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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1793, Page 1

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - November 9, 1793, Cincinnati, Ohio H E -■ GENTÍNEL of. the Northrf^estern ■f - #    T#    *    -    . Open to all parties~~l»u iiifiaenccA by nontt. \ Vol. I. s, A T Ü a D A y, ísmí^-r'% ^79^ ^Tiie Printer of ^North-lVestern ?> the Public.'; i Having arrived at    ap< • niied himfdf to tMt which hasihtf' tht ¿ • plied himfdf t^ <Mt which haSWmi' th«-]^rincipai o!>jeá removal |b'^í|íi»imjI'iI-l*ubíic¿tba oí» ^ This coootrv’^w in itS iufanty; nadthc Inlp# Tti^aC)} arcdaiiy eajd^Iedioan «ncní^hb. ftot Íífetcnt wiih takiag away the livei^«f , the U:/yc fwcpc aw^ wJitulefcwJÍUg^^ljuííf Ujruttiieir hibUaiioili. A'c-aWwdTjiáFir¿ the waat 9Í a regular »¡(J tertain twde' down the NfifiLfipjiKd^pfivvs this cuhh^^ In'tt ^reox iueajtqirr,*rf'fe    prcfttit    tiiiif; Dtclie are ted to boI!évc'tht;^\¿f|>J<Í*bf“th^ country arc *Hpofcd to proaioX^ ictfiflcc, tiid hare thci died uílúranec thoc ílib-^r^lJ^rom its kiiov^r triluy. will fócclreeñcouragcmcnc. And Oil my part am ebittdc whh fmall gains» at the pretbntV,i^ct^rJi(g myfclf thtc frgniat* t'i>i rv»»«. • .    «(4,.    V ^ jr-s.tV'    .ff' villie. of ihofe wOrTÍkipi^Ircady couutcuanc-ci( r.wc i.i tiVts'iindertakWg, sod fecure the friciidíh‘í|»üf rabre«ricat^Mjf\i|auon‘.    ~ Jt is to be hoped that the CsáfinEt will prove ni greut utility to the-' people oT this Coimiry, not only ^u>l6ibrm llicm of what is gOin^ oujOh tlhi ciftdfflK, Atlantic in artiis, ¡Hid To R ts ofj>caut^b'ji what inoro particu* l^rly concerns Mr the dÜlorcnc tranfaitloiu of the flu'eiin UÍíl^i»lñon, ani! efpecullv of our own i>rriiory,iii.'f^Ji*cat u Jíílancofrom l!ic Lmi Hi grucral goV^whhieiit—h isa par:l cviar'gripVunco, tliaithepjrapli‘bavc not breu ar<|uaiiiicd *viifitlieprdveejings ofthc Icgil’a-tare of the imioii, ín which they afe as much iitcreilfd, us jiiy pirtoftlic Uoiteil States.— h is expcrded ilio Lf.rKVCJ., wdil in pqMK fpi ,.«o«fcU3^ V bét «MK« <om{]ig «iuic. M    _    -    1    ' I»|j54er^ths utt: tcntton^^ aiid The M K.' CA$-[ A 1;S. >' X^,- a great ofi^of i^.TrtiJcis cai^mio the rooS’tphogfomethiiig for - a :lic'i(a.ful part.cuiars wliicli niak» op the i rtollig •iictMhojgh'Ji >t fu irtimcdiatcT/inter* r hag loihc propert) vipcrfou* oí* men, wbe-1:1er ilipy he CiF a j> íl.duplrkal» polllical, hif-lurlcal or moral "nature. ^    ^ Tüc fil)l i\)vi thercigro fiiils hii Ibcmi^u t!j(! nioritsof tito pn'ilicitlon, but as au ¡pdiicc-iMciit to i!ic people oF this couurry, to pi JfC 1:xeriijiiN If) r i.Toort ihe /*rr/i 1 h ‘mod laat t'le^ will hive an opporiuiiicy, l»V (h^ujoi oi tliii;./ .r *0 mal.c tlicmfclvcs aiid tlieir li-tiationi hnown abroad; if they liavc \ aluub^: ) nds I^dI.pole of, i: can be m ide knosvu ; if r.iL-v’^t ir..* grirvences to lay bel*»re the public' It ci.i he iljac. I hope ilici\-jre^ all his caiiv«nt, Nonwacam ta M^vchii virtues I be fporc oP'coiiiVsgiOi^j^^^ ot' one ihaa may -be geocrtws, »s afKKher mao.is paiflint-*-A^ 4/i ¿fll/C'-'oT it maythere ts oa flows of oujr^«ig«^ ^    depend    uj^u the fou»c ctafci» Jiáíí^uj^u I    wtócJi    in- floemc the tido thcsafelvcs^^i^oulj oft be .no dlfcretfit t^'iíí    Tmlurc at IcaHTor myfclf. th^t iiuma^ a cafe 1 ihouW be more biahlv fatitik^, tii.hire k iaid Vy -M    the    maot^    .    ,    upwg in wii'idi there wa% ncithe than h.ivc it pafs aJi^ether as my own^a^ and deed> w herein thci^ was fp mack of Both. liut be this at it .The. mntücut I caft my eyes upon him, 1 w.Í« predétormsn<d n^t tp^ivc biui a tingle lo4x> diid uccgrdsiig* ly I p:tC m'y purfc Imo my pocket ^-^gtdSncd it up -fct loytglf a little more upon my' cen-^ ur, cud advanced sro gcavclv to him: chcrcg \ras iumcthing I fear forbidJin^m m'y look: 1 have hUngjre itiK mauu ai bctdrtMuy cyt-i, fuij lhsi*k insrc was thatlti- it w^clx de-fcrvcd betuK    * .The mgnk,.x^* I jadgid from the hreak in hk toofurcj ifk Vy' ótttlrr’J white hairs upon lus icAipies iklug uU thav xeuiuiiit'd of it, mi¿iu be absCt fcwenty-A*^’'^ from lús tiya, and that tgrt of )*.v vy/iidt was in which feemcd liiore lempcr'd hy councfy than .years,.could be no more    —    Truth Im'ighc lie hcttvccn—Jie waV lirtuioly lixiy-h/e i and the «?;iuril air of Ws couiiicnanct/ VThp red of his outline may be itt'st Swiirokcs; one might put it lyntJii the flxi^da ^any ODCtodciigii, fixf 'tw^ocUhercjegaoc ^ nor 0 the nr ife/but as chara^cr'aad e^r^f- > ibn made'it fqi It was a .thin» fpare. romething above the tommuu fiic, if it Íóí \ not the. cUltladioti bjr'a beod forwards in . V\ , figurc-~.bnt U wáí the attjtade of tuirtmty ¿JL-and as it tfcow ^A(id$ ptefcated to my    ^    ~    ' flutioii, it gaiaed more thaa it loft by it. .When hf had enceré,.the yoom three pac* es» be íto^d ftUh ^ad paying his left hand upon lili b'rtaft,.. (a ile^er svblto ^i^| wiih vrhkh be-Journey’d being sn hiá whcti I had got clok up to him» he iiibrpdl)^. ed himfelf with 'Jic litilc ftory of t of bi> coiweiic, and the jidverty of bW f^iid 4hl k >ti}b (q ftmpk,igrac4tT“9li^ an ail* urdcpre^tldh 'vyas therf la caft of his ickk'UQi^flgurer-^*%arb^wricb ttot to hav*cbcf hjlr(|ck    7 —A belter rcaicm    Md    p^dctcrtnia^ cd not to give a íioáe    '*    " Vi kry_ m »*id?4! t ®.* wifch b|, *U* ynj trae #4^ have tat nd ntbor ftóck of which» \be mti^y^rcvf/ upon it., ; . As I ph)n(^aú^fi\t pM<gh^.    . gave aftíg^gUtkc wk| opon th^^cvc of jjas    |nH;    ^ force gf ikc appeal—ji ac^^Jédke* ít,í^it'f Jt —a coarfe lu it, á.id    to    three years, with mcagro diet^aVe    rcit" iiut- wrs ; and the true jjoittt of WfAh 'as they áwiJh^/cariid iu the world wKb fo HttU Uk* duAry, iliAt ; jur order íhog^wUb'|ó pro* cure thegi by pveiling‘upoO^’jiJJrtñA' wWci it the pfopcriy of the ism|iy    the aged, and the infirm—-.eafiivc duwn ciiuuriog ovef ihdov^r agaioVb^twiL. uf his ai.^ldi wis, in naojikcs'airo ftr fcif \ i k g'^ea'alfo ftr hhi^ of it j uiid had vm btcdof the iiiftcad of the order of JSa. FraiKta»    Í    »    ^ ig ior^cc, .Jiiokh 'viiwarils m'on' ibt b it louk-d as If it ,uW tlioufaiids in Oiilrefi npoO ouf The* Jiiauk ¿<*c a ¿ordiaí wky^ ^ c.u th .-it lookd fur^*ni» ; b it louk-ijas I...    _    j * l.i^!;;.Utí_>5«bio¿i.ey..iultUl. v»ur)J. J.uw .-r»*U/^ No doiitj one 6f Ui S'order\4Uic by it, hcavcú nb»ive^ wli/i let it fall    a    monk's ilioulilrrs/bcU Know» ; bat it w inld luvc (hiled a Mrandn, a:i r liad Vmet it »V»V^. I !i..d i‘L. c;i i'd ii. liL'    of r...‘ Icd'un    tuiiiCj    i.i rciin'ifor his appofi-^WWdlO lingnríh» mv ¿aoitñfTrpf !bfld4|t -4    ■-*r'.v-okw; *    ' *t L - L.. ...Á •'"’fe
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