The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
26 Mar 1796

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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
26 Mar 1796

Read an issue on 26 Mar 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - March 26, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio ► ' The Ciüííir rJí ■‘tv^T'9    --Í^J N"'T1-Í^'M W:E-s.trrR:.N‘" '■ " f'    i    ’■    ■    ’'■    '    *    ^    ‘i‘    ■ - ■ h "■' Vol. 111. I'll / rú .    f *1 i\    JÍ V lí í JIp ( \    -■'?-■’■' *    í    .    ‘í; frift ftr l&áü ptutf^^bu^ fn^i9itc«d if none. M *■ <: / üfí $jrr,í!>f-r. ~ , ,■    ■■-.    —' ' ¿-’.^yrr-'    ' ' ■■■ ’.........CINCINNAT I: Printed tiy í^. MAÍW^L, atthecorner of Thlriaud SycamofV-StieeU,^___    .^.-    ..    rail------------------......-'    ■——— * Nnm^ ia$ j'i ./tKiAtf THE snt>scriber beg* leave lo intoroi the publi<;, and bis ñ-iends in general, that he has Just réícived a fresh aisortment. •rDry.Goods.GrocerícsiGiaw and ()ueeu's ware, and agreat quantity of'Flaxseed, át ihp corner house lately occupied by (]apt. Bnllork, on Sycamore fircet which be is determined |o sell on reaaonable terms for {Cash or Country produce. • Fiancis Wilson. Cilicinnitu (as. 7, 1796. K. B. Ail persons indebted to the subscrioer arc reqtiesfed 10 call and pay theirrespective accounts ag#.i$t the lith of Fcbruar/i as .no further indulgence will be given, T!!'-; fubttrihtri brg'Itirv lot»» farm their did culK>iierv tful the public tR gentrul that they have Ijft rtceivfd a Urge liipply oi iJry Coodi^ Groceriet aod Iroiiaanngr), Vrhici aaocied to their foruifr vert largeaflonnifRr #tllenahU‘ then u All itw whaUialc t^d retail,at the mof rcdief44prUea. «a ^he> are deierAiia ^ ro Ttipply all thAfe, »bo will j lealf to call aa ch«*m In rumre oa better teruis (ban anv other hade in the •ounirf, atid *«tiich more modetate than formerly of «rhichthey hope to Mnvlncf. all thcife who will pleafc to AkOurtheio with theii cuftom. J. & A, MüaNT. CAncitiaan, Dec. 14.1795. *    ’    f    • H, B. Thofaddlery hufinrri being #arried on by (hem with •n<i finHhed workmanfhip, any ptrlon «an he amply fuppHed lu that lioe by ^liolefale nr retail. NOTJCE., IS hereby given all persons from taking an assign-vuenl on a note ot iund given by the subscriber to Hannali Current, «II the doth of laiiii-•ry 179Í, for one )oke of Ox •n and ten dollars in money, Ip be delivered the ist day oí A prilnext,as ITU is determined not to pay until compelled by biw. Sapiuel Cre.sswcU.' Coierain, Kcuruoiy 5|i7v^* TW£ SaHfcriKcr in^nrmt bit Icieodi and ctidnin^rs, tb^t ho haa decl'iied huiiarít ia thia pU<f-w aftd with • aM thufe that tre indeticed to him cither by nut# •r hovik accoant. to cnmr and make ^tynaeol ho'ore the f >ih .■ipril next ^y mio* wilhiag Indu’ciiAigf! their fticoiit^tf nr note» cotiir.»tUs J with biin, wlildnd (Hfiii tui’li Mr .Ualiorr b^itchell. Mc’-clil I hofc ihii ne* §l«6l may rt<ly that ou indulgmco :Wi||* be givfii atrer 'Hat perincl. Tb.ft thit eiU co'iir'y ..wilucry oblige (heirhnmhlf Sfrfl. John Gaíbtotílh CWcltfiai^ h#v. J7yi CONGRESS. HOUSE or REPKCSCNrATIVKi * • • Fcbroary 17,1796. Norther procredinga of the Hoof# of " Reprefeoipeleet no Iba Éfll fot opeoiRg laRtod OIRcea for litf f«le ' iff Land\ia*)bé SoHb Wetlért Territory. ‘    »    * ( Coociáiiédfrfiri oof ladif . Í * » «• !    >    ! M H. LIVINGSTON tlMgbt fbey -s*- Í t, "f /I Ibooki ekbtr adopt ilM plfo otfrlHng lo largepairMlt ooly or, io fmall tnAaoaly. Nwpetfoa, faid, wonid porrbire i largo trad, at the fameprtce whk!' afoiatl are was fold for. Na#aa in faroitr afj (he amendNiefit aMeodtd—> ht w«t. '^of dtetdiogChe land ioto loft of a' mile fipfirt; N bt# beea laid if iMt WM doah^ i^rge porchalt ra wotli^ oot coma lorwlrds hteaolo AmIL iota night bt • tikta from a l^rctlf wbUk tbty ai)|bc wiA t# 0«rchafe¿ fogfther. Tho plaa, bt laid, lihtijr^> lo'reducrtht debt fooaeft, tad tn^i tonragf Itrtfen, mat th« bell, .^irilf, tradr wilt da tbit. Tliey will Gtek a h'gherpriea^ tad from real fet* ilfrt. The Rate of Ntw*York, ho fa«d firft difidcd their ooappropH^ a«ed lifidf into largo lott, wbidi fold «tfim It. fo II. per acre 1 Élfer * wardv ftoy'werr divided Íatí* fR*alt trada> and fold for two dotlara per aero. Mr-'VanaKIc faid there waf oot one mao Id an bundi<d who could purchafe thrae milet fi^aare af land ; hot fiiivefy*RÍne out ol an luindrrd might he found wilt log to purcbifra fmitl trad. A fair competition, he fiid. might to be gtvcD.—Naw so difhcol’y in disidirg the lota. Pur-chtiifra might do I hit. The great of mooey of (bit country, be ^ fflid. lae in the handa of parfooa of fmill proff fiy. Mr. Mndley fiid the amendmecr t'lthe amendmeat cama neaielhio bit npinion of right. It wat faid pot. ri*'g the ¡and Into fintll parcela would preaent men of money from fsurrhafiog. Kxprrience ia tliia Oate hf faid. eootradided thh, where, rhniigh lota were limified to #oc a* crea, nanea are in the bookf for much larger purcharei. When land wtadWided Into fnall Inra. no par tlcufir political la;ereft nraa form cd. He did not tbink Urge purcHif ea arere likely to accommodate poor perfona. He bclleaed manr pet Iona of thia defarlpfirn were if. rrndy on the laadi. The rxpetifeof difidingthe land into lott of 160 aerea each would noi ha lo great aa had been fopp 'fed he wauld engage to do It for lefa than 1 per cent on the lowed porchtfe. 'I lit furveyt, mud not, he faid. ha taken by p'lrchireff. hut by a lureeyor ap. pointed by goveroment—he waanot for fdhdlvMIng the whole, but a parr of the land. Mr. Kltterafaid it wai wifted be mtkirg fmiN lota, to preaent the n»‘feffiiy of porcbafirg »l fpeeulatprt Indekd of lott of (Ixmilea Iquare. he wooM prapofe Iota of live mllta f<(Uire, or 16 Ooóarrea, aa attended with more eertafiity lo the dlvlhon rowulhipt nilgHt then ha divided Into four crofa línea, tntklng 4000 arrea, md thro again into four, mak* «¥tghr he d^of vhh certatofy, woald Cfvc ecptnfa ia fareaying! atii na* fwar tho parpofe af the taeaduienr. Mr. Hireaa igalñ rafe to dafetid bii amendnieiit, aord fiid the retfoo* Ing tgila tc W49 falUcIooi. What' ever parr of the land wi^^fotd !• targe lotv ipeeahtora would g'tc the praácaf, b;it of |fce fmll lo'a go* takomenc would racira that profit. Mr. Diycun controverted the lad foaakerU argunieart. on tha fame g^und av before, that they would preveac comptnUt of perfont, or nmSeri of taniiliea agrreing to íai-tle together, from purchadng M * tbav W(>ttid with Mr Crakb waf agtlnd the ameiid' ment t > the «'waodmasc -^He thou|[bc the tail Cpciker bad complateiy de* fetied fOf afgameauto fupp>rt of H Both ooir aiii rlth cltfiea be faid, would bf difappoiated by the firopoTfd plan, and the view of gala* ng revenue would be fnifiratad. If fmaller l6ta than a niila fqaare be oot liHi'out. tbuufindt of pcrfooa Would not ha ferved. Par mera elf mHdling pkopfrfy could only pur# cRafe. fwa chlrda of porchalarai W'ifjd be excLideii By laviog the laod 10 large and fniill tradf, iwr^i fiiov of avtry defcriprinn woold be fuicad it laall tba egptrhpeat woold ba worthYrylog. Mr. ShavhorRa ft.ll if the whoft ^^^mfilM^iiid wavwto%e divided' koih fittili tota. Émo af proptrey would ba etcloded : if If they*ware to porchaf* a oomb*r of faiall Iota, they eoald oar Ihll thech agaio oo tb? fa’metnmt« Vhh gov^rnamnc. Ha d’d o<^t Ihirk. fharewen many fa* milief rea¿y fo go and (ettlt ou the€r Itnda, ift had bean afierted ; add be wat not. h^ faid dflirait of remov> ing the IhbabiCvat^ of tha Atlantic tatet into thefe back fettlements i hut wiihed rather to inport fettlcra. dt wt^ therefore for having part of rhe land In large tradi. Mr. Clilbpnie Wat lor the Ikfter amendment and if adopted, he had a clauib which he wtfhe(] to he added. Ha thought the poor ought to ba ac ron^dodited at well at tha wealthy, and be could not lee that the Utter wauld be excluded by the propoftd dWiBon. Mr. Van Allan fpoke a caaGdara* hie tiriit upon the fubjeft: be wai in favo*tr af making the trafla fiea •niirt fqoare, which migbc, bt faid, r>e fO JiviJfd, at lo fuit all parchaf* era. The commit tea rofe» and tha boufe adionroed Mr. WillUmi'faid flm iibJfdHmMr urged «ga1ti),f<Mali lata, «mrofbiaip that they waujid not fait peiAto a# large property ta parchaía fawfti oft Urge lota, Perfont^ cjf —— Uid he, cat generally BMl tbemrclvai, we    ^ data tba lower cUl^^iAiJIMpia i be lúipadtbeJHinwpaMrllkftlhá^ at t# amirace all ibr    b# would not wilb of perfona from purirMNm[|^.Jpf¿ja di(lrktt{ he believ»d tbtff waj^taiHo in tbit city wfio woold wiAtad^lia» liome of iho townfiiipo* bf UMIa might ae divided loto btltet or gf^. fers.and placet along tbf rivttfAÍ% from their local fifticflpo#t^afginfMi be dUidod ioto fmall town loct>audl the adjacent Uudt tata Urgar |o«a, to acejoimodara the tewnTa a «iká fmall Uca'aow wooiddrlt far |qI. por acre.--8y ihoa dividing their laods the (late which ha rcprcfauted. hod ac<|olrad three timet tha Um tbof • they would otbctwlfo ha»e gol» Tbit pian bad pot, he faid, prevea#» . cd fpecoliiUa, hut it had excited #s campctlrioo which fiad graatly ia»*. . voured thetr trcalbry* li the mrrw furet DOW agreed upon, Iboold uff be fouod. the befl, they migfil be ro*. medkd In the next cougral’a A Urveyor, he faid, (hoo'.d eaplopotbi# .country, and point out the wotf %iu ‘luafiU. ^Vft    ft jlrioa. * YPtioiin nltca, he faid| iho oaaccMlfd^ JaiA i.far to it woukl immtjiatal rMllM price. It woold hp bolt^ tfitrafiit#^ to do the uufineÁ grad«idls« mode would aeeatoally bfii^ tha Urgeft fom htQ tÍMtteeUry fiUm ahich be hoped Iraold nagfly did. charge the 'uat^jjpl    If til. I.W*, Jftvldei «..iplcikr atj'i *>.» •>«    *W ^«"«•vguarei ÍDC l.u s««. tcnt Mtk. Ibk February l9. The order of the day wav then fiken up on the bill for efiablilhiog land otficfa.and the iwoamendaaeota of Mr. Gallatin and Mr. Haveaa bo* log under couGderation, Mr, Kitehell hoped thewordf on# half would not he firuck oot, at ht wilhtd purcliafen ofevary delcrlptl-on to he tccomroodited. If the Ur-tcr amendrnvnt were to pa ft, 0 fa voorntfpot mlglii be taken from the inidfi of a largo lot. and prevent Urge triAt of land being fold The Tret fury, he laid. (hoiild*.4e confider-ed at well at the eoQveoieoco of • piirchafera. One half of the landE divided Inin fmall Ufa would bt amptr fufUclent, and the ro* mainder rtmalolRg U large trmdt, might bf purchaifi ^ ftrcigafrt #r fXbtrf • irada wouW be dfirimrnttl to'tbá# countrv: ,|fÍ'int® batdt wQold (fttle traantt^ it migjÁ pr«» duce a lepara I t«>n of tJik ram the Allc^hapy QKnitfg^l barrWc bbtWeoii Oít\átUt^Uí •QdthofeUndi-^l tig tudm fretholdrrt, would Ini^# eontinoe In the anion .• tc wogtd Un thtir Inte red to fB^ort|p»veti^nr« The (in* he reprHeateif. .and kfna! lylvania, were exrtodlng (heir IteW ipentc around tbf nortii end ef ibi# barrier-» thii would be of gio«t can* GfUcnct to continue the vnlon, keeping up a general and canvtoU ent Mit rcofrie. fU coocludad bf hoping the Uucr amendment wouiA be agreed to. Mr. Baldwin thought the or1gip»| amendment weoc tar be^ lievrd the price pot ap,„ laoda would be a folScltac check aa« oa fpecuUtnie Ferbapv It wauli be well, be faid, tn divide every a^ fcroatf fquare into (mall trada, \f fpecaUtora bought the large trtda, when the (kifll oota came lo be lied, tlicy would dluida and frt| theira—or. It the large trada rep malood In the bandi at govef|g|^„i they might afttrwarde be dividnd in! ta fmall lota. He thought |i befi commence th# bufiotla with Uriiw * and itnall lota.    ^    , Mr. Maclay wai of opUUn ifiaA ,1,. tommlm. •, j, prefeuf bill ban principa fly lUcfVor t kf.< U vU V, if • ,i,4« ST'.i.fS > i - f

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