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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - May 31, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioA the americ a a a a f Rtse. By Staa pram Judy 4, March s6, 1900. Leo Wise so co. Pub shars and Eva Rutar. It. W. Car. Of Ftp and Mace Street. Tau turns carnal 341&. Entered m area no Etan May Mumm a Law Paasa a at car Imam ohm., Jawo Mim Priam pm Emmr. Of tags to my papa. Pm Jar. $2m Chance of address please Gime eld me Mem a Dedreu mad to in tag thu Aper. Always be me Fml the time Bath the state i Peete fice at Well at Etc mams. Birth death rear Ethel Merrima. Matte etc., each. To Smuc Ribers special rate. Were Helmar Petty be muted Hast a late of beading cd additional a advertise each insert Ian. Mate t 1a display by the Active aggressiveness of her armies Lessen the stubborn resistance which the enemy is offering to the efforts of the allies to relieve France and Belgium of the presence of the barbarous horde of ruthless invaders. Russia has partially lifted herself from the Slough of despond in which she has languished Tor centuries whether she is to abide permanently on the higher ground or fall bade hopelessly into the mire depends entirely upon herself. If there is that in her As we All believe that fits her for sisterhood with the free Peoples to a place among the civilized nations she will vindicate her claim to he so considered. That she will do so is the wish and Hope of All lovers of Mankind and of none More so than of the jews the world Over who because of their Judaism can forgive wrongs however great when the wrongdoer shows a desire to abandon the evil ways and enter upon the path of Justice and righteousness. A Maue a Nam will be jewish cale1idak inv Ger Toto Ctm Tome taws. Tire. Jama it Pat it Job al m Ash Chat Amah . Jely a Prmt at . July a a Luto Taj Wii a Tai. ,.cto. A mat. 1� m78-1m7 hew Taropa Haw a Tea. Kirver. Tom seat. Zub a meath 1at Day Mam. Oat. 1 Imit Day pm oat.1hew. Oct. 8 Tim. Oat. A Wei oet.1t is Chestol Peta al Oahu foam Beto Tze teach Thath sul Dee. Is Pat at Thath. Ummah Chat aah . Jaa. 14 Eeh-ce4eeefc , Feto 1z taiga Warmt at Becher Twe Feto is beef Che Deedi Toee. Tic Una her. 14 Paw am a Tanto of cd a tieto Tamara to real , Apao z Reto cake Inch , april is , april beef cafe Deedi Una Isa. May 1z a Kato Eto it Ceder Aaan see Day Friday May 17 11 Pat of Tara Laws. There tat it head Che Deeth , july 1# Pat at , july 1 Heel Che Deeth a Tal Fri Aag. A m7d-1s18 hew Yatfa , feet gtd the Day begins at Sunset of the Day pre ceding the corresponding common Date. Days of common Era. Corresponding to dates of jewish Calendar Ami vice versa furnish d to subscriber without charge. Cincinnati May 31, 1917. Rabbi Levy s last message. Quot me and women / Tell you to Day were it my last word i would utter to you i would say with the that i wot patting out of your lives / would Tay to you Jet of America Wake up and realize that before you it the greatest Opportunity in All history to become the espouses of the International movement that shall place the nations of the Earth under the Sway of the one and Only cod on the basis of International brotherhood the late j. Leonard Levy Pittsburgh a. How about ru88ia? there never was a More wonderful change in Public opinion than that which occurred with regard to Pensata when her people Rose up in their might dethroned the Czar and instituted the provisional government. From the moment that it came to he believed that the provisional government of Russia stood for Liberty and Equality before the Law for All russians whatever might be their religion or race Russia ceased to be a the infamous and became a sister people to the civilized nations to be sympathized with and helped even the jews whom Russia had wronged As never in history any human beings had been wronged before were ready to forgive and try to forget and hailed the new regime with Friendly enthusiasm. But if the Russia people Are to retain the respect and Friendship which has so recently been accorded them by the citizens of the United states they must prove that they Are capable of self government by establishing a stable regime whose Laws will be obeyed one which is capable of com manding the loyalty and respect of its own people. Further they must be True to their allies and do their full share to bring this awful War to a victorious conclusion. Whatever the cause of the War May have been Leav ing this out of is unquestionably True that russians interference in the serve an Austro Hun Garlan imbroglio gave Germany the pretext she sought to Loose the flood of blood and misery that has overwhelmed All Europe. It should Russia now make a separate peace she would be guilty of the Black est treachery and become again not Only Quot the infamous but even a the but it seems certain that what is Best in Russia its intellectuals the Small Middle clans and a Large part of the common people Are trying to give the provisional government All new York state which has by far the largest population of any in the Union stands a poor third in Point of enlistments Pennsylvania being in the Lead with Illinois so dose a second As to be almost a tie. In proportion to population Illinois has certainly done Best of All the states in the Union. The Bora Imite wishes to inform its friends and correspondents that its forms close on wednesday noon and goes to press immediately thereafter. A Commini cations meant for publication should be in this office on tuesday if possible and not later than wednesday morning to insure their appearance in the current weeks Issue. A. Of All those Good americans who Are volunteering for service with the army or Navy there Are none that Are making greater financial sacrifices than the medical men the physicians and surgeons. The highest rank that they can obtain in the army is that of major the highest pay $3000 a year. Many of them Are giving up practices which yield incomes of from $10,000 to $18,000 a year and some up to $75,000 and $100,000 a year and some of them even Over that their patriotism should be appreciated and is by those who understand. W. K. Azbill writing in the Christian Standard says that the fact la too Well known to require proof a that colleges destroy Christian Faith. A a the charge is As justly made against Church schools s against when Stevens Cru invented the first locomotive he was asked what Wool happen if a cow strayed upon the track and he answered being a Scotchman a so much the worse for the if it is True As or. Azbill so confidently assumes that higher education is destructive of christianity Why so much the worse for All seriousness the Ibea Eutuk asks what la meant by the term a jewish culture a whose creation conservation or propagation is to be the Prin Sipat Raison do etre of the new jewish Commonwealth to be established in Palestine. This question is not asked in levity or derision. A Clear and comprehensive answer is sought one which even the simplest of laymen can understand. A great Many of us have of late been hearing so much of Quot jewish culture that we have become desirous of knowing what distinguishes it from of thug cultures. These columns Are open for a reply. Poland almost the last country in the world where such a thing might reasonably be expected that religious persecution of jews is still countenanced by the state and a Large part of the people and of course the dominant Church which can always be relied upon to Side with the oppressors of those whom it deems heretics. Even in these times when every american is doing his Best for his country it will not be amiss to Call special attention to what is being done by Samuel Gompers the most prominent labor Leader in the United states and a jew by fighting single handed against the organized and treasonable Effort now being made to undermine the american commission to Russia. There is no fear of any Barm being done by these unpatriotic efforts in the United states but it May destroy the Confidence of the russian socialists in the Good intentions of the commission and seriously impair the Power of the russian provisional government. Or. Gompers has shown himself to be both patriotic and Wise As Well As fearless of consequences in the discharge of his duties. An extraordinary psychical phenomenon is the conceit that often is bred in the minds of popular authors that because they can write Good stories they Are competent to regulate the world and to give valuable advice to statesmen. Striking examples of this idiosyncrasy Are being Given by h. G. Wells and Israel Zangwill. However it must be said to Zangwill a credit that he is the More modest of the two. Zangwill is arranging a millennium for jews Only while Wells is extending his verbal activities not Only to the whole of Mankind but is occupying what time he can spare from this undertaking to reconstructing the almighty and furnishing kind with a new god. These Gentil men Are however Only the most prominent of their class. They have Many followers of smaller Fry As the numerous output of books pamphlets sermons lectures and newspaper interviews abundantly testifies. However the Public is Long suffering and patient and think that after All these outpourings do not matter. Interesting fact is that this popular Story seems to be of quite recent origin. Zebi ashkenazi 1353-1718 Ami his son Jacob Biden 1393-1773who discussed the very important question whether such a kabbalistic Dummy May be counted a one of the ten required for Public prayer do not know of this legend although they cite similar instances and although both of them had lived for a time in Prague. Even von Herrman who in 1818 wrote a very poor history of the jews of Bohemia does not Mentz an the Story in connection with rabbi Loewe of whom he Speaks very highly. The real origin of this popular legend which was even used As a theme by the czech poet or Colicky seems to be found in the sip purim published by Pas Cheles in Prague about sixty years ago. At a convention of orthodox rabbis recently held in new York rabbi Switz of Pittsburg moved that the members of this organization decline to accept any Benefit from the ministers pension fund to which or. Schiff contributed $100.000 on the occasion of his Seventieth birthday anniversary. This is rather surprising for we Are accustomed to see our orthodox Brethren act in accordance with Vespasian a a principle that Money does not smell. If statistics were taken in All the offices of the charitable organizations of the United states it would be found that the Liberal element furnishes the largest proportion of the Given and the orthodox the largest proportion of the beneficiaries. Rabbi Switz a a orthodoxy was not so Long ago illustrated by himself when he told the Story that he advised one of his parishioners to place a prayer in a certain part of the Pentateuch of put this Book in and to recite y it at mid reported that Hii _ desired effect. In one respect however rabbi Switz brought out an interesting lesson. He said the orthodox rabbi gains in influence with age while the Reform rabbi wears ont As soon As he ceases to be a Novelty. In addition to what they have Given to local jewish and non Jewis a charities to the red Cross and the National Relief funds the jews of the United states have contributed something Over three dollars per capita for the Relief of their co religionists in Europe Ted expect before the end of 1917 to have doubled that amount if this proportion of gifts had been maintained by the entire population the people of the United states would have contributed something Over three Hundred million dollars for the european War sufferers. What they did contribute was considerably less than that amount. A report from Roumania states that Premier Bratianu has announced to the chamber of deputies that the government requests parliament to insert in the romanian Constitution the principles of Universal suffrage and expropriation in favor of the peasants. The government is also considering the jewish question. Roumania has been punished for her sins against humanity and it is to be hoped it has brought her to a proper Frame erf mind. As a proof of her repent ence she could offer none better than Justice to her jewish citizens whom in the past she has oppressed with even a colder and More ingenious brutality than Russia Ever did and in violation of the solemn pledge she gave to obtain her Independence. Since Russia has become modernized. Newspaper men ought to suggest to her two important reforms to introduce the Gregorian Calendar and to adopt the latin alphabet. In this Way she would spare us the confusion which arises from the fact that the Cable dates events according to the Julian Calendar while the russian papers when we receive them Date them thirteen Days earlier. The same difficulty arises from the Szefi ing of the names. Some write the name of the former powerful minister Chi Aston others write Kvaskov others again Khz Rostov and this is rather a mild visitation compared with the former attorney general of whose arrest we Learned recently and whose name probably who appear quite often in the Public prints hereafter. Besides even Kiev Kiew Kieff also presents a hard problem. We had sympathy with the victims of the czars tyranny. May the latter now liberated have a Little feeling for the unfortunates who do not go Oriti Lipo rus Kly the United states Senate has outlived its usefulness. It should go and with it the system of District representation in the lower House. There should be but one National House of representatives elected by the states at Large its legislation subject Only to the approval or veto of the president his veto being subject to Over ruling by a two thirds majority of the House As at present. Further All Laws duly enacted and signed by the president should become effective at once and remain a Law until declared unconstitutional by the supreme court of the United states or repealed. All financial Bills should emanate from the Treasury department and should be put into effect As soon As proposed or at the Date indicated in the Bill should Congress fail to enact the necessary legislation and the bin fal to become a Law any tax or duty paid under it could be refunded so that no injustice should be done. The israelite disclaims All for the above suggestions. They were made by a foreigners supposedly not quite sane who drifted into its Sanctum. And yet the Petrograd correspondent cables the new York jewish daily Forward that throughout Russia and even in Roumania efforts were being made to provide equal rights for jews. The dispatch says in part a the socialist newspapers Are warning against the agitation for separate peace and against the anti semitic Agi Atlon in the South. They say that both Are a hindrance to the Unity of a a. Us of the revolution and threaten the nor possible support in its efforts to Mam Ai development of the new order. Tain its Good Faith and make secure their hard won Liberty. But even As it is a magnitude of harm the amount of which it is hard to overestimate has been done by the demoralization and consequent inaction of the russian army on the Eastern War front. Its Supin eness has Cost the lives of tens of thousands of Russia a British. French and italian allies and has inspired the Teutons with renewed Hope thus indefinitely prolonging this horrible War. If Russia is to retain the Confidence of her allies and the respect of the civilized world she must bestir herself and renew the War at once and Quot the romanian Consul at Odessa has declared that the romanian parliament has already taken up the question of abolishing All restrictions against the jews and granting them All civil and political Quot while it is Wail not to be too optimistic yet the general trend of events justifies the Hope and even the belief that this May be True. With Russia and Roumania according the jews the rights of human beings it will leave Finland and Poland As the two remaining relics of barbarism in Europe. Finland is showing signs of a desire to be counted among the fully civilized nations. It is Only in the present Era of Freedom for the russian jews which found its liturgical expression in an addition to the passover haggadah proposed by j. D. Eisenstein of new York recalls the change of jewish thought within the last centuries. Judah Loewe Ben be Zalel the famous chief rabbi of Prague perhaps the Only rabbi to whom a Public Monument was erected is far better known by the legend that makes him a magician and the creator of a a a Golem automaton than by his works which possess a certain individuality. Rabbi Loewe was especially fond of symbolism in religious observances. In his Quot Gebura ado Nai a Cracow 1581, he explains the passover ritual of eating unleavened bread and bitter herbs in the following Way bitterness makes an impression on taste therefore the bitter herbs Are the natural Symbol of slavery. Freedom does not create a positive impression. It is Only the absence of suffering and therefore it is symbolically represented in the unleavened bread which is tasteless. Rabbi Loewe therefore a fact hardly Ever observed by any one is a forerunner of Schopenhauer a philosophy in which also the evil is represented As the Only thing positive. It remains strange that the historic rabbi Loewe whose indifference to Freedom we can fully understand when we consider the hopeless situation of the jews in the sixteenth Century in Prague and Posen where he ministered and in Worms where he probably was born is so Little known while the Story of the Clay figure to which the rabbi gave life by a kabbalistic Amulet has become so popular. The More the missionaries to the jews Are utilizing the Opportunity of the country a being at War and Peoples hearts being stirred to make unusual efforts to extract larger sums of Money than usual from their supporters. Their Public statements Are filled with expressions of Loving kindness to the jews and their Earnest desire for their salvation thro ugh evangelization. These professions sound Well but unfortunately the jews never believed that the efforts to make apostates of them were not caused chiefly by a desire to annoy them. They May of course have been mistaken hut now a splendid Opportunity is Given to prove that we were in error. Let the missionaries go into the service of their country in such capacity As they Are fit for and let the Money which has been so uselessly spent in their support be Given to the fund for the Relief of the millions of jews who Are perishing in the War zones. That would be a Mission to the jews that would bring tangible results if not in converting them to christianity at least in bringing them to have a modicum of respect for the religion of their would be converters. Any Money sent to this office for that purpose will be gratefully received acknowledged in the columns and forwarded to the proper parties. Jacob h. Schiff Ano zionism. Correspondence Between or. Schiff and Rev. Or. Philipen of Cincinnati. The new York journal in a recent Issue quotes Benjamin Disraeli As a proof of the Success that will attend determined efforts in the face of the strongest opposition. The paper quotes Disraeli a famous remark after his first speech in parliament when he said a the world is against me. Gentlemen the Day will come when you will hear the journal commenting on this remark continues a and the Day did come. It was he of Asiatic descent who made of the English Queen an Asiatic the subject of the editorial is of it no interest to us but it is of some interest to score the old foolish notion that the jew is an Asiatic. Disraeli was born in England As was his father before him. His Grandfather bad come to London from Northern Italy. According to the statement of his grandson he was of portuguese descent. For this assertion no proof is Given. The name would rather Point to the Levant whence a considerable Section of the venetian jews had come. This however is ancient history. Spiritual individuality is not formed by Remote Semi mythical ancestry. An englishman of to Day is not a German although he May be of unadulterated Anglo Saxon blood. To some slight extent atavism will Manifest itself in the life of individuals but in the formation of character education and environment Are the decisive factors. Anti semites both of the conscious and of the unconscious Brand persist in seeing in Disraeli a representative of Asiatic ideas. Old Kaiser William in a letter to Bismarck Speaks of Queen victorians jewish adviser and even a Man of such Broad ideas As William Gladstone saw in. His rival a fanatical jew. True historic Conception is bound to see in him a real briton enthused by the firm Faith in Preat Britain a Mission As a world Power. One meatless Day. The hotel and restaurant keepers association of St. Louis have decreed one meatless Day a week and for obvious reasons selected Friday. If Friday were made a meatless Day by All hotels and families in the country catholics and jews would be the smallest sufferers. Why the Catholic Church makes Friday a meatless Day is easily understood but what has made it the same in the very Large majority of jewish Homes it would be hard to say. While there is no religions custom that makes the piece de resistance at the Friday evening meal in the jewish Home a fish prepared in the inimitable jewish fashion nevertheless it wih be found in pretty nearly every jewish Home in the country on that evening. The address of Jacob h. Sch Iff before the league of jewish youth at new York has evoked a great Deal of comment and in order that the matter May be made Clear to All the following correspondence Between or. Schiff and Rev. Or. David Philipen is presented. Cincinnati May a 1917. Editor israelite sir in a recent Issue of the american hebrew there appeared a copy of a letter written to me by or. Jacob h. Schiff in answer to a communication of mine. As the subject of the correspondence Between or. Schiff and myself is of general interest 1 am sending you for publication the entire correspondence As it passed Between a. Very truly yours David Philipson. Or. Philipson to or. Schiff. My dear or. Schiff i have read in the american hebrew the report of your address before the league of jewish youth last week. Although 1 quite appreciate your state of mind and understand what you meant still your words Are being exploited As an endorsement of zionism As appears in the enclosed clipping from the jewish Tribune of Portland Oregon although you said distinctly that you do not believe the jews to me a nation. Knowing the weight your name carries the zionists will undoubtedly attempt to make it appear that your former opposition to the movement is done with that you Are growing sympathetic to it and that Yon Are even ready to affiliate with them. In the Light of the events which Are now taking place i believe it to be More necessary than Ever to be True to our standpoint that the jews Are a religions Community and not a nation and that latter Day jewish nationalism or zionism is an entire misreading of israelis place in the world. Were you correctly reported in the statement that because of the russian revolution Yon Felt that there was danger that Judaism might disintegrate if that be so then As far As Judaism is concerned Russia in oppression was a Benefit the interpretation placed upon your words will be that Judaism cannot thrive in Freedom or in other words that it is a ghetto religion and that the jews Are a ghetto people. I know full Well that you do not believe this. For this reason i find it so regrettable that your words May give color to this Contention which is so frequently made by anti semites. Even if England should conquer Palestine As is now not altogether unlikely it is a wild dream to imagine that the Christian nations of the world will permit the establishment of an Independent jewish state in Palestine and give to the jews the most sacred Christian places associated with the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Palestine at most will be free and open to jews and All others who desire to Settle there under a joint protectorate of Allied Powers but an autonomous jewish government is most unlikely. The modern spirit will transform life in Palestine also and the jews and Judaism there will be subject to influences similar to those at work in other free lands. If Judaism cannot survive in a free Russia it will not be Able to survive in a free Palestine. To my mind Judaism is not dependent upon any one land. Universal truth is its Home land. Just now in View of the unsettled conditions everywhere it seems to me More important than Ever to bring out this thought. The Issue is still Between Universal ism and nationalism Between americanism and zionism. I look upon group nationalism which is the Kernel of the philosophy of zionism As extremely dangerous doctrine in this country at this time of crisis. I Hope you will Pardon me for writing Yon thus freely and frankly. I have done so because of the importance which is attached everywhere to every utterance of yours. With expressions of the highest esteem i am sincerely yours David Philipson. Cincinnati May 1, 1917. Or. Schiff to or. Philipson. My dear or. Philipson the fact to which you Call my attention that the zionists Are taking advantage of the remarks i recently made to claim my conversion to zionism i am afraid is Correct but i am unable to help this. I have received any number of letters and also telegrams from individual zionists As Well As from zionist societies taking it for granted that i have joined the zionist ranks and congratulating me upon having seen the Light at last. To these communications i have made a uniform reply of which i enclose a copy and also Send you herein a clipping of an editorial from the Springfield daily Republican written two Days after my Public remarks were made and evidently this writer i do not know whether he is jew or Gentile a has More thoroughly caught the spirit of what i said than any of the zionists who have written to me or who now claim in their press that i have become a convert to zionism. I should have thought the meaning of my Short address on april 22 before the league of jewish youth to have been quite Clear and hardly could have been misunderstood. Explains his message. What i said was in effect simply that the breaking Down of the ghetto Walls in Russia and the dispersing of and the Radical change in the social status of one half of our entire race could not but have a far reaching effect upon the jewish problem everywhere. It was and is in my mind that the fall of the ghetto Walls in Germany and also in France towards the end of the eighteenth Century marked the beginning of the disintegration of jewry in both of these countries with the effect that our co religionists in France have almost disappeared and that in Germany they have become decimated and Are gradually becoming absorbed by the general population. I am not at All free from the fear that in the course of the decades something similar May happen in Russia Large As the number of our co religionists is there at the present time. Be this As it May one thing appears certain that the feeding from the late russian Pale of jewry outside of Russia and especially of jewry in our own country both in numbers and in the product of the great jewish mind is sure to become greatly reduced. If it is not going gradually to cease entirely. The danger is great that this May in coming generations Lead even in America to a similar disintegration that i have just pointed out has overtaken French and German jewry and have asked myself what can be done to counteract this. Now we cannot and must not close our eyes to the fact that Palestine has a Peculiar attraction for the jew More so now even than in by gone Ages. This i feel in the face of what has taken place in Russia should be takas advantage of to establish in Palestine not a jewish nation but the seed for a Large if not almost exclusive jewish population among which jewish religious life jewish thought and jewish learning would develop in All its primitive purity and become a Reservoir out of which would flow the Stream to stimulate jewry wherever it May exist among the nations of the world. The Mississippi and other great Rivers would run dry and the countries dependent upon these reservoirs would go to waste if the Fountain Heads of these streams became closed up and so notwithstanding what May be said to the contrary jewry will disappear and its Mission will cease if somewhere there is not a Center or Central Reservoir from which it can be Ever and Ever fed anew. Opposes re establish ment or nation. Look at our Synagog and temples they Are becoming empty More and More my children and your children May have some interest yet in our religion because of the example of their parents but look at the third generation with How Little attachment for our religion they grow up because their parents Are even More indifferent than their parents parents May have been in the religions education of their children. Had it not been for the enormous influx of the russian jew and for the influence of his orthodoxy it is most Likely that even reformed Judaism in America would before this have ceased to be much of a Factor. Feeling in this respect As i do and having come to the conclusion that a remedy for existing conditions May possibly be found in the depopulation of Palestine by the jewish people 1 continue at the same time of the opinion that no Effort should be made to re establish a jewish nation because i believe were this done the very purpose which is in my mind would become destroyed. I believe i am not far wrong if i say that from 50 per cent to 75 per cent of the so called jewish nationalists Are either atheists or agnostics and that the great majority of jewish nationalist leaders have absolutely no interest in the jewish religion. Conditions in this respect Are already now a before a jewish nation has actually been established As is the desire of these jewish nationalists the same As those which existed when the jewish state was an actuality and when priest and Prophet were Ever in disagreement and fend with kingdom and state and which led in the end to the state a destruction. This would surely happen again were a jewish state again established. I Trust my dear or. Philipson i have in the foregoing at least made myself Clear to you of what is passing through my mind and what has led me into making the remarks concerning which you have written me. Jacob h. Schift new York May 11, 1917. Or. Philipson to or. Schiff. My dear or Schiff let me thank you for your letter of May 11th. It is very explicit and sets Forth your Point of View excellently. I appreciate fully your apprehensions but As i wrote you in my former letter my feeling is very Strong that the Home land for Judaism is the world and that unless Judaism can thrive in Freedom everywhere its claim to being a Universal religion As you and i and those who think As we do have always held Falls to the ground. It is True that Many discouraging symptoms Are appearing among us but we must not forget that there have been similar things in the past and that i feel that this will continue to be the Case. When Palestine becomes free As is the United states it is altogether Likely that the same influences of Freedom will bring Forth similar results. In the course of history which Means the ruling of gods Providence the jews have passed through Many Vicissitudes. Palestine remained the land of longing because of the persecutions and oppressions in other lands. When these persecutions and oppressions shall cease throughout the world that for which we Are All praying this attitude towards Palestine will largely disappear just As it has among us Here in free America during the past Century. There will always be a sentimental feeling for Palestine As the land where our prophets uttered their world subduing thoughts and our psalmist Sang their world enchanting hymns but it will not be hoped for As a dwelling place such As was the Case in the Ages of oppression. Jewish culture must find its Home land everywhere if Judaism is to continue everywhere. That must be our aim. Freedom without and enthusiasm within Are the obverse and reverse of the shield of Judaism a continuing life. I have the Faith that these two great desiderata will go hand in hand among us in the better time to come. With expressions of highest esteem i am sincerely yours David Philipson. Cincinnati May 18, 1917. Farm school anniversary. Distinguished speakers will take 4part in the exercises. The National farm school is keeping up its record of having Foremost men of the country participate in its Public exercises. Its founder and president or. Krauskopf announces that the following Well known men will participate in the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the school which will take place on sunday june 3 Herbert c. Hoover of new York Edwin Markham of new York Gifford Pinchot of Pennsylvania or. Alonzo e. Taylor of Washington Samuel untermyer of new York former governor Warfield of Maryland. It one or two other distinguished speakers will participate if War conditions will not prevent their coining. One of these is the Hon. Simon Bam Berger governor of the state of Utah. About 150 festive and memorial Trees will be consecrated during the exercises and a new class of students enrolled for training in the practice and science of food production will be installed. Rabbi Morris s. Pasaron of Baltimore will deliver the invocation. Letters from people zionist Leader not pleased wet Mhor. Schilts announcement editor Isba Eute sir i regret to see that Yon begin your very Luminous editorial a emr. Schiff and zionism a with a statement that is incorrect. It is not True that a the zionists Are deriving a great Deal of satisfaction from the remarks made by or. Jacob a. Schiff a if by that Yon mean that we look upon him As a convert to the movement the zionists do not regard anyone As within their ranks who does not unequivocally endorse the Basle program which As 1 stated in a previous letter published in your esteemed paper is the basis of the movement anything Short of Sneh endorsement while it May indicate a sympathetic leaning towards some of our aspirations leaves one still outside the ranks. Only such statements As the one issued by or. Adolph Lewisohn give the zionists satisfaction. To be sure however we Are very glad that or. Schiff has come so far along the Road that we have been traversing these mantere As to de dare himself in favor of a cultural Center for the jews in Palestine. But we zionists cannot quite understand the need of a cultural Center nor indeed the need of a distinctive culture except for a nationality. Religious sects have no need for cultural centers. Every Church every Syna Gog every settlement the a cultural Center. But a people a nationality has a distinct culture or is under the necessity of creating a distinct culture. Thus the jewish people has a distinct culture and needs a cultural Center. And that cultural Center must be its own native soil. T am satisfied that if or. Schiff will listen to the promptings of his own logical mind he must ultimately accept the Basle program. And i want to say frankly that this act on or. Schilts part would give the zionists and also him a great Deal of satisfaction. Particularly him because Only then would he Complete the philosophy of jewish life. I am glad to notice that your editorial makes these very Points Clear to your readers. But i regret the statement that or. Schilts remarks were addressed to a zionist audience Tor by that statement Yon mean to imply that those who were present when or. Schiff made his statement were a of them members of the zionist organization. As a matter of fact the on raised zionists constituted a very decided minority in that audience. But the great height of enthusiasm to which that audience was lashed by or. Schilts remarks is another one of the Many indications of How Strong a hold the great jewish aspiration has on the jewish mind. With Zions greetings i am. Very truly yours a. H. Fromenson. New York May 16. 1917. The russian Mission. The following personnel of the american Mission to Russia headed by Elihu Root has been formally announced by the state department. Or. Root has been commissioned with the rank of ambassador and six of his associates have been commissioned As ministers. The members of the Mission Are As follows Elihu Root ambassador extraordinary of the United states of America on special Mission. John r. Mott envoy extraordinary of the United states of America on special Mission. Charies p. Crane envoy extraordinary. Cyrus h. Mccormick envoy extraordinary Samuel r. Bertron envoy extraordinary. James Duncan envoy extraordinary. Charles Edward Russell envoy extraordinary. Major general Hugh l Scott chief of staff of the army military representative of the president of the United states of America on special diplomatic Mission. Rear Admiral James h. Glennon naval representative of the president of the United states of America on special diplomatic Mission. Colonel r. E. L. Michie Aid to the chief of the army. Colonel William v. Judson military attache. Lieutenant colonel t. Bentley Mott military Aid to the ambassador extraordinary. Surgeon Holton c. Curl u. S. N., on special diplomatic Mission of the United states of America. Lieutenant Alva d. Bernhard aide to the rear Admiral of the Navy Basil Miles Secretary to the special diplomatic Mission of the United states of America. Major Stanley Washburn u. S. A., assistant Secretary. F. Eugene Prince civilian Aid and interpreter. James e. Mckenna chief clerk and disbursing officer. Clyde s. Stilwell clerk. James for Rourke clerk. Jay Kegan Cerk. Duane e. Washburn clerk. Walter w. King clerk. George w. Gregory clerk. Sergeant Paul z. Randolph orderly. George e. Long messenger. Basil Miles who is to be Secretary to the Mission is now in Petrograd. Major Stanley Washburn has spent the last three years in Russia As a correspondent. Eugene Prince who Speaks russian fluently is also now in Petrograd. James f. Mckenna is a clerk in the state department. Clyde s. Stilwell is a former private Secretary to Cyrus Mccormick. Jas. F. Of Rourke is Secretary to senator Pomerene. Jay Keegan is private Secretary to representative Scott Ferris. Duane e. Washburn is a clerk in the state department. Walter w. King is private Secretary to representative Baker. George d. Gregory is a clerk in the Carnegie peace foundation. Sergeant Paul z. Randolph goes with the Mission As orderly to general Scott George e. Long messenger to the Mission has been through Russia three times. A Farewell to phil080phy. I would return some later time know again the mystery that vanquish me. She will be seen in strange n lights and heard in sounds beyond our present dream but still i fancy there will be a kindly in upon her lips an All forgiving i within her eyes a divine sym a upon that bosom where i Tot peace roam la sex aug Cincinnati o

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