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The Cincinnati Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1838, Page 3

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The Cincinnati Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 25, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioTic. Cd Man it a to College. Is a bomb to of Titi. Our Mammoth Crawford repub-1 died in Thia City on the 10th june last Mas. Lican of the 14th int Maya that . Abraham widow of the late major 8. W. A number a gel some a Coirini of the facade Row i Hahn Ett th4 att previous discovered while be i a he 62<l year of her age. We have been requested to announce rerun hone in Esq. As a candidate for the Senate at the october department of this Young and flourishing inst�-1 Cavatina a Mill race near Bucyrus in with a vigorous and Well cultivated mind were ution. We propose this week to say a few words1&Quot l a a a a a 3�? a a a a United All a a Quot a a a a a a a n die department of civil engineering. This i Low the surface of the ground. The Skull and which at first was blended with the other is now Tipper jaw weigh 160 pounds the horizontal length Nade like and Medicine a distinct school. In i Nee ring is in fact a professional study and cannot m successfully prosecuted without a Liberal pro Mitory mathematical sd0>tion. Such an eduction May be obtained in the academical depart being 39 inches. The horizontal length of the under jaw is 31 inches. The thigh Bone is 37 inches Long and 30 in circumference. It . of Lytfi Iii Massachusetts is nent of the College in the mathematical class i about to deliver a course of lectures before the i of any other Well appointed institutions by the present arrangement engineering is not taught in the academical department of the College to calculated to make her an ornament to her sex a he was a tender Mother a faithful and affectionate wife a firm Friend and a sincere Christian after the decease of her first Consort Flamen Ball sq., she remained a widow Nineteen years Dvo Ting herself almost exclusively to the culture of her children endeavouring to train them in the nurture and admonition of the ,1 a Ord. During her last protracted and severe a line which she society of Boston a a nato my physiology tight lacing and sundry a fact of i amp amp a Rea fortitude and patience she was a delicate nature a Are promised to lie revealed to its undergraduates except when a senior pupils in single and married Kruea Only at one Dollar the Lili and desirous of studying it at the same time course Little girls Hlf Price. Mrs. Grove up that he is preparing for Hie graduation when pears to i Uoder the special care of the Graham he has the privilege without paying an additional ites. Fee of enrolling himself in the Engineer we have obtained from the Secretary of the Board mrs Sigourney. The Eastern prints announce that a Sigourney of trustees a statement of the branches of Ci-1 place a the residence of this lady and one of the ence which will be taught by the professor of engineering which Are As follows most tastefully embellished spots in Hartford is about to he sold in discharge of the pecuniary in 1. Stone cutting�?2. Masonry�?3. Carpenter garments of her husband ing�?4. Architecture�?5. Bridge wooden the same prints state that a volume from the Stone Iron �?0. Roads rail roads and turn a p1 of to Lac a by entitled a letter to Pik it. Canals�?8. Backwater navigation i strength and Stiess of material��?10. Loco a \.1 4. I a motion�?11. Machinery. \ y the session in this department will commence. A .1 a on the1 Firat monday of october and continue a a a amp 4 a a a a a a it % until the Das i prepared for graduation in the ensuing april May when after a Success o p Ful examination before a Hoard of professional engineers the degree of civil Engineer will be conferred by the trustees at a Public commencement. Professor Mitchel is the chief teacher of this school embracing in his course All that depends on mathematical and mechanical philosophy hut professor Rogers practically engaged in the geological St Pirvey of the state of Virginia during Tho v i a r a vacation will give instruction Ift chemistry in Piper ology and geology As far As they Are connected with engineering his teachings in the two latter branches being illustrated with specimens drawn from nearly All the Rock formations of the Valley of the Mississippi. Of prof Mither capabilities and experience As a teacher we could hardly it a speak in terms that would be extravagant. Tho roughly educated at West Point where he afterwards became Afa assistant teacher he acquired a most accurate acquaintance with the application of mathematical principles to the science of civil engineering. This he has since both by teaching and labors in the Field extended and perfected until we. Venture to affirm an instructor of deeper. A a i a skill could not be selected in the whole l i j 0 those who have at any time heard the examination of this pupils and seen their Beautiful drawings of rail roads canals Bridges and Public buildings will in ii with us in this testimony As the a a the of a school for civil engineering Cincinnati possesses advantages Over every other City in the. Valley of the Mississippi except Pittsburgh , at least equals and is not perhaps inferior to any other in the Union. These advantages consist in tote great extent and variety of its machinery and mechanical structures to Gether with the Beauty and magnificence of six eight of its Public edifices. V. The Price of tuition in this department is fifty dollars the session. V7.$ Jim mothers a has Joist been published. A a it a lessons come directly from the heart Anil no Mother can Peruffo then without by ing deeply affected As Well As edified Fiey to overflow with genuine poetry and Christian love. The work we understand is 1. J published far the Benefit of its gifted author. In Thia circumstance alone May be found a motive with every educated Mother in the land for the Purchase of a copy. The social arid Christian Virtues of mrs. Sigourney blended with her Genius and literary attainments Render her name an Hon to our country. A . T a . Singletary his wife Sod two children were ordered by the indians and negroes on the 31st of july 1838, near Bailey a emf Florida. At the same Date they were threatening depredations meekly to the divine will. As she approached the dark Valley of death her courage did not forsake her neither did she shrink from the terrors of the grave for her Hope was firm and unfading v. she knew in whom she had believed and that she should Ric again at the last Day. B. Family pills. . S. Phim Mevs a d you Pep 1 Ich Billious pills. I removing complaints arising from indices a Tion weakness of the stomach such As sour Ness. Sickness pain in the stomach and bowels habitual Costi Veress pains it either Side jaundice diary life with affections aft Fae head pains Bizzi Ness drowsiness rheumatic of tech Lions of Theja ints affections of the Headder pies. Bick headache so common with. Feeble habit a a a. Powers to tre sculptor. A i 7. V \ so a Friend has Sheyn us a letter under Date of june 13, 1838, from our ingenious townsman y. W a Powers who is now in Florence prosecuting his s a of a f f studies1 he says a i am advancing rapidly in my work haying a Stone Cutter constantly engage. A f to cd blocking out my models in Marble while i to the finishing with Ray own hand and now that All the models which i made at Home have arrived nothing that i know of is Lively to prevent the. Finishing of them All Githiri two years at s f please to say to judge Burn to that i was Well pleased to see his face in Italy As Safe and sound As when i boxed it up in Cincinnati i shall set to work upon it very soon. A a / i a % a it t j a Sorn of a my friends in Cincinnati apprehended i 1 j. That the cutting in Marble would by very difficult to me and i expected myself to find it tedious it a. A i a first having a Tlle indeed almost fio experience in. I y the use of the Chis Xref i shall not Only exe cute the first head in As Little time As is a it Ual with sculptors but with, accuracy dind As High a finish As the Model will admit. Of this i think. You will be convinced when i Send Home it judge burnetts v. a a we have quoted these paragraphs not from any it m /. Intrinsic interest which they possess but because they will gratify the numerous friends of . Powers in this City where he is no less respected for his social and , than admired for his extraordinary Genius. 7. I Jim j. A .�ii��?T. In a. Banka. There Are not Only counterfeit Bank notes upon real Hanks in circulation but notes upon institutions a a a. That have no existe fice. The people should in v a a it Quot a ? Forth themselves upon this subject and know what Banks there Are in the Region in which they Jive. Ill Halls notes on the Western states a there is a a list of All the Banks in Ohio Kentucky Indiana and Illinois giving their corporate titles their location and Tho names of the Cashiers now in office. A 1 animal magnetism still alive. V 7 a a monthly periodical entitled a the annals of magnetism by Samuel under Bill m. D., has jus been commenced at Cleveland fhe editor. F a i a. It a. A a a says7 Quot 4, 44it is How Fri than seven years that to have studied this subject and nearly As Long sine Motif first suede soul experiments. There is at this time in Leonipe and America probably seven Hundred regularly educated pm Iasi cans who have acknowledged themselves a fully convinced of the reality and great Utility of this science. It has met but to conquer the rebuffs and sneers of the Durand of Sev. Eral nations and nothing in our opinion is wanting 10 make it universally acknowledged and its practice encouraged and it most salutary effect do i y appreciated but to it have the mind brought to examine. Honestly the subject. Under this belief we shall instruct our readers in the modes of operating and the various a results to be of peeled and have to meet the diversified Phenomena which from variety of idiosyncrasy and Constitution Are susceptible of development . Underhill appears to be a zealots propagandist and if he do not carry animal magnetism to the lop of ther Hilly the fault will not he his. \ Cek Rilga a having suffered for 0me time with indigestion and Flate Ulincy i was advised to try . B. Penney a anti dyspeptic billions pills and after using them for some time am prepared to say that they Are the Mildest and yet the most efficacious in their operation of any article of the kind i have Ever used and what 1 esteem of great importance they occasion no sickness at the stomach procuring full free and Satis tory discharges and leaving the bowels in a natural condition. And i the More cheerfully recommend their use to All Yulio Are of billions habits o need a excellent family Medicine a in consideration of the High standing of the proprietor in the Community ins a medical Man. 4 Albany april 1835. Ben. Knower. For Sale wholesale Aford re daily a v a by o. Goodwin do son7a a. A v a t Corner of main and fifth st7ciiiciiiriui. A Cju country merchants suppl cd on Lih Cral terms. Bonfil8�?T collegiate in i it life a a p i p a a Adios. 4 f it he exercises of this Insp tuition will a the Revi Szmed on the 1st of sept her next when. _ j i . And mrs. Lion ii will be Happy to Ulier intended number of hoarding scholars and also to fill any vacancy which May exist among the limited number of Day scholars. It is deemed proper to state for the information of strangers that one of the chief objects of the Institute is to unite the French language which is spoken in the family in its various branches of literature and classics with a finished English the arrangements and regulations Are such As to secure great advantages and facilities to the boarding scholar who enters during the vacation with the expectation of pursuing a full and regular course at the opening of the Avail clinic year. Of further particulars pm a ase to apply at no. 14 East fourth St., Between main and Sycamore circulars developing in full the plan terms and the a eject of the instil did May be obtained. Aug 18. 98�?101. A. Ken Moirs Academy. I lib Seminary which has been established in a Cincinnati for the last twelve years Baa derived its support exclusively frown the patronage of private citizens who have confided their sons to the tuition of the individual who has the charge of it a and who has hitherto been enabled to maintain its usefulness independently of All other Means of influence but such As laborious exertions May he supposed to have secured. In addition to the classical Ami mathematical department hitherto exclusively under the superintendence of the principal it is now proposed to introduce a new department which shall embrace #. A the German and French languages and especially mathematical and free hand Livasy do Ali of the in ortans of which is sufficiently understood and acknowledged by practical men. Rhia department will he taught by . Eckstien. Pupils May be admitted about the age of ten twelve years after thay have Learned to read. Tuition $10 per Quarter of 12 weeks. An additional charge will be made for drawing tie German French language. The instruction essentially of a practical nature being designed to prepare youths for business the study of a profession. The entire responsibility of the school rests with the subscriber. A. Kin Mont. A Academy race Street Between 5th and 6th its. Aug 18. 7 c a 71 98-102 medical College of Louisiana nhe 8b88ion of 1838-9 will commence at the Charity Hospital on the last monday in november. The fees will be $20 for Ead chair and the requisite for graduation the Sam As in the University of Pennsylvania. \ in the cheap and to in Means of Access the 1 _,.r unlimited facilities for dissecting without expense the open on monday the 27th August. . W. Parker Mas removed Hia office from Walnut to Vine Street Between 3d and 4th, next door to the office of water cos. ? m r8ryland re inform her Frond. And be Public that her school Wilt Bye infirmary. . Waus Al infirmary Eye 8ij to if Ai. Opera Rotl Iclal Byea Etc. Main Street correr w �wrtb1 Oil Criniti near weat Corner of Walnut to treet Between 4th and 6th. A a . 18. 98-100. No of 00. And the valuable opportunities for the study of our Peculiar a Ileanea and for practical surgery in the extensive wards in the new Orleans Hospit 10 a and traders students in All kit acts Dnn Vallad. Cin Canna tip capital faculty. J a t a meeting of kit Linola. To films and Villi Warren Stone m. Prof Emor of Anat ers i adorable to of. Joist Stock. Babi Bce comp Abs held at the Cincinnati a Saloon on the 12th Day of july 1838�? do. William Price in the chair it was unanimously resolved that a company be formed and a Bank be established to be entitled a i tit mechanics Aid traders bark Cir Jimj e. H. Barton m. D., prof Ator of theory and practice of Medicine John Harrison m. D., profetto of Phy. Eio Lotfy and pathology. James Jones a of Obetie tract and Dit Ratet of women and children. J. Monroe Mack in m. D., profetto of i a . S. A. W arde a offers his professional services. Orrica at the. Newport Feiry Confer of Lodlow and front its. Cincinnati.,. V1, is fashionable hat store Corner of main and fifth Streeter Cincinnati. Constantly on hand a handsome assortment of hate end cafe of the meet Fatahi Onahlee Davis amp Aery Public caution. Al ighly1m0hpant Tetrad Pimen 1 and conspiracy is fur died to deceit the Public ruin the character of my Medicine and Rob honest store keeper by Selling them counterfeit pills purporting to be the Gehu Ifie Brandreth spills. Phi contemptible conspiracy originally Emina cd from . Win. Wright of the Northwest Corner of race and fifth streets Philadelphia and is now carried on by a Man who goes by the name of James Mack and signs himself a1. This Man has a a Light scotch soft guttural accent and lists a Little about five meet a nine inches High very fair complexion Large Nouth f deter prominent wears Oce Smily Green spectacles has very Light Sandy whiskers be fac Low fore read but to obviate this shaves considerably Ion the Temple and is a no a web cannot fail to be known from this description was very recently a partner of . Wright and is Novati aveling through the Western states Selling cd Holt of a it pills to store keepers ainu others As the True Brand Dreth s Bills lie has with him old genuine Cin Rati upon a proposed plan of which the following resolutions a. A outline but subject Hir a Medici Anit therapeutic a. Nevertheless to such additions revisions and Al John l. Re Ddelli m. D., profetto of iterations As May be deemed necessary by a major chemistry and pharmacy. Ity of the Stockli olders. Warren Stone m. J profetto of sur a that the capital subscribed shall be $500, ���lfemh�h�hbf0 to to tji Vitha into 50,000 shares of ten a we Lars each. / 2. Pat Eracli 8uh�cr�l>cf a Hall pay Down one Dollar per share at the time of subscribing to defray the preparatory expenses Andt Sohafi pay two dollars per share at the Call one committee within Twenty Days afterwards and such further cells nor exceeding Thiee Dollar per a Hare for the first year As the directors shall appoint. And if the subscription of two dollars tier Are be unpaid n. G. Burgers amp co. V pub fingers and no. 17, Pearl Street Cincinnati. A a we. dealer in bolting cloths French Burr blocks. Mill stones and All sorts of grist and saw Miu Irons and gearing wholesale and retail. Front Street a few doors below main. A a a a a i e. Ii. Bart in m. � Dean. New Orleans july 9th 1838. Aug. 11 97-110 p h. Harding portrait Painter Walnut Street opposite the Cincinnati College. Specimens May be seen at his room. Academical department l. A a a i 1 iof the cinc inn4 to College a j 1 i. It. \ Vii \ a a a a Ahe third session will commence in the William see Draper and to Ailor no. 33 main Between front and Columbia streets Cincinnati. ,. George w. Ryant7 a route and sigh Painter and Glazier first monday of september and con a a for die space of Twenty Davs Tahtia Deposit of Oniu a Quot a a for ten months with a recess Eholt Vert Doljaj. Per share shall be forfeited Asl the subscript of fifth Between Olmand race streets Tion at Tho Middle of the pension. J Tion for such a Tiare a list he void 1 to i. To a a a re re of a. I. G1lde it and omame nud Burner. Columbia to. West of Walnut and up Foai 34 Church. Patronage considered As special fat oars. Regular College class i a have been organized7 / 3. That to la a comte tee to by appointed a Hall m j % a. J�.,. a a a i 4 l a a a a . And Btu Denta in every stage of their studies can proceed without delay Quot to make arrangements for by received. V. Tho Pheba Hatot and Jhu Maur a Chook m. Commencing busine�t4, and any a hares which May not be subscribed for shall be the property and be will he so conducted As to offer great advantages disposed of by the company. Thur ton Crane amp co to those v to Are not destined to a collegiate 4. That the Bank shall be under the manage. Avo. 3 it maim 8t�et�?dealer in dry Good course. Merit of directors to be chosen try the Stock also carpeting rugs floor Oil cloth i to i he instructors will consist of the a j holders by ballot. Any director to be eligible to j Gether with such other articles a Are wanted in h. William 11. Mcd Ujffy president an4j be re elected and the no Rubyr of directors May professor of intellectual and moral philosophy be varied at any general meetings to any number with the evidences of it 7 / not More than nine nor less than five. /. Hev. Ana jury professor of ancient Lah 5. That the qualification of a director shall be fifty shares but in no Case shall the Holder of any shares who is the agent director of any incur a a a a a a a it. A a gauges and greek and roman antiquities. Ormsby of. Mitchrll profess of Mathebat certificate of Agency which he pro bred from a. Wright and has most wickedly taken out Wrights name with sulphuric acid and water As Jay be seen by Bolding them to the 1/ght. "7 it is feared that Many have been at ived by him and the consequences that May if olt from the use of these counterfeits thus disposed of is really awful to consider. That any Man should he so wicked is much to be deplored hut if the advice is followed contained below it will he in a possible for any store keepers the Public to be again deceived. Store keepers . A a All per so i sep to Are author Zeal to traite i for Andrei Shaw inv try Uby Ai is Fech aficial Lii Lorphy and civil engineering. Edward Manyfield professor of constitutional Law political Economy and the Philo Sophy of history. 7 James b. Rogers. Professor of chemistry in its applications to the a rip agriculture mineralogy and meteorology. Charlesl 7 Elford professor of rhetoric and the relies Lettres. Lyman Hui Ding principal of the preparatory department. V7� a Timothy b. Main prof Susor of vocal music. Joseph a Arrouy teacher of the primary department. 7 % 7 7 a i to very sunday morning at 9 of clock the president will Deli vet a lecture in the Chapel. These Are designed by the Board of trustees for Themora i and religious instruction of the Pii a1 i 0 a the poetic Reader will find Ani. I a interesting article in the Days Wafier from the cd a sic pen of governor Everett on the question whether an advanced stage of intellectual Cultivar on is is not Friendly to the highest effusions of poetry. It will richly repay a perusal. Tie mormons. A 11 it. Most of our readers Are pro Shahly aware that the mor mosites have left Ohio in Masse Missouri the Laid of Promise. A Friend under Date of Cleveland 14thaugkst, 1838, says in his e a letter a / us spent a Day in visiting the mormon ruin As i suppose it May be called for the re May have been ruin in Fortune and in character and the t a it \ a. Place itself is now deserted. The houses formerly occupied by two thousand persons a a now for the most part empty and Thois Temple a Beautiful building of Stone which i Cost $30,000 is Al>6ut to be converted into an Academy under the care a a. A and direction of an enterprising Yankee schoolmaster who expect to Purchas it for less than 4,000. Thus Folly some times Taii ids the nest of Wisdom and fanaticism plays the architect. A / 7777 the Force of Public set Iii it in Morgan Washington and Muskie gym counties has7compelled f ,. P. 1 the Board of canal commissioners. To Resit per i. 11. Their order reducing the size of the locks on. The Muski Ngum River. The locks will therefore jew. P 1175 feet Long and 36 wide. Aaa a. I a. A a �?�7 the election in Alabama is said to have Termi v a. Rated in favor of the administration but there has i. Been a change in favor of the whigs. the report from Missouri and Illinois. In Kentucky and Indiana there will be decided whig Ina a six a a a a a v a a a a Josities in the legislature. F . Scott has made in arrangement by who clo the chiefs of the cherokees Are to remove their people at $65 per had. J he i a removal is to commence on the first of september in detachments of 1000. It is expected that the a. A whole nation will be under Way by the 20th of october. A it .�.�. A a a. A a a 1 \1 a. A p t the Louisville advertiser says that the rail Road Between that City and Portland which has been ,. A it. 1 a. 1 in use sixteen week a a paid 40 per cent. On. The Cost of construction. Within that period 64,000 passenger have been friri1 sported Ujj of it. 03 Dibease of the lungs to decidedly the most popular life Fudy Ever known in t America. Keg Eta ble pulmonary Balsar Jhb the most valuable remedy now in use tor i coughs colds asthma path Mijc cons ump it Tuiai whooping cough and pulmonary affections of a very kurd. Its Sale is steadily increasing and the proprietors Are constantly receiving the most favourable account of its effects7 t he following new Are Olla Rcd for Publico lion an a amp extract of a letter from . Sclay Kingston Ulster county a vow Yoyla to the proprietors. Yours of the 9th inst. Was duly Quot received. A remarkable cure was effected by the vegetable pulmonary Balsam in the Winter and sprig of 1835. The person . Moody had been sick for a Long time with the consumption. His physicians had Given him up. He was reduced so Low As to be unable to help himself arid was raising a Large Quantity of blood when he commenced using the Balsam which elected a Complete cure and he now As Hale and Hearty As Ever he . Moody has removed from to los town but he has promised me a More detailed account of his Case which i will Forward you. J. B. Clay. ,v new y�.<,t june 25, 1838. Extract a letter from dry Jacob Myers.  7hc vegetable pulmonary Balsam has been sold Iii this county for two years arid the Medicine has gained an uncommon celebrity for in scarce Power of attorney froth him Dull a moved before l is it exclude sectarianism and be a per to the clerk of the county of new York. Without the Public. /. A / this is exp him touch not Cash nor handle. Yet Pung wishing to study one a still i in her. But a Hiran Fries Otic a tray enter for that purpose. of Tutti a it Rapavi . never require the. A ice in Advance / /. B s. Team being Jned icings a Advance Aru no Pup Itean be lec Eiml by the Tok be paid for when old professors till an arrangement is made with the payable by half sessions i turf. Gurl Ryhr oth i j j Public observe that tie certificate u dated this year eighteen Hundred Anduri girly a ight in figures a and see that Sueh figures engraved not written. Enquire whether a die Power of. Attorney Ivas keep when Tho pills were left a it. Amp cd Man Hehli All pills having we Brandreth Dpi the Label and George a Hodgkinson on the Edge Are counterfeits and triad to deceive i he Public acid evade the Law at tie same time.\. These and Index All counterfeit pills if used Accord Itig to the directions Bica accompany my pills Are calculated to destroy life they Are Nade by men having no standing respectability. Without habitation name perfectly careless of consequences is obtained. Extract f Orti . A address to citizens of y i fixed states and be careful to Rehi Enber that i have never theorized any doctor druggist apothecary Jed by in the United Batter to sell my these contemptible persons universally sell counterfeits. Never forget that this class doctors druggists apothecaries and pedlar Are tie men who sell counterfeits Jaedo that All tradesmen who Are made agents have each of them a copperplate Cert Dieato it of Agency signed in writing with a pen by me and which certificate requires a re newel of by 12 months it being no guarantee for More than one Vear Frohip Date Roh serve the Date is v 7 my a a. Not Didt Toji. It is Eirv treasurer w1 la i a m a. W Alk he Esq. The prices Are As follows f. A a a a. A. -. ,. R. ,.,. A / i1. College classes sixty dollars preparatory department fifty <dolar8 \ primary department thirty six dollars. Should a St deat die during the session the 11 Money for the Une x i red portion of the time will a a a we lib Iam Greece 7 7 president Board of in trustees. I i Peyton s. By Mes be Cretaro. 8/v. A v 97-tfported Bank ill Cincinnati by a director in this banking company a \ 6. La hot the Ca Shivpr upon the requisition of the shareholders Rashail Call a meeting tor the purpose of appointing three of their body to Exa Fine into the state of the Bank arid its management and to make a report thereon. F 7�?~that every share Salibe entitled to a vote Safiy shareholder us be allowed to Tofile by proxy provided such proxy be a shareholder \ 8. The directors a majority a of them shall appoint such Call of subscription Money As they May. Think proper not exceeding the Arnout of six dollars per share during the first year Noil exceeding two dollars per share in Ariy succeeding year without giving two months previous notice in one of the newspapers of the City. 9. That a general meeting of the Stock orders shall be held on the first monday in May add the first monday in november to examine the state of the Bank affairs when the directors Shalla a produce a Balante Sheet of the state of the Bank it and declare the half yearly dividend. A it .,/j�?That if Ever the Bank s Hall lose Twenty five per cent of its paid up capital the it directors shall within Twenty one to Scall a Genera a meeting of the shareholders and Lav a statement of the affairs of the Bank before it whens the company shall be dissolved if any of the shareholders Are de Irous to carry it on they shall be at Liberty to do so after pitying the dissent ends the value properly Esti Inaten of their shares. By. That the following gentlemen be appointed furnishing steamboats hotels a tie its amp to. _ afo 34 main Between front and Columbia is. Manufacturers of a Phelps Patent ratifying gun a improved Premium and a James Patent improved cooking stoves a at wholesale and retail. A j. Amp c. Roue per 4 / v. At v a Patent by Ditc it id manufacturers Broadway Between 4th and 5th its. Cincinnati. Juniata Miroir store Frederic Bank Avo. 00 main Street East Sidey a few doors above fifth. Supply of the Best Quality of Iron Nav is d hardware constantly on a in a a a 7 u. Re j Ames a. V a n a bookseller publisher and stationer no. 26 Pearl Street Cincinnati a. Kellogg a. Ltd Cj-4. K we auctioneer and dealer i Urr iture Avo 17 fifth Between main acid Walnut streets Cincinnati. 1 a 7., it a j. Woodruff auctioneer and dealer in furniture Southeast Corner of fifth an Walnut streets t new York dust House Walnut Street East Side a few doors above fifth. Dying and scouring steam pressing &c., done u order. We. Teasdale. To t a Woodward College. A a t the studies in the preparatory and High school department of this institution will be resumed on monday the 13th of August at which time parents and guardians Are respectfully requested to Send Tho Siu whom they Nav wish to entrust Teeth charge of the faculty it is important la both to the Progress of Fie puff i and the order of the institution that each student be punctually present on try Day hire opening those belonging to the College classes arid these wishing to join this department will please a f a f. A 1 i l so i a report themselves on monday tlt��2? of August Van once upon their course. Iep they will he suitably and enter at a Tel la pics and i raders Bank of cd Cinna tip hand that five shall form a quorum to6 make every necessary arrangement and provision for the Bank up to thu Day of its establishment after which Shell Powers shall devolve upon the directors. A a a Cyrus Broad Jewell James Good Loe Oliver Lovell pm. P j Samuel Devou Samuel Beres Ifird v Allen co a a i. J manufacturers and importers of paper hangings Juno. 11 main St., 3d door below 5th. A general assortment of French and american constantly on hand at w wholesale and retail. It a w Illiam Holmes in Heo. A cow Den Samuel a Vav under h. Thayer Rasih Lea Gin Job nil w right a Ltd John be Worf p a Vii re tui . A. Pow pleasingly valuable landed endowment of acid old Gordon w the Woodward institution enables the trustees \.,8. Bowen to ont five their former very moderate rates of \ via a Viutti Roe Kettle free Stone. In our notice so be weeks since of the edifice of a it Ltd j a a a a the Ohio i Ife an Trust company there was an error made a a saying that the Beautiful free so a be of Trcy a who support 1,000,000 of silk Worrest these was but. Came from the Sciotoi we will Yin la 1000,000 of cocoon in which will make silk�?an Cre of ground planted in Mulberry it. I v a Are now informed that it is from the Quarry of . John Loughry at Rockville on the Ohio Twenty Miles below Portsmouth from which place most of the free Stone used in this City is brought. It is due to . Loughry who is a worthy and enterprising citizen that our mistake should be corrected a i to our poets. ,7/1 a we have two three poetical communications in our a Pigeon Hole a the Merit of which is of so a a s i. J equivocal a character that we feel quite unable to decide whether not they should be inserted in the chronicle. In Thia dilemma we have determined to keep them until the return of the editor who being an imaginative Man and an occasional wooer of the Niv Uci is better qualified to pass upon them than Hia and interim. In the mean time 303 pounds of raw silk Woith $1,334. This is Jit a. Almost As profitable a business As raising wheat and Corn wooden pavements�?new York is extending her wooden pavements and the Experiment in Philadelphia is pronounce successful. The i a t a a ay., first Cost is said to be Only 20 per cent More than by in one instance failed of having the desired effect. Lain by Iio Means in tav. a of the Wii nostrums most of which Are impositions upon the credulous Public but that which i know by experience to be effectual i cannot help Bill give my approbation thereto. A counterfeit p re per at Iii Lias been offered Here by a travelling agent of com Stock n. there is also an Utu article vended Here that is to he spurious. A us Over a. Mifflin ton Juniata co. Penn., May 3d 1837. From .t0samuehmorrill, to a Tho proprietors of Toltie vegetable pulmonary Balsam. I am satisfied that t the a vegetable puff Ingry Babarin is a valuable Medicine. It fats been used in Tjimis place with Complete Success do a i in obstinate complaint of the lungs attended a with a severe cough loss of voice and tie raising of much by a cd which had previously resisted in airy approved Prescriptionsafter using the Balsa Marte Yeek the patients voice returned a and he w As enabled to speak audibly. This Cash occurred some time since acid tie Man is now engaged not Only in Active but laborious business. Res pc a Fulk yours Samuel Morrill a Concord n. Ii., january 30, 1838. It Dis now More than six years since i was Hrucz get very Low by an at fiction if tie lungs and my co Iii plaint was declared lobe incurable by a con of Oft Iree physicians. I. Avis then restored to a Good health As i had Efi Joyed for Many years by u s4i Ilia n to talc Puii Manniy Baba. Since my recovery i Hayq recommended the Balsam in a great Many cases of lung Coop saints and so far a i can learn its use has inva ably Irica followed by muh Iku refit and ip1 Many instances it has effected cures which were wholly unexpected. Samuel Everett. Boston March 2, 1837. A. A opposite the City Hall vew Yorkis die. Bran Dretha a principal of fice for the exclusive Sale of Hia pills. I there can be no doubt if you Purchase at that i a f i 7a plan. A. I a Broadway. . Brandr feint fats at a very great expense established the following offices for the exclusive lege course Pelt a it annul $ 10,00. Special attention will be give to instruction in civi7�engi rec ring urzt Ying so Cir. A us he Model re languages and Book keeping we i Fie carefully to Ugnit it a Smyj extra re re. The retired situation of the Wood v Ard College and the extensive grounds with a a is n. Florer Btappan,j of in Wilson Johp Gross j. Wig Gozier h. Haycock a a. Date i. R. I f James read Jos. Of Jpseph g. H. Banders i Joh Justis. Mckay Moses Lvon 7 ii. B. Funk John Shays Jona. Mullen Joseph Martin j. Dodson j Wmwiswcll, g. W. A Tuxworth j. W. Vpst.,�?T i. J. Richards will. In Field Samuel Talbott / a Wilson win. Proctor a g. Pm Wera v e. B. Keeder John Rogersjr. Is. C. Read 7 John Thompson Joshua Oliver,/1 Matthew Sivald Andrew Johnson we. Parker x 1 a a p. Of. Lange a / Shadford Easton manufacturer and importer 4>f. Boots and shoes a a �l4"�?~ a and wholesale dealer in Leathco a and finding nq�?~ 211, West Side of main Street,.Cincinnati. Avade amp lord dealers in French italian India Swiss British and american dry goods no. 13 main Cor no of a fourth Street Cincinnati. John Walbridge Success to to Harper Hueston amp co produce commission amp for warding merchant canal Street one door East of main. R. C. Brasher. Wholesale grocery and liquor store t a t. A a to / t Northeast Corner of main and ninth streets pin Cannati. it a a Samuel b. Findlay a a a a v. Commission produce and forwarding Mer pliant no. 8 South canal Street Between main a. P and via input Cincinnati. Yet a i a s. B. Hunt amp co., f a i commission and produce merchants Corner of main and canal streets Cincinnati. J. W. Ely boohseiley\ stationer and publisher at the old St arid no. 10/ do wer Market Street Cincinnati. B1iii7i7 i t t 1 a j. Counterfeits beware of imposition each genuine bottle is enclosed in a Blue wrapper on which is a Label signed Sampson Reed. None other can be Genuit a. Qty the great celebrity of the vegetable Pul Balsam has been Tho cause a a of attempt pavement of Stone. Have the City Council of i to introduce Spur bus articles which by partially Cincinnati Given up the idea of making the exp the Nav in of the genuine a re calculated Rimini t it a to to mislead and do eme the in. Among thoe the Ohio life and Trust company of this City ave taken the state loan of $1,000,000. At the last advices from England there was a fair Prospect of an average crop of All kinds of Grain throughout the kingdom. Congressional nomination�?-n. G. Pen we commend to the authors of these article some a Eton excl of Tbs cite waa nominated at the remarks of sir waiter Bcott on the subject of who a meeting held at Cheviot last saturday As writing poetry which to Jap beginning to a Lisp in numbers May read with profit the remark Aie in lock halts life of that distinguished individual which volume we forget but the perusal of the whole will very Well repay the time necessary to accomplish it the exploring expedition sailed on the 15th int from Norfolk. The a great Western a team vessel left new York on the 16th int for Bristol. Vegetable pulmonary Balsam syrup a a pulmonary Balaam a and other. Purchasers should inquire for the True article by its whole name the vegetable pulmonary Balsam and see that it has the Mark and signatures of the genuine. Each bottle and Seal is stamped a vegetable pulmonary Balsam�?� bold by druggists generally. Price 50 cents Xay latest cheat it amp h keif., Newbury vt., air interested in preparing a spurious imitation called a pc artery a compound pulmonary p ref principal�?i n Roa away philadejph&a�?8 North eight Street. Bali More so Bouth Charles struck. Bos tori�?19 hair Over Street. 7 Albany by Ner of Green Arne loud amp on its. Pittsburg pa�?154 wood�?TSt. Cincinnati i 19 main St. A Louisville. Ky�?99 fourth St. St. Loii a -5h v Market St. Yew orleans�?3 t id Levec. Re a a a to a Sor of a toral and to Haj Ltd philosophy. 1jorl i am d., professor of Satath Emu tics a Itura philosophy in of chemist Rea i a. Kobe if Rankin Tutor of pm a gauges. ,. . 4,011 n w. If pins principal of the Prpa Rato by Dopa it men t. \ should additional instructors be found necessary at any Tinis during the session such will be i Orange j. Mcdougal Barton w Hite. A i Jos. Brownf 7 b. Mcl Unali 7 .4 Richard Bates a Kellogg /-7 Hai Les Levi a a win. By it for Robert pin Shin Isaac veting a. Flash p a a Btu phen Bonner v provided i i lie discipline of the institution is mild but a k 1. Firm and extend Over every Pupil at All times j2. Books for the subscription of Stock to be a ten cd at the Exchange Bank main Street at cd Broad Well and cos front Street John Thompt songs canal produce Exchange Archibald Gordon a fusion on monday the 16th in slant and to open until further notice. L k that tie general meeting of the sub sch main Street Thouse George Gat proprietor. West Sie of main Between 3d and 4th Street Al Cincinnati. F i a o. Goodwin a Carminative. 7av�?T a a Smedy tor a -77 arkuk�, a Iokha Moucs, i Ami Jla. Of except in thu Imnudkle. Proof race soon As a Syf Ficini Murnu a. A aka tem and do Vel affection i generally j Lart its and guardians of he Bibl. I the us �f8iajk Are taken High a As Bien used and ppr to cd by a oink life Law both to teacher Piid he us ought. Hence us. I hat t it ten years a in facility have very rarely found it the Hariz be is now otk�?T4�?T4 to the Public of a a n nent and Corro Clinort to resort to any j to tax Dirige Bank of Gin Cinnater who has con Many testimonials ought be procured arid Laid a w moral re a ears As Good sa�nm Elue j to at Cut t to oif Ico of to new pro Tern Puhac Iii a Inmei Patjon 4pf . Good Atid afus it donate adm Rution re it 7. V a it it a by for boy Vel Couill print a list the pro those desire it of further information concern Glezen amp Shepard stereotype founders amp printers to. 29, Pearl Street Cincinnati. Books card labels engravings amp a. Stereotyped and printed at Short notice and on Fayo Rable terms. Worth 1 no ton amp ran n by wholesale grocers and dealers in foreign and Domestic liquors no. 199 main Street Cincinnati. A. Glascoe amp Harrison a v ,.1 k. Wholesale dealers in drugs paints Oil and Dye stuffs also sole manufacturers of Gardner hat the Depositesph shares shall be paid in t. R. ,. Hundreds of j>iro,tis for the last ten years a be a acuity Nave very Rareyomm a a to. The hands of a Rrt eks Tasier of Llu Cut a Quot a Jukl Quot a ointment. N. E. Corner he for the. A win s Reine. _ Prietos think it Unno Cessay to Ortrude them up-vn8 Oodward College to a Jln a Sclia of on the Public As a single trial will prove its Efticia wishing to enter As studerus in either depart by and experience is better a i commendation�? Niento Are referred to lev. 13. R. A All that is required is carefully to attend to the Delotte. President of them adult Banuel Lew directions accompanying the Medicine and a Hap Esq., v1 i0p Llie uner by result May he defended on. Joseph a a dec of faculty. Thousands of Young Chirkun Are annually Des Oodward College aug. Troyed by a diseased state of he stomach and How to a Airt irn Els during the warm season. By a timely and w1j l wan i de. Dicius use of this remedy a Teijo Large proportion / so Beirl set Ady industrious Young Man with might be rescued frown the it ave and restored to about thirty thousand dollars wishes to Narry health it is prepared glom articles Winch re in a Young woman of about Twenty to Twenty five Nocent into ii nature. It it not Siiple Asafat to years of age i Good moral character no a a Jjo a the taste and will not be it ecu d by lie most Del i Tion would lie hide if she had been in the Situa cite. A Good eff cats in restraining vomiting a a Tion of a servant girl if any such Sec this and very common symptom of summer diseases at their Vertise nent they will please address through the pore May 14 William Price chairman Aaron Bowen Secretary. Of main and fourth streets Cincinnati. I a i. 93-tf a Isaac Young 7 77. Bad die harness and Runk manufacturer wholesale and retail no. I�0 main 3 doors above 3d St., Cincinnati. 7 7 Yvo Quot a aria 1wb xxi a ,1 Franklin House. Role line de laineb�?just received _ a 1ma few spin did new style mouse line de Laines main Tebei near fourth Cincinnati. And Chally dress patterns by Wade amp lord p2l 133 main Cor. 4th. Ivillia Johnson proprietor carpeting. It . Bax any and Brussels carpet. I a i. The candidate of that party for Congress. K. To 1 there is a convention Thia Day of the friends of i Balaam a and they Are endeavouring to obtain agents the administration at Carthage for the purpose of Fo of Heidi a i a ure on the Proun l to la at �?�i�. A i4,i 19 done up in Good style Tsiu Pilar to nominating a ticket to be supported at the october Sampson re eds Balsa M�?� commencement renders i s use a try desirable. It is not recommended As a remedy for All diseases but will be found highly valuable in All Case to is adapted and by restoring the stomach and digestive Powers to a healthy state very soot does it prevents the necessity of a recurrence to a great variety of Medicine. Post office aug. 2d 90-8 ski. J. T. W. B. A lamps. We have lately received a new of Supply of suspending 2, 3 and 4 Light lamps with Plain rough Cut glasses also Astral mantel stand Cut shades election. A Visei jux Rry Ehy at i cont tammany Washington county my at the residence of messes. Van Lear on tuesday morning maj William Irwin of Cincinnati to Samar l. Daughter of the late colonel John Ramsy. A again we say look out for counterfeits for Sale by Allen amp co., wholesale druggists Corner of main and fifth streets. Glascoe a Harrison Corner of main and fourth streets �7 Cincinnati aug 15 98l- its composition is known to some of the most j and Reading lamps with Plain Orch pm a respectable physicians of Cincinnati and its Vicini and glasses together with a Complete assortment to and they highly approve of its Virtues. To of parlor entry Steamboat canal and Street lamps such As Are sceptical about using medicines of and lanterns which Are offered for Sale Low. Whose composition they Are ignorant the proprietors will take pleasure in giving them such a reference to those physicians As will obviate All Objectionsa for Sale wholesale and retail by. Goodwin it co. Proprietors. No. 3, fifth Street. 8ign of the Good Samaritan. Aug. 1 6-m a 21 Sampson Hunt amp co. Plated candlesticks. The subscribers have just received a Large assortment of Fine by Effiel plated candlesticks Plain and Silver mounted. Also a variety of plated chamber candlesticks which Are offered for Sale Low. / Sampson Hunt a co. three ply do Yeso thu it fac i Ukraine do a do a f be f a a a. Orleans do do venetian and half veni iian Tio floor cloth Baize received and for Sale by Phil to amp Pullan May 12 no. 12 East fourth St. July 15. 41-Ly c. S. Amp e. Burdsal w wholesale and retail druggists Ami dealers in taints oils Dye stuffs amp a. Air. Corner of main and fifth streets at the sign of dry a it Brittannia Tea and Coffee Warb. We have just opened a new and Beautiful assortment of Dixon amp sons by St Brittania Contee pots teapots sugars and creams of new and Rich shapes Superior to any to Bingo ver offered for Sale in this City. May 19 Sampson Hunt a co. Rich French China. Two eases Rich White and Gold French China Tea and Coffee Ware in setts separate including Plain and angular colleges teas plates bowls sugars creams preserve a. A. All of which Ai offered for Sale Low by May 19 Sampson Hunt a co. Ephraim Morgan amp son publishers bookseller and stationer main Street bet. 3d and 4th, Cincinnati. Quot a a a. A. A a Anathan Sampson wholesale and retail dealer in earthen China and gloss w area no. 203 main Cincinnati. Geo. L. Hanks dealer in watches jew Riley Silver plated and Brittania Ware 221 main Street Cincinnati. A mires silks�?Plain Black and Blue Black Poult de spies lusting Gro de thine Gro de Swiss and Gro de name just received and for Sale Low for Cash. Wade a lord Farmers Bank of Canton received at 25 per cent die count in ment for goods by a it Wade 4bmy 6 Contr 4� 4�hi my a a a a
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