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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - September 2, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioC pc i. A a. R. I. 4s.���lvj? s it a a a. A a a Ltd a a a y. I Fyk r v a it. A a. Ofa a a a a y a 7. I a so a a a a a �5.1m a of of a it a i i 1 a. A a w. A a 1 in a it i a i i Iju to it 91 a1�v a ass a in k to a a a a or a Quot a a i a a a Byl v a a ��., a a it a it in i is. A a a a a a i v it it be to. a it a a v j it i a i a of a m ii let there a he Light a mud i Al Al. Al m i Amsilli if Impi a i Imp a Fri vol me 67 cinch Natl Ohio september 2, 1920. Number 10. I i it a Villarb portrait. By Margartt Staal hard. A i �5jey said he waa a Scoffer Hacus fall lib Quot whig neigh boy on the Mountain Youage Street and added that he found his drink and meat in Antu ment of course he shunned the Church. His passion was to urge some old time score do Battle for each lost whig cause. He swore and held one by the coat to gain a Pointa Hen fired by talc he Sang the a Marseillaise a his broken voice pitched High to catch the Sway and tumult that it stirred within his blood and then without a word perhaps he Siept away. At eighty on the Mountainside to stray and fish the streams or Hunt with his old hound. When suddenly it came his time to a he spoke without a quaver. His be Eye with piercing glance Sears tied every face near his and then he called his youngest �011 apart Hie son who was the Kem of his heart the hidden Sweet of All his bitter years a i a going across the River by and by. When you come too lad bring your Rod and they said he was a Scoffer had no Faith. Fatah and Uipi Atio by major Friedrich Stiebe or. Phil., candidates theology Eye Evangelic a. Old touching old Soi depicted in to wonderful a Mannor that you imagine actually to hear them. In this divine service there is not to be found confession not even a Sermon. The devout Man is entirely pendent of himself fully autonomous. He is his own redeemer. Only the tradition into which he merges Grants him the Means of Grace to make use of in order to save himself oat of the slings of sin. How Simon Berg struggles with the evil and finally delivers himself from it carrying before the Lehiy of atonement ends the Money Back to its owner humiliating himself before him and begging his Pardon Are the contents of the Littie Story. The problem is put with inexorable rigor and harshness. The stealthily robbed Man is by no Means an agreeable person Ite the contrary a debauched Wio Mously Rich the Money coming from very great winnings in card playing. Trice the tempter seeks to seduce Simon first in the form of a Superior Well bred Quot Moralino Frei Man of the world then As a sympathizing Friend and finally As a the incarnation of pious Ness and in order to bring out the Bank notes Simon has to break open a door with a chisel. That would be a profanation of the a Sabbath of the sabbaths a a very heavy sin for the orthodox jew who All his lifetime observed with the greatest care As a Sanctum All the ritual proscriptions of his religion conflict of conscience the a incarnation of pious Ness and erudition a proves Iii with Sharp dialectics that the mortal sin of desecration of the Sabbath can never be repaired while there was still plenty of time for restoring the Money. This argument is the More weighty As the Man to whom has been done the wrong is a gentle with whom no religions connection exists and the violating of the most holy ritual proscription for the Sake of such a person would be a twofold offence. And Here is the Point need jews Peconie atheists by h. Q. Ene Low d. A rabbi Temple Manti i new York City. A by the lord shall All the seed of Israel be justified and shall 45, 25. In the Knapsack of a jewish fellow Soldier who fell in the Battlefield we found it Thek Little Book we evangelical theologians were particularly interested in the spirituality of our jewish comrades. With respect to religiousness there was plenty of occasion for their individual life to freely emerge and to reveal itself in its full biblical and evangelical originality in hours of suffering and bearing hoping fearing and longing in hours of exultation and death. Many of us gained from these observations and confidential talks Frith jewish comrades quite a new Conception an important understanding of the is Odiol orgy and history of religion even of the exegesis of the holy scriptures. For the jews Are the people of the religion. Still with those who seemingly have shaken off All Reli Glone feeling and seem entirely to be absorbed in the Modem culture. It bursts Forth like a retained or team representing itself As an immediate effect sometimes however As an ultimate one of Strong and violent emotional and so we got but of the fallen jewish soldiers Knap a the Little Book entitled a on the Day of judgment. A Marioo it it unpleasant perhaps a pious tract of doomsday no nothing. But a noved. Author Benjamin Segel. Name unknown. Berlin 1918. We soon Are in another world. The Day of judgment that Means the jewish Day of atonement. The a Long Day a As we Call it in South Clennan manifesting by Titis a very deficient gift of observation and not much understanding for the inner life of our next neighbors. The jews Call this Day the a holy Day Par excellence. But in reality it is not Only not Long falling usually in september month but for the Jewa much too Short in spite of the severe fasting with such an abundance of emotions and deep sentiments it imbues them. The latter Are described in the mentioned Little narration with a quite singular descriptive gift that reminds us of Dost jews i. The problem too has some vivid resemblance with thac of Kasko Nikow yet it lies in another sphere. Simon Berg a Strong simple and honest Man becomes guilty. He receives Back from a Man to whom he granted an accommodation loan of ten pieces of a Hundred florins ten pieces of a thousand florins each. The Man when returning the bundle of banknotes to Simon is Drunken. Simon examining the Money not earlier than Sonie Days later becomes aware of the mistake. He takes the Money in order to restore it to the owner. In the last moment however All of a sudden the evil spirit overcomes him. A the hears very clearly a Low voice whispering in his ears a fool that you Are the Money is yours a a at the same time the hand of a stranger gets hold of him by the neck and turns him backwards. He begins to step out very quickly and after some time arrives in his House All of a sweat Stow a great seizes clip. He Deaden it by indefatigable work and it is not before three months later the Day of atonement that the remorse in silly. hours lasts the Fig Rit Betws Een the a Good and the had instinct in Simon bergs mind. Simon is no world co tempting Man hut an Active pleasure enjoying one sad with tie great sum which so discreetly came into his hands he for the first time gets Possession of the key to riches an Active and Large life fret from the depressing despondency of an employee. Very remarkable Furni the Point of Art is the conflict being in this novel a Pirdy Hiner one tilt no place in the Hei Metier by sealed inmost part of the soul into which not the least sound of the outer world penetrates. The very moment being the suggestive Jower of the holy Day the divine Simce that is described with an. Unparalleled splendor Slih its Sublime Pray issued with a cosmic spirit and uie where the a incarnation of pious Ness and erudition begins its work of prevailing upon him that the moral offence against a Gentile who still Lucio personally is a Vico us a Man has to be judged very mildly up to such a degree that it runs the risk of dwindling away to nothing at All. This Battle Between two religious convictions the purely formal and ritual one on the one Side the ethical one on the other forms the culminating Point of the narration. All the argumentation the pros and cons have been converted with great mastership into personal Exi it Eri once and inner feelings. It is a wrestling Between two Powers which we follow with breathless Sun it enc. It is a very Subtle thing that the a incarnation of pious Ness and erudition is made by the author the advocate of religious formalism and narrow mindedness. At All times formalism and intolerance draped themselves with the garment of pious Ness and erudition. What a gain Imp Konstahtin oat Erreich Rudolph Otto and Fried Ririe Heiler great Modem philosophers of religion who gave us in recent times no found Leseur Ches Inlo the psychology of religion and prayer the ethical humane spirit of the religion remains victorious. Here we find a psychology of the jewish lawfulness Given from within of the Baso of own experience about the nature and value of which so Many famous historians and philosophers worried their brains. Do we Bee at the beginning of the narration like a gloomy overture the gruesome nocturnal roundabouts of an agitated soul through lonely Fields the Intro Olton trial in its contrast is its anal Homecoming expiated and reconciled which fades gradually away like a mild and softening Light of a Sunset glow ? it is the victorious triumphant Man the Little Story tells us of. He Over Conley the dark Powers in the depth of his heart after ardent and passionate struggle with himself. He triumphs silently and within. From his chant of Victory no sound penetrates into the outer world but after a Good Long while we still it in our souls. It is one of the paradoxes of Modr Era life to find so Many jews among the atheists. Religion has Bemi of the very essence of jewish existence. The jews have been called the Chi Ibsen and they Hava been int lat a associated with the god idea and with the divine name. A the holy due and Israel Are one a said an ancient rabbi moreover it is from the jew that the world has. Gotten Horii its Good and its Bible. Therefore it is very strange to find so Many jewish men and women at present who either declare themselves openly As atheists or live a life which Stai aps them As such. Nevertheless these Are people who consider this of no moment what difference does it make they ask whether a jew is an atheist or no a jew is a jew for All that if a Man has a jewish heart or a jewish Sony it is it Mough. These however Are empty phrases. The fact is that it matters a great Deal whether jews continue to hold on to the god idea and the pm Relief or do not. It is the jews religion that has of need the justification of his existence and the glory of his life throughout the Ages and it is a demonstrable fact that Accord amp in As he has abandoned his old Faith the jew has been shorn of much of his traditional splendor. This is not to say that the a Are not exceptions. There Are. Some jews have drifted away from their old religion and yet have retained Fine ethical and spiritual qualities. In some cases they have even Given new expression and exemplification to their ancestral heritage. But As far As the majority Are concerned abandonment of their religion has been followed by moral and deterioration. If we witness today a wide spread disintegration of jew ish life if we witness Laige numbers of jewish people living on a Low moral plane. If we witness an increase of materialism among us a study of Jewl Sii history with its Herc Flam and Arimo vement without feeling fortified in Faith. A nor is there anything in Pio Dern philosophic or Scimo the thought to impel a jew to becom an Atoff a is. It is not so very Long ago that people were encouraged to believe that in of Dor to keep abreast the most advanced thought of the Day they had to give up religion and adopt thelam. Philosophy was not supposed to go band in band with religion nor science with Faith. A whoever has Art and philos Ltd by a said Goethe a has religion whoever has do Art nor philosophy let him have Sudi was the substance of old time positivism. Right now we Bave in our country m. Levy Bryhl the distinguished French Sod Logist who is lecturing at Harvard University. He is a disciple of Auguste comte did 0>mte taught that there were thre stages in the development of Hutnan though to the theological the a a to physic and the what we need is to be More eager Slid More energetic in a it Reading this go gtd idea among on Fellowmen and in making it Active in the promotion of human Lappinen. A too Long has Israel been silent a As or. Israel Zang will has said. To thy task then o Israel make you a new heart and a new spirit As the Prophet demands of Why will be die o Honse of Israel mlle a spiritual death the death of the soul let us give heed to the teachings of our history to the course of contemporary thought to the lessons of our own a experience and we shall realize that _ is no Good reason 9riiy we should forsake our Glt. On the contrary nor As of Yore 4t is by loyalty to tie lord and by doing the lords work in bids extradition of Deser Teia. Col. Blan Rinard replied he top full responsibility the alleged deserters being really red hot bolshevik who were making whatever the merits of the Barge against these jews the treatment accorded them we in violation of established Laws and the exasperating feature is that there appears to be no remedy available in time to accomplish anything. This is one of the most terrible phases of warfare in general and of this Russo polish War in particular. According to Robotnik the polish armies retreating. Before the soviet a cml matters abroad a a the joint distribution committs issues interesting summary of events. Of troops were guilty of terrible Phi and robberies on jews. As though these were not sufi client acts of arson the world that sons and daughters of i were also committed and the paper Israel shall be justified glory positive or scent Lff and that these three stages such sided one another but could not go together. For a Long Tisae that team blog was accepted As the last pronounce tent of philos it Phy. Yet what do we see today philosophers and scientists Are among the Foremost critics of tech a gospel. We have Learnt that philosophy can not fathom the whole mystery of creation and that science has not read the whole of its secret the utterances of science have proved inadequate. At this very moment professor einsteins discovery is occupying the attrition of scientists the world Over and we Are told that some of the fundamental formulae of physics and mathematics might require revision As a result what wonder that philosophers More and More to a spiritual interpretation of of life not Only As Scy elementary to Sci mice but As part of science and who says spirit says god. Foreign Newt a rumanian Organ the socially mul printed a secret army order directing the commanders not to allow any jewish soldiers to act As clerks in the military offices. And shall i mentions in particular the unspeakable conduct of the troops withdrawing from Minsk. Similar intelligence comes from Kieff. The polish troops before they left the town set the jewish Quarter on fire and thousands of jewish families were rendered homeless. The remarkable thing Robotnik Points out. Is that the to sikh press reported not a word of these terrible atrocities. The minister for jewish affairs or. Solo Wiltchik delivered a speech in yiddish in the it Unanian parliment. The minister requested the House to thus and again decide whether he should address the members in yiddish or in russian and the House agreed to hear him in old Dir ii. The position of the jews in Transylvania. Four Hundred and fifty nine homeless jews have arrived in Riga fro Petrograd and Moscow. One Tho san and seven Hundred homeless persons who have crossed the Frontier Are proceeding to rest Tea. There they Are quarantined and Are being unjustly treated by the anti semitic governor. The socialist Deputy or. Tense introduced an intent dilation into the in Manian parliament against the anti semitic pogrom organized by the rumanian soldiers in Bajrang and against the cancelling of the licenses to sell intoxicating drinks issued to jews at Fogaras the transylvanian minister or. Mih Alhi stated that no rumanian statesman now counted on the assimilation of,.the jews. He found that jewish nationalists were Loyal citizens and he expressed himself in favor of giving full rights to the jews and of granting to them cultural autonomy. / a a they flock together like tired Birds. We sought full Many stars in join buy skies to Ken but Ever knowledge brought. Thy la edit alone o steadfastly a a the Community of Minsk is now in a position to reconstruct the world famous Volozin yesh Ibah which has produced so Many talmudic Al experts. 1 purpose Large sums of Money disappointment ave been collected in America. Amidst great rejoicings the foundation of a new building has been Laid at Volozin. Germany and Eastern Jewa. Lord Burseth the Ehn Perot Hadrian the rabbis re-1 in the course of police searches the the prussian minister of the Interior or. Severing in reply to anti semitic interpellation in the diet demanding the expulsion or the internment of Eastern jews stated that certain measures had been adopted by him of prevent an influx of Eastern jews into Germany. He Wishe Ltd How in the sense not merely of worship of worldly goods but of deadness and apathy to things of the a a it in Ltd it is due late once asked rabbi Joshua whether i authorities entered the synagogues at armies May come and armies May go hut the far Flung activities of the joint distal Batum Cut Ommittee go on apace alike in Warsaw and Moscow in Danzig and cams Pantinople in Siberia and Rumania. The momentous events in Poland and Lithuania while they have profoundly affected its work have not halted it when the bed area swept Elrose Poland occupying province after province the j. D. 0. Relief workers remained at their posts Livni dating office affairs removing valuable supplies and funds ministering to the refugees that flocked to the cities and leaving Only when in imminent danger of capture. And in no Case did they leave without providing the various welfare institutions with met Mey and provisions for a period of sixty Days. Of those stationed in Warsaw most left the City when the soviet forces were at its Gates. A few however decided to remain until the last pc Kumble moment but fearing that the City would eventually be captured they organized a non partisan Relief committee Cut miss Tang of Farbstein and Kneel zionist Berdansky and Rundstein and Kahan orthodox Tannenbaum and Heller workingmen a group Pri Lucky Foik Histand Neutral and turned Over to it Money and supplies sufi scent for two months. And now that the bolshevik have been forced to Retreat these j. D. C. Men in Warsaw have an increasingly Lai Field for their activities. Many the j. D. O. Men who left Congress Poland proceeded to Danzig. Here they were confronted with a most critical situation calling for immediate Relief. This City a and a Only port was crowded with thousands of emigrants awaiting passage to America and with refugees who had fled at the approach of the red army. Most of the newcomers had few or no Means. Worse yet their presence in the City caused prices to soar sky there really was a master in the uni verse. Surely answered the rabbi Lublin and Praga and examined every part of the buildings including the to nothing so much As to decline of genuine religion among us and to relinquishment of what forms the foundation of True religion belief and Faith in god. Indeed this is one Point made by Christian missionaries in defense of their work among jews. We do not the world is not owner less. Who Ere arks. The police were searching for mean they say to convert any jews who Are Loyal to their god and True to their own religion Ofir aim is to win those who have abandoned their own religion and of have become atheists or believe Rte in nothing and of such there Are a great Many. Such they add Are a drawback a danger to american life. When we hear such arguments we grow indignant. We resent Grission Aries of other faiths trying to make converts in our midst. Yet the better course is to face the truth and to admit that the encroachment of irreligion upon our territory is a deplorable condition and a menace to on life and reputation. It is a Fine pass we have come to when it is said As alas it is said that jews Are the least responsive to the relic flows Appeal that to speak to jewish Pelt be in the name or in behalf of god is to address deaf ears. It is certainly proper under such circumstances to seek to answer the question whether there is any ground for jews abandoning their traditional attitude to re Glon and becoming atheists. Let us look at the history of the jew Firat of our history justify us in becoming atheists it is said that Frederick the great once asked a certain philosopher for proof of the exl stench of divine Providence and that the philosopher re ated the world demanded the ruler. God answered the rabbi. If so continued Hadrian Why does he not show himself every now and then so that men might see him and stand in Awe of him a use rejoined the rabbi men can Bear to see his splendor. I shall mgt to believe you insisted the emperor unless Yon make me see him. At Neon the rabbi tamed him toward the i a and said look at the san and you will see him the emperor re fit the gent m of a nil do a. Quite so answered the rabbi but think Well of what you Are saying. If it is impossible for any creature to look at the san which is Only one of his myriad ministers How much More so to see the holy one whose spleen it tor fills the universe the scientist and the philosopher of today Are realizing that Lack of Phy Shoal proof does not spell nor compel the denial of god. A nor is it strange a As Dean Swift has written a that there should be mysteries in divinity As Well As in the commonest operations of but it is said can we consider our own personal experience and yet believe in cd gtd indeed from a certain Point of View there Are in the world Many things that tend to upset our Faith. But it depends upon the notion that we have of god. Some people believe that if there is a Rel everything in the would should always be Lovely an pleasant. Therefore Why is there so much. Trouble and of Section in the world but that is not necessarily the Correct idea of god. Is it not More nearly True to say that god is the Arlt that pervades the world and makes for Beauty and munitions which the Cabinet suspected the jews were hiding somewhere. Nothing of even a suspicious character was discovered in either place. The municipal Council at Zsemko Waltz have resolved to enforce the expulsion of jews from the villages a Petzkow Blazeyewicz Kaven Chinek Mulk and Blala Guidna. The demand for the exile of our co religionists from _ the above mentioned places is based on who a in a tar i on the poles and on the a jewish love for swindle and Ever to remind the House that the. Eastern jews were a human beings and thereby arousing the hostility of europeans a and that it was necessary to respect their rights. He believed that the whole a Eastern jewish danger was exaggerated and he charac Terl Zei the idea of internment Eains As a futile cart Telly. The socialist spokesman or. Heil niacin stated that among sixty million germans there was room for forty thousand Eastern jews. A polish a morning Post. 9f further representations to the polish government on the problems which occupy the jewish minds at Warsaw have been made by the jewish leaders. In the first place the authorities continue to confiscate the goods of jewish traders and merchants for National purposes while carefully avoiding touching the belongings of thei Christian competitors. Far too frequent Are also the High handed acts of the police in declaring jewish natives of Poland As foreigners. Jews Farmers in Argentine Happy in surroundings. Present condition far cry from ancient regimes of persecution. The Berlin jewish review a him i Utschen Reich a publish an artice. Of which this is a translation by a Christinn evangelical doctor of univ inlay i a Jewit Book treating of the Day of yom kippur. The Trena Latton was made in Germany which will account for the Trio Niantic English. The article is full of human interest arid Wir Well repay a careful Isaa Kute. Buenos exist Many historical data in support of the fact that a Large number of the first immigrants in South America especially the Region watered by the Plata River were jews or descendants of jews. Many of the jews who fled from the san Nesli inquisition into Portugal were banished by King Emanuel of Portugal to Brazil in order to isolate them from the portuguese Moran nos and Force christianity on them. Lerere was an extensive immigration of Morrano and dutch jews to Brazil in the years 1030 and after when the country was under the Rule of Holland Linter when Brazil passed again into the hands of Portugal the jews were compelled to Migrate to Argentine in Masse. But Here too Many of tiie jews were prosecuted for heresy by the inquisition and were sent to Lima. Peru to be burned. Despite the cruel persecution the jews survived however and ultimately became the Pio Gen tors of the present Day aristocratic families in Argentine. A a much More Active part in the economic life of Ai Entine is played by the More recent jewish immigrants. The great majority of these Are City dwellers. They Are represented 111 practice my every walk of life. There Are among them Rich and influential merchants manufacturers physicians lawyers professors in the universities authors workers and so Forth. Most of the immigrants came from,.rn8sia and Poland there Are also a few to pm France England and Germany. The Farmer element among the jews is very prosperous and is very much attached to the land in its Possession Argentine is the first country in which an All jewish Congress was held about two years ago at which the conditions of the jews Jere discussed and Relief work was started. This Congress was a very significant event with the Argentine jews since it was their first successful Effort of organization and gave them an Opportunity openly to discuss their prot i lems. It feared him to the continued existence of the jew. If there were no Providence he said the jews would not have per Durad. Similarly Judah a Levi in his classic work on jewish philosophy employs the history of the a cow As first proof of divinity. When the King of Khazar in his quest of a adequate religion turns to the jewish scholar the latter in his exposition Judaism Speaks first of All of the Lod who has revealed himself in the history of Israel. That is his first argument the metaphysical considerations come later. I know that today Many will not be so easily satisfied. They will refuse to accept thai on Ere survival of the jew As proof of Providence for they will say if tie jew has survived. Is is not True that he All kinds of outrage and persecutions if the jew is gods chosen people then Why has god Perth fitted so much hardship and misery to overtake him Johy All tills martyrdom of the jew this millennial martyrdom which has not yet come to an end people ask Why the armenians have been allowed to suffer such terrible persecution at the hands of the turks Why god permits it. With much More reason might the spirit that lives in us too and impels us to struggle toward Beauty and righteousness if there is suffering and illness it is part of the struggle but life with it is certainly More Beautiful and significant than Ori Serwise it would be. Take this spirit out of the world and of human life and what Are they Worth ? no one knows better the emptiness of a world without god and the barrenness of human life without god than some of our own people who have forsaken their religion because everything has been Well with them. A their Gold and their Silver have made them idols a Eald the Prophet. Alas that is still True All too often. Grown Rich they grow godless. But what does it profit them soon they discover the nudity of their existence and we hear them speak of the want of spiritual Norf ashment and of soul hunger and what not. Rather than join the ranks of atheists Modem jews should try to diffuse their own idea of god in the world and o. Convert their Fellowmen to it. The world today is seeking and Alf Torii the King of the belgians has. Bestowed upon Alfred Jones of the London county Westminster and parrs Bank Gravesend the Gold Palm of the order of the Crown in recognition of valuable services rendered to the belgian cause during the War. The foreign office has granted the recipient permission to Wear the decoration which is designed As a Chaplet of Palm leaves. Large numbers of belgian refugees flocked to the Gravesend District and they were not Only homeless but indie curious. Or. Jones collected nearly $500 to meet their immediate wants and helped them to find apartments and clothing. Or. Jones is a prominent member of the Liberal jewish Synagog. Poland. The Warsaw Gazette printed a Long statement from a London correspondent in which on the evidence of a jew Ere of polish origin. It was alleged that jewish conferences had been held in London with a View to compelling Poland to Grant National autonomy to the jews. According to the it Orres Poi Dent the jews Are Iii ter a Ted in Coli doing the polish to most narrow boundaries and i it control Poland. The chief conspirators against Poland Are alleged to foe sir Stuart Samuel Deputy Grinbaum or. Yatzkan and a in her of foreign delegates. Only one rabbi Perlmutter is praised for his refusal to join the plot. The jewish conspirators Are also accused of Lif Oelling Poland in the eyes of the european cabinets and of making attempts to find jewish statesmen for important Public posts. Finally the correspondent asserted that the the natives. The j. D. C. Men at once buckled Down to work. They provided food and shelter they cabled 000 appeals for funds from emigrants to relatives in America they paid out individual remittances intended for those marooned in Danzig they expedited the granting of vises. A special office for emigrants has been opened in Danzig to which the joint distribution committee has already sent one Hundred and fifty thousand Marks As Well As a consignment of prove slams Worth ten thousand dollars. A situation similar to that in Danzig but on 41. Vastly larger scale has Arisen in Lithuania. A Large part of it of Conerly held by the poles has been the scene of fighting and the devastation of a City like Minsk the serious losses sustained by the City of Vilna the destruction of the crops and of the whole economic mechanism in the War zone have caused Many to seek Refuge in that part of Lithuania which comprises the lithuanian Republic and which has enjoyed comparative peace for several years. The result is that the Price of necessaries has risen sevenfold and threatens to Rise higher fit. Throughout Lithuania according to a recent Cable from the j. D. repro jewish bolshevik were supporting the plot and Liat the latter Are financed by Ibe parisian rothschilds the Mendelsohn of Berlin and the zionist organization of Chroni Cle. New French Relief society formed. It is trying to find a theism worthy of acceptance. Is not the theism of the jew worthy of such acceptance a they ask concerning the hardships of 1 recent Ohl Nese writer has said that in the jew yet who will deny that suffering is the secret and source of All Progress of All human Beauty and achievement it is part of the mystery of being. Our rabbis have told us Long before or. Wells that god himself suffers with his children when they Are afflicted. Bets Prathom to tsar a when they Are afflicted he also the jews history Anks to his very martyrdom has become one of the noblest records of Mankind the Europe they have a Rei Leflon which satisfies the heart but is at Odds with the head. The jewish god idea however satisfies both the head and the heart. It is Foo ritual. It is ethical it is progressive and comprehensive. The polish authorities recently sum one a conference of representatives of poles and jews in order to make am Effort to solve the jewish question in Poland. The jewish representatives were unanimous in their request that before they could discuss any details of the proposed solution the polish authorities should take immediate Steps to put a Stop to anti jewish excesses particularly on the part of soldiers. The authorities were greatly impressed by this demand and the representative of the polish War office promised that the sternest measures would be adopted against troops guilty of excesses. Vice minister Wrublevski who took the chair at the second part of the proceedings declared that Poland must be Chi aused of anti semitism and that the jewish and polish parties should Issue a common Appeal to the population in order to Lay stress on National Unity. Certain sections of the jews in Poland it is stated attach Little importance to the fair words heard at this conference seeing that the evil deeds show no sign of abatement. In some polish towns the jews Are made to suffer a veritable martyrdom and it is held that when there is any real sign of the position improving that then and then Only will it be possible to give credence to the promises of the polish ski Veramenta. Under the present intense stress Liow an Appeal has been issued to the jews of Paris by the a a society de Secours auz Julifs Des territories de Lancien Empire a society which has just been established and whose objects Are succinctly stated in its title. As it Points out in the Appeal no less than 450 localities in the former russian Empire inhabited by three million jews have been the scene of pillage and destruction Many of these places now existing Only in name. More than one Hundred thousand jews have perished in the massacres and More than fifty thousand wounded and mutilated in addition to thousands of jew esses violated. The society proposed by Means of funds to be raised to offer immediate Aid in the most urgent cases to establish refuges to Send to the ravaged districts the necessities of life in the Way of food clothing and medicines to take Steps for the future care and upbringing of the numberless orphans in Short As the Appeal says to do everything for the re birth of jewish existence. The president is or. Sliosberg the famous russian lawyer. The vice presidents or. Goldstein and or. V. Temkin and the offices Are at 79 Rue do Faubourg St. Denis. Tentative in Kovno there is an acute shortage of food clothing medicines a and Wood which is the chief fuel in that country. Five Milum Marks Are needed immediately for fuel for the welfare institutions in the Vilna District alone. Fortunately the distr tits hardest hit Are provided for two months with funds and provisions left there by the j. D. C. Workers. Minsk for example was left with six million Marks. And before the two months Are Over it is helped that we ays and Means will have been foun to meet the special conditions that amp ave Arisen in Lithuania. The occupation by the soviet troops of the Ukraine White Russia and parts of Lithuania and Galacia has suddenly expanded the Field of the Relief committee recently organized in Moscow by messes Fisher and Pine. The ranks of jewish War and pogrom sufferers it is intimated have been increased by one million and a half As a result of recent events. An idea of the colossal to confronting the Moscow committee May be obtained the theater and jews. We need hut think of the jewish go>0-idea As revealed in the experience i Ever. It is not Likely that the polish sacred Tablet in the. Sanctuary of the human race. We realize that that history would have been impossible with out the Frith in god which formed the soul of jewish existence and which still inspires so Many jews in Rise lands of persecution and pogroms. Abraham Oden Omed la phone Adonay a still do Many sons and Danid ters of Abraham stand steadfast before the lord a but we can not template that history notwithstanding Ito troubles and hardships itt out feeling the operation of a divine Power and a divine purpose. No Man can Rise from of the first and Foremost of israelis prophets. When the lord appeared to Moses he appeared for an ethical purpose in behalf of Freedom and righteousness. Moreover he showed a himself Abagil Fiatal god Ruckes saw no image he heard a voice. And finally he declared a himself Proger Lvey As when Moses remanded his name the answer was Eye Asher Erye which to usually englishes a i am that i am a but which should Reafy he translated a i shall be what i Shal israelis god idea was of he pc Esslye in Accord with the unfolding need and advancing instil Glence of amp a Ages. And Studi the jewish god idea has remain eds ethical spiritual and progressive a the very kind of theism men Are seating today. Government will give Phr per consideration to the matter. Many new and vexing situations Are arising out of the War with the soviet govern to which permit of ill treatment of jews by officials military and civil which could not be foreseen and for Wlinich remedial or Prev motive action would come too late to help the victims. A Case la Point we Job a bold not have occurred is cited in a copyright Cable in the new York spa and Herald under Date of August 21. From Kat Toltz in upper Silesia in part As follow a last week col Blanchard sent 2,000 polish jew deserters across the Border where they were Ai Rosted by the poles. Gorman officers protested maintaining that International Law for Alexander Wolcott the eminent theatrical critic discussing the past season in an article in the current Issue of the a Century a says a again and again As the curtain Rose and Al from August to june the Box office statements of the to Heaters capital give evidence that there has grown up an Alert discriminating sophisticated Public numerous enough at last to make profitable the., most aspiring ventures of which the theater a personnel is capable. This could not have been said ten years if is due to this a Alert discriminating sophisticated Public that the plays which Are called a literary plays have been so great a Success. And this Public includes a Large percentage of jews. The influence of jews upon the stage has been very much decried. We have heard a great Deal of the a commercializing of the theater by Jerish this has been thera Tock in Trade either of jealous manager or of writers with a Strong anti jewish Bias. from the budget which one of its representatives submitted to or. Frank Rosenblatt the j. D. regional director Xor soviet Russia. According to this budget the Moscow committee needs one thousand million rubles a month with All due allowance for the depreciation of the Roble this sum is simply staggering. Or. Rosenblatt is now in Reval in route to Moscow. Delegates selected by Landsman Schafter to go abroad who prove acceptable to the j. D. C. Will be commissioned by the latter As its representatives for that particular City or town to work under representatives of the j. D. regional director in that District provided the delegates agree to go for a period of three months and not to engage in any private commercial Enterprise and provided the lauds Vanschaften will Bear the expense of conversation is the age of the mind As the Man so is his Syrus. Their transportation. 1 x or. Samuel Schmidt associate director of the joint distribution committee has been appointed director of the department of lands Vanschaften which will he located at 98 second Avenue new York City. Turning for a moment to the committees other Fields of action mental Ltd must be made of the arrival in Rumania of or. Charles Spivak who rendered signal service in Poland and the Ukraine for the purpose of studying medical and sanitary conditions in Rumania of or. Savitsky a assignment to Stant Nople where he will direct the Relief work in key and of the activities of or. Siberia where he is organizing the repatriation of the remaining jewish War priv mers. In connection with this last $15,0 x were recently granted to the Vladivostok con Pittee and arrangements Are being made for two ships to carry the prisoners to their it any. A a a. Is. W a a y of a. A. It a. A y. M i r by a r j y i it a a a it . Yvo mor of a by a c.3 % 1. If ? i a i a v k a a a a it a a is of a to. A a i a. V a i a a a v a Quot. A a a a 5. A a a a a a kit a i. A i a i is or a pc .1j i \ 5,. A i j j a i i. % 1 v y a a a t t. T t j j a Fly. A y a -1 -3 it a it i Quot �?T�1 7-\ i a k a

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