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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1793, Page 1

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - December 7, 1793, Cincinnati, Ohio 4 T H ÉCENTÍNEL of the Nortb-P^e'stern \ tUt / Often to all parites~~but injtaencei by nonéi TÍTnT?;’' ’ ■¡ ('Vol. I. )SATURPAY, December 179J* ( Num. 5. )    {ONE HUNDRED and SIXTY DOLLARS REHEARD. A REWARD of Tvtnh DolUn^tt «áiJ/ will l>epaid íot the nyllowiog Dtfel*urt from the Fourth Sub-Legion, viz. No. 1.    corporal    of    Ctptáln Price's compao/, an EngUfliman born, late of Burlington, New-Jerfcjr, farmer ; thirty-four years old, fifc feet nine Inches high, dark complexion, black hair, and dark eyeSi De-ferted when oh command on the 5tb inS. tweea Forts Sc. Cl|^ir and Hamilton. • No. a. IVUiiám Adair, private'Mn ditto, born in.Ncw-Jerfe}r, late of Wilmtngton, in the (late of Oclawafe, farmer ; twcaty-two years old, five feet ten Inches high, brown ' iiirr; djrrk compleaion andda'rk eyes. Peiertj^. ed ott'‘*the,6i4s inft» hiivetii Far^uJefferfon' and Sc. Cialfé No. ?. John Stervart, JirUaté in 41tto. born In Chefter, in Poolifylfaiiki, AWUr, twenty one years old, itt feet Amr inches and a half high, brown hairi dark compkaiou, and dark eyes. Oefcrted on the 6th Ind. between forts Jefferfon and St, Claif. No. 4. John Emtfmorth, prtrate In Captain Butler's company, bom in the county of Wafl!» iugton, Ma^land ; inlifted in the neighbour* hood of Shdpherd*! Town, Virdnia, (iateen years old, five feet fix and a half inches high, fallow complexion, dark hair, black eyes, ferved tome time to the mafon trade.' Defert-ed when on ceotry on the idght of the 19th Ind. at Head-qUartera oh the South«wed branch of the Mtarai, No. 5. Daniel HUl, of Captain Bntler*t company, twenty-one years of age, five feet eight inches high, dark complexion, black hair, dark eyes, boro in the county Northqm-berland, State of Pennfylvania. Deferted on the aid ¡art. No. 6. Andrevi IVart, an Irifhman, five feet «four Inches high, fliort black curled hair, gray eyes, is much marked with the fmall pox, talks with the brogue, has two of hit fore teeth which rtaods very prominent, by trad;a weaver. He heferced with Ehefworth on the 19th inrt. at night. No 7. Patrick 0*Mnrn, an IrUhmaO—If Vi^ lainy could be Called an sccompliflimenc, be is accoaiplidied id a high degree. He ta about five feet nine Inches high, rather fair complexion, ftiori black curled hair, black eyes, a mafon by trade, a thief and a drunkard. He 'deferted from under guard, with hand-cuAa 00/ about the ijth of Ociober from this place* ^ No. 8. John Jo^nfoH, About five feet eleven inches high, dark complexion, black hair and eyes, has reinarkable large feet and thick lips, this is the third time at leail, he has dc- ierted, thd Ull from this placd, about the tolh Inrtant. —Tjid lad three defcribed med^belong to Captain Oe Bum's company. • ^t ii poSble that fome of the men #ho ire réporteddoferted, oh th# march between the Garrifona may have put In to Ibme of them through indifpofitioti, if fe, they .will not be traited as defertcrs ; but sny perfoo br per-fons who fliall take withpst a garrifoil, one or, ill of the above defcribed men, and (ban* deliver him or tbdjfls to lbs commanding officer of any Pod or GarfÍfoil,'or confine them in any Goal, ffiall, on.producing the offiiier, or Goalert receipt, of receipts, be entitled to receive the fum of TWENTY SPANISH MILLED DOLLARS for each and every of them, { the receipts to be^rodoced st Head^Qjiar tors. Giveh^^ riend-l^jitfters, Sooth-wed: branch of MUmi^ this day^of November, I79j. iS r By Prdcr /    "    >'7    ^ /    ;    ' É^fiÜtCEk,—^ Capt. CommanolDg 4th Sob-Legldh. «II          1,1    ,,    I FODND, oU Monday tith iddant, between Seth .Cutter’s rsvern, and Samuel Thompfoh’s houfe, A Pair of DEER-SKIN SADDLE BAGSf one Shirt,' aijd one pair; Of Tvwftrt made of Homeípon linen, whhfijlmc: other' fmall articlesi The owner can have* them again by proving Property, and paying Charges.    j LEVI woodward* • Cincinfiatt, Nov. oo, 1793.    .    <    ' TO BE SOLD on reafonable terms,aTraft of excellent l^nd, containing Two Hundred and Thirty Acres, lying in a Square Body on Licking River, about feven miles from the Mouth. Corn, Whilky, Flour, Neet Cattle, Horfei, Pork, Beef, or Cafli, will be taken in payment. %Fof further particulars, enquire of the Subfcriber • . D. C. ORCUTT. Cincinnati, Nov. 39, 1793. JUDGE WILSON'S XHARQE ’ To the Grand Jury of the Ctrcuit Court of tte United &ates, f^or the Didrid ofPeonfylya-nia, whkh cotnmenced a ipecial feifion on Monday, July aa, 1799. .1    I..    éL    . GeñtUmiH if ih Ctand Jnrj^ It it my duty to expíalo to'you tbe vefy im* porcaot occafion 01) which thif court ix (pe-cially convened i aud date the poiots of law, not left important, to 4he upplicetiim of which that occafion gives rife. To the Judge ot the Pennfylvania didrid, information was given on oath, that certain citixeni bf the United States, badaded in fe-vcraicapacitjei as officers on board ai anncd fcboonbr, laid so be cotiislifiSoticd by Frahci as a cmi^r or private íhin of waf 1 asd|. with others qn board thst^iciiooQer, did cap*' ture and make prifeorfeveralfliipi.or veAeU belonmog to his BrkatUiicMajefty, khd othcfw wifeaffid la an hoftile manner in aohoykm tho commerce of the fubjeds of hli fald Britaa* die MajePy, vfho la at peace with the Uoiud States, contrary to their duty as citixens ot the Uokod States. On receiving this information, the jodgo ifliied his warrant for apprehending the, per* fens agaiod whom complaint was made, that they might anfwer for their doings in thd premifes, and be dealt with according to Jawe • That legal proceedings in this and fomo Other bufincfs, might be had fptedily, one ot the judges of the famme coort of the United States, and tbe RlW of the PeobrylvanU didria, iffimd 4^kiC «HKeriMG    that    ^ on thia day, ,tiid.at ikia jdaf^. # fions of the circnlt eonrt fW tlysdldn^4mÍM\ be held, and that mad and trivqtSh^ Jni^ (houid be fomsnooed to attend It. As the, coort, however, 1| iothorU^ gii» nerally tO tiy cnmúfal caoles s if tny* jqthoi^ crimes or oáencei, togoiaable in hi lei4 before you .or are inyonr knowledge/it ie your doty to prefent them, -Bntso the hoííU neis to which yod have be^ particularly calU ed, and to articles intimately connefted witk it, 1 ihall epnfine the reonrks which IhawA to give yoo lii charol    0 I introduce them bjr .hotidfl, wkh the near add endearidg iplatsoo ‘ freedom and the dicrity of I vernments unfavonteole to both the conilmdion of treaties, among the arcada imperii— empire, eodofed within the c et, and fecluded from tbt j citizens, wfaoCe Hves and fo they chjeflyaffed. Under oor national con ftitution, uietties tompofe a portion of thó public add fupreme law of thcajfatid i tod, for their confirudioil aud eifótéé$)ént§. .aro brought' openly before the tribonals Of our country. Of thofe cribnnals Junes ferm ad efientisl part. Under the conttrpdioii gi^Pñ by thoie Juries, treaties wUlfufFer neither^ their importance nor in their lan^ty. Saplentimma res tcmpus,—fays tiiie pr^ond Bacon, in .one of hit apáotihiu coÉcemng thó aaraentation of the (eiedces—Time is.tho* wifeft'^of things. If quaiities of, the pa* rent mav 'be expO^m in the offspfmg» thd common law, one of w iioblefthiitlia of time^ may be pronounced li|evifeft oflawa* exprei^on,;(M a great ikwer. Is not new and (trange, Mrbarous and pOcnlsar to England. It is ti|d|(rppcr term forothef laws alio. Euriptdns    ^    jitfmmn$ kttWi I and immberod lecfcts ol^ ofpVinc* nu of thé I,, ho wevora ■    A
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