The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
9 Apr 1796

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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
9 Apr 1796

Read an issue on 9 Apr 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - April 9, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio Th e ■B5S? j E N T I N WESTERN 'fc-. Vol. Ill, T H- I * Open ÍÜ all parliesbut influenced by npne^ Wmmi rflilT wUi^mtnUt » Number liS ft trkf annum jp ttnts,)t 4 r U R C^XY, AprU, f, ii^6. 'v:C l N C 1 N N A T I ? Primed by ;r. V Y!tW¿í„ at the corner of Third aad Sycamore-Streets. - - ■    -    -    ,    —    -    ,      I Mi T rifcrlHtr {nTortnf hli fri<*nilt a*i*l culu^'n, ihat he lui díd'Micü buliicfi In t’lij plicc- nc< \vn'h“< all tivile ihu if.' ¡/I'leHffil I'» iiiiii cltliet* br nofc 6r I» »-»ii ji    la    CDoic arul mike pivaient'jciiire the ntli April next An/ aic withiuji touirdur^e (he!r tor uuu'i coiitra^tcil wich 111*!, vvillli.iil iliciu with Mr. Robert M.uh'll, Me*-clit. liioftf that-ne-g'iit imy rely tint ou inilal^ruíe H*ii i)5    tfier'tlut ptriftil. Ti» fj clut ‘vill conply wlllv^ry obligV rhfir hiimhle ^ertt John C.ilhrailh,— Ciociiistli, Nov. i79«j,1-—,,,,    •    Hili.l ■ "11^NOTICE. IS hereby p;r.'e:i io all per-io!is from tikin:; an ci>si,4n* o:i a iioie oi IiarrJ 1); (lie s!il>'*»^’ri!)er lo liaini^li ^'iirreiU, ou the aolli oí larv 17)^^ ftirone yoLe oí Ox-Ki aiiil tea »ia!l.irs ia money, 0 héílvV.!'. ercfl (liei<íí <lav of A , ^)i i! a iv:t, .{i he ¡> .loiera’.i'ieJ i|ii Uto piy until coinpellcJ by Jii vV, Samuel Cros^wcll. Calera:n, fcbfuary 5, 17%''» *Tlit subscriber l)C,»s leave !o inform ihc pubÜr, anil liis Tiea Is in «e that be ha^ ir>‘ received a lre>h assortment k' i): v ^o).vlu i/rocerit‘s,Cla vS ul ()tiecn'> ware, ami aj^rc-it fnn'itv ot riaxsccd, at the * ' *1 iO'iicr h >’UC lately occupifo J)v Ibilbx’k. on Sycamoic isiivcr vvliirh he is (lelcrminod sfill on*rcisoiublc tcrmslor or Country produce. Pranris VVilion. Cincinn»t:, [a«. 7 N. Ii. All persons iiiib btod to the suhsciibcraro rcfjucsled to cill arul pay ilici’ rcNpcclivc arcoiiiits a^iiiist lim rUhof February, as no further imiul-geiice v\ill be ;;iven, TI% ribiVribei« brg leive toln' lorrn ilirir oltl tullunieri and 'be public in ¿i^cnci¿l that ilu*y have C.l received a lar^e 1‘npply oF 1-iry , ^'*oJs, lir-jcrrici and Ironmaii;:;/), | A"^bioa ánne.tfJ tn ihcir former very j Cr^j üflfirnn»*nf VV ill etiable iln-in lo ¡ tellUv vv i.)l#»4le and retail,at the { ic.’d priccu 31 they arc determln . j ^d to f.ippiy all rliafe, who IV I'l |<!ritÍ!* ^ ^‘»‘callon ihcin in .’utore on leitcr i 'cruii (hanary oilier li >'ilc in the tovinrry, and mnch more tnoifeiatc 'tun fonnerlv of 'vliich th<*y hope to •^nvi.icf, alI rH vie w‘u will piealc to ^•••oar them witli thcii cuttoni. I (r A. HUNT, ^tncinniti, Dec. 24, i7oy. N. n, riie fatldlery bnfireri beirg h'^ried or» Sy them witli compleat inifhfd workmanihip, any pe>^l nitiiU HMfvIv tVt»pliid iu lUui Hue by { [tiiolafalc oj* retail, .CpNGRESS. .lOUSE OK RKPHESaNTATlVES.Marrh 3, fTod. Further prncfi‘á\r\g% of the Pnnfe of .Rw^refenraiivei on the Hill for opeoinc I.and r)fflce^ for th»* file of Lan'd in il»€ North Utftcro Tcrrirorv.[ Ctotinued front our laft.] I W. LTMAN hcprd fhe f^c ilofi w^mid not b? itruck o*»t ‘ he t(|v«a*ife offellin»;*! prel'tif great, ow ini? to emlj*»ation, and i^ »I.< iaiid he no! fold, i» w’,11 hr takro    oiv«itli(*ur fale Iptl i* trIt!en»r» t» l*ci;^io on thif pii»ui pir. !t vv;U ricpiive the United Staiee or rreat ádvanrigc«i* Mr. I av'on f-e pe ker) f^id it wa- well k" .vvo to j;< n»Un:Pn th»» there |»lenfv of land t.o he pur* ihafcd vvtifUirr government ppt'erd to opMi > li*id ÓIÍ11 e or not, and ex <ej>t 111 pr.ividioi» ior a fnrvey, a Í4Íe    I riiV idi t! t(.r, the ccrfe- (^oence will be thjt pcriont will in.y l.<nd «U oiler' vht*h»ve it to IpII ill the nrI¿hhouihood of ihefe lind'. Anoiher thing as the t‘a!e 1,'t ihi\ hod lelpr^trd revende » Co tar lr*»tn providing a 1 evcnue Ivy il|e piano: i|rv<)iig |f< poled a err t iin a rxpenie will be incur«rd. i he prcleni eniiy*r«xion», hr felo were great ; and i kclv to Increale, Iron» ’lie opening ot the ^.i(f’í! ppi ard other cauffv 1 he id jriS (hnuld he , he úit», lo hale! OJt ipducefret»*»' to tilde peoide lo wait for tVHc lands, I e was in f.iv»»ur of the node of fi^ by a»»ci'oo j hot av ibi»t was lil't aipieref.t the ri.h)eet heiorc^hc coaiTÍnee, he .Tiotili! ¿‘‘rlh the leri.ort 10 ncirain. In crder to coni’tlcr il:e atnrndnicnt.. Mr. Kiulicii laid iliat tliV'fpeedl- ell ira.-iiíi oí    forwatd l.!fid into the market, would be «» tliegrctficlt advantage in all rclpctt*. hit. i. o»t inpporved insnoiion, i» was laid, he «.hfrr>»d that if the I iJ'd W'ji I'ot fold, it would hr fettled ii|vi*n. He fa id it would I eke Op ntarlv %% nvuvh lime to make u for # vey lorúlc, ai to tarry itlo rllc^ the plan he propofcd I he motion was put aoJ nrgativ cd. J lie morion for f ll’ng by atifllon bfinij. put, w a* agrrrd 10 I he Und'ctiivr bit! being under conitderittiou >!r. i^ichi.lii mov ed to ftrlke our a part ÜÍ a    n and inl.Mt the w ( rtU, ■ ** [n.'ictrl ilfti[r(‘ p» . i oí ineiaid laid he fold tor Uls th«<ii two dodais per ^cie '* \*r. \ an Ml. »j vviCicd tb? honfe might nor derernilne to Hx the l(,w eft price lit tii*» lantl at twit doll a ti' per acre Mt» y inlirum» ol acre* Wi ie n.iW l«l!:ng, le laid, eft ll;e t h*o lor tkr;r IhlHingi, on loiip creoir. I> though* it tli** inlninuiiu piirrwa» fixtd atirii lliilling», it •.vnuM not ailtct the price cf good laud. l)jyf. n the Speaker) faid if WTv ijoC trcani to dilpole of the w i.olc n( the lat d at prclcnt, but on Iva teriain prrputiion. lor ihi' pi.rpch*. two dwH^vra per »crf ta lii-piia* fcxed «pon «» the lo’^eft atul^ 11 i It 0» pt ife V rte nut lutiicioily hfp,’ (o pteytui more lUau i«'um $ to - * ■    -rv—-'-------■    -....., ¿■’5) JO Ó    o^th-S-ft    ftni    b^lotv f»M 'hcftfftvear he fhoulj advtfe If 'o*Se hIg'ver, ro** tolloA'’*n2[ year I Mk • 4 11 ifit V ntit^'ir be ^brpught for» <»*r r, Uy 'stbiv meaos the l»ndi ^ijl pi^owrrfv JO value^ I» it heemiea Ictil,**! and the land of (ecnud or thi»*.! ulitv, id the cotirf.* of a (hort line, will come to he worth »» much a» the heft land at the opening of the file,    r.-. Mr. vV''il!iaTH thought the pían pripofed winhl prevent more laod .fr m being fold at firll than wngid be ■>i,*Cn»fci! .IV fiitler», a«"d caofe a conpetitJon in the file, jle thought tfif were ma”y trail» of the land wofrh double the price nvrntinn»‘d, hiit^v ''ale by auction would 6ad its res, value. Mr.licafh thought the tuioimum price of the land too high, J ^lf'. l>carOr)rn helirvrri . a verr gre*r nmportion of the land firfi fold voull coivnnufl a f or.fiderably higher prlie than il».u fixed upon. V’r. 6a Hal in laid tli>i mote he re-» fíTiüt/ on the fuhitd,- hláevmñie he wav c»*n‘ Inced there was nofafe plan» to be sd inráál in the f«le of thifl la'*d wirhnui Uniiting the price.-Anjd 1/n low price was    in    or-j I d^r to accorTuiodate perforis nf fniall i prjp^r»> , they |!jt)u!d.tati into.error.^ lie f4ld ibere were two kind< off 'f^efflife>r*6f Tkrfifíft^tleÍMi btid fpe-' r.iuiors I he demand ©♦ the tirft cli6 ¡1 alwais limited,-arvd the ie« malnder (jjlU into the hands cl Ife-cjl-itar#, a;v J they w lil he induced lo pttcchafe rirly by a prrlpíét of pr*)ii». In the je^r 17(,2 all the hud weft ofihe tJhio w»^ d'.lpt led ül To ipffuls ton at IS, 6d per et re , and In ,v week afterwards lold lor a dul!«r and a ha!Ffu that the mcnev which oa^ht to have gone info the funds, w-cut into the pockets ol the. inouled men who j.urchal'ed. In* order tagvverulhe piKe of the land ÍU coairmpI.uinii. ir it pccefl'.-tf to enquire at what price laud in the neigMoo’iThind fells loft This* eiiipHiy hn« he n made, and It i»* tlvAt land at g%od in quality fells tor double and treble the price put uuou this Speculators cannot i.iard to gAc this price * the con.# iVqjctue Will be that ihofr only wha u.«’ao to fettle will give the (\iic< this will prevent loo large a viJ5n:i'» frt^ coming tuto the inaikci at unceVand give governtiveni til#! I’jouf v wiiici' fptcubtors tf/t were a lower ptite fixcil upon Uie land. Moiioo put ind carried» Mr. oalhviia fvld tliac it had now b*eu agreed ihsl the Und (huuid be f.tUl Ivy AdCtion, and no lot Ihviild Ue told for a lefs prtce 'han 1^0 dollar» per acre If in order, lis would niwvr I provifion tli4t the ’aroc tract» fit iild he fold at the of gavcruavrut. aivrt the fniall .vMcs#n the Wrtlcrn Tfrrllorj'. t^e prugoicd this proviOon.a» he bellev ed it w ould be the withes ^f tht h.iutc, ihougli he was uf opinvon that it \y vuld be ,bcft lo fell the whole on tht Verritnry, as he coiiceivrd thst, nn pcrfon would give two do! hrs per acre, except fuch a»'were trqusinCed with the quality ind i aition of the land ; the convlukoii IS, that ■ naan who wjflies t* purchofe^ rvivíí ferd an sg^nt to cxaiuiqe the Und, before he pnrfhafyi< aud wtrn hr I» upon the fj)»)^, he could purchafe Í ■ a : „K be thi moft eq.,ÍMbre r"r'n-    »•    pl-en'r# b»t. Y'-eHid nor^»prrtJt p,f, he Hulnot ch,of.,„„.„,e ,h¡, Wcrterl    >>*    folJ    upon    thi VVeitern irrntory: Mr VVHi;,..,    r.,etifib plaee tti himrntinn J.    *    - Mr. G.ll.tin tho.ig'if ,h,f ent pint of ifce |,„rt he.ter tt one pUce, «ad oitcr pin', at other places.    v Mr H.veni ...nnpht the prooofel pl.n .f Ijle wonld Ipecul.tof, too much . for, when «• gent, were fct.orx,,lor,,l.nd» ■ iiey t»oald bertime aiq.i,iff„d the filae offatall triiltt tt    ai l.rge,- and enter ¡.nto e.dtpetiiioo With the Crttler» for them. Mr. l>e.rlH.r.i fiid rhat it appfate ed that the member whn fpc ke laft. was «frald of too grfst a Compelí- non foe aheland»; be thougfit the^^ was no great danger iu gcttitfn titf high a price for ihcfn. Muiif.ii p,it and agreed to. Mr..\ichyl,f maved, lharíth#p<|* ded ; and that the large    of iaad iliili hf' fg|d ■( the fcai of ro. fcrnmciii/*    • in faroui nTfU« •t»a •» the laud, upon the Terri-lory. .Mr Níchnli» faid there would (v^* ag.e»taHT«iiia¿ie lolt by feiüng ,h«' l.rt;- If.t, on the I trritorv ¡ f„r‘. he r.iJ, ehen «» are foiiiriffioiw tobü». they are Jimiittd to priíe. hut when ¡uiácipa!, wnald attend a fale i.*hicli would mod probably Vo tlie Cale ii MJ ,t (he feat of i¿.,. verm.ent) they are freq.cnOy f„. d.uvd ojf coiiipeiitici; 10 ^.jve itiore fur .n eitue t|,j„ ibrj at fiitt [«. tended Mr. D ytvn f.ld, if (he' me»br-. who objected tn the pVelent motidi/ would apply to li.j tormer fewapl.t on ihe lobjci. le t-;bld not port I.:» «bj.-ajort. He fnid, ,J.e fcndingof .ftcnt. mig.» br of confi-derable|tage to ibr fair ol ih« lot», 1» onth ir rriurn, tbeir report would be heard by m.ay, and prg. bahly infloei.ce perfi n« to attei.d^ ■tae l.lf at :he (r,f of Ro.ernment, .nit.u the fale were on the land, no fuch adraniape would «rifa frtiu (ba miftiji) of J»genii.    < Mfr Ruthciford Wi» in fainnr r.f the wlulc of the lands being fold'oa* the Icrriforvd Mr. VenxMe fa*;d ¡f thf 1,^^, traCh ol land were to be fa’d only» yc the feit of govcrment, ¡1 would he a grfat difadvinfige to the felrjforif a pcrfon goes (mill a dlftant pjri rf the country to view the land, he wiii perhip» have a ftlll lo;*ger jourhew to the feat of goiernmeivt, to mike a purchafe, and it ¡1 not to be pVc* fuuicdrhsf tfli perfon» wHe mean to • puKch^e will tmploy fgent». w 1» a nry feri^m inretrvenlrn#ef it lie hoi fd'if Would n«>t be Igrttd to** ' ' I he motion tva* ptft ind canned ^ Me, Flllhoufc thought ft tiirfPkry ’ to icM a cltnfc. /in order to ’ referv# al! ilir fall fpring» for the bfe ofgo* * vernnifnt. AgrcVd to. •    ' ^ Mr. Ifaao bniitU moved that ai rultahle reftrvatfivn of land fhokld' :>e nude fur colleges ted tejsooh--». i K. t 1 t Agreed to.Mr WiHiam» moved 1 bfetiféto the    tÜ'tcH    rtov    uk'f

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