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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - October 14, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioIsraelite. Let there be Light. Volume 67 Cincinnati Ohio october 14. 1920. Number 16. The patient heart. Mary w. Howland. I Lav me Down to sleep with Little thought or care whether my waking find me Here or there a bowing burdened head Only too glad to rest in question Long upon a Loving breast. My Good right hand forgets her cunning now to March the weary Anarch i know not How. I am not eager bold. Nor Strong All that is past i am willing not to do at last at last my half Days work is done and this is All my part i give a patient god my patient heart and grasp his Banner still though All the Blue be dim these stripes no less than stars after him. Weak weary and uncrowned i yet to Bear am Strong Content not even to cry a How Long How Long a Rel Ilioiu Freedom. By rabbi David Philipson d. D. It would seem to be particularly apr pro plate Towt re recent Alves of Liberal movements in religion should forefather in a meeting like this to celebrate the tercentenary of the Landing on these Pac Tolian shores of those in the struggle for religious Freedom who were the pioneers in that toilsome journey of the years Widich made possible the great achievement of the fathers of this Republic As sex Presser in the immortal words of the first amendment to the Constitution of the United states a Congress Shari make no Law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise this is the charter of our religious Liberty for. Whether we Call ourselves Christian liberals or jewish liberals or religious liberals without any further sectarian Label we Are All one in our american Reli Ous liberalism Brethren in the spirit if not in the flesh and As such Brethren we Are the spiritual descendants of the Brave men and women who three Hundred Vears ago embarked upon the great adventure the end of which is not yet. True among those pilgrims there Laos no representative of the jewish Feitli and some might therefore incongruous that a spokesman for that Faith should appear Here. But it is because As an american citizen and a religious Liberal i look upon myself and those i represent As spiritual heirs to the legacy of Freedom bequeathed to All Strug Glens for religious Liberty by the Pil grim fathers that i feel Alto Geilier at Home Here with my american Brethren of All shades and opinions. F Nom another Angle too m to quite meet that a jewish voice be heard in the chorus of Praise extolling the daring of those intrepid englishmen whose names Are on All our lips today. Read the history of Plymouth Colony by Bradford peruse the sermons of Robinson delve into the thought of Brewster and the indebtedness of those leaders in the Pilgrim movement to the writers of the old testament stands out Clear and indubitable. The theocracy of ancient Israel was a ctr produced in the theocracy of this Pilgrim movement. God being ruler no Man be he King or potentate no human institution be it sacrificial Sjo Stem in ancient Days or established Church in later times could in the final instance stand Between god the Tatlier and the Lui Man creature gods child. This is the fundamental teaching of the great prophets psalmist and thinkers of the old testament and it is the no less fundamental claim of their disciples Toliese Pilgrim fathers of ours. If through this undaunted facing of tie of the unknown sea and the Distant wilderness these pilgrims brought the blessings of religious Liberty to the modern descendants of the ancient people of the Bible among others it would seem but poetic historical jul Tice As they have drawn their inspiration from that Bible. Truly god does work in ways. The pilgrims those devout and Earnest students of israelis Insp Iod Chiron Isles became the instrument through whom a skome of religious Freedom our blessed America secured for the latter Day Ildren of Israel outcasts and pariahs in every european land in medieval Days. There is not a jew in All America and in All the world but utters a prayer of thanksgiving to god for the Pilgrim l athers who so fully repaid a Mieir debt to the old testament by laying in this land the foundations of that religious Freedom from which none have benefited More than the still living descendants of the Stock that produced Abra i am Isaac and Jacob Moses and Jeremiah Jesus Peter and Paul the founders and propagators of Judaism the Mother religion and christianity the daughter Feitli. Blessed Yea thrice blessed be the memory of these fathers of Modem religious lab Fly. It seems to me that to a a pm and through them a new revelation had been vouchsafed to the world. Again the voice of god sounded As in me ancient time to am the lord your god who brought you out of the House of bondage a from the oppression of a state Church had the pilgrims fled morn bondage of Rell Ous intolerance had they been freed. Titis was the new Canaan this was the now Proa therefore we sing Hosannah at this Annever Ravary season and together join in a fervent a Lle Lujah. Praise unto god my thoughts at this time can not nut turn Back to the Days Agone and occupy themselves with Fiat time. As i a in not but recall the Condl address at International Fellowship Boston mass., october iw20. In celebrate ii of the Tercel banding of the Pilgrim tons of jewish life in that year sixteen Hundred and Twenty the Point of departure for our gathering today. Far be it from me to mar this Happy occasion by rehearsing the dread Story of persecution and murder of exp Oil Slon and torture w hich formed the constant background of jewish existence in that Black period. But i can not refrain from calling to mind the fact that in that year in which the Pilgrim fathers set sail from Europe no jew could live As a confessor of his Faith in the land of England. Expelled from the land in 1201, they were not permitted to return until Oruro Well a Day i 1655. True recent research has brought out the fact that there were a number of jews living in England during this period but they could not confess their religion openly. They were known As portuguese. They were jews secretly. It is therefore very probable nay almost certain that until they came to Holland which indeed barring Turkey was the one european country in which tie mews lived free from oppression the followers of Robinson and Brewster May never have seen a jew in proper person. What a far cry from such a condition of affairs to this interdenominational Fellowship gathering. And yet i feel sure that could those real freemen speak today they would confess themselves rather contemporaries of ours than of the tyrannous represses of the a Glits of conscience of their own time. It is also of extreme interest to recall in this connection that the very year in which the jews were readmitted to settlement in England marked the be Ming to this country of the Small band of jews who have been coiled the jew i Pilgrim fathers. In the first half of the seventeenth Century jews had settled in South America and the islands of the Caribbean. When religious persecution pursued them it no thither a few Hardy spirits embarked in one of these Southern ports in a boat named the Santa Catarina and making sail for the North landed at new Amsterdam in 1655, thirty five years after their Christian fellow seekers for a new Home set foot on the Shore of new England. The passengers of both the Mayflower and the Santa Catarina had the same Mission the quest for religious Liberty. Neither knew of the other but Here their disembodied spirits meet and Here their undying heroism tills the mind. A whole world is celebrating the exploits of the Pilgrim fathers and rightly so. Those hum de jews Olio were refused a Landing in new Amsterdam by Peter Stuyvesant and were admitted Only Afier lengthy negotiations Are Little known. But 1 am sure that you will not consider As inappropriate the Inen tilt a of them Here by one who As an american glories in the Opportunity of paying re Terence to the memory of the Pilgrim fathers in company with his fellow americans but who can also not forget on this great occasion the tremendous contribution made to the cause of religious Liberty by those Fhon Sands and tens of thousands of jews who throughout the centuries lived in wretchedness and my Serju endured disgrace and infamy and went to their death rather Alvan renounce their ancestral Faith. Had these jews in All the persecuting lands of Europe been willing to accept tie dominant religion they would have lived at ease. But nay they would not they could not cast out the truth As they saw the truth. They endured nameless woes and countless ills the ghetto s plague the garbs disgrace rather than become Recreant to their souls conviction. Of All these , know and unknown Sung and Unsung the Small company who landed Here in 1655, the names of the most of them Are not even known Are the sign and Symbol for me. As a jew in Faith i feel constrained to make Menti Ltd of them also on this Day. They symbolize Judaism a contribution to the cause of religious Freedom the Inch cause that is the real glory of our country the True grandeur of our nation. To my mind this is americans greatest achievement. This was something altogether new in the world tie separation of Church and state the right of the individual to approach ids maker As he would. Towards this the great deed of 1620 led the Way. True the old a it old spirit of religious i bigotry appeared time and again in tie colonies but these were Only survivals from a dark past that were bound to disappear in the Light of the advancing Day. The Progress w As steadily Onward and Forward. The United states became the Hope of Mankind. Here every religion could develop untrammelled. Here Liberal movements Floii wished As nowhere else. Tie seed sown by the Pilgrim fathers has produced a Mara Elous fruit age. These fathers were picked men. They were the precursors of the millions who came after them and through i the spirit set in action by the Pilgrim fathers have made our country a homogeneous composite if i May use so paradoxical a term a Unity out of great diversity the melting pot in a Holcli Many incongruous elements live been fused. Through this process our nation has Deconne the chosen people of these latter Days. This was finely expressed some time ago by one of americans leading thinkers Ashen lie characterized the people of this country in these terms a differing As the inhabitants this Colin try do in All other respects they a Ere alike in this that they have been chosen selected from the nations of the Earth by their re on ulveness be Vond the responsiveness of their Kindred to the ideals of Freedom. All who have come to our shores have come because they have wanted mope Opportunity to live to be men among men and they have believed that Here the Opportunity would be found. Twivey have wanted economic Freedom religious Freedom Freedom of mind political Freedom. Thus in respect of precisely that kind of mental and practical similarity which is Essi Enolal to a great National organization which shall confine Unity in greater matters with endless differences in minor things the inhabitants of the United states Are the picked men of the this Unity in greater things was brought out strikingly and emphatically during the great War. And notably the higher relic log a Unity How my any an interdenominational Fellowship meeting was held in every City in the country yes interdenominational Fellowship meetings not Only of religious liberals As is this gathering but of Koonsen Alves and liberals of jews and protestants anal catholics of All men coming together As children of one father merging their Earth made distinctions in their god made likenesses. And what interdenominational Fellowship meetings the Camps and the battlefields presented 1 what moving tales came to us of priest and pastor and rabbi fellow shipping in bringing religious messages and re Ligi ofis Comfort to the wounded and the dying the War frequently produced an exaltation of spirit that made it appear As though men had indeed succeeded in piercing beneath the Artl Foldal distinctions of Creed and Dogma and of finding the fundamental and elemental brotherhood that makes the whole world Kin. It seems that the fervid longing of the great singers of religious brotherhood had found real Patlon and that the Day had come when jew and Gentile protestant and Catholic believer and unbeliever had found one another As men and gazing into one another a souls had recognized their Fqy Irit likeness. But we seem to have been experiencing a reaction from the glorious sentiments which bathed menus souls in those years of common struggle and common danger. The old Bitte Nesses which during the War suffered eclipse seem to be reasserting Vliem selves. We had fondly imagined that the old hatreds antipathies and prejudices had burned themselves into ashes. But the ashes Are being stirred and the coals which we had fondly imagined were altogether extinguished Are again being fanned into flame by the Fomen ters of religious racial and National antagonisms. A great inter Church movement has failed liberals and reactionaries Are still far apart enemies of the jews Are making Antl jewish propaganda even in this country there Are Many disturbing signs. Was then All the Advance along the lines of fellow ship during the War period merely the excitation of hysteria merely a War symptom Are we really falling Hack into the old pre War attitudes god forbid a like that i can not believe that All the splendid manifestations of Unity and fellow ship that cheered our hearts and exalted our a spirits were merely a passing show with no Lenvent of permanence. I have the firm Faith that there have been definite Steps Forward despite the occasional alarming symptoms of retrogression. And that Faith of mine finds nourishment in a gathering like this. Of All the meetings throughout the land in this tercentenary year none i take it is More significant than this of the future possibilities that Lay hidden in the dash of the Pilgrim fathers into the unknown. A meeting like this could impossibly have been held in that year 1 520 or for a Long time thereafter. But throw these three Hundred years the spirit of religious Freedom has been growing and growing. We Here Are enjoying the usufruct of that growth. This is our heritage from the Pilgrim fathers. As is said in a famous biblical , so say also we a we will not give up Tom heritage of our shall aae a to Are called religious liberals not dedicate ourselves anew in this ear to the High task of contributing what we can be it in lesser or greater degree Toad Ards making Ever Finner the foundations of religious Liberty which the pilgrims Laid shall we not strive to keep our America the to of religious Freedom and to and every reactionary Effort to jew Ranize our Public institutions in we not continue the work of the pilgrims to keep forever separate Church and state in each and All their departments and to Render inviolate the rights of individual conscience in All matters affecting Freedom of speech and Freedom of thought that truly in the great task of religious Lihe Salisan Aye of the True american spirit. That american is Irit has been dearly bought we hold it in Trust. That Trust aah a As religious lilt rals May never betray. We must bequeath it unsullied to Liose aah Iio come after use Enas an american latter Day poet Lias so Avell expressed it in the lines a the jew a Winder of history a notable Sermon by the Rev. Or. Purvia. Texts and i will bless them that a a Jur fathers in a a Ondrous age. Ere yet the Earth avas Small to us our heritage and do United not at All that ave the Clil Diomi of to Weir lie tit w Linch then did beat so Leigh. In later time shall play like Ivert for our posterity. Dear Laught and Cleir a to Tousand year our fathers title runs. Make we like Vise our sacrifice. Defrauding not our miss Loeb chides meeting. Criticises spirit of delegates at child welfare Board s session. Syracuse n. Y. Oct. 6.�?asserting Liat she Avold not attend any meeting of the new York state association of Cli ild welfare boards until a better spirit has been engendered. Miss Sophie Irene Laie of new York City told delegates at the closing session of tie association Liere today Liat they had made a sorry spectacle of themselves. Miss Loch who is president of the child we Elfare Board of new York City declared she a As amazed at the conditions revealed by the conference. Dissension Over the adoption of new by Laws culminating in a tilt which caused a Large number of delegates to leave the room had alienated. Miss Loeb said men and women who had been identified with the movement for years. Mrs. William Einstein of new York president of the association according to miss Loeb was confined to her hotel room As a result of the tempestuous meeting. Mii Loeb a address followed a Stormy morning session at which miss Loeb and Charles j. Tobin representing Albany occupied the floor the greater part of the time. Or. Tobin advocated a motion to Amend the bylaws so that said secretaries and investigators should have the right to vote in conference. This was opposed by miss Loeb but or. Tobin won. Bless thee and curse them that cur Seth thee and in thee shall All families of the Earth be blessed. Gen. 12 8. What advantage then hath the jew much every Way. Rom. 3 12. Our jewish friends Are Noav observing their new year the 5,681st, the period includes the fast of Gua Daliah and culminates in yom kippur the most solemn Day of atonement next wednesday. As a Man of affairs i want to Stop and take notice of one of the most remarkable Phenomena of the centuries a the preservation and of uie jewish wee. Here is a marvelous things a Bush is burning and is not consumed a show me a Miracle a said Frederick the great to his chaplain. A sire it is the jews a answered the Man of god. As an ambassador of god i too in a in Jabor of love would Stop and pay a tribute of appreciative recognition to this wonderful people to whom you and i Are indebted for so Many things not the least of which is the fundamentals of our own Christian religion. All the worlds a stage Whereon not Only individuals but nations and races Are players. Every nation has played some part great or Small. Each one has had its message for the centuries in which it lived. Ronie gave government Greece culture Phoenicia Commerce the jew has Carrie Ltd monotheism the Avo ship of a single god through the Ages. He Lias played his part and played it Well. Where he has faltered or blundered lie Ahvay paid a fearful penalty. I know of no other that has suffered so Iii ooh and survived. When the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed the jew lie Canie a wanderer a Man without a country. There Isnit a continent there Isnit a nation upon the face of the Eartis of which he is not an inhabitant. Innumerable forces of history through Many Ages have helped to form Liis destiny. His Story is at once the Miracle anti the Romance of human history. None can Lilot him out babylonian Captivity roman domination a Rekiau absorption medieval persecution imn Leru Imis a acre live been in vain. Talk about tie splendid Hue of roman Poi tiffs on tie Banks of tie yellow tiber a the jew has outlived Egypt Chaldea Assyria Persia and the dynasties of tie past. While our fat Liers were Savages living on i ois in the Forest or gnawing a Bone in a Cave his were princes in the Houke of King David. He of today is nothing More or less Tolian a Cli ild of his great yesterday. Though removed from his Asiatic origin Well night 2,<kh> years i heres a queer dualism we Cli makes him a creature old and ii Oak. He has one foot on tie soil of Antiquity the other rests on tie foreground of today. Is inn file is that of or of Chaldee but in Russia his features Are russian in Italy italian in Spain Spanish. There Are a it ,0 0 Black jews in Abyssinia negro hebrews Wilile there Are even jews who observe All the jewish Reil Giovis rites and All their dietary a Uliey have the Almond eyes the Flat Nosis and the yellow skin of mongolians. In the fiery Furnace. Tie three hebrew children in tie fiery Furnace were forerunners. In the sixteen Ritli Century in Venice a begun the concentration Camp Kuoan As the lie to. Back of tie old ghetto or Iron foundry the jew had to live in a restricted District. The name was gradually applied to tie Reavish Quarter of every City in Eracli Lietto lie developed a life of his own religion custom literature tradition song pleasure All ids own. During those Middle Ages lie was persecuted relentlessly bitterly. It Suri Irise me if Liat medieval life had not left an indelible in Viress on him. That past indeed Liis any past is not a More memory to be flier shed and revered but a a hideous living Ever present experience burned on ids consciousness. Is be a Peculiar a a if he is have made him so. Suppose we had taken a few Hundred thu usand people of any nation 2,0u0 years ago set them apart to live in restricted districts forced to lick to Wear a distinctive garb Foini Idder Vliem to engage in agriculture limited to Weir ust ulness to ii articular trades Only in rarest cases allo aved to own property Many other things prohibited under i it Ain of de Ailis Avoul Dnn to any people become a Peculiar a would it be wondered at if Long continued persecution would leave Vliem suspicious tie constant menace of the pros Clymer would Litake Vliem no less in earsome than Llie torture Ehammer itself they would soon fear the a reeks when hearing gifts. Each Peri he of would Send him hark decades Gre Ved and Bea Mildered. In spite of All this he Lias de a it loped a marvelous Lovi for his Teju Iwother lands. Tie Lew has always been a Patriot of the land a Vicli gave him birth. He quickly Ada its himself to Lite country Tiitu gives him of Ted and Spielter. He soon finds himself Given the lie perfects Hin Seif in science music painting sculpture literature philos play sociology Phi la Nihro in Medicine a mathematics history astir Onomy. A in All he gave his Best Frei gently in return lie was refused civil privilege political office military Honor. Their i aids were tied and they were blamed for not insing them in persecution fire sword. Tack and Dungeon Avert ids re Ward. Captive Cli Ildren murdered men ravished Afonien were considered his Birthright. Hoax Loyal he is May be seen in tie strife of the great War. In England eight per cent of tie jews enlisted to six per cent of non jews. America sent Between 200,000 and 225,000 into All branches of the service. Their quota being about 8 per cent of the population they exceeded by one third. Of the 800 citations for valor 174 won the Croix de Guerre 130 the distinguished service Cross three the u. S. Congressional medal of Honor our highest gift and two the rare Frenchi Medaille Militare. Their casualties were about 18,000. Three thousand five Hundred Laid Down their iia by the Side of their non jewish comrades under the topples of Flanders. They too had a rendezvous with death. Honor to them in the great conflict on All sides one twentieth of the jews of the world fought with nothing to gain but the Opportunity of killing to Weir own martyred race the melting pot. America spells Opportunity for the jew. 8ome one has said it in Liis Neit ing pot the jew will lir lost he is losing rapidly through intermarriage modernism and no. He will not be lost. If lie will Only be True to his ancient landmarks he will find himself. You see he belongs Here As surely As the rest of us. Her Lanie Alth Columbus. There were five jeans in the Fleet. Rodrigo Sanchez was the overseer of the Cream. Luis de Torres was the interpreter. They were of the first to behold and set foot on the new promised land. Abraham and Columbus were men Avo pioneered Westward not knowing whither. If As is said Colum Bush smother was Suzanne b Monterosa a jewess alien Columbus was a Fine successor to Abraham. There is no without Faith Lith were men of Faith. Who can Tell a Hether the hand Liat has guided the jew Westward from the eur pirates to tie Jordan from the Jordan to the Nile from the Nile to the tiber from the tiber to tie Guadalquivir did not also Lea ii him across the Atlantic that he might under gods Sun in a land of Freedom live where he Hoose worship As lie desires no ghetto to Wall in Jilin no restriction to Fetter Liis feet no tribunal to coat his spirit Orch to develop his highest faculties and in return give the Best that is in him to make America the Hope of a struggling world i Bellowe americans Nelile treatment of the jew is Graven on ids Liepart. He is of a race callable of splendid sentiment and great gratitude. Time will never efface it. The Jewl Sli did literature folded Puritan thought. It was the Leav who loaned Washington .$600, x 0 to finance tin Valley forge Campaign. Tie inscription on the Lili erty Bell in our fair City is taken from the Jewis i Bible. Lincoln s addresses Shoal his insi ration from the jewish Elijah. Liat a coincidence from the Lincoln Penny the Coin of the Little Cli ild and the common people is a product of a jewish designer Victor i. Brenner. In America the jew is a a Patriot without a Liy phen. They have never tried to form a a jewish vote Quot at election time. He is the average citizen reaching the a Heights and debit Lis of human possibility. He is As Ricoli As dives or As poor As Lazarus. He is Karl Marx tie socialist or Rothschild tie . He is Felix Adler tie Khiav Ali iding or a Zikey the he is a shy lock or Baron de Hirsch. He is a wan Lerer and yet he clings to tie Pale. He is , yet he owns Broadway. Tie Jean at tie lowest was Judas at tie highest he avas Jesus. An american Jerusalem. Not in Judea but in new York is tiie real Jerusalem. If there Are Iri k u,0 kit jews in the world America Lias about 8, m 0,0<mof which about i,.5 0.<k 0 Are in and about greater in w York. In Liat City every sixt i Pei son you meet is a Sou of Israel while on Manhattan Island the pro ortion is one to four. About one third of the student body of vol Nibia University is Jewis i the City College is nearly 97 per it ent. New York Lias the largest Hiigli school in tie a mid tie Washiington Irving practically All of its 6, Xhu pupils Are jewish. Tie new York Telephone director shows sixteen columns of Cohens and lint fourteen of Spitlis. In Philadelphia Liere Are two and one Liaf columns of aliens to eleven of Sinit Lis. Liere was a time a Gem ration ago we Iii new York was roman cat Liolich Oklay it is Jewis i there is not a Cliris Tian can Racli on tile East Side it Liere Are us Synagog will the Lew go Back to Jerusalem never except As a tourist. America is the jew s in Alestine and Washiington 1 it. C., ids Zion. I suspect that if Yon Plant tie Blue and Wiliie Flag of zionism on one Side and the red Ali it and la lne of tie in United on the other and demand of the Jim we Bofis be Titis Day Wlinich Yon will ser there will be Hilt one answer. This is Bis country. Jim is on tic Bench of the supreme court of the United slates lie is in Senate and House of representatives be is governor in three states lie is mayor of Sev a ral cities. Two of nth a York s most inc Cess Ful newspapers tie world and tie times Are works of Jewis i Prois i ions. Tie manager of tie Learst news Iain ers is Jewis i. Tie banking lion St that stands next to j. P. Morgan of Pliny is jewish. A i wish Engineer in tilt tie in enu Sylva Nia Tunis is under tie East River. Will the jew intermarry i do not know of the in inn a hut he has and does Lunmont married a Langhei of commander in Orry. The the Young Cav is making Money he is getting an education he is intense on social problems Many Are pronounced socialists list he Isnit become ing Christian. Not christianity hut stagger the jew what he has undergone at the hands of christians in eur oui would stagger us if the condition were reversed. America is not yet perfect in its tolerance humanity never will by. But thank god for the american spirit of fair play and a Chance. It is ten thousand times better than Russia or Central Europe from which Many of the jews have fled. Give the jew a gentiles Cliance give the negro a White Many Schance give the woman a Many Schance give the poor the Rich Many Schance and they Avill make Good. America spells that Chance you and i , worship the Jehovah of Tulve Lewsi As Christ came to interpret him the jewish scriptures the old testament begins with the Story of Man not with a history of tie jews. Our religion the Christian religion was founded on jews and Judaism. Every Book of our new testament was written by a jew with the exception of Luke and the acts of tie . My text was Aat Itten i y a Little jewish ten maker he Olio next to Moses has Cut the greatest Swath in Lisman history. It was Simon Peter a jew to whom Clorist said a on this Rock i will build my our very Calendar is based on tiny id today of a jews and our greatest sweetest Holiday centers around the Nia Nager Oadle of a Little Jean Isle babe i of the Clu Istian of the Avold .500,000,000 worship Jesus a jew. A and 200, xxx ,000 venerate Mary a a caves but say Christian preacher you have t told the faults of the jew. No. That is not now the subject of Niy Story. I know tie jews faults i know ills Virtues they Are both surprisingly like the when i weigh them in the balance i uni glad to Extell my hand to my intensely Liui iian neigh born the jew. A published in the Phi Ladelphia evening bulletin. Foreign Newt distinguished or. A Rabii Jacobi married Mary Putnam Walter Damrosch i Hairried tiny daughter of James o. Blaine. Ossip Jabri Lowitch the musician. Married Mark Twain s Daug liter. I to you know any of the fruit of Cuiris tia ii jewish marriages me re Fresoli your memory. Did you know that Bret Hartis was one a few others Are sir John a Lei Keliel the astronomer Francis Turner Palgrave the critic sir Jolin Millais the artist Gambetta tiie statesman sir Arthur Sullivan the con Poser and now hold your lir Atli a tie Kotlier of Jeneral wll Liani Booth the Youthful Pawn broker s assistant the glorious Christi aug Saint of salvation army Fame avus a miss Moss a jewess take a look at his picture and see hoax she bequeathed to him that Magull Keiit old testament physio nifty ave sch was such a valuable asset in his Pulilli appearance. Hath not the jew a 8oil7 will tie Jean become a Christian i rather think not. Not in appreciable numbers. Do we have grapes of thorns and figs of thistles not in this year of our fjord 1920. The Young jew is causing his elders considerable anxiety religiously. As in All other religious bodies Liere is much Drifting in these Days of transition. Professor Lbert Einstein Avaio Iuis been extra i rid diary i Rofes Sor of natural science at Ivi Yden University will deliver his inaugural lecture there ill the last a Eek of he Lober. Deputy thou avas received Liy the Polis i Premier who discussed Avith him tie anti semitic . Tie Premier promised that the government would soon counteract the wave of anti semitism. At tie same time Liow Ever tie anti semitic press has attacked Deputy lion for i it article Patong in the committee of the Reavish delegations in Paris Avrich according to the Cav waiters is conducting intrigues against Pola i. Or. Alice Karasyk daughter of the president of Czecho Slovakia has married or. Borsky Cecho slovakian minister to Italy and son of or. S. G. Borsky a leading industrialist and president of tie climber of Commerce of Prague. Or. Borsky is prominent in the Community and is famous for his Cliar Itable activities. The Karasyk and Borsky families have Long been on Tenns of intimacy and the Marr fige Only cements that has been a life Iong Friendship. The wedding was a civil one and Only members of the a it spec Tive families we Ere present. Oil inundate Alesandro Irwi Biazi Chini Odio was on August 20, by in Youins attacking a Hejaz railway Tram i ii Ruuti la Etc Yeii i it Era at distinguished Lii self in tie service of tie Italin Navy and during tie War control med greatly to Vands tie of Italy. It avas due to Liis naval Strau by Liat Venice was saved from tie i istrian. I lie it Alibi lovers intent looked upon Linin As it gone of tie great men of Italy Iii if the close of the War lie had been rendering valuable service to tie jews of Pale Tine in them from riots a luring the Nebi Moussa feast and by re a Sei Ittig to Weir Case at the san ratio it on to t Nice. Hungary. No Cima it it. To it. I disorders Large a Fly of ail anti Seui Ilic a Barack to live occurred in Iuit Laius is during tin last Loiret Days according to Nies sages front that City. To lug disturbances Are Lak ing the i or Iii of tiie usual Strete beatings and aids upon cafes. Vienna oct. S. I lie Liuigi Mariati Niin is Ier of thu Interior has Ord Rcd the Iii ii Diate expulsion from Hungary of All jews wild have arrived in that country since Letl 1, according to a big Dainesi dispatch today. Reports from the hungarian capital state that ill tic last jewish Lucid ass it soldiers entered sacral and ill treated the w ors Lii Ipin rss. Several jew s also were beaten in the streets Ilie re a polls say. Palestine. Great Semi Gog has be a ii unearth i de in Nahum a town Noi l beast of to lerias by tie jewish exploration society working in conjunction with a franciscan Monk Olio wats in the . A be Siruc tui is All Marbab with imposing a a Voloni Iadus besides two Bigby ornamental columns Avith the a a Mog ii in Ivide a shield of let a Vid Livant fully a Ormi in. The jewish exp oration so Cindy is also Kavork ing on the sen Wick Tiberias Road in tin digging of Vabich Jewis i workmen discover ill a inn ber of ancient Ini Ilch lugs several Liege 8t�>n��?~s, to mrs of pipe s and tops of Dillars sunk into the ground. The govern Keiit invited the Sci tool of archaeology to participate in tie exam motion of tie bite. Oscar Heizer former Consul general of constantinople and american Consul in bag Tiad and Mesorio Tamla has been appointed the Neav Consul for , to take the place of Hon. Otis Glazebrook who is hoax in America on a vacation. The retirement of or. Glt Zebrook will be very much regretted by the jews of Palestine who have found him to be a just and sympathetic Man and an Elv Lieut representative of the United states. The first jewish constituent Assembly of Palestine convened in Jerusalem octo4 or 7, according to advices received at the Headquarters of the zionist or Gan Izar of America. Although the labor a Dement in the Assembly has a , no it Ultra Radical legislation is expel to a Al. Women delegates have Takin to nor seats Iota withstanding or Tho lox . The National Radical party favors Dev shipment of operative societies As Well As encouragement of private initiative. The a Lexra a or a capitalist group a favors profit sharing and outlier in Foleni social innovations. Rumania and the jews. Valiani let a. Gaster for awarded us week an account of an interview which avas Aci ordeal to him by tie Crown Prince of Runa Ania and in the coarse of which i the jewish question was Toi Ched upon. Tie Crown Prince a Thor Azimi or. to state in the most emphatic manner that the decree affecting the naturalization of the jews in Rumania will a question airily he trussed by the Cha inhers and Liat his majesty the King will within constitutional , insist upon its being Carrlee a into effect. Or. Taster added that this Assurance was of great import thrice and we med hardly say with what satisfaction we should Welcome any definite break of Rumania we Atli its past policy. The mischief in regard to Rumania has aia Voys Hymi that Noi Hidy Ikas known How far any Promise to Amend we Ould be respected Ami Diether the ingrained prejudice of generations might not prove too Strong for solemn pledges or a reawakened sense of Justice. If a new and Lhutter Era is now to open and Rumania will do of its own inherent sense of fairness and without the Force Majure of the minorities treaty Arhat it ought to have do gone Long ago no one will be More heartily Grid than ourselves. Rumania has now a Large Jean Ash Uhi Tion. She can make of them a or a strength to herself site . Meanwhile we no Yex our pleasure at the Wise and lofty sentiments of tie heir to the chronicle London. Suffering of the jews in Poland. It has Noav been Estali listed that the soldiers were ill treated in the a Bliia Camp. They we Ere underfed ridiculed and a beaten. At Siedlecke the jews a Lliter was seriously a Ouno let i ii his Superior officer in the Force a Imbor Camp at Lack m. Eui Baum and three other jews Avert Fig go a i to i Dinitri. At big Cost Litovsky , Vishkoff Soke Lov Ven Grov and Ottier places that a Boll Ievins Reri moved All of food and Noav the peasants Boycott the jew s and a refuse to sell them anything. Extreme poverty and Dei ression can be in All those places Annig the Jeah. At Osven Tchun a jewish wombs society for spreading of Here in literature avas closed. At Warsaw female Jewis i students were expelled from a patriotic society which made collections for the army. At Bendin soldiers attacked the jews and Iii Ureil several of our re Ai zionists. The Comra Indart the jews to enrol them them Selah is in the civil guards. On a St a Traer near Plotz Sollers assaulted All Jea Vasli passengers. Many were cruelly Lieuten. At Stry a Large number of Reavish houses and Shotis Avert plus Elered Dur a ing the bolshevik stay. Noav tie local jews Are accused of having helped the bolsheviks. At Vishkoff 38 jews were arrested by tie roles and at Trotzk 19 for Al Leger a tre is in charges. Pelura gangs entered Woin Loav near Stainislau and organized a three Days in or a oin. Ten jews were killed and forty five were Woun Deil. Fifteen a a no Esse is were a Lishon ored and a nearly All Jewis i a Omen Avert unit press and driven about naked in tie streets. All Lewush Lusses and a slips Avert plan a Lerohl. The material hisses amount to two million nuut is. At Stanislau Tavelle tews Avert kill id Many be Avesser were Dis Bonoretz nne a a number of Jewis i streets Avert plundered. At Tyski Zienka tie family Rolak was massacred. At Niu Lorna six jews were killed Aii a Many were wounded. Thini Sands of jews were also Liere. At Kalush Del tin and Ysiec All streets a a re plundered. Many old men and children were cruelly beaten and a a number of jew esses Avert violated. Near Stanislau Twenty Jean is corpses were found. Many jews we Ere thrown out of traits. Jewis i refugee s reaching Vienna from Eastern Galicia Bluit general real ural a to nips Are everywhere nil treating and a murdering tie a cars in the most Barli Arous Maimer. At Glei Vianka a i Rimkeit solid hers ii Nied the Synagog where the jeans Lead taken Refuge. File Titi Avert Burn ii to death and Many who att Emited to were Slot a Lown. Tie civil population is taking no i part in these anti Jewis i outrages a Vieli Are Pei i iterated exclusively by tie Reuter Vienna. Julie Bol Slu Viks state that tie Polis tor Ureil eight Jewis i labor Lead lers Al Brest Litovsky and killed thirty Flat a tews violated u Hundred and fifty jew esses and burned l,5th houses at my Usk. They also state Liat the poles exe Etitel Many jews at Corzelle. General Coz was i Omsk the chief of the polish Gene nil staff has is sunni an orbit stating that measures must be taken by the military to prevent mass vengeance living wreaked on tie polish jews for their Alleg etl Bolsa Levist leanings. The or Ler states Furt Lier that the jews Essie Bially tie orthodox jews have fulfilled i to Weir duty in every aah a. Or. Or Lutzki Luis intervened with the pm Lis ii ministry for Home affairs on Hobalt of Ilie Reavish inhabitants of the towns of Ziskov no avid Lor and Shakro Tsetim and demands the return of confiscated Semi gtd is and Bathi Ham Edrasi. American jews Palestine. A America is the a Cave a Palestine and Washington c., his Zion. I suspect that if you Plant the Blue and White Flag of zionism on one Side and the red White and Blue of the United states on the other and demand of the jew a a caboose be this Day Aai Ilch you will serve there will be but it me answer it a Parvis St. Louis to

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