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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1793, Page 1

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - November 30, 1793, Cincinnati, Ohio T « ECÉNTIÑEL of x\it North-Western TERRlfOÉr'.Open to all parlies—but injtuettced by none. ( Vol. I. ■)S A T U H D A ;y, November 3o, lypS. ( Num. 4' ) Eor the CENTINEL of the Norths Western TEHRITOHY. ..Mr. Printer, THí¿ Crammuttcal Crittcifmi of PlEbIUS, aS alfo his advici to Manlius, will be pafl-cd by, as things which arc of no.con-fequcnce to the public \Vlicthcr Manlius be a gramnuriaii or not, is not the qucftion Í but whether the Icgifla-ture of the Nortl^Wcílcrn Territory j>ollc.fs a power of taxation—and if they do—whether the mode adopted by thcnH)c a jud one. ^ The hidory of ihc American revolution fully prove to us, what the fentimenis of our . :brecarica iii the atbnilcilues were .wJth ref-' ’"'peci to taxatidn^‘^whrir’'they^    proper to dilFolvc that union, which for fome ages bad fubiided between them and the mother country. The univerfal language of every American who took up either the pen or the fvvórd, in the canle of liberty, was that the takingaway their money without their con-fciit, was the hlghed fpecies of opprciTion, and that they could only be taicd by tbem-Iclvcs, or their legal rcprcfcntativcs, xNaw Mr. Plebius, If a modern french democrat was to arrive at Cincinnati, and feel the opprciiive hand of a Icgiilaturc. in th^for-luatijn or orginiaatioii, of which he was not confiltcd—1 fay, did he follow the bufinefs of a lucrcliaiit or lavcni keeper, and had an au-tliorlcy totally couditiued without his confcnt, taking away Ills lixte n dollars, he would be tc.iipted to light a duel with the gentleman commiilioner, who took away his calh, foon-.er then with Manrnis, for being a little nu-gramniatical in his publication. The only poliiion'^ which Plebius fecms to defend, is, that no other mode of taxation waCexpedient, but the one adopted by our Ic-. giilalurc. The doc'trinc of expediency is fo svcak a prop lo a bad caufc, that when rightly nndcrdood, it entirely o.cribrows every principal, of moral rcaitude* MarihaTs convenience indead of judicc, difcards common honcdy, to uihcr in robbery, alíáífination, or «ny other crime which the dcrigniiigot the wicked may fee caufc to expedient. In whatever may be thej^^ tircumdancesj or conduce to ihcir own, laucad of.the utility of the public. If laws »rc cdimntcd by iheir expediency^ whatever Is expedient is l*ight. liuitlic admUrioii of this dodrlne will inod ccr* tainly lead to the word of confequences. There are occafions in which the hand.of the afl'iiiin would be vcry,ufcful. The prefent potlcilbr of fame comminiori, employs his talents and influence to annoy, and opprefs all about him—his commi.flión would devclvc, by his pi'obujly, Xso A fúccciiór of aa oppo- fite charider. Shall    therefoK difpatch fuch a one out of cbc    becaufe the neigb- bourliood would thcrcb^fxchange a pernicl* ous tyrant, for a bountifol imd goneroai be-nefaáór. Shall >ve rOb a mlfer Ad glve.his monoy to feven or eight poor families, becaufe the bap-pinefs produced by giv}pg them the calh, is greater than it could have Coudituted by re* maining in the mifers bag. May it not be Citizen CENET^s .in/men 0 9 Ncw»Tork, 0¿fohr ly, the td jfear of the French Refuíiict Dear Sir^ i SHOULD long iiDce have Oxpofed the an* thors of the faifehoods, which a.dark and deep intrigue has Jaid to my charge, if f could have condefcended to put myfelf on a le« vel with tbofe men,*whom 1 too much defpife* ufcful to get pofTefllon of a foftnne,of aplace I .to produce proofs tgaind the abfurditiet of of "preferment by adingthe fycophant—and I their aceufitions. Butdt is not thus that thd mud wc admit théfe adiotts to be right, which I rcprefcntativc of a great people, (hould con* would judify afláíGnatlon, plunder or flattery I duc^ himfelf—it is not fufhcient tliat he expof* —or mud. we give up ouif principle, that the I e$ thofc who traduce him, he ought to de-crittenan of right is eipeoieocy.    |    maud thcinmnidfment and to obtain,it, if thd _ As Pi-pius, fecms to pretend ignorance, of 1 rcprefcntativc of the fovereign^^where he rc->. the lad paragraph-oT daoimi, aud iu import, j. fidcs'dol|s juflicar^ an explanation mav be giyen throug^nedium I 'It is to^ongrcft I diall addrefii myfclfJJ of the Ccuiiueiin due time.    r    I    through the medium of the executive of tho Unl ed StateS) to a(k tbefeVered examinatioa of all'my o^ciil nieafareti, and of every parti* ' cular dcp which may be fuppofed to bavd been an attempt Upon the eftabliflied aotboritjr' of the American republic ; 1 (ball conceal no* MANJ-IUS. Ccftjt of a letter jrom IVilliam Moultrie^ govirn^ or of South UaroitHa^ m citizen Genna, mi- I thing, from this áogaft body :l flull pUcd . .    ...    .    .    r    -    .1    r>    '    Í    D    t    m___I_____e______U... tiifler plenifotentiarf from the French Repuh> tic to the United Stata of /iifuriat. Charlefton, Sept, $, 1793. Dear Sir^ T iROUGH the medium of tlié northren ncwfpapcrs, vve. In this date have been in-fojmcd, that a difpute had taken place between the Prcfidcnt of the United States and yourfclf, on foine point relating to a prize under the infpe&ioa of liery member my in*‘ drudioDS to the cohfuls of the republic, and my correfpondence with them: and 1 ho^é that the refnlt of the fexaihlnitlon of tlie^úo* cuments, and the analyfis ofche pretnded threat imputed to mé of appealing ta^^peo*» pie. will bt A thorough toovldioi^fbaC if 1 have fpoken to yont- goveroniei^ With the energy of a nrecroan, with tJe enthúíiafni which at this day ifafplres and mmates every and upon your didertog thcrcOn, you fa id I Frenthman really attached to A country. It^ with a degree of warmth, thsft }ou ivouJd ap- I I have complained officially, t^d in no oiftei^ peat to the    Viewing it as here rcpre- I way of the cond.ud of certain ^officers of thO fcntcd, many real friends to the republic of I federal government, whofe iatentiolls appear-France have taken great odcncc, as it con-I cd to me both deftrudivc of liberty» and A-veysinfult to a charader, highly rcfpcdcd by I vourablcto our enemies: if fiafe declared , hv> country. Independent of the ftation hc^l that their lamencfs, thni thei> fmall meáfurc tills Í from hcilce muchconverfution and warm I in the common danger which menaces free nt-altcrcaiion arifcs.    I    tioos, dkl not appear to me tobc confiltent My regard for ydu perfdriaÜy, at well as I with the feftiiniebis of theit^ fellow ciiizcns, beingthc reprcfeniative of anation 1 really ef- I with the trueinterelts of their rountry : if teem, yiduces me to requeft fromyOtL ®n ex-ad relation of what did happen ill )rOUr dif- have exprefled without tU^uife, my grief at feeing General Waíbing^n, that celebrated acc< to men whofa' putc> If afiy you had ; and that you would I hero of liberty, ^    ^ in favoring ine in ray l-eqiiell, mention the | ftheme» tould only d.rfcn hi» glory ; if by time,the place and the manner; becaufe opi* I this boldnefs, 1 have    myfelf the mark riions Icacf people more oficii aftray foe want I for all the refentmcnt tBelnutmoft pcrfldy ttn of the kndwledge of particulars. For my part I occafiao, 1 have never torgolten what I owo be allured my regard for you leads me to lup-1 to the fupremehead of 4c executive of a great pofe, that your good fcnfc could not i>ermit I people, who were the to open the you to behave with the Icalt impropriety lo the I to freedom, the firft to fctKlaitn the rights or Prcfidcnt.    I    whofe cxiften\e li as dear to us, aa 1 have the honor to be, dear fir, | ours is necclTary to theih. ’ with great regard, your inofl obedient humble ftrvant, WILLL-IM MOULTIUF. 1 am is jealous of the efttem of the Americans at that of any of my iellow citizens, and whatever cSbris may M aide to deprave mo
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