The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
14 May 1796

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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
14 May 1796

Read an issue on 14 May 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - May 14, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio t¥z E/Ñ T WE STERN .... ' TÉ Yol. Ill, f rÍ4i }tr MHntém 3 JO Open lo all parties—bui infiuencei: by noh^ '- —.    »    ii<yi    I    liW' -I*'    ■.    »    '    -■    *■ Í V# > 6 ^ •    ■    fir CINCINNATI: Printed%    at    the    corner    of    Third    and fe />AWEto the Plafitation of tlic Subs^i'ibi’ro'i Friday,., ' l!ie twc!}!y second', a I’alc rr l Cow, with white spots. Ilei marks, a crop and a hole on the le'tctr, anda crop slit an J iindpr bif hi' the iiglit, li'T right horn appears to be biokeii Cf< near the, point,., appeals to be si* or .seven « years old, she has 1 call ahonf tillceweeks old The owner ■ is(lciirc<l tocorne, prove pro-lei ty-, pay char{<es, and take I itr avvajr. Isaac Bates. Foreign Intelligence. A flARCKLONA, J»n. t8. rhe 14th, •' rwrliiT fi'om 1. TO those Persons who are indebted to us we would mention, that our accounts are left m the hands of John S. .Wills, Esq. ¡or selllernentm ■ XiMttisALT k C*. aotii April, t7vA. iyyfi\ Ttl) J M M ¿ le I A T E L Y, flij ih: Priultr kentf \) ' WO im»rt iilire IiJ’, ini •• •Poll Kidfr, to whom |¡rooil-en-toiira^nndii will he givctj:—the •ihtr A% an /\pprcntice to ihe Priming ÜuIídcú - 1 hry m&il b«oi uucx* j fcprioiublr cliaracUr* l"rir*iii¿ Odicc, > . April jg, 1796 1 CAMfc to tbf Prentlfei or the 5nH. ' fcTÍI>er (fie>r ihe Mnutli Peer Creek, ( incinniti) on ihc jOth Inlh s Hrd & white ( ow dc C air :the «i^rks n^'faid cow it a crop and • piece ott the upper and lower lir?e« of the od ear and a flir in the near ear. ^ The owner isdcftred to come, prove the (line, pay chargeitnd take ihem Nathaniel Stakes. April ]6,179Í. Came to the plantation of the pnb.scriher two Co:vs,'one of. whlrli is dark brown,has a star in her forohead, and some Awliit along her belly, a crop and nnderbit off each car; the • • * Other isbrihdle, marked with O'crop otf and a slit in theright ^ar, trtd an underbit in ihe left. The owner or owners are re* i|uested‘locoine, pmve property, pay charges and take theni i • Abraham Garrisoiifc* ^ Big Uill| April a4| i7yé. Ma* •drid embarked here ior tJeiVf, Vé;^re üíljred he carrict dii^cbee of tfié utm’id conft(|n¿nce from uuY' .Monarch IP the ¿irtpeior, felaiiec to fvvercorea f®r a |tentr^ yéiCt, ars orear Uricaiit i« idifpOird fo aeceoe (o iuioecoodicioni atrcud/ propufed. litiiiifc.» I.II. Y TUUI.S, Yeb. 9, \ The French are bufily occupied in makioi^a road from Ormet to Garre iio aid thence to the fea, for the oaifAge ofth'ir artillery. ,A reyi.* *orceinent uf 5000 cavalry U afrlVed at the arm) to day, and thelV hatla^ lians incr£fa(e dally, w hi^b .ctrcun* (linceafeem to menace luly with an tnfaiiun, when added 10 their nn menfe preparations! Hovrever de fertiiin i* very frr^urot, and 1 few days ago a der^chmeot of ^00 nierr, ponied at St. Jacquea, deferied ^ et once to the Auilriau^. Uy letters from Leghorn we learo that the .Vcamenti have prefcrvcJ their authority over the two parties which diride rhciftand ;and that the Biiiop of.NaO'ari hiv fig been Carried twey by the people of Cagliari, was fet At lioerty at lgtétfkt^*by order of the Stamenti. BOHDtRS OF ThLMElhi> Feb. ay. According to a German paper, the PruiHins and Medjins have recently concipded with France upon a new line of dcmarrerion. in cafe the war ihould continue during this year. The faid line will fxtead from W>(lpha« lia ailing the frooi»ers‘of the roiiii* try of HeUeand Fulde, and will be prote,aed by a niimerout body of PrulfMnsand f>ffians. Letters from Semlin Rate that the Turks are making ferioiis dtfp¡>lt:i-ons for war in Scrvl. All the tron*' tier pieces are put in the bed (late of defence » the garrifons have been conlsderahly augmented, and provi-* fiaiit and warlike (lores are cootlno-ally pafiing thither. A numeroue corps of Tu:ks is alctnbling in the environa of Widdin. EASTJNDIl HOUSE, March Í. Intelligence has been lately receie-over.laod, from Bomhav, of the Turren der of thb folLiwing Outch fet-ticmenis to the Hritiih forces • Malacca and ice dependeaciei ^wheo not mentioned] Jaffnopatami nil the Ifland of Cr)lon, on the a^tli September, and Cochin, ou the Mi-Ubar coal|,on the lath of OdobeV. intelligence has been likewife re* ceived of the death of bit Highneft the Nabob of the Carnatic, on the nth of Oéfobéri and alfo of thePeOi-yea, or Fird Miuider of the Maratu Goveromcuc, on the 371b of pioath. the diT fited for the roptoré I'thf 'ifp'iificsn fJenerals having, receive vtng ed precilC order* from the Dire^o-s' tv to a i I fen'lvely A f(|tladro4 of gan-bniti hare- biC^n' huilr, and tré ready to aft irtkb the afmy t "god grea^ oambefa oftrnoot pafs thli nlic'! coirlitualty to loin aifo ; wt have lemtVkel th;* interaal U^ioa coming from La'Vendtt* WESELyreb?^, / The Cohrirr do'Bai Rhlp^, pfA-Uihcd here, coniaint ifm following:' Noiwiibilaiidifig the concl&aitice of the two boRUt powers, 6ace 'he armiilice, in making the nioft aAUe prtpvrattona lor another caetpatgn» which is prcdt^ed tb be. iainlteiy more decilit>erbafi any preceding ooe there feemi yet to be a hope of peace entertained aipongd perfons who ere informed of thefc traofaélioas^ 'and tiKi hupe in fi^ne iegrce, begios to gain coniirmation. Tiiepoblic will pardon at for net farther expliti^ing the foottdafH ant ol this bo|>t, and tor iibt ttatih^ deiáili refpeeiiog the negociatiooi wiiiwh hav*» beeu carried on, and are .till CO (inued io Older to fulfil^ tbb wiih at aLnod every man.’ 'Oar bOpb at the fame rLiie li not dcceivFoj.'tnd will evco be realiced, as^ fopo tS 'the Iwe lieliigereot' powers fiiati bk c'tevinced »f their reai intereds, and qj^iecv^i tac t»et¡¡f ‘)í tlii fueAi*«i«^ 'átbii.l'ili., WHO .lave no etner wilb but to f«* tforepeiceco tÜurope, “It his her» reported tbat.tbi preli', 1 «r. b«lis for peace sserC made on the 1 4(h L>ecemiwr lafi year, and (11 .hen pretend to fay, have been a* dopied. i iTia fectus the more pros ha lie, ff on ibe adaptian of the aA** Kttdice by the téligcrent powers *|e readily. As to the condittoús tbef are aiJertrd 10 be the toHowing • ' ** England if ready to *redore al-moR all itf conqueds t and France will retaio only part of .Sudrbo Flan*’ dert. ttelgtu.'n will farm an independent republic, under the fbpera iniendanct of an hereditary .btadtf holder, the Trinct ‘of Ur«oge ; and be aliawed to cá dititb for thcmfelvca fach a g ivjfra aent aS the/ think moft advtncageoufi when the Jrcpch troopa (htll evácbicb thtif torrito rie«. Aiifltia is to nave a part of Ba varia; the Etedor of Bavaria fhall as ap indemnidcation. enter ioio the poFeilion of the provinces of Jullers, Lic£C and Limbiiroh.*^ Liege and Limburgh,' BRUSSELS, Feb. 3J. Accbrding to til ippetrance* the irmiftice will not hold good long. Uiderent troops from Thlonville, &c. are orderetKro tini Mofrllc t and it Is evcfl laid, that the BrA of March is FRANKFOHT.rfb.i'j, • a A grtAt number of the cavalry com-log ^otn AOllria pstTed .throagb^ this town the day befbre yeOarday, oa their wav to join the artny on the Khine, having a great number* of horfesforit.    .♦ Two meBéiigers from fhc 9rtt1(h in Halkudo at .Lfufane, and aaofkér from Turin,' have paflhd oa their way to London. Advicea frotii Munich itiCniloo, tbit the Raref of Baviria have olfer* rd three mjtlions and in hsif of di-fins to the hleftor, to aiUll biiA In edaHiifbihg an army of QOO mea, 18,030 thaUfand of which are to |oin the ,^uBril(t troops at Ihe opening of neif cimpaigo.' Tliere it a report, thst a Conveti*. tion ofthe .itafeS of tbé" KWpfre wlll'^ bo furoed at Maohcim t thf deputies VI» whfch'tre iifTnrf^»li(H^<Í* bar^ " irofi ifdheafhal for tha cwty KAfili,    ]C^ofat    Saltará» for Ah# adórate of    ^    *^0’ 'Vt* . 'MticH is fajd In onr ,^aps#t| dT.^- ^jfeace'circalatingnt Vteiii||k< J o on    the    icciuinte    * srhedte^5r,,;yhs^,fhf tfipfe.^«ll1alitel"^^i of the €^í%¡.É pC VieMna^ jFntHhnrgi|T aadt^^dairrhas pifdé'a ym gjm impreffion on of moye, and ÍDdaa<#^gfj5 thtiiHlemao4s |[ii foiAp dama fjil4 that thwlaft Eowi^flfgai. IlgUi» wish di^paukaa' flhim a»r Dagclf^ AltkAtil^ek,|AMShrgi|(ht with hitt moN »odtia(^ propa^i» for peace. trntomm Ijtoh any acrfeldiy •• Kefir, ahhoggls fooiaof MfJpollircitiis prcfewdr^af* thr plaa fdra paci^atiao sa^ Wfid# vmade; agr<«ahly/to, whieh Bagiahg as wdlis tbt frctlch jaakd *aia|o^ reftttuiioa of all cooqoeda. Thaaifar It may be relied on« thfif tfm ewcref^ pondence bnweeaoor roart. :i&d/ew acral foreign o»ai» U ar.preCvnt ;»g-comcioof/' freqoenC. Corriera. daily arriving, whtic otbers aff parched.,    »* > The forced loaa ia Atfact is leeedd' by tgecktidn at pTefent^    • ^ fht nport. Batlog^abaJt the,1^redcl| hid míidé proonTa)^ lor. .the rewcliat of the armiftéce . tor ibrca longer, baa b^ihan» M . ^ . VrtnwfT :ir.;-v .....    " Tl>e reti^emtnt df. Mmcfisl .Clalr^ , fa/t from tbe c^smmanS of rbc army oni the Kbinpv    u'^eb thh dclibcraiioni of i'*e i>lvu oa. Shi f ihjeft df'<o#if*rilbg the sisle. Field Mar As I the" Empife .np#A ‘ him. .Kil I fhe Freticb girriíon Maahe^ ► -Is ilmoil enti^'el/ •<‘‘h^’igfd 1 V»# ^rtiiirry and boa toen are klT Ipat . remain in Suabtaai pfeieii* t HAGUE, reh. 54- liie Marine of our R in commifliiwi, ron64a ef the luie.^olri^l|ei, lb gvn boats* wv^p, I c aogr pe mt tad fil THE CRIMEA* Janotry ^a* The Pqrteof Odefla, near OcHkn koW,bn the BUck.^C. Is tp be pifd^ a conihletc grl^ual tor .the MwflVii ib'ps ef war ! im prepfratlwok arc making to cofoptvte it. and' VMP EmprKs bie drftifved alrcsdy eight mtllidns •frenbUi for this pprpnéwT and sdhcn finllKed It is u be shegraoá RuiUp liejMii,- ■» .] ‘ — (50RLEWTZ.    M.    . ^ - It mtkhkt; aV. * the pvefecaiW* of the enr, )*tid, fKef* arrivalwf a tiaooftl Is all t^'af Is rV* ^ quUice for tbé vetómfhblAtwilKt )nt boftiRtiti. General iCtetur?. tlireiigMhe whele eitay \m InfyAjff. * every thing. A Freoih er|riV*wC -35,0*30 m^B, Is cntrencbcd at sra)<w /er|wtrth,r which hat tequurt^ ^ * *great fuppty of Urasy, T^e treacJ|pb " *at Uu(tcldqfh‘ aea t^rtedg fOmpUfti. , rWiy reqeii^ .1 mea . aM pieces pf iOilleiy. fot tbeir 4fOllLce* rho)e-.t Nc«r«,*,4.|ti.feu(«nriy * like wife rtquUa %Uk    mi arttilert* 4r % ^

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