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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1793, Page 1

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - November 23, 1793, Cincinnati, Ohio T HECÉNTINEL of the Nortb-ff^estenf TERRlfORñOpen to all parties—but influenced by rwnéL , r I ill iM II ináiiéíu ( Vol. 1. )S’ A T U R D A Y, November i7$3. ( Nüai. 3. )The Printer o( the CENTINELoithe Norths fiestera TEIUUTORY, to ihc Public. . ^ Having arrivca at dnd^ati, hf ha? tp- plicci himillf to that which has been the principal ol)ject oF hii rd . oval to tlii* coun-tr\, ihc I'ublicatioti ot a l^Iews-i aper, Thisoouniry is in its infancy, and the.inhabitants aredaily cxpoleatoan eiieiny who, not content with taking away the lives ot men in t.ic held, have fwepi away wholcfainilicS, and h iriu their hanifaiioiis. \V> are well aware that the want of a regular and certain trade d ).v!i the 'liifi iippi, deprives this country in a ¿i Mt iiieafufe, of moury at the pTtfent time, i jcl^ arc dilcouragftnents, neverihelcfs i im I CM t<» believe the people of this country arc 'Iwsrc the Í jiic'd aílarajíce that the / r/// from its known inillt/ will receive proper encouragement. Ati^oii my part am comeni with finall gains, It the prefent, (littering inyfelf th-^t Ironi at- t'*ntion to bniiiiefs, I (hall prefc’ve the gooil wi.hes of thole who have already counicnanc-< ed ju* in this imdcrcakinji. and fecurc the —fricndlhip of fiibfeqiient population. ’ It is to be hoped that the Cfntinf.i. will prove of great utility to the people of thiüi Country, not only to ir.iorm them ofwltat is^ going on on the call of the Arlantic in arms, and in arts of j)cacc hot wliat more prnicu- larlv concerns in, thedi.ieicnt iranlacti*»ns % * ^ of the Hares in the nnlon, and efpccially of o ir own retrirory.at In great a diltame trom toe Ce.ai of g*n.'ral gn. ci umcnt —it i» a ]'ar:i CL’lar gri^*v inco. tn.it the peojdc lia\ c not been Qv-fiuaiiued wiihthc proceedings ofthc Icgllla- tore oft le ii.iio n. ill which tiicv arc as iinich interedfd, as a ly part ofthc L'uited Mates.— It is cTpa^ted the C fmi I'íR'.* will in a great m-afiirc remCvly t is mis.orrme. I'le.e art faahuial a.U'a:irages, which will ref lit from the pnblicari »n of this p.tp£r j ■ but it m.iil be n v»;ref*ablc .1 n li'emeor to know a tit 1'ilaii.l p.artic li.irs vi/uh make op the iai'‘Hige'ifc, tho u'j tiot fo • .irrutliately inters cling 10 the pi*)pir»y ¿cperions of j^ien, ne% tlier they be a pliilolophical, poiiiica/pliif* torical or mor.ll nature.    ^ 1 lie LDl 1 O i fhcfcfore re'Wh's Oiccers on the merits ofib- paSlic uion, b it as an induce- TUv'iit to the pe.opl.e ofthi, couni^v. to iTttke e.verti-jus tolSppm-i lb • /    ,    1;,.    ,,'uiil    oblervc that t;icy wjll luce an ijtoort luify, by means of this p.tp.r to m.ike thcndeivc N and tlirir fi- tuaiions knovn ihroad . if they hive valuable I.mds to diljtole c.f, it cun be made known ; if thev have gri-vnrrs to lav before the pnh- lic, ii can now he dwuc. I hope ihcrcfwie, ;.ll \ * me I of public fpirit will confider the undertaking as aproper objed of attention, and not confult merely their own perfooal inic-relti but the inureii of the public nocí the * coming lime. ■ '1 /-Mr. Printer;' E SCOUR AGED b, the noble    th*t adorns the front of your Paper, I here fendyoafome rcmarki on tdanlins’s obfervali*' Oins relating to the law of this Territory, which rcijuirei merchants and tavernkeepers to take outli^cnfe, before they arc admitted to follow theirdidcrcnt profeflions. When I fat down to write, I did not intend t'ó notice any thing in that performance, more than the ij?injen,l .oa.a vIw.ní-the• fstb I ú\í*^ covtredfdMiany rmpfdprieties in the langnigc and cnmpolirioii, and fuppufing Manlius to be but a young eliayiil, I thought a- few friendly hints, might be of ulc to him in his future lucubrations. I hope, however, Manlius will not confider this declaration of mineras an advice to him . to    Ills prcfrht occupation ; wlictlier (lore or ta'vrrnkeepcr, for the fake of commencing author.    t In the lird paragraph we have this fentence, * but it will not he contended that thefe iavs 0 iglit to hear harder on any one clafs of citi-/.eiis more tliinotliers*'-the naturalcondrndi^ on of'which is that the l?w undet coniidcrati-0*1 ought not to bear harder on any one clafs' of citizens in jrc than'other /jiej--wliich it wo iM appear that Manliiis docs not fo much complain of the iujiirics of this, as ilicj.iftico nf other laws : for the word laws being in the plural, «^/vn can only relate to it, and not fo clafs which isfingilar -alilio the latter was probably the author’s meaning. y' In the ;d parag»*aphhe fpeakes of “that law requiring tuc traders in tliis I'crrilory, and the t.ivenikerpers rotaVeout Iicrn1’c“&c. in this place wc h.iie ferriiory and tavernkeep-cn coupled together very improperly. Was a perfoii'n'ac puiuted wiihthc word taverhkeepi crs and . believe it is not of eeneral ufe) to meet with Ihi.-» feptencedte mult cone inde (hat it means f.unc a<lj.>iuing country, oi'dillrid, in wliich tlie !a w Hludedro, alfo oprerat^d.-^ A: lead \Vnsa Kfrm l m.tr, tlial is jult learrtTrtg Kngliih. to arrive at Ciu«inu.ati, h:?J Inppca oii,|hc Ceniinel ol the Norrii-U'ellern Tcrriro ry/, «t this fentetice ’nc would proi^ably take out liis gizciiecr, to esvnine wiiere t.Tvern-keepers lay, hiuI n*'T iif*.ug ible to fatisfv him-lell, would iiainrallv e'»qtiii*e ofthc fird g«"n-♦ lenmn he met—r’e 1-r:er d rcctinn him to the frould cdticeivtf himfelf to be Infolred, áikl4 duel mull imined¡atcljr enfoc* Toward thw* ; ^odoftiie fame fefliofi. Manltoi bat this ex* preiRon, '*why thefe two cladex of pfofeffionX lire to be taxed to the totaf- exclofion of ill Others in which (U0es of profeffioo is t re* dundant phrafe, as one .’of the words alonW wonl<f¥avc folly conrcyed the nitaoing. But triiat, 1 pri'icipally intended here waS the word evci///)o/i, which ought-to be ekemf^tVoil» we exclude a mart from a privilege, huo ciampt him from a burden. Now whether    ^ taxation be a privilege or a burden, let Manll- * 'ua himfclfjudge. But I ihould bé vcrr uttdefervliTgthecharacter 1 have aíTumcd were 1 to deal only in the cenforious, without at the fame timé ¡giríng . due praifc for the excellent. And in the fe-vcnih lc(ftio0, we haveW fenteoce ..cJe^piy^tilPir-^ tired ^t]^^;tbr    ^ coinmWlioiicrs aré compared to a barbers hammer. Thia elegant compartfon atone, will -moré than atone for all the fauitt and idipko* prictirs, with which this performancc%bonndi as it partakcft both of ^fttbiimity and origina*    . lity. . . '    ,    ..V    1 —It*,'*    ^    ^ rairtakc not it has long been a matter of debate, and remains yet undecided by (iatcfmeli tnd^^ politicianu whether dircd or indi red, take^' are moH confoiiani to jufticc and'acconeMJ-^ And allhough they both frequently obmSncdi yet the iaticr, 1 believe, moic g^ucraMy prc-vails. .    .    ‘V It is indeed true ihat every lij^oer of a community» ought to contribu^To the fup* port of that community, in pn^brliott to tin* advantages he receives. Bui|cartbiii imaginu that pcrfonil fervicc, as Manlus fuggeltsj Is intended for the proie^^iop of life alone; whild money isexaded» mCrm fot the phitec-tion of property. On the contrary, both per-, fonal fervicc, and pecuniary cvniribution'i, are more principally required for the protef^i-on of property, t un the defence of is on account ofthC former^ tliat the latter i*»' moft generally brought intó danger. Malice or revenge may, indeed^ fomrtlnirs actuate the dark aífylííu—but, ^hgcr from th’»s quarter rarely happens, wWh compared viith ihnfn that srifc fro.m the r^>bcr, pruie and ope.i . enemy. Mjii is natifcllv the friend of uian: and it is rot until warier and ctivetonsn» ^‘s take potlcilion of iii^cariy and. prompt hiri. to rapine an Í pluncír, ihai he tJireatciu ihix7 life ol his fillow. I U ' If this reafoning y ¡üÜ, that law which rc. quires perfonal ic'rvlcc equally Yfom the ritli • and poor, is more ^cjvemis tb^in kliaf wbioi Manlius declaims fii lQudty againfl, 1 do net make thefe remarks lennn nc mrt-r» r 1-*:er rc'tiun i„m to the make thefe rcmarks“to Oicw any bppofnion to lüudlcid^ or IK \i : Vink'i-pcr, Muulivur ^ nboic law-but fnly to couviucc •    (F    . t C J f V.*! S .    I»
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