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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - September 9, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioA it tto a a it a a a it a. A i. in j.4j it a a a #. 1.-. A. It so Quot air Quot it a % or a a a ti., to Quot Toa. A r a a v Quot i. R re a j a to y a a r Avex it Quot it i Vaj a a a a it. I. F. A v a i i of / j a y m a t of j. Pfc a of a a it of to la a a a a a a i of pc via of i a a a it y a a it f a it a a a Quot a a a a t. To tax Quot a a a of a. Quot re a a a ��4. A a a j Quot a v. V yet Isa. F Trif a a a a in a it a it t. It a it a a re a a a i. I 1t a ii3 a # re Quot to it Quot it so by Al i it. A. A it Quot it a it Quot 5/a. I ,. A a a -. A a a i a if. I vat �5\ a \ i =7�?T via a a a a a f a c in y i t .ytt�?j5 f of Quot or �-r7 -1 a a j or for. A i i j let there nit a up be Light a i a a a a a a the a re a a it a r3 a ill Quot a a to Khz he a volume Cincinnati Ohio 1920. Number the immortal year. C i Annette Kohn. Could not restore to life the thousands of victims butchered in the Host barbarous manner nor protect the thousands that were killed since. A is heard 1 a Farewell old it a voice a to a ones on the threshold Here float Bury what is dead and past 2�� Greet the new with trumpet crowd says a it is so a a r need to my soul this truth i know yf2-,. La a death the Law is life t. A a a 1 . A a in. Jor. <1. R i r in twixt the two there a always strife. When first god said a let Light be bom a a the word was for eternal Momy Here a dark and rest and sleep a tween. But always is the Sunrise seen. I the Flower of fades and sinks in Earth its seed gives a new Flower birth. The Clouds Are but the gathered rain that Falls to Earth in drops again. The life we lived All yesterdays. Bears fruit today and will always so awed by this immortal thought bet All our mortal deeds be wrought. Bosh hash Ana 5681, september 1020. Dobbs ferry n. Y. To year Lotthard Deutach millennium believers in the probably still Are found among the old Tosh one jews of the East will find the prediction of the messianic age Given in the talmud Totah 49 fulfilled. It reads a in the Wake of the Messiah presumption will grow Strong the Cost of living will mount High while produce will be abundant nobody will dare speak an unpleasant a truth immorality will abound Scien to Fly studies will fall into disrepute advocates of virtue will be despised truth will be hidden youth will arise against old a and there will be nothing to rely on exc to that we Trust in ear father in internal affairs. With the increase of emigration from Eastern Europe which As we now know from the excellent statistical study of or. Kaplun Kogan amounted in the last 82 years to fully two millions strengthened considerably the orthodox element in american Judaism. Its Progress becomes More noticeable As these emigrants emerge from poverty to self support and in a considerable number of cases Rise to Al fluent. The Union of orthodox Jewl i congregations held its convention november 29 to december 2, 1010, at new York and the orthodox Rab Finical organisation april 20, 1920, at Lakewood new Jersey. The feature which impresses itself upon the outsider most strongly is the bitter attitude taken in these conventions against the new York theological Seminary. Its foundation in 1885, and its reorganization in 1002, due largely to the liberality of Reform jews emanated Froid the desire of giving to orthodox jews ministers possess is secular culture and trained in a conservative ii rat. It is significant that this institution was bitterly denounced at these conventions but it is difficult to decide whether this hostility is due to re a Eldous scruples or to a feeling Akin to the unrest in Egypt or in India being a rebellion against guidance by ont aiders. There is a slight connection Between the convention of the orthodox congregations and that of the jew Imi Farmers held simultaneously in new York. This convention also denounced the jewish agricultural and Industrial Aid society better known As Baron de Hirsch fund m itself it is a satisfactory phenomenon. The agricultural movement has outgrown the stage of subsidy but the psychological motive is probably the same As that of the convention of orthodox congregations. They declined being guided by outsiders. Individual achievements. At Home. The political situation of the jews la America la fortunately still a matter of Small significance. Federal Legi Sinuon Owma to the Law made a conce slim to the jewish president Wilson in a Public letter March 4, 1020expressed his High appreciation of the services rendered to the government by Albert Strauss chairman of the Federal Reserve Board who retired after three years of service in which As the president says or. Strauss worked a with singular distinction a a and during which period he Quot rendered equally Fine serv authors say about jews and bolshevism or what the clerical writers say about the control of freemasonry by the jews for it is essentially the same that we hear in All the other countries. Just As a matter of interest to americans we would quote g de la Fouch ardiere writing on negro Lynching in America. He says that the negro is persecuted because he is an inferior race and the jew is persecuted because he is a Superior race and if he had not been a a Beau Oupe a persecuted and a Sun pen a butchered he would own the universe but fortunately both jews and negroes Lack a ale Genie the practical expression of the anti semitic i lit is As in England limited to the persecution of the polish jews living in Paris and it is but right that we present the other Side of the medal also. A number of prominent men with the Dean of French authors Ana Tole France at the head. Issued an Appeal to humanity protesting against the persecution of the jews. Finally we have the unprecedented number of twelve jews in the lower House and four in the Senate. Germany. If any country needs a Scapegoat it is certainly Germany and it is the providential role assigned to the a servant of the lord a who is a smitten for our Sinai a it must however be admitted from the Start that with All the noise made in Public meetings and in the press nothing like a pogrom has Ever occurred. The situation is especially difficult because it requires a great Deal of skill to adjust the conditions of a Republic to the existing Laws which in administrative cases cannot possibly be set aside completely. One instance will prove it. The orthodox or aggregation of Aschaffenbur Bavaria objected to the placing of the ashes of a cremated body in its cemetery. The family of the deceased appealed to the courts and the Case went to the supreme court. The supreme court decided for the congregation on the ground that the edict of june 10, 1818, was still in effect As far As it has not been abolished by the Constitution. One must remember in order to understand this de isl m that the edict cited contains a general clause that it is the will of his majesty that the number of jews needs for wine for ritual purposes allowed in an order dated ferrua.1920, ten Gallons for each family. We Iju a would have preferred to see our orthodox Brethren make a Concession and contest themselves As they might have done fran the Point of View of strictest orthodoxy with unfermented Sare Dimy would have had the splendid Opportunity to show the appreciation of the talmudic principle a the Law of the country is also religious Law a Giotto 10 b. Let us Hope that we shall not have any scandalous cases of abuse of this privilege. Far More important is the Bill. Introduced in the legislature of new York allowing Sabbath observing jews to work on in Nyaya this Bill was unfortunately Defeated in the Senate and this attitude is by no Means a Token of fairness in the consideration of religious scruples. The act of governor Thomas a. Campbell of Arizona who vetoed a Bill enforcing Bible Reading in the Public schools is on the other hand a a Elcine evidence of the True american spirit. The deportation of 249 Anar it Dilts on december 21, Lolo would in itself not find a place in a review of jewish events were it not for the provoking attitude of the press agencies who give to some of the 14 jewish members of this party such prominence As to impress the Reader with the insinuation that without jews there would be no anarchy. The Mere oct that Only 14 out of 249 were jews is sufficient to show the malice in the presentation of the Case. The greatest importance in political a vents touching the jews of the u. S. Is to be assigned to the Keport of or. Henry Morgenthau on the Mission to investigate the condition of the jews in Poland. This report presented of Ober 8, 1910, and published As document no. 177 of the United states Senate is of the greatest historical significance. There were naturally criticisms raised to individual Points but the significant thing is that the report scially proved that in the course of the poli pogroms euphemistically a a a a a it a called disorders 890 people Yere killed and among the Fate of 85 victims of the a a disorders of Pinsk april 5,1919to an undisputed proof of official persecution. Thirty five harmless unarmed people deliberating on distribution of Charity were arrested and shot dead within an hour without a Ven the semblance of a trial. The perpetrator of this wholesale murder is a major in the regular polish army and has up to this time not been punished. This clearly establishes the guilt of the polish government As accessory to deliberate murder. It is a Ery sad that or. Morgenthau a two associates general Jadwin and Homer l. Johnson dissented from the findings of the chairman of the commission although they could not in the slightest Way dispute the facts. Or. Morgenthau a report was simply bul fitted to the Senate and As far As the Public is aware to action on the part of the executive Branch of our government was taken. In the Case 0� the terrible atrocities committed in toe Quot Raine the matter was slightly different. Public demonstrations against these trod to which have Solu Ely no equal in jewish history Jance he seventeenth Century Wert mid in various american cities and toe convention of the labor party held a Chicago adopted a Resolution con these atrocities and calling upon All evil sized governments for the Tecton of the rights of a november 24, 1919. In addition a jewish committee headed by or. Louis shall item on the Secretary of state or. Losing to obtain from the Promise of int Erces won december 10,1919. Or. Lansing Jer Cooley said that inasmuch As it. I a has no organized government toe United states could do no More tour give the Promise that no government shall be recognized which will not keep order. This reply of course 1ms to the nation As one of the Flam Cal advisers of the peace Morgenthau was appointed Mills Mexico March 28, 101and although his appointment was not Rater fled by the Senate the fact itself is a great compliment to or. Morgenthau a previous service. It to still More in of rms the Point of View of the sociologist that in the Industrial conference called by the president to Settle the labor strike three jews to cd part Bernard Baruch and Lilian d. Wald representing the Public and Samuel Gompers representing labor. This conference was dissolved october 23, 1919, after a deliberation of two weeks and among the seventeen members of the National Industrial conference appointed november 20, we find again three jews Oscar s. Straus Julius Rosenwald and Frank w. Taussig. The latter is not affiliated with jewish affairs and to perhaps Only a half jew by race. At any rate in this connection it May be emphasized As significant for the attitude of a considerable number of americans that William p. Kennedy to the a National Tribune Speaks of or. Gompers As a a jew born of people who have no Home country on to in face of the whatever we May think Oft he absolute Equality Between a Man like Gompers bom in England of jewish parents and a Man like or. Kennedy who for All we know May have been born in Ireland of roman Catholic parents Public sentiment very largely still sees in the jew a Man without a country and considers him a sort of Waif picked up on the front porch of a respectable Home and raised there out of pity. Hostility. This sentiment finds different expressions. We begin i h the Mildest form one which created considerable irritation All Over the country. John s. Sargent painted two allegorical pictures of the Chung and the Synagog which were placed in the Public Library of Boston. The allegory was quite evident. It presented the Syna Gas an obsolete idea which was should rather be decreased but under no condition be increased that consequently no jew was allowed to marry without a special License nor to Settle in a place where jews had. Not lived before Etc. Another illustration likewise from bava1e> in a Vive the same principle. A new school Bill dated August 1, 1919, which was to go into effect january 1, 1920, made the primary schools non Deemi nationally Ghristian. Jewish children could of course attend these schools but no jew would be painted As teacher. Jewish schools were permitted and the government would subsidize them if they were attended by a certain number of children. It was a measure devised by the clerical. The Federal courts declared the Bill unconstitutional because it was in conflict with the Federal Constitution. The most important event of the the Dalm that the jews contak the worlds politics Vas made in a most outrageous article published in the Quot Pathfinder of Washington d. 0. January 81, 1920which culminates in the advice that the jews should keep in the background a for the rest of the world May the great Power exercised by the jews gets a Peculiar illustration in an article published in the new York world april 8, 1920which tells us a Story that a bolshevism manifesto was found in the pockets of a russian Soldier signed bar a Central comm tee of the department of Petrograd of the International Union of jews and announcing the speedy Victory of the jews Over the whole world. The mini Alcance lies in the fact that the a a world was founded by the jew Joseph Pitzer and la still controlled by his Seh. The item sly onal plot. This Iske of an internal Loual organization of the jews formed for the purpose of controlling the whole world is Mak fag incredible head a Way. As far As to know it originated in Russia in 1906 where it was presented in Book of with the Cla that the first Lon it Congress was a sort of camouflage for a deliberate Ltd on the methods How the whole world is to be subjected to the control of the jews. A simile idea was founded already More than Fly years ago in a German yellow Vel written by a discharged clerk named Herman Goedsche and writing under the pseudonym sir John rett Cliffe. In the russian Book the Cage was that the jews were an Intel National band of seed of distrust among Fie nations undermining All virtue talking control of such Eiffel client and t ments like the re be overthrown. The Gist of these chafes was Public died first in English and afterwards in various other languages of which we note particularly a translation into danish because Denmark had hardly Ever an anti semitic mov ent. The International plot therefore is not one of the jews but one of an Inteman Dooal group of reactionaries against the jews Bent on discrediting Liberal ism by declaring it a plot for the Benefit of jewish world Dominion. This charge to our great dismay was popularized in our country through the a Dearborn Independent a a weekly paper published by Henry Ford. It is to this Day not known what in the world Coul have induced the automobile manner user to engage in such a crusade. One to almost tempted to say that his failure in Public life had the same effect on or. Ford which the collapse of autocracy in Russia had on the old military a Meau Cracy. It is however a sad and depressing fret thid a paper like a London times should seriously demand an investigation of the monstrous Story of a jewish world organza attempting to control world politics. If this Ever was attempted the Slaughter in and denies in it the Public utterances of its leaders. It is interesting to note that among its leaders is Jacob lesser the Nephew of Gabriel Kles ser 1806-1863intrepid Champion of jewish rights and vice president of the first German parliament it to not known we Hether Jacob Riesser to still a jew. The democratic party and the two socialist parties naturally cannot be anti semitic and the clerical party emphasizes on All possible occasions and for Good reasons As catholics do everywhere where they Are in the minority that they staid for Liberty of conscience in the fullest sense. Individually this principle is interpreted differently. The most striking Case la that of count Arco Valley who was tried for the assassination of Kurt Eisner the president of the bavarian communist Republic and in the course of the trial january 16, 1920 said a i love my bavarian i hate the jews i am a faithful Moi Barchist and a Good Catholic.�?Tit4stfell to know that this Good cot Solic is the a Randson of the in Edward von up Penbely of himself a convert to Chrls vanity but whose father and Uncle built the Synagog of Cologne. Again it must be emphasized the some of the leading Catholic papers of Germany and some of the most prominent prelates strongly condemn anti semitism in it any form. The real seed of the movement 1s in the circles of the militarists and which is rather sad to admit of the universities. Logne it the Sake of of Iblis affairs when 1 meaning Golem an autocracy will when general von Hindenburg had to appear before the Reich Stag to testify in the investigation of the responsibility for the War he was surrounded by an excited mob which yelled Down with the jewish government a a a a november 18, 1919and at the same time Sang a Stolz West die Flagge Schwarz Welas und rot a Whir ii was written by the jew Robert Linderer. No one will be surprised to learn that the National Union of German officers excludes jews from membership and that its leaders denounced the jews on every possible occasion and even the fact that jewish veterans some of them crippled in the War were excluded from certain Veteran societies but the growing hostility in academic Cir cles is deeply depressing for the believer in intellectual Progress As a step to higher morality. Student societies in almost every University passed resolutions which demanded the excl Simi of All foreign jews and the limitation of German jews by a certain percentage the exclusion of jewish professors and similar objects. In some cases jewish professors were rudely insulted. A protest against the appointment of the the most tangible object for political agitation to the presence in Vienna of a Large number of gala clan jews. These people came to Vienna As austrian subjects in the beginning of the War fleeing before the russian Onrush or being directed there by the leaders of the austrian army. According to principles of moral Law if such May be applied to political conditions they have the right to austrian citizenship but this claim is denied to All galician jews who settled in Vienna after August 1, 1914. A famished population naturally looks upon the people As inconvenient sharers of the scanty supplies and will be eager to listen to the racial anti semites who Call the Jevne an inferior race. The old Story that politics makes strange bedfellows was exemplified in a heated debate in the National Assene Bly february 13,1920. A Large jewish bakery bad a strike due exclusively to the question of open shop. The proprietor refused to yield to the mands of the Union that he should Cha a the employees who refused to join the Union. Upon Bis refusal a strike was declared which owing to the existing food Murtage meant a serious menace to the population. The matter was discussed in the National Assembly and for reasons of principle both the clerical and the racial anti semites stood by the jewish employer while the socialists derisively called them conditions Are not less critical in of Echo Slovakia. This new state which supposedly was established on National lines has three millions of germans living in compact territory one Mill i magyars with a sprinkling of ruthenian. There is naturally a bitter fight Between the two sections and even within the slav Section there to a condition far from harmonious Between the czechs and the slovaks. One can easily see that the jews Are Between two fires and therefore they a courageously when he ordered the Mol Verstay closed because a band of armed rowdies selected from the stud rats guarded the Entrance to the uneven Day and would not permit any jew Toti students to App Mur for registration. Tui latest advices seem to indicate from the matter was adjusted by a Compromise subjecting jew i fresh Mai to a kind of per cent limit the most ser Ous complication arises from a boy Cott that was declared by the International federation of labor against Hungary on june 20, which it Semat to still in effect and which naturally hits Hungary very Bard making it is the other Jand Convent most tor the in Actton Arles to declare the Boycott an the work of jews. The former hungarian Premier Huszar came to amen Lea stating As the object of Vlot propaganda for the Hun Mirlan prisoner still held in Siberia while the hungarian societies presumed with Mudi greater probability that he came to act As propagandist for the nov moment of terror still in Power. The protest a voiced in meet Nito of hungarian to duties found a Strong expression in an a tide published in the new York nation against the. Exceptional favor granted to one who is a representative of what technically to an enemy gov emment and so the Man toned it advisable to return to Europe August in to be concluded a i. Ate situation of Sast european jews. Chemist. Max Mayer to the polytechnic of Karlsruhe had the effect that the Man withdrew his former acceptance of the Call extended to him. The most important act of this kind was Ukraine and the indifference of Poland go definitely replaced by the Church. The spirit is the same which is found in the carnival plays of the fifteenth Century As in Hans Folze so die Alt mud Neue be a where the Church in a Diar Logue Speaks of the a a Schetlich puch talmud and Rabina Rab Nashe a a specimen Suff ident to characterize the authors learning. So far As known the protest against such a presentation of an ecclesiastic idea in a Public building supported from the taxes of All citizens had no effect it is better to pass by the constantly recurring and in spite of All legislation not suppressed circulars advertising summer or Winter resorts with the alluring remark no consumptive no negroes and 17, 1919 and Hungary november 6 with the Noble humanitarian spirit of a conservative British statesman like lord Salisbury a in former years when the condition of the jews in Rumania was discussed. On the other hand it to to be admitted that Quot far the government has not shown any weakness in cases of the appointment of jews to Public office. Sir Matthew Nathan was made commissioner of Queensland and Sidney s. Abraham judge in the civil administration of Mesopotamia. Finally or. Lloyd George refused to receive a committee which desired to present to him a Ruest for the removal of Edwin s. Montagu. Year in Germany was the election of the new Reich Stag the first under the new Republic june 6. We cannot go into details analysing the political significance except insofar that the extremists of both sides among the reactionaries and the socialists were victorious. The consequence was that no party possessed a decisive majority and the Cabinet was formed by the three majority parties representing the Middle classes with a member of the centrum clerical at the head. The new Cabinet announced its policy speaking tamely without mentioning toe jews of its determination not to allow any class hatred or religious persecution. The new Cabinet As far As known contains no jews. The Reich Stag has five professing jews and May have a few More among the 135 who declared themselves As unchurched. The official manifestation of anti semitism in Germany particularly in Berlin and Munich is limited As in the victorious countries to the persecution of the everywhere unwelcome a Postr the minister of Interior however in an order dated november 1, 1919, declares that these reincarnations of Ahasuerus shall be tolerated As Long As they engage in a useful occupation. In spite of that we had cases of raids hich were carried out with almost russian brutality. A specimen of old fashioned bureaucracy was decision of the commissioner of Potsdam refusing to a jew the change of his name from Abrahamson. One could hardly expect anything different from the place which was the residence of the a Hoechst Sellger King Frederick William who gave such an order in 1836. Reminiscent of Potsdam is the Case of Prince Joachim Albrecht the youngest son of the by Kaiser who meantime ended As a suicide. The Prince was tried for having assaulted an entente officer and in the course of the trial was asked whether he had said a kill the he most emphatically denied it and must have been sincere because he had retained two jewish attorneys for his defense. Another connection Between Royalty and jews also deserves to be quoted. Oscar Cassel said in the prussian diet that the property of the Royal family must be respected and that while he As a jew could not help remembering the Many acts of injustice of the Hohen Rollem family to the jews he would act As a German citizen. It is Well to remember at this time that the policy of the and Rumania to the stipulations of the Versailles treaty would show that it was a downright failure. Our Cousina. The hostility to the jews in England which would have been considered impossible forty years ago is distinctly growing. It expresses itself for the present chiefly in Public print but has already manifested itself in a isolation and in some official actions. A new anti Ali Law which gives the Home Secretary unlimited Power to Deport aliens to refuse admission to them and to detain them shows a distinctly anti semitic spirit As was clearly stated in the course of a debate in the House of commons by or. Ormsby Gore and others october 22,1919and similarly by the leading anti semitic Oracle of la Dom the morning Post october 25a Fioriti took exception to the interest taken in this legislation by the Ilion against Albert Einstein the great world celebrity who was honoured by Calls from All Over the world awarded a Gold medal from Columbia University. He was once greeted with the cry a Herunter this was afterwards explained away and Einstein who had first declared that he would retire from the University of Berlin resumed his lectures. The present writer must admit that he was sorely disappointed by a letter of professor Eugene Kush Teinann of Breslau who wrote in a letter addressed to a German pastor of St. Louis jews and French or English pm Ople cannot understand the childlike honesty of the German. Kuehnemann lectured All Over America with Well deserved Plause and on such an occasion the i Board of deputies As proof of the Quot a Nemous Power of the British we May count As an official action an address delivered by or. Winston Churchhill the Secretary of War and delivered in Sunderland january 8, 1920in which the remark occurs that the bolshevik i a believe in the in Erna tonal soviet of the russian and polish jew. We believe in the Brit Ito the idea that bolshevism is a jewish invention and is propagated by the jews for jewish interests is constantly presented in the northcliffe papers As we had already occasion to remark previously when quoting the London times May 8, 1920with its stupid demand that the charges of an International jewish organization presented in the venomous pamphlet a the jewish peril should be investigated. The real object of this agitation is quite Clear. England has its Jankers As has Germany. The Small group of officeholders who have perpetuated themselves for generations just As i was chairman of a meeting which he addressed he said to me without any prompting on my part a a we know things in Germany Are not As they ought to be but rest assured they will become better after the the Case quoted to which Many could be added As the mutilation of the Monument erected to Heine the greatest Lyric poet of Germany after Goethe and an endorsement of an anti semitic publication the Deutsch Voelki Sches Jahr Buch in the High class literary review the Litera Rischer ventral Blatt As a sign of real Awakening of the German spirit shows that Jeremiah might come Back again and preach his lesson 2-30 a in vain have 1 smitten ten your children they received no the worst of All specimens of academic Junker ism is a pamphlet written by the Assyriology list Friedrich Delitzsch in which the Bible is denounced As an immoral Book and the jews As a people professing a religion which makes them a menace to the whole world. Yet on the other hand it must also be admitted that this mean pamphlet was severely criticised by a number of theologians and that men of conservative tendencies like the venerable professor Herman l. Strack of Berlin declare this Antl semitic agitation both unchristian and inhuman. France. The most disappointed Man in the jubilant rep brio of France to undoubtedly m. Clemenceau whose presidential ambitions were definitely spoiled. It May be True or not but clerical anti semites like father Hackspiel member of the parliament from Lorraine claim that his defeat was due to his association with jews As toe minister of finance m. Sotz and his private a Secretary Mandel. It would be a useless repetition to state Over again what anti semitic Wuhu cots and no jews and to continue presenting the ecclesiastical hostility to Theja is. Various Episcopalian by Stoops spoke in a convention of the need to convert toe jews to christianity because the jews control the world and they Are at present advocates of dangerous political and economic views. Here jews have to be americanized while in the View of some of toe Catholic press h to the opposite. A Ohio Walsen Freundt in its Issue of april 7f 1920, says a the German political economist Weiner Sambar an authority Calls America a a Jude land a and therefore the jews Are to much americanized or rather americanized before they Ever came to America. The a Catholic Tribune of Dubuque Lowa again to afraid of the Power held by toe jews As was seen German inconvenient to recognize the jews As their equals and some individual jews As their superiors. Hence the bitter attack in the morning Post january 18, 1920 on id Reading whose appointment As ambassador to the United states was then rumoured on toe ground that in connection with Louis Wiendels Bernard Baru Rii and Samuel air Wermeyer he will completely ensnare president Wilson. Similar motives Are underlying toe attack against Edwin s. Montagu As Secretary for India and finally the similarly vehement attacks on toe appointment of sir Herbert Samuel As for Palestine. One is tempted to suppose that this policy is its Effe on the government when one compares toe lukewarm replies a of toe government representatives to various inter pit actions in the House of commons on the massacres in Ukraine november Hohen Rollem family is quite emphatically Laid Down in the testament of Frederick William i a too wrote among the advices Given to his successor a see that the jews do not increase too much but keep a few of them for they scattered Bones. Are always Handy to squeeze out a few or thousand thales for your pleasure Fiat you cannot get in toe political life to chiefly this. The Reich Stag has a party called German National Peoples party which is avowedly of All countries affected by to War Austria was hit hardest and Well May be applied to it the question of the Prophet a a cd an these hones live a the Republic Austria seems to answer the question in toe negative. However what we Are concerned about is not toe general Aioli tical aspect but How toe condition created by the treaty of Versailles will affect toe Jewa the balance of toe Power for the present lies with toe socialists but no one can say what the election to the first regular parliament to be held la november will bring. There Are two Large parties which Content the Power of the socialists the Christian socialist which is a euphemism for the clerical and the German nationalists. Both Are professedly anti semitic hey will undoubtedly have a Strong Appeal to the Public owing to toe terrible economic conditions prevailing in Austria. The Low rate of Exchange which now is Down to a Little More than two per cent of toe face value of the Money and toe High Cost of living will naturally make the population eager for a change. Both anti semitic parties recognize it at the a Katholi Kentang in toe treaty of Versailles which to next to it is the Germait people a party them in toe work of a Combine formed which is suspected of anti semitism by jewish finance and freemasonry. J hut does not profess it in its platform a Una March 24, 1920, the president said that toe unrest from which the country suffers to due to a powerful party cd Sifroy de by the j news. The same statement is being repeated any number of times in the clerical press in Public meetings and in toe National Assembly. For the present have constituted themselves As a distinct nationality. The Constitution of toe Republic gives them toe right to do so and according to a Complex electoral Law they might elect special representatives of their own Bat again owing to this Complex Law toe jewish party did not succeed in electing even one member to the parliament in spite of More than 79,000 votes cast for its candidate within toe slavic Section of toe state the slovak population to far More hostile Toan either the cedi or toe German. The minister for Slovakia issued a special order with utter disregard for toe Constitution Wahidi excluded jews from obtain tag licenses for moving picture Heaters and other kinds of business requiring special licenses. All these troubles Are trifles compared with toe terrible conditions pre Vathing in Hungary Arnii lib Dailly blow of the soviet by Tbs react City party at present led by the dictator. Admiral Horthy. Since the new organization formed under toe name of a reawakening Hungary a Only 20,1019, came into Power there have been a series of persecutions which have absolutely no equal in the history of the Honni a jews extending Over nearly a thousand years. The movements to both monarchical and clerical. One of the most popular Spok Fismen of this reaction is Bishop or Utoka of san Howeto Senni who repeal under vivid acclamations of his party declared that toe jews alone Are responsible tor toe communist Golem men although it is an Esta blitzed fret that among the supposed reactionaries arrested by toe soviet president Bela Kun was the president of toe orthodox Union of hungarian congregations Abraham von Freudiger and the pre Dent of the Liberal Cut a in relation of Budapest Francis Szekely and although some jews were executed and property of the jew Ito congregations confiscated the charge remains. This agitation is comparatively a Small matter. The most important thing is the fact that pogroms have been the order of the Day for Over a year and atrocities were committed which equal and occasionally Excel those of the cossacks. Stories of wholesale massacres of innocent people under terrible tortures come from All parts of the country and while the official representatives of toe government deny them most of them Are fully authenticated. A Little incident significant by the circumstances under which it occurred who illustrate the of tement count Eszterhazy was assaulted in toe streets of Budapest and badly beaten up by a band of rowdies who heard someone bail him with the words a hello Morris a taking it for granted that a Man with such a name must he a jew. Another incident of recent Date to an assault of a band of rowdies led by an army officer in uniform who entered a cafe in toe fashionable part of Budapest assaulted those present whom they considered jews without any provocation killed two and seriously wounded one july 27these facts selected at random fail to give a picture of the numerous victims clubbed to death mutilated in an unspeakable manner and tortured in medieval fashion not Only without provocation but in most instances without even the a excuse of a political pretext. Again one of the most serious facts was the arrest of the aged rabbi Immanuel Loew of Szeged whose patriotism a few years ago was recognized by the Man Cipal administration which named a Street for him when her sed a flattering Call to Vienna. It is sad to confess that the plot of which Loew was the victim was toe work of an apostate jew Alexander Holosh the son of a jewish teacher named Ollander who under the pretend of actin Nalis came and gave to the Jingo press a supposed interview which this press declared As treasonable. A Milder Story of a similar nature is the political activity of Joseph site renal originally Ste toe son of a rabbi and the grandson of the scholarly Rahhil and author Hirsch b. Fassel who As a candidate in a Budapest District largely inhabited by jews declared in his Campaign speeches that Hungary must remain Christian. Still Milder but equally interesting to toe Case or professor Aladar Balagia the son of an apostate jew formerly bloc who was one of the pioneers of jewish literature in toe Magyar la Gaage. Balagul As Dean of toe Una varsity of Budapest acted some of toe frets concent re Jewls a suffering and distress Given to the recently held Carlsbad conference Are so appalling that we Are afraid the full extent of the jewish Matt Dora to but riot Ely realised. Quite apart from toe terrible plight of the Middle and upper class jews in re Sirias brought about be it noted by tiny to called a a Jerish bolshevik movement the figures regarding the murdered jews and toe general depredations reveal a tragedy of colossal magnitude. According to Engineer Tenton of Steff for instance no fewer than 138,000 jews in 668 towns of the ukr aim have been done to Deeth total. It should be added which to still further swelled by some unknown and terrible figure owing to the sixty none pogroms organized in the Wake of general do Ikins army. Here indeed to a veritable calamity. But the mid Wahidi to so Busy imputing pm a tical crime to individual jews seems wholly ignorant of or indifferent to the wholesale jewish massacres which have reddened toe soil of Russia. Or. Tonkin calculates Itiat 1,200000 jews have hem totally Rolf a a and 130000 to 160,000 Mph ans left stranded and Dew Ute. A report setting out in something like True and adequate perspex Tuffe the Fri Itoh caused by the War to about to appear la a Kade Book. It la to he in polished in five languages induct no in gum. Perhaps tons toe truth May Trittie into the hardened Public mind. But the More urgent tasks today Are to prevent the aggravation of jewish and non Newtok suffering by new won and to reconstruct the devastated Jerries of Eastern Europe the latter is a tremendous work. Or. Leo Motzkin toe cd Neal Secretary of the committee of jewish delegations at the peace cd Ference told toe car Shad meet Mir that one third of the jews in toe wide of Russia and toe Ukraine Are in need of assistance and that the econ Nic Restow Ati Ltd of ukrainian alone would necessitate the huge sum of 400 million dollars. Such to toe plight of the a Ridi Quot jewish people who a Ama the War a but to toe Resto Rati m possible so Gigantic a Harden Points to an utterly debtor ate situation while toe alternative to too horrible even for jewish Chronie. Nationalism is political race biological. In toe course of an address at the Grad Natl Ltd of the 1920 class of too jewish theological Seminary new York or. Gyms Adler the acting president of that institution said a you All know As Well As i do that in recent years determined forces have been endeavouring to shift the Center of Gravity of Judaism from the torah to other ideals proclaiming that thereal Bond of Israel is one of race and nationality. It was hardly to be anticipated Al though it might have been hoped for that an ancient Pelt a it be like Israel would not have been caught up in the currents of a popular trend which substitutes material values for spiritual ones. Race is a biological idea and. 1 am sure any real Biol it by will Tell you that toe lesson derived from <3ene-sls is Asdenti finally Correct and that Mankind is me species. From toe highest to toe lowest there is not sufficient difference to justify the postulation of even a sub species and if the word race be used it applies to the great divisions of Mankind indicated by such external character Sale As color. Nationalism is a purely political idea and while there has been a great Deal of juggling with a Tymoc and dictionary a Man is a National of that state to which he owes his political allegiance. This is by common Kin sent the usage of the civilized world embodied in its most formal and solemn documents and to not to be set aside by toe casuistry either of toe lawyer or the jews As christians. A during toe last twelve months amidst toe Barbaric screaming and droning of Jingo times it seemed that the effective christians were the jews a a those Best jews who smooth animosities unravel tangles and hate toe disorder of injustice is much As its wrong. Also we must not forget the quakers answering As Alwis to toe bitter cry for human help. But every other Christian body As a to has Bemi backward in its due work. The frightful tragedy of Europe As suggested in toe prime ministers apr a a he and More terribly depicted in the reports of investigators above Althe appalling Cata Stit he of Vienna alight Well give a Cue to Christian Pipita that to if our echoes of the Aurelle song Are not a traditional Mecha Ahma or a mumbled Loudon Skogland a it i ii of. To. A v a Al. It i a i f we. Or y r. R a s a a a a if a us to. A i9-. I life a a i. A be a it. K. J a it a it l 1. A a ii a i a. A f. If 1 i a am a via a a i a a a to 7 cd i a a a the. A a it a a a a i a if it a Quot a a a try a a 1 a i a a of a a ii. Y i i a Jav via if f. It i. L at t a a. L i i / a a i a. m. A a i it i a a Ftp i it a it 1 % a a Ita i f a is / .�?T5�?T i a a a a a a a a a. A it. Of a 4 a a a j v .

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