The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
2 Apr 1796

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The Centinel Of The North Western Territory in Cincinnati, Ohio
2 Apr 1796

Read an issue on 2 Apr 1796 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Centinel Of The North Western Territory.

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The Centinel of the North Western Territory (Newspaper) - April 2, 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio \ c K Of THB é-j» '*f.' yol. lu. western T Ev^ R t Tñ R §T Open to all partiet~"bnt infh T ifnonn^ . i. i4k\ákmé lii u^inrnm frtt* ánnum i^o r/wf/.) I    "•■—    '.yn--    yy    -- i At U in AY, AfrU, j. CINCINNATI: Printed by    at    the    corner    of    Third    ;iad    Sycamoro-Stieéti, lé^ The Subfcriher inrormt hii Friini*» And caflomeri, that He hai declined bufineri ia tbli place« and wiihef ail thut'e that •re tndehced tn him cither by note . «r dodk account, to come and make paymeut beiore the 15th April next Any une wiihinj^ todifchar^e their •ccounta or iiotea contracted with k¡ n, will had them with Mr. Robert rd.tcbclt, Mercht. Tliofe that ne« gi-d may rely that no indulgence will be given after chat period < Th.fe tnat will conply wilivcry puwh oblige their hiimhle Scrat John Galhrauht CUcinaaii, Nov. 179b NOTICE. IS hereby fiven to all persons frtini hiking an assignment Oil a note of hand given b\ the subscriber to liannah Current, on the 3oth of faiiu-•ry 179^, for one yoke of Ox-tti and ten dollars in rooney, to be delivered the ist day of A pril next, as he is determined cot to pay until compelled by law. Samuel CresswelL Celeralo, February 5, 17^^ fubfcribtra beg leave to in» form their old cuRumers and the public ill general that they* have lull received a lar|e lupply of hry Gaodt, tiroceries and •ronmongry, whici anneaed lu their foruicr very lirgeailtirimerH will enable them to r ()v wiiulffale anti rrtaihat the moll t^duced pf’cei, as they are detcrmin. •d 10 lupply all thofc, who will pleale t»calliMi them tu uture on bctier teruib thanauvoiMer h.**fe in the « • wnie., and tiuch ni'»re moderate than (ttr M<-rlv tit ^vhicii iliey h#»t»c to fo-ivin t all ‘iMe who will plc^fc to fa«U'ir ii-.t >i hfiíií» cullon» I j A I'UNT. Ci'ifini )    .    c . ¿4, I ■^95. N, d. rii* fadd! ryhuhiefi being Aarried on oy thrm wiih lO’Mpic-t t id dnilh d workmanlhip an) pert n •an he a ofdy fuppiird in that line by Wliolcfale or retail. THE subscriber begs leave to inform flic public, and his friends in g#*uCral, that he has just rece! veda fresh assorlmfuU ©r Dry .'f'oods,Groceries,Glass tnd Queen's ware, and a great cjiuntity of Flaxseed, at the corner house lately occupied I, , fcy Gapt. Bullock, on Sycamore •treet which he !s detenniued lo sell on reasonable terms for .Cash orCoiintry produce. Francis Wilson. Cincinniti. ]a«. 7, i79^* N. B. All persons indebted •0 the subscriber are rec^ucsicd •lo call and pay their respective accounts against the i5th of ^ Februaryi as’ no furtlier iadui* C«ti€c will bt £ir«a| CO*NGRESS. HOUSE OF REPKESENTATIVES. February if. 179^* Further procefding* of the Htufe of Kepreffntativei on the Pill for opening-Land Office* for the file of Land ia the S'ortb WcRero Territory. [ Cuuiinaed from our lift.] Mr. s.van wick. The only thii  ingihat appear* t« me 10 be material to encjuire, it bow far we hare occaftoii for money, fo ai to engage ui in the I'ale of thcfc lindi. It ii allowed on all hand* t« be • rery defirable mcafure to pay olf oir debt* 1 be Frefident haa (Irongly recommrnded it in each of Ilia addreflea to fcveral fuccetlive leg'flaturei ; no blame can reft up»^ OB bim it it be not done ; the mo-ment appeare favourable ; owing to the war in Europe ail funded debti •re low in price : though we are not engaged in the war, yet our ftock* feel the efTret. they are even below the Briiith in the market rate in London, according to the pricei lately <joored from tbcoce^ which I attribute in grctl meafure to the io“ tereft being pa)able, and the prir». cipal trtoiferrable here only. At the peace it i* probaolcall theft lundi will rife, perhaps 25 to per cent or more bevord their s¿fual rate* ; a* in Hrittin beiorc the war, fhe.r three per cent*, were nearly at par value : at tba* rate our é per crnn, ma) be worth 25 to :oi. per pound dflerred and : per cent in proportioi Whr»her land* will rife in proportion to th<* rile of the price ot our public d<*bt in the market, i* uncertain. I he general eagernefi to fell lard*, and the general ideaof their prefent high pricci. feemi to indicate the coniraty a* the moft pre?>»lent opinion Be ihiv, howe* ver, as itn'ty, I cannot Ire that it i* let* right for 1 nation, than it would be tor tu individual, to fell oA hi* landed property to pay off hi* debt-*. - Cm »bis principle ilierelore, coninlrtnga'I due fiiruef* and pub-licaty in the lale. a»^d dividing the fo a* totccomm**ditr the greater iiutnSer of4||y‘chafers in the market, I believe we (hall run na riique of doing wrong in bringing ihefe landi to file. Much hath been fatd about fpecu-latora and iVltlerv . 1 good deal about laying out the land* in particular divifioni to fiiit eniigrai-t* from diffeient rtate* : htif, bowever lau dibic I co.itider the viewi of grnrie mea who have fupported thcle ideal, yet I canntit conceive them a* folid ts they fuppofe. It la Immitrrtal to u* who buya the landa, fo we get a good price lor them. ípeculator* will probibly purchafe, becaufe they have capital, tad cao affurd to give long credit 00 the lend* i but our plan being to pay off our debta moft tdvantagfoufly, we muft bate the money loon to effeá it i— I have iherefare no feara of I'peculatori Their money laid out in paying off oor debts, will do •• it lead aa much ?;ood aa our lands will do them— or the moment we get our debfi pB>d,«ur revepues of (cfen or eight mitlloni a year will bt fr«ed, aid at ear dUpofai^li/ iUi miBi wt 0ull ceaft to bf told that opr treafury I* empty, tod that we tnuftfeH off the ni9Cerialt of our trigarea, becaufe we cannot afford half a,ir.llÍioa' of duU lar* to fiiiifti tbcm.>^Our, road* the ol>Jrd of a g^tlemaa from Virginia -can then be perfedcd—tod,, our fra-nien, the objed oa which aiotber fcntleman from New-York hath laid ,a motion before you will receive mm« p(e pioiection. Id ftorf, Dafiom Itae ludi^idualf. are rcfpedable on, portion to their refou/aca, fitiuri are releafrd from their adaal tmb«rr;iftiieot* : if our debti are paid,and our revenue* lett at our dif* pofai e lew arre* in the wilderneft will have prod iced the great blef flags ul peice, union, and lefpeda-bility on the atlantic, and the inde-pcudcncc and fovereigoty of our country will he aa it ought properly aflrrted. For fuch purpulei I think it wmb whtie to employ the prefent mumeot ol avidity to fpecuUte in aur Uodv fo ai to clear otf our debts aad produce a net revenue to oor treafury, to be employed to the moft lalutary pur pofet of internal im-provctuent and exterior defence. Mr. D4yton faid if he approved of the principal, be ftiould not approve of the loofc manner in which the f ropofed amendment was drawn up If the fwinciple recommended in the lefolutiCD was adopted, trad* (kould be marked by certain line* of boun diriei i but a* be difapprovcd ot the pricciple, he fiiould not dwell upou the form of the refolutioo. I-e thuught the arguments of the mover more fpeclout than folid. Every one would (ee that by limitÍRg the price of the land, the quMnticy was alfo lioiitted. The fettltmcnt of land be iaid,incrfalcd the value} bot if purvhalera be confined to a certain (ituaiion,no value will be put upon the land 500 mile* ditUni, If the plan of the cooimiitce be adopted he faid all the land will increafe iq value. Land contigiou* to a fet-tiement now nut woith a dollar an acre, will then be worth two dol Ur*. Every year a Ireflt qaantiry of land can be brought into market. Ml, Dayton did not underhand wha the mover meant by fixing fettlenieots ill ditfeicnt quarteri ol the land to Uit dillcreot parta of the United Mate** M. Harper explained. Mr. NichoU* faid it wai necefla ry to throw land eoough inio ttie market to meet the demand. He laid they bad out coly land to dif pofe of, but they had a million and a hall acre* of fuch land a* could not be found toy where elfe, and it they (houid limit piirchaferi to cer* i»in diftrid* oftlie country, where .there ii good and bad land. If only one fifth be good, four fiftha of pur* chafers will be difcouraged. If in duccments, faid he, arc to be held out, they muft be fuel) a* cannot be refilled. Suppofe. he faid, they were fuccefsful lo felling one and a halt niillioD acre* on the ,/rootteri,^yio* thing would be added to the value of the land in the interior country. 1 he demand for good land, ha faid, wauld be certain, and all the reft would become fo by fcttlemeoc. With rcfpe^ to riviliiatioo, lo much dwelt oa by the mover of the amend, menu ha had fa little theory on the fubjeél, that ha fhould not have thought of introducing it. He lived" habid|W^ert foyarancai (cmcl/ ' |iewad iii afBi,ahcl theréttoabd ! be DO    The    pcbpfa    íearí    *   ...- ||||»^ orderly and btppy \ nho Ut thii ftátt waa fettled in chc afhlcll ! was dcfcribed asíatrBdoclB|t>btbUl¿ 1,, but diforilar. * Mr. Gallatin faid thcFb fbkft I * conftdcfai'iona^ whkh livbhrtd f|ii-mover! priHcipIt of ^bringing' fhr^J ward only t limlttd quantity arihnil* V » • > 1 i. 4 f only t iimiKil ooanrity ,    _ at a time Ibf fair, ibhUb 'Wcté the felf imrrcftfd ianíllioliler|í^*niíA* ^ fetr {«•' grew «É from lb*    ftatet,’i« country He dwHt a coofidtrahl4 time in remarking on thefo tira éfíM fereot views, and coDcMrdühlF diflenting from tha - ntntndment ia it* prefent tortn.    f h r.    remarked    epon    qrfmf bad fallen from the dilforent íprok**^ era 10 oppofttloD 10 ‘bia iiiofloo* with much iogtnuiiy and obiiliy om cot fiderablc lergih, in the coarte which be tonehed itpoii tnany -argo* DtCDta which he bad Ucd on tba In* trodudion of his BiotioD.i ^    t The niotioD beii g put oD the a« mendineDC, it a a* lolt.    i Thethjrd/eAioa of the bill bttpg read, Mr. ffarper laid there waa uectffiry ol (Iriking oat fome wotdn in order to accoiunuMKito it to tht-rnm mendmeai paflcd yeHerday >    \    ^ h r. Williiins oi\>%od on ttaetidl» ment to have the l^nd* fold - hv* auCtioo, in arder ta biit g the quc^ tioD belore the bpuie    *- Mr. Nicbola* propofed a motiwm to fuprrced that ot tha lail member to Bcaily the fame cHeA. Alter Uvertl obfervaiion* from different n.eBibrrs, | rireipnlly    fm lavt.ur ol • iair by audtiun. the coed* miller lute, ft^uneci prvgireta ••*! aikcd leave to hi again. ' Aijourned till b nncay, *j—■    J» Varih 7 i The k'-ofe having lefofved ttfelf into a committee 01 Hr whole, om the bill for etiablifhirg Und-odecn lur the file of the north welUvA territory, Mr.\^edgwick in the chair ^The amendment prnpoled tor tkl«< liar the hod by atid.ion being «odor coofideiotu.D. Mr. Baldwin wai in fnvonfof tliD aoicodmcnt. He v*at not dilpolcd to encourage Id hi* own mind, loo great lufpicion* of the liiegriig of individuals, but it ia not tu be finr* gotten, faid be, in making tbepiavu (ions of this land law, that it 'itato be carried into cperation io time! fiiigularly expofing it to a mercanao and unlaiihlul cxeiutioo, ^ W niiift irmfcr our laws to what we fro 10 be the ftaie of the courtry* Fhiw hfophers ted poiiiiciaoe, in loroo agci. have tnade tucb fucccf*lul od« drelTts la human natura on the fob, of honour, virtue, patriotilmwnd regard to the public inurcft, that reputable men dtlpifcd appear*Migtm be governed in their aéliana by pccu* nitry coofidtrationa— but pliilolo*» phertiod pnliticiana wttb at hav# of iite made much tbeir impwiD túnate and fuccefiíul addieftéa 10 #•> ther ptfiKont, and have cxcisfd» tbm !nfanabtc fordid patfion of av«ric# loan onufeti degree.—SpeculatioD. ibd making maney ara riiely found tnymorc ra|tcg ekirrmt, aoi per# font whom we have foppofad WDTfbr of aur coafidcDce, aM tftotm, Tyab* licly pra61ifiugtbe mconeR aad diloracefal afta and trkka aídavím* 4íLi| I mdf htlllgaxták^^ ’4i *' •"

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