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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - February 13, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio k < X i ■f ,tlif nifHiiffit be ohofe^to ce^cciveii it wd«i(i be godil^Hcj to breaV widi the man rnmedUiely ^lU raibcf to draw him on to • ciirdofere. He in con-fb(|neflCf eó'id him'^haV.lie uighi call on bim in HniUdeiphia. intormifion the prifon-cr «rut ji;e'nto ifd into c«j!(ody, di. -    be    iVtlercd to have com^ini- ciLtiiif%ilU n<> one except couiifet, til Wkept ieperare from Haudat. •A.mouieu wa* taidouhe table for ""InToffnliuba rtlative tudutiei on iai- p«HfU Wfdncfd«y Dec. John Page I rom Virginia wal -^lianittd and took his feat. > Mr. ^V. >mith next moved an a-■ üetfdmeot of the Journal to this ef fe,"t. (iUi rtie faiJ Charles VV Idtney bad^ hi ide overtures to mr Uuck to tint p'lrpofcx that he ihould iiavea 4 Ih.ire'iu liic buds to l)c piirciuifdi or iuutonfy. ,Vir. w>licl)ola8 ohjeilcj to the relV lufioh.—I hc readiugof the jouriiul Wa^ culled for—U wa-« read. Mr. ¿edgsvick bid that the original charge agiial' the man was com plete aiid lull. i)e thought the a-nirijdoiint oiiuecribry. A petiiio 1 d as ihen prcf nred from ^ Haudai, rr^oe.'tiiJg that he miglu b-' Indulged with .i fealonable tune to * make bit dcfviice, and vtiih ccui.*M. Mr. \y. ^miih m<»*ved that the pravcr of the peniittii thou Id he grant cd and Uiat'tnc tarther cx t.nit.aiiun ÜI niid be telerrcd (u a Icicct cniu-niiitee. Mr. liillhoefe had no ohjeétlon to gr oting cuunc.i. tan Wiiiingtiid * he. tbtt every nao Ihtfl make il.c belt Ucicnce uhicli i«c i* n but bring ‘ him belore ns. Acre I to decide on ' ihe criminahiy, I wouid wiUi to heat I JX'ibc cádrnce, Ai’«r feme ’orther debate, mr withdrew hi> morion for refer fin g Hand a I in a lilec! cor n.iuct ^    «»but tto; as to allussiitg him cruo Lv '~-» IMr Murray laid that lie was cicohl. for she pia*cr of tne petit s.i .V:| lilelf, ralfacr Ibari bjr acy amci d ^ merit or th^ pruooluion before t r ‘ hi'uf.—he wi.'hed lit priionrr to ' báveiiie advmiiage of alt t*'e ingerir. iiy ot ail the iouiifel be cliiik* to cn •play fit thought Kandal iniitlti *' certainly to the a:d of cunniel, ^ well uo bis caatuination us np his dr' tenic—and he htlitved that ilie flity of the Houle, as well as the * rigtits ol ibt oftc'uler, wci Id be bell * cbitfuUed hv ptroiiting him t.» every advantage. Ashe wa.soneoi f IhdV %bo diiclofed the prifooer’i crime, fo he felt bimitif-peculiarU baaad to fee that evrry indulgence * fa.itillerii with the juftice which gen* ^ firmen owned themfelvoa fbootd be •Xicnded tu^bloi.^ He felt, that the gran o. the pTtycr woeid be a parii*^ * CMiar ituU g<^nc« to himtelf. Mr. .V. .mhh was very readx to •lluw the frke^ec, lout lcl for his dMencfg fMit info doing, he wifhed It to be unferilood nut ut a matter 0» right, bji of Uvour. He Wfs ap. *. prehenfive ibat gtDjltmrn iu piotted ” log fioin vft Hep to another. > ft la i rea'on'awiy the prrvilfges o» • tlie houft •. al ogeihcr. ‘ i:ii trio d , I rom Mill^^<K^fta ,mr 6rdgwickl bad quoted Mfc»^»d*e of the cooflUt % ' lion whikh gis^ right lo bate coui. I fel in all iriaU for*crhnvi ; but it d'd - wwt V^iy lo th^ir calc, any more than ibe    which    «wmtdiatfh H^rfrclaring that all iriars •for    Ahttild be by a jurv of the VitOiiipi^ililid tftcr prefrnud by • t grai?dr|tty Ibe preleot ipquiry %t» pf> fnecial and peculiar naiuie tefahlng    tnd prit l>. Í '^ which brioogedto every legiga* • tlvo Inftitoitfn» tod wiihotit .which" covild not erlft I aa :^fi|Mty^J«rUsliaioo bU ctrtaKi pow- '    Wita    prefervatino,    fo thb t.fgi(latnrc podcfled certaio p#t^ * %il«|ta.liKU<ttt to ita fwttiTce Olid eTi > If>i£i1«or Itw acr; e*in«ce. Thlá ^ la 4aHed In kis|^Miithe piirliaqiciir ^lifdtlMi dC|j|d^ft0d procfodidgn of thefevcral 5tate l.eglflatafei.-* There Would bd I suaoifA aiHorility in contorimiig the proceedingt in ihis-csfc to the ordinary proeeedlngs at “lawii jury trials, for the-heiffc in-dead of beihg able* to protdét itfelfi wo lid be altogether dep**ndent on other bcaadt¿4 of t rcgoveroment an I in every cale of aggrcifun be obliged to f^ni the oT.-ndcrs to the civil uia-giili'Sfe.. If there wa* any slight in fuclf rcaftning as hid been htfxr^d. rhcn the hoafc \v kiIJ hire to trea'I ttvk all the uncondituiion *I ftepithey* .lad been taking and to difchar)¿; «vidioui delay both the prifontr tor the arreii by the Sergeant at arm un.l-rthe ip-akcr’i warraiU was on ly jiflifiablc on the ground he ha* nrci^iti jned. uatn *iy, the inherent ana indi^pctiubte power of feif.prcfcrvaii flu; «he bufe puli*elV*d p>ver on ofarrell had not been dcnird. b. the power of conimi'.nent was ioci’ dill' to that ofarrell, and if it p'i''cl fed o.itn nicfc liiv,b o.>Nv«*rs, it' nm* of cuiii’e(|u.*nce ; r)!!?!*» the oeccHti iiK'iJent »f 'rul of iuq'iiy. in re gilaiing 'vliich ibe honfe was nil' to o- ^ivcrnid by I's o.vii wifdon and (I Icreiion.    oCtalion    nK'* Smuh laid he felt, as he tniiled cvciy tin mber tlid. i ^)rt**>er »cipeCl lorn, ngitis of iot'iv dtralH b* ought to lit Sar as well as t<»r tliote ot the hout •vnd hchoped flu»t their condiid wouli ’>e nurknl w ir:» difcretion A. lenjp i — but willing as he was to grant tf prayer ot 'he petitioner, he couh nil Imfer 1 he argnmeiit, which ha-ne.-!l relied on to palii unHnfwcrecI Miis was the fi"(l inllancc fiace ilu orgini/.ation o* «his g.»\crMmeoi, m whiclii bad been fcutiti neceffurv ii rclort lu this high preiugitiie, i was luiiitiUd Hioutd be wtl* tnder. tjod and bai »he privileges of the hou'e Ihould (lind unimpaired Tin 'nn|MUfa»ite of «he fiibjrft would be iiis apology for deviating a liirte Iron» • he qilrllion belorc the houfe. He • hen rcniarked on rhraUeriii.n of His •olleague unr Harper] that •* ib^»e v<y no nil*»* »)f the honie which prc enif'il the prif'oer l>e*ng nccottipa* nied to the bar by half a do,zen Itvv--5* who reighl all prompt him in his replj-s. il.atiy pei Ion, laid mr,. niiifi H hethei laviyer oi not, iliouid luu ude hliiilOf to furnilii anfwer* I'le priloner f* the tnterrogatorifs )Ui hyihcfpeakcr fecli perfon would oe undoubiedi V guilty oft groft in-decorum,for which he would be liable t«» the cenfort of ihehoufc. He C'>o'flled he (aw ni nCcclfi vfor coun »>l to aid the prifuner in fimplv ao> fwering, whether he vras guiitv or not -if he acknowledged the chargci ney . nld then decide on the mode of puniihmem if !»e denied ihcm, then rn-infel wonbi crv prope», ly la aid Hiir. in|Ao\i**g ins in »d-cence. In the p'-eteíic» ts, he Lia, which hid f'»mc to !ii» knowlrdge^ he found fbe prarlLc :o be this : the prif(»ii«r, on beirg hroughr to the bar, was ini’Pr» gatrd av to h charges ; if lie admit'fd them, he w.,s cither repri»i»anJed ^t.d di cb.irged or commiitrd to prifon, to al»«de ilu-further order of thr h.nile but furh imprifonment could Hof con»iuue b** vond the iribon .• if he cierirj the clvifge, iben an. inqnírv wa>. bid be* ore * fvicéf cnmrnirtee. who report, d the faclis to the hoitfe.«i|.fv ippf'ar ed ill ' proper oiotle n( pr^crtdii.g, a h»* hoped it would be putfued on the pvcfeni riccafion :he concluded with faying that he fliould vote fi,r allow* ingiounfel coaflid the prifooer In , his df tcnce* Mr Sedgwick moveiT that the prav .er of the petition fliould be gradted, and that Rairdal be aflowed till toi morrow, to be heard at the bar. fhepetit¡00 was again read',* Mr. Chriflie had known J?aodil for many yeart, and Had never heard of any thing agaiofl him before He hid lately been at Ociroir, and Mr. Chiliie-believed that he had been in.. jpred by keeping bad companf*-he yat not the hrlt mao in the eoontry whóhadibceo corropted by Bririih ioflaenae aod Britifh compatr-^he moved that Rondal flbpyJd bo^allAyvyd a^r moBTO» U I i' «*cl¿ck. Thl,«M■ V .    K The Speaker the» (iiid’ikit, ift^^ee-able to the houfo^ be would feod for Baud^vl» k itiqbire what tibie he sbant* ed. '*hii was done Randal came in, and alked till Saturday \ but as the hou e dole not Gc oo Saturday^ Friday was appointed. The bood or agreement between the Intended purchaferi of the Und was ihcn rend. It was dated at De. ifuit, the i6th September laii. Al leu, Whitney and Kindal were to nave thediÜpoCal of (hares out of 41. Mr, Murray informed tbe lioufc that,he had yellerday morning made idepofttion aa to the circutnliancrs of the applicaiion to him before a dif drict jid^e, tad iliac he would piove «Ut outing it oil the Journals. . Tharlcs vV.iitneyvva* then called in .’tlti informaiuiii of mr duck was bc»i re-d to him—he denied having ii,ide aiTv corrupt averturcs. He was irdcrcd to wtilidraw. 'Ir. Millege obfcrved thst the pro ,1 ftl^o iiir. liock look pl^cc heloie .^c. fclii»n began, it is ^doiitred ihai .'le utmoil which can hr.d>^pe to the pr fillers is conknenient liil ihc 1 idng 01 ihe fc’.li 10 —if o^r power J«»ei •SOI go uryon«l ihe end it fcems not t-iextenl previous lo the begining al the feiG io. .Mr. \V..>mltb thought this a new qieft.un-be was for referring to a • -Ifd convniriVe. One or two rcfolurions were made and withdnvvn ailajt u i a itiutiou «Sideby Nfr '-1 jdifon.the f.ilijeck woa ^¡ elcned to a ciHumitcee ol privMeg* ea. •    . Adjnürnéd, . Tborfday, Dec. ;f, A refolutiun to the following efFed winch was laid on the tanic, was rakro up and adopted. U«fii!ved I hat a camnittce be apt poinird in enquire in«n the Itaie of (he foriifica'ions of our haroou.'S, •what prog*tfv is made i»i olraioing pfoprrfcites iqf arfeos!;, ::J r? our nMgazitie vwicli mili laiy    A    comniiiICC ui ilircc w^re appointed accordingly Mr- b r.yHian •>brer\eu that two years had eliipfed up >\i    11^    • iti- liiKe tiieii broughi lorwarJ a -n^val ar»»au cut was 01 dere.l. Ai prugrcL bad (>eeii made in the btili.iets he wiihrd ihit t!»e    (buuld    learn hovw far e-cperi-dee hdS provtd theef-linia'c^ jolt. II w^s üllu inicmtiim 10 knaw what fuins iiaubtcn expended in thi> hoiincft. luwards obtain iiigfhiv ni’uriiiatiun he laid on the table a fcloluiion to Ihe totlowing ciied. ‘ Refolved,    That    the    Prefidcnl    ol the Uniied    Staiet    be    rrqurtteJ    10 caufe liir prbper (iHiieri to lay before t c (loiilc allireineiit ot expenc.. es airrady incurred for ihe naval ar-iiiaiiient. •\>r I i Jngflun in the name of the commiuec appoiif«ed 10 rcvifc ihe penal cudc, wiihed the fan^ion of Ihe lionie («I a rclo uttoD ncaily in me >* ords following .* Kéfolved.    I Hat    the    Prefidenr    of the Uniifd    States be    requelled    tr caufe itie hniif'* lobe lurmlh-d wiil. oliflotrhe luiivié^ionf whr h bav iiaken place lur crinita ui.der the fal taw» ut ibe Un^i^ Sciites t)ec¡ fying the irinic» datV »rd place o' couvietiun ard the leitimcc I'hi was agreed to and a committee 0. two oppoinred to iSrait on the preG dent wiiH this rclulution A- |ieriii*on Wat preftn)cd from H Randal Hating, that at ch« Inprvmr court were fitting now and would not rjfe till Saturday»' he could not procure counfel till that time and prayihglor further deity till enly next W 'ck.' Ui,Cil Mouday was grant* ed. Ml^T Baldwin the chairman of the comihittee of privileges reported tn part on the fuKjeA of the hirther procetdings to bn had ia the tafa of R Ragdal and C« Wbitory In fub* Rancttf folfowa. FiHI; ihac a fbrthtr (irarifig of R. Rdnotl fliiciald be had at the b»f, , ihet fb^ inlbniiiiion gltto by mem-Isare a|Aio(|i tb« ftid Randal be reduced to a^fthig/fiiigrd by .tke infor-mw ipf|p«ttvel/ lad flAitreá MUrge »»■ tlwjoornili, tli»t ifcr' f.ii r.iiorti)acio» (hould be rciidto tia * pril'oner* and be be a¿td ky .||1 ipeik.T wliii he Had lofayinfel, defence. It the {irifonrr Oiutild ' hVcto produce any parole evidecce* to exculpate himfelf the fame (hall bo heard at the htr and (br judge of the diltna of Peiinfyhania be rtquefle^ (o attend to admiuifteraii 6ar|rVf iftirmaiion to the wimefltt on the ' part of thc'prifoner t that tie fpe^ erflioulcl put all quellioni to ifee nedcs. When any debate fliooU affle that the pril’oncr and hit codnfci be (lircded to withdraw, aid ivbeg he has concluded liii defenet aaj withdrawn, ilut the ftnfe of houfe be taken on the guilt or in. imccncc of the pr.ifvoeia reipK^ lively.    , f lift report giveoirt to roniid/rt* ble debate, ari iig fmai the difhcuity »d g'lardfi’g ilvt priviiegel ,o* tkk iioule lioiit rncroacliotetits, «bd at iht lime tin.e prcveoting iha bou(| from infringing on the rigbia ot citizetiH. 1 hcdrbate chiefly turned on the propritry i.f the membars of the huuit b.«con;ing witncflet, either o» the pan of the prifoner oL againk him (luither than ihe original deo cLration went) and whether if ihc) beesmr evidence» it fliovld ba on oath, and wheilirr the devlara* tiuns of the memberi (hould hi faror» to * I'He houfe adjo«niéd,whho«tcoli» lug Vo a dectfioh.Foreign InteJligence, tONUOM, Nov 4.    .j WE obL-rvcd wirh cnncf*Q# puperv ol > efl« rra) , that vity lerioiis difcuiitentv had aeiltn •múu/( all ihe otficcrs ol ihe n«v\ al ITril* mc'jihj iu con‘eq»»rnce ol the oidtl iiiiied by the d ke of York.** iiai re* gjíar ir ops fervii’g on S^urd nun of war Ihould not Lr (uhjr^,^! m naval d’.Lipline. »—Ihis fuhjtcl original» ed in Ihe nial oi a n.iiiury r4: iff fervii'g on b'j^rd ihe Hi ft iu ’«-e Mce diieftauean, who ''*s tntd by a rt-V.1I court (iiarti.*! held at Oibrnltir, and broke. lhei.fí¿».(r f.n reii riiirg home, appealed 10 ih^'duke cl toik# and hélice arolc ih« quetliuu in dt(« pilfC. Nut prciending to be competent mailers of ihe luHjrct , we lurbeaf io make any oblri vaiiup. So feiiouf did ihis dilp'iu appear il»*t we d«*W knuvv from the hill authority, that the Well India exprdiiinn was flop* pcd, in conlequcncf df it, and Ifillre^ mains fulpendid a» tar a» regaidf ilif failing ot Ihe men of war, having troop» 0» board, This difputc his Scry m^ cliiio ed «he attention ut niinilfers lor f»iml pnH—bi>i we Have reatan 10 belirve ih-it deciiiuo was adopted by the ca' binei 00 Wedncfday. which is likel/ lo'reconcile both p.rtie»— 1 be wholu Hccrwill now fail when the wind It fair. OhX'RCF psflrd the laG G'Cingof tbn National Convtnticii. The National Cotiyeiiuon, a(M haviiig htaid tBc report of ihf -toai# million of eleven decreti .Aft.ifle iff. From ilie time # ral peace fli •!! be proclaimed, thr p«^ n.lhmeiii of aeatli (Hail be aboli(hr<b tba« of twenty fi\e year# in íroait» provtfionall) fuhlfituted, till it fliali be qiHerwife provided by tfteiegifl»* live body. Art. ad. The place of rtté revol»* (ion .fliall hetieetorih be called th^-plaea of concord i tie /Ireet leading from the Boulvrard 10 that plscC| (half be oanied Rcvotutfeo(Ireet* ^ Art, ltd. Xha V 00vención ,iepeaj*a from the (th of Rrumvire, 41b yeer» 27th Oftober IT95, ali dr every’<!«• crttof pciofation every prufccuiioo procefa or Judgment rtla ling .purely to fhe f vente ol the reyolntioá*All thofa who tnvy be now dfttib* •fl Ia cpniaoaiAji •0»ffooat^tky<^

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