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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - May 31, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioVolume 63.cincinnati. Ohio. May 31, 1917. Number 48. Written Tor the israelite 4 Impi to a Friend. My Friend to True and faithful Yoi have la eeb a Jato my soul you be planted love too deep ill Pic 1 f Ever he rooted up by strongest wind altered in the least toy Wisest seer something a literary instinct neither the pupils nor the instructors Here extraordinarily stimulating. I formed a Friendship with a jewish lad an excellent student who took his work seriously and had enthusiasm for other things than the Basket tall team. He was the prototype Many intellectual jews whom after True love so neavely Ana in so rare Ward i came to know. His mind pos Friendship sacred ties special warmth Anglo sax and in our walk life we re soon flavor no flexibility no imagine aware the one word a Friend in be never desired another Friend to in you in be found my every longing time i Harmony has grown tive sweep. I missed a certain glow Aura. Still s. Was a Relief to the my barbarians my own blood who were in school then furtive cigarette smokers timidly vicious and retailers cheap salacious Ness Pluck vague carnal expanse known As a in i remember Between souls and made life j How generously demo cratic was my pose then and perhaps my Friendship for s. Gained an added zest from the provincial social conventions not look with favor upon too great intimacy with jews. I think i was a bit proud what i then con. Side red a my Broad mindedness and in you alone my True and worthy racial tolerance. At any rate i mar pug al before our 1 a Mikii i Little knew the beauties life does Man Ness up Frie Iid. A a a a a a a a a a Cleveland o., May 191. Gentiles picture the jew by Harold e. Stearns <.1� Jiffies it s a a a i a a Harold eth mid Stearns born in Massachusetts in 1891 since graduating from Harvard in 1913 he has devoted himself to journalism and is now a regular contributor to the new Republic. In 1914 he went to England and France to study the labor movement. A inthe belief that it a Worth our while to see ourselves As others see us to know concretely the picture the jew in the minds certain typical neighbors the menorah journal publishes this Frank human document by a Young Man typical Gentile training and associations. The views herein presented therefore rather that mousing Suny our readers should be respected for their psychological value and their Candor. How the same Gentile mind could Advance to More enlightened conceptions the jew and jewish ideals chiefly after menorah opportunities for study will be shown in a supplementary article by the same writer to appear in a later Issy a the de to Tonkij i do not accurately real the firs met Fig image in i jewish me in my mind. It was partly made up i veiled at extensive knowledge German until i Learned the linguistic simplicity yiddish. His House was a never ending source interest the details the jewish eating customs in a conservative family the Little religious prejudices own indifference to them All but his kindly consideration for the feelings the older members the family. I based a Lupi Stype family life something Woven firm endless strands something integral and vital. It contrasted vividly with the Deli descent respectability so Many the families in the Prim new England Circle i knew so Well. When i decided to go to Harvard s. Helped me in mathematics and latin. His method attack both subjects was identical. He was terse and business like. I took my advanced latin examination without having Ever read a line latin poetry. I had read much Caesar and Cicero but my wildest Hopes went no further than the desire to pass. With Aid x did. He took three hours before the examination in which he summarized the principles latin verse and gave me the necessary Confidence for sight translation. He also explained How to scan by Means something very like a mathematical formula which i Learned by rot and applied with what intelligence i could Muster. The genuineness that at wards a great imaginative poem such As the aeneid Imprest i me even then. S. Spoke with cold Ejof thus asm certain passages much As one would describe the merits an automobile there was an appraise suppose ets in a Bible that we had at Home i a ent the p 0em which smacked an illustrated edition Given some de the 8aiesman. I wondered vaguely if serving member the family for n jew8 were so exasperating by strict attendance at the methodist Tell Igent sunday school. The prophets were All clothed in spotless White with unfeeling that Jud by a huh Tensi fied although i had no reason to Long flowing outer Robes some share in the current nebulous by hos Bright color rather tall heavily i tile attitude the average under bearded and Sallow complexioned graduate toward the Jeff a partly and they seemed to be special motivated i often thought by Jeal Good terms with the deity. White a wooly lambs always decorated the Lousy their scholarship Sumer a ments. I can recall the intellectual background the picture. The Nat reservations i always made Quot if Teipo i. Peo i read anything written by a woman pie was moulded from the tidal Mel re8ervations, indeed still find it Dif Odies the phrases in the King Cuit to ignore. I used to pay con us a i a pm wrote philosophy their method was to explain what was obscure by what was still More obscure. I gloated Over a Wellesley professors Book psychology wherein the ego was defined terms a still More elusive entity a a feminine was James. A a a re Pii b wintry nights the Cedars Lebanon the mount olives fringing my childish mind the jews became irrevocably associated i had never wandered ish Quarter Boston j Johh he lived in the suburbs and rarely went to town except with members the tive 0f definite reproach. And some family. I know it was a distinct Shock to relate the thing like those instinctive intellectual reservations i carried Over to the course 1 do Noi mean x was suspicious their intellectual Power that would have been absurd. Cellar weighed out the newspapers i had so carefully saved to relate him with the race that had brought Forth our Savior. As to Many Christian children Jesus was to me a gentle and kindly elder brother. I took a sort vicarious racial Pride Odd As that May seems in his confusion Nawf i erase detail rather i wag suspicious the whole Drift and Bias their mind it had no Power vivid subjectivity. Clar Ike the French clarity m. Bergson is the apotheosis that Lucid the Learned men. I thrilled when he drove the Money changers from the Temple dramatizing the scene to Ashly. But it never occurred to me to think Jesus As a jew. That would have been Well unpleasant a perhaps no one can write a thoroughly honest accurate history impressions. Yet i do definitely recall he Jig difficulty connecting the jews yesterday with the jews today endured for some time and then when was about fifteen and in my second year in High school suddenly ceased it ceased because the contradiction had been finally accepted. I had failed to establish any mental emotional nexus Between the jews tradition and religion and the jews my own everyday. In fact their Early religious life no longer interested me. With the proud scepticism youth i had become voluble agnostic Home discipline was not. So a a and when i aggressively announced that i should go to Church no More a sad sigh Relief from my Mother was my Only reproof. Would not that icon dam have been something a tragedy in an old fashioned jewish a rare the As a separate homogeneous race a modern rather dirty interesting picturesque race implacably relentless in Money affairs. Those were the heydays the cheap vaudeville stage a dlr and it and Over drawn i shylock Type that dominated our minds. 1 but the pull the alien and exotic As represented by jewish girls the trim tailor made suit Type with neat Black hair and Lustrous eyes who a dominated so gaily to crowded evening cars from factories and shops did. Much to humanize that caricature a people. A it Ivanhoe a was compulsory Reading in u school then air opine name Rebecca suggested not the ecstatic neurasthenia an Ibsen Jurj pm a he but a Rich and a Jap Worful and sadly persecuted lady the Norman invasion period in a Bop land. Mme my last two High school years were spent in a suburb Boston. To was a Good is Bol a to few a a a a the imaginative and lonely Hoy a a a a. A a a a. A a r ,. A a. Arah journal. Leal discrimination i should readily Grant. Theirs was the Type mind Cribe the real world better than it could probe beneath it. The Strain Eastern influence in christianity 1 never believed jewish. Perhaps it was just that Quality in Jesus teachings which so scandalized the elders the ancient Church. At any rabbi my childish mid romantic Conception had evaporated. Was not Jehovah a tribal god the jews not dream a land literally flowing with milk and Honey they had evolved a self conscious disciplinary almost socialistic local nationalism. They made definite sacrifices for the future the tribe. They were the inheritors a severe and frugal and As we should say to Day puritanical tradition. I suspected that the jews were lacking in real aesthetic sensibility Art to them so i then thought a could never become a dominating passion and i wondered How they bad Ever produced any mystics. In any event i was sure the mystics were Only glorified logic4wgteliand unwelcome to the tribe. ,1 firmly believed that All jews were congenitally unable a a appreciate Charles Lamb. Invincible Pertinacity had replaced taste. Jewish Art As such seemed a Clumsy anachronism. Out the webs and meshes in Presston and criticism now so diff cult to untangle and make articulate i slowly etched a picture what i Felt the jewish race to be like. The picture was hard and Brilliant. No Lurta soft vagueness enshrouded it it stood dark and Clear colourless in my attitude i am sure there never was any aggressive Disie. Jjjflljg0 question. A Many a taste you question a Someth Ftak ultimate about him. Back that questioning lies a subconscious conviction racial superiority without realizing it a i was patronizing now the Quality and Force that Carriere pen see is really first rate importance. And anyone who can by introspection reveal even a few is Springs is performing some service. For racial antagonisms As fragile and inchoate a and very As unjustified As my own with respect to the jews Are perhaps the rocks which our High Hopes for International peace finally split. They Cleave nations into smouldering opposed Camps More quickly than a Gobi so called Sharp economic class-con-sciousnesse8. ? Empire disintegrate under them and democratic nations reinforce Trade wars with them enveloping futile belligerency in a Penumbra when i think the Balkans i think hundreds. Of originally Tenut us antagonisms like Csc Ltd Pwu n4 so Fale Quot indent by bitter memories. Of one thing i am sure whatever the nature my mild antagonism to the jews it had nothing to do with relight to with the persecution the Prophet and founder the Faith nominally the official Faith most americans. Insofar As the Bible permeated my Adolesca familiarized me with the jews and reduced misunderstanding to a minimum. Certainly the various newspaper and Magazine articles about russian severity the jeers not me any m a Lap Friendly. To wac map antagonists was built something More Basic and important our instinctive dislike and distrust whatever is alien to us in color speech appearance. For a Man to deny this congenital Bias a general inherited disposition we All possess which in its two aspects might be called the disposition a towards love hatred seems just silly. The form and color the Metal that will be poured into the Mould already there depends upon the stimulation upon one experience. That experience in my own Case had evoked the old antagonism to a limited extent. I was a bit contemptuous even if politely and unobtrusively contemptuous i admired their Strong Clear racial life so Stalwart under adversity i acknowledged their a a cleverness a two edged word Praise i thought they could toe gentlemen in Money affairs Only by tip exercise great self restraint in matters higher delicacy and feeling i turned from them completely f the typical jew physically awakened a slight sense bodily discomfort. Such were the confused elements that made up the blend feeling i had towards the jews when i was in Harvard. I believe with the average american Anglo Saxon blood the feeling is if anything much stronger especially in the South. I do not know but i fail to see How it can hardly be otherwise for at College i met the Best in Many ways that the modern jewish race has to give. Three real friends All them far ahead me in scholarship were jews. I genuinely liked them ally the Edge my reservations at any rate never approached the threshold consciousness. Yet whenever the particularly a a objectionable jew the loud and assertive the wealthy vicious was up for discussion among us in our dormitory i know that i shared the feeling that f the phrase a objectionable jews betokened some special and emphatic form objectionable Ness. In Brief the antagonism was always there waiting to be stimulated. ? it diminished and died away in exact proportion As jews became in jew ish so to speak As they became imitative off current standards and mope ners As they shared certain Points View As in appearance they More and More approximated the Anglo Saxon. I should be dishonest if i said any i had never regarded the jews As in any sense a problem. My ideas were vague about them but i thought that in a few generations they would be absorbed into the general Popula tips by intermarriage. I believed in the melting pot idea. Whether such a thing was desirable from the ethnological Point View i do not know a i not know then. It seemed Desir Able from All other Points a few at any rate. Whatever friction was engendered was merely temporary inconvenience. A so the matter rested with me until just after graduation when i Learned zionism attempts to recreate a National Tongue perhaps some Day even to return to Palestine to keep jewish culture Clear from All other cultures to continue it in Art and literature. The notion seemed abortive then. It still does a disparate and a distinct. Life. But when i go through the Bast Side i have no sense that All this jostling crowded alien gives a sting and Richness tone to our drab use which we most at no Price As we love life in All its forms relinquish. I feel the contrary a keen desire to re shape mid re build to a he Tiff and Dean. If 1 were in Tashkent Samarkand i should hate t see russian cities swinging up beside the ancient ones the Sarta and the persians. I should linger lovingly in the passage ways and before the crowded Rainbow Smiar. A Cire ii haps is a flavor we must not lose but with the jews Ness Here in am is the picturesque misery and Oppree it could be Well dispel strongest v. Traditions race anyway Are the the very qualities us should be glad to Nant realism Stro e picturesque at All events s economic and i feel that de with. The the jewish not in essence e which All be More Domi industriousness a a a a a 11 the jews specific a family life rigor Intel Aler Nesif culture Means to me Jas i believe it Means a a jobs a euans their specific religion. And Wien we suggest that the culture is although hardly to do not ask the be if icily Christian ceasing to be spa ourselves. And so finally i vent ional idea the Universal i preserving continuing we become Spe Ause we Are Illy Christian m to the con Elting pot. Service by rabbi Isidore Poplowitz. A be some interest to the present Day laymen to know that Universal military service is strictly a mosaic institution. A take be the sum All the congregation a he children Israel by their families toy their fathers houses according to the number the names every male by their polls from Twenty years old and upward All that Are Able to go Forth to we in Israel thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies numbers 13 44. A the number the standing army Moses a War footing while in the desert Sinai was a six Hundred thousand and three thousand and five Hundred and fifty ibid. 146. Strange to say this vast army was within thirty eight years annihilated to a Man. A and the space in which we came from Kadesh Barnea until we were come Over the Brook Zered was thirty and eight years until All the generation the men War were wasted out from among the Host As the lord a Svare unto Efthem. For indeed the hand the i re was against them to destroy them from among the Host until they were consumed. So it came to pass when All the men War were consumed and dead from among the deut. 2 14-17. Standing army a from now. Notice that any mild hostility which i had towards jews at Harvard disappeared promptly when there was anything like common co operative Endeavor when there was some approximation in manner and appearance. Use since then harrowed out Many the More vigorous manifestations that Early antagonism. I understand that to jews the Assumption underlying those sentences must seem insufferably arrogant the Assumption namely that the Summum Bonum social Progress partly depends upon the jews becoming americanized Anglois agonized a in other words losing their individuality. Yet such is not the fashion in which i should like finally to formulate my View. I think instead the intricate Maze problems in which we Are All caught Here in America jews and gentiles Ali my i see no put it in adding blood feuds to the flame our difficulties. If i could visualize any future for the jewish race a i mean a separate National life in a definite bit territory a life that might express itself vividly and uniquely in the family nations i should approach tie whole question differently. Frankly i. Dog Iol in. Most americans. Forces modern life bigger than any fruitless Asp tons nationality must some turn Synagog into objects Esthe curiosity and jewish literature into the evening Delight an antiquarian the jews Are too imitative too selectively imitative to healthily adaptable to be Content with the role picturesque in Assimilable. More and More they will want to become firmly knitted with the life the Community in which they live and make their Way. Eventually. It seems to me that will sell intermarriage and the disappearance special traits nor will the larger race be the loser by the no a bipod. Indeed if the jews were even picturesque in a certain sharply aesthetic sense,11 should bewail their loss Twenty years old and upward All that Are Able to go to War in Israel a was mustered in a in the Plains Moab by Jordan near Jericho a by Moses and Eleazar the son Aaron the priest. A these were the numbered the children Israel six Hundred thousand and a thousand seven Hundred and num. 26 1451/ it will thus be seen that the second army Moses numbered but one thousand eight Hundred and Twenty less thai Tea first a my a there was also in the Camp Moses a second amp namely a a a militia a bring the tribe Levi near and present them before Aaron the priest that they May minister unto him. And they shall keep his charge and the charge the whole congregation to do the service the Tabernacle. And they shall keep All the instruments the Tabernacle the congregation and the charge the children Israel to do the service the Tabernacle. And thou Shalt give the Levites unto Aaron Spla his sons they Are wholly Given unto him out the children num. 3 6-10. A a As to exemption from military service we shall let the Bible speak. A and it shall be when be Are come nigh unto the Batt Ujj that the priest shall approach and speak unto the people. And shall say unto them hear Israel be approach this Day unto Battle against your enemies let not your hearts faint fear not and do not tremble neither Tfir be terrified because them. For the lord your god is he to iat goeth to Fth you to fight for you against your enemies to save you. And the officers shall speak unto the people saying what Man is there that hath built a new House and hath not <f81icated it let him go and return to his House lest he die in the Battle and another Man dedicate it. And what Man is he that hath planted a Vineyard and hath not yet eaten it let him also go and return unto his House lest he die in the Battle and another Man eat it. And what Man is there that hath betrothed a wife and. Hath not taken her let him go and return unto his hag the lest he die in the Battle and another Man take her. And the officers shall speak further unto the people and they shall say what Man is there that is fearful and faint hearted let him go and return unto his House lest his Brethren a hem fan As Well As his deut. 20�sffl Moses was not Only a Law giver a humanitarian a thou Shalt love thy neighbor As thyself lev. 19 18but also a Liberator and a general Par excellence Quot a hebrew israelite jew by rabbi 8imon Hecht d.d., los / Iff it a Ngy la Cal i a i the immortal Bard Avon his famous Blayz a Romeo and Juliet seeks to pop a the path True love beset by the horns the family feud1 Between the caplets and the month tucs. And arguing the question As to whether the difference in the family names should be considered As Good enough reason for separating two Loving hearts puts into the Mouth Juliet the Well known and Oft quoted words a a what a in a name a indicating by the form the question that a there is really nothing in a name fortifying his position by the statement that which we Call a Rose by any other name would smell As and the world has accepted this assertion As absolutely Correct. Now i am inclined to iconoclasm nor do i yield to any one in Point reverence and admiration the memory Shakespeare and yet i would venture to question the absolute truth that phrase even though i know it has become a House m would even go further and assert without reflecting upon the Genius the great briton that there is something in a name and to that end. The end proving my seemingly revolutionary attitude discuss with the readers the rejuvenated and vastly improved by Nai by Rith messenger in this special number the significance the three names that head this article. Y As we pronounce these names As we use them her them applied at Large we realize that they Are indiscriminately used to denominate a certain group in the human family and this fact so Patent to All would lend verisimilitude to the shakespearean View that there is nothing in a name. A closer investigation however and a More thorough study the subject from a scientific and historic Point View would disclose theh flip that lies at the Bottom the indiscriminate use the three terms would bring Home to us the melancholy fact that old notions no matter How erroneous die hard if at All. Strange As it May sound it is True nevertheless that errors take deeper Root and secure firn hold than even truth which however immortal it it is often crushed to Earth and Long remains in that condition while fiction and fable and fad and fancy however frequently exposed will crop out again and again and exercise their baneful effect i am not the first to Point out the mistake so Many in our own religious household As Well As those outside it who regard hebrew israelite and jew not Only As synonyms but As interchangeable terms nor will i be the last but in the face a filhe facts enumerated above it is perfectly proper Yea and necessary to keep to fight error to show in this instance that there is something in a name. J a a a at pts a it $ v off Are we the professors our particular religion a race a nationality i say emphatically say it in the face any one who May hold a contrary View that we Are neither the one nor the other. We Are not hebrews. However some benevolently in is therefore untenable and cannot course be claimed by us. As a nation the name al Liine might be properly applied to a but when we Bear in mind How originally Tho name icons Israel was Given to the descendants Jacob whose name was changed into Israel How centuries later the people the Northern kingdom were called israelite and that go the successful invasion that territory by the successful assyrians they ceased to exist As a nation Wpm ent that the name israelite a. Cannot fittingly and correctly be used in de nominating the professors Judaism to Day who have inherited the religion Judah. And Judaism As now arg a understood is the religion unknown before Vamp a a a f file and formulated Jap Ezra and Nehemiah in Post Emilic us a a in a. Whatever1 dreamers idealists and sentimentalist May say Quot and write and think about i a National amp restoration and i do not use these terms obviously the modern jew does not entertain that Hope the modern jew still clings to the Ideal Mission Universal character / and Realises that its fulfilment is possible Only by living and acting in the midst humanity and therefore cannot those who would segregate themselves Ter Rito Lauy nationally. # when we see How Many try to make the name jew a reproach we must be willing nay anxious to make h honorable. I what our race is we can not declare with absolute certainty but we Are not i racially s hebrews. What our nationality is we know it is that the land in which we were born in which we live. We Are therefore neither hebrews nor israelite but jews and such Only because our by Rith messenger. Soldiers ii Freedom jewish regiments lesson gone lesson to us All ought to be this that we resolve Here As men and women the jewish race while we have being and strength never to be Jollif than the great America in Whid we live that a Hall thy it and that when men pass through this Broad land they shall not see us As withered things Ihu Apay ble merging with the picture but thoroughly a part the magnificent and inspiring whole without the possibility distinction 1s1 lined Christian might so denominate us with the object in View showing his respect for us. We Are not israelite any longer if Ever that appellation might have been Correct. We Are jews however some unthinking people might Assoc amp in with up amp to name a degree contempt however some our own Brethren might be disposed to avoid it to use it themselves in a sort shamefaced Ness. Strictly speaking a hebrew benevolent society As the name an organization that dispenses Charity to jews from jews is a Misnomer although no great harm can come from such a use the term hebrew. A the people Israel a p phrase so often heard and used by both jews and non jews is incorrect from a scientific avid purely historic Point View because it implies a National entity and because we have Long ceased to be # a Peop a k3ll. I said that generally speaking Shakespeare was right at least not wrong when he inferred that there was nothing in a name because in this consideration the names by which the professors our religion Are called the interchangeable use these words is in itself harmless but when we consider that we Are surrounded by enemies by those who seek in ourselves an excuse a justification for their animosity we should be very careful lest we furnish them the weapons with which to attack us we must insist that the professors Judaism Are jews Only in a religious sense that we Are not hebrews which would suggest a race not israelite which would suggest a nationality. We must strenuously com Bat the Contention our enemies who insist that we Are a race am that As such we can never be a part the whole i pig Fps my pm a a the difference in our religious views is no bar to our Active and whole hearted co operation in the work tha devolves upon the people. We must not allow the idea to gain foothold that we Are a nation and that therefore we May not be accorded 4� the rights nationality in the countries our temporary abode. We must emphasize our religious separateness our religious peculiarity if you will and show that As jews we rank with christians and Mohammedans and buddhists but that in All other respects we Are concerned in the Honor. Development and growth the countr in which we live. If we were a race we might pro Erly be called hebrews because he brew is the language which was once spoken by the members the great semitic family. / and it is against the results careful ethnological study to assume that any the existing Nar tons is one racial descent. Of it Elf Helwn a race which la so ten a Khaki a by a Willie hot win mgr a american jewish chronicle ? a 1 it is very unfortunate that responsible jews should come Forward in this hour crisis with proposals that must affect the masses Witk mfg consulting them. I such a. Proposal is the idea jewish regiments. A do not think that the bulk american jewry and our labor Maraessa especially Are in i favor jewish regiments. They Are All ready to do their Best As american citizens but to lightly beet to the confounding their duties As american citizens with their Judaism. A to a beg a wife one does hot Ren Der a service to America in need Unity and unifying forces by introducing the policy division into a a Hewa a forces. A a America / must emerge Victor Froais the was hot Only from a strategic but also from a National Point View. If the jews should broach any demands for is pedal jewish regiments the Irish american the Anglo americans the italian americans and so Forth feel induced to do likewise. The net result such a policy would be division and not Unity. No sound mind eff american jew Cam advocate such a policy. A it would grossly violate the principles America first even in times peace no american Tizen irrespective Creed and race should try to mingle american interest with the interest his special group. In times War such a policy is the More unwise since it is Likely to counteract the moral and also the political Unity the nation. The j Ewe have thousands reasons not to introduce ghetto san in the fulfilment their duties As a a americans. They Are citizens this great Republic and they should serve As citizens Only. We can gain nothing by creating special jewish regiments while the other hand we Render no service to our country and no service to the jewish people by such an act. Let us imagine for a moment that St pedal jewish regiments Are formed and lot us also imagine that the jews the countries novt at War with the United states also form special regiments and that finally both an american and a German jewish regiment meet the Battle eld it is one the curses our Diaspora life that we jews living scattered All Over the world and with no political National Center our own have to kill que another to Case War but is it our duty to intensify our tragedy by creating a situation where we shall kill each other in Masse no government demands us that such a sacrifice be made and we should be tree last to impose it upon ourselves. / ? / the fact the matter is that in governments do not consider their wish subjects it Zens a special ethical unit. Only in countries nationality Rule where the jews sight expect to live As a separate National group would they be entitled jews f America however is not such country and Here the jews should and must serve the Republic As american it Zens Only. / by rabbi Louis Bernstein Temple Austh Joeeph St. Joseph to. % sunday morning May 117� the occasion the visit the i French commissioners. To Kansas Eitor mo., a a a a i ism a up tide Rte which a1 great mass meeting at convention a Hall a where 20,000 people were Gath Eredi in Honor the distinguished visitors among the rabbi Louis Bernstein i % Temple Adath Joseph St. Joseph � who spoke As follows \ s 8oldiert Freedom Fagni Cleant in deed is this occasion which in the common cause Liberty i has summoned us to Greet the representatives our great sister Republic across the is France America. Thop amp Agic Wand Mem 1 Ory invokes into this presence the unforgettable Lafayette,./ represent f tire the French people largely re a Spon sible for american Independence. I today in this great religions Union we f Only u the j essentials together in the larger brotherhood service As the soldiers Freedom who stand upon the War ground a a gtd and k Battle for the eternal principles iy3i Long Ages ago the first Spreat Liber a Ator the servant the eternal impelled by the mighty voice his Vine chief dared to utter his Challenge in the presence the greatest Monarch his Day. In the mortal words a Send Forth mtg people that they May serve me. Ithell Wasi Freedom forever defined in terms serv Afef. >1. Fplpi/ a h not that Merzih Kustov Richer in material things not that they might Wallow in the luxury the body was Freedom Given to the world but that menus souls might soar to Heights spiritual . In the same spirit i High service the la tit revolution brought Freedom to the broken souls Europe and the a people who had walked m darkness saw in i great a was not without reason could no word be. Found worthy to be grave Ned upon the Liberty bes As those words a the great a rope Etycl a a Reedom a a proclaim be Liberty throughout the world to a a the thereof. True to her Ideal faithful to her nol ble Trust America does not falter in this dark Hoar but with Honor As her shield Justice As her to it drier she joins hands ? with the Liberty Loving people the world to drive Back the horde barbarism to destroy the menace a mad dog a who feasting upon the blood Vromen and cd feb Drent is f insatiable in his thirst Tor military glory the fruits tyranny and i autocracy r until the Hohen Zoil Era and the Hap sep Psi have gone the Way the Romanoff the sword a a in a a up s to remain unsheathed. As to Eirts. Egalite it Shrater Niter was the watchword the French a a Jar struggle a a emancipation so Shar Lerty Equality and fraternity be the tags words Jolby which j the world Juhala be freed and Mankind forger steadily Forward upon the Broad rap pm spiritual achievement. H led by the lodestar the common cause human we shall emerge from conflict broader in our to Etc caption life and truer in our Devotion to those High ideals which Are so beautifully interpreted to the intermingling the Tri color France with the stare and stripes America. As once when the Battle raged the my bursting in air gave proof through the sight that our Flag was still there a so now in the hour a that is darkest Dawn France a eng land and America stack their i standards together and pledge the world that there shall be a a rebirth Freedom that government the people for the people and by the people May not disappear from the / two yiddish cannot 8urvive. In a recent address the topic which was a the effects revolt Ion the jews a Rev. Or. Samuel a. Rabnowitz the Temple truth it Wilmington del., predicted As one the results the changed conditions in Russia a gradual extinction i a a yiddish As a language. / yid Tish. He said was Only a language when jews were compelled to live in a ghetto. Just As soon however As he Pale is abolished the ghetto Walls crumble and a a yiddish As a National language disappears making room for a More popular study hebrew and m expression jewish thought the he Europe languages the extinction a a yiddish As a language and he democratization the russian educational system will also result in he jewish studies and the consequent lessening the degree in by i Tui Micir learning which will be however by Aifa broader amp training for the average jewish youth and a truer Toter relation Judaism to % the dedicated to this Noble Enterprise committed ? to this program we May not hesitate. The Bogle sounds the commander in chief the armies humanity issues his summons and the soldiers Liberty stand in the forefront the Battle array for Phe voice not god is calling a Ifju f its summons unto j Sonce. He spa to a Zion Foj Iso now he Speaks again. Whom shall i Send to Succour a if a my people in their need Whf april a Send to loosen. The Bonds lust and greed Gap i hear my people crying a in cot and mine and slum no Field Man is no City Street to 1 see my in darkness and despair. Whom shall i Send to shatter the Fetters which they Bear we Heel lord thy summons f f and answer Here a Are welf a Send us upon thine errand let us thy servants be s fill our strength k is dust and ashes p our years a passing hour but thou canst use our weakness to magnify thy Power. From ease and pleasure save us. From absolve a Low desires lift us to High a resolve. Take us and make w holy teach us thy will and Way a speak and behold we answer Mommandi and we obey Justice the foundation. A r the Synagog to Day shall declare its Freedom by putting no Uncertain emphasis upon the fact that the foun All human Intercourse to Justice that the Law modern life shall be not the Law the beast Fang and tooth not the Law the Cave Man Stone and club not the Law the Middle Ages sword and Spear not even the Law i the nations that put their Trust to armies and navies but the Law i i even handed Justice the recognition the Equality All men the dignity and Sanctity human use and the Ever present z sense responsibility one Many a for his f ment. M

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