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The Cincinnati Chronicle Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1840, Page 3

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The Cincinnati Chronicle (Newspaper) - August 8, 1840, Cincinnati, OhioL i from Moro than forty counties in majority emcee de eight thousand. A from Kan Tacky we have dropped the partial returns and insert d on y those which Are com a am 1,& v Quot . Of . A a 5 . in proper to say in reference to Kentucky that we bae heard from the principal Green Stiver counties and they Are reported for Letcher whig Hie majority in the brute will not be less than ten thousand. Every of information which we receive teams to the conclusion that the same causes which have influenced Louisiana Indiana Kentucky Are Universal in the Ohio and Meeia Lippi valleys arid will produce in any Western state the same results. May be that we Sha i lose a state a Mia Iri and Alabama Bata and there. But if the whigs will continue to Tirl themselves the re suit inevitable rms Erie. We have heard of a Vera House robberies lately which iw6m"rput our citizens on guard against the floating tube of thieving loaf Era that wend Way the River a very summer. A a / Riv i lest night . Overaker a grocery store the Corner 6f main and sixth was entered by Boring through the he utter with a Larga bit a that a Many a hand could be entered to remove the Bolt. A a about $23 in specie and three dress Coats were taken every desk and drawer in the store was broken open. This morning the dwelling of . Wiley who lives dior the store of messes. Bird a Sils Bee druggists the Corner of fifth a Plum. 1 i i i. I i i streets was entered through the cellar. The villain proceeded to . Wiley a bedroom tha upper part of the House and Atole every tide of clothing Laid off on going to bed belonging to himself and his wife and about $30 in Cash which was in one of Hia pockets. Our sympathy a almost universally with tha female sex in the a Alee in which matrimonial differences Are brought before the tribunals of the country $ but Here a Ona in which we can have i Indiana. A h Complete retu8ns. Major tier \ whig. B. / whig. Trio. none Cincinnati Market. Three Hundred and wagons from the country Independent of those of butchers and hucksters were counted in Market this morn ing. They were still More numerous on tues. Day. The productions of the Earth flow in upon and we Are not Likely to starve however difficult May be to procure the ready Cash. Hay Market. K we can breathe the fragrance of new Hay . a without going to the country. The Market Pace in front of our office filled with Wagon Load of Hay and oat. Ready for customer. Hero i. A lady of High education of refined manner and a appear from letter of Jefferson Scott Ripley along and Brilliant mind. Bic was fully capable Jennings of understanding duty and of canvassing the character of bar intended husband. Bhe marries1 hit Verlund Floyd 493 s10 334 111 76 and simply . A. Finda a Quot want of con Dearborn 79 geniality a leave husband and throw an Ocean Between them she think nothing of Doty but vary thing of gaiety and pleasure a there a something sadly out of joint in the bringing of such arc of Alik. Y<1 a. A the Al naw York commercial advertiser contains a letter from . Sinclair a very intelligent member of tha society of friends dated Baltimore july 22d, staling that he had received a letter from. A h. Carson Lancaster pa., in a 1 if forming that the spread of the silk culture in that county and state has been unexpectedly great and although they Ore merchants and consequently Are enabled to but partial attention to4h# Cui Tuie of silk they have 230 lbs. Of very Large cocoons from first crop and expect to have j 1000 from the next and have met with no disappointment in hatching Reading but All Haa done Well. . Sinclair further Maya have hatched out i 27 Oik. A Egga in my Coco onery Meo to a War of a which have wound cocoons and the balance Are proceeding successfully. I had very Litile experience the last season heaving then but >5000 Worms arid although a stranger to the business f have found i of difficulty in raising silk. If have Good eggs Well preserved so a to bring Larke them out in succession to auit the House room and Knox the foliage there never will be any difficulty. I Daviess have an excellent Coco onery Well ventilated both stories and Garret together with cellar Well paved 20 by 30 feet. I think i can Taise 500,000 Crawford Worms a time and three such crops in a sea Washington son. There Are Many people raising silk a round Here and i have heard of no discouragement \ a among them. I have visitors to see the different operations daily and i expect to commence reeling silk on the reel next Franklin Fayette Union Marion Decatur Rush Shelby Wayne Henry Harrison Randolph Dot Lawary Montgomery Hendricks Hamilton Madison Morgan Hancock Johnson Brown Bartholomew 88 420 132 366 437 418 13 1300 592 291 399 62 314 341 298 120 123 73 592 181 307 347 178 83 136 101 333 144 270 538 360 147 1626 805 303 400 332 125 475 �?�227 350 125 100 anniversary Celebration of the Union Litera try society of Miami University. V there will tie an ad<lr�8� delivered before the Union literary to Rocisly by pre. John me Arthur on the afternoon of wednesday 12th aug. Next. On the morning of to e Asme an address will be delivered before the graduating class of that society by of h. Wilheit Esq. Fhamilton Ohio. Tha friends of Tbs society and the patrons of literature in general Are resp artfully requested to attend. By order of the society. Chas. A Haidin a. T. Marsiiam., Sahel , . A committee of arrangement. In ref a thu v % m a my time f f 121 196 300 Putnam Orange j Vigo Vanderberg Sullivan 373 180 190 81 300 200 350 197 304 276 676 139 800 186 455 95 666 214 299 185 Martine Lawrence 30 55 145 291 300 299 29 4 9 300 i 8935 1692 10656,2663 there Are 87 counties in this state. Miami University. The fifth annual Celebration of the Miami chapter of Apha Delta Phi will held on the afternoon of. Tuesday 11th August next. The oration will be delivered by Rev. James h. Perkins of the Cincinnati chapter a poem expected from Wnm. Cicalla Ghr Esq. Johw Baku. Robot. , so com. B. A co Over. Oxford july 1840. The anniversary Celebration of Tbs Elk Odd Iii a Sci Ftfe of the Miami University will take piece jul gnat 12. Addresses will by delivered by the Luv. J. N. May fit and John b. Temple Esq., of the friends of the society and the Public generally Are respectfully invited to attend. A a. B. Calhoun. Y. Patton13. T. Mendenhall. Oxford july 25, 1840, committee. W a Meun a tie Tiki Paft kv., to y 3m# of Tho Hov . Wifi in Arv h. Allanc Idaho of. Of Lyon in Piht to my Kilt Cindy a in tiler of the Ute Cpl Beau. 0., s. Kevy. In Calam Hui. Oblo a k Ultimo Lay the of Tiv. Hoffiz Hon. John a , of Roner a from the but �,00. District to ahm corp Folia a. Van a Riu Uhter of John a. Bryan of that City. A in Tholf City on thursday let july Xyth Mahvi ably daughter of a Baguod and Nancy 0. Feut in the 7th Yeai of age. .a. %. 1. In Rhu Muy Naglit last july a huh of Cly old a Luln Muziii Harby Farcy Youni rat boo of j. Ii. Wood Hurt Ute cult year three Nontha. A a in Bob Ion on be amp a tilt. Geo non , a god 71. One of the confab let of that City and Long Dnn Una Muht u for his activity and Atic Cess an one of its police officers. Having Ier Foini a his la iat vice and gone to make Hia final re Turnt be in entitled thu i link to to incision cd with re fiet on there cuff of Lublic opinion. From Hia Slin liars and o no he a during a Long course of Active Norvice the Lori of evil d��er0? and Ai ways hip loud in Tho detection Arnm of criminal. the late May term Ltd tiie municipal court he served his la term with other leading and re to Ectal be citizen the principal officer for the ohm a Rvan a of order and the to get forma Nee of the Active duties of that court. On Ilie 15th . the residence 6f his Uncle in Hamilton county Ohio in his eleventh year Edward of per fluent a on of n. Clopper of Greenu Dourg a. In the Alin House in new Haven. Philip climb Long Well known to our citizens umber the cog nomination of a old Yii a my the advanced age of 96. Clyne was a ii Mian Soldier brought to Shif country among the Mare fit by forces to of the British Crown daring the War of the revolution. Some venial fault a Ait of accidental in Temperance after great h4tnne, of of the kind brought him to the drum head and he War sentenced and buffered the punishment of 8�io lashes under the Barbar code of British ditch line. Recovering from thib he determined on revene and for that purpose corp lolled with Home other a Plant desert. They were Itei Elcied Lyme Acain underwent the a e i nil tame til of Pawl fat Ripe Eif of which after a Long Tim he re Fly Vered. Set la determined in his Purpuro he Marie another and attain to escape aided by a Farmer a Whf in Putnam n. V., what of a he video him from his pursuers. To a forwards entered the american Arny Anil bored to the com Lusion of the War. He has since Iez Idt d in this town where he accumulated a Little Proi try brought a family and was a hard working Indk Dahl Man until his Strong the ailed Haven Herald. Of pm a m m Chi Edinch of., a 4sufficient to produce 300 lbs reeled silk 1 Kurtt Larky. 1936. Complete returns. .1 40. U. A c to. V Quot x1. William Jat son of the illustrious Jomwe Campbell j vex the first chief justic Sof the unit dictates Kenton has withdrawn front the american Anil in slavery Mason society alleging a reason the introduction of Scott questions and principles which have no reference Root i to the subject for which the society Organ sized and tie admission of Fema upon business pm a whig. Majorities v. A tog v. B. A in �-.157 542 723 .26 449 42 the a British Queen left new York on the coi thine a without the consent the presence 1st instant with 135 suhgers. A thong these a. We notice . /. forehead end wife of this City . Pageot French charge de affaires a. A i. A Washington and several officers of the Brit ish army. Boones e City 92 92 518 873 303 c �93 i 185 360 243 1120 178 200 lit Era v notice. The second annual exhibition of the Miami society of the Miami University will be held on eve Kriko the 11th of August when the anniversary oration will be delivered by the . Rev. Bishop Purce Lof Cincinnati and on wednesday morning the graduating member of the society will be addressed Jbf Henry Folium eq., of . Friend of literature and the Public generally Are invited to attend. A i. B. Dick Buso .i a of j. Taxa a Seal a. Mccrea i. Com. Of arrangements. Oxford july 17th, 1840. port of Fht Frits made by the trustees of Virmati to Mann no. During the week ending wet Day August �?~5, 16$ a. I Jan by William. Cup Bruni pest House aged 56 year ulcer in the Throat. John Whitcomb need to years consumption. New Orleans a Yuly 95. \ i v we have received the new Orleans paces current of the it5th, and some Xoma Vercial leu a rom c Al. A. I. Ich we like the following a j 1451 1033 3277 from the Rev. Win. Kirby work bid Gena v -9 court of common Plena and the indict Menta. /. V of 4 v . A a -. A4 a. A %. A i . A a Ait 1. A. I a.9 / a v we understand that the criminal term of the court of common pleas for this county has adjourned j the indictments against brokers for issuing % \ a illegal currency have Ailt been Iriceil we understand that eleven brokers have been convicted l end that the notices for new trials and in arrest . A a / a. A of judging hop been denied. Writs of error will doubtless be Tallen which will postpone the ultimate decision of the Legal Points raised some months. The Rifine i affixed by Law to the offence one thousand dollars. A 1 of husbands. A Mya Hii canal. I a. We have been politely favored by our collector with the following account of the receipts. A a ,. A. Ter treatise on the Story habit and instructs of produce Cincinnati by the Miami canal no a of for july Ledo. Teiipiaajijmmm�bssigym���i�ib�sslbbkbybb�y8b��bbb�bb.flour -.whisky, i pork / do in bulk,1 . / the society of the Al Omni. Of Miami Tuii v. 1 4 varsity will hold regular annual meeting on a Bursilar morning the 12th of August 8 of clock and the anniversary oration will delivered immediately after by Charles Ander son Esq., of Dayton Ohio. 2.5 n of this cite film a Trail of the business of i a. Kit seipts of fro Tjce rom the Ohio from a the Isih to the 23tl& ult Pur steam boat flying , Gen. Scott new Leittl Buckeye with Holt a. Tuba Cru piece backing 79b coils Kune 14batea twine 7 3 i Btu. ,o,l6�?T bt�i8. Fly our Iii hints. Bacum fkr of bbl. Ozhins 114 , 1.19 kegs lard dts a. Brooms 18 Keg butter also Hunters two Flat boats from Cincinnati with 1,2.iti bids. Flnur4lkmdtls. Whisky. Also Fiji Flat Boais of foist of Kentucky with Lelh lids. Tobacco. \ a f. Shipments of produce. To Bostic 958 lafe4cotton, 158 Hhd. Tobacco 3,-u l pics Lead 22 hhds.1 sugar 38 plus. Buffalo Robe. ? to Anu York 4,939 in Lead 174 Hhd. And 300 Bales Tot acc a Bales Cotton 160 lid. And 170 ubis. Molas ses fit Ihde. A Sogor. Abher Pearl of a Quot i , Oroz re dried ,�?�-4-1-�?��?��?��?��?�>�?� of # m a. M a . M m i by ivs a yellow a in erics n bottles Brownsville Hwy Ritj Mifty itus uru gals a Dos Zanesville Cal Dos Zanesville Naif gals dds / Miesville a. Dox Zan Svilis ,.t Rte a Dot 11 in e 11 a a m 1m m m 9 m q l buckets Eastern machine Dot bristles -v7. I bean Small White chs of Ujj i Coal a inti Bradl in said charred 111 a h Cra nbkrr1es, -.35? andl1, Mould . Diet Arabi a Asp pm n Yak k Boston la Bur Ive Havana Green,.p, fit. Dom a guru a. Pm. A a zip id c 6 bbl m Bush do 18 a la Gres Russ a a 1 00 a 30 00 a 31 a 10 00 a 10 00 a Ltd City i biter in in m a my m a aft m m. F Heroe Ester Reserve la onions Tufi polio by pm of Ftp blah the demand for prove a on this West his bean Active and our Mark i 1� Imre of barrel pork 1 37 b 50 60 f 1 25 48 12 to 13 10 a 14 00 a 11 a �0 a 30 a 13 a 12 and Good Bacon in the consequence of an Advance in Price and improvement in the dem and on the m a ssh by prices have consequently advanced heps. Rags Mumm Mamom Foft m m m m my m a la rile Fri in to forces a la bal a lurks Island a by Mai icon in has Bligh a toll 4 a 4 30 a 40 a 42 42 a the a offs the inc sits my to so we twixt f jux k of to foe Mhor mods to in Mph the re ,.r the week pm .& rather Efhan Ihor bsh rot Mill f to Tiloi mind fair our ? Hsc Vived the past week bags. A a 4uo, 1.7 of 7 Chi Clatk no. I. La Cordage Bale Rop a bad Init la hemp Tari dub. Manila 16 Copper Braziers la i Lida j sting a and Bandage a la sugar kettles la corks , Spanish pm a 00 Melee a Quot pm 3 50 american a cider Ltd Orn meal a Bush Cotton Lou. La Domestic goods Cali Coes Blue Yard Merrimack fancy Yard shirting 3-1 Brown Yard a 7-8 bleached Yard 4 4 bleached Yard superfine 4-4 bold Yard 33 16 3 4 60 1 00 3 50 31 11. # 20 12 if 35 20 67 a 18 so a 4 00 1 25 4 00 37 a lib. A quote f 8 Brown a Yard a 4 4 Brown Yard -4 plaid Yard strips fast colors Yard fancy,.�?Yard 13 15 7 10 14 18 7 in i 1 Brown drilling Yard bleached drilling Yard Satt Netts a Yard a super a Yard Millinette. Yard Check a Yard a Fine Yard Georgia napkins piece ticking Yard Cotton yarns no 5,12 la no 12,16 la drugs and medicines f if Aluin a. 1b/ brimstoner�?--1b l a lieu Quot a Salta. Epsom-4-------r----lb madder dutch Hhd a . i i kegs -1�& i Truoi def to a j in 1. A Campli of a -. A la i Ginseng. A quinine a not a Sale Attis a in Dye . % came the do a. A. a rustic Job a go a fed a chips a if a. A. N Nicaragua a Iff Copperas a lbs a 25 37 10 13 50 1 25. 62 10 17 2 12 25 30 6 6 35 7 16 18 e 7 1 75 18 4 25 8 8 . A i 20 v 9 12 \ 16 21 j 10 12 12 28 50 13 15 1 00 1 00 87 15 21 2 25 20 30 .32 a % n tltp�iii4yof Turk a Inland Salt Hui a ,. Birth la to thru to Mhz having amour d to about. I age. ran now i Ohhi Ghifor 80 a 52c. Cash 56 on 4 Rhone he Salt i Erk Tab in Laif a soap Man help can. In boxes no. 1-tb a. Jtp.l4b shovel hand Spades a do Saddle Trees. Spices a la f Ai Iii in Mats a ftps Ginger Rac. Ntnnnt�7 a la Peifier sift etl u etmmmmmrn.mm0.mm m m m m m m m m la allspice. Spirits. A 4 / Brandy cog. 4th proof a Gal a. Peach gel a Ann rican 1st a rum Jamaica 4th a new find and 1stproof Gal new Orleans 1st proof Gal . Oin hoi Lami a Gal i a american. A Jyh 8 75 a 14 00 8 00 14 a 1 m a 40 26 1 78 i 1 62 1 50 1 37 1 70 2 00 i 50 1 37 37 8 8 8 2 00 25 10 Hisky canal and River Gal steel English blistered-----�rf-1b american blistered la pm gosh Crowley la Oerman a 4 m m j o Shear a in a Ltd a in sugar new Orleans prime a Ltd a la k have fat White v�?12 a 134 of. Eua no. I. In a 154 the Stock of Sucar a Polly diminishing and the in Cei this season Are very Light. The Advance in the article of new Orleans has occasioned a slight a Al try Prim 7cjf and m d dui \ w 6 a 121 i 30 50 $ a Mil Reyf Jmes Here and we quote a Fie bbl. Loaf. Anicic 6c, 90 Datsy received during thu week 7 Hhd. And i bbl. N. O h 1 1 1 75 80. 80 60 35 28 8 a cwt 1p25 Mamm if d 10 4 doing kids. A a lard Corn oath a. Butler and eggs linseed Oil sundries Wood a live hogs . Passengers travelled b 9,632 bbl.5,1.i a it82. 7,043 lbs. 9� Hhd. 368 kegs. 343,940 lbs. 8,155 v a 42 bbl. 198,073 lbs. 321 curds. 302 515 30�?z143 Miles. Board of Mahool tray ire and visitors. Board of school Trust few Tbs regular a meeting August 3d�? , extremely Dull a handsome amount of produce has been brought Down. When the water . Let in new flour will probably come freely. A f \ owing to 1 be the car Ned and he increased demand for exportation the Price of flour has risen considerably. A /. I Quot of a v Eini Gration. 3 1 ,. $ crowds of emigrants still continue to arrive 4 ,. In this country. Number i have arrived Boston who m a be Way into the Interior. 080 1 a arrived Quebec in the week ending the 25th of july. c null Commerce. A 1 / a v we insert to Day a statement of the Commerce Oil the can Al for the month of Puly ill be seen to notwithstanding this month always mess a. Langdon president , Cassatt Crane picket Mason Russell Wheeler Williams. K a absent. Mead of. The report of . Perkins on the establish once sir if. Davy a very interest ing sight above one of the crags of Ben Nevis i was going on the 20tto of August in Pursuit of Black game. Two Parent eagles were teaching offspring two Young Birds the Mario evies of flight they began by rising from the top of Mountain irk the Yeow the Sun was about midday and Bright for this climate. They first made Small circles and the Young Birds imitated them Tricy then paused on wings waiting till they had Wade first flight and then took a second and larger gyration a Vays Lising towards the Sun and enlarging Circle of flight so to make a gradually extending spiral the Young ones still blow Liy followed apparently Fly Fig Heder a they mounted and they continued this Subj inc kind of exercise always rising till they became Mere Points in the air and the Young ones were lost and after aids \ 4 Idorice. . Perkins will preach the unitarian Church Jit during Mil charming absence. to 14vf/ India Jioras 617 basis Cotton 182s a Lii. Flour a Virila 673 la ales a Lacco . A a to ,-lt2o 3 Palos Cotton 663 hails. Tobat amp . To fran by Lili tules Cotton 7hu 1kiis, Lulo Staves / to Africa �5u Hhd. Tobacco 12 Balea Moss. T school hem issus com Stock will re commence aa. i to of a. A 4.m.ti. I. T from Jamaica a. 1. Pie Judith and Esther. S. monday the 17th inst. In4he base . L. R Rel i <1x1 --4.n. .1 a. / t a ,. I shift arrivals. A from Norton. Inc Cameo. A \ t rom Meto to Turk. The intrinsic0/ Emily Delaware we. Seym . 4 % v from Phil Idelphia the Swan. No. 3n to a if do dry a Cut herring smoked of kit the Supply if fish rather heavy and very Dull our reduced Kijoo unions. Receipts during the week Conly 2 bbl. And 19 . Of Mack Ltd Al. Flour superfine a of Price bib 3 75 a 3 87 a seeds Lover a. 1 to a Timothy 2 50 a 4 00 hemp. Bush a Fuji the prices of seeds Are of course this season nominal. The Market Barq of Clover seed there a Small lots of Timothy a common article held �2 50-Superior clean seed tea8, Imperial la a mtg a der ? Tab Young Hyson la Fouchong la tin Block la l in a l-�4 x--if-1m�x tallow tried i. A la tobacco,.w 6iwiw�?j-lb a ladies twill Rob. S Cavendish la Cavendish Kyle a Ltd wines Madeira l. Pm a Gal Sicily Ima Delray Gal Terry a. A . A i to wifi Mil Iea Sweet a. A ,4 Malaga dry a of a k e of pm a 4 bar 4b�?o4 la ret my Hibst a his la ret vice a i Inlet tip Deaux a i Tret bowl Aux Dot 4-00 Thiim Agu the to a Doz 12 x Burgundy to Case . Doz 10 00 Viu de to 16 00 hib Vii de be Dot 4 00 c Cate a Doz h in co minion ? a la. 25 x id River a Cord 2 50. Cetih vinegar a / Ful Gal Gal Gal a Gal 30 a 10 a ,. A. A 2 30 a 1 75 00. 56. 65 205 m 85 75 60 i a 13 to 7 5 9 4 00 a m 14 a Pirn cask 25 00 a Doz 3 50 Hafk 25 00 a . M b 00 1 �0 4 00 1 12 75 4 50 a 30 00 a 4 00 a 30 00 a 7 �0 a 16 00 _ a 19.00 a 6 00 a 30 a 2 75 of toil m Rikli import. Finds bbl i a a. A a 07 in 61 Turk Send Salt m a Kerel a bbl Ilice pierces 750 too 00 . T omit of Christ ,1 fourth Street Between by game re and Broadway. Aug 6quot.ld3w. Boarding and Day school for to Fig ladies. West Side Walnut. ., Between a2th and 13ih its for wifi Ltd Frahar the packet from Ork Ireland the Barton. From versa Tolly the Liz Asp i Albert. Stein. State of the Market. The l of Thi week has been vew Dull and i x 1. T Quot i Oik on hand will very Light. A Felts. Raishi3� m. A Box 00 i rat Tea of Vul . Bunch Box. Pm lies Fri a1 in ends soft Shell. i curriint�,.zante a la 1ifjs la Daub a Quot la a 12 a 14 a 17 a 124- ? Al t1� n. Orleans-4 a 2 a a Louls a 2 per v to go Pleim in a 5 Fer Ihus Birgh 14 Percy a �?��?11 28 Jum. A �?t4 Onius of in City a / a g . A if in to Days paper will be found another inter Esting c a from . Cist containing the census of the 5th Ward. I hat Ward will be Aeeti comes to about 9,300, and the three Wirds now taken 2d, 5tfi, Aud 6th, to of 19 a i 1 1 000 Fie Robns. a . Cist a estimate of 45,000 in not we \ Quot f think too High Fot the whole a by. There Are Many curious tilings in this Western Metropolis a . 1. 1 which none but the closes observers Are aware fun i 1� f \ 41? a i i Ltd a a Vur uru dim 1 i v 1. A e v. Having re opened Luau of enin4r�iiu Quality rather improved but if a 8ch&>ol, big to inform friends and the Wiki no do a in Piricsi a the Stock of to Hacco of the. V a Tvr nut i1� m 1 Ion a cell Init inv u a 1 i in. . I Public generally that she prepared to resume fiume Escrib lick. In getting Low Arul in Good fhe flour Market inactive but Foitik Smau the Cripi y in Gountani Muskrat North. A Kin a Krat South of Ter. A ski ii duties in the following branches of female Decie Asin Stock prices have exhibit a gradual nne in skin Viz Van to Iii Tufili Ltd Sells #1.50 a 4.75, acid in him in Gunpowder by --4�?kep j Fil Jint f�8 .lfllh.a if a Iii til Iii a Pun u a re Al to in a. A a 37 Perkins White poor Anderson j aching sight a what an instructive lesson does this history read Hov cite them to teach children towards heaven and the and \6 elevate thought. More of the wings of fail and love then Revei a he use the lcj�?T0e9& 10 per Luartes 6 50 6 no 15 a 11 18 15. 12 33, 3 23i 4 m Ai 4 5 1 . D 6, a u a. A v to All Eastern port via new Oil cans y a 2 per exc Hanxi 1 / on the East 12 i 10 v 20 50 there a come Supply of exch an reduced rates. Siil Hub los on new York sell 7 on Philadelphia 4�, in Baltimore 4�, and on new Orleans i per cd by discount Jav. I Ainer. Gold per . Prtini. J Silver 5i per cent Prem. A 5 00 a 16 m 25 7 7 5 00 4 25 a All the Whilo going before them and encouraging correspondence of the National intelligencer. New York Augustl a y the British Queen has just gone i own the Bay Che has on Board 135 passengers. 8he carries out to specie but sump flour. A considerable amount of slate stocks also a goes out Ipher. The Britannia was to sail from Boston to Day 2 of clock. �8ho had yesterday a about ninety passengers engaged. Three packets also sail today tor London Liverpool and Havre. Supposing each carries ten passengers Over two Hundred /.,� a. Acid fifty pair tenders leave this port and Boston in a single a Day a Europe. The Havre. Packet of. A a Hilo opher of tit eff by . plea j take a brat $80.00 4 in , and All three have proceedings Fin Connell me Sougerman schools published in the Chron. Them by own example icle of the 28th Ull was so amended that no allusion in made to the Peculiar religious belief of any teacher Pupil a necessary qualification. . Langdon made a report on the boundaries of the school districts which was accepted and directed to be Laid before the Council. U wednesday August 5th. Council met present All the members except messes. Graham Hazen Powell and Ross. On motion of . Read City clerk authorised to advertise for proposals for building new engine House. $ messes. George Carlisle and a. Mcay pin of Fri Intel on part of City to review assessments on Western Row Between 4th and 5th struts. Ihrk Ismedia pet class.�?-$8 per Quarter. Ii Paratory dkpaktmkwt.�?$5 per que refer. In ran spreut fainting on Glass Muslin a 10 per course. A / French drawing music and ornamental Woik on the butial term Day Wret Kly Boarder on moderate terms. A. 7�lmwon London Lull 12 Prem in a France in of. On new York abundant a 6j� Prem and on , same / freights. \ f a y a but Lille Iloine Quier if a ii Coastwise Cotton it1 taken to liver Mhz a 9-16�o.-itt� new York and Boston to London 50$. To new York 68 50. T Mumm i a exports of flour. For. Bacon and Ewakd front a Etc Lams from 1st oct. 1839. To Date. 1 up4� a re. A Kes grangers k be Keg ,. V i i h i x us1mix t if a. -.-lox Grain wheat ,2 Bush \ Kye a Bush a Oats arc hush a Barley to a ainu a Corn Bush a our Market fully supplied with c4rn and cats ave rage Price of i Fly Vir the canal i. 60 . I. 18 of q pmt1 2& a 7 50 7 50 8 50 62 50 2b of for the month of my. 93.16. For the month of june. $3.92. I the month of j u by a a twi. A a _. A 25 average Price of whisky the canal for tie month of May,-.j tor of -2lw for the month of july Yil 2ic. I 4 Votice. M u Tir a Iii a atom Al this reason i like will be petitions presented tothe total last season Quot Compi Sidn of Hamilton Arren and Butler counties next session for a Road commencing tie end of a Road on the line to a r tween Hami i ton a and Warren counties a. Mcnie los farm in do Ter fit old township a Arren i , bus Smik. Bacon. I. Bbl. 271, �7 216,852 6� ,462 1 110 a Hhd. Eihud Crft 52>3& 1 l.$.oo2 spirit of Hie Castern markets. Baltimore. Aug i a the receipt and Stock of flour in Cohl fou e right l suit Kintly i age fir the Deni and. f i urn of discovering Many of the retired ways and habits of ii Man life. T 4. I. A a to a Saratoga apr ipg. This place of fashionable resort now in six Day about 1800 persons arrived there. / j eau Bare Are in Delaware county of our a state and Are represented by visitors remarkably pleasant. The water similar to that of the Virginia White Sulphur. A a of Tufts a president Mega Flor. The trustees of Union College n. Y. One of the Moat distinguished in the United states have conferred the honorary degree of l. L. On our late follow citizen Illiam h. Meet f a v a Quot fit now president of Ohio University Athens new see the two following works announced in preparation for the press american Trees and Plant used for medicinal and economical purposes and Erri played in the arty professor Jacob by Oxbow author of 4plants of Boston medical botany a dec. Dec. Tie lord of the soil pictures of agric Itu ral life by Rev. Wai Ibex by Roost author of the a Dusti school was dec. Dec i Little Miami Railroad. We understand the Woik progressing rapidly along the line of the Railroad. We do not now doubt the Road will be made and its Stock prove profitable. Quot we Ftp Lungi Iriani Noel who we recently mentioned having arrived a in this Cou fatty have entered lands on Wisconsin territory. intention to bring out friends immediately. Full freights principally of Flat i. The Rale of Exchange on England was settled yesterday 106 a 7 on France 5f. 274 a 5f 30. Stephens late United states a charge to Central America has arrived hot re accompanied by Catherwood. A shale Soun expect a history of interesting tour. the Hon $ s Prentiss of Mississippi arrived in town last night. He expected to make a speech Washington Hall on monday evening. A vessel Boston from Sinah gain Sumatra brings an account of the destruction of that town by a French hip of War which sailed into the port and fired upon the town till nearly All the humid pigs were demolished and without assigning any cause for the attack. V 0. A # 1 4 a. Of. V a 9 1 a a Tel i i Ira i Fri air a Imit a Fri a. A i # / a Quot a v % in i from die new York a Blob May 30.enilgratloii. A v. A. A thirst for Eric grading to Distant countries has recently manifested itself in great Britain to an extent that has scarcely existed since the Early settlement of the North american the scenes of the Early part of the seventeenth Century Are revived and Hustle and Farewell taking pervade almost every Sec port of the United kingdom. Tie spirit of Ente prize . Companies Are form Fig headed by capitalists and people of family rank and affluence Are leaving native land and bending course to Distant shores. To the United Stales and the North american colonies crowds Are flocking but the remoter countries of Australia and new zealand appear to attract the largest portion of Public attention and will receive the greatest Benefit in consequence. All this doubtless caused by the excess of population the wont of employment and the desire which All Mankind Leel to better exceedingly Dull and common brands have sea / invade to �3.12 two a pm act of new wheat have been taken 3.25, and Chute lots of bid of Favorito brands briny he same Price. Western Bacon cont Jues in Khz of i fahd Hui strictly Triine i hides Northern dried Job try a .ty1 wet la147 i m�928 j 201,069 hone Gal 2 i. A hops first Jualita. In �9 la 11a i Rit toil inti a Jio Anton piece a Nan keen piece handkerchief hair piece band Anim piece a .4-4 Black piece 2 00 5 a i 3 00 7 1 00 62 8 00 in port Lor july of the Pic inf Lupae articles of merchandise a nut Cincinnati from new Orleans Tierce bbl bag casks a to. --8 casks j Salt,-.1525 Baga Guffee. 2 7-2554 by Sal mop a �?2 Hhd 1 sugar a -�-367 Hhd -32 bbl m i.58 be , Leaf 39 bbl skins and furs,---30 pcs. Lea -.32 Chest gets assorted sell to. Co. On payment of Flo of the petition of George Milner a co. $100�?unfavorably upon red Iejung the Price Fife a for Walter Gregory accepted. / an ordinance levying and collecting special tax to Grad and pave portion of Sycamore Street a engrossed for wednesday next. T. I books from coif Mitroe on claims made report which was accepted. Aug 73tvv woodw.1ud College. 1a a ii exercise a in will be resumed on misday Ihu 17th of a gust desirable that those who wish to enter ,00 2 30 7"tk 9 8 1 1 53 a u1 7 50 a % a a Ece .70, a my ,�?T,"in, a Blue a piece ,2 ft5 a 1� Ito piece. ? a 8eersuivk�rsf Van a37t a 3-1 Gratis loth 20 yes. piece 10 lid a 12 00 1 2 grass cloth 40 yes Pis a piece 8 00 a Jio 00 . Drugs�----------47 bbl ido�,----------250 / in 11 a by Ira -25 Bales. May Kurel 650 bbl -76 of bbl clauses �?29�?T bbl 0,4.�?.69 casks ,-----23 bags ---378 boxes i Beo 93 Caski ---?-165 boxes importsindio0, Spanish float a croon i Alii i Lav Quot a 7--- Sci lift a . A / r Case by. U a. Flee i in i a 0ffirk for otes new re id Eire Hiorth of jtbiltandsmiaru8 a 8.mler,.s to any the be a eats re a the in Iai Lieut of by Way Nan qty Pencil that theorem classes let Sufron 10 to 11,a. M., and from. 4 to 5. l sir a had a Voitk Stephenson from new eat. Arrived this a few he a �?26 i . Loaf a sugar 12 a bid. T. Do due an 9 a bbl. Mousse a 6 a Sai. Salt j lie a Orvelle left new Orleans the 24th ult. And brought 43 Cali and 21 deck passengers. For steam boat flying dutchman Philipe from new Orleans. 5u b a Gou. Of. Hartwell�?7 Fri jul w4ft Iii. a we a May be arranged speedily possible. A the rates of Anition Are flows a aug 1 81. Fob rent. / / our Cir eat Haplea. a estimated from the beat data that the three great Staple articles of produce in our country amounted in the year 1839, to nearly four Hundred million of dollars follows Cotton $81,000,000 tobacco a. 15.000,000 Rice. 4,500,000 bread stuffs a 275,000,000 and will be perceived that the value of bread Teui ear a Toba Early three time greater than that of co and Rice combined. A Tuff Cotton in stilled in the Newark advertiser that the charitable donations of the distinguished English Friend John Joseph Gurney amounted during Hia a Cottra in this country to 20,000 dollars. heir present condition and to to future Pion vision for offspring of All the Al Dorado that now present themselves to the ardent imaginations of the British people none seems to engross a Tore attention than new zealand. Large bodies have already proceeded thither and others Are in haste to follow the natives fierce they ate have been conciliated and settlements Are already formed. Twelve Hundred adventurers proceeded to those Beautiful healthy and Fertile islands last year and a newspaper called the a Vii zealand Gazette has been established in London to give effect to the proceedings of the company. A . A Stephen and Catherwood who have recently visited Guatemala for the purpose of exploring Ilia ancient remain there have arrived we Are Happy to learn safely new York. We a Hall soon Hearth particulars of expedition. M v a <4 v a v so a the City clerks. Monthly statement of receipts Aud expenditures. Use from Law Coj Smittee reported an \ ,.->� a. 4 . Ordinance further to Amend 4he ordinance provi i ing for the abatement and Rem a of no Isaccs a engrossed and finally passed. V 7aor Lewis from committee on com non i in schools presented paper from Elam of Langdon and others recommending alteration in the Boundary of school districts referred. A. On motion of Chase the Street commit a 1. R. A sooner of 1st District directed to cause.,buildings with lower Market Street a now Laid out to be removed a. I Ai. Ewing presented monthly report of the condition of the water work a ordered to v. A a. I a. Tiled. A 1 4 1l>7. Chase presented communication f rom n. Long Worth on subject of Deer Creek Bridges which was referred to that committee. V f a ,. To of Quot a petition Froin David Reese and other owners of property on Allison Street was referred to Prade committee. John 8hally appointed appraiser in place of Samuel Fosdick in the Case of race Street opened North Wardly. The appraisers for assessing damages in opening lower Market Street reported impossible for them to agree. F a petition we a presented from James Eiidson i. For the Brail Ches of an English education per to Lewis from finance committee Prisc Nordi $-�4. Of Baa by if i a a Quot bit of Wuh the addition of Book keeping. Mathematics languages per a delightful sum residence. F to rho House a year 32 Slac k�?T8 lower House on Prospect Hill near the Bead of Broadway Thi a feb the whole of a Fuh College a Piso per year amp a. Ottar in d Large and Chuven int with stables and out he a see a for terms aprily to f Joseph Burgh one agent july 29� of. Head of main Street w a. R notice. The Paluy Natur hip heretofore existing h tween a Ohirion Dickinson in Bis Day stove jul its -11& Nail. To Hist j a deck and Spike red la Fenti so ribs ---------1i Uzi / t was Ion xes a la anvils Hole. A la get k./ttb>8 Lea i a fur and bar a Vav Isle i a a. In leather Cincinnati 7 50 a Board. The and a brought 5i a o v $40. For instruction in the modern languages tall extra charge will 4�e made to such study them. Geprge h hand Well known a first rate teacher has been appointed assistant in the preparatory department. / applicants for admission information con a Ceru Iii the institution Are fes Perttu by referred to dissolved by Mutual consent All accounts con a Rov Aydelott residents a Sycamore .�., near the i ate fir in will be be Tiju a by get a go -m6la8.ses, slug in Houck cat in a. a. I a 1. 1. A . M v v a. X a .34 a / . A. / . 1 34 a 5d a 4 ,9 a 4 424 a �2 a catc.teiii -v.-it�z. 25 of i. Iter 125oil 2 �?�-./..mkiu lbs a. Liu Rufo. Linen put a. Grovy Rifi x a Ufi in Iwu a a eighth to the under my Gnu to. Joseph Ray Sec a faculty a Nedway near the College aug 5. Dickinson. 5nry a. Johnson George Dickinson. New 1 Eliis 1 country a Gal i ,20 42 24 a 28 m a Kra of a �?~27 a % �?~25 a. A 1 1. j 7 Jav. Per steam float 4 a Fitt. Kopti Evans from Lour. Aille. 22 Bales Cottner Irwin amp a wtntcman�?350 Reata per be 3iori�an co. Of a keep boat Elvira Fri in Pitt Eurc 20 boxes Lem a bpm to Gove. So Swaja a am sundry Bales and boxes dry Giknis to others. A v per keel boat . From i Tuburi 2.6 b a los Tea e. To poor so co., and Sunjic tto xes Abd i Kames dry goods to j Vamp j. Sievi Aud other a per Flat by a Froin Heck a near hanging Rock o. 10 tons 8i��ye Cha Sung and 25 Thiis Pis . T per flair boat from Mason co. Ken. 4000 Gallons Stone wire. »45 30 of Ivr two Flat i oath. Frankk a Nawhaw 771 bids. Salt. A . \ v i. A Del Noranda. 4 i tie Stevi Hier Cli Erok a was to a we to not a Orleans on iba23 1 Uli. By the new Yri eans having broken to oth fix cylindel.ld�?~atii-. A i a the Fly my due Hui left now Orleans the am i j Ltd a uft4 a the suck of , and the Chi am rather i by cd Vetie and Gnu. Scott 1 adm a a Cincinati diet Cincinnati july 25, 18 love july 73bi�ktw Dull a to of quotations Rdo Ives during the week 145 ids. Yoniles lied Juri of the 23d�? i 4 i m. A a l a 4�?T----- a . A a f subscribers he Ying associated themselves a blather under 4be firm of Dickens in a of fat will tetik ii a i . Mahou a 1 l a co Parta kits ii a education for boys. A . V he to of the Suhs Riloff will be resumed Oti Ralond Tyr. Lugus i 10. Ensuing. S u to Ycilla continue the location removed a from College Street to Walnut Lusa a old stand Tofil Faiu Street 3d�?~�?~sitorv, i Quot Quot. J1. A v for f2d. Lod and 2 m a Miniero f kit m Book bin Diing Mustard a -8 Ai i Toz v american a la 25 5 1 00 30 second House Bolow fifth Street West Side in trance no 3 on fifth. Where to purposes to continue la discharge the duties of Ashful in .m Struc tor in the various branches of a useful and solid education. A a. I application for pupils May let a made a Quot above before that time. Thus. Margin. Aug 6 Fidow state of Ohio Hamilton you att. Set. La persons interested will take notice that on the 15th of Junks a. D., 1840, do Van k. Shif fetid sued of Mif the Superior court of and Zihere for the opening of Clay a feet from Cincinnati within afro for said county a writ a a to. Whore All Ilcus will to att Neil Fogt with neatness and despatch. George Dice a Ebenezer Stout. 3tda2tw Cin. July 27, 1840. A d1qikistk.1toks�?T notice. A a v persons having claims against the estate /. Lbs. 8d a Iii 9tl ? 6d and 7d a Al my a -y-1�? a Ajob 4dr a la tia la 2d�? a 11 3 34, land 44 Inch by Tea a feb 5, 5 and 6 Inch spikes la boiler rivet . La % r of Jacob Williams late of the City of Gin naval stores -�?�1 1 i. .1 Quot. a % 50 50 4j 5, 5 m of 64 v7 104 54 6 7 a Niju a i�.,v ked Hurish of the 23d�? and still if grand ii Ulf on the 24ih�? by to Erk Laud same Day met the . Of h of Tho Arkansas on the Sothy the pre eco Puri Axt pro on i of 29 the rod.lph French. und on ties Lxi arid Itofe 1 repress Hogg a bar on the 3.?�, be tu., the. New Albany Nina i he Moil Frio Pilot of he b n Franklin reports 5 Foet 4 inches in Hanul Between Cincinnati and Louisville. The Steamer Reserve was snap red u Miles above to on the Ostli and Iii cargo duet. A 1. T. A j. .71. A a. T j Raj corporation tin North to Mercer Street Rife Are i Foi eight awash mint against Isaac a Grill eth. For 10 trustees of 5th Ward./. Y. A % Ita . I a /. The following members of Council filed protest against the 1st� order of Council for loan of $60,000 to the Little Miami rail Road Viz Oliver Lovell Moss Brooks William by Lings l a Feally David Carroll and William Bromwell David Griffin filed his separate protest against the same. Chase offered an ordinance providing for the appointment of a City solicitor engrossed for wednesday next. Adjourned 1i in. I 1i. a Aid that out of a population of 83,000, who inhabit the twelfth arrondissement of paria 14,368 Are supported by Public chastity. 1 the sum of one Hundred and sixty nine dollars 91100 which writ has been duly returned 4�?~ex attest Daniel Gano a guat 4, 1840. F clerk. Riddle a Roll Esq., att . Aug 56tw Iordan a. Puoh9 i f a o h n e x., i Southeast Corner of main and fifth streets Cincinnati. n i. 144 44m�.mmmm.mm�m i in a proposals will lie received the office of the City clerk until the 18th ins ant for building an engine House on Vine Between front and 8eeond streets in accordance with a plan on tile in this office. Also for repairing the engine House on George Between Plum and Western Row. Chas. Satterly Cincinnati. Aug. 7, 840# City clerk. Cannati deceased Are hereby notified to present them legally authenticated within one year from this Dale and those indebted to the said estate Are requested to Brake immediate payment. G. Williams a. Williams. Cincinnati july 21, 1840. / administrators. H. A a. A de text Tiv. I _ y a of Crane respectfully proffer a his services to the citizens of Cincinnati. He trusts a 1. / r a that eight years experience part of the time in an extensive practice in an Eastern City will injure Confidence and a share of patronage. Certificates of ability and skill in his Profet Ion May he seen his residence on the North Shelc of a a eighth East of race office open All hours. June l7-6lda3mw Tai Francisco House c a k n k u Anu Joiner jobbing of All Kinda done on the shortest notice and in then Jit est manner. Jorth Side third Street Between race and \ Elm Cincinnati. 6 m a. A >1 4 00. F . Of Tanner a Brown. B4 13 00 lins6 do Quot l�?~<11 68 c. .tor--- a Ltd -0�l 1 fipe Nyi Sumnick a in 1 40of a Winfer. A gala Hale Oil j 7 / 1 wee toil in bask a to Basket saints. F Rol. Lead a la / / f Avite Lead d by a la in Oil Keg 5 00 a 25 00 a 70 a j 50 a 1 50 a 1 50 of a 6 00 bask Mote table. Ohio Lite and i rust Tco on demand. 5 Premium of bar Lily. Lanka. certificates. 4\ a run \ 11 be. I. West Union. A a Steubenville new Bsma. F ?.a ii Dis. 1 Vul Nivian red English am Iran a left 1. A a. \ Arn in copa i Gal Lumaree a lamp Lack a la Whiting. La prussian Bine. La Chrome yellow. In Verdigris a spirit ochre yellow american a la mid 10 a 2 2% a 6 a. S a 1 30 a 11 a 9 a 90 a 43 a 62 6 4 2 warranty a quit claim deeds for Sale the chronicle office. Chalk a Job German Lead Kec Porter and afo bid provision beet mess a bbl 12 no prime a by l 9 25 1 1 dried pc we 10 00 a pork Clear City Imp bul 2 50 8 4 2 25w 11 3 1 20 43 75 7 6 3 2 50 Erafily a Poat a #�,.��?�.�?� did. Mess City Insp bbl prime City Insp bbl 9 Nin Ipczy Insp bbl Bacon hams lbs canvassed -1 b sugar cured la 10 so0 a 10 00 a 13 00 a 10 00 a 12 50 a 16 00 a 15 �,0 a 12 00 a 10 00 a 10 a 10 121 i m Anat Tail a be Sal. To country Bank. 5� upward. Par. For Merak ,____k5 Dis. I a Engram , 2o4pre. Al Anslia a m f to i lat i j j h of Bank a. 3 Breiu. Cut Onfry Banks. 2 new Yolk net York City Anks. .5 Prem. Country Banks.2 amp 4 Bali Nii Bank 3 Prem. A c.oimtry�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�� j v trim a let auks Gene Wheeling Kentucky Bank generally amp upwards j a. A 11 1 b ills. »�2 state scrip Ftp. 20 Dis. Indiana state Bank and . State scrip $50 certificate .15 Dis. $5 do. T fit 7j la Unis state Bank and branches 2 Dis. Scrip $100 certificates,.40 Dis. A piste for Bills of smaller denominations in Prev a Atton / 7 Hitik of ii if. A a. A ��., disc a Missouri state Baek Ennd branches. Par. Tennessee Banks generally.10 did. A Caram a Benki general a. J. New Orleans bask municipal Michigan Banks generally. Missis Iii Bank i a .4,6 �<7 die. Cd2 die. A Dis. No u e
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