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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1793, Page 1

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - November 16, 1793, Cincinnati, Ohio CENtlNTT H E /bi the North'fFeslern % > Open to all parlies—but injlaenced by none. im ( Vol. I. )S A T U II D A Y, November i^, 1793.. (•Num. a. )fhe Printer ohht CEN.TiNELoHlie Nortk-prestcrn TERRITORY, to the Public. AVING arrived    hai    apv plied himfelf U) that‘which has been the incipal object of his re noval to this coun-v.the Publication of a Nexos-Pafur^ This country is in it* infancy, and the ioha-cants aredaily cxpofed to an enemy who, not itent with taking away the lives of men in field, have fwcpt away whole families, and rat their hrliirations. Wc arc well aware It the want oí a regular and certain trade ^the Siidiilippi, deprives this country in a icafure, of money at the prcfcnt time, are difcouragements, neverthelefs I am believe the people of this country are :d 10    fcience,    and have the ^ tAfromUfc- ^ preferve il ready couetenanc In> this nndertaking, and fecure the jdiip of rubfeosieat population. * Is to be hoped that the Centiwci will rove of great eiility to the people of this otintry, not only to inform them of what it [Ving on on the eaft of the Atlantic in arms, ■ill a»‘ts of peace—but what more pariicu-irly concerns us, the didcrent trRnfa^iioiis ^thc dates in the union, and rfpccially of rcrritory,at fo great a diítance from |at of general government—it is a parti-grievance, that the people have not been Inted wit!i the proceedings of the legifia-'thc union, in wKich they are as much I, as any part of the United States.— xpccdcd the CF.vrtiff.t, will in a great Ire remedy this misfortune, icfc are fublhntiul advantages, which rcfnlt from the publication of this \ it mud bcfin agreeable a-nufcnient to know oufand particulars w1h( h make up the lligencc, though not fo irumcdiately inter-Ig to the property .'C’prrfons of men,whe-rihey be of a philofophicai, political, hif-[cal or moral nature. fhe EDn*C>ll therefore reds his fuccefs on icrits of the publication, but as an indure-|t to the people of this country, to make •lions to fupporl the Vreft, he mud obfcrvc they will have an opportunity, by means ibis pJl*(!r to make theiufclves and thfir ft-Ijions known abroad ; if they have v.aluahlc ids to dilpoic of, It can be made known l •they have grievences to lay'before the pub-|c, it (an uow be done, i hopcldicreforc, ali men of public fpirit will confidcr the undertaking as apropcrobjcfd of attention, and not confult merely their own perfonal intc-red, but the intered of the public and the coming time.    «FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. F R A K K K O R T, July 2f. The day before ycftcrday the Germans took poilcflion of Mentz ; and the fird column of Krcnch marched out this day ; it i.s to be followed by the fccond to-morrow. The Frepch marcii to Metz. Citizen Reubel, the commiilloner from the National Convention, wanted to go to Mari-enborn, to conclude the capitulation, but the king of Frailía 4/ptiared that he knew_no fuch as Rcu^i^l. no fuch body as the conven-and would ónly^tVeaCwTtft tlic "gFncra -^^^^i^hi c b* Hi é "r a p 11    wo    s-^gncd • Kalkreulh and the French ge- in*. y the allies forces encamped before titz, began their march againd Landau. It 4S faid that the Fruín.*n battalions of Horch and Crofetz will he garrifoned at Mentz, at they bfve ruffercd very much during the fiege. Y«fterd«y morning, at lo o’clock, orders were given to let all thofc who chofe entyt the forirefs. The concourfc ol people wlio then thronged into the place was inimcnfc, and ubcy a!* rejoiced to find that Mentz was not fo far dedroycd as it had been rcprcfcotcd.— No houfe was found wJiolly burnt down, and the drects, which were fuppofed to have been reduced to a heap of ruins, were found whfdc and entire. The French are pirching a camp for 20,000 in the environs of Thionvillc, ‘on acc( unt of the movements made by the allies jn that quarter. On the 2:d Indant the French attempted to force tkcir way thro Edinhoven, towards Neudadt. The inhabitants of tliofe places took rcfugeai Man helm,-(Mil the French were alfo rcpulfedin that quarter towards Landau. Meotz, July 27. The Commilfioncrs of the National Convention who arc at Metz, will be kfpt as hodagcstill the debts of the garri* fon are liquidated ; and ihefc debts arc con-fulerablc as the contributions raifcd by the French will probably be included among them. July ail. The whole camp before Mentz has already broken i.p, and no more troops are left there than what are neceflary for the garrifon of the town. Fhe coribined army yis divided into four columns, one of which has advanced towards Landau, another to wards Lautcrne, a third to Treves, and tho’ fourth towards the army in the NetheVlanda. Head ^lartcr* of General Wurmfer, near Landau, July 2 7. Since the affair of the 19th, íkirmiíhes havoi coniinuilly taken place between cur advanced ports ; but ^efterday the French, tothc num-her of 40,000 men, attacked the right wing of our army, conliiVlng of FrulTuns. The c-neiny, had iirit the advantage, and m^de thca Fruííians fallback, but three maíked batfcnc» were foon made to play, and the Anftrian cavalry at the fame time fcl! upon them. Ther engagement began at 7 o’clock in the morning and continued till 4 in the afternoon. Fhe Cambíniers of the emperor, who never hut in cafes of the greatcíl neceifiry, .charged them with great vigor. 1‘hc lofs of tiie French is 5,0.0 men at leaft Tlie field of battle was llrcwcd with ilieir dead and* ••vouuded. The Carablniers and huííars of Fufcany lort a great'many men, but the bat-raFrirn'ori^icTrseíówHáHs-ihat whicL fuflferci-. mort. General Wurmfcr was' in great danger of being killed. The colonel of cuiraiCcr»* was fevercly w oiipded. I BruflcUs, [uiV »• A courier arrived this^ morning with the\nappy inreiiigeiice - r,    ----—rs é    O----- furrcodcrof ValcncKnnci by a capitulation v the lofs of the combined fórcís in the allkulc. was much lefs than might have been expected^’ It is faid, it would have been much grcucr¿ had not a Flungarian foldrer difrovered French miner, who w'as going tofct fire to «. mine, which wooid undoubtedly have bjdwin up 5 or 600 men, who had already takmt poflcflion at the hoinwork. As foop as* th<r Hungarian perceived the minor, hrcd «I. him and killed him on the fpot. % Camp before Valenciennes,-Ai^ift r. This morning afforded one the mo0: pleating fights the combined arnilei htvc cx -pericnccd fiijce taking the field—the evacui -tion of the garrifon of Valenciennes by tb e French, and the taking poflcflion ofitbytFié Englifli.    « About 7 in the morning two field piece» of artillery, carryingthe flritiih flag commjnd-ed by major >Wright, the flank compauiei of the guards, and light infantry, with thepar-ty that ftprmcd the hornwork, arrived, and lined one fide of the road leading from the gate of Cambray to Brimjet ; in the rear wercthecavalry (Blues ana Inniflclllrng.) Ihe other fide of the road v»as lined by Kanoveri** ans and Aurtrians. It wks not until between 9 and 10o’clock, thaf th/iFrenth began theii* march, headed by general Kerrind, accompanied bv his aid-dc-camp^ Their appearance was fuch as to excite our'Jiity m«re than con-» * tempt ; the center rank ot eath regiment wa« compofcd of boy» from ijf to is, uid • . ,    <    -V    'i    ■•    r.-■f. z. y* li
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