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The Cincinnati Chronicle Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1840, Page 4

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The Cincinnati Chronicle (Newspaper) - April 11, 1840, Cincinnati, OhioGnu in m a amp m my a a i a / a ,.&Quot a. Ctr Wii new. A sch 3jrp i United a Tatis Senate. In the Senate to Day or. Tallmadge presented a pm Wou Fot Citira olt Onondaga York praying for the passage a uniform Hank a Quot in we Betor presented a memorial a similar character from certain citizen but a ton am to a occasion to sprays his Groat wish that something should to done towards the object the memorial As soon As possible. A also hoped it would not to considered indelicate to ask the chairman the committee on the judiciary whether the Senate might expect a Bill for this por Pioso to be brought Forward atan Early Day. Or. Wall a plaid that tha committee had a Groat Deal brain too Bofo them but Mill they had a voted much time to this subject and would prasent a measure with As Little dds Yas a Mew. Or. Webstar in ply intimated that to had thrown into the form a Bill Hie via a the provisions which he deemed expedient and Necea a a a a a Able to the com a proper measure Lia Wood to Happy 10 mint Tham. Or. Tail cad Aloe ram in. Led the Senate that with the concurrence the chairman tha com uni tree Tho judiciary be bad Given notice his intention to recent a Bill for a uniform system bankruptcy. W without presuming to intrude Hie views or to take any Lead in tha matter a would cheerfully present them they would be the Pouvi Mug w High Ewe we a Hess any very and thay would Bolt a. R Muttee or lie Eny Aid in Ferrain to. See Wall a Aid he hoped the 8enato-s from no Huyette and new York would Brin in their adrift nil or i the 9enators from my ii measures and Zas Ureil them they would receive the full Leet consideration a and that the committee would bring a a it Bill Fri Tooti As Wai consistent with a due attention to the subject Treasury note Bill. The Bill which presed the House 01 Friday night authorising the Issue Treasury notes to the amount five million dollars came up on its first and second Reading. Or Hubbard the Rose and said that the chairman the commit tee on finance wee absent from indisposition in his family. In his absence the committee had net this morning and instructed him to Call do the Bill at the earliest possible moment. They had examined the Bill end finding no difference Between it and the printed copies which haul so Long been on the table they had further instructed him to ask the Senate to regard the Bill As having been referred to the committee and reported Back without amendment. The Bill was accordingly taken up. Or Hubbard went into some explanations the present condition the Treasury a and urged with great strenuous Ness the passage the Bil or. Webster then Rose and made a speech uncommon ability and impressiveness on the subject. When or Webster concluded the debate was continued by or Preston or Buchanan or Benton who opposed the Bill and or. Smith Indiana and the Bill was finally passed by the vote yeast messes. Allen,.Anderson, Brown Buchanan Calhoun Clay Abu Cuthbert Dixon Fulton Hubbard King Linn Lumpkin Nicholas Norvell Phelps Pierce Roane Robinson Sevier Smith Indiana strange Sturgeon Tallmadge military and naval along our Northern Fol. The British but Bortei a referred to tire commit Login military affair on motion or. King a Resolution Wae adopted instructing the committee on naval affairs to inquire into the expediency creating the rank Admiral in the Navy the United suite to am limiting the number other officers in the ser Vij it. A. A v on motion or. Nicholas a revolution we. Adopted instructing the committee on military affaire to inquire into the propriety striking out from the appropriation Dill the sum proposed for a Board visitors to West Point. After the disposal some private Bills the Senate then resumed the consideration the by l providing for the continuance the Cumberland Road through the states Ohio Indiana and Illinois. It has been ably discussed in Brief speeches by messes. Clay Webster Preston White and Smith. The reply the last mentioned gentlemen to the speech or. Clip Alabama teas a most Able end spirited answer to the sections that had been urged against the Road. The debate was further continued by messes. Clay Alabama.Anderson and Pierce when the question Wes taken on the substitute offered by or. Clay Ala. And it teas rejected by the vote. Yeeee. 1�?nave, 26. Or. Grundy said that a the season would be far advanced before this Bill would be finally acted on in the House and As the amount appropriated could not be profitably expended the present season he moved to reduce the sum in each state from $>0,000to $100,000�. Or. J Preston moved As an amendment to the amendment that a a $100,000�?� be stricken out Ami a a $75,000�?� inserted. The question Wae then taken on or. Preston a amendment and it was agreed to ayes 8, noes i i a a a a a 17 the question then being about to be put on the engrossment the Bill. Or. Clay by. Intimated his wish to address Willi a to much a bar m a in program i a me Len reflect that her Little Good natured Frontier v i Diye trip is quietly taking tee with Albert or May be dancing e Jig or taking a tide round Pinador Park earing no More about a the Boundary question a than tha does about a pug dog. Nevertheless it would put her Melee Tyr a heed in danger to get into this War. A uneasy reate tha heed that wears e St nth Light Mound. F term 1,1 in m m a 191 Vilf Liyi Wahl 1kb. The now York commercial advertiser monday afternoon says a Quot we have e report that orders have been received from Washington to prepare for see Ell the vessels War now under cover at the Navy Yard Brooklyn. Nicholas Lulow duh a a App a v he shove named defendant in hereby notified that tha above named complainant hath a Bill in the above a a us and court Tho object end prayer which is to subject a lot ground in Cincinnati on the South a do third Street about 3�?T 1 feet West Western Row being 20 feet front and �0 feet deep to an allay to the payment the Meverel Euma Money duo thereon. Andera written contract Between said parties dated itch october 1888, and filed with said Bill by which raid complainant wee to convey said lot to the defendant in fee simple upon the payment a Tuph a a 4 tilt at Ikra a a in it Ftp nil my. a filim As Aro White 3s� 39 398 a an Rau Praw j r croup asthma end .11 Elf Littion. the cheat mid lungs a. A. 9� a a the medicinal properties by in set and a tech a pans Are too were Mkeown by every j person to need description. There names Are Euf-1. I Cint to give Confidence in a Medicine which hey Ore a component part and to ensure Thorn who use a Medicino composed partly them and made up other ingredients that Are used in the every Dev practice physician for coughs colds a. That they Are Sura the derives some Benefit from their use or at least that they will not to w r a mow v at9 Fth fac. It Molduk fails to re store the hair to health and Beauty. Many who were my three months ago can now exhibit tata dec 88 �81 main at Quot it a prepared from a receive the out Neil or. Aubert Paris by one Hie pupils. The Tetter from or. 8. 8. Few it very kindly permitted Tobo used a a pm it Tutti Mit 10, 1w38. Or. Jayne a dear sir a i feel that i can hardly Ray enough to you far fever jh6rft Aiea Gintout hair tonic sold by you. I had Tho sign painting and glazing. To. W Ryan continues the business Hottie and sign pm Affef it a my it the my stand on the sooth ride fifth a two and race streets Sofai Ciungan. Y by strict attention to business to Hope the Continua to receive the Liberal patronage which has hitherto been extended temm. I v. A All orders Thanka ally received and Utla Dud to with prompt nera. A. 14. A n the Lidis Iiah to raid complainant $1809 68, the Purchase no m a l a. Or ill ii a a _ a a Ney with interest in eight equal half yearly a a by 1�?��?�"�?T but Era in All diseases the Akin a. A. That has one Tho most eminent lecturers and Pra coition Max to a a now Orleans papers a publish the extract a letter recently received by the mexican Consul that City from Gen. Arista h a ainu a Una Ca Ksita feb. 14, 1840. 5 a on the 85th this month i shall commence a combined movement on the Rio Grande with 2.000 men and 10 pieces artillery leaving 1.000 men to cover Tampico and 1,000 More to Garrison matamors. I recommend this news to be spread in the country adjoining Texes on your Side in order that emigration May be suspended. Under my command and that Gen. Cakalis Are now mustered 4,500 men. Matamoras and Tampico Are strongly fortified and we Are not Only prepared to receive but actually intend to go in Pursuit the enemies our country. Mente and exonerating me complainant from and what we by Why the syrup. A a w 1 those persons Labouring under Chrome ear Garrii Ever been known a All who have Ever attended the endorsement to the Bank United states on raid f110? 7. ?sg5zggg1g a 1 consultation a at Tho great Hospital Saint Louis or seems note for $170, and from a Security ship for 1 t8dm8fftfu<fito>mlmyl have heard his Public lectures or witnessed him to j. a note for $80 aft y ,. Bill charge that said Purchase Money Era become i 0�., a a it wholly , and com a mid i. K. Spa i a Boh a now a cd smut it. Sign the Golden Eagle Sycamore at. Hao. 30-3 Dolfa i. Plain ant has paid a a a a a mime tingly heir tonic i consider one the Best preparations for the hair my Pendant has failed entirely to comply with said contract and has left the state Ohio and gone to parts unknown and prays that said contract Mav be rescinded and for Relief generally. And said defendant to hereby further notified to appear at tha next april term raid court and show what cause he can Why the prayer raid Bill should not be granted or the same will be taken As confessed and a decree entered accordingly v. To Mowton feb. 13, 1840�?6tw solicitor. The i Eiste on the Bill and on he motion the sen ate adjourned. House representatives. This was the Day assigned for the consideration the majority and minority report from the select committee on the Public printing. The minority have prepared a report and were waiting to prevent it but the majority not being ready with their report the a minority withhold theirs for the present. It after pome conversation on the subject this morning during which or. Graves pro used to require the committee to report on the question a divorce Between the political press and the patronage the government the whole matter was ,. Postponed to tuesday after next so As to give abundant time to the chairman to bring in his report. All the reports will be liken up together. At the usual hour the Bill introduced by or. Bell for securing the Freedom elections and re the celestial Empire and the Brit ii. F j. J i. Fun by the ufos China news it seems that to bed so Turbo nce Between the contending a Artiee at Cantonie about to by brought to a final Bead. His celestial highness through commissioner Lin proposes to exclude the British Trade forever. We know not what View the British people take the right and wrong this matter. But we know one thing that a trading people never yet wanted an excuse to maintain the interest Trade by Force necessary. And we know Aleo that so far As fighting is concerned one British Man War Wilt preve More effectual than Alt the. Proclamations or. Lin Ever issued in his life time. This being the Case a we rather imagine that his celestial highness will find himself very mooch surprised in the end. a raw a it is. 1�?v. / a i i r v correspondence the Baltimore Patriot. I a. Philadelphia april 2. 8 p. M. A in my Tetter yesterday i informed you the passage the resumption Bill by the legislature our state striking out the Section that allowed Oman a bone8et pills. Which by removing Cost Veness purifying my the blood and producing a natural action the stomach and Soweto Cut a find prevent disease. At a time like the present when the whole country is afflicted with diseases common to the human family it becomes the duty the philanthropist and poor Many a Friend to introduce a Medicine having these properties Efficacy and cheap new a sure euro end e cheap one. Thera pills having been thoroughly tried and approved both East and West Arv now offered to the Public As a general specific. Upwards one Hundred thousand boxes these pills have been sold in the Western country during the last year and Are used appreciated and recommended by Ell who have tried them. Boneset one the component parts this compound has Long been known in Domestic practice As the most useful remedy with which we Are acquainted. Boneset or thorough wort is the Best Diaphoretic known and persons afflicted with violent colds coughs or with premonitory symptoms consumption would take these pills they would be entirely cured in a few Days. In bilious attacks to which we Are so much exposed and which often terminate in some one the to common to this climate e few Banks the privilege issuing notes a less denomination than five dollars. By the accounts doses these pills will perfect a cure. Persona ,. ,.a from Harrisburg this evening i see that a Bill has during executive up and or. J beef irt1ro<iuce i in the Senate authorizing the , Tennessee occupied the floor. Wue for one yes a from la Date Thein the a new remark mgt. Yield i Paglia Fly cd Ehe Law notes the denomination roue attack would have immediate recourse to who Are taken with sudden dizziness the head on rising fetid breath and disordered state the bowels All which Are sur symptoms a Bil he i toe Misito we and three dollars which Bills leagues molars Bond a a Eddy and w Eller. Hav a Deemae in specie at any time when presented my concluded at a Quarter to 4 a clock the he Pamay Auch a Bill will be the Aker gave the floor to or. Gentry who for j o intere8t b our . Benti i Clay ky.,Clayton, told that he had not tended to make any remark. Tia is 8 Ltd Daria Merrick Preston Ruggles White 8. A up a Al 8ik-,.ng la a there has been a general Advance in the prices the Senate then adjourned. V House representatives the House was Eri a de during the whole in the reception memorials and petitions. Much the House to indulge him by an adjourn q stocks an a much Depree a. I ment. And the House and Enterprise was exhibited at the boat Day j United states and great Britain. A. Iv Border diff Ettli Lee $. A a ,. It is hardly possible to imagine that two great civilized and Christian nations should plunge themselves in a bloody War for the Sake a St in 4,. unoccupied territory. Yet there is a pose As it this Medicine few doses would set All right again. In Short the above Medicine has proved a Aure cure for Over and ague dyspepsia rheumatism palsy headache pulmonary diseases diarrhoea and dysentery and Are very useful and efficacious in most diseases resorted to in time. They Are entirely vegetable and May he taken by both sexes and All classes from the infant to the old Fec Drle and debilitated with perfected safety an assistant nature. V let All who have occasion to use Medicine Correct it Tidence the Baltimore Tat lot. T Washington Quot monday evening. March 30. That Treasury note Bill was received in the Striate from the House representatives to Day and As was expected passed the former body a so 4,s Resil to polish and Mournful after a comparatively Short discussion. /.before. A hour it has probably received the signature Wou 1 brokers than has Bce ii witnessed for a Long time. I hinted states spank closed at 794a79i Girard 36a37. V i _ a _ a Many kind try Oman a Boneset pills arid judge for the Loo Book follow . A Hesse be. Agent throughout the West will extracted from the journal Thomas Parker phased in for new supplies before Selling in the a president and has become a Law the land. T or. Wright chairman the finance committee was absent i regret to say in consequence indisposition in his family Atid on or. Hub hard a member that com Littee the Principa Chat go the Bill devolved. We fun this Gerdeman had finished Daniel Webster took the floor. Way an Active English naval officer during our War with great Britain and who died in this country. A u first party he voyage through life our i i a i j c 1 pleasant with Fine breezes and free a ids All sails e do not believe any great body people t. A _ ,. J �p0� Many vessels in wan provisions supplied the it freely. Middle variable Short provisions spoke several the above vessels our in either party this country seriously desire War and As yet we see no positive reason Why one a should take place. Yet it is not the be con i a tirely out. A Oman s a Stern Sce for the Sale his Boneset pills is on third Street Between main and Walnut Cincinnati Ohio. S feb 15-w2m amp jayne�?T8 expectorant it decidedly i Perior to any other known combination Medicine for Coutret cold con Hamption Jet Ham spitting blood angina Petori a palpitation the heart brow Chat is chronic pleurisy Hoar ene a the atty breathing hooping cough pain and weaken the Brea to and All idea a the pulmonary Organo. A v extract a a Rte Icale from Rev or. A coct late pts rident Iva Terrille College Maine. A \ a 1 a a from intimate personal acquaintance with or. D. Jayne a regular student the medic cd University Pennsylvania and an experienced successful practitioner Medicine i was prepared to appreciate the numerous testimonials in favor his different medical preparations much Noii highly than the great majority those which Are extensively eulogized. On trial them in my own family and some them personally i have Mote than realized their favourable anticipations. They Are what they profess to be a not quack nostrums a but skit Billy prepared antidotes for some the most Afflic Tive human diseases i know that they Are highly esteemed and frequently prescribed by some the most respectable the regular practitioners Medicine in this City and elsewhere and i do not hesitate to commend them As a valuable addition to our Materia medics and a 1. I. A a a j a v Quot Safe As Well As eminently useful remedy for the Rufus Bacock or. , 7th june 1838. New York March 10, 1839, or. Jayne dear sir i feel it my incumbent duty to sry having formerly been prostrated by meant the asthma and although relieved that my lungs have Ever since been sensitive. Having recently taken a violent cold i was severely afflicted with the influenza to that a Bard cough prevented my customary repose and consumption seemed to be the inevitable consequence. Bui having seen a notice the a Jinjian expectorant a i applied to one your agents wheat i purchased two bottles which restored me to perfect health. Yours very respectfully John Ellis jote pastor the Baptist Church in ,ct., but now a Tew York City. For Sale at the bomb store no. 135, main St. J. W. Sheppard agent nov. 26�?164. The Success the private practice will Unbe sit hair to Pantti which we Are acquainted and Folly justifies the assertions in the prospectus the proprietor have experienced the most signal benefits from it. My hair had been Felling off about two years and had become very thin threatening speedy Bald Ness when 1 commenced using this remedy. In about one week it ceased to fell off i Hare used it now about three months and have a foil and thick a head hair a i can possibly desire. 1 have recommended Ite use to number my friends what All speak Well it. A faithfully employed i have no doubt Ite general Success. I May add that before using the tonic 1 had tried almost All the various articles employed for tiie hair such As the macassar Oil All the different preparations Besre soil vegetable hair Oil a. A. Without experiencing much any Benefit. Respectfully yours / 8. 8. Fitch Jyz. 178 Che nut et a copy a letter fro til c. C. Park pastor the Baptist Church at Haddonfield n. J. Dabdou fixed n. J. Feb. 12th, 1839. Or. D. Jayne a sir a i take pleasure in inform Yon that the bottle Alibertis hair tonic which i obtained Yon teat october ins prove most satisfactory and successful. My hair had for a Long time been exceedingly thin but for two or three year Post it had a Fehon out that my head had become almost entirely Bald. I was u under the necessity concealing tha baldness by combing the hair on the sides Over it. But now after using about half a Wittle the a tonic a i have As luxuriant a growth hair As i Ever had. O. C. Park. For Rale the comb store no. 135, main at. Pries $1. J. W. Sheppard agent. Aug 3115mf a to a my a a a a a a i a a a a a a a. A a a a a Ltd a a a. T a it. A. It alter a % a 4 it 7. F ? k 1 9 # the business connected with or. Brandreth a Ohio office is removed from 119 main Street to his new office on third Street. Next door to the Pearl Street House Cut a i. a a v v by Quot a. A a i Pink v Quot no. A i Obb Krak the slow 03dr. Brandreth Soltelo officer a r. A pand remember the above is the Only place in Cincinnati where a Zox table Vii Versal pills can be purchased. Cd no druggist or apothecary Are authorized to sell these pills. Mar 23 i29- a a was so great that a Felt himself in danger immediate Eufis cation but no from atkinsons evening Post. Hair tonic. A sealed that the recent off cml communications up lie bad enabled to refit made signal Dia Between the american Secretary fur a Yth and re a the a up Helm and bore away. The Briti amp a envoy Cox were not the most Friendly aspect. So late As the 26th March new England cough syrup the reputation which has now become established As the Morat Safe and Elj carious remedy Ever discovered Fot influenza cough cold asthma whooping cough spitting blood and All affection the lung. 1 aug. 17. 50 or. A Batch truly designated the character the president communicated to the Senate the the measure at the Ouret As neither More nor less two last notes these functionaries dated the than a proposition to borrow five millions 25th and 26th which contain Home peremptory dollars. As often As the notes issued come in so \ t a 1 they be re issued. It is substantially a <5 r re borrow in or a amp let a King the Prospect or. Forsyth lays a i often will they proposition to borrow be der to he Able to repay re again by re apr a the president wishes that he could dispel the i , with contrary winds current adversity setting hard to Leeward to wards the end the passage it cleared up with the quadrant poverty had an observation Cor erected and made up my reckoning and after a . Sage fifty years came to in mortality Road with a received a new Supply this highly the Calm unruffled surface the Ocean Etemi v. Me erased. It has Given each general Satis to in View a Rose Oil for the hair. rowing and a a on and so on for two years be fear that these dark forebodings can be realized. A a use on the Day previous to the ast Day one Inlet her majesty government shall forthwith j year from this time five millions May be issued a arrest All military interference in the a under this Bill to run one year i unless it shall apply to the subject More deter j the whole amount Means available a it a the mined it tools than Havo hitherto been made to. Bring the dispute to a certain and Pacific adjustment the predicted by or. Fox in 1st Day january 1840, was one Millioni Una a a half Dollar. The re were outstanding at the same time Treasury notes to the amount two a tic Nauvie his Gbye rement May most Unfor-1 Kentucky and others millions acid three quarters j tuna Ely happen. But Rio. Apprehension the these Aie indisputable fact which the Dun Fry consequences alluded to by or. Fox can be per should Bear in mind. / a fitted divert the government a in a Icbale now what was our condition three years be the United slates from the performance their fore?.f Fiat has Beer the Jar count annual sex duty to the state Maine. The duty is As Sima Pend iture since whence have Ive derived the pie As it is imperative. The construction which Means meeting it and Are those Means per-1 is Given by her to the treaty 1783 has been manent or already exhausted were they Only again and again and in the it fast solemn manner temporary these Are important questions. Asserted also by the Federal government and at the beginning the year 1837, there were must be maintained unless Maine freely consents according to the documents from the Treasury de to a new Boundary or unless $ at construction it state Ohio Superior court Cincinnati. James Boyd and William l. Boyd a a. It Charles s. Clarkson and c. A. R. Clarkson Samuel Grant and Dexter Stone the president directors and company the Northern Bank in Chat Cetz to. Faction that various counterfeits have already been a put up in this City. The genuine is accompanied with a treatise on the hair explaining its nature cause difference in color and the curly hair Blacks amp a. Amp a. For Sale by a gla6coe amp Harrison and c. D. Bradford aug. 24, 1839. I i v ,1a a a it pm a a no excuse for Bald Heads. Aynes hair have Bere a to fore numbered ourselves among those who believe that a a Liberty a hair tonic a sold by or Jayne was one the Many quack nostrums whose Virtues Are never seen beyond the fulsome puffs their authors. We Are willing at length or he above named defendants non residents the state Ohio Are hereby notified that the above named complainants on the 3d january 1840, filed a Bill in chancery in said it4i.v to. Court the object and prayer which is to fore a i it Nia Public act owned genl in i the error apartment and As Jevery Man conversant with these the treaty is found to be erroneous by the decision in. A lot Lafido ? six millions dollars in the a disinterested and Independent tribunal Kelec Tuato a he City pm Pinnau state Ohio. Close a mortgage therein set Forth dated the 18th september 1838, and recorded a oth october 1838 in Book 66, Page 516, Hamilton county record Given to them by Charles s. Clarkson and c. A subject knows Treasury. At the extra is Ion that year con Ted by the parties for Ifo final adjustment the Gress passed an act withholding the payment president on an filming the duties his station by dollars under the 1836 sulme Quentz a the Treasury trn Bonds the Bank amounting to five millions Mif doll ars. These the question once More to a third party taken together. Make Twenty a nil ions in addition 1 in Alj Otlie Suh Seq Jent Steps which,.fiive been to the regular receipts. Not. Only has this enor taken upon the a object by ins direction he has Mous sum been expended but in 1840, the Goy been actuated by the same spirit. Neither Bis do Ern ment is in debt to the amount two millions position in the matter Noi i opinion As o Ilie a even Hundred and fifty thousand after deducting the whole amount the u. States Bank Bonds and the balances due from Banks the round sum two millions two. Hundred and Twenty thousand dollars still remains As the expenditure . This administration in three years besides All the receipts from Tye custom houses and land offices. 1. The expenditure this administration has sex propriety that course has undergone Pany change. Should the fulfilment in wishes the Defeated either by an unwillingness in the part her majesty a government to meet the offer the United states in the spirit it which it is made or from Adverse circumstances any description the president will in any event derive great satisfaction from the consciousness that no Effort is part has been spared it to bring the question to. I needed its income by seven million dollars a an amicable conclusion and that there has been year for the last three years j. Nothing in the Pond oct either the government the Treasury note Bijil vice maintained was and people the United states or the state merely a proposition for a loan. Maine to justify the employ ment her majesty a or. Webster said he did no mean to oppose the Force Ait indicated i a or. Fox Feller. The Bill Beau a he believed the Money a de for. Was pro air ent cannot under such circus instances up necessary and that More would be Vyan Ted before pro head that the responsibility for any con sequel the end the Yeai but he had objections to Rny pen which maj unhappily Etaine will by the Jum Money on Yueh High rate interest. The judgment an impartial world be imputed to note do not run Long enough to go into the mar the United state. Ket at Small rates interest or to go abroad they will absorb the capital which might go into business operations and will make Money More scarce and the pressure greater. A loan he regarded in every respect preferable to the Issue Treasury notes. A Stock the United states would be readily disposed in Holland or in England. It / 1 whence this repugnance feb a loan on the pm i the administration / it is simply theft Dre Delof the political Coose quenches giving abroad the idea that incurring a debt that they Are borrowers. To throw off this obvious notion they pretend to talk anticipating the Revenue this year. A does any one dream that the Revenue this year will redeem these note no one. Nota Man even the party has the smallest belief in any Ecob nonsense. The Secretary knows the contrary. Should it be necessary for the a administration which will succeed the present to fund the existing debt let it be understood that such a measure would not be the beginning a Public debt. A e a 8ome other Points in this masterly speech or. Webeler i must defer till to Morrow. Correspondence Tho Baltimore Patriot. Washington april 1, 1840. United 8tates Senate. In the Senate to Day on motion or. Norvell the undersigned avails himself amp a. Flee. John Forsyth. To the Hon. H. 8. Fox amp a. In his reply or. Fox says a it will be the duly the undersigned immediately to transmit or. Forsyth a note to her majesty a government in Giand and until the statements and propositions it contains a Hall have received the due consideration her majesty government the undersigned will not deem it right to add any farther reply thereto exp a up Tirgg to refer to and to repeat As he now formally ant d sting try does the several declarations which it has from time to time been his duty to make to the government the United states with reference to the existing posture affairs in the disputed territory and to record his opinion a that a inflexible adherence to the resolutions that have been announced by her majesty a government for the defence her majesty a rights pending the negotiation Tho Boundary que Tion offers to her majesty a government the Only Means protecting those rights from being in a continuously aggravated manner encroached upon and in one word or. Fox declines further inter course and hints that the British troops will keep Possession the territory. This looks serious but we rather suppose that the brr i government will prefer some new reference to arbitrators. Bounded on the North by an Alley separating it fro Iii the canal and on it the East by an Afley separating it from land William Irwin South West by Sycamore Street on Sycamore Street i it 125 feet on court Street to secure the payment $20,000 specified in the condition a certain Bond or obligation in the Penally $40,000, therein set Forth. Said Bill avers that i Here is due a or 4 i to the corp Hainan s on said mortgage and Bond or obligation $15,4884-�00th, with 7/per cent interest from 30th september 1839, which remains unpaid hat said defendants have so be claim on said premises and Pray s a foreclosure and Sale same and that said defendants set Forth their respective claims. Ami they Are further notified that they Are required to appear at the april term 184$, said court and show what cause they have Why the prayed said1 Bill should not be granted amp a. Talbot Jones february 22,184�. So Victtor. Feb 22 a 78-6w. Slope fou court Cincinnati state Ofilio Nicholas , a. T u in chancery. James Byers our belief. An intimate Friend so me two or three months since All the top whose cranium was As Bald As a piece polished Marble Maugret ail our testing and ridicule the idea attempting to cultivate so Barrena spot purchased a bottle or two the hair tonic from or. Jayne and according to his directions applied it. During the present week the same Friend ushered himself into our 4 l presence and uncovering his hitherto naked head astonished us with a thin though luxuriant growth hair from one to two inches in length upon the very premises we had believed As unyielding to cultivation As the trackless Sand that skirts the Atlantic. This is no puff but is religiously True and to these who doubt the gentleman can be pointed out. What is More in favor this a a tonic a the Case Fiere cited is not due temporary baldness no sudden loss the hair but w As one years standing though the gentleman is but forty file years a Philadelphia spirit the time october 2ii�, 1839. A we Call the attention those afflicted with premature baldness to the excellent a hair tonic prepared by or. Jayne this City. Having used it ourselves we can speak its virtue by experience and we unhesitatingly pronounce it an invaluable remedy to prevent the falling off the hair and to restore it from i dead to a Fine healthy appearance. We canals speak from personal knowledge the cases two or three friends who were predisposed to baldness who by the use Jayne a hair tonic have now luxuriant hair. We have no disposition to puff indiscriminately All kinds remedies for All diseases which flesh is heir to but when we have tested the virtue an article we Are free to say that it is Good. For Sale at the comb store no. 125 main at. I j. W. Sheppard. 156-5m agent French Chint Zes. New style and a handsome patterns received and for Sale at 374 and 50 cents per Yard by y s. J. Wade it. r Cor. 4th and main 1 lift Davies arithmetic 20 do key to do for teachers Only ? 200 do first lessons in algebra 60 do bourdon4 algebra a 50 do be gender a geometry and Tri 100 do surveying go ometry 50 do analytical geometry �1 60 do descriptive do 50 do calculus r. 50 do shades and shadows. 4. F. A just received and for Sale by e. Morgan amp co july 6, . It 1,31 main Street. Id it .1 f�1he above defendant is hereby notified that i the above complainant hath filed a Bill in the above court the object and prayer which is to foreclose a mortgage executed by said defendant on 24th March 1828, to Francis Carr William h. Harrison or. And complainant on lot no. 34, As designated on the recorded plat the Eastern liberties Cincinnati to secure the Purchase Money unpaid to wit three notes for $43.75 each in one two and three years with interest which were by said Carr and Harrison transferred to complain ant. The Bill charges that said defendant is a non resident fld that the first note was paid at maturity but the two last remain wholly unpaid and Are due and prays a foreclosure and Relief generally. And the said defendant is hereby further notified to appear at the next april term said court and show what cause he can Why the prayer said Bill should not be granted or in due time said Bill will a taken As confessed and a decree entered accordingly a. V. Worthington sol. Feb. 13,1840. 6w. Administrators notice. All persons having claims against the estate hair Uel Ayres deed Are requested to present them to the undersigned for payment within one year from this Date and All persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment. Nancy Ayres Cincinnati feb 10, 1840. Administer matrix or Bond one fhe compositors in the office the Philadelphia Public Ledger who had nearly All his hair from off the top Bis head has had it completely restored by the use this tonic. Two officers the american Navy had Good Heads hair restored to them by using five bottles each this hair tonic one whom. Ii was Over sixty yes age. Four gentlemen connected with the Public pres in Philadelphia have also had their baldness removed by r using this remedy. The Rev. Or. Parker pastor the presbyterian Church in Delaware county pa., who was completely Bald Over All the top his head and was also becoming considerably Gray has used Only two bottles this tonic and has not Only a luxuriant growth new hair upon his head but Alt the Gray hairs have disappeared and their places have been supplied by healthy hair a natural color. Finally nine cases baldness out every ten May Poe hernia permanently cured. Or. Threlkeld is prepared to apply chases trusses at his office first door West main on the North Side sixth Street. These 4. I a 4 4 1 trusses have acquired much celebrity from the Many permanent cures hernia or rupture they have effected. / from the report to the medical society in . Jour. Med. 8ci. A the committee Are induced by the foregoing Conlu amp in is to recommend in Strong terms the instruments do. Chase to the Confidence the profession As the Best known Mineana mechanical retention in hernia and As furnishing the highest chances a Radical /. A prof. W. E. Horner in one his lectures said a in the course last sum Neir 1 have wit xie8sed the operation thege instruments in twelve or More cases and the facility and certainty with which cures Are effected have excited much astonishment in my ? the late prof. Eberle states Cdr. Chase or .9 i has succeeded we confidently la believe in contriving an excellent instrument Superior undoubtedly to any other invention the kind. 4 the curative effects his inguinal truss we have had unequivocal evidence in several remarkable instances and there now exist in and about this City some twelve or thirteen cases in which hernia has Becco radically cured by the use this prof. Parker formerly Cincinnati col Fege now the University few York remarks a a i have had ample Opportunity to witness the Success these instruments i have seen entire and Complete cures made in cases which had been regarded a desperate.�?T9 these trusses have been recommended by pro bargains in furniture. F ibb subscriber has on consignment a Large and extensive assortment Good furniture a kinds and descriptions which can be Dis posed at great bargains to any who wish to Purchase Viz i a a Ltd 50 sideboards and bureaus00 High French and fancy bedsteads 50 Doz. Cane and Windsor chairs 00 Matt Raseela double i and single several Good sofas and secretaries mahogany dining card and Centro tables Marble top pier tables a splendid article / work and Wash stands toilet table Side dining and breakfast tables Astral lamps carpeting clocks a. A go also a Xyz Splon Dio Plano a which will be sold at reduced prices. Customers would do Well to Call and examine for themselves at the furniture auction room no. 1.7, fifth it. A a. Kellogg. Mar 16 a a 284tf it Al watches jewelry amp Silver Ware hmm v. Horton informs his friends and the a Public that he has commenced the above business in the store lately occupied by t. W. Me Murphey on the went Side main Between fourth and fifth streets where he will keep a general assortment goods in the line. Ltd particular care and attention will be Given to the repairing All the different kinds watches me pieces jewelry a share Public patronage commensurate with his exertions to please is respectfully solicited. T. W Mcmurphy Basing sold out. The watch and jewelry establishment to or. H. V. Horton would respectfully recommend him to hit friends and the Public and solicit for him a continuation the patronage formerly extended to himself lion 29-2dtf a a or. Jayne a expectorant i kk7e consider h i duty to fall Public attention by to this at Mirable preparation for pm Mona it a Tisza Ais especially caught cml sumption spitting blood asthma bronchial affections hooping co a a tic. It is used and. Very highly approved by Persona the aral Roe pet ability hut we feel confident in rating that a trial its Efficacy will be Ite Hete recommendation. v or. Jonathan going president us a Granville College Ohio late new York in a letter to or. Jayne dated new York december 1936, rays a the was Labouring under a severe cold cough and hoarseness and that the difficulty m it 4 my a k. A. A _ a breath ii imminent waa perfectly eared by using this mrs. Delks 8alem, new Jersey was cured asthma Twenty year standing try using two bottle the Medicine i Riff Ward also Salem waa cured the Ramo complaint by one bottle. A Young lady also Halem who was believed by her Friende to be far Goggi wih consumption was perfectly restored by three bodes. Or. V Hamilton St. Jamos South Carolina Wae greatly a fleeced by a cough hoarseness and soreness the lunge and on using a bottle this Medicine found permanent Relief. Or. Nicholes Harris sen., one the deacons Tho pint Baptist Church this City a been perfectly cured by it after having suffered for Eitt xxx a with cough asthma and spitting blood which no remedy before could relieve. The c. C. P. Crosby late editor the american Baptist writes at follows. New hoax Jan. 15, 1988. To or. Jayne dear sir a i have Trade nod your expectorant personally and in my family for the last six Yean with great Benefit. Indeed i May consider my life prolonged in the use this valuable Medicine under the Blessing god for several years. I May aay almost As much in the Cam my wife and also Tho Rev. Or. Tinson the Island Jamaica. For All eases cough it inflammation the Chest lung and. Throat i do most unhesitatingly recommend this As the Best Medicine i have Ever tried. My ear nest wish is that others afflicted As 1 have been May experience the same Relief which i am persuaded they will by using your expectorant. C a. P. Crosby. Thu certificate is foot a practising physician and a much respected Clergyman the methodist society dated modest Towsty a. Aug. 27, 1838. Or. Jayne dear sir a i have been using you expectorant extensively in my practice for the last there months and for All attacks colds coughs inflammation the lungs consumption asthma pains and weakness the breast it is decidedly the beet Medicine i have Ever triad. Yery respectfully Eure it r w. Williams. The Rev. Joseph ru8ling, Well known in this City As a pious and popular Clergyman Tho methodist episcopal Church in letters to the proprietor fays that he has hed repeated spells spitting mood and. Violent Hermon rage from the Chest for More than sixteen years and had suffered dreadfully with. Asthma pain in the breast difficulty breathing dyspepsia night sweats and a hard dry cough by which Hie Cenati tuition was completely undermined and broken for five years he was unable to attend to Hia ministerial duties and for the last five months imme Varia ii we a Uva . This company is now prepared to Tharine and other risks on As a Lively be removed by a faithful application Fedora tvs set Gib so and Smith to their a it a. A a a. I. W a this valuable remedy. There is therefore now no excuse for a Bald head. Prepared Only by or. P. Jatho sole proprietor no 20 South third Street Price $1 06 a bottle. For Sale at the comb store no. 125 main it. J. W. 8hepard, agent. Nov. 26�?164-ty._. Administrators notice i. Persons indebted to the estate James Simcox dec a late Cincinnati Are requested to Mike immediate payment. And All those having claims against raid estate will Pisara present them legally proven for settlement within one year from this Date. Mary 8imcox, Cincinnati feb. 22,1840. Administer matrix. Feb 21 77-80 to lease or. Slacks Large gothic mansion on Prospect Hill near the Brad Brood Way with about five acres land stable out Housea a. Apply to Joseph Burgoyne dec 4 w3m agent head main at. Several medical classes. Fashionable millinery m 9ff a t a v Quot Ife a it a a hit a Rel t. 4 / at i h -. W j a a in i hirer Moons i it Ilii Isnit a . 14, East fourth Street at joining. Shizuto a a pull an. Ivi88 m. W. Baird a Superior style Parie Ian millinery the now generally admitted to be Superior to any. Sha has just received a Large and Rich assortment fall and Winter millinery goods comprising every article usually kept in establishments the , just received two cases hats which vary in material and style from those heretofore offered. The latest importation Silks velvets French Flowers Angola and Ostrich , a Large and Rich assortment Mantilla. Ladies Are invited to Call and a Lamina her assortment. Nov. 15�?163-�?9.i in Broche shawls. An the richest and Best Quality for sate Low by s. J. Wade Cor. 4th am m am Bank deposits. /. A v pm a Quot it continue to receive on Deposit All ooh Yent Bank note Ohio and Indi Apa forge and Small in the usual manner and our cuz Tomary interest on these Deposit. Del afield it Burnet banker. Maach 3. 4 304#. J r i i a a a s e i a a 1 �?�?�?�?�?�?4wl�?wpw444iwp4�l�?w44�?��?-�?�� coi.umbu8 insurance company. Charter perpetual cantal 300,000 do labs. He Hrh a prow 4 terms As any other office Ernst or West. The Parent office in at Columbas Ohio and its officers Are we b. Hubbard president directors Demas Adams n. H. Swayne William Miner we. B. Hub lord we. L. Casey a Gregory n. B. Kelley Alfred Kelley m. Jewett Joel Buttles j. Morison a. 8. Chew Prentiss Dow Warren Jenkins Secretary. Milton n. My lean agent at Cincinnati office my lean a ran Jun attorneys at Law in Tira Gazette buildings main Street 2 doors South the commercial Bank. Cincin Iti 8cpt. 7th 1839. A certain cure for worm8. A a 1,g. S. Lights Verm Fuge. It has been several years since this article waa first discovered daring which time it has been used with the Granaat Success and frequently after the persons that were afflicted with Worms were Given up. As it was thought useless to try any other remedies. The decided advantage that it has Over every Ether article that Baa Over been used for Worms at one entities it to n trial by these who Are afflicted. V r it is mild i Ite operations and May be administered to the most educate infant without any fear injury. A it by . It children one year old and under May take half a teaspoonful at a time every hour for three hours n each Day and continue taking it for three or four Days. Those from two to three May take one teaspoonful those from four to five May Tiske two teaspoonfuls every hour for the same length time. For older persons the does May be increased in proportion. It is necessary in some cases to take a dose Castor Oil or Calomel after the last dose Medicine is taken. 8hake the bottle Well before using. Prepared and sold by g. 8. Light. 150 Sycamore St. Cincinnati. China vases and images. Emu Sampson has new in band an assortment China vases with and without Abades and a amen and a variety Chinn images for mantel ornaments. T main Street Between fifth and sixth Diatel previous to his using Jayne a expectorant be had been entirely confined to Bis room wit Hoot the most Distant project Ever leaving it but for the grave. His friends had Long been looking for the termination Hia severe and protracted suffering in death. He was not Able to get any Steep after one or two clock in the morning on account his cough which harrowed him incessantly until near ten clock when he usually recame More easy but Fiill suffered by More or Teaf cough throughout the Day. The Best medical advice this City could afford had at All times been at Hia command and every expedient his Homer one friends could devise for the mitigation his sufferings had been tried in vein. The Best medical prescriptions failed even giving him temp no Rary Relief. A Friend now urged him to try Jayne a expectorant and presented him with a bottle from which he found to much Benefit that on continuing its use he was soon enabled to resume his ministerial duties and in a late communication to the proprietor he Rayas or. D. Jayne in communicating with Yon in relation to the effects produced on my system by your expectorant last summer the Are the result mfg observations Viz �?1st. An easy expectoration 2d. An alleviation path magical oppression and 3d. Comfortable Reposa St Hight by a Raduc Tion the cough. the above observations will be useful to any your patients you Are Wel come to them. yours dec. Philadelphia May 19,1838. J. Ru8ling for rate at the comb stoic no. 125, main a it a. Sheppard agent. Oct 15. 168 . Notice scr Rion court or county Ohio huh Nicholas Long Ortoli 89, is. William Holliday Thomas b. Anderson Charle Monroe Ezra Foote a Robert b. Bowler part ten Elijah l. Dimmick a Charles Phinney partners Samuel eel Peter l. Tourney a Valentine g. Hall James and John Slevin Milton n. Mclean Maria Beard Andrew e. Holding a William Harding Ezekiel 8. Lockwood a Lewie Lockwood John h Tucker John l. Dim mock a Isaac Parker Elijah l. Dimmock Henry David and the president directors and company the Lafayette Bank Cincinnati 1xxx chances. Be it remembered that no the 4th Day january 1840, the above come Laiawa ant filed Hie Bill in this Coart against the above named defendants the object and prayer which Bill is to foreclose a mortgage executed by raid Holliday to complainant dated 25th november 1836, and acknowledged 24th november 1837 and recorded 39th Nuu Ambar 1837, in Book $18. 63, Paga 463 Tho records Hamilton county upon a Honra and lot in Cincinnati the North Side fifth Street Between Western Row and John Street 39 feet in front and 99 feet deep hounded West by the House and lot Harvey de dump and the Soma premises where said Hel Ridsy then resided to secure the payment $2,400 in is equal yearly payments with interact yearly but punctually paid a 6 yearly equal payments with interest yearly $400, arid Ite interest released and $3,000, and Ite iut crust revived in per note even Date. The Bill avers nothing bran paid by Holliday that he conveyed to Salt.Anderson after the execution raid mortgage who about that time paid $458, As per receipt Given but that nothing Olse has men paid and. Everal inst Aimette due and be mortgage forfeited and that other defendants have some interest in raid mortgaged a Premiss by judgment or other Wise against said.Anderson raid complainant entitled to a foreclosure a which was prayed a. Now in pursuance the order raid cowl notice in hereby Given the pea dense said suit and the raid defendants whore non residents Are hereby notified that Funteas they appear and plead answer or demur to raid Bill Leso re to Law a hey will w in default and same a be taken As confessed against them end a decree lie had thereon accordingly Daniel Gano clerk Superior court Cincinnati Hamilton county Ohio .2 i Worthington Esq 8�i. A Cincinnati 14th Jannary 1848. a a 174-fft Quot
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