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The Cincinnati Chronicle Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1838, Page 3

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The Cincinnati Chronicle (Newspaper) - April 28, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioCorns my certain Kotiw and coming Marke Earke o to my my flow each Field turn a Street each Street a made Green and trimmed with Trees see How Devotion gives each House a Bough or Branch each porch each Doore Ere this an Ark a Tabernacle a made no of Whitethorn neatly interwoven a if Here were those cooler Shade of love. Can each delights be in the Street and open Field and we not see to come Well abroad and lets obey the proclamation made for mayan sin no More As we have done by staying a marina4 3 us to pm or Onsba i i it w6tb a fre Iii w r if 8181 0100 cd Puin a was thrown Back and escaped while the Captain was thrown ashore killed. I the mortality was greatly increased by the feet. # a % a "��.�7isi we Trust the innocent festivities of this anniversary of a Ltd Flowers Green leaves and Rural rambles not to forgotten on tuesday next. To that the Captain had asked the passengers to stand Hope on that Day to see the Beautiful Hills around on deck. Two gentlemen remained in the Cabin our City teeming with the Young of both axes Reading and were saved other spices of the East mad West indies the mahogany Cedar Ebony end other precious Woods a a All parts of thai world the bananas Anonas Mango a and other delicious fruits the peruvian bark Sarsaparilla Canella and innumerable salutary medicines for the removal of disease. During the year 1837, than Ware 78,970,561 letters carried by mail in France. Of these 19,338,915 were Post marked at if Otic inhaling the Balmy sir w the country cropping of the cause of the explosion a have no Ike Bott Anup pm Duffis Wue Bella sad weaving a. The Captain a. Emma Foo a boat i land rambles teach a Fine moral lesson. There is and that the extensive Multi Volion of e single Spe-1. A a. Dee of agave Sealana alone furnish a profits a a Fop a to it place upwards of f3a00 have been Saba cried by the people of Nacogdoches for building a protestant t hereby give notice that Georbe a Oman is no longer my Apfl Floin Cindy ,.and that any contracts or obligations he May enter t of card not into after this Date not be sanctioned by Roe or. F. Merryweather is now my duly i a Quot a a a a a who appointed agent in Cincinnati and transact the entire business of the office. Therefore or. F. Merry weather s receipts for All moneys owing to the office and to or. Brandreth be the Only liquidation of such claims. a Nedreth if. Or. Brandreth a office is now on main Street Between third and fourth next door below the me Maple to the planters of the Barth end a cheap material to the manufacturers of the North t which fax ecu before con but my Corinna come lets Goe a Maying there a not a budding boy or this Day but is got up and gone to bring in May s a Deale of youth Ere this is coma Back and with Whitethorn is Laden Home some have despatched their cakes and Creame before that we have left to d Reame and some have loved and Wood and plighted troth /. A Rel. And chose their priest Ere we can cast off Moth Many a Green gown has been give Many a kiss both Odd and even a Many a glance too hath been sent from out the Eye loves firmament Swift. Steam was raised to the highest possible degree and the explosion took place because it was too High. In every Case the Muse of Steamboat emptor Ion. I. I8�?z.,.nr. And a Cut a a a. In Thi. It a a a Quot a a i in. Of. Or trip .1� Coln Tol wants of 004 mar chant vcmci., in a of Kef of the claimant for French our a Tiara in general a a. Beautiful aun and the Raa. Of land m w a and if spoliation prior to 1800, and embracing the cases of about 1990 persons is Likely to receive a fever sary doctor Perrina ought to be supplied from the by consideration. So for a a understand this instance there were few or no scalds. Tha water a be Bew of a i object he has in View. We Are informed th%lil9tta at several of quote. National Treasury with funds the carry out the great matter these claims appear to be just and Equi-1exalten�� Bank. Al tic a a. In a a Titiriga ll7i f0f31� pain of Between 690 y circular a Largo country mfg gyration i a a a pm ppm i t portrait Painter Walnut a treat opposite the Cincinnati get Tsuge. A mini i be a Een Al his room april 31 8188 Draper and no. 33 main Between front and Columbia a try Ete. Cincinnati. V a a had All been reduced to steam and tha steam to its utmost limit of expansion. / a statement of the clerk. Since writing the above a have seen or. Bow. Man the 1st clerk of the boat. He states that there were 85 Cabin passengers about 130 deck in angers and 80 of the officers and Crew a that when the Accident took place they were in our female schools Are to visit the Hills on that Day and. That More than one a a Queen of May be crowned with a Chaplet of wild Flowers an event that doubtless bring with it to their idly. Young hearts More unalloyed pleasure than tha Imperial diadem of the a a fast anchored Isle a afford to the Youthful Victoria when amid the Money matters. Or. Of Connell has been reprimanded by the House of commons for uttering a of else and acan oct a anticipated imposition fit he advertisement headed Public no n. Vork seems to entertain High Expectatci Samiof Halo to charges against that body. The Medicine More Ftp Oracle times. Stocks have risen very Ra-1 we hardly conquer the disease. Large produce had Baan a a a 1���� Law Elk a by Laffa to Meme. Tha s. If banking Law a i allows everybody to Bank and every body Means Tice in this paper purporting to be written by b. Brandreth m. D., March 37th, must be a ba8e forgery or the new yorkers have president Wayland has published a Book anti Importe a new b. Brandreth to purge the City. Received a letter fester dog cd 27th muck n Many a jest told of the keyed betraying night a tag the act of pushing off from tha raft along Side of pump it and circus Ance it it of Royalty it is placed up to try. It a a Taid the Boston Banka Are paying the French army in Africa is to be increased to 48,000 men. A this l and locks picket yet we re not a which the bait was lying and the angina had not a a Bare Quot by a specie for their Small Notos and mean to resume come let us Goe while we Are in our prime harmless Folly of the time a ammo by we tall grow Aid apace and die Besom we know our Liberty a a our Lils is Short and Onia Days Tori As feat away As does tha Sun v. And As i Vapour or a drop of Rajnai once lost can never be found again so. When you or i Are made a Feble song or fleeting Shade. All Lova All liking All Delight lies drowned with a in endless night. Then while time serves and we Are but decaying come my Corinna come lets Goe a Maying la a term the inevitable inference is that the action of cold water on the boilers As was by some supposed waa we respectively suggest to the teachers of on when the n. York ones do. Others think or. Bid Farr Laau at new Orleans handed me by a or. A. Clarke therein named in presence of or. P. Merry weather would be general agent who hat ordered said advertisement into several papers in this City messes. Printers beware of new Brand Sethian advertisements a i pay Only for those common schools trip in i of taking their Punk to the the a cause of a a Tariol t but i to the word it on the come no any Day. It a we have stated above a them Phy Cal recreation while it Natila into die not be Long behind. Ii May be so Buta a. F it a a. A it has yet to happen. R /. I on the whole the Prospect Shilad looks brighter on tuesday evening 34th last a Rev. Or. The genuine stamp of my name and office Hix Attar i opposite the poet office. Wilson or. Jas. Joa Aston to mrs. S. Tons both of this City. I hereby forbid All persons paying on my accompanying the above notice was one of those account to any person any Money due me for f i3korge w. Ryan a Hontean sign Painter and Laxier a South ride at fifth Between Vine and race streets. I i. Quot .1 ,.i.l .11. a .41111 t a a 8. P. Til l ii e it architectural and ornamental i Urner All kinds of Wood turning neatly cheaply expeditiously done at the carving shop of a. H Andaman on a nut up Porto the Pearl at House. Orders from the country through the Post office. A a a a a a a a a 11. In 1 Thurrl Tom Crane a co. A a. 33 min Stu ext a dealer in Geod Atson carpeting rugs floor of cloth to Gether with such other a Nieles As Are wanted in furnishing steamboats hotels a. 1. A. I. Phelps a cd. That it was simply. Kigh m. I or. Bowman ,bn8 in it a my. Or my bib no boo., i no a a us people he a a do Kin to. In a of Ammom. Hic i a Dom i��., .iu.m.1 a mde. Feb Chrly id a a a a a la a a a mob Mai for purity of character can be Kaied Tato of the Nir. Ner Hape they really might meet the evea of poor printers. It would have of a mar Wither who has been very officious in a i. ,. A rivin0ven.�?T the Wash room and Pras severely injured by the me guard for purity of character can be raised escape pipe striking him on the had he thinks a up thai is no clearer proposition we think then was no water in the boilers As the mud and lha i a it a a the study of the natural sciences a dirt which flaw from them completely covered his neglected in the present systems of and be better. We shall see. 77 i trying to prevent packages and cases directed Toj a Nufa i Refl of Phelps Patent rarity Iris ogut me from coming to my Possession. I particularly i a improved Premium a and a James Patent i pro lengthened a poets life to have had one Glanos at uie from coming to my poses rim. I particularly a improved 71 the array of frosted cake arid sparkling Chani paint Between the 24th of a Gamt and 31�t of de s which were placed on oar table. We Only wish clothes had there been much water he Weald ucal of. It a not Tobe a Are commended by such 1837, four months there were conveyed it we hid a poet a Power to put in full and flow have be a scalded where be stood it is evident a Tkal Rowit a seme other studies it May not ivc of Germain rail Road in France 498, eng Vermef oar kind regards for the welfare of those w weath Imu therefore that the by a Mem were filled with Mere i enw6 a by in Tel p6111 a a a a a the 149 Pai Ngern of without the occurrence of any who remembered the Printer. May their lives Post office the caution All captains of steamboats to Bewz of of cooking stoves a. At wholesale and it said merry weather when enquiring in my name for packages and freight. A i his looks More like Fco us than merry to a team. Pure let meeting. On thurs Day afternoon a Public meeting was Oftle of this pc Quot nor a Young lady to secure no Sci Dent the Cava nut lit the night As Well As i Glide on Lik glad Waters they enter upon a a Corbit Tyda Fri speedily As the piano a nearly time to cease railing about the Happy 6tcrn�ty.hj�hrtj�hmhbh and the Waits but if there be any value in purity of life either As it regards time or eternity the the Cincinnati chronicle proclamation of the mayor to consider study of Natuis re of Flowers and ponies and hell Sui what should be done in relation to the late Acci \ a a worthy of the highest consideration. A saturday morning april 8, 1838 of destruction of the Moscile among the providential events which warn men of Hunan weakness and strike a sudden Awe into the hearts of a people the explosion of the Moselle other things in relation to the matter As May seem the fortunes of of cry the last number of the Massillon Gazette edited danger of rail Road travelling. Shi canal abound tax fals of in report upon this subject has been made in Congress. The committee have spoken favourably seat a. At Utica n. York on tuesday the 3d Tost at the residence of her son in Law Ephraim Hart Esq. Mrs. Mabel set och relict of Geo sey col. Davies mayor was called to the chair and. E. Mansfield appointed Secretary. A committee was appointed to make Auch arrangements Foi the Relief of Buffer Ore and such i to by who a Long Captivity and sufferings Are by our late townsman James Allen Esq., contains i i Ion of do Lara it fording to a a ideation of a Brief narrative oct Jaqw Wood of both As to the practicability and Utility of this in Mour Esq. Of Hartford it. At the age of 83 years. I a. Through this Long tract of tune mrs. Seymour Terp Nze. The Cost is placed at from two to Fot trl or i a a a a placed at from be Long remembered. It Haa every element of terror and every excitement to sensibility in the midst of a great City at the Cloee of a Spring Day in sight of thousands while yet gaiety and pleasure were present in the Hope of an anticipated future hundreds Are in the twinkling of an Eye hurried from life to death front time to eternity. A co t / t it preaches a lesson of mortality of change of dependence upon Divide Power which we shall in vain week on the Busy stage of prosperous life. That our readers May a know As much of this sad disaster As the present state of our information admit of we select the following particulars. The exact number of the lost it is probable a /. Never be known. The tramble condition of Many a a a , f. Of the deck Payee Nero their Distant residence the fact that Many were foreigners preclude any knowledge of them hereafter except that they have i i made a a part of those or Rhose bodies Are borne Down the Ohio. The most lab was a new boat commanded Anda. A a a a a b partly owned by capt. A a in. She had made a remarkably Swift Paa aage to St. Lonia and Back. She waa praised accordingly and the Captain was filled with the idea that she was the swiftest boat on the River and waa Bent on prov Fig her to. She had gone to the upper part of the City a mile or two above the Landing to take in a portion of her deck passengers. I before the engine started her boilers exploded in Vry direction. At this moment she waa covered with passenger the total number of Persona on Board being near 340, arid a Large part of those on necessary. Fer a request was made to the City Council to do Likely to attract much attention. A in the War of 1813, Between this country and. England or. Wood a Young Farmer of Bracken the Louie. Among other facts report it is stated that the dista City of new York and of i cities which while they rendered her an inter York canal the lakes Jet id the Wabash and missis-1 leg Tang Fri end companion secured for her Ai place in the strongest affections and Render filled the various relations of life with Assiduity i and advantage to those around her devoting her need by the self to her duties particularly in the Domestic Between the sphere where she was most known and beloved by the new of exhibiting those Aimi Able tanners and estimable i i Lla am a Mia. we in or poem which pm w by a ionic de unde boiler. Acceded in. A Commilles of we appointed to for a a a in on the n. W. Frontier. He to. Sippi Rivers is two Hundred Miks Shorter than by the Ocean. It is calculated that tie water which her memory dear to a Large Circle of highly esteem investigate the causes of the disaster and suggest such preventives for the future As May seem practicable. A Resolution was also passed calling upon Congress for efficient measures we Are unable to prepare these proceedings in full but have Given them substantially. We understand that the Gen Canada Side is 99,000,000 tons pet hour. In Winchester a defeat at the River raising was 4. A t. 9 taken a prisoner of War and sent to Quebec from w. A i. _ thence to Plymouth in England and when about to be transferred to dartmoor prison he made i Topcu a in a ,. I. I. U a but in the a Universal Paukei nation occasion escape and wandered through by Waya until he a Chi a. Passes Over the horse shoe fall Niagara on the de relatives and friends. They cherish with a a Mem Mem aim fondness the recollection of tier Virtues and be soothed in the hour of separation by the thought morals East and West. Pertain Philari-1 of those Hopes of another and better world which Down East a and All round brightened the concluding Days of her Ong sojourn on the Earth. Gospel messenger. % reached Bristol. Entering a grocery in that City s ally take on a right bad about the deplorable condition of our morals Here in fee benighted West. Canton Money. J. Amp c. Rodefelt Patent Bedstead manufacturers i am still at Home opposite the i Broadway is two a 4th and amp tests. Cincinnati Only place where the genuine fashionable hat store Corner of main and fifth Strete Cincinnati. Constantly on hand a handsome assortment of hats and Capa of the Lateafa styles by a a pm. F. Davif Brandreth pills Are for Sala in Thia City. April 81,81 of Geo. A Oman. A notice. The partnership heretofore existing under the firm of John c. Bbennee a co. A this Day dissolved with Mutual consent and in future be carried on under the firm of p. T. Lange 4 co. They occupy the stand no. 148 main Street. Thankful for former favors they solicit the patronage of the Public in future. �?�p3i John c. Brenner amp co. A a co partnership notice. W a the undersigned have this Day entered into co partnership with the purpose of carrying on the hat Cap fur and trimming business under the firm of it Lanoe do co. At the new stand no. 148, main Street a p. T. Lange ap21 John c. Brenner. Hot in i Ata Iron store. Frederic sax to Jav. 200 main 9treet, East sitar a few Dar Ahi be fifth. A Good Supply of the Best a a Tufty w wont Imp and hardware constantly ii hand. A a i u. A. James bookseller publisher and Stal Ionek no. 26 Pearl Street Cincinnati. A a silk and fur hat a manufactory no. 148 main Street p. T. Lang e t3 co. A a. Kellogg y auctioneer and dealer in unit tire no. 17 file a Between main Tad w Alnut streets Cincinnati. I 3. H. Woodrit Jav. Auctioned a and dealer in furniture Southeast Corner of fifth and vol hut streets. A Cincinnati. Cknn.�. How mri.<0,. announce to their friends and the Public that or Lic and solemn funeral this afternoon politics and mrs darn Smool mrs. Claims admission to our columns on the then the Flag ship of sir Peter Parker and was compelled to Bear arms against his he found several americans on Board and when score of answering a correspondent. We admit the vessel reached St Johns they secured amp boat her heavy declamation for once that our readers and endeavoured one night to reach the Eastern May know what sort of history is promulgated Shore of mama by the foreign lecturers on american institutions. We hold to controversy with any who Calls lowing 1 we guess not. A the Woodstock r. I Patriot says that no less tha one Hundred and eight human beings collected in the Woods on the suit afield a de of the River near that Village on a Mdse the 25th bulb arid spent the Day in card playing Drinkin rum being pursued they run their and play ing Ball. V 1 a a. S. vessel belonging to the a a. I United states amount to 56. >0ne Pennsylva in at they Are manufacturing and keep constantly on hand every description of fur and amp ilk hat a i Purchase the Farmers Bank of Canton notes at 45 per cent discount for other Good. W a a for the a go pc not6 for 8 8hort to me re tax stances from on Vej pensive of and an new York Dye House Ato i Walnut Street cast Side a few doors above fifth. Dying and scouring steam pressing dc., done order. We. Teasdale. The country be of endow to promptly. Coon a 28. T boat on Shore at new brains Wick and took to the 4 b Woods but were overtaken and sept Back to the crafts a Wright a. A Exchange broker Cin. Hyacinth gla88es0, just received at no. 203, main Street Between fifth and sixth streets s ,. It \ Persona wishing to Purchase Are requested to give us a Call As we flatter ourselves that the Quality and cheapness of the above goods cannot be surpassed in the Western country. A map 21 v 5. 81 of Burgess i0bane, publishers booksellers and stationers no. 112 main Striect Cincinnati Allen a co., manufacturers and importers of Pam hangings nb.l81 main at., 8d door below 5th. One half the american people tones robbers Trai 8ea Horae and punished for desertion after this i no a a rated at 120 guns seven at 90, four at 74, Tom and swindlers. But let that pass. The worst injun mrs. Can do any party is to identify herself with it. We,.have had English writers the sea Home went into the Chesapeake where one at 54, fourteen at 44, two Al fi2, eleven at 20, Parker met his Fate. While Here Wood and his i three at j8> air at j0. The remaining Peven Are an assortment of hyacinth 28. N. Sampson. Tress 8ilk8 a Plain Black and Blue Black a general assortment of French and amen can ppmunihnhihnihiniphirnnvninunnh8hiip6piiihi99iego der countrymen made a second attempt to escape but i or Jer Jaq guns there Are 50 captains in the Tihe a Uby Cribe shave just received a Fine Assort fail Ivy Jockhum Mit. Them in Iron and them Fin i to a. Aaa t i Al Merit of a egg boilers of different Sixes and patterns table Tea kettles do do Poult de Soniea lust rings Gro de Rhine. Grinj constantly on hand at wholesale and retail. De Swiss and Gro de Naples just received and for Sale Low for Cash. Wade amp lord v ap2l a a 133 main Cor. 4th. English Irav Ellera and English lecturer the Cockburn put them in Irons and sent them i a it a vhf 48 masters commandant 276 lieutenant Shadford Easton manufacturer and importer of Soots and shorty. People the whole people ate very Well tired of Nova Scotia where they received a mock trial 4g 8urgcona, 45 purses 9 chaplains ,181 passed them. English radicalism of All forms literature Jand were 8entencd to be midshipmen 27 sailing masters 25 Boatswain intae act of pushing off and abolition and politic too Low to find countenance even from the populace of London resort to sign painting and glaring. Vina Inam Reo. W. Ryan continues the business of a cd wholesale dealer m leather and finding Var of for 4. ave pm of a a Nurt r. i no. 211, West Side of Mam Street Cincinnati. Was commuted into service for Fife in his majesty a army in the East indies. They were shipped 7 a 7mf Fzli to England and thence to Calcutta. For Twenty-1 Quot or to teach the poor simple natives what Liber b4 a. 7? orc 13 captains 19 we. A a. Lone years or. Wood served a a private Soldier in Conj tj0 the East India service and eighteen months since the outside. The scene which ensued is repro \ r Trollope teaches decency f Misa Marimba to utter rented As indescribable. A Young woman who i Menea to is the Trollope Martineau Thompsons and Darusmont a re All great Liberty teachers ,. In. Broken Down in spirit and health he was permit Dag Ogues in religion manners and letters mrs. 26 carpenters and 24 Aai makers. The Marine corps comprises 1 colonel 1 Lieut colonel 4 a Liou wants a rid 20 68 Are offered for Sale Low up 28. I Sampson Hunt amp co. Vry a t witness from the Shore said a it rained human bodies and he we How Juat Ihla waa a and we Are not acid number of the bodies 1. J ,. Proved Hyue positions found afterwards. The Captain waa blown on Shore dead. One Man waa thrown on to the roof of a House and Broka through be was stopped by his shoulders another one of the pilots was thrown entirely across the River to the Kentucky Shore one third of a mile Andl literally planted in the Earth. Numbers were scattered on the Shore and River in various directions. Ted to leave the army for England. Upon reaching London he stated his Case to the u. States con it l t. Sul and by him waa furnished the Means of reach none of them Ever set up any in l a. A p m v 1,n� Days since in Orme pa88ej through Massillon on his Way to Augusta by. Near which he resided in 1812. Atice i or Thompson abolition s and mrs. Darus Mont politics that they have yet imported any of that article. V Blind minstrels�?seventeen1 of the pupils of the new England institution for the Blind at Boston made a a sit to Providence r. I., a few evenings since and gave a concert. We had the or. Alten p,ea8ure� ast autumn when visiting this interest institution to hear the music 0? a number of its pupils and were delighted with Thi excellence of the the Duel or. Wood when he left Home had a wife and two performance. Judging from the countenances of the pupils when singing and playing on the piano we should think that music constituted one of children from whom he has never heard during an event of deep moral in port removed As for i 0f Twenty six years we have Sells death from life from any real bearing on i d0m known a Case of greater outrage acid Oppres-1 their highest enjoyments ties has been made by parly spirit a party Instru-1 on Ian presented in the Captivity and suffer ment of sooner had the death of Cilley occur a ngg 0f Hia individual. House and sign painting and amp Ekx Higy com and Mellon july and ice Cream Moulds at his old stand on the South aide of fifth he Peterit perforated nurse lamps Ete Etc. Which tween Vin and race streets Cincinnati 1 y by strict attention the business he Hopes to continue to receive the Liberal patronage which has hitherto been extended to him a orders thankfully received and attended to with promptness. A % _ it a / a 14 80tf new Supply of lamps. Wade Fig. Lord dealers in French italian India Swiss British and american goods no. 133 main Cor Ner of fourth Street Cincinnati. Now opening a at no 203 main Street be tween fifth arid sixth a general assortment of lamps consisting of 2, 3 amp 4 Light suspending do Astral pulpit i amps 2 Light Reading Astral Side stand Branch and canal boat do Church chandeliers Etc. Etc. Cut Glass. Y a. J ust received Rich Cut Glass decanters clarets a bowls l ish it s. Salts butter dishes Pickle also a few sets Rich candelabras with Cut and cheese urns tumblers Champaigne Wihs a goblets Etc. Etc. Of new patterns and Rich styling a 21sampson Hunt a co. John d. Walbr1dge, successor to Harper Hueston a produce commission amp forwarding merchant9 canal Street one door East of main. I v i a sgt t <1 i i a a �---�?11. Drops a 28. N. Sampson. To the citizens of Ohio. T would most respectfully inform you that a embroidered collars a a new style r. Brasher a a a a a a 4r i f wholesale grocery and liquor store Northeast Corner of main and ninth streets Cin a Samuel b. Findlay. 1 red than it waa sought by Mono Dies and i cries a new Wau be twin to Vlaho and cause of difficulty bet Cei these belligerents has George h. Oman owing to his conduct has been dismissed by or. Brandreth from his business and consequently is no longer an agent of or. B., As i can prove by documentary evidence. French worked just received by Wade a lord up 21 133 main Cor. 4th. Commission produce and forwarding merchant no. 8 South Quot canal Street Between main and Walnut Cincinnati. Lamps. The explosive Power of steam was never so i Public meetings and editorial sympathies to con fully exhibited one of the parts of the Boilea next his for with to Itice i Foote Manta. He at a a i a. I the urgency of or. Brandreth s business in the Arisen and May Lead As less Carnes have Donado v. 4 49 m i it few. ,. J East requiring his immediate presence prevented e have lately received a new Supply of sus the slave Trade the extent to which this horrible traffic in still in protracted and bloody War. I it is stated in Force his visiting this City under these circumstances was thrown near 200 Yards across the Road on i tempt was however too Gross. Its effect on the carried on probably Surprise Many of our Jpn 5he French journals that Queen Victoria has he sent me from new Orleans a Hore against die end of a Frame building which elections was just nothing. Piaf own District was it to pieces. Large piece of Iron were disgusted with the hypocrisy of the thing and re scattered along the Bank. Of the persons thus turned a whig in his place. A. .__4 . a a. A. In. I a. A. Literally Bloom into the air the largest part ? were cast into the River and be heard irom Only by ii being drifted to the Shore. Some have already readers. In the annual report of the american colonization society recently published we find the following statement on this subject 4 a. Jyi / \ 1 l a the horrors of the african slave Trade still exist. This Trade is the fruitful Parent of Savage invited two of the Young Frech princes to attend full Powers of attorney a 1 by h t Al tui let in Nafi to act for him and use his pame when necessary her Coronation and that Lojis Phillipe not k m tall Chi. Consent that More than one of hem shall accept wars and of cruelties and sufferings surpassing Fieve a word of it. Every conscientious right minded ? Man in of a 1 posed to duelling and especially such duelling a. That Between Cilley and Graves but every Asch the boundaries of the human imagination. The been found below but a still larger portion Pena despises in his very soul the hypocrisy and most fierce and atrocious conflicts instigated by de by drowning in the boat a a soon As sex Mcann ii which would convert his moral sense of Riave traders have prevailed during the last two. R i. I a. Years among the tribes in theft Nuy of Monro of intellect Justice to a there Machme for per y demagogues of Cannibal my shocking it might i to play upon. supposed even to barbarous natures has been that this is attempted and attempted in the perpetrated during these wars on the capture most palpable form a evident from a report just Small fowl among the Gora shy the day8 the invitation. The Queen goodly Subj cute Are mightily scandalized at his Ippert and wont be. .4 a 4 the Val a of Turnpike to he also sent me letters with orders to use this pow Cras i might think proper for the advancement of his interest and holding this Power i shall forthwith take such Steps As secure to a generous Public the genuine and popular Medicine known As or. Brandreth s vegetable Universal pills made by or. Brandreth of new York who is. R. Of. A a pending 2, 3 and 4 Light lamps with Plain rough or Dpi glasses also Astral mantel stand and Reading lamps with Plain or Rich Cut shades and glasses together with a Complete assortment of parlor entry Steamboat canal and Street lamps and lanterns which Are offered for Sale Low. A 21 Sampson Hunt a co. S. Hunt amp cq4 / commission and produce merchants Corner of main and canal streets Cincinnati. A it t r it bit carpet Stoke no 12, East fourth Street. Ito a pull an have just received a a. W a. Losion took place the vessel floated Down a Little ways and sunk near the Shore. In the meanwhile she waa crowded especially on the lower a a a a Fleck with passengers chiefly women and Chil which would convert Hia moral sense of Feye traders have prevailed during the last two Power and High life in theae Day of the a March the Only a Creon in America who has the re pm meanness which would convert Nis moral sense of a 71ir.�?� is paved with a Aak note. Mr�-1for a hiring this health restoring Medicine which and offer for Sale an extensive assortment of super Saxony and Brussels carpeting of of a we Given him by or. William Brandreth of eng Coutts before she became the Dochess of 8t. Al Andi the Origina inventor Grandfather of or. Bans was anxious to be Pieser led at the court of Brandreth of new York the present proprietor George the in. And she made her purse effect it. A a to Kwh a a mfr p"1 Lodo a Coo a on in. M. The. no we. To on. �01. A red Many Bodie have since been taken out a Tom certain la Tice Day Hia Candage horses were at practice. A a Vlf have been informed a says r the with a Resolution to expel Graves de ,0f Tfaye Liberia Pedro Blanche .1 Wpm. There is Pood reason to suppose that there bounces Webb who a not on trial and entirely alone hats exported from the Gallinas 1800 slaves i a fac during the last six months and that he has recent Al least 85 Cabin passengers and 120 on the lower deck besides the Crew. The latter were 30/in number. This would give 235 at least and it a. .4. A probable there were More. Of these not More than 90 Are known to have escaped. Making All allowances for error there must have been near 130 destroyed. When it is recollected that these Gusty than the principals. Were swept oat of existence by a single blow without warning in an hour of excited Expecta-1 tempt to make a party use of a moral wrong. Omits Jones and Wise the seconds. ,. ,. ,._. 1. received advices from the Havanna of the Safe we have no objection that or. Graves be ex-1 on6 of his the cargo of which pelted if messes. Joei and Wise Are too. The a g250,000. There Are two factories in the Gal seconds and especially seconds under such Cir-1 Linas which Are supposed to be equal in exports cum stances As those were Aie certainly not less 1 this gives them an Export of 8600 slaves in six Rich widow these widows according to or. Pickwick Ore a shrewd set of fellow is hearing of the Case instantly paid the debt. Shortly afterwards she was graciously received by George the brought into favor by the of the Duke. Months or 7200 in twelve and that from a Point take cat or a Crow club a. Tho of a a a thing Nwoji footy Odowo an at i we Nel irly n tit Nuary let 63 rave s00 in ,.bout 0� Tion it is awfully striking and solemnly Moum Fol to the living. But when we consider the circumstances under which the living Are left the terrible some chords of Northern feeling it is thought May be played upon advantageously and we Are firmly persuaded that the men who manage this in which youth has been saddened and matter Are utterly indifferent to any principle on age bereft of its supports who can exaggerate the the subject picture 1 hero Aro parents who lost four children a report was made by the minority Adverse their All. Here is a father with one boy whole and a third by or. Elmore of 8. C., who is Iff wife and five children Are among the dead. Hire qua or principles different from either. A a father lying wounded with a dead daughter at the exp it on cannot be effected but there his ride a scaled wife at his feet while in the i for a discussion arid no doubt there is a Hopet midst of a deranged imagination be fancies him memo thing May grow out of it favourable to the self Happy with his escaped family a Little boy is seen on the Shore who Points to his parents and Sisters struggling in the Waters arid cries for help but none can save them. and Bye his Little sister Tbs youngest is picked no alive on a floating 4 4 .4fvery sympathetic administration. Baltimore. Eggs Wilt be mighty scarce on that route by the time these crows have made their visit. And Only manufacturer of the pure Medicine in the United states. It if there be any who doubt of my being legally empowered by or. Brandreth to act for him i would refer such to the editor of this paper for corroboration of my statements. 8. Tousey of Louisville by it attorney for or. Brandreth of new York. Acting under the authority Aboye named i have taken the office on main Street next door below the Exchange Bank which be dr., bran Dretha a own new office for the Sale genuine pills Al in no Hub i do three ply. Superfine ingrained Fine amp com. Do Union and Orleans 5rts 3-4 6c 4-4 venetian 3-8 3-4 6c 4-4 damask Ven. 5-8 3-4 6c 4-4 hemp 4-4 5-4 6c 6-4 India matting Ltd Brussels Wilton and tufted rugs floor cloth Baize dec. Also a general assortment of Rich Silks mus do do do do do do do Bocksel old stand Nati. Ellerno. . Ely stationer and up at the 10, lower Market Street Cincire ma1n Street House a George Gat proprietor. West Side of main Between 3d and 4th streets Cincinnati. amp Shepard Quot Srere Ptter fou Xixi 6c print res no. 29, Pearl Street Cincinnati. Books cards labels engravings 6cc. Stereotyped and printed at Short notice and on favourable terms. George h. Young wholesale grocer and commission merchant Southeast Cor. Of main and canal sto., Cincinnati. Phrenology vessels were reported As lying at one time at Loango waiting for cargoes the British commissioners stationed at Havanna report that Nevei since the establishment of their office had the slave Trade at that port reached such a disgraceful pitch As in the. Year 1835 and that not less than 15,000 negroes in fifty vessels must have arrived there during that is reason to apprehend that african slaves be illicitly introduced a. Gratuitous to mean voluntary o through the Havanna into Texas and Rumora exist that agents from that country and even commercial Bouses in the United states Are disposed to enter into arrangements for this purpose that vessels built and fitted out from american ports Are engaged in this traffic there can be no doubt. The civilized communities of Liberia have done a am. A a a agents and others owing for pills obtained of or. Oman when he was agent for or. A who the. Now York com sur �?~r."r�?~�?T.��,_ a a 1 Pone payment to or. Uman or any one else in of the 16th inst. Says that doctor Caldwell of Ken a Are tatted the truth of or. Oman s Tucky was to deliver a a Gratuito i lecture on no longer agent for or. Brandi eth. Or. Phrenology a that evening in can Toft hall.1-10.�?Ts receipt for moneys paid on account of jills not be deemed proper liquidation by or. B., to out claim or Merit. We should like to know a bomb Worthington amp Ranney. A a. Wholesale grocers a i. Of the late at style and dealers in it foreign and Domestic liquors Quality. A Mineral Waters in bottles. Prepared expressly for the convenience of Femi a lies steamboats and persons resident in the no 199 main Street. Cincinnati. Vre 4 Glascoe amp Harrison wholesale dealers in drugs paints oils and Dye stuffs also sole manufacturers of Gardner fihe 8ubscriber, to state that m Al keeps always ready for exportation. Amp a. In of main and fourth streets Cincinnati. What the doctor thinks of the bumps upon the majors head. F a / l ,.j i y 1 k. Tax squatters is the name of next it foor the Exchange Bank. Whew drama about to be brougwji>i2 i new my. F. Mebrat weather act As agent to or. Brandreth s new office on the West Side of main Street Between third and fourth streets bottles made purposely to retain a great pressure soda and othe Mineral Waters highly carbonated and variously Flavoured to suit to it Ery taste. He also solicits a trial of his much admired Nectarina or ladies summer drink which from its delicate flavor has found considerable patronage from the fair sex of this City. Alex. T. Blake. Sycamore Street 3d door below Columbia. Persons desirous to become agents for neighbouring cities Are invited to Call. A 14 80-6rao co partnership notice. To much for its abolition in their Vicinity and Are Orleans. This play Haa been often performed arrival of tie Sirius. A >7,a. A a. ,. A this steam ship Long expected has arrived in or a Ait Day from Cork and tested by her manage a piece of Tho wreck. Such Are some of Tho Dis men in Stormy weather the practicability of steam turning the attention of Many chief of the country from Liia abominable Trade to human and useful pursuits. A. I it Irta ring details which have carried affliction throw Many a family. Among those who Ware instantly killed were two officers of tire u. 8. Army cel. Fowls and or. Hughey. The former had for a Long time Ocean navigation. She is arid tiea Lihty to a an of axiom Trees shrubs Nixb pea i tor Henry Perrine late United states Consul to in Congress and certain state Legislatures when the question was about to be taken on some subjects before it was known a my constituents Doc-1 think about the matter april 28�?82 4t 8. To Usey attorney for or. Brandreth jew. Ely and e. M. Strong have this a r w a get / a a. A Ohio antislavery office and depository. A North West Corner of sixth and main streets second Story first door1 North of w. M Cor Rye Law office. A Isaac Young 8addle, harness and trunk manufacturer wholesale and retail no. 100 main 3 doors above 3d St Cincinnati. New Boot and shoe store. 99 the subscribers have taken the store on fifth four doors West of Walnut Street where they Day formed a co partnership in the Book business under the firm of Ely 6c they occupy the old stand of. , no. 10, lower Market Street. J. W. Ely a 7-79-86 e. M. Strong. I sea boat. 8he is of 700 Hundred tons and 320 Ca peachy i whose name May be known to Many horse Power. The a British Queen is soon to persons in this City and in the West from some follow of 1900 tons and on which no amount of valuable communications from his pen published the a passage in the life of a literary lady a in this Days paper a from the pen of a valued Corre-1 City and country Trade pendent and it is no image fiary. Picture. The founded on truths. A the parties Are in offer the Public an extensive assortment of boots shoes and Palm Leaf hats Well adapted to the John p. Frankenstein Awn a John a Tucker Franklin House. ,. / a a mail Street rear fourth Ciuci Hati. 1 As William Johnson proprietor. July 15. 41-Ly a. A 7 7 amp k. Orph wholesale and retail druggists and dealers in paint oils Dye stuffs 6cc. 6lc, Corner of main and fifth streets at the sign of dbl Rush Cincinnati. Our Stock is All entirely fresh having All been i p respectfully inform the citizens of Cincinnati selected with care in Eastern cities by one of thelxy that they have taken room no. 7, footers been stationed at West Point in command of the nil yorker Money or exertion of skill has been spared. The in the Western journal of the medical and phys the cd Cje 0f our friends. Subscribers this Spring. Row where they Are prepared to faint of Btu its. Corps of red to. Thoj a Ere supposed to have Council have made arrangements for a Celebration. Of those who escaped Many interesting particulars Are Given. Many of them seemed nearly miraculous. One Man had five horses fest Onad in Are All in excitement. The common ical ser Nese has memorialized Congress for a Grant of land in the Southern extremity of East we deem it unnecessary at Thia time to name and Hope to receive a share of Public encourage Price for which we sell our goods but pledge ment. O h to c. P. Barnes publisher bookseller a offi stationer Publia Hoo picket9� aerie of Chook books 148 main a treat Opp Onte the font Paez by Terian Church inc Indiati Ephraim Morgan amp son i the successful navigation of the Ocean by steam in voyages of Short and certain periods constitute in epoch in the wonderful Progress of a team. Florid a Tho of growth of in a it a a a new a Tnp taunt erotic tree., redouble. A Jtb. of spin own. Of feign let Taro. Hilliard Gray Fie co of Beaton have com-1 Loun covet a a Low As any other House in this Cita when the. Quality of our Danta the committee to whom the memorial the object is to present to me american Public we Are weekly receiving additions to our 8tock, which we intend at All times to have As Good As the Bow and was by them when the explosion took place. One horse was killed while he and a a. No j2 7. ,. 77 a. I. Ical1 team the greatest and most humane of All the a to this we could add a preventive of those was referred have reported favourably upon so dreadful and Peculiar to it we could they key. A. . Any in Cincinnati both Fox the wholesale Aud re Trau Slamons of some of the most celebrated works Trade in the higher departments of foreign literature four horses escaped standing in front of the boil Ere and where every pert of the Wood was Tom to pieces an old lady was sitting in the Cabin read instrumental ties subject to human reason. Aba tire a no is the year 1837 ing her Bible the partition it Down on , ll8 Hogshead a of tobacco she. Fr0n a Moyeoa inv of Tom a a. A a Lri a Alt w of ski Mann i. Wonc strip pc Woid saved her. She Wea taken out Bat her children of Baltimore. A the memorial St enumerates among the exotics which May be introduced and naturalized in Thia country successfully the Beautiful and extensively useful family of the Palms the agave shrubs for chocolate Coffee and Tea the logwood rustic cochineal and other dyes of Mexico Guatemala and Brazil the cinnamon Pimento Ginger and we solicit the patronage of the Public end Promise our Best endeavours to Merit the same. A j�?81-pm Lewis 6c Dimmick. Judge Hopkinson of Philadelphia lately delivered a discourse in the a Rhenium Institute upon a common sense. As this is rather an Buncom 1 do Laines. Juat received 4.441 a a a few splendid new style mouse line de Laines Mon commodity at the present Uay and Trie judge i Chat by pattern by is a very sensible men we Hope to see his discourse evade 6c lord widely disseminated ep21 133 main Cor. 4th. N. They would respectfully invite the Public to Call and examine their pictures. Exhibition hours from 12 o clock a. M. Until 2 p. M. Cincinnati Jan. 23. 68t�. Publishers booksellers and stationers main Street bet. 3d and 4tl, Cincinnati. Painted mu8lin8.�?a Superior assortment writ Long Academy a t. Fellows teacher of penmanship has rooms Over foe store of Glascoe 4 Harrison Corner of main and 4th streets. From 25ots to 1 26 received by Wade 6t lord Akl 133 main Cor. Of 4th. �?4�?4 Irish Good assortment just re h Nathan. Sampson wholesale and retail dealer in earthen China and Glass wares no. 203 main Street Cincinnati. Cei Ved did for Safe Low for Cash. 7 Wade fic Ord ap21 133 Mam Cor. 4th. Of a l. Dealer in watches jewellery Fofo Brittania Wani 221 main Street i t 0 i f r by in
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