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The Cincinnati Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1837, Page 3

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The Cincinnati Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 12, 1837, Cincinnati, OhioThe Ciuci Wati Chromi i a saturday morning aug 1837 to lip Goffee House system popular amusements. He who mid the a tire of Juren or the urn Treasury of the United states. We observed in oar. Lest that of be of the flirt Art of Cong Rem would to the repeal of the distribution act. This was bated on the a opposed fact that on the 1t of november the Treasury if the distribution was made on the 1st of october would be insolvent. The truth of fait it now apparent. The fallowing statement shews the retry it and n. P. Willis. Or. Noah Star Sas the government has a a not seen fit to Honor this gentleman with a foreign appointment suitable to Bis mind rank and deserts.�?T4 we know Many other gentlemen whom the govern elections v Cannon it re elected an the Boston common Council have adopted the system of paying firemen of the Day. They is Wii . Hava passed a Law to this effect by an Uon Nimbus the majority against fhe administration greater than Volt the fire department is re organised a the the first half my a a a sent receipts from the 1st of january to Fae 1st of april the first Quarter chapter of the Epison to the a Lomnie will find _ vices recorded both by the profane and sacred a open dimes of this year to the 1st of july being which have not found even a name in the Laws and language of of Wilmek he will rejoice Ever the Superior Virtee of his Owa times and congratulate himself j Bajwa Dir Chi the Gre amp to change in Tsieh Han been introduced into or we Chri Ataa lauds. Bat he will Alto find that among the for Iota vices of that Day gluttony cheating cruelty falsehood flattery adultery Lew neet and All habitual intemperance front spirituous liquors finds hide place. He will find in fact that Mem Eranee hat been found by the j expenditures for april at the presidential election f of members of Congress it if believed not More for this Quarter receipts for april customs a lands period Rea Tury $8,768,325 f7,409,731 $358,594 983,000 mint a not seen fit to Supply with a appointments than tu0 out of thirteen will to favors Bis to the suitable to their mind rank and desert a some of a ministration. Whom woo id fill a a foreign appointment a with mom messes. Polk v. A and Bell we late dignity than or. Willi and some of whom would speaker of the House of representative Are re elec better Grace the Stone Palace at Columbus. If a Ted without of it position. R the government Are bound to furnish places suitable messes. Mawry Campbell and Cheatham to the a mind rank and of the applicants upon our souls we pity them. The labor of Hercules is nothing to it. But Why give or. Willi a place because he is a pretty scribbler who has Swient a few years using the manners of London whig appear to be elected. this state it if believed 11 if not 18 out of the 13 members of Congress elected Are whig a Quot a. A off the members elected or. Southgate we number of engines is reduced to 14, with a company of 40 men to each and each Man is to receive $50 a year. Each Foreman is to have $100 per annul each assistant Foreman #75j each clerk $75 and $50 for each Steward. A Law has also passed authorizing the my Yor to borrow $35,000 toward the pay w Jya Aries. Is it a Merit in an american gentleman worthy of in the District opposite to this City and recently $1.011,700 a a Honor and arceptatio�?z5 that he has a pent a j represented by col. R. M. Johnson vice preside 995,300 j few 7ear finding out All the dissipated haunts of j Dent a is elected Over Afir. Fhelt v. A my 4t. \ Devil an ample substitute for All other crimes All other Days. It is the deep dark and damning Sia of our times. It if a Mother of vice fruitful in All iniquity. The greatest source and the Chi nurse of this Pollot Ioa is the Coffee House Coffee houses As such Are of very recent it is not More than Twenty years since they first Feasa id this country. Till then liquors were drank almost exclusively at the bars of the regular taverns. As the country grew older and the class of intelligent educated people increased drinking in Public and with families became less decent and the regular dram Drinker became less sri Lii to be seen at the bar. Lie Nee arose Small groceries and tipping houses where the vulgar and Gnu Fine resorted and to which others could occasionally resort. To make them More attractive other stimulating condiments and delicacies were added and the name Coffee House was introduced la imitation of die cafes and restaurateurs of Europe foreigners improved in the business by a v. A adding More enticing refreshments games of Hazard newspapers and All the paraphernalia in which european As Well its roman vice habits difference again d the Treasury receipts for May cute Finete. A lends a i $1,892,103 $3,887,4031 a lolling % half hour with the literary Asmo afr. Menifee we is supposed to be elected in tresses of the British nobility inviting silly Epis-1 the District lately represented by judge French v. Bar. Hawes we is elected in the Lexington District. Or. Graves we is re elected in the Louisville District. Mai. Chambers we is is a 1. A a v expenditures for May difference against the Treasury receipts for june a customs i i lands expenditures $986,650 $877,314 a tax a re a a a 44hms $1,863,964 $2,727,117 $863,153 v. A$213,000 $680,000 it $893,000 $2,611,603 $1,718,603 ties to the n. York Mirror adding another to the Learned contributors to that Learned work the Miami Doo new monthly and finally quarrying an eng Plain and fancy Job printing Ornez or the Cincinnati chronicle / Conner main and fifth streets books pamphlet Blanks Cheeks notes drafts Bills fading address and business cards handbills show ills a. A. With every other description of letter press printing will exe used at fair prices. Dissolution of Copartnership. The co partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Bradford a co., a thin Day Dia aosved by Mutual consent the entire brain sea of the firm will be settled by Geo. 8. Light. Pc d. Bradford aug. 8, 1837�?iw Geo. 8. Light. Lish wife. If such Are to be the Cly i inns to Arnem in the Mayville District. I a Quot ephemeral us stance $4,47357 difference against the Treasury excess of expenditures Over for the second Quarter ending the if foe difference against the Treasury be ask feat for the next two Quarter the balance against it on the 1 of Jan fir next will be about $13,000,000 thirteen millions. Deducting from this the Jive ally clothed itself. These establishments Are found by the distribution act there chiefly in cities but a their profit Ore great they wih a coca of off millions More than the Are gradually extending themselves it it every place s \ j \ # where men can be found. In the Roadside the signs 44groemies so liquors,�?T5 new store a a a of fee Hoose a 4c. Testify too clearly to the Advance of. Igi. A a x a Quot t \ c tog ravages of the american epidemic. The Phy Oneal moral Jwied intellectual symptoms. Which accompany them Are a Ery where nearly the same. In general the ignorant labourers who have Little a moral restraint and no intellectual cultivation a a. O resort to them As places of amusement. They have no other resource again vacuity of mind a vacuum which All nature prompts us to fill the ingenious matter Mechanic is ambitious for his family nod full of schemes the merchant is ambitious of Money and spends his Leisure a Over plans of speculation literature philosophy and science 1 a a a it open an Ever varying scene of Beauty and glory to the longing eyes of the scholar while All who Are truly religious Are filled with contemplations of the Sublime and infinite with exercises of Benevolence and with hope4 fixed beyond the far reaching skies. T Ito. A a but what is to fill the mind of him w Hose education government can pay provided the act for distribution be not repealed. If it be the Treasury will be about even on the supposition that the ratio of receipts and expenditures continue the same. But there Are Strong reasons to believe the balance against the government will be greater Lions from tha consideration of the following facts. N during the months of january february and match the importations continued undiminished for the pressure then had not become severe hence there we a no balance against the government. Can patronage for american literature we have no Hopes for the 1 literary future of or country. Or i a i a i. Iwillis has written some Beautiful things but they 1 All belong to the class of Light fugitive a literature he must produce something of us before he can Taka rank with those to whom i ius and services the country is indebted. War. Willis As soon As his new tragedy for miss Clifton is brought out will leave the delightful residence of his Friend general Morris in the Highlands where he and his lady Are now sojourning and commence building his own mansion which we hear is to be of Brick with Octagon wings. A a who except or. Willis cares whether his mansion is to be of Brick Cir mud whether it is to a e Octagon wings or no wings at All ? what a High it j claim it must be upon the Secretary of state that Fri Willis has written a tragedy for miss Clifton a wandering English actress u to plays As the Frenchman t said u for a your goots a How afflicted the Secretary will be when lie hears that or. Willis has beep compelled for want of government patronage to retire As or. Noah has it j a it Ato the romantic ravines of the meandering Susque Hannah a a and has there been compelled to build a a Brick mansion Wilh Octagon Wing six Miami University Oxford. A we paid a visit to Oxford on tuesday but the a mud and the Medley soon drove us Back. The sex Quot a a y excises had been distributed through four Days in in Stead of two which we think a mistake. The Regn a . Wallace is elected governor by or. Dunn we is elected Over or. Lane j. E a a i i t. V. A in the Lawrence Hugh District by a Large . Rariden we is elected Over or. My Carty we in the Richmond District or. Graham we is elected Over or. Simond son v. A in the Madison District. It to probable whigs Are elected in All but one of. A the remaining districts. The friends of the internal improvement system have probably succeeded by Large majorities in the local elections. A i administration candidates 2 for can great have succeeded. Edge yell a it a is elected to con a. the special election held in the of the state or. Moves we is elect id. A i. Al the Beaufort District or. Stanleywh is elected Over or. Wilson v. B. L j �?T1 a a no returns have been received from other parts of the state. It. V the True Ano genuine Golden Loti of. Taxi lotion a an Rel Ruml remedy for sprains bruises 8cratcbes, cuts or wounds corks or galls and a very external complaint 14 which Homes Are liable also for Many disorders incident to human bodies it a an absolute cure for ail scor Butic and rheumatic disorders. It cures by bathing before the fire Al old contusions and contractions of a a wandering and fixed pains. It Fth i us leg Itlen greatly Reiterer palsy. A certain cure for fresh cuts lameness swelling of the Glen def the Throat in coughs and it is an Effie Tual remedy in All external applications As a lotion. F or evidences of its Efficacy persons wishing to use it can refer to the following named persons Cobb a Parker David Riley j. C. Crouse Keller i. C. Norris win Barwise John Hobbs John toting t. J. Henderson Peter William son Jesse Stevens David Lathrop Jacob Morton d. Espey d. E. Feller prepared Only by c. 8. Buld8al, ? a Cor. Main and fifth its. Aug. 12 44-3mo. A circular or tin a a medical College of Louisiana principles and practice of surgery with clinic a Geo. 8. Li0ht respect Ful 1 or informs his filed of find the Public in general that m continues the drug business at the old stand of Sycamore opposite Street where he has on hand a Large and Gen ral assortment of a tides physiology and pathology by by i Stone m. Theory and practice of Medicine by a he b Arton m. In the drug line which he will dispose of Oil the aug 8, 18374�?if r f r Ank Lin House main Street near fourth Cincinnati. William Johnson proprietor4 july 15. Be 41-Ly a Ohio anti slavery office and , Orth West Corner of Fife it and main streets second Story first door North of w. M. Corry scat on and character. Candidates for degrees will n Law office. June 17th. J. Harrison m. A Obstet tricks and diseases of women and Chil Dren and clinical by j. Jones m. Materia Medica and therapeutic by j. M. Mack let m. Anatomy by Warren Stone m. Chemistry and pharmacy by 4 j. L. Riddell m. A $ the annual lectures will commence in this institution on the last monday of november and terminate in april. Individuals intending to matriculate will bring the usual testimonials of Edu by. Of a i lit.11. .1�? in it a a Jwj re a a a a a George h. Young i w wholesale grocer a he commission merchant Comer of main and canal streets. Cincinnati o. H it be uniformly required to certify that they have applied themselves three years to the study of medi Cine and that they have attended two courses of lectures in this or some other school similarly organized two seasons of medical and surgical clinics and two of dissections thesis to be presented before the 1st of March the rooms for dissections will continue open from the 1st of november until May surgical Pathan logical and practical Anatomy will be Par april and May the pressure had arrived at its Lar orators also were too numerous two or three height but goods continued to arrive because j set orations Are enough for the occasion the rest there had not been time to countermand orders in should be left to the students w Hose exercises should Europe. The receipts for the month of june discloses the True state of things in rela Ion to the reduction of for eighteen months be More v the Village of Oxford still flourishes and exhibits to the stranger one of the most Beautiful in previous the receipts from customs had been at an i land aspects which the country affords. Of every average of Tico millions per month. What Are Side the his declines and a diversified Prospect of they for the month of suits two Hundred thou cultivated and Woodland scenery every where meets Sand. This exhibits a diminution in the receipts the Eye till it is terminated by the Iund horizon Ltd circumstances excite no ambition whose Waind affords no intellectual gratification and who com till the Balante of Trade is yet feels that longing for sociality which is an at-1 mum i it afro my in it in i c4 inv Iiri Melv Trulite of Homai the Rich gratify it by fashion by part As by equipage by balls routes and theatres. What a a left for the ignorant poor ? Coffee House. Bistue do not mean to degrade them so much As to confine the patrons of these establishments to ignorance and in the cities conveniences Are found for another the respectable roue needs a place to sip his mint Julep in Comfort the Gambler needs a quiet place of retirement and the politician needs a. Resort a1 i s�?T1�?T where he can meet his compatriot and arrange the affairs of the nation. All these places Are pro aided and nobody is in ignorance where they Are or who he will find in them. Of customs from foreign importation in the ratio of few to one. This will continue for some time to restored and men commence to use luxuries Only in proportion to k f a. A their Means to pay for them. Now examine the receipts Frost the Sain of lands. They Ore a Bijj for april $1,011,760 a a a May. 877,34 a a june 680,000 i. Unfortunately there is Stio another Claas. Whose employments and whose Fate excites n More Gen rods sympathy. Try Ore Young men of mat cation and some ambition but whose excitable it unions tempted by gambling by drink by Lipics but oftener by simple modality begin to find selves behind the Green blinds which Cove s a i a r. Gently Caver the Doort of their convocation. From t place they never retire till the grave covers like their shame a pm their Hope. A As the evils of this system increased City legislators attempted to restrain a licensing them. The i License too Small to limit them and it soon became a t toured of great this is a pay be in by the fact that Ciaci Onati is in the the it of $500 per week from Coffee House Licen Imrch is the big Ferland the theory of this sys we now propose to How its present state the Mode in which it increases. A v i a i a a a i f i it in 1830, the number of Coffee houses was 135, to rfcs houses 145, acid of tax eras 20. Of the houses from 30 to 40 velt kept by for signers. \. A in 1835� the number of Coffee houses a i 214 of Porter How ses 13, and of taverns 24. In this or % a a i i i period the population find increased about 20 per deut a my the a Pitt houses 60 per cent. In 1835, the number kept by foreigners was r a nearly 39. As appeared by the record Bat doubtless Greaser. At the present time the number of Bouses Are a Boot 250 licensed of which More than me Ang Ara kept by this a Large number of so Ica Treff Bones have been discovered in various Paris of the City so that the record a Loes not Shew the whole truth. A a Quot a a. The manner of getting a License is a in Ore advise those who wish to understand the by physiology of this system to go to the Council chamber and look Over the put idiom a petition is generally signed by 12 or 14 Persona who put their Rig Naters to the proposition that a Coffee House at sch a Corner is of great Public Utility and a. B. A suitable person to keep the great majority of there signers Are foreigners most of them find great difficulty in signing their names and but very few persons known to the respectable pan of the Jarn fond i opon / we have made thie statement that thou a who am now disc ering this subject May under stand the nature of the Case they have in hand. We con fess Oure Elvea much at a Lorn is to any remedy Shiek done ant Reform Huynn nature itself and of the fundamental arrangements of one thing however is certain that with the gradient number ignorance is at the Boqi Tom of die matter and with the others the Cuni of better amusements. The. Fim education will ameliorate the Aser Tad must be ameliorated by on amelioration of society itself. $2,559,014 i i. I these Are among the months most noted for the Sale of lands and the falling off is about 35 per cent per. Month and there is no probability of an increase. Of for the coming six months six millions May be considered a Liberal allowance for receipts into the Treasury. Their payments will be nearly sixteen millions. Let Congress fake what course they Mav then on the 1st of january next the Treasury will Bein debt and without the Means of paying except by loan or require Fig repayment from the j log work states ,. Y y these Are facts which should be on the mind of Hytry citizen and especially of every business Man. The statistics of the Treasury Tell a Story which Here nearly As perfect is is seen in the Ocean. The University we believe j fill continues to flourish. I _. A a we were not present at the commencement Eer j i cases and most wait for an account of them from soaks other Haruis. A a v a j a a zl7. V a professor Stowe delivered a Vigo Tom Chaste and is r. A i. Fun be Tiu discourse on the influence of european. A a a a v a. T improvements on education in american or. Harrison was to deliver a discourse on the i a following evening. Both we presume will be printed when we shall have a further Opportunity of noticing them. ? it Little Miami rail Road. Fly a much of die Stock of this company $200,000 a is necessary to its organization has been taken and the stockholders Are noticed to meet a the f 23d inst. For the election of their officers. A there is Little doubt now it hat the work will be put in a. A _ / process of immediate execution. Not a Little Praise is due to the for the Energy with which they the example should not be Ion on a o a oth Blyn r. Review of the Market. Cis Civati August 12. A business of All kinds very Dull. A serious breach in the canal a few Miles from the City prevents the a or arrival of produce to much extent prices have accordingly advanced slightly. \ fun $7 %5 a 7 so very Little in the Market. T 9 a whiskey has been sold at 29 pets a any considerable arrival will tend to reduce the Price. Biticon hog round Small Kales 7jc.�?sides 8 to $4�?hams, 9 to 10 cents. doing in this article nominal prices 9. To 9 cents St Gahy new Orleans in hhds.9 plenty and Dull at 6 to 7�?other descriptions scarce at full prices. A t a . 3, 9 to 10, of a to. 1 or Lio Parket. Cod fish in boxes Dull at $2 to $2 50�?in 4 a 4> or. I �4. F a i. K a f casks none. , plenty and Dull $2 to 2 50 for demand fair for rib at 134 to 14 cts. Green Lito 14�?Small Supply. Sells 45 to 50c scarce. Sugar House none a 4 i Market is fairly supplied with teas of All descriptions at former Price. The Wacco no. I Kentucky manufactured is very plenty and Dull of Sale. Forced sales Are made in lots at 6 to 6c Cash safes to the country Are of a i a # a v / a it 4 #. Raade at 7 to 84�?virginia manufactured is plenty at Sorbier prices. A 1 v dry few arriving. There is but very Little demand however at present. Vegetable Market. Vegetables increase in abundance but do not. Diminish in Price. Tomn Fos especially Are very High. We have heard it hinted that the Tomato a by i Wall a compound fluid extract of _ / Sarsaparilla. Ticu Wariy Quot cultivated and encouraged the facility Ealor the cure 0 Etc Roufa or King $ evil As Well in la it a orlpan4 do Vimr All com. As All d teases arising from impurity of blood this article is now prescribed by some of the most distinguished physicians and has proved More efficient in practice than any pie-1�ade Pracz Parathion of Sarsaparilla v it offered to the Public. Cases w operations in the ample wards of the for the advantages it possesses Oset the Ordinary a Charit Hospital. For further information on preparation see professor Deweese valuable Woik thege subjects reference is made to the circular. For such studies in new Orleans defying All com petition on this Side the will be supplied in any number free of expense. Surgery a Medicine in every department will Cut Al and demonstrative by lectures on the practice of physic and most of the late Standard works on Medicine. The extensive use of Sarsaparilla in medical a h. Barton m. D., Dean. 1 a a a a p. 8. Although the present arrangements for anatomical instruction will prove amply Satis fac practice for some years past and the trouble anda.,. Var u t a l s us 1 tory to the student with our great facilities the difficulty which patients Are subjected to in making a of pm faculty anxious to secure the services of a Well qualified individual to he devoted exclusively to that professorship and demonstrations will receive applications from candidates until the 1st of sep Jeraber. All communications to be made to the v s /4 a t Dean. Vat new Orleans june l837t�?140-57.t. The a ortion or syrup has rendered it an of inject of importance to procure re Prepa Rati on of it in a More convenient form thar those usually prescribed. Sarsaparilla require a considerable boiling to take up the extractive matter and it is consequently a St frequently improperly made by those unacquainted with Phi preparations. It possesses numerous advantages Ever Sarsaparilla its syrup decoction and solid extract and is introduced As a preparation of much easier a portability not liable of injury by Jong keeping and consequently better adapted to the use of persons travelling or residing abroad 1 a a ,. ,.two fart spoon. Full of the fluid extract add Quot Quot to mince on the 14th of August. De to fifteen ounces of simple syrup immediately 1 comp cd. Mixture similar to a Pound of the com Rev pc i ? Wood Abd col leg a and Woodward High 8chool he friend�1 of this institution and the Public generally Are Rei dec fully informed that the produces a mixture president and professor of moral and political philosophy. Forms a mixture equivalent to a pint of Lisbon n i a a j i natural philosophy arid chemistry. Diet Drinko a commissioners and Engineer p�9 Werc the cause the Large quantities purchased hich they have carried Ward. / a a t. V 3 for their manufacture keeping up the it Price. We j White water canal. A a a a a a a a a a a file understand from the commissioners that i / 1 i 4 1 i. M. Is not liable to the misrepresentations of partisans two thirds of the subscription necessary from individuals to organize the company has been made and we Hope in another week to announce that the whole has been taken and the company think we should rather take the Pill in the shape of a Fine Ripe Tinat Ait. /1 begin to be abundant and of up files Are plenty but not yet Ripe enough for or the disc Loring of prejudices. Thera Are some Personis we believe a few who propose to establish a National by Ink on the basis of the Treasury a that is the Means of govern my not which in financial language is called an exchequer Bank. Let these and All other persons inquire a f a what will be its Caj Talf the government can fur Tigisti none foe it will not have die Means of paying its own debt.? it is not proposed to ask the Aid of individuals but if it were no individual will subscribe to a Bank without circulation find which will Haye no Prospect of paying dividends. It is l a Quot a. A a a obvious then that this scheme if a financial abortion not less than a political monster if it be admitted that the nation requires a National Bank it can be established Only on the principle of its entire Independence of government while it is re eating. I i i g. Or a Quot prepared to go into operate it i plumbago Black Dea i a i it is said that the mine of this article at Borrowdale England has fit s i Ligen cer says that a very Fine bed of it exists near ref High n. Car. Shephard of Yale College in his geological report mentions two or Oliree localities , in Connecticut in the towns of of Cornwall and Ashford. J r blackberries Are t6 be found in every Field find a at a Ery Corner of the Street. Those who buy this excellent fruit can get it cheap and those who it f. I want exercise can easily find them in lie country. Remarks. A. Quot pfc a this extract a proved one of the most popular medicines Ever introduced in the United states. It is highly approved of by the faculty and extensively Erh played by our most distinguished physicians. It has already been sent to almost every populated Section of the unified states and Jar. Of h. Me Guffey Tutor of languages or John tvo Flop gifts principal of. The preparatory department each of the professors will As heretofore labor in his Esfi Active department and discharge such other duties of instruction As May be As signed him by the faculty. In consequence of the greatly improved state of the Public schools the trustees of w. A and of the h. S. Have been enabled to raise the Standard of qualifications whether in town or country Hospital or private acquired in th�8c who App a the practice it Hai invariably Given to patient and practitioner the most a decided and unequivocal satisfy Etiopi and produced the most salutary and Sion Asl it beneficiaries in the preparatory department. This by diminishing the whole number in the institution and in each class during the next Aca and beneficial effect numerous letters have year jul it in the Power of the in been received from some of the most distinguished physicians in the country and from the proves Struc tors to bestow More faithful attention and exertion upon every individual student the airs of several medical colleges Ltd a recommending re8ut we tvu8t, will be manifested in the greater in the highest terms the value of this Medicine and its superiority Over other preparations of Sarsaparilla. Several cases of secondary syphilis mercurial and so Romulous diseases have entirely. Proficiency of the Sci molars. And Tye increased satisfaction of the patrons of the institution and of the friends of education generally. The landed endowment til the Woodward col recovered in the incurable wards of our Public a a of the High s Hoo enables the trustees Misti Tutins which had Fon Many years resisted 8ti�?z to cont nue their Fox rates of chafes which every Mode of treatment which could be devised. Are follows these cases furnish a taking examples of he Sal a m a a the ranches o an English Educa year $24,00 i. Sales of Stock a. It u. Bank has risen to. Ohio life a Trust Utica rail Road specie / v a a is 118 a 119 a 1031 �17 109i a or ballooning.,. J or. Pm Ullin lately made a private excursion q aired by Law to keep and Tram Lei the moneys of i a of Southwark a to the Granai gratification of to have received a a. Notice of or. Wallace a poem part of which shall be inserted next week. Lutary effects of the Medicine in arresting some off Jion per the most inveterate diseases after the glands were for be above 8, �e8> web Tufi addition nearly destroyed,.and the Bones already effected. Of mayhem a is or languages per or. 32,00 for Cerf Cates and a sections see Falls a com forthe a oboe it or a Ful College course or. Paving each bottle. Prepared and sold by c. S. Burdsal Comer main filid fifth streets Cincinnati sign of or. Rush. August 12 8 44-3 to year. 40,00 of the United states. Money Exchange. T a the state of Exchange in this country is very curious. Specie in new York is about 9 per cent a Bove Par or paper 9 per cent below per just As the Reader Quot chooses to consider this a a not How Ever caused by the suspension of specie payments but is owing to the balance of Trade being in favor of Europe and our local Bank Piper will not pay i he debt it must be paid first in specie secondly in Good stocks find thirdly in Cotton the great Staple has fallen so much in England that the holders do not like to Export state stocks Are in Good demand in payment of debts hence the states can now easily Procura Loans at easy rates of interest. But specie is easier procured and managed hence its great Price and constant demand. By the packets of the 1st inst. It i estimated $1,100,000 in specie was sent to Europe and the total amount sent since the suspension on the 1 Ith of May is $6,000,000. The Price of specie is now gradually ailing which is a therm metrical fete that the foreign debt is also falling. Indeed it is estimated that not More than ten million is now dial and it is probable thu will be paid by the 1st of december to that the a foreign debt and the surplus Revenue will be got rid of about the same time a consummation devoutly to be wished for. Exchange Between the states is As had Al ii Cam be desired. Between Cincinnati and new York ilk dote it Esper pent. We have known i mgt ill in to buy Bank Stock to remit to new York rather than pay the Exchange. / / by it la. A i f�l530 l / v. A a 1 / y y a the Jersey people Whittier he went. Or. Clayton has just made a Fine trip from Louisville. After Gratifying the Moi Titue w Ith the ascension he descended and tied fits new horse to a tree and after rasing took a new a9cent. He t a Hundred Miles. Fife Boespf Cincinnati frequently Send up lighted balloons at night which make no Snall amusement to the Good people w to look on. Went in All about weather. I a 4 a at Cilc Ihnatik he Little a eally Quot hot weather Hasa i been experienced this summer. In general the summer has been moderately warm equable and hot Days. We have seen it stated that 91 was the highest to which the thermometer has risen. I his k a mistake. It has been several times As High As 96 and once or twice at 99, on the North Side of a hems in the Shade. The text Book published by Eli this is a miniature volume handsomely printed containing the declaration of Independence Washington Farewell address the Constitution with some similar Doc agents. The object is to present. These in portent papers in a form in which they be f will be accessible to and read by All. The pay i cation is specially pc red for the Young to whom it is corp tended. No Effort calculated to spread the knowledge of our institutions should be dire i. Garden. In our country that knowledge is vital to our Republican institutions. Let All who Are Patri. A. Stir Speed the work of making the principles of Legal a in cry familiar to the people. New prospectus of the Western journal a a f a x of the medical and physical sciences owned a published and edited by the medical a a. For instruction in the modern i languages a a Small extra charge will be made to such As study them. There is but one vacation each year of six weeks which closes on the 14th of August j the professors of mathematics will give special attention to Survey Inge both theoretical and prac a tical and to civil engineering As this species of knowledge has now become so important to our country and is so much sought after. Book keeping will also be thoroughly an practically taught. The freshman class of the past academical t a. Faculty of the Cincinnati j i a _. I. He undersigned it begs leave to inform the pro year 4� become the Sophomore class of the next and be succeeded by those prepared in the institution to take their place As freshmen at the opening of the session on the 14th of August next. Students from the City and from abroad who wish to enter the collegiate department Are re fess Ion that he find his colleagues have become the proprietors of us the oldest medical periodical in the Filley of the Mississippi the eleventh volume of which is now Ini the press. He is Happy to think that the Zeal and talents of his Learned is sockets Are Likely to make the work More Inte Quested to make Early application that such classes a perilous adventure. Saj Patch out Don the Cam Jaunt Radii tells us that on tie week before last we had a few very j 9th Oft. A Young Mao by die name of Boyce while a he he a mls my a by a in him a a Teho a hmm Teti Ptiip a to clamber up the precipice adjoining Eye infirmary. The Canajoharie Falls lost foothold and seizing at1 a a a the instant a dry Bush which broke in his hand caused him to fall directly on the margin of the Cascade. Fortunately he struck upon his feet and finding the moire Tom to great that he could not avoid going Down die Falls he made a Power a Quot j Ful leap to Clear the projecting rocks and succeed the United states Gazette gaining the Barin which is 45 feet below and a 4�re thai to feet from the line of Perpena Okular fit the Summit. What is More singular the Basin is Only about 8 feet in diameter and enclosed with pointed rocks and precipices having not More than three feet depth of rapid water to cover the uneven Bottom and notwithstanding the Man escaped very Little injured. 7>> a resting than in the midst of his own multiplied engagements he has hitherto been Able to Render it. The editorial articles hereafter will be designated by the initials of i her respective authors add As each of them is accuse Omed to think for himself they perhaps frequently conflict in opinion but this circus instance will Only increase the value of the work. It will comprehend i. Reports of cases treated in the Cincinnati Hospital and its associate Charity the Cincinnati i says a Friend showed to us on saturday a ten cent place of the new coinage it is smaller in circumference than those formerly emitted on on Side ate the word one dims encircled with a Wreath on the other k a final Cut figure of lib erty not die old head and trunk that once looked so flaring out from our Coisy but a neat tidy re Tele figure sufficiently dressed Bolding in one hand a staff and mounted with a Liberty Cap the other hand sustains a shield inscribed with the word off Peeavy. The figure k in a sitting posture and Reee Psi generally the representation of Britannia on the English coins. It if / 4.a. M _ v w ii. Original essays clinical cases and postmortem examinations from private practice. Iii. Reviews and bibliographical notices with a quarterly catalogue of new publications. In. Annie tic articles containing an account of new discoveries and observations in All parts of the work where the science is cultivated. V. The analysis of important papera in other freshman Sophomore Junior or senior As their qualifications May fit them for May be fully formed at the beginning of the session. The faculty cannot with Justice to their feelings close this circular without expressing their grateful acknowledgement for a he very Liberal patronage hitherto extended to the institution in which it is their privilege to labor. They Hope from their increased experience and from the aforementioned measure of the trustees to limit the number of pupils that both the College and the High school will continue to Cluster about them the increasing regards of an enlightened Community. Those desirous of information concerning the institution or of admission As students Are respectfully referred to the Rev. Or. Dyde Fott president of the faculty or Samuel Lewis Esq. President of Board of trustees or to by tinder signed. Joseph Ray so cry of faculty. July 15 4uf a Oil cloth . Feltell so Cowdin Are carrying on vigorously the manufacture of Oil floor cloths furniture cloths amp a. In their splendid building put up for the a purpose on the Islaub adjoining the new rope walk. The cloths manufactured by these gentlemen Are of a very Superior a Utility combining Beauty with strength and durability Wheeling Gazette i. Original notices and intelligence. The matter for each Volute will he Ai ranged by an editorial committee. The committe for the resent volume Are drs. Harrison / Gross and Drake to whom All communications designed for publication May be directed. The publishing committee for this volume Are drs. Rives and Drake to whom All letters of business must be sent Post paid. The let is of publication Are three dollars if paid during the publication of the volume or four dollars after its completion. Daniel Drake m. june 10, 1837. \ o for Sale no of go wilds a Union ovens no. 4, be baking roasting j a. Intended particularly for summer use. V also a Small Box Coal stove and pipe new. Apply at this office. July 15. _ j a a. Notice s hereby Given to All persons indebted and creditors to the estate of Charles Norris deceased to pretest their accounts for settlement within one year from the Date Hereof. We. Johnson administrator. July 12th, 1837. A 41-46 i
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