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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - June 28, 1917, Cincinnati, Ohio? let there two it eight. Volume 63. Cincinnati. Ohio. June 28, 1917. B8- number 52. V to the living Flag. A can it that thou insensate Art of i Flag so loved a and cherished that a armies 5g countless thousands of Strong have fought for thee and % perished a to a a a amp to armies countless thousands Strong by thy dumb Call elated again would Spring to arms for thee a though know i i awaited a a bikers life through every fold each wave and undulation Arhat measures with its Rise and fall Ber heart throbs of a nation. Icye in thy fold a Century old a Cen fury s life is surging 1 and Over All Waves a Clarion Call to blood that needs no urging. J Jufe thrills thy red in courage bred the purity of thy whiteness by held of Blue Hue stars of dazzling brightness courage truth and purity thus in thy colors blended ave fired the hearts and nerved the arms which have thy cause defended. §5ilf a Sfa a children of the men of old who first unfurled to glory Beauty of thy stars and stripes now famed in song and Story save the Flag their blood baptized when were born a nation pledged it or life blood and our sons in solemn consecration. Hattie t. Harl. Committee american houses a Relief office. I do however auxiliary know that people this would give us one great Organ institutions of this kind when a spirit pation of pfc a United leade Piip a a fid Alp by Sph of Patronel prevails authority. Under such conditions which All Liberal minded people keen there would no difficulty in advis by resent. I believe that instead of Good aft being a detriment it is rather educational to have a Relief office in such democracy and the disc 5 Pline of youth a it a. A is a a in by Ralph Phlip boat aaa oblate pro Fessor of English Whitman collage Watlet a Tia wilis # i every one of us must now recognize Gauina Tiu to a Vii a Butu a r cd i Itu Ual to Llave a i Conci vol pc in j. In a w_11n Theao la at a Tryl ration would a great social Agency an institution. When the Rich and i a 7 or. A lift _ besides religion and zionism and King for granted All philanthropists a a a a i food Here Rem the poor mingle the poor May sometimes learn How to become Rich and a a a a a a a purpose less riot of murder Means the final Triumph of democracy that in blood Wui agree Tuat Xiv Umei Tuuu Ucucu True Jiuu did Caiu Tuat \ a a non a Iha Arnm b of a nov in benevolent institutions there is no great Deal of poverty and distress Ink j f new al pm Hen reason Why could not have one or-1 the world. I see no reason Why a y. Gang nation with different departments i m. H. A., hebrew Institute Educa National activities and to stand Spon-1 Tion of a similar nature could not Sor for All. Problems pertaining to affiliated part jewish welfare either local National jewish philanthropies. Or International. Am Beauty the Hope of a new age when the right of each Man to the full measure of his humanity cannot denied. Of Freedom. They seen the democracy unlimited Opportunity for self a a Ltd a a a Ali vim hmm ii besides doing our bit in the Field cd i a democracy of jewish philanthropy Are also j checks and circumscribe interested in communal work in Gen-1 but democracy j8 from within. A Dean Phatic people i straighten Patch. The task few i hard i and thankless and All a of themselves a a bluff8 a a a federation As a social 1 Agency by Samuel b. Kaufman superintend i ent jewish federation of Indian. First i have been making too Many i eral. were instrumental in or is Aig a obligate reports second i do not always Gan izing the Indianapolis Public Wei Leal fact of demo crap Lieve in reports and statistics third fare loan association of which or. Doodle work qut their own salvation i and rift it is not ethical or Good taste either g. A. Efroymson is president and i to Praise or belittle your work and am Secretary to fight the loan Sharks. Solomon that a there is nothing new i president of the United states and under the Sun a applies even in the father Francis h. Gavisk sex presi fled of Charity. Dent of the National conference of however i must do my duty. Asj charities and corrections i am not limited by the Mittee to give a report of the fed Era an anti loan shark Law which Wasi pre the achievement of which costs every ounce of intellectual Effort which Mau can bring to the treasure Heap. To free ones self from the restraint of outer authority is not Bard but to make ones new Freedom subject to the shaping and guiding Power of inner Law is the supreme achievement of the human will. I a grave danger is that men will attempt to solve the problem of democracy by Mere humanitarian materialism. One must of course recognize that the humanitarian spirit is necessary to democracy so Neo Essary indeed that to attack even its extreme forms is seemingly to a Dep Cracy in terms mine the a nations of demo Cracy. Forever no Man whose hefty is in the right place wants to connected with the new group of m oppressive j action Aries who indiscriminately at than free-1 alike to the giver and the receiver. The a a i makeshift full of kinks which somebody must assuming entire their actions take the heavy duty of s own Light Yit out sole red wet is Dominii in England Gotthard Deutsch seem to have been very much al by the change of affairs in Russia seme things come to Light Only by and by. In the House of commons somebody inter elated the ministry on the toll which the War levies on pot the answer is characteristic the English jews continues to very land it shows us Bow it came that just great. The latest papers a Mhand a great Britain a the word of a pick who died of wounds Wick Ian sense 0 was invented. 5pi� minister replied that there never had died in hospitals and five who Are been by prohibition of missing so that May say al Ogeth a melting pot a but that the theater fatal management requested sixty seven bit tide a Amto gape j substitute for it another play and this communal inf far was inn it tint Quot off Foffi Lwy if i r r a of Noii Promise Denzil and inasmuch As these cer of a very prominent family i Tam erudition do not exist the Means a Mohibi Tonit meat figure in work in the Lon not ref tined East Ber of distinctions As medals for Ery and promotions to commis hear in spite of All a Thane roundabout language that the British government at no time had any intention Tion in particular i will take the Opportunity of giving also a report of our War Relief work. have in Indianapolis the following organizations one Large Reform tons one federation one or Wpm Apolis ind. Temple six Small orthodox co Grega i Tei House one Council of Jewila Quot women one sisterhood to so a a a free schools one y. M. H. A., four ladies auxiliaries Oneby naj Gib Rith one m. A ,. M i i i o j Vaju m. M. M Tkv v Tifel directors of the pro Aninipot. Jefe peop2e democracy is always facing largely a instrumental in passing my a pared by the Russell Sage found alone taking counsel Tion and which is considered the Best make a far reaching d in the country. cooperate in our social service work with All private and Public county and state Institu-1 Gib Lity. 1.must give our full tribute of Honor to ing by their Boge men a an Ltd women whose untre p or j warded energies have been expended making just the unjust and in making right the wrong. The danger which i am pointing out is not sympathy and kindness and charitable action a gel must is the exaltation of the humanitarian Virtues into a social philosophy. Of a mass of a a a take social i in conclusion. I will say that our own heart a spirit tenuous and Elas Dan Gentili own a pm. Cuse aa0a>or democracy is its Success in keeping a the poor and unfortunate out of almshouses and aay Tim i the biblical exalt goodness and mercy and have too often been misinterpreted to mean spirt Jyh my annual report of 1915 16 i quoted tha throwing editorial of the jewish spectate feh i a it would Well for every comm try a i has organized its social a work along the lines of a federation to appraise its value not Only in the in Loal social terms of reduction of permanent cases decrease of office exse greater efficiency in collect More adequate Relief and the hut in terms of Unity of comm and brotherhood. Were the Federated jewish Philan copies successful in creating such on Munal consciousness and do they a Erve As real social agencies have Hill lips a United jewry in our philanthropic and educational efforts even among so called american jews following letter addressed to a by a ight relevant to this Acu Reion. Quot a a my dear sir i wish to have your fun Pinion on a question which i believe you Are qualified to answer. You have been engaged in jewish philanthropic Ork for a dlr Nebr of years and i feel you can give the right kind of advice. I have been requested to join tie by Nai Beppi. The finance committee of the Federated jewish Charlies is urging to become an Annu-subscriber., a committee just ask to join the y. M. H. A. I have n solicited to become a contrib iting member of the american jewish ont m it tee. I have also been request. To subscribe to some palestinian Sti Tutins and to such National and District institutions which Are Noi of listed with the local charities. My wife has been requested to join both the Council of jewish women and the sisterhood. Besides there is the syn a Gog or Temple a zionist society and a modern hebrew free school which e8ire my membership. As a Good new and citizen i should like to affiliated with every jewish philanthropic and educational activity of the Community but my income does not permit to subscribe to All the organizations enumerated. Practically 11 the committees which have called give the same arguments and reasons Why i should join their respective organizations. Would you pud enough to adj role which organic Stion does the most Good for the com Unity from the local and National a View Point so i could subscribe to it first i shall guided by your opinion in the premises until the time a Ornes when i am in a position to subscribe to other organizations should it necessary. Thanking you in Advance i am respectfully yours i Jim a a Good jew and i wish to submit this letter to the conference for an answer. I have neither the courage nor the Wisdom to advise the a Good jew and citizens As to whether should first join the Federated jewish charities or the by Nai by Rith or any other organization i Wilt however say that have too Many organizations whose activities could conducted much More efficiently and effectively from one Central organization with different departments both local and rational. The social service departments of the by Nal by Rith the Federated jew ish charities and the word a a Charity could easily eliminate the y. M. H. A., the Council of jewish women the Temple and other organizations Are aiming to do the same kind of Fly few educational activities including Lief Are interwoven and Are a part of social work in general in smaller communities the Fields Are limited and there is at times not enough work to keep one organization Active. The a leaders Are generally and primarily interested in their respective organizations Only. There is even a mild undercurrent of Petty a jealousy tween these organizations each claim ing leadership and authority and each wanting credit for one thing or an other. 1 consequently there could a to local communal consciousness and when there is no real local co mpg amp Fil consciousness there could no real National communal consciousness. A a would like to see the Day come when there will an amalgamation and federation to begin with of it up by Nai by Rith y. M. H. A., federation vague and unhampered. The danger and ice. Too often organization. have today too i too Stern too rigid Tob intellectual. Tation from any local and National organizations too conservative. No i danger of workingmen Scircle eight lodges committee and federation were one 10f democracy societies total if the prophecy of Isaiah that a the Bourgeois an exal a of the Burgeois to am. Vvs of a it the Leopard shall lie Down with the or. Kid and the calf and the Young lion work but they have outlived their and the falling shall together and usefulness a Little child shall Lead them a had al eloped Good i going too emotional Are eminently reported. All these facts. With the toss my is Sam that All the big talk about the Imp end eks i $ sort amp u mandate Sven a Eri a a Russia became a Republic the pm to jewish sentiment of England is on itt Ltd understand the discussion that Antisemitic sentiment is probably the t k j t meeting of Boa i study of con Tern Piraneo aim hex wbk Ery author undoubtedly As France a and England a was thin air. The areas to feel it Jhk under ii i suppose deputies president or �?z0. Ander was prevented by illness from Ding. Sent a Inessa emn existence expression to the Joy occasionally a sgt at the turn al overdoing his realism but j a Yarg bad taken in Russia. Some would show How some j members took except Ion to this state ment As too cold. They wanted a Public mass meeting in a Felt the the hero 1 feels. 5 one of the latest productions is a War novel by Sidney dark a a ailed lat Irv the russian government and so Hub a with mite wish -tg0 t00k a fix Rixsy Iliili 1� the lateness Tagu expresses his conviction prejudice. A i of confess a frankly a says a that when i was a child i was . Fim fort Hidei a y spectacle but they have no intellect fickle. The heart of democracy is a Jual Quality they have no insight they have no Beauty and the View of life ready been fulfilled Ufi a a a to a Hun j Reship could utilized to better and Dreuth of Ajo so a a orthodox Ood Lea is. But then Lead-1 ing. The Virtues of democracy Arth Celure Denim. Good. Wow red is a congregation�1 the eight lodges would Money Are being wasted and conf directions. A great that is Why a democracy imposed upon by rafters. Report that As far As our War Relief is concerned All the thirty organizations Are United and work almost in Complete Harmony with the Indi the Relief of 11 Indianapolis a comparatively Small jewish Community will raise this year approximately 170,000. At amass meeting held May 3, $53,000 was raised. While great credit must Given to the most eloquent Appeal made a a the idol of the Indiana teachers association or. Stephen s. Wise and also to the inspiring influence of or. I jj0 tablets of Stone his face Jacob Billikopf executive director of j Shon i with the radiance 0f i sub the american Dies societies would have been one i anthropic Camps. In order that any i to a mid you acc see that Attl society. However Are proud to organization May serve As a real so tude Here in America. Cial Agency must have communal ii-pjjidi8e% consciousness and to have communal think Only of our do consciousness must a up Unity. Some Day May have a real Feder-,1 is association for action of deeds and activities which himself to death for so War will serve Asaf real social Agency lo-1 Happy not in their Cally nationally and internationally. V. A x racy must have Power and insight and Beauty. My religion is a title a Amsl How i a a it a a Quot right and charitable i weaknesses of democracy Snow j Noble beautifully simple words if their meaning is Noble and beautifully country simple but alas when one looks at a Here the Man who says them too often one toward our feels that they Are the Sav Orless catchwords of a shallow human tar Cnare eau i a Vasfi excuse was gives. A it Emilie ii am an English i of stated that the a a. _. _. To learn the views of the government. Francis Drake at Well i Ait it is evident that the change of rus children never of in rec Bildren a duties toward us. An american works a an materialism. To lose and to find. By Edward n. Calisch. Love but in their thing is done for the look at his Edu Catic free from the Kinde the University. 5 the self willingly that Quot its of i a i i in t one can build up the disciple air oct and their Tiem Cracy Only by genuine idealism Ess. Every Jay idealism i do not mean Mere Blind Otwin youth. Yearning for Good while the forces of jawr&t1� of evil actually a hold the Field. The Only ten through 1 genuine idealism is the belief resting 8ia parts i Democrat a Welcome to in Joyd George Tois Susan is a on this pol that the took Issue theremin Given the Opportunity to prove that even though you English people do not want i still can of some use to you and i Force you to recognize x a a i 00v5�?zm it will remembered that there is it is the old question of Iwig Iab men first a and afterwards which or aria Tion is Volcker in every country by the High this Sieade Mombi understand Captain Lionel Montagu son "k�?�168/ distinction on the Battlefield. It is j was called a demagogue a certainly a very impressive lesson Mem clip and girls torah came Down May have the Best education which it can give them. And what does it ask in return a Sefrie of responsibility a sense of gratitude service in the service in civil life no. It App a mice in Civ cd of Forfar vat the r�-1t&Quot r Quot i asks nothing in return. It is pathetic from a United irradiated from his cd in of ally proud of the Advas Giffes its youth spouse came Ibera y Nance but Moses did not know that j enj0y never once realizing this Funda Effort. As i am not praising my own Bis face shone. Organization i cannot refrain from Bow Ennis lately Doi this picture the citing a letter which was received 3gjf_repnciation h to great pm and read at the mass meeting signed giver the loss of All self conscious Rife Meredith in ton the two great american writ ters residents of Indianapolis and Diz ement. The highest holiest moments of life Are those in which i selves in the contemplation i mental danger if you train up Young people to a soft a Andi luxurious to expect everything As a right and to give nothing in return to absorb unthinkingly All the advantages of div those advantages Are you training up Jamb Hub a. a hh.-iai�u111 Young people who can Kielp in the jewish citizens which came uns Olic 0f the majesty of nature or when i 1 r _ a a to English Between the two factions Iff jew British bom is not an eng Ishmail but a jew pawnbroker similar in its tendency is a novel of Benjamin Swift ap4flgl-up�b this Book the Only jewish a a a Kroeter that it is possible for men Tol impose upon the contradictory Phenomena of their lives an ordered intelligent plan the Center of which is Law but Law magnetized by magnificent humanity. Upon such idealism education can build a Structure which will give democracy that which democracy must have a sense of Law a sense of responsibility an ordered and restrained Freedom. Grandfather a. Already la amp of Herbert Samuel on the question is the russian jews living in England quoted a former lord Chancellor who said that if had been Ai jew would sooner have Cut off his right hand than have acted As did Rul Samuel. His motion to pass a resold is one named significantly ? Jewson who distinguished himself As a fraudulent War Relief collector. Far More outspoken is the a Catholic Herald which says in a sneering to amp fit there Tion to this effect found a to second although it surely must have a a a an hearts the members present a it Gaid in substance what or. Had to sufi warning to new Russia. Item a a Kos my was a Token of our admiration for a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a conscious less of our feeble weak and the Fine spirit of loyalty to american Huru in selves. Goethe has Well said. Wiit Rii gj.0 decisions of s. Domor it Icv wrap in silent prayer lose the the a Hgt in Nfn ref a a which haps not i Ner of the a an american jewish friends sex president Taft applauded vigorously when Jacob h. Schiff at a Din ideals manifested by the jewish people at All time and particularly marked in the present crisis and in appreciation of the generous assistance rendered by the jewish people of Indianapolis to All the causes that make for the better life of the Community beg to hand Yogi the enclosed contribution to your fund for the Relief of jewish War the Indianapolis association for the Relief of jewish War sufferers illustrates what a Community can do if it works in Harmony. Such results could never have been accomplished with three committees each working separately such As the Central committee the Peoples committee and the american jewish committee. I have very Little to report about the federation of Indianapolis. do All our work such As Relief employment free loan Legal Aid social service and educational through one the federation does Der rec Grizze jts problem which does of free Russia a praised Theodore his eff Orui Rhile Pretari jul Iii vol la uuuuv/1 Adi 1aoxxx l Lippi up bring the russian a twi the Best that Hu-1 material satisfaction Are but fair and j to a Rea Ftp amp Tion of to wrongs com or against 1 jewish fimm in Manity has is the thrill of Awe. Beautiful signs of decay unless bal stand at the base of some towering danced and tempered by discipline and Mountain whose Cloud compelling right direction a democracy which peaks Pierce the azure of the Bend Joes not realize this fundamental fact the number of jews in the United kingdom but they have no significance for while May not know a of exactly the number of jews our Chil Dren will know thcr10�is they and will their slaves and this Means the slaves of taskmasters who know no this Catholic opinion unfortunately somewhat common among the representatives of hierarchical free Russia al a special correspondent Jef the Loudon daily Telegraph sear across claims All Over the world is seconded 1 which May concede to express a a �b0�?ot. 9. A t t Moyst it a tar of that a Una to pulsate another measure which Tiona who for the last few .9? since the War -1 an a a a a up it atom Tlle. Hued heavens walk within the pre is already lost. Woe unto a demo Luti Onist a i another outburst of applause when or. Schiff introduced by the toastmaster As a a russian Revo has co religionists Virgin for Cracy which does not sternly that in his Opin stantly dwelt on German treaty Opportunity because of against est where the Vandal hand of Man i an Feda of discipline As Well As an i tween the United states and Russia not yet ret its no Fanung touch and where the. Forest monarchs lift their fronted Heads on High in proud i not All disciplines Are the same Defiance of the storm Kings fury �?�m1 sit beside the restless Ocean stimulus to economic Progress a a a a a a a a a a a Bah this measure is i the a by it. Ration of All Wesp in a whether to. Orch fit Pil Obj a or Legal imposed on National or religious grounds. There is no time to dwell now on the errors sins own traditions of the i crimes of the old regime to the mat Survey its heaving breast How that 0f outer authority All discipline which breast May tender As a suckling Jinan accepts in loathing of spirit and Mother to uphold the Keels of Mea abhorrent fear such discipline is not or How in the irresistible Puissance i Good but evil now it must remembered that i american citizens of jewish birth j nation like Maxse the sonar a British j Ter of oppression of nationalities Jsu the was will Willij discipline of a band of cossacks the extent ultimately brought about the overthrow of the roman offs. Follow j find some who like Bileam ing the speeches a Resolution was Midrash Sann. 105, Blet us under adopted expressing Confidence stand Admiral and probably a Good member j that Coul have a been looked Forward my Mem of its Wrath it May crush the proudest work of Many a hand As an empty Shell and drag hapless victims to discipline of War even Rich men enter Clear by fearless is not Good but evil. From Russia would not make a separate j really is in their i eat Iber the efforts of Theo fretful relaxation it of oppression. Viewed in this Light of the possible slow and painful a Evo Lutap of the bureaucratic Gnu wizard greater dinner Given by the foreign i Liberty the problems seemed Hope French Lesely Complex a a. Autocrat unknown Depths or gaze at night Ever the bloody sacrifice of War May by to a realization of its wrongs Roosevelt and it Ever to his i journalists Coudurier evidently Desir veiling of Broad sunlit horizons unto the Star studded fir Mameli above and remember How those Lim Central not Only collect and distribute funds a a a or i generations pid lights Burn with unchanging by fire cannot look upon War in Lenity through the circling aeons said or. Schiff. A but also that it a under a pleasant things spoke of the great pressed both Russia the and All other i remember j patr0ti8m> 0f the loyalty of those for nationalities the problem has Sud Eigners who a born in England and 1 our entire philanthropic work and in and go and Are altogether forgotten this respect serves As a social Agency behold the Calm Queen of night in the Community. Our Board is rep and recollect upon what sights and. Resented by the Reform rabbi and the i scenes her Pale and gentle Light has j Ripon and direction to impulse and. J i of Vavla to thai Prooro Mornh kor in to town i. 4_ no an outer mechanical discipline is a vicious thing. A democracy must develop an inner vital intuitive discipline which will serve As a Check Ihab evening sex president Taft t a a treaty was abrogated. A some of us have had some hearts devoted to great abolition of restrictions Woel by a Man evidently meant to moments since the beginning of the present War feeling that the in-1 jew is an alien even if born in a eng flatter the jews and therefore i yp4�l 80to-naively expresses the opinion that the i Isles orthodox rabbi by Reform Thordox members and the membership shone As the years March by in their endless review what scenes of blood of the federation is also compose of and carnage what sanguinary Battle Reform and orthodox jews. A w Lnu jssslsrtj1?jfs�� our communal building which is a by Man s inhumanity to Man what a counter plots a expansion which will not destroy Energy and initiative but will guide Ihrer with an inner president can am a parliament wanderings following organizations and activities 1. A Branch of the City Library. 2. Clinic and pure. Milk station under the auspices of the children said As wires lines Socia Tion. 3. A religious school under 8 Pua it Wres Ciggs the auspices of the Council jewish women. 4. Omu the. T in it. Aiice Ippu a flip i til6n Tueff ov�rcolll0 Luu ftw6 w6 Hergarten under the auspices or the 1 forget la my of a democracy is its inner sense of j 8ajd to not afraid the United i whether provisions were Jade Tor states never Rui make in other Kosher food in the army. The what Drunken brawls and fugitive i Quot Tea right Way 1 present conditions last. Fortunately Etide Ngy meaning -. I truth and right it certainly follows of mercy and assassination what Lov that the Central problem of democracy Erst trysts and traitors meetings,1. I. A yet Over All of which it shed its tranquil Light Aad called the Obedi vex a uculw4w a a Uitz 81 a Reat p i the Power with which it teaches each an autocracy has i those conditions do not now exist j via Jirm wer Mude Whorpe a Fischle education except in in the revolute v------1 vl81ons were maae wherever teas Ioie obedience but the very government swept away life of a democracy is measured by \ Over night and the first act of the a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Mii my Ibsh Hbl in him a Indianapolis kindergarten association. 6. Public Baths. 7. The workingmen Scircle conducts social and educational work under its auspices. A a i new generation to profit by the mis to Call Home russian exiles do go to impotent insignificant a a a Elf and the i Progress of the 9 majesty of the benign creator it is t with the psalmist cry. A a Vinai is 1 it tinn for Moi Nna informal 1, my., i ocl Tuuu ii Puiul Ilu in Tel Uia ii 1 v liitle v 8. I Cring Mem i son of 8lw�?olar irai8e its youth to a War or plane than Ommy 1 extensively in to Licu a Kisio our us to 1 a _. A 1 Tuoc Juuru w a piano clubs. 9. The communal budding is a it is in the u has yet been reached that its pm wer .�1. , Pnter-1ful of a Lulu hj8 the Ghat lose maintaining itself Superior to the a my a my a a it Maii then. A the secret Iff god in a Rlou. Der Jhu or own fear make Tab his Richmond a. Auspices and by outside organizations. 10. Above All the communal building is an a institution without patronage of the so called Rich for the poor. All organizations for the ruse of the building.5 communal building As any Vij Fuher institution such As Young forces that Are constantly trying to. Do its thinking for it May never known to Blacken. 7 emancipate the russian jews. A do not know what May come hereafter but this do know that never again will these rights taken away. The russian jew has been liberated and will remain so forever of the dinner which was held at the a no email hotel a8tor, was attended by 800 guests among them Henry Morgen jews who Are most affected a by the end of London a a a a a measure and in a less degree the Kramans poles and other nationalities. Iby reconciliation of the jews to Russia is a somebody Askel the minister of War a a Law f j1 the allies and a very considerable of Tor in the problem throughout the world. It is impossible to estimate How much of the opposition to the entente cause both in Allied and Neutral countries was due to jews rendered inveterate by hostile to Russia by her unremitting in Russia but that it was impracticable to provide Kosher food in the army always and everywhere. can merely understand the whole discussion from a v��j>r7.asruisia it3elf the Point of View of shielding the foreign element of the British jews or perhaps the British jews in general against the charges that they do not respond to the Call for a distinctly hostile Tenden is rated by the War and in the chaos of conflicting passions it u seemed incredible that any Issue could the effects of thu blot Onai connect and of the attitude to the i jews cultivate it i by tile shown by an interpellation of major j 0 d regime will not soon die away. Remain i i Iii i i taken not s Nally settled. asked in a tone zionists anticipated. A Walt. A Quot Quot. V. A 1, any Omer Maui usim. Tuou As to Uusi Colombia is the runaway daughter i a a try rvs lilt a Warp that threse men Rean Only menus hebrew associations hebrew of Spain says Dan Ward in world Strain and Wisdom of direction. Of Ament Herman Bernstein and Julius j8, institutes and educational alliances Outlook. She is twice As Large As serve that i say Union it Mere com Halpern who made speeches. Edwin advantages of the War by obtain us the economic development of the what is needed must have Thau. Sex ambassador to Turkey or to build to i youth la Union of i tute congressman Meyer London f 1 la al Quot a Quot l in feb. Boris if judgment proportion Good of irritation whether 4th get minister is taken out of the jewish problem in Russia. ®$3pfi Field is open now a a the degrading a results of the congestion unofficial representative in the United Tal la Elf t0. A a at there Are in up frn alone of the wish population in the Pale 25,000 jews of russian birth and of i and the exclusion of the jews from military age who neither will return the privileges of a a a men ship will the n w British army whether the minister Nee of the commercial is not self sustaining and none of her Mother and Many times As prom these so Hamki can sympathy Markham and Robert Underwood truly claim that they Are not support j Learned by charities. Easy to hav it it is easy Johnson read poems written by themis a Colombia i might also say the fear or Impf Latony or the Nair i but a jew danger which is expressed 1 ish people called anti Oquias who of having a Relief office in a building i wave old testament names raise fam tues beside sigm emotional Virtues. But to inter Pele on the russian Praise ,.e,jf4v� and that the population is very much ing retained their 1 racial identity in briefly a Zsofi to Pond and too operate Jar with a up. Nation imps. The jews will Able to find their a go by place. A the Karah and a restrict lop a of trate one with the other to fuse Onellie face of a centuries of persecution i aware of these facts and a declared i the old russian government i paper read before the conference of the National association of jewish social workers fat Pittsburgh pa., fast becoming such As ours is in my opinion groundless. It has at least proven so in Indianapolis and Indianapolis is not if she a other cities. Or known anyone to stay away from i jewish Republic of the near flies of from112 to 30 children and a trained and ordered a Good sense a am revolution sympathy and congratulated them on the rus that transactions government this peace with Germany was cabled to negotiations take to have emotion bounded and directed i influence. A Colombia is the great j in the heart of Energy and enthusiasm m. Milukoff Pip reign minister in the Fri fib the present govern eff. I. I Quot it. I the Brit it a no lament Ansi subject Are in real dimensions of the jewish prot there really is any serious jewish after t correspondent hebrew Standard. .4 rals is

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