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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - November 18, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioLet there two it be Light. Volume 67 Cincinnati Ohio november 18, 1920. The jew to the Gentile. By Sara meaning Stem. The Gentile gazed in anger at the jew. A what base ingratitude. Shame shame that you. Who love the father should deny his son. Q Christ Jesus. If divine with god is one his coming was foretold his glorious birth a Miracle his gentle life on Earth an inspiration and his body bled for us that through his death our souls be led to god. He died for us. Of stiff necked race by forever shall the glory of gods face be turned from you. is the lord. Take heed. Confess him and from All your sins be but Swift the jew replied a a a Christ is the lord you forced upon the world with rack and sword. Your sins Are legion. Of the awful moan of babes and mothers babes and men and youths who died because they dared refuse the truths you claimed. For these things How can you atone. How ease your burdened conscience How forget the needless misery you caused and yet although you Malm us with the Scourge and flame and tortured and reviled us a in his name a we reach our Ariks in friendliness to you and plead for peace. We Are gods Cli Ildren too. Have known the love and mercy in the face he turned to us. His priests and chosen race. A acknowledge Christ a you say a and save your soul. Confess our Feitli. This is the Only toll to enter heaven and from sin be a serve thou no other god but me a our Creed a and love your our god is one. We need no mediator. A Christ the son a was but god s child like each of us. His Kin the atheist agnostic jew and Turk and Hristian and his equal All who shirk no sacrifice for Fellowmen. You May not hold like Creed with me. And some will say they worship reason doubt that Christ is King. Some Call god does that matter fling afar your doctrines. Cast aside your fears. Come seek the weeping ones and dry their tears. The sick the halt the sinner and the Blind of pity them and love them and be kind. For after All the helpful human deed by Christian Turk or jew to one in need can bring More souls to god than All Many screed a Terre haute ind., 1920. It there a need for a third party in american Judaism by rabbi Barnett r. Brickner. A one world dead the other powerless to be that there can be no living Judaism without the living jewish people is an universally accepted thesis. The fundamental problem of the jew today is one of survival through adjustment. This problem of adjustment has Ever been the problem of the jew since the time of the dispersion. Latterly since the jew in Europe and America has come under the regime of the democratic state it has been More keen than at any other time especially for those jews who wished to survive As jews Lead a jewish life in thought and in practice and at the same time help to change it with the citizens Lucip demands of the Peoples in whose midst they lived As a minority group. An analysis of the jews in America reveals a remarkable heterogeneity of views and social attitude and hence in Mode of affiliation. It reveals itself Best in the variety of group affiliations which jews affect along religious fraternal educational cultural philanthropic recreational social and even economic lines. This in spite of the fact that the jew interacts freely and fully w Ith his non jewish neighbors in every aspect of the general american life of which he considers himself As an organic part. Assimilationist is. Preservationist. Roughly speaking the jews of America can be divided into two great classes a those who wish to make every Effort to continue to remain jews. Ltd those who feel the task Eiter hopeless or unnecessary and undesirable and who wish to cease to be jews and become swallowed up or merged in the life of their neighbors. Though there Are no statistics available in regard to the relative proper Tion in each group above described it May safely be said that judging from the numerous forms and varieties of jewish organized self expression which the american jews have articulated that the second group is in the hopeless minority. This group which wishes to see the jews and Judaism disappear May also he further Analysed into two classes a those who wish to make the transition from the jewish to the non jewish Mode of living and thinking rapidly and in the course of their own lifetime and b those who feel that this process of assimilation and fusion should be gradual lest it preve dangerous to the jews As Well As harmful to America. The group of jews in this country who immediate fusion proceed by cutting themselves off in every Way from jewish our Lije and Assn i a a a deals seek affiliation and Intercourse with groups through religious social and cultural Means. Intermarriage is regarded As the shortest and most desirable method of assimilation. The second group mentioned under this category realizing the social dangers physical and undesirability both to the jew As Well As to american life and culture which would result from an immediate fusion proceed More cautiously. They remain affiliated members of jewish group life participating Mote especially in the philanthropic and social Reform movements As they affect the jew with the intention of protecting the jews from falling below the level of self reject and self support and thereby preventing a slum tendency from developing among their people. They support readily the philanthropic institutions dealing with the abnormal and palliative phase of jewish life. Believing in the ultimate fusion of nil religious Ami ethnic groups of Lmh America now composed they see no reason to support the Normal constructive phases of jewish life such As religious jewish educational and cultural institutions which aim at the preservation of the jew and Judaism in America. Members of this group though no organized Union of them exists Are frequently porn Pretl in their philanthropic activities by family traditions and Pride or act in imitation of the non jews who also support similar phases of work. Even when affiliated with the temples they Are Luke warm members motivated in this affiliation by family inheritance or tradition. In Contra distinction to the ass Mila zionists there Are the living masses of the living jewish people who prompted by a natural almost instinctive will to live do All in their Juwer to perpetuate jewish life and its values in America. They argue with the Best american thinkers that the democratic state not Only permits but also regards favourably the i reservation of what is Best in the history religion culture and traditions of each ethnic group that feels itself conscious and wishes to confirm living As a part of our american population provided that development does not prove inimical or threatening to the common Good. They Are desirous of making a specific jewish to the synthetic culture of an Erica. This they believe can Best be accomplished through their adjustment to the new and factors in the american environment. Their Outlook prompts them to regard All phases of jewish life As a part of a communal scheme tending to the perpetuation of the jew and Judaism in America. Among this group the jew s of America Divide into three divisions All differing As to the question a what to a those who regard the prefer so a Tion of the jew in America and Diaspora to be possible Only along religious and cultural lines and b those wow assert that the jews of the Diaspora Are doomed to Complete assimilation and Only in Palestine developed As a jewish autonomous Hon Feland can the jew and Judaism be saved for himself and the world. C those who believe that the jew is destined to perpetuate himself in All parts of the world Palestine included but that this development should proceed along ethnic political and cultural lines rather than limit itself to merely the religious and cultural phases. There is of course much overlapping and duplication to be found in the analysis above Given. This is due rather to the character of the Phenomena that we Are studying than to the analytical method of this discussion. Qualitative psychical data that Are constantly evolving can not be rigidly Analysed. To the first group i. A. Religionist belong tie orthodox Reform and wings in american Judaism to the second group the zionists and hebraic to to the third group the Poale Zion the a nudists the yiddish lists the hebraic to and decentralized nationalists. But the masses of the jewish people make no academic distinction Between religion and nationality. Among the groups which regal the jewish As a religious body there Are Many who also maintain that the jews Are a nation. The extreme nationalists stressing what Are commonly called the cultural and hebraic elements of jewish life such As hebrew language and literature historic consciousness and group life outside of the Synagog. The extreme nationalists would consider the jews As a secular ethnic body similar in every Way to any other of the existing nationalities. Religious parties in Judaism. The religionists whether they be called orthodox Reform or conservative have for their specific objective the perpetuation of the regious values of the jewish heritage. They All stand aligned to Foster and develop those expressions and norms of jewish life which Are subsumed under and radiate out of the Temple and Synagog and the religious customs and ritual of Home family and Community or to use trite theological phraseology a it is the spiritual interpretation of the jew and Judaism that they emphasize. The variations Between orthodox Reform and conservative Judaism take their Rise in difference of training and Temi frament of the jews of varying environments and Center Ai found the problem of what is Worth while preserving in the jewish religious heritage and How it can Best be conserved and developed. The Reform group places its greatest emphasis on the spiritual and prophetic phase of Judaism and tends to minimize the Observance of its forms and ritual. The orthodox states that it is the traditional life As we inherited it from past generations and As it is codified in the talmud Schuschan Aruch and later rabbinic code that we wish to preserve. The conservative party rather vaguely defined emphasizes a the need for Storic continuity of jewish ideals and forms. And Aims at the perpetuation of the tenets of the jewish religion. Concerning them All we Are told that a they Are each the word of the Levin there is much confusion in jewish religious thinking and religious prac time even within party confines. There is also a Lack of uniformity and standardization. Frequently too we Are struck by the characteristic kantian dualism of numeral and phenomenal worlds in which the adherents of those parties live As regards Ihler belief and practices with tie result that their theory and practice Seldom. If Ever tally. It is a fact Oft lamented in jewish life that Many among the younger generation of academically trained american jews feel themselves somewhat out of Accord and dissatisfied with the current traditional theology of the different parties. Those who regard religion As a social and psychological process a developmental Phenomena growing out of and to a real instinctive so Ial need and dependent upon and responsive to the changing evolutionary character of the society in which it functions motivated by this Conception they can not accept in Toto either the theology nor rituals of the religious parties that they find and to which they Are expected to subscribe. Though Many of them Are not to be found in the Synagog and Lentile it is unfair to them of irreligious Ity or Lack of spirituality. Most of them Are intensely religious in the True sense of that term drawing a distinction Between religion and Econie Vlasti Clem. They feel the throb of the religious impulse and believe in the existence and Rule ship of a great cosmic god who Tele logically guides the destinies of tie universe in the direction of Progress and added happiness for Mankind. But they Are compelled to reject Many of the accepted traditional theological notions i. A. Personal deity the literal inspiration of the Bible and prophecy the old nations of soul retribution divine Providence Etc., As Well As much of the ritual which they find inconsistent with secular beliefs and notions. They find fault with the mythology and hence also with the conclusion of much of jewish theology and Eccles Asti cism whether it be in the Guise of Reform orthodox or conservative Judaism. Too much Oftle ecology of the religious parties formulates itself deductively rather than inductively. Little of the current jewish philosophy seems to so inure itself wit i the thought of Western culture with which they Are imbued and which they can not desert for they Are worshipful followers of the Larte Sian principle a not to believe that which our minds do not clearly perceive to be modern culture and its thought processes have become Bone of their Bone and flesh of their flesh. If the thinking jews Are to be saved for Judaism they demand the social and psychological approach to religious rather than the deductive method of theological metaphysics pursued by the theologians of a bygone Many finding themselves out of tune with the faiths and practices of their fathers have even deserted the fold and become agnostics or indifferent lists some Are still enlisted in the ranks of jewish helpfulness and service such As philanthropy zionism jewish education and the Host of outlier forms of jewish organized life. Others though dissatisfied still cling to the Synagog in the Hope that some change May be forthcoming. In other words though accused of being lost to Judaism which Niobe correctly stated should read to the existing traditional formulations of Judaism they Are not lost to the jewish people and its future. In spite of All accusations that they Are infidels heretics atheists Indef Fer elitists lacking in loyalty their position has remained inarticulate. It is because the writer wishes to open the discussion on behalf of the defendant that this paper is written. In this the writer is not trying to formulate a thesis which will draw Back to the fold confirmed jewish atheists and non believers and the great Host of unthinking Undy nagged to be found among our people though frankly Many of the causes which prevent the academically trained american jews of the younger generation to join the Synagog Are the same As those that cause Many among the jewish masses to Drift away from Judaism. Social and political reasons for Reform. Wherein does the trouble lie we must revert to the period when emancipation rationalism and the great cosmopolitan thought movements of eighteenth and first part of the nineteenth Century held Sway. It was fix m his great epoch which w As most nor Sentous in the history of the jew and Judaism that our problem takes its Rise. It was during the period of 1789-1s48 that the struggle for political and spiritual emancipation of Mankind raged in Europe. A living word from the intellectual leaders of France and Germany set the world on fire. It was a great humanitarian Universal spirit which was born in protest against the a antiquated and noxious class it proclaimed As its Cardinal principle the opening lines of Rousseau a social contract a a la Momme est be Libre it Partout in est dans Les Forse Tell be Croft be Mai tre Des a Utiss que Delaisse Pas do etre plus enclave the implications of this nationality or sex. There was an enthusiastic desire to level society into one great human family. War was declared on everything based on Law custom and tradition. These were conceived As Parvei Sions of the inalienable and incontrovertible Laws of nature. This spirit found articulation in Goethe so Hgoetz von Berli Chingseng a Schiller so Trauber a beaumarchais a Flo marriage de the persecution and degradation of the jews by Church and state we Ere telling instances and proof of existing injustices. Lessing voiced this protest in his a Nathan der the jew was invited to participate in a new Universal brotherhood where All men we Ere created free and equal and where real religion was synonymous with ethical conduct. All the rest was obscurantism and super set Tion the work of to priests caste designed to keep men in darkness. Modem Reform Judaism Neo orthodoxy and even the last of the Trio conservative or traditional Judaism Trace their origin to the influence set Loose by the movements for Universal brotherhood and democracy articulated in the writings of Wolff Fichte Hegel Voltaire Rousseau Goethe Lessing and Owen and in our own country by Emerson Thoreau and latterly by James and Walt Whitman. It was the melting White heat of cosmopolitanism Subeff Iclal and external that Modem Reform Judaism was born. Its primary objective was the adjustment of the ghetto jew and Judaism to the a Teilh economic and cultural background of Western Europe. I say primary in Contra distinction to secondary alms because As Reform later developed there was revealed the genuine desire of men imbued with Western Hilture to honestly adjust the religions and ritual As Well As the Legal and social habits of ghetto people bred under autocratic government to tie Freer atmosphere of Western Europe. The secondary object however were overshadowed by the primary objective. Infected by the virus of Universal ism and ethical humanitarianism for the inoculation of Wirich the jews of Germany and prance were most eager and Best prepared the a devotees of this new Creed set about deluding the communal St matures of German and French jewry of All its jewish National social habits and customs with the result that the inner life of the jewish social group which had previously been governed by a constantly evolving jewish statute and common Law was rendered a a persuasion a composed of a few High sounding ethical principles and Stock phrases borrowed from the Cosini Politan Lingo of the time e. G., the Mission of the jew is i people social Justice and righteousness ethical monotheism and the like. To be continued foreign news Lewis la residents of several polish towns recently reoccupied by Poland who have received permission to return to their Homes find these occupied by poles who refuse to surrender to their Legal owners. Following a protest of the polish priests against the use by the joint distribution committee of Saint Roche a Hospital Warsaw the joint distribution committee decided to withdraw from All connection with it. Gene nil Bolec Hovitch in addition to his order to the polish soldiers against pogroms issued another decree organizing jewish Young men in his army with other jews who might enlist into a jewish regiment which will have the duty of protecting the jewish populace against pogroms. The hungarian protestant Organ published a protest against the new anti semitic education Law. The Organ deplored that whereas counts an Grassy and Apponyi and by Jop Gies Wein voted against a die Bill the protestant leaders could not be found among the opponents of the measure. On the other hand hungarian anti semites attacked the residence of Deputy Ugron the Leader of the democrats because he voted against it. The orthodox jewish press in London is very much exercised by the institution of sunday services in the Liberal Synagog Over which rabbi Israel Mattuck presides although the usual Friday evening saturday morning and even saturday afternoon services Are to be continued. Among the principal supporters of the Iberal Synagog Are Claude g. Monteflores or. Israel Abrahams and the Hon. Lily h. Montagu. Discussing the practical problems facing the jewish people in Palestine he declared that there was ample room for a Large immigration provided that financial schemes for building and reconstruction were properly promoted and supported. The Waters of Jordan could with proper machinery and equipment Supply great i it Ower in the surrounding country for Industrial purposes. Capital would be needed upon which the interest could not be guaranteed nor even the return of the investment. At a recent meeting in London or. Weizmann made an interesting reference to the action of the american zionist organization and said that he agreed with the fundamental idea of the american zionists which was to devote themselves to constructive work in Palestine. If however the idea was to promote a separate Branch of american zionism he thought that would be harmful to the International zionist movement. A i May shortly be proceeding to America to consult with our american Brethren upon the present a shocking state of affairs was revealed at a recent meeting of the London jewish Board of Goi radians whose principal work it is to care for the jewish poor of in Ndon. It appears that for Lack of contributions the Board of guardians might have to discontinue its Relief work and the jewish poor of London would no longer be relieved by jewish Charity. The cause of the falling off of subscriptions is ascribed to the Large sums donated for the work in Palestine and also for the War memorial fund which is to be used for the establishment of a jewish institution for the training of rabbis. Reports from Budapest indicate that the situation there is serious because of pogroms against the jews. More than 400 jews Are reported to have been wounded in pogroms Early this week some of them mortally while four Are known to have been killed. Efforts of the police to Check the terrorists were resisted and it is Saldun investigation by the authorities has revealed that a Large number of officers were involved in the disorders. It is reported the hungarian government was warned Many Days in Advance that pogroms were impending but took no measures of prevent them. Pogroms also Are reported from the provinces. Election in Austria. At the elections to the National Assembly which were held last week the jewish nationalists who with the support of the zionist organizations Shade a great Effort to secure a seat were Defeated. Thus they Are deprived of the Opportunity to have a representative in the National Assembly who would defend the interests of the 300,000 jews residing within the Borders of Austria. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the anti semitic Christian socialists have obtained the majority chiefly on account of jewish capitalists voting for them because they feared the reforms Likely to be introduced by the Sodal . C. B. Arbitral court for jews in Paris. An arbitral court has been formed by the Large number of jewish emigrants and refugees temporarily living in Paris. The body is designed to help them Settle their minor disputes. Several of the most prominent russian jews in the City have been made members of the court. Prohibition of anti semitic Label in German poet. For some time past it has been observed that anti semitic labels were attached to letters sent through the Post in Germany. The Central association of German citizens of the jewish Faith called the attention of the minister of posts to this evil and forthwith Jive has issued a regulation prohibiting the continuance of this practice. It is to be regretted that in Many postal officials themselves affixed the objectionable labels to envelopes. In future such letters or packets will not be delivered. Palestine. There were 2. 0 delegates at the opening of the Palestine elected Assembly on october 7th, including several ladies. Sir Herbert Samuel sent a letter expressing the Hope that the deliberations would Benefit the jewish Community and harmonize the relations with the other communities. The mayor a moslem personally greeted the Assembly and hoped that Unity among All creeds would be achieved. Or. Weizmann and or. Sok Olow also sent greetings. Or. Us ssh Ken delivered a Welcome and or. Yel Lin As Bead of the Jerusalem jews blessed the Assembly. The aim of the Assembly is to organize Palestine jewry for the common restoration work. Millerand a jewish descent reference has already been made to the jewish descent of the president of the French Republic or. Millerand. His origin is one of the romances of history. His Mother it appears was Melanie Caben her father being a poor Hawker who used to officiate As Beadle at the Synagog in Rue de Nazareth during the High festivities. In the course of his rounds the Hawker frequently stayed with a wine dealer named Millerand the keeper of an Esta Minetz and his son fell in love with the hawkers daughter whose son is now the president. A maternal Uncle of or. Millerand Ephraim Caben who was Well off and a disciple of Voltaire charged himself with the education of the Young Millerand and by this Means the president had the first Means afforded him of gaining the position he occupies. It must go on record that this president who is of such near jewish origin is also one of the most bitter foes of russian bolshevism. Representations to the Allied Power about treatment of jews in Hungary. The committee of jewish delegations in Paris has called the attention of the Allied Powers to the treatment of jews by the hungarian government More particularly to their exclusion from the universities which is a distinct breach of the minority clauses of the peace treaty. The memorandum of the Lora Mittee of jewish delegations concludes by declaring that a Hungary is the first country in Europe which has deprived the jews of their civil rights by legislation. The Law so passed breathes the spirit of the Middle Ages and is unquestionably a breach of the treaty of Rianon according to which hungarian citizens Are to enjoy Equality before the Law and All irrespective of race language or religion Are to possess equal civic and political rights. Will the league of nations permit Hungary to carry on medieval politics and to practice intolerance will it allow Hungary to regard the peace treaty As a scrap of paper a new books an edition of a the ethics of the fathers a by or. Alexander Kohut Ihli Ted and revised by or. Barnett a. Elzas m. D., ll.d., has been issued. The discourses in this volume a re originally published in German and attracted much attention at the time of their delivery. Uliey were the author s first efforts in the american jewish pulpit though there he was a less conspicuous figure than As the head of the new York jewish theological Seminary. The volume is an excellent compendium of jewish ethics from a conservative standpoint and should have a place in every jewish Library. The work is dedicated to mrs. Rebecca Kohut the widow of Alexander Kohut who is a prominent worker along jewish lines. The Macmillan company of new York has just issued a the Story of the american red Cross in Italy a by Charles m. Bakewell. The author says in his introduction a the purpose of this Book is not to give a detailed statistical account of red Cross activities in Italy that May be found in the various department reports but rather to Tell the american people who contributed so generously to the red Cross funds the simple tale of what their dollars did in it is a great and inspiring record and one in which americans May Well take Pride a the religion Quot described As Quot a guide to the principles and practices of Judaism for parents teachers and laymen a by or. Julius h. Greenstone is announced for publication this month by the jewish Chautauqua society of Philadelphia. The Book gives a Clear readable explanation of Jewis i beliefs and ceremonies and avoids the theological controversies. It has been carefully prepared with a View to its use in All jewish Homes and schools and for the Christian Reader As Well. As there is no other volume which quite fills the same purpose it will undoubtedly be welcomed warmly in Many quarters. The Book is embellished with a number of excellent illustrations in sepia. New York Hampto Biff the free Synagog in its Endeavor meet the need for trained teachers the Field of jewish religious education established a teachers Institute. Every aspect of religious education is receiving its consideration and the most expert men and women available Are being utilized in providing courses that shall be practical As Well As informing. Letters of invitation have been sent to the Public school teachers to interest themselves in the opportunities offered in the religious Field. A further invitation has been extended to the general Public to the teachers of the religious schools and to the parents. These lectures Are held at the Synagog House at 36 West 68th Street. Professor George a. Coe of Union the logical Seminary the Foremost american authority on questions of religious education is now presenting a series of four lectures on a problems in the psychology of on monday evening november 15th, at 8 15 of clock. Or. Coe will speak at the free Synagog House and will present his third lecture. The subject of his lecture on monday evening november 29th is a the experience of additional courses have been arranged and include the following a methods of presen fat Lon a by rabbi Louis Mann of new Haven Conn a current movements in jew ish life a by doctor Stephen s. Wise a Modem jewish history a by or. Maurice h. Harris of new York a social service in the religious school a by or. Sidney e. Goldstein a principles and practices of Judaism a by rabbi Louis i. Newman and a current jewish events a by rabbi j. Max Weis. On january 30th, 1921, or. Solomon Solis Cohen of Philadelphia will deliver the first annual lecture known As a the Hurwitz memorial lecture a under the joint auspices of the Hurwitz educational league and the Harlem forum. His topic will be a the necessity for Union among the forces of religious conservation in the lecture is to be delivered in the auditorium of Wadleigh High school new York City. The Hurwitz educational league Aims to further the cause of jewish learning to inculcate a love for Judaism among american jewish Young men and women e Jeci ally students and to Aid poor students from time to time. It will encourage a study of jewish learning through prizes scholarships Etc. The officers Are president or. H. Keller vice presidents miss Libby Neuman and or. Samuel Gross Secretary. Miss Mirlan Marcus treasurer Morris Polansky chairman education committee Isaac Rosengarten chairman social committee miss Pearl Friedelson chairman membership committee. Or. Maximillian Winkler the will of Aaron Kommel knit goods dealer who died ocl 21 last disposes of an estate of More Titan $2 k ,000 to his five sons and four daughters and left the remainder to hebrew charitable and religious organizations. The largest gift of $30,000, went to the Machiz Ikei theological Seminary and $1,000 each was left to the rabbi Jacob Joseph school the Uptown talmud Thorah the talmud Thorah Synagog and the Yeshi Vath Piferis of Jerusalem. Eleven other organizations got $500 each. Miss Alice Sachs daughter of or. And mrs. Samuel Sachs of 755 Park Avenue and or. Harry Plotz of this City will be married on nov. 24 at the Home of the Bra de a parents. Mrs. Julian Poliak of Cincinnati is to be the Matron of Honor and miss Elizabeth Sachs a Niece of the Bride win be the bridesmaid. Young miss Nadine Sachs another Niece of the Bride will serve As Flower girl. Walter a Sachs the brides brother. Is to act As Best Man. Miss Sachs was overseas during the War in y. M. C. A work became assistant to mrs. Robert Meade in Paris. Or. Plotz is a member of the staff of mount Sinai Hospital and returned in August from Poland where he made a Survey of conditions for the Point distribution committee. He is credited with having been the discoverer of the typhus germ in 1913. While in Bulgaria in 1915 he was captured by the germans under general Mackensen who at once utilized his services in studying cases among the German troops. When the United states joined tie War or. Plotz joined the medical corps with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Shortly after their marriage or. Plotz and Bis Bride will go abroad. Misha Appelbaum of 131 West seventy fourth Street founder of the humanitarian cult who with his wife was removed on oct. �?~22 from his Home to the Knickerbocker Hospital suffering from mercurial poisoning has so far recovered As to leave the Hospital. Mrs. Appelbaum who is the Singer Helen Yorke rallied quicker from tie Poison and left the Hospital More than a week ago. Her husband for a time was believed to be dangerously ill. M. Samuel Stern has been appointed a member of the Board of education for new York City. The Board now consists of but seven members having been reduced from Twenty one about two years ago. Or. Stem is not inexperienced in school affairs inasmuch As he was a member of the old Board and Lias been connected wit i the Public. School system for Over seventeen years. Or. Stern has been Active in communal affairs having been a director of the it. Sinai Hospital for nine years and for thirteen years was grand master of the u. S. Grand Lodge of the Independent order free sons of Israel. Or. Stern who is unmarried is a successful real estate dealer and has been connected with the firm of Kerbs Wertli Elm a and Schiffer for Over forty years. The hebrew Institute of Boro Park a parochial school wherein the pupils Are taught the traditional talmudic Al studies As Well As the usual English curriculum Laid the Cornerstone to its new building at the grounds of the building 13th ave., Between 50tli and 51st sts., Brownsville. Residents of the Bushwick Section witnessed a striking ceremony when the Beth Moses Hospital at Stuyvesant Avenue and Hart Street wa.�5 dedicated. An audience of More than 500 persons gathered around the gaily decorated grandstand at the Entrance to the Hospital from which they were addressed by prominent City officials and leaders number 21, in Brooklyn jewish circles. At a banquet Given at the 13th regt armory the preceding evening at which there were 1,000 guests $75,000 in contributions was raised and during the remainder of the week which will be devoted to the Deill cation ceremonies. It was expected that a Large sum will be raised to cover All the expenses which have not been met. That this Hospital was erected principally by the efforts of the first and second generations of immigrant jews and will serve principally the poor immigrant jew of Brooklyn was the air non Cement made by rabbi l l. I ventral of the jewish Center of Brooklyn. The officers of the Hospital Are Isaac Levin president John Sklar and 8amuel Rottenberg vice presidents Israel Rokeach treasurer and David Werbelowsky honorary Secretary. Jacob Carlinger is the superintendent of the Hospital and miss Emma n. Oll icy the superintendent of nurses. Jacob Werthem 62 years old one of new Yorkus Foremost jews philanthropist and manufacturer died at his Home. Or. Werthem from a Humble beginning became the head of the largest Independent Cigar making company in the country. He also had an Active part in developing the automotive Industry and at one time was a director of the general motors corporation. Announcement has been made of the engagement of miss Dorothy Belays daughter of or. And mrs. Henry role is of this City to s. Pereira Mendos son of the Rev. Or. And mrs. H. Pereira Mendes. The marriage is to take place on nov. 21 at the Home of the Bride in West seventy fifth Street Andi later the couple will sail for Nice France where they will visit the bridegrooms parents. The Rev. Or. Mendes is recuperating at Nice after forty three years service As minister of the Spanish and portuguese Synagog in this City from which he retired last Spring. At Nice a second ceremony will be performed by the bridegrooms father. Later they will visit in Paris and Manchester England and then will proceed to Buenos Aires to make their Home. Or. Mendes is head of a business firm and will visit and establish new branches in South America. The first ceremony Here is to be performed by the Rev. Frederick de Sola Mendes an Uncle of the bridegroom and will be witnessed Only by the family. Jottings David Belasco is planning an elaborate production of a car men for next season. Ulrich will play the part of the Gypsy during the year be nning january 1,1920, and ending september 30,1800, Tibe jewish Nat Mai fund whose Headquarters Are at the Hague received of �99,350.18.4,1 approximately $500,000, of who Fri America contributed $70,074.13. A press dispatch from London states that the orthodox element which withdrew from the last session of the jew Imi National Assembly in Palestine because of differing opinion has joined the National committee appointed by the Assembly according to a Jerusalem dispatch. In the gloss Rose ii is reproduced an a order of the Day of Geral Makhno the new ally of Wrangel which was published in the recent issues of the official journal of the crimean government a russians come and save Russia and beat the jews i i go to the Aid of my brother Wrangel Liose army is a russian and not a jewish the German labor organization in Westphalia has decided not to admit any More Bast european jew Irti Law ers into the province. Hundreds of jewish workers fugitives from Poland and ukr Lnla have found employment in the mines of Westphalia but their German co workers who Are Apt to preach about fraternity and Solidarity of labor will not permit jews to earn a livelihood. The Junction of Waverly Copeland and Warren streets Roxbury mass., will be named a Maurice h. Freedman Square a to Comuni emirate the death of sergeant Maurice h. Freedman company a l 2d gun battalion Yankee division who was killed in action at chateau Thierry on july 22, 1918. The de Ducati a which took place sunday novel it or 7, were under the auspices of the Roxbury Post no. 44, american legion. Or. Barrons Boston news Bureau thinks Liat if the next administration has any Backbone it will make sure of the repeal of the Clayton act the incorporation of labor unions and a Law making compulsory a secret ballot for strike votes in labor organizations. Or. Barrons suggestions Are Excell Tat but if the incoming administration has the requisite Backbone it will have a staffer spinal column than any of its predecessors. The annual election of the Montreal Canada y. M. H. A. Resulted follows officers and directors for 1929-21 honorary president Jacob Goldstein president. Aid. Louis Ruben. Stein vice president Harry Gordon treasurer Arthur a. Markus honorary auditor Morris Bloom honorary Secretary Joseph Hornstein. Directors Solomon Kellert b. Weiner Louis diner s. Heft Morris Goldberg and Isaac diner superintendent and director of department Chas. Lambert. Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein who has recently accepted the pulpit of Athens ga., has organized the jewish students of the University of Georgia which is located in Athens into a student society for the study and discussion of subjects of jewish interest Donald Oberdorfer of Atlanta a leading player on the University football team was elected president Leon Singer vice presi Dmit and Joseph Lessert Secretary. The boys meet at the parsonage every other Friday evening after services. The meetings held thus far have been marked by carefully prepared papers on the pert of the students and by animated discussions

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