Page 3 of 13 Feb 1796 Issue of The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Read an issue on 13 Feb 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - February 13, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio , f nM, fhiU    hk    fetitli- , ^ rij , uniei'' liieré (ho'iiKi cxifl ag4Íit!( Hiiin .iccül’icioniíreUíiiig ro rhc con-j    1    jtH    Vcttdítíuue,    5tU a'L^:uI»cr. Aric. 4^i>*    criiim    dtfin^d by thé yMi.ilcoJe, fhrfli be puniihcd »aciurd ,, Mr (be flUblidied f^rai, except t-.Ji afd'iftih.    , Art, 5rli. In th^Te caf-i wbere the n .n i>( ai-curat.'^in is mixed. anJ cou« i.rni;>’aici ar-ch« laiuc liine pur< ly r?l i(i^é I** <'he rcvouiltdH. end other , .iri tlehiicd h) the peiut code, the ^ ' uVcJiíoii end judgment can ouly be , I i\) luuuccJ ua tne Ut,rr. ¡\rt. 6:ii. nil ibofe a^ho fiufl be ac f ilrcl public IkealtU, fXlorii 5 I id. pcculjtÍ4»n. 01 Ioappli^ation tjndf. *r any áthcr ilmlUr calé« ^'i'.cli liuy have Happened daring or i,'i aecourrt of the-rtvwluiion, inav be • •) LÍtcut#J, either *jy the iiatUn, or 1./ uov ciu/.ert wf.o Huy conceive lujortd'- builiiot'e Facta can o ,:y be iultUnted Incivil courts,.ind 'Ti’iciy to obtain rcilititioii ac the 4 iff may br. \wrihout riiv;urrii)g any oi!.er pHoinimeut. iNoveniHer I r. Thit morning arrived Nfr. Major, |i»Mi daiic.aud .'Ir lialfrt ironi the ..f jtiili aiiHv on the loniinent. I vu»‘ lii iiU utU arnvrd but tlir leitrri \i.‘i r I» jt delivered uui^lC^eii the pa* p.raci¡c 10 prcli i wo mure nuilv wi* ? on the road. VVc w«.i, Ituwcvcr, U.iic the MiuW'ing authentic parti* V Jarc I he of all tlie dUirflera cxpe f e;iccel by tIic t\-cuch, arofc from v*t-v>lairtayt luving    ihr iine vl nruir»H»y, by ir.arvinpg ovtr the :.i.juatiiiit Ufar OppriiliMm. ai'tl by i^tat means gaining the | laint be*fo>e iVi.iktart, tJytodo.og. he dankrd I'.ie ^’ret*.•h arirtv Imorc VJcnrz, and i Itireivlt int the unroíldíOirder. Króni iIk I3(h foilie 24 h ut Oifl. The of the acc(tnnt> irom frank-Ijrt, Itere wcir tidily cngageriienrs, i'-evciy one ul* MblcU ine ,%üúnaiM v-rre vict*»riom. VVc cannot cuter Into the detail*. . ^    Mail r^ffice. ’ • P. S. ^ialf paH ;i)*ctóclc ‘ VUltop ?hz t'le prefs to fay ibar lult* an lioui fiMce a H.ciPcngfr irrifed trom Meni¿ • ‘i. i! i'dirpircle* from Wn. ( lairfayt, diMd the uttinii*, containing the news of bis l.ftving obitiftd tbe ^reaietl vi^of) obtained dutirg tbe *J\f|by drj/i>4 Krrncn ar- • H.ies'wivlch were before Mayence, 011 TiK left biBK Ttfttt.Inline, with Ibc iJi of til lUe artillery and biggage. vUniheUme day Gen. \\ urailrr at. tacked the French before iWaobciin Vilb e^uál (uccrfé. LlVERPUUL, Nov. 1>. By the Stag, captain the lUftOHali, jyliich failed i^th vrpt.^TM Hiberii’a, V> ilfmi, of Ónhlin, wat rofe upon by five Sptnl-t-ds* which be had onboard as lea, who cot the ihraati of the eaptain. lecond mate, and carpeu-tcr, and threw their boditfi overboard : the chief mate bad thre# mil icroft hit throat, but, wiib two he broupht the (hip into the iíjvannab.* The five Spanjtrds took t'.ie boot flfld landed at the Muro. 'The governor inuncdiitely difpaich* * K 1 patty oif', who took them, and I I.i a4kort rime, they were all eaecuf r vi in ibo pWIbwce of capciin M j^uty, on the S9px. their bodies lered, and ib«»r heads bung in caget. M’he govcfBoriook all the propercy, and inretidcd to difpofe of it, and re* fi>ic the irtiount of the lilci to the vwoera in Dablia* \ : American Occurrcnees* PHILADELPHIA, Jawiryii. . A letter from • gestleman ¡0 Char* h‘^^0111 of the ^i(f oft. mentiona ** That Chiif Juttice' Kulledge, 00 //itorday laft, tttempted ta drowo iiimfelf, but wai taken out of the water by foine negroca, it is faid he ha§ difcovtred fyoipt»i(it ofderaogt. ii<eni for fome weeki^aQ/' A letter !r>m Lémdoo oftbe }th of Nov* received by lb# petketlVoo^ taini the follewmg Infofmottoti.*^ IHiat M, Monneron waa cm power td to treat ot peace, evtn to the. rtlld-^aiibment of Audrian Flandel^t V the negocianon with the Bricilh govern* m«jt was commenced, and proceeded with rpirit for fevera! days, wfien, ill coefeqoeace of the party who fenc ojt M. idoonerjo being thrown into tiie inliioricy, probably 00 the qaelU* on relative to annexing the Low countries to the French republic, new inilriictions were feni to bins, ill ^#h^ch he was ordered to inlift 00 i inexing Oel^ium to the Hepubtic at HI i.idiipeniiole dipaUtioi. In con l*4'JC(ice of this, the iiegociationi wjrc im ucdiucly broken olf, and M. donticron returned 10 France. Fbr war wi% growing pnpopul tr, on accojut ul the fcurciiy which •ccalinied great fufertaga amoog til; poorer cUls ot cttixsos. We have feen a fample of deitiy j priiiiingpAper, one half the co*vipo* fitiou or wiiich, is faid to be law of ilic afp wood, 'Musis a fur-tiitr difcivery of Mr. tíijdii» íh: paper isrqul n appearance and q laliiy c > I 11. iiiM If ri‘¿i alone* wiiich is fiii ijr mure than iwo dollars a ream. The above i> a very ufefjl a i4 i<n« porrant difcovery aad .ncrit* the 111 41 .‘it Ciicoiri^t ne-K. fne faviog of ngi lor the á ler fycjiei *if paper will cnibie our rnai ila.turera to t i end :n;ir bull i.d-i fo as t i fardilh 4 much more competent fupply. WASHINGTON. Jan. 19. Lad New-year • day departed this life. 1:1 Jnij ^.ojiuy, V^irgiuM, Capt. Samuel Hrady, who died atiera tew days indirpofi ton,from an appoplectic ilrjkc occatijiied, as it is fjppo4Vd.,t>y ilie fevere injuriet hts cunitituiion bud received, and the violent fatigue* he for fcvrral year* pall uiidcrweiaí^ in me fcrvice of the dronticfi of this' cn tarry Hciug ored ou rhc Unique*. iiAnan, men a much eapafed froutter, be cariy acqsirtd a koiwiedge me woods, and other neccflary qualifica* iiaui IOC m.ileic a Ironcier loldiec. —• 'ronpcfd !»y i tondiicfi for 1 mttl*-tary lire, !ie errtered the fervice ia 177). and (narch.*d to Boilon at a vo* luocecr wlica only alad of 17 yean ot age, and >ery Toon diliinguilhed hi uieif 4¿iint the enemy, iu na*iii¿ 4 Lapiaio’i cotuiniffion in liic 'MU Pc.iutyUaaia iiegiment, he marched to »lnlbargh, when hi> career or In liiii'Warrare co umancrd, in w.iich .ic sftcrwards fo much lig-nalifed himfeif. di* rink trophy was a fclip. taxeu on the Al^gSehy, on • II cxcurli'jn 10 Company wi-h a IrienUI) udun. His fccoud exploit was me deieating, with five or ux flica, » parry uf fifiéci» Indians, kill* tog four and taking ihcir furs knap-facks, ¿tc. This #vas on the Thilk;-niiietas. At a j m;ture .vnco iniclli-geacf was warned he penctra«ed wiih a friciiAly Indian lo lUf .Sandal ky tow us, at the diltawce of iy2 miles from Fitilbirgh. and brought od* two prifoncrs. On hit return fell An wiihaparty of Indians, and refcuvd Á wumaa Irom them, by i\\c name uf Muops, who had beet taken prifoocr.aiid wiiomtney were carry-ing off from the tenlcinenn He ref. cucd,a cirtid alfu,by ihuutingihe In ' diau, bediod whom it rode, iie4^ a-bout him'wlth a cord. I he Indiana were gicatly llr»«k with the winuMi* ftawce of ins peuetraiiog to ihrir towns, and laid, we have taught the white people to make war lie was, hi fact, iurpalled by no Indian warrior in the activity and IhiU ot their OWU mode ot war i bul at ihe fame riffle had the humanity oft foldbr, and though charged with couoieu* ancing the homicide oCthe Indiini at Mackinioih fomc years ago, he wat honourably acquiied 011 iriali it appearing that thefe lurlins htd*| been at war, and t|jat capcaiii Brady had wot the command, and endeavour-c Ijfo redraio the party from the t^, O.d Ouiachfuibowg, a sblf f and warrior of I hi Senetaif appeared at tht ^rial, and gave leftimooy of ihf hofr tUf difpulitioQ of (be iodians in <|ue(V tioflfAld ibo' kaowft^lwtiiitX*rf *: '    - t '    »i*i ^eptali Bftdjf To tho lodlmt In c/lhe of peaee, Nevorthcleh tht ol^-loqty^ MÍof trjkiili ho' had M#. from a faf|Áciofl off having koUBtt** naoced cbia^ ad. prevtntvd hla ob-tainia¿ a Cimaitffiafl {«'. ibt fervlci, and lor fome yeara paft km btd adtd in flo higher capaclrr Thta Opt* of a patrol on thefrofltifÁ’s* la which R. tu^ciok he wai vígilanc tad fiilb* fol. lad feailerfd fervtce to hit country t but *deferved a mueh higher grate of employmeot^ and a more cotffiotttttalttuaiioii* - CINCINNATI, ffSRUiftT» 15. A Ltad’nii )itper of the 6th Nov. innmmckx the death of that political champion of the age, Thomas Patae, at the Hotel of ( itizen Monroe, the American Aolbtfl'ador at Paris,‘of to abcefiinhis right (tde. If this be true Amerita will oiouro in him the de-parrare of one ol their rnoft brilliant politiciY llsrt It it faid, his vFitl 1' in poflbdion of aa American, bow on bis paffage bitber. W#-acknowledge the receipt of the meeting of a number of the Inhabitaois ot ColumbU, but from its length, Is unavoidably pollponed uofU our next* A S K R M O H. I Tbit will foit toy preacher, tad'a-dapted to any audience at any tloie^ ia aoy place* ** Man is born to trouble, tf tbe fparks (ty upwardt.’^J08. BIETHRBN ! I OmiII divide my difcoufe ioto, and conñffer it aa* dcr. the "three iollowing heads: id. Maa ingreft ¡oto the world, ad. His progreii throflgh the World. And, chirdlyaad UftJjiliis egreft ^ outjiilhe srorld. tCi. Min • tn¿reA ivtw tht world la i naked and bart. ad. His progrefstbrottgk the world Is trouble iod care. And thirdly and itlUy, his egrcfi o\H of th^ world ¡I—nobody knows where. To conclode—Mf wo do Well here, we flisM do well there. 1 cao teH you no more, if 1 preach a whole year. DANIEL BUYAN Hasjust received, andopened. At (be House oí Mr, GRIFFIN I BATMAN, An Asscrltncnt ofMF.!)ICINES Tvhirh will enaMe him lo at tend, in the line of hi5 pro-fe5L<!ion* lo those Citizens, whomav be pleased 10 favour him with their custom,Cincinnati, Feb. ii, 1T96. ItHE SÜBS CRIBER, INFORMS his Frltndf ahd tbt Fob* Ik, that he has opened a (.ommiffi-oil and Vendue Store in the houfe adjoining Oeo Gordon *i, Ffq where he will receive all goods thsthe may kaiiitruÜfd with—From bit genet at •cqoainiancej(aiid that iotegriry ol charaéler be has aimed to attain, ho flat ten hiuifelf wiih the pttronagc and foppon of Kit ftllow cititciis* Veodurt to be held twice a week at 10 e'ciuck A. NL on Wcdnefdayk and hoturdays. Anthony Smyth. Ciacluui, Ick. 11,17)6^VT'AN T S Pi '. <By (he;&r>tof ■A{>ril;ni A Brick Maulderjm ftaodt Moulding in laMir^ welt recommended ^(p^f^^foliiL^ av Wall as bit profewiflil abltjipkaw ^ 00a who will aofwer the *bo«|^||w.^^,^ ícriptióii will oiooc with good^aip««.t by, inooias rrain^#^:^^sS Cii^claiiatl,Fob. ia,i7f6. - DROKEtnto ihi EndointA ot Subscriber, (the middle of last month)' a red Steel, three yean old ' this spring, a crop off the left ear. some white under ■ t6e *,be8y. The owner is reqnésttd come, prove property, eharees, and ta¿e him awaV,.tf;; ¿ Patrick.Moore: Hamilton, Fcb\ 11,1796. HIGHEST price, will be en for OLD COPPER, BRASS, ♦«. By you Nyoes Stnith Ciocinnai, Uec. i6.179^*TO the PUBLIC,. ■ . TnHESubfcriben havÍo|^p6reW’« I ed a confiderabk ^aagctfy q( ty Land of the Honorable JoM. f Symmes, F(q lyfog on thd (ktka Miami, in tbe 4th A 5th range (hipt^Ro now offer the faoio    A on tbe mod liberal prlnciolea^—Tl^* ^ * flatter tbemfelvea the Jan «oy in the purchafe, boeh Ai    > aod ktttatloQ-w-Paftkfllar t^e«ornt|9a meat will He ..¿ivtn 10 the Families thst will foirm oil the prvmifea-Aiid for tli¿tlÍ commodation» a GriS* ASew katfLf be^crr^d thefkoQ imaiedUlte|y« the rouotfy' il'tfhil/lfl pfliti tjpg both above and below, aodoilie.,„ boat to be loroied early hi tb*v«í» —they.flattér tbeoirelves oooKjs^io can be made oa that acconat b]|^tl|o4 wbowifli to fettle on thia Qdo^C^W Ohio, 'Tbofc chofiiig to' he'todé#|lár chsfertbr fcttlera ma y ksa*«4 diiioafby spptyiogto ' ' , Samuel Highway I!-*! * Evan Ban^‘ f CoUmbit, Fcbrairy 4, <796. ^    --    r    ¡I    -NiUiÉe > JS hereby given to sons fróm taking an ment-on a note othatK. by tite Subscriber to Hfnio#'' Current, btithe3oih    H en ánd ten dollars In inñni lo be delivered theist diy-éf priliieict,as he is'determloi not to pay^ntil compelled law.    * Saninel Cre$md|^' c*lmtn, »'*br«u,y' |, 1Notict, tv X    V    '    ‘    < The subscriber, begi leava to inform his friends aa d tbe* ' publiq in general that hei cam- -i* rieson the Breeches and Giitvt making Business in the iieft. est manner at his Shop o(t‘-Main street; By thiSfVf>y7<^ he flatters b¡<uselt he (hidl tain the geelgral cnstoin.V'' • 'i;bpma» WiUiaaw,' .■.M . S r ► * J ' it’,

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