The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
7 May 1796

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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
7 May 1796

Read an issue on 7 May 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - May 7, 1796, Cincinnati, OhioV. f .•f . The Cent in ex-of'WEST É R N r £■ jP R I TO R T. THE N Q R T-'H^ •M Vol. Ill*0¿?en Lo all partiesbut influenced by none% 9 ' X    r*" Number ,n 4k« •tutm» iMrnréfj Annum 350 centi.) 'Va AT U S D Aiy, bUj 1, 179*.CINCINNATI: Printed by JV.    at    the    corner    of    Third    and    SyCamore-Streetj, ■aflwTFD 1 M M K n I A T E L Y, (By the Priuttr hereaf \) rp WO f*nirr a<^ivr l»d<, ( ne I    Hi)(I lliilf r. to whom j^ood rn ConrY^^mfnt willl'c    :    -fli*' nihtra'i an i|)|)rtnt 1 r to    Hi»'H ¡ui> i:atinel > - ‘ K,' mull bcot uucx ctp'^ioii cl*'* iwtir. rrintin^j; • iflicr. / April ;o, I 7V“ Í , C \M^".    111- pldiilnlion    the S'it)i('ill>or l*^'o (loA'-i, ouf of u !iir li IS (111' k li’^nvvn, ii IS ti •ill lier fíMeho.v.l* and some whil nloiip lier l»elly, a rio[) -ond uihIciidf oft each r.a»’: die od.ier is t)fliid!e, inai ked wl.h mop oil ao'I.i slit ¡M iSieii ;ki I cai, iiul j;i iiir.loj!)lt in the Icli. 1 lie oivner or ovviicrs are re (picsied to coaie, jirovr p^oifer tv, pay charcos and takclheiii away. Abraliam Garrison. U\g Hill, .aprti i>;i7>^- C'.A vtK to fh • PrprniCc» of llif^ub . icriS^r (nnr vu Moorli ol ,• IVe;-i:ree k, 1 incmnati' r.n thr sotn lurt. a Kril \ whitP 1^ 0 v v nl» :iSe mokxo Ilid ro" i* cr o'*»'**’ * pipcc OÜ’ flip uj ppr nnH lower ii*;cv ot the ort rar anrl a flif *m dtc r.e r nr. Theo-^nrr o drlir-d to rofr-tbc lamp» p>»y ch»r|^es a <d laki- ihcniwuy. h'athantcl Siol.cs, \ April 3>'», I 7v^. those Persons iv/?o ere in JchtCii to Its u’e would that our nr-coi( n Is a re I eft tri the r ¡iiuids el John S. dis,/:'d7 Jor ^    S^itlcnicnt. k Co. 19th April. 17)^. c ■'AA/ttn tlic Plantation of tlic Snljsi libei on Fiiilay, I’lC twenty sornnd in:»l. .a I’.ile red C.ow, vNiili wliité spots. Her marks, a crop and a liole on llio loltear. and a crop slit mid under bit in ibe il^lit, licrri^ht horn appears lobe broken oil' near (lie point, pppoais. to be six or seven old, she has a caltaboui 'three weeks old 1 be owner isdfisired tacóme, prove pro-icrty, pay charges, and take away. lioac.Bales»Foreign Intelligence, iin inf GLASGOW, Mtrch f. RETKOSi^ECT. '‘T'HK p.fnrr*! fcniurei nf «11 the t. in(t rtji»*iice which hisbcen re. ccived from ihc (. enttiieni tor ’l'»me 'veek« p.«il hivp hern (IfonMy indi-Oiriveotai iin ncditrc coinmencc-luciU üf lioiniitie^ between the «eriiltlK and the <‘Veiicn,.wiO Ions witiili lud hrea nia<lp i'tr ,»cacc, it i« (aid that the Eieird a;;re-cl to I'undoo their projeit o» ti ikiii;» Khuie their bouudars.. »d to    thrir vie.vs to the rc« "riiioii o' ihtrie coon'ri"S (»nly \vhi»h 'hey hav incorporaltd with tiieir \ n o , id other words, i* ut th v VO ilj k^ep poHeilion of >avov. ! ic^e 4iid lullnao \etherltnils I o cbei* Tci'iK t^.c ••.llies iiiVf prrrrn srorily rjf-klfd fij accfdc and all h .pt< r»t pra:,.* lia.e ot conletpJMice. entirely vaiiKh'd. Eoth armies have been i «mil Icr.'tMV uugnienir J that of tlif iiii jeriniiils is ahou: to he rein lorcrJ ;»v Ojfj ttrtii.ns I iic Áil:e» will ha'p learnt, witl, roiiicdegree ol afto ifiiinenr, and the r reruh. no doiihr. with Utj*. fart ion. t ut ueneral lairfjyt ha« refigned. the CJinrittil af the «tmy nn the lihine 'Vlicthcr hiv relio.^ttion has pr ccrried i.**om choice , Irotii t hope* 1 .‘I'v ’pr«n’pe “t .if the war : or wIic* I ler lie jii* h en dirniifll*d for fuC. pen Iin^ nodilities , are qoeftions Wiutri we ar? not set. and perhaps M.ver nuv he prrp?.rcd to anlwer. i'ruiüiiis to :he nii'itS»r of 4C,cOb .ire no'.V aOi'JilU on their march to ti.e tin 1 • i»f t'r nc«ini , where w*n. tf r »|iidftv.Ts have heeo prepared lor • iiciii. A fljort lintr will pr(*bahly lUcrtain ib.c precilc object of this ■ duf enienr. and cnuntfd their line of hattle to co'ifj'l of twelve fail, Nii feven fli'ias, from 74 gnns d iwn to Ao, >ti‘omso to 44, and five frigatet By their coarfe it wta coijeftnred »h» v were gning n vrrh ahoac, io . order ^to form a jundtio.i with the bred fleet.    ^    » \ report preKailed yei^erdsV that g-nervl C'lairfayt is dead The credit which it received from thofe who hi I the h;l ooo'»rtunify of afcerw ia»ipidgits validitv, iodnces ui tot Thmktnat ir is hot tr^o true Hit/ 1 if« in fh - prí-fent flite of adalfl will S.-. m»(f frv-r-lv fell. Wi' are happy to flatc, that the rfp »rt of dl'forbance in the iflsnd ot '^lorficd is rofadyr unfonnnrd. ■^aisfaid Vo'jno ««'Nn arrived in Lon^ I m on Wedn-fdav, filled frn«n Raflt nnthe 251I1 «ilr wh«„ rhe'jfliod wai *n a (U « •! pirfecl tr^q>4Ílity. ‘ fcbriary it- The rennrf frmn the corn t>arket of ve1-»"l IV Is •xfremelv vhent hs« c;re*tls advanced in petc,^ rSem.iterlal of whichHre^dis immee diiiely    »r?d.    Has rifen ten Ihtlling- a firk! — *"hil will f^ivc •hr face of j ill'ficatioo to a rife Jn in th'* qnarten loaf of one ninth of its prefent value. A letter from Leith, dafrd Keb. fi fivs. “ Yc^rrdav an exorefs ar.. rived here fo»*hear Admi'-tl Pringle, and 'he fquadron of frigates now in Lei*h roads to proceed with every dilpatch to join admiral Dnncai. tlje IJurch fle^t heing naw in the North .Seis : in cnnfeq ience whereof, the whole heats have been employ, ed all night in watering lod carry-ing nrovifions on hoard, and they et-p'»l -d to Nil rhiÍ astern »on. riiey c.iiifid of the 4mhi fcade Pox, Star, and a Urge R«»lGin frigate.’* A letter from Yirmouth. dated F'-br.iarv 2'^ favs. ‘ An exprefs arrived Iron Sothv.ild yeflerdtv, with i-ifornatlon that art anemv’s Cutter. Ill Gad rapr(ir-*d four or fivefiil of 11.< UÍ..J. ot Saritinu hit diclartd i    „(    p|,ce. ii4t he will not tnake peuce but in . onj tiutio«i wnh his allie* ; and •voije 1») tie Icfiers from lialv inform iM, that the contending armies have ginc inio wioter quarters, others af fires th It the war in thif qiiar--irr threatens to he m»»re defpcrate than it hss hitherto heen    / rh" only article wearing a pacific complexión, is a letter trim itafle. ■iciitioniii'*. thit minifleri 'ifrom ihe.c'»orts of Sweden and Den* !i4«k had arrived there IN cort. and til It lo'iirihltig .igreeableon the fah-j-ct •»! peu'f. it w «S expeled, svould «ombennde pnhlif. ■ItliJt hren rnrreivly and cnnfi* leirlv rumojred.•o'* fome days pall • Inf the I»'Jtrh fleet, co.ififling of feverW lail nf the line, hefidea leve* ral frigates, ht* failed Irofli ihc fexel. LONDON, Fehfsiary ty. The Dutch fleet is mnfl certainly at fea, hit nf what force it confills ii not preclfelv ifcertalnrd. A vcf-fel arrived at Yannouih ptfled ihro’ it, and the captain reprefents the nnmher of fliips rn be 18 of which pruhably B of f.o a>c of th« lint. Another acecmnt fays— the Glat-ton (ndii fhip nf war, ctptain trollop, saw the Dutch flcei oa the 24ÍU iofl- A nnn of war wss loflantly difoatcb ed from onr roads, of which we have not yet hesnl tnv thing. A naval dcoot is abtsut to he eflihlifhcd.hcrr and a nav? agent appointed. Our rope makers are under contra^/ and are lull t: work making new cablea.' fehrdtry 14.a By letters from BrufTrli :t ippeari* thsi the moll vigorons preparations are ns ikin»; 0*1 hot‘i lides the renews! of hofliliriet, and that all hones 0^ a fpe- |v oca re are van* died. The ar-ny of the HamSre and the Menfe has heen coofideriblv angmenr-el by reinforcemeqta, and ii now 72,o*v« flrong. GENOA, Janaary 13. ^,,-^he Minlfler Plenipotentiary oi hit Catholic wa|eflv refident here. receive<f i*>irr'dsv tvsfore ycflerdty a courier from **!sdrid ; inllintly on the rcceint of ht fent olF con riers with difpatchta tn the ^pnnifti miniflcrsat Farin. Parma. Klorcnct, Annie and Naplet. 1»^ Is tkjiight that they relate t# the prtfont fliis. ation of t|ie courts of Madrid and London, which ftem Co iadkau ao^ approaching I'ttpiort. BRU.SSELS, Fe!>roary4. The hopes of peace, are eotlreff vaoiiiied, and she preparations for* a new campaign ate immefife. Tl,d* French armiet on the Rhine are tp be augmeoted to 300,09d, and tht-yonngmen of thefirfl requlltrroo af»’ daily exercifiug. Fhe Frencli gow» ^ vernmrnt csfsnoc poflible accede roG the terms of peace propofed By th#' coalef:ed posvers. It wsTi only tnikC-peace on caniition that Brlgsdm Liege are forinally given up' f» France, snd that the independence of Holland be acknowledged Hy thof# powers Auflria and Englaod hav# abfolurely refuLd to accede ro any luch «erms. and a nesir catnpaigti is In conltqoenee rrfuived upon. lb#' garrifin j( our new dcparrmrntf efpeciaily thar oi KrufleU, are rein*» forcing, for which purpofe troopa* ' are daily arriving Irom aor anniet^ on the «Ihireaod Mofelle. At I ox* emhourgh 6,c»i^ men are exprttrd from the ^arifianarmy. ánd the for* trefs has provifions for a year. T# aiUy the termrnt occafioord by th# reports propoga*fd by the Frencll emigran s here» that Fxance would gve op rtrlgium to the emperor^ the *iinifler of Police at Paris has lent est^ular letters to the central adinlnÍDnratioas CoatradiaÍDg chcfd* reports. The followiif|^ eitrsA of i lettet from Milan oí He ? KoeeoiA ber. rnneains pan^iulara not yrf puhli.'Sed, of the *‘*reocb %¡Áo^ ríe» in !te!!y. •* Fhe Atiflro 5irdinlail «finy haá retreaifd,after the uoíortum^e dayd of the (7th and loth of -ep*eaiber« tntoadvanrageout pofitlnas, whtTcif is fuppofed they Dilgbc bare taken o0 .their winter quarters. But on th» lid inil. Gen bcherrr, the French commander in chief, afict baetng fupped with bis oncers, wvithool fay lag a word of his pUn of nrtaeko and having feperatcd from tbrtss o-» bout midnight, made a Ggnal at tbre# lathe morning, for afembUng hif aids det camp.Nnd fe«t tboo to alb the qairter.i, whK orders for ^eney ral attack. I Never was Bat m'eafur» lefs rotefee&i or more tendv It wtl mad# nt three prÍDci|Ml p'ointa. TKf* right wing of the AuflrUos, after # bmd reüUaoce was completely beair en* After their retreat, i]bo left wing was taken in flank, a»d elmofl In th# rear in confrquence of the FrencH having forced the pofition, of Gen^ ArgcntaCo la the aaean rime th# whole frnnt of the Auflro-Sardinia# army was attacked, and the hatt!» there lailed with great ohfltaacy for , fevcralil hours. ,nt length, towardf D on, after .having fullalnod five fut;^ crflive afl'aiilii, ill# trobpa poded aC-the redoobts No. aaad^, and at Cafiellaro, being una le to mainf ^ain themfelvea, abaodontd tbeif gant. Several columnii fént to tak# pofledian of the heigtha of.Melogna^ 't. jaquea, and Sept. faint, Bicoerd* rd alfo at tholV paints. During tb» action, eight French Tiritrs fired upon the fluik of our left wing with pieces ot' heavy cinoAii, and thif wing, though not roatkcd, found Ig neetilliry to retreat daring tilt nlghf^ FRANKFORT, Foh, A Tb» advanced poll of the f resif% > and \ • tricnis* ire now .'wltkld it ^ (leagao of »o4U. #lk»f.*«Tht ftl y’

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