The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
27 Feb 1796

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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
27 Feb 1796

Read an issue on 27 Feb 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - February 27, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio '^he A í A^ '- . \ -, - , -1^:* '•*•* t ...... 'm E N T 11^''^'L •    I    • WES T ERN Of tM a i •y. Vol. lili J t ■ N O-lifTf *    '    ,    -^    •    .    .    -    ,    v«' 6 .;iPr:¿f.v ÑbíMílMAéki Open ló áll    nanik frit! ftr M»»am i jo tenii.) C I N C I N N i» Ui, r: ' >. Í5fc 'í nai'itaMiyiiyiüiij ¿ I.*. u i. ^ mu\ ét) ffi^ íT -, i 7?vHh jLmáérn TfiOMAS GIBS OS i    \ — > '^    ■ HVSjuft Imponed • Urge .f 1 fO VH U fortiaent ot r>rjT tíoodi. Gro- J    v^V/i* vJ AVi-<»J J lii ñáiíf mwbt Jj jí' ; ti .-.'I •eriei. Hard, iiid Crockry Ware, oí almiAevery ariícU in demand—AII ivbi4^ ibíW bfl 1‘old ún ibe mo(t reá** íbotble temía. Cii*ctanatl, Dec. 34. l/fS. 4V y HOUSE OK REPRESENTA nV£% Kfldtj Jtoaaryti [CcMittiiiied 'frQA oár tád) FOffNb, OS the 7 th inst. A small «úm of money, the oiamer by ap piyino, and deacrihing i't to the Printer hereofi may have it again. Ctaai«otci| Otfe ttp tJ^S* Has/o r sale adjoining to Mr. Francia Wiifoir, in Ciocionari, t great ^ulntity 9Í liquori At fóllowi, vi< Peach briodr, Apple brandy Chrfiy-k*tuoct, Cordial, (iinn and .Cider, ^irkewife Apples, Kit ur, led, coúa try Lianei, LiiKy and a number ot j| iod c«rtld >BaGS; which he will tel I oa rcafooablt terios tor ca(h or good t“r.    .    . Henry Noble.. 1*0. If, tiyd . Y. S. A«* iwrd,’* Aten'tleA r'** i| i^afc a good new Keal bottom Boat, forty feet long, ma^ h^ve one by ap-plying to the f'ibfcriber above men tioned. alto t Auaniity of good flax-teed either here oV ac johO Arm-\lrong, Efq in ^ olambia. / (^HE amendment before the bodl^, at thif parcicoter place of 4 ‘o«ie, Wat in ftioRanCe M tollo ulleid of faying in the rcpofj^t ^ ‘le j idge of the difirió! ol iNeOii^ laii Ih )ald be refuelled to atte^cR^ admini.ur the oaih th wHtietRa ot letiall of the prilWér, the thM|Kl neoc p. opofcd to ilrike out titf u words, and inlert ro all wlraelb^. 1 bi« Lil amriidoieiir went to the om ot all the arg*imeot*'of fhtt fay tor it plainly included the merabers of the boufe.    f Mr. W. Smith rnfc aftermr. Ifar. per, and remarked-, that if the i^oc- rrin laid down by that áea^leiBan wat right, it was a judieial proceed* ing altogether, iitid the floufe’ mó leeu io the wrong fram the beJlti^ ioK to the end of the bjRtfre He ‘ 'outd opnilic the preCent mocioafn every polHblefiiape andtt igeol^t/l^f if we mull go on bx jadkftl fv#4, we mull have a grand jury &c. ,, atv'iew^a* ^|AÜE fubfcrthere begs leave to in ^ R rdrm their óld cuRomers and the public ia general that they have lud received a lar|e fupply of Dry Goods, Groceries and iromtiongT), whi4i annexed to their foi*iiicr very large tdorcment Arill enable Ihetn to fell by wboUrate and retail, at the m'ofl reduced prices, él they are deiermin ed to fiipply all thofc, who will pleale Io cali oa them if (QtiMré on beii'er lerms thAaany Other houfe in the CAuhrry, and much more moderate^ ihio forólti’iy of which they hope to' kobelnee, all ihofe who will pteafc (o fbvourihem withtbeii cuRoiq. I & A. HUNT. , Ciacio»itl,:Dtc. 24.1795* , N. Í. The faddlery Hnfincrs being farried od by them with conlpteac ind finiibed workmaofhip, «oy peri >0 - I1-- %yjt cottid not tell titud ¿óqvert into a court of law. If sSe motSl^^ pafi, he gave o*)tice of dH^n to move that Robert Randal and .baríes Whitney, dio*»d sedifmiBVd from the bar of thr houle, end ch^t the Prefileac of Ae United States Ihould Jc req jfRfvi to peofecurc ihem for thrirolftnee in one of the federal courts. Kilty /our gentleman rofc in fupport of 0c amendment, which was csrrfed The houfe'Mien sgreod to the report of the committee of, privileg^v . and at aquifer bofmre--four o^clo 'k. adjourMd till Moodayj ucxi St eleven o cioi k. Monday, January 4. ts From the Mh^S\GE. frelident of the Ststee.. United Gentlemen of the Senate and of the, Houle of Reprefenranves, ** A letter from the Mtntiler Pit-nipottntlAry of the Kenrh Republic, received on the J2d of loA mooth, covered an addrcfs, dared the itil<of from thf- commitroe of to the reprclenratibbs Oct. 1701. ViilAa w>i«u««w    ------ e.n h# ».D^l/ru|JpUt<l ill yii't line b,- p,(,lic Utty. to the reprelenrui^, WltolhiAU o. retAll. '    of the United Scatei in Cangrefetaatl —    ——-    I alfo irtlbraied me that be was in- • ---- PÍ/BL1C NOTICE , IS hereby given, to all per-S0114 who nave engaged wiihi Capt. Isreal ¿udlow and his ’ associates,'to make actnal set-: 'ilemenl'within the town Day-r|on»at thh conijucnce of the Big Miamkandl Mad rivers, that 1 shall attendatthátpiaCé on Afot^ay the .aSth instant,! to lay of} tneir several inn and -out lots, being duly authorja'f ‘ ed to that end.    .    ! John i)iMtlop, Surveyor, .. Chi.t4»»ii. Jas. 14* (Iruclcd by the committer lo prefeiu to the United Scales the itoloors of France. 1 therefore propofed to ra-caivA them lad KridaS, •the fird day •f the New fear, a day oí feaonl joy and cofigratuiaHon. On that dty tilt minider of the French republic delivered the cotoiira, with an addrtfs, to wbinh I ^titreed ao an* fwer. By the lacttf the hoitfe will feb thiti kavt<ÍAfn^d che miiiKier, that'the col«Niti ¿iihke' deiwdiied with the nrcihlvea V)fi the United .itaiet, Bsit'itfeetifd'Cu'eae piwper pfevlondjr exhibit ’ eo the* Itao hoafea mf Cwngrtff thef» enldtlKti .ef the ContUiued frienddiipiof the . Frenckffpohiic, together with the fentKnenta exprrfbd* bp eee^in the OmaAni U MmU éf tU United ,^vet Tbty áIt liébkirllH C6« WA<Hiuatt«u Uaitci Stttn. 4tV I V ttrárúkaioñ,) rb« ReprrfMutiM, of tbs ñriiíeh •Vopl*. cookpafiag tb« CpiamiitM or VoSlic    of    tbt    N«ti4a,| Coaireiitiott, cli,i^d Qy tlic laor of the ijihfriaidpr. wlib tbedircJU - 00 of forciip. Rthtioiu i r0 t'Ko EcpiylMtMkot of Uk Chit. •<* »o Cowgrofr tffcnhkd. CHrtMt Fepresenlattvei^ . fVoco’oiftlost «rhleb Mtoro, „• ciprocol'cAan *od a btppjr coaoar* feoco of cir«d«itaaeM ha*., toniail ••«twcca too f«o adkioM, crabot •01 bo lB<l)0ohiblr.< T'oo* bM* ilrra((tbcii*d tbofo facrcd tiM if I he dfcUrith>o«, whkb tbo Miafller i leoipoteaiiirybf ilie Uaíiád 'Statn h,d made, ia jroor asim. CO tho Na-iionai CeoeeotiM, and td tbt freocb people. ‘ i'hey’bt*e-bco* 'raoeifcd *i h raptare b, a H<tW,<Wbo'Kao# •hiab Ibe Uaited »at<* Hava ohed to iboM of tbtir a«fea ioiij I Ift to- loor* of both nirioat; «Bhrd io tW centre of ba^ Naiionaf ¿oa«.at(tfti2 will beao owrUaingéoMoaco oftha p»lt Vi^ihe Ihntod ttaiob baeo rr public ■    —    «--- • Too were the fil'd defend erf of thf Rfghie of Min.'in ^ootner Ktlaif'* piwr gdrengtbeoet! by yoor iAtmpIe andendowid with en loviucibie ed* ergy'. the French people' have vAr|-t) Mdied tdat tyranny, which, dnring lo< many eenruriea of igno'aoct, ik* perdifioA.aad bafenefs, had enchain * ed a gencrmis oat ion. • Soon did the people of tbt United Surca perceive, that eftry vidory of ourtttirengthneed their irdepend-ence and happioefs — I hey were deeply sSedrd at our ihoaientiry msaforrunet, occafioned by ireafoni parchafed by Eaglitb gold. They ,nive celebrated with raptare the fucceHetflf our brave armies-A>Noue of thefe f^mpalhetic eitimolioni hav^ efrapcd the Cenfibiiity ol the french nation. They have all ferved to ce-meuT themoA intimate and foliduni* OA that hat ever exitted betwtfo two nations. The chiten Adet, wbo will refid^ near your gavernment, in qualiry o.t Mifihter plenipotenrlary of the French republic iifpecially ¡nflrodedtottgH ten thefe bands of fraternity ahdmu* * tuair benevolence. We hope*that be• iWay fulfill tbit principal objeá of his mifiion, by a eondud wdrrhy of -the confidence of both natioiis, and ^ of the reputation * which bid patrl-otif.n and yirtae hare acl^alrfdi him. An analogy of political prlnclptea, the natural relation of commerce and induAry the tflortt and jmmeAfe fácr'ificei of both nation^ ki^the' defence of liberty and AquxHry A thti hioAd which they 1fn vie I pilled toge* fber -»-<»thAÍr avowed haired for deJ IpOfi V -«the difidtereOfdhtra df tbefF eoQACHs] and yfpeefalfy rhe* fbtcefq othhA-^ votes wRIehiHley had# made In prtfdkicd of fhk Bhpreine Rafbg, \o be free or die, ^All cOHibidi ^fd fdn-, dor indtrftfuftible ' the' tdlíilifidnt whkkthey hnvA'tArmld* •I>dk5f1k:irrf t‘yraótSi«^y¿nW prR^;.rtteb>7«¡;53 . _    ..WW    ,    »r«.Y¡RJ» f reseliaiab^^ lanatbv    pmsii 1 .bl««. U4>Htftii, *UI a^aaliji fajavc. IbalT    iht iiÍ»in.l;bÁ wlH Ml AM«ir1cka «in FM||S llatiéM, ItíU    Vi I. s. i. otbmr: ^ MiiRLiN MSaim afc. ' iiéOApler, it4j. .    ’    ■‘.ii- r.l*bMl)r tnn0ti«4 RÍÓ tWvH^. id, Ijr • Gci / Tiltil, (Tratislati(}o) lir.,Fr«li<tenc,., ' t co«bl.t(>    i^rftlf f. •»*«» Í-I aoa.., S'*"*'* I ]^^p,}44k,rán«»ÍM. the old^    «foeO kc'r^W## tktcniUhd aRGi tanllTreé people, ihe 4aAt tjvrlr iiHoFcAo bieoded miti bey Awnr.nAJ áoétMlrr rejuictd la ibtir fSdortAs'^ «ebkb lA aifuriog AO bhr the eujoyMMl of Vtghtif betAoid ta tb^nmA.g^intu tee ol their indeptodaocAi . The Ceo|laAnti, whicb bbiilArA tb« Krvncb Aacion, from iJiodAM m iholr Fe^itloQ» bad. ncáoJlAod jneST firengtb &see the Fqt^aAnn gf república Fmoce^ttbAf Hm#»bkibé form df ha goeeníment» AfibllAteá ro, or tatbcr ibdAhitdril' wlti IFof people,Yaw in.cbem only frksrtln am| brotberh. l.oog «Accoftomeé. lo r«r gard the AfnerVyat K*np)nA%|ioA,bMlt laithial allifA, Ibe bas foogbi tb ' clorerthf dea alreádr formed thnul Adtis of Amelrlcn^ under ibe ti»(Jpte^ of fiáotjfe pm ibA-mlil of fyrao* ^ rbt-NAiUohl Cboveiiiio\i« tkt df* gan of tilt will of ti^ Frhncb mndohi have more than ottct ebpFftChI fentimenti to ÜNf Amtrican pboplt-^ bur ibo^A tbh& biHI foHb od that auffuft dny^    |ihi||)|lcip of the Unhcd Stitts oiftibnUd to tbk national reprelfiuaciott, Ibe cnlottirt of thh. aiMiOuy.. DeSrittfE neehr I» lale^edolledloiá^MdteF 'Ib’Kbtbtl^ meU as they osuft be tw AWilrltAllh« the cooStoikHi nrdnicd coiouri fbould be plaied I» the bdU of their (itiegt. They kiií di^erU Httedtlcbietiont. too tgreeablh * */ t ,é - J hot AO ctqft tboAi to be parukcb "bf |y tbtlr Aliles, and dtciwed >btt W tbéih the eAttohit ueioudi fbhiSi bm ptereAiAd.    *    ’ L« .Ml, preRdhbti I dlrildf éoubt tbrlf expiiCUtlneA wMl be foKilkd ] M I am cénhiliaeé that btery will rt<blvr4.w}ih a plbalin^etliotloi], ihie bag, rite where iht ler rlr of th# cbtdllflA of HbAVAf Í jMtw 4^ :iilijpiadga 4k. •*T    -

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