Page 2 of 12 Mar 1796 Issue of The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Read an issue on 12 Mar 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - March 12, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio ««llaneout    dated    in    the report of the i>ecretary to the Trcafafy^ot the t jiirteenth uf December lall^thcre be appropriated a (uin not exceeding thirrecn thourand dx hundred and leveoty tvro dollarSj and nine centa'; that i* to lay :    .    ^ For the maiutinancc and fupport of light hpufes, beacons, buoya, public picra. and (iakeage of channels, bafs and (boali, twenty four chuu-'land dollars. To repay Daild LenoX, late War-(hal of the diilriw^ of Pennf)lvania, ior payments made with the appro* haiiou ol the judge of the faid dit trift to (uodry perfons for fummorr lag jurors to attend thedidriét tourt ol r^cnnl'ylvania, upon the trial of foudry perfons committed for high treafon, two hundred and filcy Ux >dollars, and eighty etfht cents. For the ptyinenc of a balance, due to Lewis Pintard, agent for Americio prifoncrs, in the city of New. York, during the. late war, foui hundred aod twenty nine dollars and twsntT ohe cents. for the payment of a balance due to the feprelcncatives of Tbemas Smith, late commill«ry of the loan Ofhcelorthe ftaie of Pennlylvania nine thoufand and eleven dollars and uioaty fcven cents. For the pn^ment of a balance due to ihs ri-prefentvtites of jofeph Clarke, late commiflfoner of the loap ofhco f4.r the of Khode-lfland one chouf rid nine hundred and feven* ty four dollars, and three cents, /or rhe difcharge of fuch mifcel* lanoua >dernands agaiod the United gt>tea,'oil)rr than thofe on account Oiih»*tifil dcpartnieiU, but other wife jprovided tor. and which fliall ha^e been afcertained and admitted, in due courfe <*f fettleinent at the ,treafuty, and which are of i nature According to the nfage thereof, to require payment in fptcie, two thoufand dolbrs. Sec. 3. .^od be it farther enlded, That the feveral appropriations herrín before made, (hall be paid and jiriiarged one of the fund of fix hondred thoufand doliara, relrrved by ibeaLi ** maktng provifiox for the debt of the United States. jüNAI IA.M DAY TON. S^pcaker of the Houfe of Peprrfentatives. JOHN \DAM.S, Vice Prrfideni «f theU.S. & Prefident oftht ¿cnate Approved, Feb. 5, f7y6. GEOHGk WASHINGTON. Prefi. dcit of thf United States. Depofiicd among the Koflt, ¡» tit ofHce of the department of State. TIMOTHY PICKtRING. Secretary of State. aAth [anowry, 1795. Ikid the 5r(l and ftcond time, and commitTtd to a Committee ef the whole Houfe, on*Tecrdsy next. A BiLL tftabl'iniWg CfTices for the falc of LANDSin‘ihe territory nortb*wc(l ef thrrlvtr Ohio.' dec. I. It'enaAed by the Si'» JJ rBit't tild houfe of re* frtfeiitatf^ e« of the United States of America in rnngrrfs aSeinbled, that two offices (bsU* b# edabliibed for tbs fale ef the Undsonthe north* wed* fide of the fiver Ohio, in wlilch theiltloeof the Indian tsihcs have been eaiteguiihed r chst one of the ftid olfirts (hall he heprst the fkat* of goeeromcnt of the United StattSi •00 tbe-othtr in the territory north* wed ef the rivec Obio : ihnr the Co* periiweedaots of Hie fsid offices (baU, Ctverslly, before Yhty enter en the execution nf their odlcei, uhe td osih or aiirmaiiow thst they will faithfully execute the duties oif their refprdive oMicts,^ tad that they will nut purchaft in tlitir owiv ntmr, or that of any eiber pcrfniri any nan wf the lands Intruftedthem to TeUon* > behalf of the United Statett Sec. 1. And be it furthtr ewsAed, That the fuperlnteodsnt of the land omcc It the feat of loverameot ol the" United States, ^11 caiife ilio ^ Uadi DA the ikocih Vfd fide of the rirerOhio,in whicb the litlei of tbe^indiau tribes haie been extia* gulihed,'ttnd which have not already been difpolVd of under the authority ot the United *tates, tobcforvcy*-ed, and parallel lines marked (iiroug)i the fame, at the diflaiict of iix miles from each 01 her, in fuch manner as (hall be n:oll convcnin.t lor dividing lic faid landi, where iney wtÜ admit of fuch diviiion, iuto tovvnfhips of fix miles 1i|uarr ; and mail caufe the (lations in the faid, which will he the corners of the faid town/hips when laid od, ro be dhlifictly marked with progrcilivc numbers, from thelbeginning of the firfl of the faid parallel linea-»; and (hall alCo caufe fv cry diUance nf a mile between the faid Aatient 10 be diflinctly marked , that a fair plat of the faid land;>, defcribing the laid parallel lines and Rations therein^ according to their numbers, (kail be 'returned toetch ofthe f^id fuperiii* tendants. to be by them kept in their relpectivt officel. Sec, 3 And be it furthef emfted, That the faid itnda (hall be fold on-• y in traHs of three miles fquare, which (hall corner at one of thebe* lore mentioned (tatlons, and (hall bt bounded on one fide hy one of ihe be. fore mentioned parallelltnes. i hat as foon as the faid plota are return* ed to iLe fuperiotcndanti, the fupe** intendantot the ortice at the feat of governmsat of the United Statci (hall, for the rpate of give notice in the fevrrat Rates and territories, by the poblic pripis and other wife, that propofals will be received by the faiil fuperifttcndiots during the fpace of for «ny traft or trafis of the faid lands, bounded as before mentioned, at eiiy price not lels thao two dollars per acre : that the faid prepolals (hail he delivered fealed, (lall be k'*pt fofeafed during rlie vvhole time in which the propof. els miy b> received^ 1 hm atief tbt‘ faid time ffijll lfa\e expired, the faid propofals (hall be entered in a book in the ofhcea refprHively, and thefaiJ foperintendanis (hall inter*-cbange copies of the books fo éiade by them. That at a day cerrain, Co be previouily fixed in the before men* tioned notice, the faid fuper||rteiid-ants (hail declare, who are catitledf 10 the faid feveral traAs of lands which (hallbe determined as followa.» The perfon who óRert the highcR price for any traff of land, (lull be eotitred to a pre-emption ¡0 the faid traét i aod where two or more per* Tons wffer Hie fane price fof the fame trad, thopre emptien (hall be determined by k)t, to be dra'wn at the (hat of Governmear ofthe Uoir-ed STates, in pfeffnee ef the fecretti riea of ótate, and of tie creafary. Sec. 4 And be if further eaaded. That the perfon who ffialf be dr* dared tobe entitled le the pre rmp* tieo of any    ef fand, (hall, within ten Ays rbereaffer. ptfy to the tretfurer of the United Slates, one half the fum by hiai oRered f< f the faid land, uolefa liis prepofala were wade ce the 0 per in tc oda 01 of the office iathe faid tcrrifofy ; in* which cafe he may, if he preftr'h, pay the fame to That'in.cafie of fallore in the perfon who (ball be entitled to'tbe prc^dmp* lion I* asy tred ef land, ;o pay 'the faid half of the fum hy him oifcfed, within ten daya; aa aforefaid, the perfon who made the ifext hlgbrR ofTer for the faid traft, of Iv ctfe of dcciCon hy lot, the perloaNof whom-was drawn the next higheR ouMhér, (hall have' the pre-emption Ih the faid land. Off iba térros ol ptydient . before mentioned* t that 00 paymtnr of the faid moiety' of the money of, fered for any. traéeof land, by^be peribn having the pre.empuoii of^ ihof^ffie, the feprrintrodnet j>f the ' officw where the propofal was iUde, (bdl give to Hit faid perfiin aTer^* tificate thereof, containing : aw rX.> < ad dtfcrlptten of the land fer whiHi I he fame waa paid, and dccUriegi that the faid perfon (hall reeelie • patent for the faid land, if he itill ay a like fum to the treafórer ofthe tiu4 biniti| wUhia the fpiRt <oT i: twelve monthe. That the fupérin-trndant of the land ofhce, m the \T*at of |,overnmeni ot the United hiatfi, (ball on piynicat 6Í the fnm of money mentioned in any luth certificate, to the irtalurtf ot ll>c United States ; grant the trad ot' land tor which the fame wns paid.; by patent under his hand anti.the leal ef bis office, andcounterfigoctl (>y but all right, title and claim to any ttad of land (hall cetle and determine, un-Jefs the payment (hull be complected in twelve months, as aforefaid i and all moniei he^ore paid tor the (hall be forleiied. That the laid fuperintetidants (hall record all cer* tfficates of patents by them refpec-lively iffued.and (hall make returns thereof tmdcr the direHion ot the Secretary of ibaTreafury ; and the faid (hall make a liR of all ptteois by him ionteriigned. bee, 5. And be it further entHed, That    before    he (hall receive any monies under this act, (ball give bond, with luffitient fecority, that he will (siihtuUy account for and pay all monies by I .m received under the authority thereof Sec. 6, And be It further enaiited, Thai the folLiw ing ires (hall he paid to the (aid iuperintcndaotv/or the I'er vicfs required, vi¿. For receving pro* pofals of purchale for each traa ol 3 miles fquarct 2 doltari; tor a certifi^ caie for each trad of f mile^ fquare, tro dullara aod fo^ a pateii for each trad tf three miles fquart, ten dol • lars. And the faid fees (hall he the fund for paying expealei incu'red under this td, and for that purpofe (hall be at the difpofal of the Fred dent ot the United Sttiet. And whereas from the insccurscy of the fiid parallel lines, there n ay be more or lets than three irilei fquare in the qnarier of any town* ffiip* Sec. 7. Be h further enaded, That this faid trads of three milei fquare (ball in all cafes, be copllracd to be a quarter of the towc(bip to which they rcfedively belong. Sec. 8. And be it further enaded. That warrcnt* for boumiei granted for* military fervicea by the United States, ffia'll be rectivable at the faid office, in payment ofthe fevrnth partof any purcbaie made under this id.Foreign intelligence. ■i^ETMOUTH, Nor, i'^, The fleet deRiocd for the Vfeft indies, paflkd proudly by ihii Roft 00 Ibdrfday lift, wilt) a fair wind, and exhibited a grand and H»autifol fpedacle ; but alafs ! the feme has beeocbangrd to horror and difmay. In the courfe of the night ihv wind changed to the weft.ward, and blew a pcrlfd hurricane. Mat ay of the tranfports unable loRreich Out far enough to clear , FertUod Head, were*droVe on ffiore on the Pebbley beach, Where the moR tremendous forf ran that hat been known in the memory Of man, and condquently dalhed to pieces. One (hip with aoo fotdiers, and their officers oa hoard, funk within ao fitboina of the (bore, and not with-Randiog their piteous cries, and the efforts they made to fwim, there waa atardiocfs la offerlag themafGRtace, and only tew were able to fart ittem. (elves,.    '    '    • In the aburfe of an boor, (lirte 0* ther ffiipe tient to pieces', and all 00 board pcrrKhcd; except (¡fteeo, a mong whom is an officer*! wife of the aérh dragoons 1 her huffiind was drowned, aod (he wia (ick in bed wben the (hip Rroch. She wet wt-* raculoufly forced through a port ' hole, carried naked onlhore,-ind hat been ever flace in a (late of de. lielum. Several veflels were loR along the coaRi and we much-fear thofe on botrd(k$rcd ainiiarfatti AdiuagR ihf riitjioM tre IJci'tmnt    p.,r_ •ticj a fur,,or.: li i, inf to ^licrtaln ih, rHn'brr ib.t Viflitd ibut I ccuntrd 3Í5 de:,'| dies drove -.nioie, mai.).    ,|, / «►r.meh, atid otLeri aie Uuxrv sa. pcaring Amcricun. Occurrences. . PHlLADtLPHiA, Ktb. |6, KxiraH of a letter, dated .Augulla, Jéii. lé, lo a gemltihun in this c.t)! •’We have hud « this pl,cc of the moF alarming aS well ai . unit 4ctr:ii-tive inanditinnt thu ever hij.p. I.rj, Ihe o!d<R iukabl-tanis rrraembrr nothing like ii, nup is Kierca fngle «ppcir»ncc^»»f ihcr* ever hiving been fuch aonebchirr. I he waier in the Savannah river roi'e thirty (cci above luw watep mark. Ihelireets nf AiipuRa were, on. in average, a t i#n ui/4cr water ; m m.ny pUcesfroin $ to 6f-<.:    ,j. on with lucli rapiiliry, tk^i jf,* inlub’gnnts were taught in Hur bouies.-^ tnivciful, alarm, pufl. (hd, nil ranks of people.- In this (iruHiK u. it rcifaincd for aboOt (i ree di,\s r the uimolt eieitioiis were ufed Lv* foinc to proci^rc baals, an i hy in (K . ing; relief were rrndrreu to ihc.o who were in the mofl ¡mmcncui Jar ger~ h<»rfes^ cattl.* and Rack of a.( kinds vSefe fwepr off by tbj deluge, I am happy to iuform you mat no &i ^ was drowned. *• Many hoofcs that Róod^on faiini contiguous to the river were rairicd away. Some individuals have lutt 10 the aMount of ten thoOfand dillar#. Thr werchanii of this town h**vc been confiderable lofcri, particalariy ia fait,tobacco, Ac,*' Ia Cl F! y A TI, Maxcu la. Extrai^ of a I'eHer from 1 gf ntlemd in Oreeovillo, to his friend in thil place, dáfcd Feb. ay, I7^fi* I YESTERDAY wav a day of neril rijuicirg befe, the fourcc rf difyord Ocittg tar removed Irom u», all animufitles were fofgoVleo, trJ olficer sad foidier joined besrt pod band ta| celebrate the aufpicloos r.rv uiverUrf ot our beloved* Frefidcnf . Ihe Frccral RardariT, wbiíh had been furled fiucé the fword was (lieathed. roic with the jun to ibc ctjt, ol ao etevated Rsff. fmrtt whence ih-5 Americin Rtipes were (IKplayed durmg the day . At itnOn a tfilrr.if falute, not from the fsvcnie Iquirt?,/ but from a Htrtery of well clutyi»d fix poundetv* I lie offirers of il.e arnrty dined* wi»b the .Arigad’.rr Orne *'il, and (ordtally tiniied in the (ol-lowirfgtoafts and feniiments : I 1 tie Prefideni, (a federal faliftt.) a The Senate, J The HouRé of Deleyatiei.* 4 The hot». James M'Henry, fecretA' ry of War, and patron ot ih^ army, 5 The Comtnandtr in Chief. 6 Miniilcrs at home and abrond. 7 Thq immorral mertioty of il*» ^ Keriics who fell iu defence of American Liberty. 8 The government of our oounlf¡ff may it eodorNfor ever. 0 Subordination and obtdierco' botroihed on a fenfe ot dt.'y* 10 May harmony-, mufual ernfideuce. •od'broibrrly .atff^ion nia’k the MHifary character. 11 A fpeedy reconciliation ta the Bemecrars and AriRocrat®, dpoo the qoalihFd ground of • pcrfootl right and public lafe *^ ly. IT* Charity and muttv» forhearanre, l'3 Ma) we be (hues to nought buD '-Jiitd trieoos la rwoghr^ hiif merit, 14 Mirth, innocence, frlebdflilp eo® good fértnire. I) The day, and all who honor ft. Conviviality, glee ar.d good* ho moor reigned o^ery where, and the jufund fang* nud* the* faftive gjafei^ \

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