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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - September 16, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioJ us a 5� 1,4 i Iai �.7� a i Ira a a a it a a a. A a a a a a t la w a a a. I f. Kun. J a i Quot i a or k it Vogt a Tel Ash i pm i a a a a a a a Quot i a a a Quot 4 a Ftp of a Mem 1 t my it Nihil re .1. I f ,9wuk�9� tor 4. 144/ by Isaac m. Wise Frota july 4, 1is4, to March a 1s#0 t v a a i a f a it a i. L t 1 a a 1 a a k 1 k. A he a i i 4 i v is a 7. F t j .1. .b-7 a f of Wise St co. We o. H. Karston Fak Pam him and pop Fiator. Of flt. N. W. Cor. Sait Mth my by strata. Talai dmm. Canal s410. I j a a a Tatad a Aarond Elamaa Mattar Sost Mth. It7t. At tha Poat of Lloa at in Oinui Immo under act of match try. Titt. R Price Par year of Esmaoe to Europe. Per Yeai a a a a a a a a a a a aaa .00 .00 Chance of address a Pla aaa Al hath tha old and new Addrana and a a in my my writ lab to the Pap Siva Hoth tha is it a Aifen name Iva both tha state and potato inca. A % is Rowe 1 Tasir tils ski Tohir is a Hub kind not from Tho passim pretest hour but from a stand Point that overlooks Alt past Ood Eavor. The Famona philosopher a nag from jewish Stock in bounced one of the fic test of truths when he urged that Mas View All things from the standpoint Ofey melt a. Prom that standpoint it becomes apparent that forms East mba institutions ceremonies have been undergoing constant changes Sohit Lonser and revolutionary hot that tha fundamental ideas which these institutions customs forum and ceremonies have clothed persist and continue. This a amp a be illustrated in a thousand and one ways. Lot us test the truth or falsity i Hereof by some characteristic ideas of the Day of atonement have these outstanding ideas any less Potency now despite the harrowing results of the world War that they had through All historic time what then ass the ideas by which jews can make this test what does our Day it Liotto mean we observe it far la. A Hal Marh Agu birth and death Toti Cau etc., Aach Sumter Lara Upa Clai rate. 1.m iut Lona a fifty counted Tinaa or a Xci Aiva of a Adang and a so per Aach additional line. 10 obituary noticed other than simple death Notie a first ten Lynae As each additional line a to differently from our Forbes in in ancient advertisements Heo Richee each insertion. A. Expo Etas for display Advertis Mcants will be made known on application. a i. More than Alx Money should a indie copies of Lesu Menthe old 2s Yenta each. A company order. The american Lara Ella Haa no free Lisl applicants for Frea Coplea Are request i be take that in a reply to their Oom Munt a alone. Owing to the change in Portal rates re of tote for subscriptions will not be sent palees specially asked for. The Date to which the remittance pays will been Doid of the Back of Cheeks. Not it a subset hers going away for the aum mfr May have their Papara transferred without charge by notifying Thia office at least one week in Advance. Be sure and in your City address a Well our country Addrena. To con relations wanting big. The congregational year usually ends an Hab both and the interval before the great Holyday fronds Opportunity for rabbis to consider Calls and for Congro Bationo with vacant pump la. Who Domatra Arcuro tha Aero Lee of a rabbi before the Holyday. To make known their wants. The columns of the american israelite afford the beet medium for the purpose and All Eon Hornad will find it a Wise course since it offers All candidates the ammo Opportunity and gov of the mom Boro of the congregations the widest poas Bio Ranga of Choice. Jewish Ca Lenoar Days when the High priests made Sac a la Cal Sofeo Sutlon for his own Siua the sins of his family and the bios of the whole people and the Scapegoat bearing these sins Wab sent away into the wilderness. W e Olwe Rve it far differently also from the manner prescribed by rabbinic to Pitlon. But whatever changes id Observance the underlying ideas remain the same when ail is said and these a Nam lying ideas Are the free will of the human creature and his responsibility and the intimate relationship of the human creature with the god of Justice and mercy Wiio receives in forgiveness the truly repentant soul. Free will response Lii incorporated in Hie of Servance Day of atonement the teaching of communal responsibility in Israel a utterance like that can Only be Nudi stood if the conditions that called it Forth Are stated and know. I do not for a moment believe. That the utterance was meant to combat the High prophetic teaching of individual responsibility. But in the unfolding of jew Lorti life it happened that jews were subjected to suffering indignities and deprivations because of their Faith. Up to the dose of the Elodi Teeth Century suffering was the badge of the children of everywhere. A Ause of this the feeling grew that jews must feel a responsibility for their fellow jews w to were suffering because they were of the same religious communion. It was not a quit minion of individual responsibility for in it dual lapse and wrongdoing not at All but it was an doctrine growing out of the conditions of jewish existence. I feel quite Sute that bad jews been permitted to live their lives everywhere unhampered and unhindered by prosecution that thought of the Especial responsibility of jew for jew As such would not have taken the hold it did. Through All the Ages this feeling was fed because of the barbarity of Church and state in their treatment of the jews. There is nothing that draws men and Womer so closely to one another As in the same cause. This makes tie strongest sort fan Appeal. For this reason we jews Here in the United states of today free blessed prosperous if w e Are 6t the right Caliper most feel responsible for the millions of our hapless co religionists in the m the Edl a and Tab amx car in Zimt a i pm fill of go my Nam ripp0rf filch it has for to a must Weert re Eek red from Itu thou Anas of friends and Well a Shore and carom buy a elicit the coat nuance. I i i a a it to very much to be feared that the Reeders of Tow Leige thru will hardly recognise the paper this week. Its a pea Ranee to not at All what the editor and pub Isbee a a would like to have it or what the readers have been Aecus tuned to. Laxar too Stoa i the Pipit ing Osce Are very cute Atnel the beet is bang done that is possible under the circumstances. It is to by hoped that the trouble Wilt be of very Short duration and in the the beet possible is being done. The a in a a a Iai fit the it of valor. Add Selb. He to toe eeg 3hvidi lag in Cou do i a i the of ii Post to Lilge ii to a Jar Poe Timi. We Ackon Ovidii Uita Gap Dmn pm a by Prea Siovie of respect its i Raffes to i Hsi to Thomas b Watson Publ a St whole paper was Steg Cpd for a while from going through the mail and who a mad As anyone Wraa responsible for the Lyn no of Leo Frank and who to an opponent of the Wilson and ministry thou and the league of no tops in any form has been to floated by Georgia dem<icrat8 to succeed United states senator hot Are Smith. Wat hmm is known As a bitter hater of both jews and Itoman cloth Dlly i. Comment to Unne Cedeary moderation its kind Bisbee for the Contin Tranise in perpetuity of the act Fly is feb. But wre shored api move More Perspicuous a tactics. We should like to know whet u is dry tog at soft word As we run tried tvo weeks ago Are not suited far wrapping up to. And the inquisition he by our contemporary on the High commissioner for Palestine and other piddle servants who Are jews recalls the Fermi of Torquemada. Not once or twice but a dozen Toms and now As recently As last Mcday this newspaper has held a letter addressed to it in april 191p, by or. Both Chi m.p., and nine others in Terrore Over British jews. Frankly vre Are it frightened by it. We Are not Idill Dren by used Synagog Gitt to say that Jpn la men can reply. He artict has been pronoun Flag told their evident Over Taka. The etmoes aired per of Nourn which we May be allowed a if to wwlll., pc. In Ltd a tons a not been calculated to a i a Nally there is one Speciale solicited. Of the 249 who were deported to Russia there were Only 13 who claimed to be or have been jeers either by religion or race or even As being of jewish descent the balance were greek Catholic Bua Siana pc in Man Catholic poles. It to perhaps net proper to Call a Roan a to is an untruth through ignorance or Lack of information. But those who claimed that the undesirables that were deported Arete largely jews do not come in either category of exempts for the figures have been Public tried and republished so. That every me can be informed. Mem Suereth first Day. A Buseth ast Day a bal Manl it Srsen. Lotc Ksyk Torsh. Ito sch shoes sch chssv�n.wsd., oct. Is Laeh Clious sch Kislev Fri., nov. Is Chamish fast of do Lea ton aton., l5oo. A reach Chodosh t�b�th8un., Doe is f to both Tuss. Doc. Sims Iasa a Aford. Bop. Is mon., Gap. S7 men., oct. 4 orah.tuoa., oct. E past Sasi Neteh a a Mon Jan. 10 Roach Cho Deach, Fob. 0 Roach Chodosh to adar.Fri., mar. T1 purim feat of Esther thura., mar. 84 Ito Aeh a Hodesh niaaan.sat., apr. T Paa avar Febach sat., apr. 23 Paa Over Roach a a a a a a a lag b Onia Llor fax a to 0 0 a a o 0 tit Roach Che Jaeh Alvant a Bra Beth Cen formation mon., May 9 ra., May so a. June 7 Roach. Roach Chod Aach ab.Fri., aug. 6 Paat of Absal aug. 13 Roach Chod Aach Ellul. New year a eve peas sun., ocl 8 m in morn Ity and forgiveness have these conv cents any Lam i Tency now than they had they a suffer eclipse for a while but they remain a Mug the Sencial conditions of human life i Huma n Progress. We can not shift re to it it is ability however much we would. Responsibility for Good accomplished or for evil done is within the eternal scheme of things. That idea our Day of atonement connotes. It is eternal in its significance and to mailing in its application. This has Bema expressed in a thousand and one ways by the great thinkers who have interpreted our Faith but by none More strikingly pm baps than by the biblical Sage who declared so Ithily the foolishness of a Man per Berteth his Way and he fret Teth himself against the How eternally Truel what a flashlight this Luumi rating Obs Ratton throws upon the dark places in human conduct in All times past and in our present Day. Men today As always Are Given to disclaiming All responsibility for their perversions and their Baesl dings. The Sage tells us that men fret themselves against the lord or in other words they shift the response Mility from them selves upon the lord who they say made them As they Are and therefore should assume the responsibility. An easy doctrine truly worthy of weaklings and slackers but not of the Strong and capable. Said our Foremost american thinker a i did lands of Eastern Europe. When we read the St Bride of pogroms and massacres to which these unfortunates have been and a re subjected because they a a jews in addition to their sufferings together with the it ueral population we must feel an Especial responsibility to help diem. They suffer because they Are jews. But for the Grace of god we might i their place and they in ours. It is our Good Fortune that we Are Here. It is their ill Fortune that they Are there. But for that Good Fortune of mite a ones might be dying for Lack of bread our fathers and mothers might be massacred on Dearest be subjected to indignities and outrages unspeakable. When we american jews Are called upon to help these fellow jews out of our accumulated stores let us thank Glt that we Are Here and not there and give greatly give generously from a feeling of thanksgiving. Yes in this Case the word still holds jews Are responsible for one another inasmuch As the misery wretchedness and death Are heaped upon these helpless creatures because they Are jews. Here is a re a a Spon Sibilly which we May not and would not evade. We Are their Only Hope. Teir pleading voices sound carom the sea their appealing hands Are Street clod out to us when we Are called upon to help and should we be called upon again and again surely we May not we can not say nay the responsibility does rest upon us because in s talk before tic Cleveland of Nhei Toan Kingsley of the a fare As soc Totton urged that the children be placed in Homes instead of in ins Titu Iona i \ a an institutional Home May be the a Best thing for a oiled or it May not a said or. Kingsley thousands building an ins Gutlon if Yon can find a Home where there is a fire and a Lidit in the window and maybe a iliac Bush m they re or something else that Gies a special Home flavor of you can give a child a Home a where he can be dealt with considerately in an individual Way Yon have Given him m Ett Sutlon in Gene rally speaking. Or. Kingsey right but at it to not possible to procure a suffix edit number of Homes for jewish orphan and that institutions for their care afo absolutely necessary. Question which our contemporary to us last saturday. Do a claim that Jewa As jews should he withdraw from ,criticl8m? the answer to emphatically no. We neither ids Hor deny the charges adduced Asal nit individual jews a countries racked by revolution. The Facto have not Beel fully fori ulsted jewish favor As consent Cun not be proved and the fleeing from a bogeyman. Shut letter Elf. Gives the morning Post no kind of it a a a a held Over our Community the j a a of an wild Ifni is cum Atances of that letter were very i a i Toso of simple. It was written by or. Both j x Schild and Hla friends to exp fees their i a ome j concern and regret at the publication words which affirmed a consonance Ween the id Ito of Judaism and bolshevism and it was addressed to the morning Post because that be represented jewish news in May be right but experience Hae shown a very interesting correspond mice took place it Helena ark., Between Babbs Jerome Mark of Temple Beth Al and e. Ran an manager jewish Section of the foreign language Lanorma Tinq a ervice of the american bed Cross at hot Broadway new York City. Babbi Mark received a Appeal asking for of operation with Thig jewish Section. This rabbi Mark considered an affront and justly so. To entertain the supposition that an american Ticen is a foreigner because be is of the jewish Faith is an insult. The fact of the matter to that of All the people in the United states those who Are jews need Lees urging than any other to contribute to the support of the red Cross and the establishment of a special jewish Section to room Likely to harm the cause than to do it Good. An Appal a from Vienna. To god pm m a my vol. 67. September 16.1920. No. 12. Or re it. I pour Hutny there Are who Are saying in these says t it nothing will be As it was. Civilization has suffered bankruptcy claim such. The great War has changer the face of Tho universe. There Are no fixed stakes to which men it an cling. Every Anchor he a been dislodged every Confidence undermined every foundation shattered. Society has been shaken from Center should therefore decline the Esponal Bluey Slih a blah i am born. Space and time and venerable nature and Beautiful stars and All the various Fel Low belongs i Greet Yop All and will not despond but even out of my acre god shall yet rear himself some tasty this to Only a Modem variant of the observation of the ancient rabbi who taught a every individual was created so that each and every one should say for my Sake the world was of these things we Are not constantly conscious. The Day of atonement brings them prominently to our attention. They persist As eternal to circumference. All the High sound lag teachings of philosophy have i verities no matter what happens in proven to be empty babbling the be world about us. Prenc ments of religion a mockery. The visions of prophets a delusion. 5here is nothing absolute. The absolute postulates of Justice i Ove purity mercy and the like Are i Tolly the inventions of deceived dream Era. The realities which Are now upon us and with us Are proving that these things the Acme of pre War Cir ii Atlon were merely the fabrics of a Uch dreams which Are now dispelled forever and forever. If these Are not the exact words and phrases which Are used yet these the Laws of the spiritual world Are As sure in their working As Are the Laws of tie physical world and among these Laws of the spiritual world none is More inexorable than that of responsibility. Sooner or later payment is exacted not in dollars and cents perhaps but in the for More vital Fine of menus contempt and the loss of All things Worth while such As Honor reputation ease of conscience Freedom from worry cheerful Days and Calm Nighta this is written 1 the record of eternity. In ant laity and in Road Aeu tymces express beyond a doubt the pm Days in ancient Judea or ancient i a a 1 stood of despair which is abroad. The War weariness has produced a world weariness. A this is the natural. Result of the terrible orgy of death and instruction through which the nations have passed. It is not at All surprising that there is this reaction. In truth it would be surprising were it not so. The Pessimist has Hla Day in court because the evidence of the War years to All on his Side. But this is Only the superficial aspect of the Case. No Ane would be so foolish As to deny the plausibility of this attitude of despair and the discounting of the Gigli claims of human achievement. Still a Little Leeper thought will disclose possibly the it of the Casandra Lote which is now filling the air. Is h really True Tomt the awful which have tried Mcmo a souls id w Rug women a hearts have a ranged Tlle fundamentals does pm t human nature at Bottom remain a a file same do not men and women a Lope and fear Jjo Dolce and sorrow fall ind aspire6ih the same today As a Bey did six years ago. Ere that Roill air clique lusting after world doll Inion and drunk with Power unless i Vij the dogs of War have the results it of thousands of years of Effort and it riving really been cast into the Dos a re is Man at Bottom different that there has to a great Cou a Neslon in it bought can not he denied ind Ilmet this convulsion Lias and will Nike a vast Iange in the evaluation it of standards can neither be denied Ikea old Natl tuition have been thrown Iver Ioard. Changes of All kinds Are n the air. Still to Here Are certain in Leijing fundamentals which All the that Shook the nation through All historic time have not of Ectyl and Witch the greatest Catas Rophe of our time that has Laid Low a Micili that was be dirtied will not i Mako. I make this claim confident e a Greece in medieval Italy or Spain in Modem Germany or America in prewar Days or Post War Days the record stands. holds a everlasting we arrant but there is another aspect of this subject to which it is necessary to direct attention notably As it is so largely applicable to our own Case As members of the House of Israel. Probably upon due thought on the subject few will be inclined to dispute the correctness of the claim that individuals Are and so would be responsible for their acts fast in this our Day of atonement makes the right insistence. But How about the Extension of tie thought into the matter of responsibility for others is this Ira Mulaly written in Tlle record of eternity Asia individual responsibility in some ways yes in others no. The spiritual Progress of Mankind involves the growing of the sense of . The selfishness of the question of Aln a am i my brother a keeper a belongs to the beginnings of human history. The re of parents for minor children of the better conditioned for the suffering of tote Strong for the weak has become almost axiomatic in the course of the upward development of society Rise Wiinie matter of the re Ponsi ullity for others comes very closely Home to ail jews because of he of jewish Lle upon this planet ago the word was spoken a fall israelite Are reasons a ble for one what did the author of this dec Tim imply surely he incr inc teaching of the Prophet a a a cult it and Jeremiah and the Deuter Ono Miet who pre arwied the great Doo Irlue of individual responsibility when they declared a a Wie father shall not Peris i for the sin of tie son nor the son for the sin of the father the person that Al Neth shall did he mean to substitute for this Doc Talho of of such individual and communal responsibility we surely recognize. But there is another aspect of communal which we disclaim emphatically. Fantt Sematos Prate constantly of Jewitt Solidarity. It is a favorite thesis of theirs that All jews Are banded Quot together to get control of the worlds affaire. For this reason say they jews protect even the evildoers of their Community since they Are an exceedingly Cloee corporation the world Over. How untrue this is we All know. We can counteract it Only by showing in season and out of season by word and by deed that each and every Seiv must Rise and fall by his own deeds and misdeeds that the jew a is As Little blameworthy for the shortcomings of the jew b As is the non jew a. For the non jew b. No one May be made a Scapegoat for another no Section of ii eople May a be made scapegoats for another. The Scapegoat idea is one of the ancient concepts that we repudiate. Its opposite the belief in individual responsibility we accentuate with double and triple emphasis. None too insistent can this of our Day of atonement be set Forth in this time a of shifting attitudes and Uncertain standards. Upon this Rock individual and communal life must build if the social Structure is to continue Safe and secure. David Phiiip Aon. Tyrannical As was the Rule of the hapsburgs in Austria and Hungar present conditions in both coup trl i prove that it was what was needed to keep tie austrians and hungarians from relapsing into savagery More especially the magyars. In both countries since the Iron Rule of the hapsburgs has been broken the majority have rounded on the m if Bolties and indulged in murder rape and robbery and every outlier imaginable species of outrage. The victims were not Only jews but also protestant to the attempt to establish a self governing Republic with such material for citizen ship to for doomed to failure. Half civil led creased it la Gate it is Peoples nose an autocratic form of and social. Appended Appeal has been sent to is Issax True with a req Eiff for its Public Salon. It be hardly be a Ted that the i Skabla endorses the Appeal and trusts it will meet with a generous response. Contrib Imis May be sent directly to the address Given or if sent to Tufto office will be a know lodged in these columns and duly forwarded. The following is the Appeal verb and der Ang Estelleen der Israel Kultus Gemeinder won. Office add. Wien 1. 4 Austria. Vienna August 10, 1920. To the fun Toni is of jewish communities Synagog and institutions Oen Leisen we doubt Call on you As beggars. We ask for Che thing Only help be that we May help ourselves you have Learned from the news papera and reports from All quarters Bow it to with As you know that our country and its towns have broken entirely into piece he and that slice the overthrew of the austrian Empire Vienna has been plunged into unutterable wretched less. You know that the utmost misery has struck that very class of people who for shame and self respect done to exhibit their sufferings. A rho to especially the Case we might say tragedy of the functionaries and servants of the Vilma jewish Community which once flourishing has now to encounter immensely in Goveri ent. When they Are something better they will get out outside assistance. One of the More recent canards started in Europe by the Hebr maniacs ires that jews were concerned in the Assassin Olton of the late Czar and his Fautley. That the assassins executioners or whatever they May be called were Letts and members of Tho established greek Catholic Church is Well known but that does not prevent the jew waiters from attempting to fasten the responsibility upon jewish russians. Unfortunately jew Balting in civilized lands like murdering jews in Eastern Europe is Nise crime. There is no penalty imposed either by the state or the Church so Tomt the helpless jewish minority is without recourse or Protection. Tulsi of course refers Only i a Christian in the Pagan or Heathen lands minorities Are not persecuted because they pro fear a different religion from the majority. Form and Subat Anoe it conveyed a Strong expression of deep conviction to the contrary a we repudiate them As dangerous in themselves and As false to. The tenets and teachings of so far the Signet Oriee to the letter and the Board of Dej it Oliata it a few Days later on behalf of the satire Familo jewish Community though it deprecated Tome phrases in the letter passed a unanimous Resolution to a repudiate any sympathy with so far then so Good. But what is the object Iff the morning Post in reprinting that letter this week its writers were a attacked a says our contemporary and the implication or is it a threat seems to be that if they will still be Good and will cling to the skirts of the morning Post that journal will see them through though All jewry fall in ruins round about them. Almeo Day aos we rejoin. The greek gifts of the morning Post have been too evident. We think that our eminent co religion tots who put Dheur names to that letter will prefer our Coupon to the morning posts. We think that they will concur with us in rejecting the overtures of newspapers which would Burden our in cent Faith with the crimes of the scum of Europe. And which Traduce the Honor of Public men who enjoy the Confidence of the crore the House of cd it Moons. The to coming Post derives no authority from Tine ten letter writers or any other jewish source to Divide jews into sheep and goats with the timid sheep on sue Side of its party Wall and the turbulent goats on the other. The a a attacks in the signatories to the letter we May reassure Fie anxiety of the morning Post were not due to jewish sympathy with bolshevism the Resolution of the Board of deputies is sufficient proof of this assertion. And neither then nor now would asset be Given to any attempt by the morning Post to Man Euver one Section of god fearing jews into opposition to another. The morning Post says that there Are a Good jews and a bad we entirely concur. But As the Organ of a Reli Ous Community we take leave to judge for ourselves which Are Good and which Are bad. On Standard is not necessarily the morning posts. It is not necessarily that of Jar. Gladstone audio once said to the Duke of Argyll buckle Disraeli vol. Vi., Page ?56 a i have a Strong suspicion that dizzy a crypt Judaism has had to do with worm a St liken Pari in a crazy d Ploramo movement recruited by men Bers of All Cresoda which a a fatten i on unrest Toda on too intent an spreads murder a forever it shows in head As or. Montagu Gald in tit House of commons and which a a i in every civilized country Are co opt Ere Tang with the beat elements Amon their Ferow Cit Lens to bring to a speedy and a a the jewish guard Aoi ><.7 i a London. Murdered rabbi s betrothed delivers memorial address. A a a 1 one of the most Imp Tolve meet list Ever held. By the jewish com Multi of Buff so n. Y., occurred in the Tei pie enter of Temple Beth Zion Dei Ware ave Fie on tuesday Evon life september 7, by Way of a memorial to Rahb Bernard Cantor. As rabbi Gant tor wat born Fand West to school in Buffalo to was Hig Lily fitting that the Liberal jewish Temple arrange for service in which All the elements o the Community participated. The outstanding festo it a a of the evening was a Roost Beauty Fol inspiring i and Brilliant address by miss Irreg Abranowicz May of Lynberg eolan4�� the betrothed of Babbi Cantor. Mls May spoke a perfect English with t most delightful accent having learn the language in childhood from bet governess and in foreign schools. This was uie first Public add rest which miss May has Given since Coo ing to America shortly after the de to of rabbi Cantor to be with the Youni rabbits Mother and to offer her sen ices to the joint distribution committee. Other speakers were rabbi Louis j. Kopald of two be Beth Zion Kami n. H. Ebin of the by Falo Keh Illah. Herman Wile president of Temple Beth Zion and a life Long Friend of Babbi Cantor my or. Charles bin Menthal of the talmud torah of Buffalo and a former teacher of the Young rabbi. The a male race Aamira and the a Deli Ella were rendered by Rev. B. Schachtel the Cantor of the conserve to Tive Buffalo. The father and Mother of rabbi Cantor As Well the other members of his a mlle. Were present. Al the infant chess Nome non. Phe tons Are Dally diminishing like Snow in the us Nidine. On Money has sunk to a twentieth or thirtieth of its prewar value while the prices of life a most indispensable things As foodstuffs clothing fuel etc., have risen a Hundredfold. Under 1 his it was a very political sus circumstances Pinion. Secret Sylbie for our Community even with Gie j Cie Les seem to go to politicians Heads. Utmost exertions to come up to the daily increasing necessities of life. Nor f Ould any private assistance be of use to a corporation like ours which comprises thousands of members who Are yet so necessary to the management of so Large a Community As ours. There is Only one expedient left to us in on precarious situation that of self help. Sims endeavouring to establish co operative stores for our corporation which would enable us to we a not practice political judgment. We do not judge Dis Raeul a foreign policy Nof or. Montagu a policy in India nor lord readings fitness for the Bench by evidence drawn from the race of these statesmen. We do not believe that race or religion makes political virtue or vice. The goodness or badness of jews is like the goodness or badness of other men it is not like a House of commons lobby list. Trades Union ballot function ,. The Little Elt Yeai old chess Phe poin Noti Samuel the London jewish chronicle ado another to the catalogue of wonder children of Israel. The other even lbs in Loudon to played a Multan Eouse Twenty games against Twenty Strom players and at the end of the mat he had won eighteen games and drat a two. a skill says a correspondent of the times is uncanny. A Well know p player having been Petely out mane Vered in three Mlay Utas said he believed the boy had a fourth do my Nional Ito culty. Ruesche ski rarely hell atm while playing apart from his precocious Talen Wrzesc Bewz ski is an Oral Navy Little Bof to talk to although his Stock of English is rather limited. He is very Vii ave vhf ill us Vul l n a Iliili l/cs11wv Quot a a a Quot �4 Auhll algal i i11 it Purchase the most indispensable things of dumb driven sheep. Does the array 0? to inn a a team of six a converted jews is. Making the rounds of the Chris thai churches in the smaller towns of Northern Michigan. They Are obtaining Good results As far As Cali collections Are concerned but As far As converting any jew s to christianity is concerned they Are getting the usual results which Are none at All. With the Popes approval All european and american Bishops have been invited to Send delegates to an International conference which will meet it an Early Date in Einsiedler Switzerland. The object of this conference is announced to be a the safeguarding of the Catholic interests in Palestine and to protect them against the danger created by the ceaseless and growing Stream of jews into Jerusalem. A strike in the printing offices has not Only made the time of publication of the Imi Akut Uncertain but has caused ail sorts of difficulties and blunders. A actg them was that or. Philllp Sony a Rosh hash Ana editorial printed last we Eek without the proofs being properly read and a number of blunders were made. For instance in paragraph 5, Lihe 5, was made to say a i have All he wrote a i have seen All in paragraph 6, Warrior a was substituted for a worriers a a the stings of outrageous Fortune a for a the slings of outrageous of course Little mistakes As a Twu Kersz a a makers and a miserly 4tre hardly Worth noticing. All Tho newspapers in Cincinnati except the dallies Are in a Peck of trouble. We must print when and where we can and pay whatever those who take advantage of the emergency choose to ask. The israelite will be delayed in reaching its readers Liis week and perhaps for some time to come and or Trust that under the circumstances Totev will make allowances. For Many years after its publication was begun the Price of the amoebic of 1sbfv.ftjtr w As four dollars a year. As soon As it was feasible this Price was reduced and the paper was Furchi aimed for Many years at the lower Price. During the past few years the Price of labor and material and of everything that goes into the making of a newspaper Lins trebled in fact and All Overl Tead expenses have in croaked in proportion. The publishers of tote Are compelled to Advance the subscription Price to $4.00 a Ymir beginning 1920, but Hope to reduce it again when conditions once More become Normal. In the meantime the editor and publish Ere Hope that the Isra Sute will continue to receive the Asme generous support from its friends and from Allce religion Sta who appreciate its a Tyty Aix years fight for jewish american the september huh Issue of the literary digest la on article entitled a where Are the Herleif of the great War a presents the portraits of eleven men who did heroic deeds in France which received ignorable recognition from the government. Of these eleven Tiree Are jews namely sergeant Kaufman sergeant Katz and sergeant Guin Perta which is surely a Large proportion of the last named the digest says Sydney g. Gunipero also of the a Rankin Drew Post won his medal of it it nor ill the Bois de forges on september 4917, he was first sergeant of a 182d infantry i tarty the Loffl division. When the advancing line was held up by machine gun fire sergeant Gumpertz left the platoon he Coinman ded and started Wigi two other soldiers three ugh a heavy barrage toward the machine gun nest two comrades soon became at affordable prices. The goods and requisite sums can Only be procured by Means a a foreign Aid. If you were to help us in this Pursuit we feel abased like beggars nor him guat Edas if by the patronizing gesture of some Benefactor. You know gentlemen what sacrifices the minister the teachers or the administrative officers must make to represent in Belr outward appearance the commune they serve with dignity. You know what 4t matters and How necessary it is for any jewish functionary and his family to keep up a proper Ani worthy style of life. You will know Best therefore what we suffer and How we Are obliged to struggle hard for life. Remind the powerful help the brotherly Relief Vouly commune has Ever brought who it a sled upon to so Many other jewish can unities abroad. The rolling a Heel of an Adverse destiny is now a Art Yang us downwards. Stop its disastrous course for the Sake of Bur Pooi innocent children for raise ourselves once More a ,� the attention of your generous All fun philanthropists of which there Are so Many among your countrymen to our heartrending distress and our endeavours to banish to by organizing a self help. Come to or Aid making also use of the jewish newspapers that we May succeed in providing the necessary Means and fund for this object. Be assured gentle Raen that we Ritall prove worthy of your Chi Segial exer Plohs and that the help Yon will kindly Grant us either in the form of subsidies. Clothes foodstuffs Linen Etc will be administered in the most scrupulous Way. We remain gentlemen yours Ever truly. The Union of the functionaries and servants of the jewish Community of Vienna Austria. Or. A Baue rabbi m. Kaufmann minister Josef pick teacher j. Paneth officer b. Weiss. Bochet a Striks. Oristel. Springer employee. Office address verb and Vienna i. 4, Austria. Young Franz Liszt. The Little lad to presently to m some professional players and he c templates them with the utmost entity. Morning Post seriously dispute the. morality of disciples of the old Tes-1 it. Tairent yet what other criterion can be applied to the criticism of adherents to Judaism or does it seriously intend to substitute for that test a test drawn from political principles is eve Ery a Good jews in future to be bom a Little conservative and. Every a bad jews a Little Liberal this is by no Means a wild deduction from the reasoned argument of the morning Post 1 wac Fhy t to the inherent criminal proclivities of o sir a. Mond a it re Readlyn. Or. Mon-11&Quot ?.&Quot at ago and sir h. Samuel. Jewish University men great Britain and he brew University. 0 it is easy to ridicule this doctrine. But we submit to our contemporary that it has gone the wrong Way to work in its hardly disguised attempt to create an Antl Sero Tilc Branch of the unionist party. We can not suggest a better Way for the attempt seems to us undesirable and we by Lleve that it will fall. If we Are told that this is a racial loyalty a we shall cheerfully plead guilty a i re is no cause in the jewish race his induce disloyalty in its members. But at the same time it is National loyalty too. Resistance to injustice is not solely a jewish attribute. We Are fairly Well convinced that most readers of the articles in the morning Post have been unfavourably by the Bias their strained , and their inconclusive Ness. The kind of Justice which they have encouraged would be inadmissible in any court of Law and it is wholly at variance w Ith the sound instinct of every Hon to Man. Was a Gln a jew ? therefore Jud Aimu is a great Britain and Ireland held a Orla College Oxford a report on the building up of the hebrew universe it of Jerusalem was Given by representatives of be education Depa Troen of the zionist organization. On motion the conference unanimous i agreed to undertake the collection o books for tiie University Library on wide scale and to help in the Bull Dan up of the University in every posse by Way. Or. Maurice l. Perlsweig Prev attention to theft of that As a Resol of the Antl semitic restrictions 1 posed by the hungarian author Tow the University of Budapest we Ltd normally contained 2,000 jewish students now did not permit a san Gie jewish student to study within its wails and on his suggestion it was resolved to unite we Ltd to in Young Lont organization in organizing a wac spread protest esp Dally in Acala circles. Thieves Kitchen. And what Klud of witnesses were summoned we were in Dobro invited to inquire into a we were told that a the Jewyl had a part in it we w Ere to a a Readland see what part they took. Mark it we As not individuals but in a tire coins Unity which was indicted not a tor b of jewish extraction but a the a a a so and a their part in a the Consul rate a now w e ask the morning Post where did the writer seek his facts taking any Man May make a roast Nike none but a fool w ill St Elf to it. Secor Fhay nil of a a a Ltd Haaf. A the no verb say it a it in Money Are requested to be Tran emitted in your value to our banking House Anglo Bank Wien Al taboo Strasse Trie. F no Devil adaption in labor. This country Only for the pews As the morning Post a drafts have no International institutions a veld the deputies of British j their archives and records i 17fio? sir Moses Imo utello president of that Board s Samuel is its president t each we As permitted to serv Ereign on a Mission con in foreign parts. Did he Anglo jew ish association there in no degradation in the est manual or humblest Servia bursting Chr in but Oum perts w Hen it to hone it Eto Akia. \ la it re Pirbright and bar Smid were once preside which or Claude g. Pro sudent today ? d d h Trua a Selden i in Zion a. A e go to a w it rating in was a Stuart and his Sov ing fews 0 to the which Gold and of Defiore to to the fanciful putting new life into things is the absorbing thought of the Oyer and cleaner. The freshness that he puts into the garment to indeed a reve Lodi you a take Pride of Wea ing the product of this skill Ana the saving Side makes Yon 6 ble in the army of Thrift. Dyer and 626-627. Walnut Street we Call and deliver every where. Phone us. Canal 2643 or v. \ i i a f jul. . F -.7 v a of a a. F. ,. Of. A a. Few f. A l a j a of v f �1 a f2. A of w b a j a i a. Quot a i w m Fri. -1 of. 1 r a. J

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