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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - November 25, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioA Quot let there to it be Light. I a a vol me .67 Cincinnati Ohio november 25, 1920. Number 22 Grimm for tit Ira Jim. Woman s thanks Ivins a suffer Abb. Hour by Annette Kohn. Riband be finnr-9tand be steadfast i to your own you be come at last a for the sins of nmn alone you no longer Snail atone evil for its overthrow. Needs be Botn we be come to know. Angels with Flery sword barred be both at Edens word and the new worlds Paradise. Lies alike before your eyes Many a great strength is your just due be be tender helpful True work is win and woman a Fate Home is but a joint estate in be of country for be both is an everlasting troth Justice mercy truth and righty must clothe her in their might the Rivall come that wondrous birth a new heaven and a new Earth new York City thanksgiving 1920. Or. Joseph s. Bach an appreciation by Gotthard Deutsch. Or. Joseph Samuel Bloch one of the veterans of jewish journalism will celebrate his Seventieth birthday on november 20. Recording this event does not merely mean to pay a Public debt to a Man who has been for Neaily forty years Active As a publicist but is in itself a review of some of the most important events in jewish Hls-toi7 during the past generation. Joseph 8. Bloch was bom in Galicia nov. 20 1850. He received the education usual in the strictly orthodox country being nurtured on talmudic Law and brought up in a hasidic environment like Many others of his Tjw be after growing up to adolescence he was driven by the ardent desire for modern culture to go to Germany where he supplemented by Auto Dudac tic study the shortcomings of his Early training. He was in time graduated from a German University and Ente Reil the Rabbinate serving first a Small congregation in Schleswig afterwards in the province of Posen and then in Bruxer Bohemia. His Public activity a an when he was called in 1881 to the Rabbinate of Flo Alsdorf a suburb of Vienna since incorporated into the City. This was at the time when anti semitism began to make itself Felt Iii the austrian capital. Old Austria had the reputation that it was always behind in every movement. So it was in anti semitism. When the Christian socialist party was organized in Berlin under the leadership of court chaplain Stoecker in 1879, Vienna journals recording scandalous Public demonstrations of Berlin mobs would congratulate tie Vienna people whose a rendered such rudeness impossible. The contrast Between Vienna today and Vienna of thirty years age is Best demonstrated by the fact that in 1884 the City Council upon a motion of Carl Lueger afterwards the Banner bearer of the anti semitic party passed Resolution to congratulate sir Moses Montefiore on the occasion of his 100th birthday. In less than ten years conditions l and so changed that Lueger was elected burgomaster of Vienna by the anti semitic vote which had car ried the election and a year afterwards the emperor who had tvs ice vetoed the election was compelled to yield. The change however was not entirely unexpected. The ritual murder trial of Tisza Keszlar in ,1882, created an excitement All Over Europe and Vienna on account of the Vicinity of the place where this tragedy was enacted Felt More strongly the effect. In Austria even during the Era of liberalism the clerical element backed by the immensely wealthy landed aristocracy was always a very Strong Power had its Organ in a daily paper called the a Eva Terlando which seized upon every a occasion to stir up anti jewish sentiment for the Sake of gaining the supremacy which it had possessed before the new Constitution of 1867. The ritual murder Story offered such an Opportunity. At that time August Roh Ling a native of the Rhine province was professor of biblical archaeology in Prague. He had As Early As 1871 created a sensation by his mean pamphlet tie talmudic jew. The Publica Tion was part of a strategy inaugurated by the Catholic party of Germany in its fight against. The new protestant Empire. Rohling came Forth we Ltd allegations that perhaps in these Days the people of Austria dominated by the still Strong Liberal element in poll tics did not take these things any More seriously than some of our people re Gard the ravings of Henry Ford the matter could not be passed unnoticed Bloch a Young Man in the prime of manhood full of Energy and Weild ing a pow Erful pen was the first to take up the defense of Judaism at the time when the official representatives of the Vienna congregation still maintained the old fashioned illusion that it would be Best to ignore the w Hole matter which no Man of consequences so they believed took serious. By. Bloch a powerful articles Appe Areil first in a Vienna Dally the a Weiner Zeitung a a and created Cpl sensation. His Fame As an of Judaism brought him such Ity that he was in 1884jcted Cessor of rabbi 81movlm�?Th Cracow to the Reich tract in Eastern Galicia pulp Fig the unexpired term. After the expiration of this Teeth he was re elected twice but failed of re election aft Edvards due to the influence of the jewish plutocracy which had made a Compromise with the poles and wanted a jewish representative in the a Vreto Srai that should be 9 Blind Follower of the policy of the relish club. During his second term Bloch himself by a powerful address which he delivered in defense of Judaism in general and of rabbinic literature in particular using the Opportunity offered to him in the debate on a new Law regulating the organization of jewish congregations passed in 1890. This address is really a masterpiece of jewish apologetics and brought to the Ira Thor expressions of dip ration from All quarters including the Liberal element represented in the a Neue Erele pressed a which As stated before a till believed in the policy of ignoring the anti semitic movement the popularity which Bloch gained for he mall encouraged him to publish a a weekly paper the a Tochen Schrift a which was mainly devoted to the defense of Judaism against anti semitic attacks it completely superseded the older jewish weekly of Vienna the a Keu Zelty which represented the old fashioned idea of Middle class liberalism and had the Powers Ful backing of the cel rated preacher Adolph Jellinek. It was at the same time a valuable repertory of jewish events in Austria and Hungary and its discontinuation in 1919, owing to the unfavourable situation of Austria is a serious loss to the jewish cause. A great Success scored by this paper was the exposure of the apostate Aaron Rimann who wrote under the name of Justus. As such he had helped Rohling by furnishing him alleged texts of rabbinic literature proving the practice of ritual murder and otherwise attempting to show its moral depravity. it still greater Success was achieved by Blo Ltd when another apostate Hie polish jew Leib Ash Kennel who paraded under the name of Paulus Meyer and had successfully fleeced first protestant and afterwards Catholic missions Ai eared As what we might Call state evidence for the truth of the ritual murder charge. The a a Terlando a had in 1893 just before the Victory of the anti semitic element in the Vienna municipal Council revived this charge and Meyer helped with some alleged talmudic texts which were naturally forgeries and were exposed As such in the Tochen Schrift. So the Valeriand Felt that this method of polemics would Lead nowhere and they want we Meyer to furnish them a really live Case of ritual murder. He was obliging enough to Tell the Story How he As a boy studying under a polish rabbi in Ostrow had witnessed the scene How a Christian child was ugh into the room in the presence my ome prominent jews of the town How after a prayer the child a Throat was Cut and its blood bottled to be sent out in sealed vials. The Tochen Schrift conceived an ingenious plan. It declared the Story lie unless the exact name of the place with its location w Ere mentioned because there were various polish cities by that name and unless All the participants were named. Meyer and clerical Bankers went into the trap giving All details. This proved their downfall in spite of the Jesu Itic shrewdness with a Liili Liis intrigue was inaugurated. There was one Way in which the miscreants could be Bro Ugnit into court Judaism in Austria was a recognized Public institution and its vilification was a Misdemeanour. Prosecution How Ever could Only be instituted by the Public authorities and the latter being under the control of the clerical party were not Likely to act. On this Bloch had built up his plan. Since the names of the persons the place and Date of the crime were stated he on trained Power of attorney from the people named and the Mieirs of those who had meantime did and instituted action for Label it was found that the rabbi who was supposed to have presided Over the supposed ceremony had died two years before the sup posed act. This and other Circum stances brought Sulci. Overwhelming evidence against the charge that the paper was fined the sentence Bein naturally mild under the conditions and Meyer was sentenced to four months in prison. The defeat was so t thera t need for a thud Furty b amerkan Jodi to by Ramfol barn to r. Bra Ekno a. Continued from last week prophetic i Vivery filim and prophetic a a Natlo Waliam. We constantly hear repeat the trite phrase that Reform Judaism was a re emphasis of prophetic Judaism med through Ltd to the Ages but were compelled to rotary to Prophet so and the Prophet. They declared through the medium of heir Early researcher that Babel ism we an emphasis on the letter rather ten on the spirit of the torah that Tae Taan Alm Amor Alm and later jewish teachers misunderstood Loet or ignored the prophets As Europe inst Aristotle Only to rediscover them in the Xix Century. In Short they held thit All of jewish literature from the if Shea and talmud to the emand Patlow was a perversion of the True jewish spirit. Reform Judaism Jander the stimulus Quot who to he Ariy i of Rmer Cut a boat and ratio a for s Sanction for their newer Formu-1 old have ended p an Arlan Ulver crushing that the waterland hypocritically apologizes saying if it had not been for jewish vindictiveness the trial would have been unnecessary As it would have been willing to retract the charges if the facts had been brought to its notice. Meyer disappeared con Petely and he is supposed to be identical with one Jean de Pavly who afterwards published a French translation of the Zohar probably being taken care of in Sony French monastery where he has since died. It is a great pity that Bloch was by the calamity which disrupted Austria deprived of the continuation of his work. He is now temporarily a guest in this country and was duly honoured when he attended the last session of the Central conference of american rabbis in Rochester. The conference resolved at that time to buy the most valuable documents of the trial caused by Rimann. A full presentation of the Story would require too much space. The most important part of tie matter is this. Bloch had openly declared in his paper that Rohling who asked to be called As expert in the trial of Tisza Keszlar to prove that the talmud teaches ritual murder had offered to commit perjury. Rohling was compelled to Institute proceedings for libel but after considerable preparation in which on the Side of Bloch prominent protestant theologians and even a great Catholic scholar had made depositions damaging his statements. Found it Wiser to withdraw the suit under some pretext. It was of the most illustrious Servi Cias which Bloch has rendered to tie Jewl sir cause. The documents in trial will be a valuable source of modern jewish Lii Story and will form a treasure in any Library. While it is deeply to be regretted that conditions have interrupted Bloch a activity it May be hoped that the septuagenarian who is in full mental and physical vigor May not Only e spared for years to come but also pay be Given an Opportunity id con Niue his work which in View of the recent developments especially in View of the Victory gained by tie Christian socialists in the last election to the National Council october 17, Are sadly missed. At any rate Bloch has inscribe Ltd his name with indelible letters in the history of modern Judaism. Lat Lon of Judaism they could not find it in the Well integrated communal life of contemporary jewry which was in the main National in character. They did however find this spirit articulated in the transcendent Eti tical teachings of the great literary prophets Isaiah Jeremiah Amos Hosea. These voiced the lofty idealism and humanitarianism the universalism for which they were seeking and which matched the comprehensive Conception and poetic formulation of the More recent cosmopolitan prophets. These Early prophetic fort lations suited their purposes Best for at least they had found a jewish Sanction a jewish Sneor for what was in reality Simon pure unadulterated cosmopolitan thought which the Early reformers assimilated and which they now could Call jewish. The newly discovered Sanction of Prophet so gave dignity to the movement in that the reformers could not merely Point with Pride to the modernity of their own religion but could boast of their intellectual Independence in the spiritual Domain. That this is not an overstatement is shown in the attempt amp to David Friedlander and his group in 1799 to accept christianity provided they would be permitted to dispense with the belief in the Trinity the divinity of Jesus and the Observance of the Christian festivals. He justified his course by stating that the essence of Judaism required Only the belief in the Unity of god the immortality of the soul and the Mission of Man to attain moral perfection All of which christianity shorn of its superstition and mythology contained. With the new cult As their Standard the Pioneer Reform jews caused the theological doctrine of Judaism As Well As the Synagog prayer Book ritual customs and ceremonies in other words the social life habits ways of mind and institutions of the jewish Pfeiple to undergo a metamorphosis which we in our own time find expressed in the de nationalized Radical Reform temples and rabbis of our own country. Had the Reform movement been consistent in its development and had it carried its principles to their logical conclusions Reform Judaism would have and should have ended in a religion of humanitarian so Quot detached from either Judaism christianity or mohammedanism or any of the other existing religions. Its Creed should have been formulated in the Cardinal doctrine of the fatherhood of god and brotherhood of Man with service As the natural and desirable relationship Between Man and Man. Its Synagog should have become a common meeting House devoid of Symbol or ritual where All men regardless of nationality race Creed could relate themselves through the medium of common prayer to a Universal maker father of All Mankind who is one and whose name is one. Would this not have been in Complete accordance with the Universalistic teachings of the Prophet Isaiah who said a my House shall be Calle d a House of prayer for All peo-11 for if there be any one element which All men share in common regardless of race or Creed it is the instinctive yearning to relate themselves to the god of their universe. This doctrine has in our own Day received definite formulation in the newly organized Community Church of John Haynes Holmes and his secret followers among the protestant clergy not so bold As to openly join his cause. An analysis of the prophetic teaching will i think reveal the fact that though the prophets were products of their own time children of the jewish people they also transcended their Sall Stic humanitarian cult had it not been for the fact that in the very midst of its development both in America and in Europe a and the pseudo ratio nabs with its teachings of Universal Lii and abandonment of nationality and lace collapsed. Internationalism of plants chemo pol Itan Lim. I this came As a result of its Contact with the Industrial a evolution and the theories of evolution whose direct implications in the Domain of social political and econ Orfini thought gave birth to International Daiil when this new Ceory of group interaction took the4 be cosmopolitanism bred by a pseudo rational Lam commenced rapidly to disappear. Europe Watnes Fiew Quot a birth of Freedom. The sea consciousness of Small National Sta which Lay dormant under the Luff hence of cosm Opol ran thought now suit that demo i As a principle of ii Rose with the re was recognized ter group relation to a pm As the doct toe of self realization through a to thine own self be it was interaction on the Basia of differentiation rather than amalgamation. World federation on the ta8is of ethnic Sodal groupings rather th4n the fusion of All groups into one group which was sought after. Inf nationalism and intr nationalism a nine into Power As the new social pub Sophy. Amalgamation and Muslim of races were declared undesirable As Well As impossible both from a physiological and psychological pointy of View. True it is that during the past fifty years since the birth of this newer social philosophy there have sprung numerous internecine War and National jealousies which have come As a result of friction in the process of adjustment of an old world to a new condition and theory. Perhaps one of the causes of the last world War was an inability at National ethnic adjustment Yulch we hoped the peace conference would p 5riect, but which seems to have Bese funded in the interests of imperialism and capitalism. Under the Stimis us of the rising theory of inter and Intra nationalism the thought of world received a new turn a religion. Religion to age and their people when Uliey gave expression to the lofty conceptions of ethical monotheism first voiced by them in declaring the brotherhood of i from other Peoples was ruthlessly a Man and fatherhood of god As the to gated we were de nationalized. Strongly nationalistic. What result did this change have on the Western jew and cosmopolitan Reform Judaism unattached to territory a recently naturalized citizen of the countries where he lived a new Comer to the thought and culture of the world the Western jew found himself suspended in mid air with one world cosmopolitan dead and the other nationalism for him powerless to be born. Religion and nationalism. The Reform jew therefore conceived the theory of tracing what is clearly impossible distinction Between the jew and Judaism Between the jewish life and jewish spirit. The jew because a German pole or american of the mosaic or rather prophetic persuasion. Accused of still being a sep artistic group. Intermarriage was practically legitimized by the noncommittal attitude of the Napoleonic jewish Sanhedrin and the Braunschweig rabbinical conference. Conversion became prevalent in Berlin Vienna Paris and even in America. The Sabbath services were in some instances even changed to sunday the prayers for the restoration of Zion were deleted. The use of hebrew in the service was minimized and the dietary Laws As Well As most of the social group habits of separatism were abrogated jewish life was denatured in this process of stripping and paring. All that characterized us As a Community and a people different tonal character of the jew the Mission theory etc., contrib Tulona of Reform Judaism. Justice demands that the other Side of the Case be stated and that Reform Judaism be cred red for the lasting influence which it has brought into the jewish religious thought and life. Tender the Aegis of the critical rationalism of the eighteenth Century and nurtured by Reform Judaism there was born and developed the movement called a Jud ashes Wisse Shaft a a which has had the most beneficial results for the rebirth of True jewish scholarship and the Best interests for the fut i welfare of the jew and Judaism. Reform Judaism liberated the individual soul from its religious plaster cast into which the ghetto and rabbinic Judaism had embalmed it. Reform taught that the human soul is individual As Well As social and has a right to its own Mode of expression As regards relating itself to the divine spirit of which r is but a fiery spark. The liberation of the individual in the spiritual Domain May be considered the greatest contribution to jewish religious thought of Reform. It also emphasizes the need for keeping jewish Law and life adjustable to the economic political social and cultural environment into which it must be integrated and of which it forms an organic part thereby articulating the sociological and. Psychological aspect of Judaism. This was traditionally jewish Maimonides Crescas Albo Leon of Modena Baruch Spinoza Mendelsohn were they not reformers who emphasized the need of adjusting Judaism to the culture the age Liberal Judaism answered the Call to Reform to change the form of jewish doctrine ceremonial and ritual. Its Only mistakes was a historic one. It lost sight of its purpose i. E., to Reform not to formulate anew which it did under the Aegis of a pseudo rational cosmopolitanism. Reform Judaism liberated the jew is i woman from her unfortunate position in jewish communal affairs. It abolished much of the superstitions which had grown like parasites on the body of jewish thought. It made it possible for the jew to act in accordance with his thought in religious matters but it drifted from its moorings. Reform unless reformed finds itself becoming orthodox in its traditions and its grooves of thought Are running dry. It already lives off its past. It has become Static and atrophied. Through its veins no longer flows the Youthful life blood of courage and the stimulus for further change sewn to have disappeared. To those of the Modem age who realize the fallacies of an outworn cosmopolitanism under whose Aegis and influence Reform was bom and developed and who desire to see jewish life and ideals preserved and developed whose attachment is to the jewish people As Well As to its trans Een dwt Prophet so for then the continue in the path of cosmopolitan Reform in a time when the world truly yearns for a restatement of the jewish Genius under conditions of jew Iii social Equllia Berliun would be intolerable. Orthodox and modern life. 613 met Voth prescribed for the orthodox jew by jewish Law. Accordingly orthodoxy is doomed in sure of its recent attempts to introduce secular by trained men and English speaking rabbis because r ignores the to be concluded a Quot # a a. Of Reify news new York Happy Ira it Haym Salomon dramatized. A the unwritten chapter a a a play in a prologue three acts and an epilogue by Samuel Shipman and Victor Victor was presented at the Astor theater last monday evening. Haym Salomon the jewish banker whose e3rtra a Denary and immeasurably valuable services were rendered to the revolutionists when this country was in the Trees of its birth. Is the Central figure in the play. A the unwritten chapter a a a capital title which relieves the authors from any obligation to moralist in the text itself upon the Prepost Ousby niggardly credit which has been Salomons lot in Amer Ideal towards which men should strive. Had the prophets preached merely this message of universalism and condemned nationalism we would have no right to Label them either As jewish or Christian but As belonging to Mankind. To the masses of the jewish people however the prophets were not merely a ethical monotheists teaching that god reveals himself to the moral consciousness of All men at All times but jewish jews concerned with the social moral and political abuses of their own people preaching their inevitable doom and intensely interested in israelis future and redemption. It was through israelis redemption and leadership As the servants of god the eved Donol a that Mankind would be redeemed. It was a cd ish House of prayer that All nations would Call their House of prayer. It was the Mountain of the god of Israel and the House of the god of Jacob to which All Peoples would flock saying a teach us his it was in the National redemption through the National life of the jewish people not through ius iou and assimilation that the jewish prophets saw the millennium. Though they transcended the life of their people they combined with their universalism a healthy Normal nationalism. The prophetic message was therefore International rather than cosmopolitan., to those who will maintain that the Universalistic note is not struck merely in Prophet so but is also discern a modern historical scholar of the Reform Wing characterized this period As follows a Judaism revolutionized to a degree which it had not known since the time when christianity originated and As in those Days the causes of the revolution were partly a political and partly of a theological nature so Wras it now Judaism was being amalgamated with the nations amongst whom the jews lived. For Reform jews it was the Only Radical and conservative tendencies in Reform. As we observe Reform Judaism today objectively and critically we find it composed of two tendencies both however strongly anti nationalistic the one Radical the other conservative. The former is a logical development of the old cosmopolitanism which insist that the jews Are merely a religious sect like the episcopalians presbyterians etc., excepting that in origin and history and doctrines different from other religions. The other tendency in Reform Judaism which seems to be shooting its Stem out of the ground is conservative in Tenor. Realizing the dangers of Complete assimilation and fusion should the cider tendency be permitted to run its Complete Gamut the younger movement is in the direction of conservatism. This is due largely to the great influx of East european jews into the Reform congregations especially in the Eastern centers and the Able in talmudic and jewish Philo-1 influence of zionism on the younger Sophic literature the answer May be a a. Given that though this be True the Universalistic tendency never became dominant. It was rather like the a a Stu Small voice silent subdued a running parallel As an esoteric current of thought to the separate Solo Stream in jewish life. The Best proof for this is jewish separatism itself and the fact that the Early reformers had to take recourse for their Sanction not to con Reform rabbis. There 1� to he found a stronger emphasis on Home ceremonial and festival Observance denuded As they still Are of All Trade to Oriel character the introduction of hebrew in the prayers and sunday school curricula. As yet this tendency 1� still weak and Quot barely articulated. However it 8 111 retains As Basic in its theological formulations the a a i it us turn to orthodox Judaism As we have it. Has orthodoxy a message to those who Are the products of Western culture the must be no. Orthodoxy maintains an uncompromising attitude to the scientific thought and to the economic and social conditions under which we live in the democratic state. It stands today As it did centuries ago a Yasui tical obscurantist in system of theological intricacies and Legal of Octlona this in spite of the Neo orthodoxy of Samson Raphael Flrsch. An orthodox rabbi in a recent article on a historic Judaism its connotation says a Judaism As understood by historic adherents is incapable of being a trip med a an ended or emended to conform with the restless and unreasoning is lit of the present age. It is a standing code coming from a source of impeachable purity. It is a message Sufficing for All the needs of the House of Israel their moral ethical and spiritual yearning a further it is inconceivable for anybody corporate or individual to arrogate to himself the permissibility of rejecting what seems the right to his minds Eye and of accepting such truths As to him possess greater Glamour and plausibility. A basically it is not a question of the physical compatibility of orthodox ritual with social or economic conditions. Neither is it a Nutter of noblesse oblige. It is fundamentally a matter of attitude of mind. The academically trained youth has whether for Good or for had f a run lately or unfortunately become tie product of Western culture with All which that term implies and orthodoxy is still culturally in the Middle or dark Ages. The problem is not solved by proving that one May eat or canned Beans whose ingredients have been chemically Analysed and which analysis slows them not to be in violation of the requisites of the Phulchan Krucli. Orthodoxy whether it be made palatable through aesthetic niceties or fashionable As it became for the old sephardic congregations remnants of which still exist in one or two cities does not nor can it Square itself with modern thought. The culture Ltd jew is modern even before he is jewish. Orthodoxy places its emphasis on the literal inspiration of the Bible it insists on conformity to j rabbinic Law and ritual to it is obstinate in regard to modification in Laws of Kash Ruth Sabbath Obser Ance. Divorce prayer Book acid a Host of other problems too numerous to mention. Orthodoxy has become atrophied and Static and its life blood too has run dry. Orthodoxy gives the cultured Tew who accepts a die findings of biblical science and the social interpretation and Evolt Stmary character of religion no Quarter. It flatly ignores his position. It seems to have lost its traditional characters tic of resiliency anal adjust ability. Were the mod jews adherents of the kantian dualist such As was the late Herman Cjohn it would be perfectly possible for them to think freely in the nominal world while obeying the Call to duty in the phenomenal jewish world by abiding and observing the lean history As it has be i taught in i temporal eos jewish life or jewish i 1 of Deutsche philosophy of jew our schools from his Day to ours. Rabbinic literature which had devel-1 ish history p. 82 and 83, Fusee the jewish forum Judaism its Omi notation a 1619. Historic january town Counselor Samooel Morris has been elected mayor of Doncaster for the year. Emigration of be ils to Palestine is increasing rapidly in Central and Eastern Europe. New Palestine immigration regulation allow a controlled immigration of about 17,000 zionists of the Pioneer class the coming year. The Pioneer movement includes a fair portion of girls of Well to do families. Since the conclusion of the Russo lithuanian peace a Large emigration of jews from soviet Russia to la theania has begun. Nearly All lithuanian refugees Are returning Home and All Means of communications Are occupied in transporting jews to Lithuania. At present Between 10,000 and 15,000 jews return Dally to Lithuania. A Phe Echo russe Telegraph Agency states that the Nuttli crities in constantinople have persistently refused to Issue a passport to general Shokuro for France the emanation Given being that while in command of an army the general had systematically organized pogroms against the jews and had allowed his men to plunder and pillage the peaceful population. The London jewish world extends a Hearty congratulation to rabbi or. 8amuel daisies and to the Rev. B. M. Levy of Oxford on their passing their final Law examination prior to Ali eur being called to the bar. So far As it recollects this is the first time that two jewish ministers will have been a a called together and they have been preceded in the right to. Don wig and gown by two other ministers Only Dayan Hyamson and or. a Cable message received from or. Frank Rosenblatt now in Moscow soviet Russia As the representative of the joint distribution committee of the american funds for jewish War sufferers refutes press dispatches of the past week received in the United states via London that american Relief workers had been imprisoned and their belongings confiscated. Or. Rosenblatt cables that he is about to proceed to Reval to take charge of a further shipment of Ara Erica is plies from that port to Moscow for the Aid of the jewish population. There has been no interference with the activities of american Jewis i Relief workers in the part of the soviet govern ment. Or. Rosenblattt a message states. A prominent ukrainian jew visiting London has made a lengthy statement As to what has taken place in the ukrainian Gehenna. His name is not made Public As he returned to a Kralina and were his identity known he would never have been allowed to reach his Home alive. He summed up the situation there As follows according to authentic information the number of townships and other places inhabited by jews where All were massacred and All their belongings destroyed trom the Keturan of 1917 to january 1926, amounts to some 500. The report of the Central jewish help cd it Smittee stated that i it to october 1919, the number of Peramo killed and wounded was 150,000 that thousands of women and girls were dishonoured and hundreds of thousands were left homeless or fled and disappeared. The direct victims number Over at million. The orphans run into . Diseases Are raging to an unheard of extent and there is neither medical nor nursing attendance. The situation has not Only not improved but has become worse. More ukrainian pogroms. London nov. 17.�?the local office of the federation of ukrainian jews in this country has been informed in a dispatch from the jewish National Council of Warsaw of a series of fresh pogroms reported to have taken place throughout the Ukraine committed by bolshevism forces As Well As general pet ural a followers. The message says that the jewish population in the Ukraine Are fleeing to Poland in the Hope of taking their Way to America. The Warsaw Council has appealed to the federation for help. The improved situation in Rumania. A deputation of the Central committee of the Alliance israelite waited on or. Take Jonescu during his recent visit to Paris to discuss with him the position of the jews under the peace treaties. In the course of conversation or. Jonescu said Liat the Goodwill of his government could not better be illustrated than by the fat that jeans bad been nominated to judgeship that aah Holiad been made officers during the War were being Reta Ineil in the army and that tie Post of ministers to the United states Lead been offered to two jews in succession and had been refuse Ltd by them for private reasons. On tie formation of the last Cabinet a jew had been designated As minister of finance. These facts concluded or Jonescu sufficiently indicate the a inv tie government takes As to the participation of jews in Public life. Jewish students expelled from Budapest University. Ill tie hungarian Par lenient the Deputy Georg a a Arcady Balogh inter elated the government regarding the ill treatment of jewish students at the University. The Edt Bation minister or. Halier made an evasive reply and stung by interruptions decl Areil that students had provoke Ltd the attacks by their attitude and by shouting to hungarian students a we shall hang you As soon As we Are again masters of Hungary a the jewish Deputy Paul Sandor having doubted the truth of this statement and a demanded proofs the minister promised that investigations aah Ould be made. During Deputy blog he a speech Nens reached parliament that riots had occurred at the University. Jewish students were beaten and expelled. It is established that one thousand eight Hundred jewish students who applied for admission to the medical faculty of the University Only two Hundred and fort new were admitted among them one Hundred and forty Are baptised. 1 funeral services for the late a oct it Werthe Iii retired Cigar manufacturer and jewish philanthropist took place at Temple Eoanu Al fifth Avenue and forty third Street., tuesday morning nov. 16, the service a were shot and simple. Or. Joseph Silverman rabbi of Emanu-�1, recited special prayer and Raibl Jondahl Magnes for Many years a Friend of or. Wert Zeim delivered the Eulogy. He recalled a remark by or. Wertheim a touch upon my emotions and you can Piave anything of that mid Babel Magnes Viras literally True. Interment Wras in mount Hope cemetery in Westchester. The pallbearers were Nathan Strans Henry Morgen Thau Felix m. Warburg Nathaniel l. Meyers m. Samuel Stern William Best jr., Taek w. Schaffer it tto Rosalsky or. A. Richard Stern Nathan i. Bijur Henry Gottgetreu and d r. Leo Buerger. Miss Janette Livingston Harris daughter of or. And mrs. A Ralian Harris of 1 West ninety third Street formerly of Hornell n. Y., was married november 17, in the Crystal room of the Ritz Carlton to Emanuel Nathan son of or. And mrs John a. Nathan of Brookline mass. The Rev. Chr. Nathan Stem of the West eighty second g Street Synagog performed the ceremony. Or. And mrs. Nathan will spend their honeymoon in Florida and upon their return will Restito in this City. Or. Nathan 1� a graduate of Harvard University and during the War he served As an Ensign in the Navy. Or. And mrs. Leon Kamasky of 61 East Eightieth Street announce the engagement of their daughter. Miss Rebecca Kamaiky to Authur sri our of Boston mass. Miss Kamaiky is in her senior year at teachers Toueg Goi Nibia University. Her father who is the publisher of the jew Iii Dally new is chairman of the Central Jewl Rii Relief committee and vice president of the hebrew sheltering and immigrant Aid society of America. She is a grand daughter of the late ka�r1ei h. Sarasohn a Pioneer of the yiddish press in this country. Or. Schur is a graduate of Harvard class of 17. He is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity. The marriage will take place in the Spring. The marriage of miss Frances old Engerg daughter of or. And mrs. Ben Jolln Goldenberg of 884 West end Avenue and Jerome Corday took place november 16 at the Plaza. The Rev. Aaron Eiseman Foll coated. The sensational Success achieved by rabbi i. Mortimer Bloom in the a i Mous hebrew Tabero Aclo new York City has be Cape the talk of All Uptown new Yolk. So great is the attendance at the Friday a vetting services that scores of persons Are turned away weekly. Rabbi Bloom is refuted to be the busiest rabbi in the City so much so that he has been compelled to dec lne dozens of speaking invitations every week his wat vices being so greatly in demand. 8o great is rabbi blooms personal Sun a Cess that the hebrew Tab made will be Able to begin work on its Mammoth new Synagog and Community Mitre a year earlier than was originally contemplated. Abram to elks of new York City member of the commission which will Settle the dispute Dative to the disposition of the Aland islands a blah threatened for a time to result in hostilities Between Sweden and Finland arrived from America. He was re celled at the station a by Ira Nelson Morris the Amer Cali minister and was driven to the grand hotel where he and mrs. Elkus Aviu remain during the session of the commission. Swedish new Lapors express gratification Oyer the arrival of or. Elkus Hldi they consider As significant of America s interest in settlements in european disputes. The King is expected to receive him november 17 at a special Andis Ace or. Elkus said that he hoped the work of the commission would be finished in a fortnight and that he expected to be Back in the United states by Christmas. Miss Linda Gilman daughter of Beer. And mrs. Nathan Ullman of 49 West eighty eighth Street was married november 18, at the hotel St. Regis to Sidney h. Scheuer son of or. And mrs. Henry Scheuer of this City the ceremony aah As performed by the Rev or. John l. Elliott of the society for ethical culture. A reception and it Len Ner for one Hundred guests followed. Mrs. Scheuer is a graduate of Horace Mann school and during the War was Active in the work of the War Camp Community service. The bridegroom is a Captain in the the quartermaster Reserve corps having been quartermaster of Camp Meigs during the War. Or. And mrs. Scheuer will reside in this City after their Honey Iii. Services in memory of do Solomon Schechter were held in the Synagog of the jewish theological Seminary on november 22. Sol h. Kohn who for Many years before his retirement was president of the Cli Rouie steel works died at his residence the Belford eighty sixth Street and Broadway at to in age of 74. Tie Early part of his life was spent in Wichita kan., where he played an important part in the finance and government of the City during its period of initial development As a City. He was the founder and president of the Wichita savings Bank chairman of the Board of county , and mayor. His wife a daughter of Esther Herrman philanthropist and a Sou a Clivilles h. Kohn survive. Rabbi Lee j. Levinger executive director of the 92nd Street y. M. H. A., new York City has been appointed k member of the National committee on ceremonials of the american legion. In addition to rabbi Levinger he members of the committee Are the former chaplain and present chaplain the american legion and several laymen. Rabbi Levinger delivered the Benediction at the great armistice Day Celebration of the american legion or new York county at the 7th regiment a memorial contribution of was sent to the jewish War orphans fund of the joint distribution Contr Muttee by mrs. Abraham blur Dau ter of Jacob Wertheim who died a week ago. Taking advantage of the Nung of the Campaign for the orphans fund mrs. Blur sent her Check to Felix m. Warburg the chairman a a a a the a pening court Lention toward the Cense which he would so loved to have furthered

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