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Read an issue on 13 Feb 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - February 13, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio CINCINNATI: Primed *7 PF. Pf/BLIC NOTICE ^ /iherebv giv^n, td a!! pér-fons who pave engaged wi^h Capf. Isreal Audlow and his issociatcs, to make actual set-llement wilhin the town Day-fna, at the confluence of the Big Miami and Mad» rivers, that I shall attendat^hat place on /V/oriday the a5th instant, to lav off their severa' inn and out lots, heingdnly aulhorii* «d tc that end. Jolin Dunlop, 5urveyor. CtaciiiaAti; Jah. I4. 179^* CONGRE coraer of Third and S/catnore-Stioott, . v” - TITF; fuSTcriSír^    l?iv« tn in form fhfir old    «nd tK« puMic in ^^ncr*! that thi*y have t'jlt recetvfd n    T.ipplv of Dry Ciioli, Groc^rift an'^ 'roTrmongr\, rb thrir    very 4ií-)rrmí'»f win f naSIf th-n ro fet? hf whole fa If and mail, at the in oft ffdJCfd pr'Cfai fhf) «re dfirrmin ed ro fjppiv ail thofr, ^ h.» will flfatf Id call 01 tbfm in ^uture on belter « termi ihintny other ksofe in vb e J troHd^K,    mnrh more wode^tte than fortjierlv ofwhicbtheir b-*pe to who will pleafc to CiroMrthem with thdi enftom J e- A. HUNT. Ciocionatt, Dec. 14, 179^ N. B. The faddlfry'borinfrs befn]^ tarried on by them with compleat tnd iinifh'd wo'Vntanlhip. an? perl /n tan be amply r*»pplied iu tbic line by lebolefale or retail. Has for sate adjoining to M'"* ♦Vanéis W'iiibn»inC incinnati. a great ^iiantirv Mcjoors •« folios» s. vir. •'each ^randv. Apple brandy ( herty-br^iinee (ordial, Ginn and (id»»" —I'kewife Apples, Kl(\ir. led. crun tr? t.innen Lincy and a nurrber of £ood twild BAGS which he \ii|{ fel reafonablt term* lor cath or goud fbr. HeilryNoble. Í.I» If. i’>?'> S. Anv j>crfoo wantint^ to pur-.thife a good new Keal botica boat, fqft? feet lonyr. may hire one by ap* Inlying to the ftihfcriher »bo»re nfn .lioned, tb'o a quantity ot good flax ieed either here or nt Joho Arm £fq, in Columbia I' 'Hi/GH M’CLüRE HAS just opened a handsome Hibrtuentof Üry-Goodi, Grocerirn. Ciafs wart, and Qoeeiri-ware, next 4oorta DoAor MX'iureS ihnp on thr i^'^ood    which he ii determiii- to felt 00 reafonablo tcrma foi Co(h orcouAtry produce. / U»(icinntti, iétli No?. lypy» FOUND, OA^the 7th iast. a small ^um •of money, theo\fner*by applying, and describing it to the Printer'hereof, may have it again. CÍMWUti, X>««, IS, tjfit ■ s    f House OP Ri M5>5N rArtvA, r»iefday, Dec. ^ fCDnffinued from 04rr hft] f T wat th?n movtd, th|i Whltre? I b? brought ^0 the bar. It waaal fo moved 'o adiourn. ihia lift ma G on ray loft and ^Vhitiiey wtt ordii^4 to the bar í¿¿ What it yoor namt f A. Charlea Whitney. Q. W'here are you from f • A. Vcrmnnt. ' j(^, What bnftncrt do yon foHow • A. I wai brought up a farmer. (>. Are you acgualuced wilb OM Robert Randal f A Yea.    .-^ The cliatgt wa« then read. Art yon gutliT or aof goilty ff the charge ? A I am nor guilty. 0. When did vmi «*ome tA riiia • > ' ' City : A. The beginning of tbit mnntb. í¿. Where do you refide here ?    • A Ar the Hgn of the Green* I fee North hVoni llreet (L ‘^1'C.)“U tfro RandaJ here f A. A number ot fitii a. d What connel^ioo havt you wUh Randal ? A. Only airbttarf^d-tiro-^l^la^’l# procurioga grant of ibeiandi in quef. lion.' C?. Are ?o*J prepared to rtite the nutiiae of the plao airnciaiion/ .A. I cao enut'fttersle lome af th# par♦ ictjlara. I hate been in the CO* ntrv in qneliion and meant fnap* i>!v to the houfe l« r auibnri y loget tlehody ol land% from the iidiini I have fume influrnfial conurflions in that quarter, mrnugh nhoni    g Cí^ílínn by the IndiiOi might be ob-ttinrd.- I thouglr i: w«uld he a goud fcheme for the tnited ^laie^ ei.d tbit I thould ind nsy private account in it. d Whai number of aerea were there in contempliiion ? A. 18 or 30 millón». 12^. «va» ihrre any pía» fcrmed for dividing it into ílurr» A. If v«a» propolcd to divide it 10 into 41 lb re».    ^ d. Who were theafTocutei f A. Col. Feetoii; Mr. jonei of Maf* itchuferta : —there wja 00 particular greemenf ; coh'nel E. Allen uf Ver* -nont there wa« no particular if* ngement. Bandal and i were to be .q'ully concerned in the land», we did Q It expect to carry U ihrougn alone, and eapr^ed to Ret perfonO concffood who would aliill U cairy the bufinel» fhre«gb d Did iUndal meolloo to you hia ,defigaofmikiof odera 10 the mrm-oer» of ih# houfe ? A. Not direaiy. He mentioned that he had fonie coii?erfatioi with Mr, Smith of (S C.) and other mem» ^bera, and that he enquired whriher it waacartfiltent with their fuuaiion to enter into a buíinef» of thii kind, (did not onderdand tbathewai to tte iipr to influence them by any pai* ticular gift». What hia iqientloo were however I einV pretood to lay 1 Í can only anfwer for myfeJt. d; Were ony perfooi within the Britilh lloei among your affociaiea f A. iVome'pcoplf that might.conlidcr chemfelvea aa^nder drUilk govern* ment tho* witbia ibi Uialis «riU niia4 q. ft waj fiid yon had the Inllro* ment of aflociation A. Yea 1 have. Qj Hive you it ivith you f A. No ; I Hetieve I have it at my Ifdglnga but am not rettain. % -la * e you any obJeaUni to pro^ ducing ¡I ? A. I dnnt know that I have any. <l Yo*i have nor mmttoned the nirae* of yoor tBbciates in Detroit f ^ A. There w^« Weflr». Alkini. Ko bin/on, Heooia, Pettcrfon. and A&tnt jun. Are they merchaotaor tradera? A. Some are. q, Indian »raderr! A Ye» fame trade with tndiant. q. Do they rcflde at Detroit ? A. Y-». q,. With what view did yoo tnbly to Mr. Buck A. I called on him lad introduced t-hf bafinef».. I mentiofifd ih^t f pro pofed to bring it before the houfe ; Hated the iiuatinn of the laoda and the benefiti ! expeled would arife from the fcheiie. He faid he f»a« unarqtiainted wiih ihe hufinefa. I G*d I dioulj wifh to have fome more people eooremed In tbe hofineTi a« it wa.ild havt greater orobahitUy of fiJccffding, and «(k**d wKtthcr he would h.ive any ohjeéfiona to being roncerned 00 flaying tor hit fhare. Jit. dig iiOt know any thing about it. ffald, Kdld W Waa? va;* propofe an» thing Improper i but oo« ly wanted fome alTiciatei to a fliR !n carry ingtc through If it wa» con* Rilent with hif fltutfion if waa very well ; Hot if not, 1 did nut wifh to mention it; that I ihnOght it »»ould prom«*rt the public good, 'That I wiihrd to do nothing improper. . q. - Do any of the anbciaiea at De. tfoit bear I Brrilth tfommifli >n. A. I Hrlieve One, in the ci il fine of authority one ras called judge — I dont know whether it a judge now or whether formerly. q^.' To whom due» thi» apply f A. Jiidge Aíkin». q. Are you acquainted »yitb John Gove f A 1 am. he propofed to enter loio the buHner». q. Did yoti prnpcfe it f A. I tneiifioned it. q. Why have you fo long delayed to put In your m;mori»l I A. I have been rather unwell—I have had a bad cold-and beddei I thought it waa better to have fiiR fume quhverlation witb diiferept geii tiemen, to lay . the hidinera open to them, to explain it beforehand and fliew them the iituaiion ot tbe trad . of ccujjtry. q. Did RandaJ tclt you he thought it would faccred*?    ^    . A. No, he laid fome people thenght that the bufinef» Waa of fuch impur. lance aa might draw..the attenitunof tbe houfe. q. Did John Gove figo the aflócia* tionf A. No. q. If tbe paper figned by the aflp-. ciaiet in the wcllero territory t A, Yei. q. Ii it figoed by the men you men tioaed ! A. Yei. q. la it figncd b? any men In the flate'f A. No. Mr. Livlogftonbandfd totbeTpeak* tr t qnery it foMcwa, Wore AUjr iksrei nf Uod lefi o- Wi, v*m pen or onapproprfnrel be and yoor aBoetfYra tod whofe and »ahat iiik did    J.». fo aOfpproprietfd f    v    Vf There beiog no objediogffitdf^ ^ ^ thi» ir.terogatory U waa pétky t|m fpeakef    * A. No, when theboftneif    M    ^ rbo t of oor afbciatioo waa ai I tell >ou When t^ carried through It wa« lótcndvid fw take more, a ceitain diviio^ mI made hot 001 koo»»*'g who ihoflljí apply, we d'td nnc Ilke^io mootlué tiMi matter much at fliil, leail. from private view^ might tererfqj^ and get the huftcirff' from ®* platif ui.] •    ^ q You Gy th|t fome (biffll 1^ M mained open, wtat nqp^her f    y    ^ A. None »»roul(l firidlji have mained open, 1 could bm fliWd pML myfrir.    J    '»■ q .What propordunf *,wtf iw h#* yoore f    ,    ' ,    ^ A. I might take aa net^'it I pleaA q. Yoo faid that yoo were wUUi| to fbew tbe original cvttirait ! A I fee notbiog at prekni vent me.    .    v <1. W.» J01.0 Go*, t. tppt, jmpy ^ meniberi of CctgreU I ' A ft mat f fpeak to hcraac ho wiighi know Kr the pian. A He iodgta et Ih#' . The prtfooer waa theft frmtftd. ^ Into cuRod). and ordated 10 IS in a itptrtic tpportmeoa from XUifH, dal. .    ..    V V    i Mr Coodhue meotionfd. thol Ik# prifooer met him on I hu 1 Itity 3ft »)ni itreeif ¡nierduved himleil and far a private Interview, iibich heifig graoted. he opened bi| land fchftmft io him. when be meotinbcd tdl imAC* qúiintaocc in fh4tfe    ard    aele    , vihd him toapply ip ioloiiel f'lck* ' . K ering. wbo»via better fhUtofftr^ an opinion un it,    thfti    It    ^ he thouf bt ftvorahiy et Ti    ^ w Iecomnicndvt loB wHh many ^ bcra of the. houfe—he (e»d.fiftaki^t|í* him of tbe private port Xllt'Md nefi, hut íbewed him ibo fgned by aboof ten or lirÜyd. kte^ GOkdhoe tucrredcd, that if hrkftt ftdir (hewn a coldnrfa aAouc the kufifttll' grounded 00bit acquainiapce¡i,iiii4 maiicri, he might have txpiaidtd ^ himlelf moro fully, but that he hod offered him 00 bribe peiihcf dtnedk nor indiicd^and onfefa fome locniheg could lay lonrthing to bit cbargwh^^ thought he ought to be teletit* % « , * Mr. Sedgwick wot of ilia opioiMl^’ and faid he ditl not Ainderdand grntliman frofti Vffmoii yeftefdoft to fay that Whitnrey had made kMil^ any improper oite#, and tkitif waa noihipg, ailtd||ed agalall igaiaia there waa injulticclii cobflniw^ any looger , Mr. óptith (N. J.) obfifrwod t he had kept bad company «I tftr and that a ftw hours eonfipeftiti^l^. would be no great iacdtivenitntli^g*^ Mr* Buck obfVrved, that yefievdy he had mentkmrd a part of iho. cuDillancc of the man'a ■fplicaUr diim : be could date furtkcrladN n^ould throw more light opoaitw finefi,and chat tho prifower bftd communicated tbe whole. Iwkla^ tcrview with Mov io ^Viymofti, ^ went at far ai to hArrfto#qolfoq/if ft hribor^Mtk ctm fiV&Ht Vol is fey

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