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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - March 15, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioT the pm it Tutti to Juii x re Hirvi in n we to Lurf Hofto kit a if �?�mtm0 a i bks a Mriz in a a Semi a a a volume 63. A Cincinnati. Ohio March 15, 1917. Number m March in the Hills. The Stormy March is come at last a rewind and Clouds and changing a skies it i hear the Rushing of the blast a that through the snowy Valley flies. A passing few Are those who speak wild Stormy month in it Praise of Quot thee yet though thy winds Are loud and Bleak thou Art a Welcome month to me. For thou to Northern lands again a the glad and a glorious a Sun doth bring a a a a. Ill and thou Hast joined the gentle train and Wear it the gentle name of and in thy reign of blast and storm smiles Many a Long Bright sunny. Day we a when the changed Woods Are soft and warm a pm and heaven puts on the Blue of May. Jill then sing aloud the gushing rills in Joy that they again Are free. And brightly leaping Down the Hills renew their journey to the sea. ? the years departing Beauty hides of wintry storms the sullen threat but in thy sternest frown abides a look of kindly Promise yet. Thou bring St the Hope of those Calm skies b a a. A a a k and that soft time of sunny show Essuf when the wide Bloom on Earth that lies seems of a brighter world than i b of ��5�� a William Cullen Bryant. Siy unt by Lotthard Deutsch. In the greatest difficulty prevails in gathering a pm trial for in objects of general interest i can Only collect sped me it Hupf under the head of a woman a i have the titles of thirty three iipamphlit8 on the jewish do plan Whilt a were not noted in the encyclopedia. I also collect facts bearing on the subject As to my notice with out always consuming the encyclopedia a Iju ppm far less time to note such an item than to look throw up Long Muthe encyclopedia to see whether or not it is hemmed Therp a so the student who May at some times use my notes will be info bed of the nil Ai fact that a Midrash says the first a a so in the up a is Sib and in the report of the creation of woman Gen. 2 21 Beca ppm a i coated satan was created with her. Equally uncomplimentary was the Illustrator of the first passover haggadah printed in Prage 1527. He gives us a woodcut showing a Man who raises a Bun of of bitter herbs and under it the legend is found a it is customary in Israel to Point to the wife when the Man says this of Good ipod fashioned theology or. De Sola Pinto a trustee of the portuguese congregation of London gave us a specimen. He resigned from the Board lab Gpe i res sgt in was passed Wypch Peggy eked to vote. My notes however Are not so discouraging altogether. Samuel a1 a Phi a who in the twelfth convened to Island reports that his mothers and Sisters were Inge matted i the torah and could read hebrew. Rabbi Isserlin of marburg in tfx fifteenth Cen tip a one of the leading rabbis of his time had a daughter bearing the Peculiar name of Redel who was a student of the talmud. In the seventeenth Century rabbi Josetta Falk Cohen of Lemberg was blessed with a wife who could Render decisions on the most difficult questions of rabbinic Law. Leon Modena who May be called the for he actually advocated to the seventeenth Century some changes of the divine service and of the ritual Law tells us that he had an aunt Fioretta fio was Well versed in Bible and talmud. The great Grandfather of my great Grandfather Jacob Eliezer Brunschwig who died while rabbi of a a a 1729, had a daughter Sprize who according to the testimony of Moses Kunitz Given in 1815, one of the earliest supporters of Reform was a great Rab bin scholar. Rachel Ter of rabbi Elisha Pontremoli whose grandson married the daughter of the former italian Premier Luzzatti was also a rabbinic scholar and Able to decide religious questions. She died As late As 1901, at the age of ninety. We hav pm Kilpi who fee scholars in secular branches for in 1542 a yiddish Book on religious ethics was published which is dedicated to a woman doctor Smorada of Genzburg. A a Jude Doktorin a z�#1��s said a in be of portuguese descent asked the City of Friedberg to Grant her a a Schulzf and offered to a Iez and a forty thousand florins at three per cent. She was arrested As a fraud and publicly pilloried. The first jewish woman High school teacher in Germany is said to have been or. Annali i Burger appointed to the girls Ober Rea Schule at Mannheim. F similarly Anna Turmarkin who teaches history of philosophy fat the University of Berne is said to be the first woman permit Ted to teach at a German varsity. A similar record has been established by Nancy Isaacs daughter of Isaac a Isaacs fudge of the High court of Australia who was appointed a Piliate judge to her tether.? j orthodoxy is on Principio opposed to every the Fig new i and it is not strange to read in the a a israelite a condemnation of the growing practice of women entering universities somewhat artificially based on the talmudic statement Stegill Abji 14-9 a tide ils not becoming to Jacob Saphir of Jerusalem a traveler who has Given us valuable information on the habits of Oriental jews Speaks in a hebrew paper in 1871, of the decline of Judaism in As he thinks by the practice of employing As a eachers of a Eligi Ortelle have jewish women not merely in the Art of peace but also in War. Louise Graf emus of Koenigsburg served As Volunteer in the prussian Campaign of 1813 to 1814. Modem instances of insisting on the inferiority of women Are reported from orthodox circles in Germany. A curious Case of this kind was reported from Halberstadt in 1888, when a new Sefer torah hag been donated to the Synagog. To women of the congregation wished to have some part in this religious work so they sewed the sheets of Paist ment together. Somebody discovered that this was against the a Din a and the sheets were ordered ripped apart and renewed by men. Justice requires that we Point to the fact that orthodox views of the inferiority of woman Are restricted to her religious privileges while in her Domestic life i she has More Protection than the Man. Joseph Colon an italian rabbi of the fifteenth Century refuses to entertain the claim of a Man to his wife a property on the ground that she had wilfully deserted him. Such charges the rabbi says must be proven by impartial witnesses for a god forbid that israelis daughters be treated As it is again on the basis of religious privilege that the Zohar the sacred Book of mysticism prohibits women to attend a funeral for the Angel of death who owes his privileges to eve found he no women and As the right to destroy any one whom he meets at such a funeral. This prohibition seems to have been the practice to All old congregations. The bylaws of the congregation of Teplitz dated 1745, prohibit the attendance of women at a funeral with the exception of the nearest relatives of the deceased. Naphtali Sofer a prominent hungarian rabbi who died in 1899, ordered in his will that no woman should be permitted to enter the cemetery at his funeral. Jacob Rei Scher a native of Prague who Dygd As rabbi of Metz in 1733, permits a woman to say Kaddish when services Are held at the Home but not in the Synagog. Eleazar Fleckles 1755-1826rabbi of Prague prohibits women to say Kaddish in the Synagog but permits it in a room adjoining of cd Synagog which As he says was customary in the a a Klaus of Prague. A copy of his work which is found in the Library of the hebrew Union College contains a note from the hand of Jonas Bondi the father of mrs. Isaac m. Wise who reports that his great grandmother Genendel the daughter of Hayim Jonah Toomim Lan Rabbiner of Silesia who died in 1727, was permitted to say Kaddish after the death of her father because her Only brother later also a rabbi in Breslau was then Only two years old. As a specimen of a variety of topics that require classification some notes on a rabbis one of the Peculiar features of jewish communal life is Tai feet that it did not develop any priestly privilege. The Learned Man was the spiritual Leader. Moses Isserles rabbi of Cracow in the sixteenth Century otherwise a strict believer in authority declared that rabbinic authorization is not an ordination but merely a dispensation granted to the Pupil by his teacher because according to rabbinical ethics no one shall Render a decision in Law during the lifetime of his teacher. Yet practice established the custom that a rabbi before taking office shall be authorized As such by other Rabi Jug of prominent standing. We possess four such diplomas issued to 1684 to David Oppenheim a son of a very wealthy family and afterwards rabbi of Nik Olsburg and Prague. The congregational statutes of Alsace passed in 1777, ordained that no one May Render a rabbinical decision unless he be authorized to do so by the local or the District rabbi. Still Moses Sofer whose name stands As a Type for strict compliance with All traditions declares that a scholar of recognized standing needs no rabbinical Autho Fth nation for the exercise of rabbinical functions except where the granting of divorces is concerned. A very Large chapter is that dealing with disregard of professional ethics in the Mutual relations of rabbis. The City of Mannheim possesses a Trust fund created in 1708, for the purpose of maintaining ten rabbis who should study the talmud Day and night. The appropriation was made at an optimistic figure. The funds were not sufficient for the purpose so the local rabbi Tebele Hess wished to Combine the position of chief rabbi of this Klaus with his congregational office. There were some people who objected to such a combination on the ground that it was not in Harmony with the will of the testator and rabbi Hess tried to obtain statements from prominent rabbis to prove the compatibility of the two offices. Among others he up Tab to rabbi Mordecai Halberstadt of Dusseldorf to whom he complains of the bitter partisanship among rabbis in that a fair minded men who in rendering a decision Are not guided y Tami of factionalism or to it a a desire to show their superiority in learning May perhaps exist in our Day but i do not know g in 1793 chief rabbi Ezekiel Landau of died and his son Samuel wished to succeed his father. The congregation seems to have been opposed to him so he appealed to the government. A the other members of the rabbinical College oppose his nomination and refuse to assist when he takes the oath of office. Samuel Halevi of Bamberg in the seventeenth Century is bitterly provoked by another rabbi who As a visitor in the town heard of a decision of the rabbi in the Case of a Goose which was declared Refah and which the visitor said was Kosher charging the gtd Ujj cat rabbi with ignorance ? and cruel disregard of poor people Quot needs. Of Piu Pipii in prominent rabbis of the Liberal Wing a american jul Dalum exchanged com full ends some fifty years ago too recent Date to be treated historic Allyl but a protracted controversy Between a amp Abbi Weldele Margolis and rabbi m e of who Lilee years ago accused each i other of a granting a Kosher License to Chicken markets me9esrefa. Chickens a were sold al sufficiently Remote from the jul tres of Hei English Reading chaff a might As a specimen of the spirit of which the Midrash spoke perhaps fifteen centuries ago saying a where there is a rabbinic association satan dances a perhaps in connection with the Lack of Fellowship among rabbis is the undeniable unmistakable disrespect shown to them by their Community. A Midrash punning on the first verse of the Book of Ruth says a the famine was caused by the presumption of the people who sat in judgment on their % from that Day to the present time As is illustrated by an advertisement found in the a Zyi Dische Tage Blatty five years ago conditions do not seem to have changed very much. In this advertisement a Young Man licensed As orthodox rabbi advertises for a Hel meet with some Means because a Rich Wollt Wellen bes ser Sein a business Man Eider an or Thodos Fischer Rabbiner a who can not be Independent. This feeling is found in All parts of the jewish world in All Ages and among All religious parties. Abraham David court jew in Kassel protests against the appointment of a rabbi who was elected by the congregation and petitions the Landgrave to exile the rabbi who by the trouble he made reduced the tax paying ability of the Community and was injurious to the interest of a this not so entirely personal was the attitude taken by Reuben Samuel girl la up Der of the Berlin congregation himself the great grandson of a Lan Rabbiner. In a report to the government dated 1820, he declares that Judaism has no spiritual leaders for the rabbis Are merely it must be said in extenuation of Gumpertz a attitude that his Liberal ideas As to the education of the Young were antagonized by the then acting chief rabbi whose influence he deemed harmful 9j��h development of Judaism. In Hamburg the condition was almost exactly the opposite. There chief rabbi Stern was too orthodox even for his orthodox congregation. The congregation had in 1888 acquired a new cemetery. The rabbi demanded a charter which should protect this cemetery for All time from the possibility of condemnation. This the Senate declared impossible but was willing to concede that such a condemnation when necessary should be subject to a special act of legislature. The congregation was satisfied but the chief rabbi objected. He obtained opinions endorsing his views from orthodox authorities like s. R. Hirsch Isaac Elhanan Spektor and Hie own father in Law chief rabbi Nathan Adler of London. The cemetery was acquired nevertheless. Russian jews who know Only of an a orthodox Rab it loaf Ali a Ftp Pul a says a a ten to him As 1 listen to the from Sale Nica we learn that the chief rabbi Joseph Ibn lab was slapped in the face by a Rich member of the congregation who was dissatisfied with a judgment rendered by the rabbi in a lawsuit in which he was interested. Unfortunately the report is written to the abominable hebrew of the sixteenth Century and rendered obscure by stringing together Rabbin a Cal quotations so that we do no a know the exact circumstances which led to such disgraceful conduct. More justified was the action of the tru tees of the Berlin congregation in 1739, against their rabbi. Moses Aaron Lemberger who complains to the King that he was a Laufs Greulich Ste be Schim Pfeto by the members of his congregation. The King had appointed he Pinill the will of the Community. Autocracy within the. Congregation again is responsible for a statement made by the late lord Rothschild who was provoked at the demand of the London ministers to be heard in the election of a chief rabbi. They presented a Memoir which my lord declared to be a the harebrained chatter of irresponsible he lived Long enough to obtain the election of his favorite candidate but one won diffs what my lord would have said if his a a primate had told him that it was wrong to enter a horse in the Derby races or that it was his sacred duty to see that his son Walter should marry. Italy where jewish life had Long been dormant started a a nah in Ruig Peoples society. The meet emanated from rabbi Dis Eglip of Verona. The projector was asked to withdraw his name because the fact that the scheme was launched by a rabbi would Hurt its prospects. Isaac Leeser after he a Fng been retired front his pulpit received Many tokens of sympathy. A letter written it 185� by an unnamed writer congratulates him on his moral courage which would not a submit to the abject sycophancy which the jews require from their spiritual Alexander Weill 1811-1898, a Brilliant though erratic personality writes in his autobiography that he had obtained a diploma As rabbi but he would not make use of it because a Tje me suis Dit a tune mangers Pas de be pain de Mensone it the recently deceased rabbi Joseph Eschel Bacher of Berlin who previously was rabbi of Bruchal refused to permit the giving of a concert in the Synagog but a trustee met his objections with the remark a a the Synagog is a a not such examples i might quote by the hundreds but just for the Sake of showing the same psychology in two widely different localities the two following instances shall end the selection. Joshua m. Levy Warden of the Spanish Portu guest Iligo in London in refusing to flip Iii to the ruling of his Nawf rabbi of a Sheh Itah question f said a the Board must not be Dragoone by its ecclesiastic advisors a and a the for one would not submit to the Epli sutly Yoke a about tto same time the yiddish i daily a Efrain do reported that a wealthy jew of Wolo Zysk pulled the rabbits Beard because the decision of the rabbi in a certain Case went contrary to his will. It in 1903 the a a israelite declares that the Only True a wis Kenschaft Des Juden tums Are the dietary and Sabbath Laws. Very old is the complaint about the Lack of a interest in jewish literature. A Elijah of Lubin declares As Early As 1712, that the torah is a the farm we a Complete proposed b. Plan. Hag official statement of the Southern colonization lying in the Corner and an author must go from place to place to out Del the Means for the publication of his Book. A Century later the unnamed editor of Tanna Debe Eliyahu de it Rance is ram a Community is s no interest in a Century later g of a Book he t it shares the cations no body is it. Pm intent authors y make ills of the the history appear Manifest Idu with a Long the Only the last in 1913 a Book to be called it is easily .1 records of the at the roman he Orient were it error found theological a Illel the state Nighbor As thy Rah. This is a clares in 1819� that Pant the whole be materialistic and literature and Agai Ludwig Geiger Spe had published says Fate of All jewish up buys it and nobody particular interest a contains a Long which in their Tota forts of those of the time of Jesus by hazardous. A h name of which i i part Iyer publish on the Cochin tribes of the marriage cer Einon among the understood that the author meant the formula spoken at Toto marriage ceremony a Haray att Robert Peel the famous English statesman said in the House of commons during the debate on the ritual murder accusation of Damascus june 22, 1840, that Tomaso a roman Catholic priest disappeared together with his son. A historian in later centuries might prove from Pujeh a statement British parliament Catholic priests of married. A very even in the books Thors ascribes to ment a to love thy my is the a Lippi a combination of Hillel a statement a what is hateful unto thee do not unto thy neighbor this is the whole torah a with one made by rabbi Akiba up of neighbor As to herself is the fundamental principle of the Karl Emil Franzos the ghetto novelist not Only ascribes the wrong statement to Hillel \ but declares in his novel a Moschko Iron Parma a that it forms part of our daily prayer. Wilhelm Goldbaum a noted essayist who was at one time a student in the Breslau Seminary makes of rabbi Akiba a heretic and declares that according to a talmudic legend smoke arose Day and night from his grave. The basis of the Story is a report of Aher the heretic for whom his disciple rabbi Streif waved with the result that smoke arose from his grave which after a time ceased. Coming to modern times As interesting evidence of How history is unreliable even when reliable sources Are available i can quote a Vienna paper a if 1847, sixty years after Mendels-8flui�?Ts death which notes p voyage of Mendelssohn with his wife Sarah his son in Law the Learned d. I. Fried Lender and his daughter Eva to Dresden. Mendelssohn a wife was based Fromet he had a daughter named Eva and Friedlaender was not his son in Law. More reliable in jewish matters than the average journal Init a convention of rabbis certainly ought to be. Yet the German rabbis issued a Iju cation in 1893, stating that the Quot Aksum a in the talmud does not refer to christians. The fact of the matter is that the word Aksum representing the initials of the he Llew words worshippers of stars is by at All rabbinic. It was the product of Christian censors who compelled printers to substitute it for such terms As a Goy a a in okra etc., Ami it is not found in the old printed editions of talmud and shul am Auk. Even the Learned Jacob Levy has embodied this spurious term in talmudic dictionary. According to Good old custom i shall close with an item of my collection which is humorous. In the a occident a of 1849� a discussion was carried on whether Jeff Juji permitted to use american Citron As a be Trot on the sukkot festival. Leeser supported by the Learned rabbi Abraham Rice of Baltimore vow Pejic favor of it while Mendel Goldsmith a Learned jew of new York opposed it quoting As authority rabbi Jacob Ettlinger of Altona who demanded on the ground of the talmudic Rule which required etrog to be held the Way it grows on the tree that inasmuch As people living in America Are the Antipodes of people living in Palestine the etrog be held with the Point downward. Thus there is always some humor to enliven in dry work of Ca Ping such m ate rial. A profession of the Many subjects that Are of modern interest i would quote the comparatively % recent term a wis Kenschaft Des Jude tums a which bad enough in German ought not to be translated into the entirely meaningless of science of Udasin. G we understand it to signify a systematic and critical Bendy a of jewish pistol Imd a of Thodos Objet Ted of the spire various kinds of a professional jews a and nearly always they Are jewish professional men. That is y to say the a professional jews is actively and blatantly identified with the fortunes of Bis co religionists from some Hope of material gain for himself. This enhancement of Hie position always hoped for and now and then achieved is necessarily bound up with political life. In other words the a professional Lewsi Are not exclusively practical politicians,1 wishing to a feed at the Public crib heartily and generously although the jew with political aspirations affords the Best example of the development of this a rabbi can be a a professional jews just As Well As any other. We Are thinking of such rabbis happily they Are few and far Between As put love of self shove love of others As insist upon their jewishness in the face of the non jews who will think of to i in no it hip terms although they exhibit precious futile off any real jewishness in their daily concerns private lives and careers bth�nl5udaismb��blv and there Are other the a professional jews is As a Rule a Man of Hsi Merabie ability else acc would not a getaway with we done to in Fin reprobate the a professional jews so in a we pity the Community which renders his existence possible Luidl under the circumstance disclosed a Sph be Revfi Rondard a the farm City a by which title the plan for organizing and maintaining a Colony of jewish Farmers to be located somewhere in Texas or Arkansas probably the former is Sij Mowry has excited much interest and numerous queries have reached this office concerning the proposed organization. The matter is in charge of the agricultural committee of District grand Lodge no. 7. I. O. Jsai by Rith and is constituted As follows l. Migel chairman Waco Texas Gold Stein Mig i department store rabbi i. Warsaw vice chairman and Mara a tary Waco Texas Sam i Sanger treasurer Waco Texas Sanger bros., Waco and Dallas e. R. Bernstein Shreveport Louisiana a president grand Lodge District no. 7 Dan Daniel Little Rock Arkansas Daniel Grain company Nathan Goldstein Greenville Mississippi Blum amp it Goldstein Cotton factors i. B. Levy Oklahoma City Oklahoma president Exchange state Bank a Hon. Nathan Cohn Nashville Tennessee attorney Leon Schwarz Mobile Alabama insurance 6, j. Inihllillilp1 Houston Texas president Westheimer i Transfer company h. S. Scheline Dallas Texas president United charities i rabbi Henry Cohen Galveston Texas h. L. Halff san Antonio Texas vice president a. B. Frank company rabbi George Fox fort Worth Texas j. K. Hexter. Dallas Texas capitalist 5. ? a a that the matter May be placed before the people correctly and officially the following statement prepared for the israelite by the vice chairman and Secretary of the agricultural committee rabbi Isidor Warsaw h. U. C., �?T02of Waco Texas is herewith submitted. T amp the farm City. The plan is to Purchase ten thousand acres of Fertile land in some Section of the country where climatic conditions Are Good and where plenty of water is to be found the soil to be susceptible of irrigation if necessary and of diversified farming. It a in the Center of this body of land a sufficient number of acres to accommodate about two Hundred families will be dedicated As a Tow site. On that Tow site streets will be Laid out Homes built a Synagog amp school House a commissary building and such other institutions As Are necessary a to make. The life of the Community a profitable and Happy one. The farm Are to be grouped around the town each Tam to consist of not less than fifty acres and do if pre than a Hundred Only such people Are to be eligible to the farm City Community whose physical and moral make up fits them for. Such a life t farming experience a will be required of prospective purchasers and each individual or family purchasing a farm will have to invest at least five Hundred dollars in farm equipment. The a land a and improvements will be sold at Cost including of cd urse organization expenses payable in Twenty instalments beginning after the third year. Members of this Community will not be allowed to dispose of their farms before giving the 0gaahmbob to preference of Purchase. And in Case the organization will not see fit to buy such land the seller will have to be guided by the rules and regulations Laid Down by the company in disposing of the land with respect to its al ionization of Sale. The farm City will be in charge of an efficient superintendent one who is an adept in the science of farming and is of proved executive ability. It will require about one million dollars to carry this plan to a successful consummation and we Are now engaged in an Effort to secure the required amount. The result of our financial Campaign has thus far been very encouraging. T subscriptions to Stock in this organization Are being solicited in amounts not less than. $250.00, for which investors receive 3% cumulative preferred Stock. Payment for the Stock is 5% Cash 15% As soon As $250,000.00 shall have been x subscribed and 20% for each year thereafter until the Stock is fully paid. The 3% on Stock will be paid from the interest on the Money advanced to the Farmers. And now Why should such an Enterprise be characterized As utopian objections answered. It the opponents to our plan bring Forth three main objections of first All previous colonization schemes have failed second the immigrant jews will not live harmoniously in such a Community City third it is not desirable that our immigrant co religionist should congregate in exclusively jewish towns. Such set Wate would keep them from assimilating the american spirit but All these objections have no justification in fact 1. It is not True that All previous ventures in this Field have failed. We can Point to a number of successful colonies of Long standing. Even the a colonies in new Jersey Are in a measure successful although they were started under the most Adverse conditions. The soil was of the poorest Quality the Mosquito there made life Well nigh unbearable the settlers did not have a the least fanning experience and the leadership was incompetent however notwithstanding these obstacles the pioneers with a courage and Perse Veranz Seldom equated plodded on with marvelous patience until they achieved Success where failure seemed to he inevitable. It is truly an inspiration to behold these Idle i Farmers who cling to the sell with a love that la. Deep and Voloni safty a ii pie terminated in dismal failure it was Invar fete due to one of to a Foll Erin g four causes a poor soil an a bad climate insufficient funds to finance the Enterprise inexperience and poor management. In a substantiation of this statement we refer the Reader to Leonard g. Robinson s a the Agri she jews a to America a Little Hook crowded with information on this import us subset. S 2. A As for the second 1 objection what a fight do we have to make such a assertion a to the world we say a give to the poor jewish immigrant the proper Opportunity unfair us a Jap make Good. I he is a peace. Men he craves for the throbbing nearness of other and in the Mph Breazil a we give the up to that Praise by the sweeping statement that Fra jew is incapable of communal organization and that he will not thrive me a and Fiou a meal of an american a amp a Jim will heft Salfee in such communities. Min the City the jew if he is sensitively a Loyal to his Faith is Apt to overemphasize his jewish identify. I he resents i imaginary slights and gradually he erects a Barrier Between fat self and hi4 american Fellowmen. On the other hand if he is indifferent to the interests of race and1 fair Gioan he Quickjr assimilates and disappears from the fold. 4? Opportunity to develop beet traits. T to the farm City the jew will have an untrammelled Opportunity to Devol of in Home and heart the beet traits and instincts of his people. Be 111 rehabilitate his two Moat precious institutions the Sanctity of the family and the sacredness of the a a Sabbath. At the same time he will be living in i an american a a Adivi Ipher absorb american Ideal and in a hip we shall have a True american of a jewish Faith. A a a ���1 there Are other minor objections which Are voiced in oppose Taos to our undertaking but those Are Flot worthy of consideration. K we All know that every departure from old trodden Pathe is looked upon with suspicion and apprehension. Molehills Are magnified into mountains and a pebbles into insurmountable rocks. S a is of a i on each Succoth our rabbis a preach eloquently pm the beauties of farm life mid urge our people to go Back to soil g but a a a one attempt s to bring to realization the prophetic dream of a a everyone under his own Vine and Fig tree they a aug Lugat his belief that such a thing can be accomplished. A unqualified endorsement. F agricultural experts economists of renown men who understand the psychology of the jewish soul and those who know the real yearning of the majority of immigrant jews rave unqualified Day endorsed our plan. We have met with encouragement on All sides. A of course there Are a few exceptions but these cannot deter us Are determined to demonstrate to the world that not Only can the jew be a Imecs Soful Farmer but-4piu-a Pathfinder in a new a base of farm t the two great evils of the Day Are the overpopulated City and the depopulated we need not go far afield to account for the increasing tendency from the farm to the City. The isolated farm offers Bat a Bleak existence a a a a lacks the first essential for the making of happiness a human association. The smallest Hamlet today has to some extent its social amenities but on the isolated farm there is nothing for the boy and girl except the gloom ? of Solitude. In jew i wonder that they Long for City Liffland dream of the Day when they May be Able to enjoy its allurements. If in the farm City we shall obtain the Happy combination of the healthy activities of pastoral employment and of the pleasures of social Intercourse. I. In the morning they will go to their work to sow and to reap and in the evening the will return to Homes by the feelings land experiences of a big neighbourhood. They will have their disagreements and reconciliations their f common Hopee and aspirations they will have their congregational worship and communal occasions and gladness together they will share in everyone a Joys and sorrows and their lives will a be made Worth when such a Nous f shall have multiplied in the land there will be less of poverty and misery and a More a of Prosperity and happiness for every one of the great american people so bountifully blessed with the wealth of natural resources but As yet untouched by the hand of Man. And think what it would mean for Israel if the jew would Blaze the Way for this a new aspect in the economic life of the nation Fels loss of German jewry i�?~1 �4�/through the War War h the 5 to Ber speaking before a jewish statistical organization at Frankfurt or. Blau of Berlin cited the following facts illustrations of the manner in which German jewry has been affected by he a War. Comparatively speaking the in a i cringes and has in a a a a much More marked in the Case of the jewish Fop latin than in that of any Iti per i up try if Community. This fact a evident in Germany even prior of the War but the effect of the oven almost fatal. Against a a wish marriages Contow toil during 1913, Only 138 Are registered for 1916 up to the end of november. If you add to toil another months average a for 1916, you ? will still have no More than 150 for the entire. Year. Naturally this implies a distinct increase in mixed marriages p on the other hand there is a very evident decrease to the a number of conversions g on Ifim 911 cases a Are known a for 1916�ian against �9�� in 1913. Or. A Laud a Law so a Pokr sees Little cause for congratulation in this be that the decrease is a Toffee act a Tad for Only by the f Ais that so Are absent on although 1,500 out of the 1,800 communities which were Laques Ted to sup ply a detailed information about jewish services in the War have already sent to pair material no figures a Are yet available which should show the actual relative Marine to which German jews have hared to the present #11 a feb flee new census that to now being taken by the in galician towns Pras exp Resad stall Edli hat Uto yiddish Langu amp Gesben of Reco gated As a languages to the Zee Ord i of the census Iee Turnas big rabbis say Gullip a a a a a Tif Civ a nighty i the grasping tendency to our mod Era interesting stud the student regards it As a phenom Enon. I he pres not condemn of i a tries to Analyse Antti Ler Stanoj be at the reels go a of materialism. In a 4dvilizatiolwhere the state offers Kop of protect Tonto its Dpi a Kattge where # Toto ii Arv Atlon and Jestita Tion must rely upon Olbis a n Powers entirely in oppose i to cup to ice i ppr neighbors tha struggle a for existence becomes keen. Individuals and Nae Tiene fight for self preserve aug and thereto Littie gof peace and a a of Leisure upon Earth. Solute of of the prob Lem of a amp . Of its Ati tending Evite Topan order?o##ing8 wherein the a Brage Man alg woman will be inf forded proper Protection against impending destitution. Under a toe present system poor and Rich suf i alike and worry Are Atour right hand and our left. The struggle Tor self-1 preservation f Makee is 1 living i mar Chines. At forty or hefty our Hes Ito i is Lataste and we me out of life. A the rest old our Pim a we have been successful in business is spent in warding off chronic sick i Ness and Sfa Magnin a los Angeles a Cal. A the �ijfil8 Mim less. Of a there was a Ace a Prophet who a tempted to run away from his task t hearing the word of god telling a thin to go to Nineveh and a proclaim tos i divine message there he sought to hide himself from god. He i Ejus Edif to do his bidding. And so he a tools ship for Taro his and if ought that he could escape his Mission f but As you know the Story tells us a great storm a broke out which threatened to 1 destroy the ship. There was great ex-1 Cit ement a and lots were cast to discover who might be the cause of the disturbance. And the lot fell on the Prophet Jonah. To was asked four 1 questions a what is % thy business whence co meet thou what to thy coun f try and of what people Art thou a to these four questions he had but one answer to give. He said he am Asp hebrew and i fear god the god of heaven who made the sea and the dry this Story which Terito in legendary and mythical matter has a none the Lees been selected by toe True instinct of the synagogue to be read on the holiest up of the the instinct is sound because the Story mirrors the Genius of the jew and proclaims his duty a and his Des-1 tiny. As Long As the Tol spa Ching is not yet accepted by up nip a Long As a Impi ideals f of the hebrew prophets have not become embodied in the Livee a of Peoples in the Laws \ states and in the relations of na-1 tons in a world at peace the world will continue to be storm tossed. Often it will happen that the jew himself will be made a the 1 victim the a Scapegoat a of the worlds a to quite a his salvation and the salvation of the world Are indissolubly intertwined. The jew can not runaway from is Mission. A his task ii to witness to \ god that task he a to Perfo wherever he May find Jug Timbel world May whim to a Veir s. Task. The world May make his life an unending tragedy a martyrdom. I which still endures. He May still be compelled to plead his Light but he never can Escane his Schulman new it Only sity. The effective method of Bellg Iowa instruction Home refuses to assist toe re school and the parents Are in min helping to further i the of the teacher and the practical in a Nee does not go hand in Han with the theorem al instruction the love for our Creed and the attachment to our god we a by a my Kjof disappear from our midst a and i to fervent and zealous adheres to the sacred inheritance of our ancestors we shall have Cool a reasoners 1 and heartless scoffers. A ceremony plays a very important part la toe Imp Mestlin Sanctuary. Home education was the ��fi6ra� method of the Pew a a peo pie practice already in the biblical period when the father was the exclusive teacher whose duty it was to instruct the children in the principles of the Law and the love to god a of which he was commanded a to speak a Bobbi sit Teth in the Hoamg when he walk eth by the Way when he Lieth Down and when he Risbeth the father prayed the family ceremonies were practice touch Iii the historical events the most memorable occurrences in the life of the people As signs and symbols for the child to observe to arouse his curiosity to ask for its meaning for the father to answer to eix lain to increase the a child a interest and to fill his tender heart with Pride for the distinction of his people and a the Eminence for his ancestors. And our age requires but Little improvement in regard to this matter. A a a of a pal ovation or revival of some of the old customs need not make us fearful lest i we go backward or Stop the wheel on our progressive March historical festivals Are glorious records which toe More attentively read the More they impress us Whf Many a nobility. Buried in the bosom of bygone Ages Are voices which awakened by the magic Rod of the returning repeat in Clear and distinct tones toe instructive lessons which lift posterity to a higher Standard. Impress it Urpo f the Young that there is no reliability on the perishable goods of this world impress it upon them at emmy Mon Unity religion offers to speak to them of the higher duties of life. Practical assistance must be offered to theoretical a to Tow Tel la a to study Ligon Means a Eligio i practice. As a fait Ful jew we can Only procee4bfe a jewish Home n eeg devoted add fat amp re it to a advocates no a enthusiastic Anner bearer an a education ply a Mhz a 8 thei Oomman of a div hip path Oritta snored and re pm in the family Circle. A new Effort must be Pat Forth to Combine our Modera school education with the ancient Home educate of a a a cup As it did in toe Pas i win prom for Etor the most effective a stood of Rel i to 4

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