a 4 a a a for the fiscal year thus established. The a r v a a t \ a i # 4th Section requires that the annual a slate ,. 1 a a a i a a i ment of Commerce and navigation shall be a t f to de to correspond with this fiscal year this Bill is a Good one and w Iii be of advantage to the people by in a missioner the commencement of each Congress to see Jeri Terri year s accounts and Quot Notan Esti of mated one. ? \ pm a a a a the provisional Revenue Jill was Dis placed under the Public Eye inscribed with mystery offs allusions to a an alarming sacrifice a the breaking out poit the goods shortly flies to the windows themselves which covered with enormous posting Bills in which the words a a extensive Fai Iurco ure extremely conspicuous and there Isa desperate Effort to arrest attend tin by thrusting goods almost into a a the Street w a printed invitation to Thuc Public for look a his a and a most uncalled for allusion to the a distress of the Spitalfields Weaver no fhe disease new becomes convulsive enormous a do a of dry goods Are do posited outside of the a a hop in bold Defiance tick the paing act carpets Dangle trom the upper stories flankers fluid in the air and pieces of Callico flutter in the Breeze a while Straw bonnets Are. Dashing recklessly in to the window with an intimation that there a Choice of �5,000, All at a Price not even Jorth mentioning. Blocks Are dressed productive of a system of checks and imposing of responsibilities that will save some thousands if not millions to Tho government. It appears to bad the commissioners received but about eight Hundred dollars each for their services exclusive of expenses a comparatively trifling sure for i their Long laborious and patient services. Express. A a a a a it Ltd a a Quot. A a we Learnd hat the president Hast disapproved the decision olt the naval court martial in the i a t a. A Case of Cnute Levy. The decision was Dis Inis Ai from the service. 4 the j president has changed Flie sentence into a suspension for one year without . Sen. A Yah 11 1 1 a a Quot Quot we heat and Floux in Kingston j correspondent of the Detroit advertiser writes under Date of the 8th it up to cloak to look like customers der Fitl a a you have a a Bably note a the passage the have been lying in the wardroom since last i new a Quot of rate so to lug is m England 1 a p Cour gement of our. Wheat producers. 1 be old Tri Riff compelled us to i 10 on a Quarter of flour. The new Tariff Bill requires a certificate sworn to of the origin of the wheat hat passes our custom House and also the same oath when emerged in England. Wheat can come r j into this pro a inc Miree while flour will to other authenticated this sex pot that the profits of the culture arts flow almost nothing and can scarcely be Esti mated at More than one per cent. On. The aggregate capital invested. A if shows a progressive decrease in the sugar plantations of the Strite and that the entire interest is threatened with 1 a r annihilation the Memoria lists maintain the Mutual dependence on each of the different branches of Home Industry and describe the debasement of the sugar growth As contributing extensively to the actual depression of the products of other states for which a great and Active demand is created by the sugar culture in Louisiana. A the memorial concludes in favor of a Wise is Teri of discriminating duties and earnestly prays Congress to Rescue them while it May be yet time from impending destruction. The memorial is drawn in a spirit of moderation and its views and reasoning deserve serious consideration by those a Southern gentlemen especially who so stoutly impugn All discrimination. Fat Intel. An american letter dated on Board the frigate Brandywine at Gibralter May 2, states 1 at Samuel Mcneir of Baltimore attached to said frigate was killed at Mahou on the 15th March preceding. It appears that he was on Shore on leave and being mistaken for another person about the same size a who had rendered himself obnoxious by appearing against a Dago a he was stabbed from behind the instrument passing through the lungs. The murderer Hal been apprehended and it was supposed would be doomed to death. The mess mates and shipmates of Mcneir subscribed $ 15 l to erect a Tomb Stone Over his grave. This Liberal and kind feeling is characteristic of the american seamen. R balt. Clipper. child at Monteville near Rouen swallowed a few pinches of arsenic thinking it to he flour. It was soon seized with dreadful convulsions and Little Hope was entertained of saving its life when a physician administered hydrated peroxide of Iron which immediately overcame the effects of the Poison. It Carphine Oil is also dangerous especially where there Are children. In Philadelphia on thursday a Little Girj two and a half year old daughter of John Johnson no. 98, race Street got hold of a can that contained the Oil by reaching up to a shelf on which it was placed and drank a portion of in convulsions ensued followed by insensibility medical Aid saved the life of the Little creature hut she made a narrow escape. A. Post. 1a a of then were to be been. They rowed about a in Hopes of picking them up but none of the poor Fellows Rose after. The ship Thomas Sparks which proved to be the vessel they saw hearing Down to their assistance came alongside soon afterwards and took the chief of ulcer Ami the rest of the Georgia Crew on Board and then remained within a Short Dis tone j of the burning ship until she went Down which event took place at n late hour in the afternoon. The Georgia and cargo Are reported Tobe insured to the extent of $25,000. A. V % -7�? 4 a National institution Washington Juno 13, 1842. Dear sir having recently received from it Road some articles which May be of interest to some of the members or correspondents of the institution i take great pleasure in presenting the following seed Beans from chill for table use. Water Melon seed from Clit i custard Apple seed from Chili v r very us nectarine and Damascus seed from Perior. / Chili non keep Cotton seed from Ecuador. Mineral Earth from Chili which my correspondent describes thus a Tim Mineral Earth is called Huang and is much esteemed in England for fertilizing the soil. This is a chilian product lately discovered. The Hist Price of this article in England was $92 per ton. Apply it to your Flower pots and Garden Iii Small Quantity to each Plant say a Pinch with three fingers and fifteen Days after you will be astonished with the i the seed Beans lean safely recommend having used them at my table for some Days past and found them very far Superior to any thing of the kind raised in this country. The Cotton is of a remarkable deep color hut the Staple is Short this would pro Bahy be improved by careful cultivation. I am gratified to find that the institution Lias opened its doors to the whole people of our country and to the world at Large. Under such a system it cannot fail to flourish end to that end each citizen would cheerfully contribute his mite. With. Much respect your obedient servant James a Markoe or. Cor. Sec by. National institutions Are on the shores of Lake Huron the most extensive Beds of Copper which have Ever been found in Tho world. They have never been wrought until now., a couple of Yankees set up a rough establishment for smelting the Ore last year and the first proceeds of their labor appeared in our Market last week in Imam Hhd i a Fly a Rev will How seen to be the proper site of wheat culture in the United states. The parallel of latitude in which it Leif As Well As the great of. Land Plains to Fertile in soil and so easy of 10 highest. Or cultivation Mark it As the Grain growing i no Quoter War let to of half Fyk it if not Section tit North America the granary whence As from Egypt and Syria of old the surrounding millions Are to derive their bread while engaged in other pursuits. Not one third of the United states in surface and of very recent settlement this Section produced in the year 1839 half the wheat grown in the u. States the single state of Ohio produced More wheat than sixteen states Viz Maine n. Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Connecticut r. Island new Jersey Delaware s. Carolina Georgia Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Arkansas Kentucky and Tennessee. Such is the extent and importance compared with other sections of Tho Union to which the wheat crop of Ohio has already risen. Where so much is produced there must be. A ,. A scarily be a Large surplus we find that of sixteen million five Hundred thousand bushels raised in 1839, at least seven million Jive Hundred thousand were exported. This will appear from Tho Export returns of the ports of Cleveland Milan Sandusky Cincinnati and borne smaller Points. This fact is very accurately ascertained and shows irs also that the wheat con i Quot f a a y j. F 1 a. A a a. A. A i sued in Ohio Independent of other grains which Are largely used amounts to just a bout six bushels to each soul. It is now accordingly $66,638,909 to film Are Tibe years of the highest Price of flour in the United states without reference to the order of Timo or the amount produced and the Reader sees the Price was very High. The following series Are Tho years of lowest Price 5,048,248 3,998,863 5,928,506 4,318,77� 1820, $4.72 18 1, 4 78 1826, 4.65 1530, 4.8� 1834, 5.17 i is $24,849,996 a it is self evident from inspect up that 16w prices at Home have no effect whatever to and in inspect to . Xxx xxi ill the value of our surplus crops has in fact certain that the wheat crop of 1842 is one Dimini Amjed it a. Lang it a her pm we. The. It ,.poo we a no a ,,1.gof4lrprioc.n.er hic to calculate a thee the ,. Wilh my ,, to m Ca,�?z0 a of a a an extraordinary Case of suicide fan extraordinary character occurred at three tons of ill Shapen pigs. Jymy new Ozcan Safeon the 13th inst. A Frenchman Ever do better As they go of and if Only sufi s they Mamed Decelles during the last yellow fever cent Protection is afforded them they will be season lost the wife of his bosom. From a Nat Able to Supply sure but the Low a rally vivacious Niqui he recame Moody spirited and refused to be comforted. The loss Tot. Of his wife was to him the loss of every7 thing dear on Earth. On the Day in question he took a pistol and stretching himself on his wife a grave blew his brains out. The whole worhol and we Are not eve frill do it whether protected or f a y. Jour. Com. A la a it the letter from Nantucket to the Boston Post says a the Providence conference of the method t is my Cpl Church Bishop Waugh administrators of the rail closed a very harmonious session this Day Are labelled As a quite new Aud just every thing is marked at an a Thund ing moderate Price but Fey some strange Accident there is not a ticket but a feet Lias a lipped fro in one thing to Anothy a if any Fine wants to Purchase the labelled article. After these very f Active symptoms the disease comes tor is ter i. I i it Nii rial Ion a he immense concern lies a natural purged a Cems a a Rel. Under its arrange Iii ent Canadian Millers have to erect Mill death and the proprietor arouses the Public with a series it candid confessions tit a l. Grind the american wheat and consume it in voting. Cussed further by messes hives and Citty Tenden and Nally passed by a vote of 24 to i with an Amend me it postponing the v Quot a a Quot. A t # distribution of the proceeds of Public lands. I a i i to the 1st of August feed. It v l. I e l a o a a s a p r 1 v a b i if re \ of we scarcely a meet in acquaint a few be Street w to does not complain if rhe Scarcity of Rooney. We were in Hopes to at the crisis had b in passed and that Busi Nada. The charge of 44 cents on flour for a barrel duty i should think we Ltd be sufficient reduce a f j _ a 1 in the Bills Carpe up but All action was prevented by a silly Rifle of v prudent persons Are curtailing their expenses to a -ft1,�?� a �trht�4oweitifo�t there is he. I i a 1 a. It Lune ii for some of your Yankee Millers to erect nes had begun to revive hut we were a a Mista a a to to believe that there w.11 be an a ills Hefe a9 do. 10 a to Fia to dment. Datul the policy of the a Rhural gov , Wafie you Cahl Ern Anent he Corpes firmly settled and a a form currency be established. In the present Condi to Ort. Of things men of capital pause hot they make this advantageous investments and All tree a buses Hift Qeti Iris them to be land Over except on Cert de to. The office of. V 1 w As per lured by a mr., /31a it k Rio Confidence in the can wheat a ree. He a a log Ore considerable a Merican flip has been ship Ted As Canadian but the vigilance How adopted at the English custom heft Lse a and Tiff oath required will Stop it. Your country How Ever will be Able to Supply us with who a for our own consumption und Alj of ours will go abroad. The Quantity to use will be near Lyas from the u. States into a he ways on the right Bank of the Seine announce that their two roads of St. Germaine and Verp Bailies Jive carried since their opening nine Nii Lions of passengers without fatal or serious Accident and the belgian a railways from the 5th of May 1835 to Doe tuber 1841, nearly twelve millions with the loss of Only three lives the strongest puff editor of a the Boston Post speaking of or. Hitchcock a f a a dentist of that City says a Cdr. To. Inserted a set of Teeth for a gentleman the other Day w hich w worked so Well that the landlord Rose on his Board a we give it up after that. Quot _ _. It the wind in tiie Osiier 9bort time since we were impressed with the belief judging from the editorial articles in the madisonian that Tho president would veto the Tariff Bill now before the Senate if passed list the tone of the madisonian has so Materi ally changed within a Day or two Prist that we now the Ink that our ears were groundless. We confess however that we have Strong doubts whether the Bill will pass the Senate. 1 balt. Clip. A. prospects of the wheat har Vest were never better in the Genesee Valley a renowned As is for its excellent wheat. The uncommon coolness of the season is just right for wheat though it causes some grumbling a bout other Rochester n. Y., Post. A 1 a a the annual sheep shearing festival will take place at Nantucket to Morrow. A. A 9 f a a. Of general Bustamente and his son recently arrived at Southampton in the West Siridia mail Steamer �?osolwav.�?T? 5i� last Sabbath five members of the conference were ordained elders and three were ordained deacons. There has been aft a addition of 2,700 members to the Church a luring the past year within the Bounds of this a convention is about to be held to take measures to extend the Iii a . Of it Georgia. Ito the Navy 1jtpro Fri Diin Isai came up Jand was further disc ised by or. Brown a i of Peru and or. Gordon of n. V. In is Itte on saturday the president sent in a Tariff we Zih a from the Trench minister Rota Tive to establishing a Ibe j i. J of steamers Between France and the u United. States. a a dancing Rabbit Creek was again under discus a j p a i Sion. This Creek has Date to a Long time. T quota or. Benton a fe4flction army Bill a again Little offered in Conse Cju nce of the general de press Jorif business a per do Msj a Are out of Eric ploy Merit entirely who a Duld he occupied if Congress had proceeded with More Energy but it seems to a be impossible to inspire lie Hardy and enterprising fishermen of that and what is a it Fri for the purpose of Tak Irig Shad in tree Rio Yankee Boston daily a priv Ajer says that7tuo schooners left Gloucester not Many months since manned by some a e under discus fusion. 4 ii up Quot t t a 2y�?T in the House the amendments made by the /. Vij a berate to the provisional in Aritt Hill were concurred in Jid Tho Bill is now in the hands of the prt-sf�oent., a the French claims prior to 1�500 were then introduced and discussed by or. Adams. A a a a a a it a no no following is an extract of a letter from.iyton, pit to a emr. Van Buren Itera one Flay. In to i evening in visited the House of a prom mint of Nerat. Many ladies were of them on being Prestnick took the Lim try of kissing the sex president. He that such a oct he sup Iosco should be regarded As a Signar to hit to kiss a l the girls which he proceeded to do Forth wife. 0n approaching one of them however a Beautiful creature Slie very archly and significantly a Tow b Tuk and a Aijo a no no Mattvei have Sung too uiany4 Tippecanoe songs. The Experiment must Stop this ended the kissing business for thut evening. Members with proper feelings the Prospect before us there is Little Proba do la Plata. We understand that permission Billy of having the exchequer or any other Bill was a a Ven by tree by euros Mayrean government i. A n or t. It it he it in m i a Siim air in t nil f n a 11 passed to regulate the Able whether we so and still Riore Zoufe Tributino act will not. to in the a us Antime Are hearing with a heavy hand on the people who Havene my ans if Cli Scharg aug them. In Short should Congress trifle a writ time Mure longer a portion of the pop ii Atbin will be driven almost to desperation. I he Best advice which we can give under existing circumstances is to practice the most rigid Economy. The absolute necessaries of quite a Large number of Barbers Terc i Moog the emigrants who arrived last week in new York. ? i in the la Plata hut at the present Jow prices of fish it is doubtful whether these fishermen of both hemispheres will re Iliza much profit. The u. S. Steamer a Union a now at Norfolk a steady to receive her machinery. A it m i i a a i a a a a Quot a a a or. Hart a Well known musical and dramatic critic of new York departed this life a few Days since. A v a a ways Are ways of pleasantness and All her paths Are Are there then no hitters to the Christian doubtless there Are but these Spring not from religion but a rom Elf. Y \ / a a Quot a a a a a a a it is the chief jewel and ornament of the Christian a no �9to be found in the or pfc. Al Arn of me says Christ a for i am Meek and lowly of heart and be shall find rest unto your let your face like that of Moses Eyer Shine to other but see to it that thou make Rio looking glasses for thyself. A a a a a r a a a a Quot a Quot Quot i an episcopal Church was consecrated at Williamsport pa., on sunday last. Bishop Onde Dorik Del Vereil the discourse ordained two priests and administered the this first episcopal Church Ever erected in that Sefe Tion of the state of Pennsylvania. A life Are few and we should dispense with luxuries until a More auspicious time. Above All buy nottling Teal Cal be a dispensed with on credit. Bait. Clip s Quot at May a Lethe amount of ram which fit in on the morning of the 16th Lor it began to rain just about Midnight was two inches and one Hundred and fifty sir thousandths. Or Bond of Harvard Observatory informs the Boston c courier treat this is the greatest Quantity that Ever fell in the same space of time of which there is any record. There Are several Wells in Morris county n. J. Which regularly flow and ebb about 6 Teet twice in a hours Theja re Eyman mentions that one of them is on the farm of Stephen Dickerson about a mile from Whippany on the highest land in that Vicinity. The other Are spoken of in morsels gazetteer. The water is say a a of be Cool and refreshing. A r the Bunte Bank of Illinois have withdrawn five of their branches Viz the it. Cur mf�1, Jacksonville Belleville Chicago and Lawrenceville. This is done with a View we presume of winding up their affairs. I my. A a the Philadelphia inquirer states that then edition of the Banks in that City was us follows on the 17th of june the number of convicts in sing sing on saturday last was 812. A it a Ita a a t a i a j t i i a i a / t a Temperance meeting was held at Shippen St Burg pa., on the inst. At which from 1500 to 2000 persons were present. The Temperance people of Erie have determined on an appropriate Celebration of the 4th of july. F Thomas Gurley an Emigrant from Ireland and his youngest child were recently drowned by Accident near Kingston intemperate Man named James Toner presses were instantly dispatched by different recently threw himself into the Cattal near roads and Arri fed at Warren soon after the a i u .7 i pm la. It Bode Imit ii. I a a we Quot the Meraj Assembly of Rhode isl arid was to meet at Newport yesterday presume one of the first measures proposed will be a Call fora convention of the people to agree upon a new Constitution. We find the following in the Providence journal a a. A attempt to take the Warren an unsuccessful attempt was made last saturday night to take the Field pieces in the Possession of the Warren artillery. Four horses with harnesses were sent Down from this City understood to have come from hidden a stable Eft Fly in the evening and about Midnight information was received that from i5 to 25 men had left the City in the direction of Warren. Ekx or curation Ltd top a r a f Yit y a / 1 e specie new York funds Treasury notes a. A$1,128,970 $2,224,000 209,00 520,001 $3rqi3, important Man named Wilson Ulia fur Ottson alias Hamilton &c., a.c., was a arrested in ibis City on monday by a citizen named George Broad Hirsi for living concerned m swindling Tho Farmers Bank of Richmond a. Upwards of $10,000 was recovered from him and he was then allowed to depart by the parties concerned and sailed in the packet ship Quebec for London on Tumany last. Kingston mid was drowned. It a1 a Money is said to he quite abundant in new York the Banks having Large balances and offerings Small. Fat Nashua artillery has ten Imon Iri its first Section whose aggregate weight s 2,200 pounds so says the Lowell courier. We suppose they belong to Lhea Eavy artillery. We should prefer having them in the Van at he commencement of an engagement and in the rear on a Retreat in b it the cases they would make an excellent cover for the rest of the troops. The Quantity of flour in tit arrived at Buffalo during the two first weeks in june was 65,050 hols and of wheat 135,410 Bush. Wheat Sells at prices varying front $1.09 to $1.121, and flour at $5.38 five thousand emigrants arrived it n. York last week. Convicts a the number of convicts in sing sing n. Y., enumerated Onset Telny week was 812. Rauding party. They had broken open three buildings in search of the guns one an engine House and the other a House where h Hearse is kept when the alarm was Given by sounding a Hunglu. In ten minutes fifty men with muskets were assembled and in ten minutes More the alarm having been Given by one of the Church Hells about 200 had arrived All armed and ready owing to the darkness the scoundrels escaped Alt Zotigh it is hoped that a clue has been found for the detection of a portion of them. The promptitude with which the people of Warren answered the alarm cannot Bop too highly commended it is just what was expected of them and just what they Are ready to do a preacher should Endeavor to draw out the heart of his text and put it into the heart of his hearers. lire at present residing in France 16,672 political refugees of whom ii,-779 spaniards 4,471 poles 410 italians and 12 from other countries. A a a of population the stimulus to its cultivation by the comparative High Price of 1841-2,and the unusual heaviness of crop. Up it a these data the wheat crop of a Hio in 1646 has been estimated by different persons at least As High As to Weity five millions of bushels. This was our own estimate a few weeks a i t. I a. Since. There is now reason to believe the i a. A actual crop will be above rather than under jibe estimate. The. Surplus crop of 1842 May be easily calculated. The state of Ohio has for twee i a \ to years increased in population at a steady ratio equal to 6 per cent on the last years population and consequently the population of Ohio in 1842 is 1,700,000. This t a. A. Number at six bushels each gives us 10,200,-000 bushels As the consumption of 1842. Deducting this from the crop Yon have fourteen millions eight Hundred thousand bushels surplus wheat in Ohio for this year. This is More Thon the whole crop of any other state in the Union in any forme year. The value of this surplus depends wholly Oil the Price and that is diminished As the Supply of the article in Market is increased. It is also diminished As the Supply of Money to buy it is diminished. Both these circumstances will this year act strongly against the Price in the u. States. Both May be varied by. 4he state of the foreign Market but never in so great a degree As. To by that of Domestic consumption which is far greater in amount. The Price of wheat varies in Ohio very much in different sections. It is always higher on the Lake Shore than on the Ohio a. River because so much nearer the great a i markets of Canada and new York. More than two thousand barrels of flour per Day r a 1 1 pass into Montreal from the Lake Shore at Albany and new York Are the great. V distributing depots for the consumption of. A a r. New England amounting to scarcely less than two millions of barrels of flour per annul brought into new England from the ports of the United states. At Cincinnati flour and wheat Are generally Biwer than at any Point in the Interior or Northern part of Ohio at this Point we have some data for estimating the Price of wheat in the coming a Eason. In april 1840, crop of 1s39, wheat 45c. In nov. 1840, crop of 1840, a a 58c. In nov. 1841, crop of 1841, a 95c. These prices show conclusively that the crops of 1840 and 1841 were less than that of 1839 that of 1841 was really deficient. And in addition to this fact the currency was during this whole period diminishing. In 1842, then we have to determine the a try v a Price by the fact of a very Large crop and to a y a very Small amount of currency compared -. ,. A also with the former prices. A Miller informs us that wheat was delivered in Cincinnati in 1834, at 40c. Per Bushel. Con tracts have been recently made to deliver it in Cincinnati from the new crop at 43f cents per Bushel. We infer then that la the fall wheat will not bring in Cincinnati 40 a cats per Bushel. In Northern Ohio it a a 1 will bring More a but it can hardly be sex Pec Ted to average More than 45 cents to the Farmer throughout Ohio. This is one third less than the average of the crop of 1839, Price. I we May now refer to anticipated exportation. In this there Are two aspects of consideration one in respect to Tho state and another for the nation. Here the state As we will see has some advantage Over the nation. The nation cannot Force its surplus product at any Price however i y y 111 a Quot. / Quot a Low on foreign nations that do not need it and who meet our flour in their ports with enormous duties. The flour May rot in the u. States but cannot be forced upon other nations. The state on the other band Low Price. So As it depends on the prices he a the Farmer and the merchant need expect no Relief from the value Jbf the surplus crop to debts or meet Exchange. Tie foreign valve of the sur plus crop will Dot be increased by the abundant production or Low prices at Home. Fifty years experience bar shown conclusively that the surplus crop has produced least when the Price was least without regard to the Quantity of that surplus. Unquestionably the state of the foreign markets May vary the Case entirely. But hat there any thing occurred in the state of the world greatly to increase the foreign demand 1 we confess there is nothing visible to us of that kind but we shall consider in another article the prospects of the Farmer and the country in that respect. Mechanics Imp. There Are some articles which we desire to notice More particularly. Standing on one of the counters below in a Small Jar will be observed some remarkably pure Oil this made by or. R. W. Lab from lard beside it is a Small bladder filled with the lard itself from which the Oil had been extracted. Now we desire our readers to note these things and if you want Oil go to or. Lee and inquire about the meaning of a m of. A a a a a. / lie up. Via a a a in lips this article if ire mistake not is cafes. Lined to make quite a revolution in a very important Branch of business. The principal facts Are these. The Oil by compression is extracted from the common hogs lard it is by nearly All who Bave ried it considered quite equal to sperm and by Many preferred. The Price is at present we believe not More than half that of sperm Oil. New these being the fac s of the Case it is that sperm Oil and sperm candles must be driven out of this Market. But this is not ail. That Little bladder con a a 7 1 gains the lard after the expression of the Oil and it is far Superior to the common kind. It is hard pure and Sweet in the West indies it must be in great demand. We Are informed that one House has just shipped sixteen thousand pounds of it to Havanna. It brings of course a much higher Price than the common sort. W t. To a a v. A very useful but Dot much observed article we notice Al a Vas Coffee pots and other kinds of Ware perfectly Plain but of Superior workmanship by . Morehead tin and Copper Smith. Some very Beautiful Brassy Ware by Stanley is exhibited. A piano Forte by Britting attracted our attention both As a Beautiful pice of furniture and of Fine tone. By the Way piano Fortes Hare Long been made in our City we believe of very Good Quality. Another thing which some would Call useless but which we thought a very attractive curiosity was some handicraft by or. John p. Foote. In the course of Hie walks and fond of the beauties of nature eve h a a a m or. Foot has picked up a great variety of shells on the Banks of the Ohio and its a i j a a ill a r a a a j streams. 1 these shells be has ingeniously put together in the form of in stands wafer boxes,-ac., dec it is a very fanciful Way of preserving the specimens. We observed a among the shells one from the canal out of which a Pearl was Takeo. Cannot somebody teach the Shell fish to make pearls after the fashion of the Yankees plating Oyster Beds a. A a a ,. A a a it. i a a j v j a. A f. V t. V at 1. Of it. Or. Atkinson has a new and Good Node of openings and other preparations for. Heated air in houses. I. The seems that Thomas f. Marshall of by. And James w. Webs having free communication by Means of of the new York courier have been Quad the great Laltee the lines of Canas and one vast Rivers with every part of the u. States a having also an immense Supply at Low prices a has great facilities to dispose of her produce and to attract purchasers. She will therefore probably sell at some Relin for amusement and Are about to shoot each other for Mutual a letter written on Boa the Philadelphia Steamboat to the Baltimore Patriot says that both Webb and Marshall had arrived at Wilmington Delaware with their re Price her whole crop. It is in this aspect i up motive friends and it was supposed they that we May look blk with pleasure up-1 would fight about three Miles from that on our feat inter a a Bioh i plice. We infer therefore that to nor if they created a debt will Alio give us the rows mail will bring us an account of neans of paying it for it is Febeo Tully cer bloody doings unless indeed Tho parties Tain that in seasons of so great a a City of which is most probable should conclude Money As the present the flourishing Inte j that apologising in flier than fighting
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