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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - May 3, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioLet Light aim a morn or m volume 63. Cincinnati. Ohio May 3, 1917. Number 44. God loves. Ipod loves the hippest labor of menus a to hands the toll a Popch the world is p r clothed and fed the sweat in which the workers win the bread 5 v that feeds the hunger of a Hundred roof lands a of a a and god loves too the labor of the a a brain the ceaseless thought of those a whose constant care is still to give men lighter loads to i Bear of a Kijja ease the shoulders of their h weight of pain. Nor loves he less the Laban of of rap heart that brings the word of courage and of cheer the poets song the message of the that Aid the soul to play a nobler part. Alone the idleness god cannot love that cries a to soul be merry. Take a thine ills jul por life was Given thee that thou might St please Tnp to love for Heights above a therefore my soul make haste while is i if hot Sun in a a it. A a Thil in noon brightness Over thy life a Way make too work that at the wre of Day of masters Praise May Welcome thee a Well do Jefe a a John h. Yates. Youn a Rael to the front Cincinnati Wise and Rockdale centers Consec Hpe themselves to country a cause. Last Sun pay morning the auditor stun of the Wise Tenter Cincinnati was filled with several Hundred Young men and women members of the Wise and Rockdale centers who came in answer to the Call of the president to discuss Means and methods whereby they could a speak act and serve to on behalf of the nation. The Call for the meeting was signed by rabbi David Philipson and rabbi Louis Grossmann and by the presidents of the two centers. The answer to the Call was vibrant with the spirit of yet Pgggy America and the pledge of the no flambers to consecrate a a a a a a a it they right be called upon to perform. The meeting culminated in the adoption of the following resolutions presented by Robert s. Marx chairman of the committee on Resolute in whereas it is the a a a reme duty of every american to Ltd respond to the Call of the president for service in behalf of the nation and whereas these organizations combined within their membership Over 700 virile Young men and women Able and willing to respond to whatever Call the need of the hour May bring Forth therefore be it resolved 1. That the Wise Center and the Rockdale Center hereby tender to the Council of National defense the offices of air respective organizations in performing such service As their members May be Able to per Orin 2. That a census of the members be taken by the spare tries of these organizations to ascertain exactly what each member can do in Case of emergency 3. That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to both the National Council of defense and the Ohio Section thereof. In presenting these resolutions or. Liars referred to the fact that at this time the customary pleasures of life the trivialities and frivolities must give Way to the necessities of the hour. He said a every one must sacrifice his personal pleasure and Comfort upon the altar of the nation. Many Here Are to make the supreme sacrifice. Many cannot Many ought not make this supreme sacrifice but those who cannot and those who ought not can each make some sacrifice and can each perform some service which will be invaluable. The nation is thrill with enthusiasm. Surely Young jewish men and women of this Community Are prepared to do their part not As it As As am tence of the spirit of the meeting was announced that the dance which was. To be Given by the two centers on May 6 had been cancelled and instead the Money that would have been spent upon the dance had been donated to the War Relief fund. Or. Justin Rollman presented the following report upon military Drill which was unanimously adopted a the object of this committee is to to offer Young men who have not had an Opportunity to Drill to form a company and Drill once or twice a week under the auspice Sof regular military officers to study the technic of close order work. A the committee wishes it distinctly understood that they Are not trying to form a regiment and that there is no compulsion to Volunteer on the part of any one who joins this company. A Captain Thomas Schmuck of company f has offered the services of his first lieutenant first sergeant and several other non commissioned ? officers to instruct the men in drilling. He has also offered his company rifles and the use of the armory one night a a the committee further wishes to suggest that classes in i map a making Trench digging military rules and regulations and a military etiquette could easily be take al up Jef it is the desire of those who Joto this company. A organization should begin at Onde. A is is an unusual Opportunity to gain some knowledge of military mane vering. Those who desire to join Are requested to Remato after the Jne eting. A submitted 1 Ottobert Schroeder 1 Robert Mayer Bert Meiss Edgar Aub Laurence Ach Leonard Mode Leonard a toaster he by a it Goldman Stanley . The committee on woman a work read a comprehensive report of the part that the Center girls intended to take and in helping in the prosecution of the War which was in part As folios a a in Milf fag a Survey of the Wori which we As citizens of the United states can do in this time of Emer Genc pm up comp a the conclusion to tvs no Pera pm i with the other various woman a organizations in the City already successfully undertaking this work will be the most time saving and efficient method of procedure to engage in this work does not mean leaving the City and hastening to the trenches in France but it does mean that each and every one of you should prepare yourselves to do your utmost in the coming crisis. There is a world of difference by Peless hysteria and Calm persevering preparation and whatever the future May bring it is the latter attitude which we must and will adopt. In it a a in making plans for the Active service of the wow Tod Rockdale Cepter girls there Are three organizations to which we have gone and All three have promised Active co operation and Aid viz., the National league for woman a service the american National red Cross and the University of Cincinnati. The National league Foff woman a service is to feb most inclusive of these three organizations and offers various Fields of act ram Hsih the applicant can choose according to her ability and liking. Tr0�yarious kinds of work which the league offers Are As follows 1. Social and welfare a factory and inspection b housing and feeding Industrial workers Industrial can teens. Re Ilfe and station canteens it of social club work d caring for families of militia men visiting investigating. 2. Commissariat a cooking b purchasing. 2. Agricultural a gardening b poultry raising c Dairying. 4. Industrial a shops b Factor i 0$ 5. Medical and nursing assistant in Hospital b making of Hospital supplies. 6. Motor driving a knowledge of driving b knowledge of engine. 7. General service 1. Office work a executive b stenography c card cataloguing d filing e clerical work f telegraphy g switchboard. The nature of these activities naturally varies. Some of these require immediate service other Call for different Youres in red Cross work or dietetics while still other Uch As motor driving agricultural work Etc will be required Only in the utmost need. The red Cross offers three courses of instruction All of which will be of immediate and practical use in the Case of actual warfare a elementary Hygiene and Home care of the sick b first Aid to the injured c practical lessons in surgical dressing. Specs -1 divisions of Wise and Rockdale Center girls will be organized by the american red Cross in Case we can get together enough of you to make up a class. Mimz. 1 in the Home Hygiene and first Aid classes 18 girls Are required to make up a course. In the surgical dressing Only 12 Are required. Tuition for the red Cross course will be $3 and for the elementary Hygiene $3.50. The time of these courses will be arranged at your convenience. At the completion of each course an examination is Given and if the examination is satisfactorily passed which is usually the Case for the government knows the Quality of mercy a certificate is issued to the fortunate student a Fly f the two courses which can be taken at the University both Deal with the science of food that is dietetics. The first course deals directly with the preparation of food and the nutrition of numbers of individuals and therefore goes hand to hand with red Cross work. The admission to the course is $6, and As in the regular red Cross courses we must have at least 20 girls to form a class. The second of these courses deals with the Cost of food the cutting Down of expenses and general Economy to the Home. There Are very few of us in these hard times who can not profit directly from so practical a course. It is also primarily useful in doing social service work. In the managing end of Homes Hospital asyl Tolm Etc. In order to form a class in the Economy of food it is necessary to obtain the permission of or. Dabney the president of the University of Cincinnati but As the associated charities have already obtained this privilege i imagine that. A would be do thai game. This closes a somewhat Brief Survey of the work which can a be done but As you ail see there Are a thousand tasks confronting you and at a time like this when we Are on the Brink of an unknowable unfathomable crisis every Milf to bit helps so do your share. Respectfully submitted Quot _ Esther Ransohoff chairman. The committee is Esther Ransohoff chairman duffle Freiberg vice chairman Edith Westheimer Jean Einstein Louise Bettman. Or. Max Thurnauer pm my i of Tbs committee on food production presented the plan proposed by his committee which was adopted by a unanimous vote and Over 140 members joined the Garden club at the meeting. This report was As follows to the members of the Wise Jip ? Rockdale centers a a a a i a the Garden committee which has Leili Roe Tritty appointed a begs lean to submit the following report and requests that the members take in Fnu Wiite action on the plans submitted fit this report. M we have no doubt that there Are quite a number of the members the Wise and Rockdale centers who do not see the necessity of a tar hot a Garden club movement so amp a pm word on the food situation and the Outlook in regard to future food do a Udo lies is fitting at this realize that the Price of food has had tremendous increase during the past year or so. This May be partly due to the manipulation of food speculators but on the whole it is due to crop and economic conditions such Perien ced in its history. Reports from All Over the country show that the Farmer is not increasing the amount of produce that should be planted either through Lack of farm labor to Plant and Harvest the crop through the desire of maintaining High prices through the Scarcity of food stuffs or due to the tied up conditions of the Canning plants which consume a Large Quantity of the produce raised on the farms. A conditions Are also accentuated by the tied up conditions of the freight on the railroads which condition feed themselves on the produce from forces Many towns and localities to their immediate Vicinity. The government experts who have been making an exhaustive investigation and study of this situation report that should a have a crop reversal the food situation in this country will be in a deplorable condition and bread lines will not be an uncommon thing in our big cities. Many people realizing the Gravity of this situation have started to raise their own vegetables in their Back Yards and a number of clubs in the various cities have started Garden club plans for the collective raising of food products in order to forestall these conditions. In our up City a Ipp Iber of the clubs have started movements to cultivate gardens. Among these movements Are first the Board of education plan which secures Small plots of ground for the Public school pupils who desire to raise vegetables on them if hese plots Are Only open to juveniles who Are in the Public schools and adults Are excluded from this plan. The City club has also started a plan and has had a 2,000-acre farm near Irvine ky., offered to them. Their plan has not As yet been completed. There is still another plan called the Hyde Park East Community farming plan. In this plan each member of the partnership pays $10 for a share. A Secretary treasurer and a farm manager were employed a Sally. And potatoes were panted. The join. Who did the work of planting and cultivating the ground received one half of the crop the other half was decided among the men ens of the partnership. This plan is in Active operation today and seems to be successful. The fourth plan has been suggested by your com mite Wylie a is As follows Quot we suggest that the Wise and Rockdale centers form a club charge nominal dues say not Over $1 the proceeds of the initiation fee to be devoted to the up Hasing of i de farming implements and the hiring of men to Garden and Plant the property which can be obtained free of charge. This club to be open to All interested especially to the members of the Wise and Rockdale centers their families and friends. A farm supervisor should be chosen from the membership of the Garden club and he should appoint a committee to work with him. There should also be chosen a Secretary treasurer to collect the initiation fee manage Thip Sale of the produce and take charge of the financial end of the club. The Pri pm hot is raised shall be either disposed of through charitable organizations at a nominal sum which should be preferably the course of raising the produce plus a Small profit to protect the Small truck diners who make a living from farming. The Metal Jib of disposal would be to sell to members of the Garden club which would therefore release quite a lot of food stuff which could be sold in the open Market which is now sold to the members on the open Market. Third we could leave the disposal of the produce to the Secre-tary4reasurer, so that should other organizations or our government take Steps in disposing of produce raised in this manner that he could comply and assist with these movements. We think the Best plan is to sell the do Duce to our members proportionately at a slight margin above the Cost the balance to be sold according to the plan to be determined upon should any produce be left. Should any profits accrue Over the actual Cost of farming these profits should be turned Jgr to Chat. Tab comic tee suggests that the planting and raising of vegetables be left to the a flip so proviso a a a he will be better Able to Analyse the soil and determine what produce to raise on the various pieces of ground and also what produce is the most nourishing and will command the Best prices. If there Are any members who would like to work Small plots themselves we can make arrangements to secure these plots in or about Avondale and will furnish them seeds and will instruct them on How to Garden the plot. It if there Are any of the members who own lots or know of lots that can be used for gardening the committee would appreciate it if they would alms the trea hirers of the Wise of Romp Sale pm in pm chairman joint club committee a Garden c. C. Rabbi Philipson delivered a stirring address in support of the work that was proposed quoting the famous lines of Wordsworth written a Hundred years ago that in such times it was a Joy to be alive but to be Young was very heaven. Rabbi Grossman in a few eloquent words emphasized the fact that All the ideals that America stood for had been preached for years by the jewish5 prophets and a that in answering the Call of our country we were alike True to our noblest to edition As jews As Well As americans. Judaic a democracy a Hope but Israel must avoid romanticism and materialism says prof. Boas. A Tell Migion lost a efficiency and is a it a flip a itself out Long ago al top my it is were discussed by priv powr Plilip Boas of Whitman University at the Spring Assembly of the Eastern Council of Reform rabbis. Professor Boas spoke on a youth and Judaism a land said that he Dit not believe that jewish youths were deserting the Synagog. Today he asserted there were signs of greater consciousness of / Judaism among the Young than there were ten years ago. But youth in particular wanted to see results and wanted to see How religion was benefiting the world. He it wants to be showing cause for its existence a he said a it insists and rightly Ahat religion stress actuality and Toke visible and a a there Are some men certainly who believe that religion has lost its Efficacy who believe that Fri Ligion is a Force which wore itself and in a sense these for the religion which has lost its Force and e decayed and outworn of these men lies in id it Tong ago. Are right by think of to now Only the mistake he question is of All of so a Valus Progress is the truly Happy Man is not made by a pleasant and sunny course. Hard tasks deferred Hopes the beating of Adverse winds must enter into i his composition Here below As they win a finally enter into his song on High. De notifying their View of religion with All religion in the arrogance of their unbelief their eyes Are blinded to the truth. A religion still exists As a mighty Force the More so since it has Learned to adjust itself to the legitimate demands of Progress. Scratch the surface of religious unbelief and nine times out of ten you will find the base Metal of religious ignorance. Surely i can feel that this audience at least believe that organized religion still dwells at the Center of civilization that organized religion still concerns itself not mechanically but vitally with those great questions of conduct and of duty the variety of which age cannot Wither or custom stale. A now if the problem of the development of inner tip possibility in a democracy is a True Issue and if the problem can be met by educational agencies and Iff organized religion is a powerful acid purposeful educational % which arises in the us who wish to see j Able Force in the this How can Judaism help in the attainment of the discipline of democracy a it a need of to Dah amp a what is Neefel Ujj a we must have an educational Force powerful enough to build Yin with a jul Flag native Power spiritual insight religious emotion sympathy and Energy combined with judgment proportion Good sense restraint and Wisdom of direction. Observe that i say Union not me Lamb nation. It is easy to have sympathy and Energy is easy of a have judgment Asp restraint it is a Mir to Lay it intellectual Virtues beside the emotional Virtues. Up but to intervene Tram one with the other to fuse one with the other to have Sypal pfc strained and ordered by Good sense to have religious Emo Pon bounded and directed by a sense of Law to have Wisdom in the heart of Energy and enthusiasm Here is the Miracle of civilization the achievement of which costs every ounce of intellectual Effort which men can bring to the treasure Heap. To free ones new Freedom subject to the Shap a thump is not hard but to make ones new Freedom subject to the Shap ing and guiding Power of inner Law is the supreme achievement of the hum n win. In Yuan christianity Supply he motive Power for this achievement it May be. But without prejudice one must admit that the forces of christianity have not we ked in this direct Pion. Christianity has been disciplinary but her discipline has been the outer authority of catholicism or the mechanical auth Olty of narrow creeds. The great danger of christianity however is its tendency to romanticize itself to div a be itself from vital convictions and be satisfied with Union with a Cloudy infinite or with the luxury of humanitarian sentiment. Yet the time was in the history of our country when christianity formed and moulded the inner spirit did if racy an achievement so valuable and so lasting that wha1 is Best in our National life rests upon. Its solid foundation a the highest achievement american christianity in its relation to our National life was in new England colonial Days when in spite of big of Tref Natl scientific ignorance it informed democracy with a spirit which has been the most influential thing in american history. But what does colonial christianity remind you of Why of Judaism of course. A and that brings me to my chief Point that Judaism is Best fitted by its traditions its nature and its present condition to perform the great service for democracy the Union of inner Law and inner Energy. If democracy is to succeed it must work for civilization and civilization is what be Progress from brutish Mure natures and the Dif Ference Between Man and the brute is that Man has the Power to re strato and direct his impulse to Fri within instead of having to be restrained and directed from without. A if Israel is to fulfil its potential Mission however it must avoid four Areat dangers a romantic l religiosity humanitarian materialism racialism and formalism. The problem of Judaism is the problem of every human Titus Ion the adjustment of inherited ideas to present necessities. There is Only one Way of dodging the jewish i problem a stagnation and. Death. A religious romanticism a a however is net gravely dangerous for i Judaism. The hard practical sense of the jew usually keeps him from extravagance. His danger is perhaps too Little emotion rather than not enough in w pc. A a Graver danger is materialism Graver in that th3 humanitarian spirit so necessary to re a new Psi lift <vrirmn0 and vicious forms is seemingly to undermine the Jeppi Oblations Ikpi. Ligion. The danger which i am pointing out is not sympathy and kindness and charitable action a it is the Exalta twi of the humanitarian Virtues into a religion. I cannot believe that Judaism i does its greatest service to democracy by keeping the poor and unfortunate out of almshouses and asylums. / .1 a a the third ? danger is formalism. Formalism is of course merely the confusion Between Toner and i outer discipline. People hold to a belief in the saving Efficacy of forms and ceremonies because instinctive i they have a longing for Law and order to tangible form. Racialism the great danger. A the greatest danger however that stands in the was Jbf the attempt of Judaism to reach its largest usefulness is racialism hat Blind and dip questioning admission of ones Supen Ortity. The Basic idea of racialism seems to be this that store one is born a jew it is his duty to develop his jewishness to the fullest extent without reference to the fact that his particular race May not have absorbed All the gob gift of a amps i w put the Case As brutally As possible radar in is uncritical egotism. A i am no As amp imitation is i Hare no desire to. Ab�1 the Tajo cities which they add to the Commonwealth of Naiome hut i feel that there is something mechanical in the everlasting emphasis upon the things which make ups different of from other people. Why should a Man always Pride himself upon All the qualities Good and bad which Dieteren Agate him from other people there is something abhorrent in this throwing overboard of standards of value. Let us cultivate the Good Quality ill of the jewish race because a they Jare Good and refuse Tim qualities just because they Are jewish. A four dangers then do their Best to prevent the jew from vitalizing in the hearts of Young men an Ideal i discipline and res Pofit or and Fri making a valuable contribution toward the settled put of the Jigio Gail problem of democracy religious romanticism humanitarian materialism formalism and racialism. What then is left out. What can the jew offer which will make against the Mere expression of impulse and make for the concentration of Energy what can the jew offer i can answer to one word Judaism. A Judaism genuine and vital Judaism freed from extravagance and excess Judaism freed alike from formalism and false mysticism Judaism that religion the heart and soul of which is Law hut Law magnetized by magnificent humanity. Jews must justify dissent. A the jews Cam justify themselves Only As they become a priestly people. I have said it once and i say it again a responsibility for self justification rests upon the jew greater than rests upon any other people. He has dissented for Twenty centuries the time has now come when he must justify his dissent. Now when the need1 is greatest for his special gifts his Good sense his Conception of Law his sense of discipline his sense of responsibility now is the time when these Grifin dignified and vitalized by a genuine religious spirit can Best be Given to the the of Ems a rent of of key. I. The provisional executive committee for general zionist affairs has issued the following anticipating the capture of Jerusalem by the British army which is now advancing upon the holy City from Gaza sir Harry h. Johnston the noted traveler and explorer who is writing a War leaders for the London evening news Johp grip North Eiffe paper to Mph he recen a a Argielo the Folk own Ftp Elo Pii a Bei oif Phe end of 1917 France possibly in charge of Syria w hich i longing for a French protectorate he Dent Arabia Jeff d from turkish garrisons go Wop rest of Turkey in Asia and Europe in the Power of one or the other of the allies pending a final settlement of the whole turkish question. A in such an event what May be the future so the Haw Laid a asks sir Harry Johnston. The whole history of Egypt shows that it can Only be Safe from hostile attacks if it is defended from Palestine. Either Palestine must be an Unwar like Neutral state or it must be occupied by the Power that governs or in our Case protects Egypt. French and italian catholics might resent its being governed by a Matolsy protestant Britain British and american Christian Ian but Duiliss its coming under the Dominion of greek or armenian churches. The Best solution is the re creation of Palestine As a jewish it a sir Harry Johnston Points out that this View of the disposition of Palestine was held in England prior to the outbreak of the War but the attitude of jews of German origin both in America and in Central Europe aroused the fear that the establishment of a jewish state to Palestine would mean the a of influence dangerously near the a Wasp Waist of the British Empire. But the writer justifies the attitude of the pro German jews which explains was because of the Way the jews Tad been treated in orthodox Russia in russian Poland in Roumania and even remember the Dreyfus Case Jin France. But France has changed and most of All Russia in one week has been revolutionized. The american jews Are beginning to feel that Russia is making the amende hence the writer urges there can now be no danger to the British Empire in the Deal of a jew a put to Palestine he closes his article with the statement t lip will be one of the Many splendid achievements of �11 horrible War if we not Only restore Poland a nationality but the kingdom of Israel to the a jewish i historical society a the Twenty fifth annual meeting of the i american jewish historical a society opened on sunday a a Ril 22 in the Assembly room of an ,4 in the City of new York. Or. Cyrus Adler president of the society was in the chair and the corresponding Secretary or. Albert m. Erie Den Berg acted As recording Secretary pro tempore. The sessions were Well attended. Or. Adler opened the proceedings fit extending a cordial Welcome to those attending this Jubilee meeting of the society. Miss Elfrida Cowen of new York read the paper on a Judith Peix Otto Hays a a standing in her 1 name on the program. This gave the in Teres Ting record of a new York Public school teacher of the Middle of the nineteenth Century no was the first jewess to be appointed to a principal ship. Or. Daniel p. Hays of new York Gaye an interesting account of or. Daniel l. M. A a Peixotto 1800-1843,1 of new York an eminent physician of his Day whose father was a the successor of Gershom Mendes Seixas As minister of the local portuguese Synagog and of some of his descendants lip Oscar s. Suggested that in publishing Nec ologies of deceased members of the society a portrait of the subject be added wherever deemed appropriate. This suggestion was referred to the executive Council. Rev. Or. Abrham a. Neuman of Philadelphia favored to his paper on a Una to 1 eol i Piffl Hethe preparation and puh Licat on of a monograph on the Napoleonic Sanhedrin written from the Point of View of the twentieth instead of the nineteenth Century. Such a work has been authorized a by the Council and will be actively pushed to completion. Or. Neumans paper was discussed by miss Annette Kohn and messes. B. H. Hartogensis Adler and Straus the last mentioned calling attention to earlier writings on the subject. Or. Solomon Zeitlin of Philadelphia in a paper on a when did Jerusalem surrender to Antii Kocbus sietes a gave an explanation of an abstruse chronological Point in Josephus. He said that the close of the summer of 132 b. C. E. Marked the Date of anti Ochus attack on the holy City. A or. A Straus read his i necrology of Benjamin Franklin Einstein or. Adler those of Caesar 3onei Moses r. Walter and Edward Wolf the last by Clinton Mayer and or. Friedenberg those of Bernard Bruenn by l. V. Def Gruy Martin a. Marks by Hon. Simon Wolf Jacob Otten Belmert Gay Rev. Or. Louis Martin Philipson by Rev. Philipson Fraancis deck Poliak by honorable Benjamin n. Cardozo All of whom were members of the society. So. Def. Full Primon of Washington sell a Pfifle i a notes of jewish interest in the District of a Columbia a which was read by or. Friedenberg. This gave an account of an interdenominational society of jews and christens in in 1834, Jonas p. Levy s relations to he hebrew congregation of that City and a sunday Observance incident of 1859. A finally mrs. Minnie i. Louis of new York read an original new National hymn entitled a America thou Hope of the second session was held bunday afternoon. Or. Freidenberg read the paper by or. Israel Cowen of Chicago a references Tot jews in Harris new-mark�?T8 sixty years in Southern this gave tote / sting details of life in los Angeles in the Early 50�?Ts with special reference to jews and Judaism. Or. Lee m. Friedman of Boston then presented a note a six French men of War full of jews at Louisburg a and an interesting paper discussing a Cotton Mather and the in the totter he referred to the expectations of the arrival of the millennium to Mather a conversion St Zeal and gave big biographical details concerning this new England worthy. The paper was discussed by Rev. Or. D. De 3ola Pool. The president appointed As a committee on nominations Rev. Or. Abram s. Isaacs of Paterson n. J. A or. Clarence s. Nathan of new York and or. Neuman. The chair was then taken for the remainder of the session by the society a beloved vice president Hon. Simon w. Rosendale of Albany n. Y. Or. Leon Huehner of new York gave an informing and detailed biography of David Salisbury Franks a distinguished Patriot and officer of the revolutionary War. Thereupon mrs. Max it a. Kohler of new York read a charming paper on a some american Litte raters of the last Century a dealing with the relations of j. Nathan to Margaret Fuller and adding a succinct sketch of the life of the former. Or. Max j. I Kohler of new York summarized his important and valuable treatise on a jewish rights at the congresses of Vienna 1814-1815 and Aix la Chapelle 1818 a he told How the jews of the time had gone to the first of these congresses and made representations touching their emancipation and a How humanitarian questions formerly regarded As purely internal consideration of the various states were there discussed. The second Congress was held to necessarily Complete and complement the work of the Vienna gathering. Prof. Alexander Marx of new York presented a highly scientific paper on a the Aims and tasks of the science of jew ish history this gave an account of the Progress of a of a wish historic Raphy since Zunz Jost and Graetz and offered useful a a goes tons for Attr Ture researches. I it was discussed by or. Adler who threw out a suggestion that at future meetings of the society tasks should be set no chosen in the Case of writers of psf Ipi and of or. Friedenberg who made a plea for the Observance of amp due sense of proportion to treating american jewish worthies and minor notes. V. Finally Rev. Or. David de Sola Pool read his notable papers 1. A a Shemiah Israel a i Azote of the Reform movement in Acao 1884-05�?� 2. A a manuscript hebrew work of Samuil Roblez 4 a Dina Suriname 1762�?� 3. A a a the refutation of rabbi b. C Carillon Jamaica 1874�?� 4 a warder Cresson a the key of David,�?T�1862�?�r�?~a pipe on the subject of Reform Jamaica 1848�o and 6. Quot colonel myer hand the Centennial exposition at Philadelphia 1876.1 one of them was did Cus indie de amp Berg while in connection with the tolmentiqs6illr. Daniel w. Shoyer of new York a descendant of colonel Asch who was present exhibited the various medals and decorations bestowed by foreign governments on his ��3� on sunday evening at the hotel Ansonia the Judaean met a a tendered a reception to the a society in Honor of g. Its Jubilee. I in Henry m. Leipziger president of the Judaean presided and an address introduction g the first speaker was Hon. Oscar s. Straus past president of the society who described the Aims and work of its founders. Or Cyrus Adler the present president j gave a a succinct account of the organization and of what led up to this. Professor Jacob h. Hollander slivered an address proposing a plan of work for the society us its Neil Quarter Century and or. Daniel p. Hays vice president of the Judaean showed How a vital is the connection Between american jewish history and jewish life in this country. A collation provided by the Judaean kept its members mid their guests together until Long after Midnight i the final session of the society was held on monday morning. Hon. N. T. Phil up the treasurer presented this report showing the society to be in a healthy financial state. Or Frieden bergs report As corresponding Secretary gave the news that the society s in i Iii Fly ii Jap in x than Ever before dose to the 400�mark�?and described recent publications and future publication a plans. Or. Lig Huehn or the curator submitted a report for his office. The committee on nominations thereupon reported and the following officers and members of the executive Council of Hie sri to 1wh unanimously i elected a president or. Cyrus Adler vice presi dents on. Simik a w. I Rosendale Albany n. Y. Professor Richard j. H. Gottheil new York City Rev. Or. David to upon conc Amati Hon. Julian w. Mack Chicago a a correspond Ittis Secretary Albert , new York City recording Secretary Samuel Oppenheim new York City treasurer n. Taylor new York City curator Leon Huehner new York City additional members of the executive for i a term of three years Dpi rap with the path annual meeting of the society Chas. J. Cohen Philadelphia or. Herbert Friedenwald Denver y prof. G Max l. Margolis Philadelphia prof. Alexander Marx new York City of. Or. A a b. Makover a Baltimore then read his paper m. Noah his life and work from the jewish Point of View a which was discussed by messes. Adler and Huehner. The following papers were then presented in abstract by title or. Albert m. Hyam soil of Cheshunt a eng.,� on a a British Tofft cab for the restoration of the jews Robbi Julius j. Price of Toronto Canada on 1. A Newman l. Steiner the first jewish of the peace in. Ontario 2.��?ofurther data on the �8u� of three Rivers Quebec 3. A Esther grandeur an Early Canadian jewish convert 4. Quot the Ashers of Toronto a 5. A an unpublished letter of Aaron Ezekiel Hart a and tors. Carrie Baumgarten Wallenstein of Baltimore on a note on Selig Baumgarten the pint Seal engraver in or. Adler suggested that in future the annual meetings should he so Tor a As possible limited to sessions of one Day that two such might be set apart the year a and a a Home pit of Twenty minutes in the Case of individual papers a May appear desirable. On motion the Hje a pm of were formally tendered to the Judaean for their Courtesy in arranging a meeting to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of this society and for entertaining it. This brought the proceedings of this notable session to a fitting close and the society adjourned of without Day. P. Since the adjournment a cablegram of congratulation to the society on its anniversary was received from fhe jewish historical society of bbl los prevailing international1 conditions delayed the receipt of this message. Albert m. Frieden Bebe corresponding Secretary recording Secretary pro tem. Title pirates. Our esteemed contemporary the St. Louis jewish voice refers to some title pirates As follows a it a strange How Little some so called pm a Eirl editor spa publishers know of the rights and obligation which Are theirs i amid All and circumstances and even of the common Ordinary etiquette of the journalist. There Cert apply is no need of the duplication of Sames or a a Les of weekly papers in the same Field in the same particular cause and in the same a Tongue. One a israelite should be sufficient and one a jewish voice should be the a limit a instead there must be another a israelite to o., and another a jewish voice in Seattle. Wash. We had not the slightest intimation of the existence of our duplication a until we received a request recently for an Exchange with the same. A imagine our 1 there Are some in every Community Una Many that do Ness in that Twilight zone that 5 lies Between the honorable Quot Iafe it us a i a to pm to Inal. They do things that honorable men would not do though n avoiding doing what the Law would Send them to prison for. F it would hardly be sex Patall that any jewish publishers or could be found a Engin of to this. Class hut Are some in Seattle and Toledo. 1 yesterday a an tomorrow a Are zephyrs. A. Is a bitter wind. Austin of Malley. Sis

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