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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory Newspaper Archives Dec 14 1793, Page 1

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - December 14, 1793, Cincinnati, Ohio ( : ■* T HE CENTINEL of the North-ff^esiernOpen to all parlies—hut influeiiced by nono- ( Vol. I. )SATURDAY, Dpeember 14, 1793,  . ■ ^ con&nlairttwi of natioottra not l«it ^ trolled hj' the lavf of natioos, pro|^rU fa called,' thán monldpal hwa. arreMtcraMi liy tbelaw ofnatqre. TJie law of nations» if the law of ftatfi and foycreignf. and fovereigns it is obligatory in the (amft man« ner, and for the fam^raafons, aatbr lair 'of natart is obligatory ii|>oa lodividoals. Uni-verfal and uachaogeable is die o)>UgaÜoO Of both. How great—how important«^how iaterrft-ing are the truths ! Yfaey announce .to a frcw people how folcnin their duties are. If a pradical knowledge anda juft fenfe of thoia duties were diíFuled uoiverfally among tba citizens ; how beneficial and lafling wopU the fruits be it reemsitt^ ^havebeea th^Ogbl^ tbat the i.oFnstiiña i^pedaand Veg^am tbeir uvCii with etch ch efthislaw^ a nation owes _ el’caped    at- im. ———-- Cfia ilate,. at well al^éf Ifidifádnalj felf prefer ration is a prfanai? fluty* ^ To iove and dtóeggiklionc# fame" la' r duty <i^|i|^^pp|ell at of a man. vmtation is* BflopoilefiMKiA It roK, lea hollt}9^ and jfctifCi cfteem. ^ In tranfiidioM with other oatioaaJ^li^ digni^ of a fiate fiioüld neaer be to fntfcr the fmallefidimunition». ^ ^ Need it be mentioned here, th||rnepp1nefaf^ is the centre, to which Laus as at men are univerfally attraded ? To^fpfult /its^ own happinel'f, thl^rcfore is*    of ^ nation.    . Ulien men have formed themferipr^e political fociety, they may rec¡^g^iÉl7,4^|i« ter into particular engagemei^ Ttmd tf .p. trad new obligations in favou^f 9|om* muuity or of iu memben c bnt'lhpr*.fi,r by their union, dtfcbarge tbenif4v^ front any duties, which they previoufly oWed! to thoft, who form no part oftbe. ^bJcai^ afi-fociauoQ. Under all the t^igattoos dot to the univerfal fociety of tlié huioaa roce» the citizens of a ñateftill contone. Totbjaaai-verfal fociety it is aduty/tbac sack oatinii (hould cootribute to the wrlfaM, Uw tloti and the btppinefs of^bcwtbers. HUNDRED and SIXTY DOU.ARS REIVARD- A REWARD ^of T'uitntf Dollars per man, will be paid for the following Deréfters from the Fourth Sub-Legion, viz. No. I. lyUliam Tucker, corperal of Captain Price’s company, an Englifliman born, late of Burlington, Ncw-jcrfey, farmer; thirty-four, ^p.irs old, Hvc feet nine inches high, dark -coiMplexion, black hair, and dark eyes. De-fertcd when on command oo the Sthinfi. between Forts St. Clair and llamilt<m. No. 2. iVitham Adair, privste in ditto, boru in Ncw-fcrfcy, late of Wilmingtoti, in ’'"tii/ Ute'of Delaware, fanner ; twenty-two year* old,,live feet ten Inches high, brown •^iiairr dtfrjufomplcxion and dark ayes. l^ftarCp ed on the 6th inlt. between FortsJ and n. Clair. No. ¡'/'ft Straart, private in di in Chf*ftcr, in Fennfytvania, Miller, one years old, five feet four inches and », bro VII hair, dark^complexiou,and I e* !)'*i‘.T.vil oil the* 6th ' iull. bctwecfi fori > JrdVrr>n and St. Cjalr. No. .i. Eie/kocrth, private in Burlcr’s coQipiny, ^wia thecoUoty trfi Ingfon, Maryland|^.}aiiRed la the hood of Si I c pile r (1*1 Town, Virrála, ye:*r. old, live feet tix and a hnlf Inches idllo .V complcAion, dark hair, black eyci^ fcrved lome time to the mafon trade. Deferred when on ccntry oa the night of the 19th inll. at Hej i-quartcrs on the South-wcfi branch of the Miunii. No. 5. Daniel Hill, of Captain Botlcr’i company, twenty-oiic years of age, five feel ei^lit inches high, dark complexion, black lijir, dirlLcycs, horn in the county Northumberland, State of Fennfylvauia. Defertcd oa the:111 inll. No. 6. A.Arew /F.tr*, an IriHiman, five feet four inches high, fhort black curled hair, gray eyes^ i< much m.irked with the fmall talks with the brogue, has two of his fore trctli which ftands very prominent, by ir.tdca weaver. He d MCrtcdwIih Kncfw'ortb on the 19th ¡nil. at night. No 7. Patrhk 0*/iara^ an Trllhman—if vi-Jainy coold be called an acconiplilbmcnr, he is arconipliflied In a high ilegrec. He is about five fe.'t nlui inches liigh, rather fair com* ple\ioii, fliort black ctirled hair, black eyes, a nufon by trade, a thief and ^ drunkard. He dcfcrtrd from under guard, with band-cufFs on', about the 25th of October from th*$ place No. H.    About    five feet eleven Inches high, dark complexion, black hair and oycs, Init rcnarkdhlc large fee: tod thick |ipti tbié li the third time at leaii^ bo bat dt* fcrtcd, the lad from thli place, about the loth indant. -The lad threes deCcrtbed men bdoog^ to Captain De Butts’sco^ipi^y* It is podlble that fome of the men who ere reported deferred, on the march between the Garrifóm may ka,ve pat .in to fonie of them* through indifpofition, if fo, they will not hr craited as dcfcrttrs ; but any perfon or pcr-fofii who (hall take without a garrtfon, one or all of the above defcrit^d men, and (liall deliver him or them to the commanding offic* crof any Pod or Garrifon,or confine them ¡0 any Goal, (hall, on producing the oiHcer, or G¿aiers receipt, or receipts, be entitled to receive the fum of TWENTY SPANISH MIL-LED .DOLLARS for fachand every of them, the receipts to be produced xt Head* ten. Given at iiead-(¿aarters. Sop branch of Miami, Yliis 2rd clay ot By Order EDW. Cape. Commandiog 4th Found» on Monday the iitb ini twce^jL^eth Cti(ocr!aJXairera, and Samu( /Tbompfbn s houfe, A Pair of BAGS, one Shirt, uoU iKpre made of Honiefpun llj V Ikull articles. The ^i^Ul by proving Propert; rgcs. LEVI WOODWi Cincinnati, Nov. 20, 179;. -r-rr TO BE SOLD on rcufonablc terms, a Trad of excellent Land, containing Two Hun drcd and Thirty Acres, lying ip a Sqnare Body on Lioking River, about fcvcn miles from th«? Mouth. Corn, Whilky, Flour, Neet Cattle, Horfcs, Pork, Beef, or Caíh, will be taken in payment. For farther particulars, enquire of tlfcc Subfcriber , D. C. OKCUTT. Cincinnati, Nov. 39, 1793* JUDGE WILSON’S CHARGE To the Grand jury of the Circuit Court of rhe United States, for the Didrtd efPeoufylva-nia, which commeuccd a (pecial feifion 00 Monday, July 22,.i7Qh {Cf»ntinurd frcm o:tr iajl,) Thcfc arc, it is true.,laws of nations—per . haps itj(^to be wiihed that they wcrot'defig-ntlcd by another name—there are laws of nations, which are founded altogether on human confeut. Of this kind are natloopl treaiie.s. But the municipai laws of a datie arc not more dilUuCt from the law of nature, than rhofe conCeutual laws of nations are in their furce and power, didinctfrom the law ofasti^^ properly fo called, indeed thofe, If fo I the fird degree dn ÉO Injury. Among mong men, judice it a fi crcd law prohibits one didurbances in another i ha natural advantagea, fi its repntatioiH from fed their dnt at law^ 0 from excititfw dcprivjiigU^ «vlti^iiiacing ha cltízeni. debaucbini ibe •4 *■ f S '.S
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