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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - June 21, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioLet there volume 63. Cincinnati. O t til tit al he al Jejer al a 21, 1917. Number 51. We amp a -1ft. Written for the theft Frt destiny. To heart is held for someone ufers losses and its gain. F Ever deed is for a Mph i a amp of Tho these things Are not so Plain. 4 who the future seems All hidden i in the Depths of mystery time has spun a web of purpose in his every soul has faltered somewhere in a tempest driven Der. A a every wish has soldered somehow i Tho great storms had wrecked the of Way. V a Tho life a visions Cloud them Over when the hardships shackle youth who knows but in this scheme of , a god weaves his thread of truth. In Fri toward the landscapes that we see the gardens that Are reared of Man a prom Art to parody. Yet nought there is to h where be rail near for the sounds beyond seem broken a in the rumbling to the ear. F of the heart is held for someone Taj life a losses and Ftp gain i every deed if Tor up it ther pm Cpl pc Tho these things Are not so Plain. For the glitter in our strivings it. Or Are eternal threads to knot and god will tie them later of Jupp the in bold has All forgot be Sig Mylinh b. Tokoph. Springfield Ohio. Silse of Palestine not a solution i jewish problem i zionism to up no positive message to jews in american preservation of Het Araia spirit needed rather than. Separate nationality. Henry Moskowitz. Zionism in the last Twenty five years has become one of the most articulate jewish weapons which is directed against anti semitism. As such it has been a barometer of the Progress anti semitism has made in Sci Ems winds. Whenever a pogrom takes place the adherents of zionism increase in number. If there is a Lull in the anti semitic i movement zionism registers mat Lull by a loss in aggressive strength. After the pogrom in 18s1 the zionist movement As a political Force received great impetus. Evn in America the tragedy of Kish Inoff brought Many in synagogue jews into the racial fold. The sufferings of Israel gave even the agnostic a a a a a cml jew a consciousness of which of Framst aha rationalist movement gained. This movement became the Refuge of Many jews to whom Judaism As a religious message had ceased to Appeal. Zionism As a political weapon against anti. Semitism has always represented a minority in Israel. L for the purposes of Clear thinking we must consider zionism first As a solution to the general jewish problem second As a movement which can satisfy the Pul of the jew third As n Jim fed Experiment for the Parps be of establishing jewish colonies and a jewish cultural Center and fourth the message of a ism if it has any to the jews of America. The general jewish problem is created by the civil political economic and other disabilities from which the jews have suffered. These Are removed whenever Progress is made along the lines of general emancipation. By a successful russian revolution and Fae establishment of a free government whether a Republic or a constitutional monarchy jewish disabilities in Russia will be automatically removed by granting to them equal rights. Rumania As is probable will follow the russian precedent and will make the rumanian jews the beneficiaries of this Advance of general emancipation. The vast majority of the jews located in Russia Rumania Galicia and Poland will thus be liberated. This is the major and most important phase of the jewish question affecting the welfare of the majority of the jews in the world. Deeper and More complicated is the subjective phase of the jewish t jews. The jews have produced great scientists a few great artists and Many scholars 5 of distinction but in All this realm of it human activity it cannot be said that they have been Superior to the achievements of other races. In fact if we Are Frank wifi ourselves we would say that they have not shown first rate originality in mag of be Fields. The distinctive contribution of the jew has been in the realm of religion and ethics. I the most precious gift of the Jev to the world has been the hebrew in him. It has been his sensitive spiritual idealism. Remove the scriptures and the Rich literature and lore which represent the reaction of the jewish soul upon the fundamental spiritual problems of life and there is very Mettle left which would be con Eldered distinctive or sup gel to the achievements of other races. Mtg Ling that the hebraic element in life is preserv1ngj�a jewish state essential for the preservation of this attitude toward life has the Hope of Zion As a political movement been the cause of the jews a up Vival despite centuries of persecution it is not a fact that the survival of Judaism and the jews As a people can be attributed More to the loyalty of the jew to his religion than to his nationalism and even where the Hope of Zions redemption has persisted in the life of the jew that Hope was the product of a spiritual rather than a political concept. The zionists cannot Point to ancient jewish Liturgy As any confirmation of secular political zionism a a recent phenomenon in jewish life. The jewish religion has always attempted to make a spiritual Appeal and even Reform Judaism which zionists Are prone to condemn by characterizing its Normal evolution As an unsuccessful Effort of the jews to assimilate non jewish religious ele Hents attempted at least to strike a spiritual note and to awaken a religious emotion As distinguished from a romantic a social or a nationalistic �1 it is important to make this distinction Between a spiritual and a romantic emotion. In the great Fervour which the zionist movement has developed during the last Twenty years not a Little of their Eino Tion is romantic. How much of his nostalgia of the centuries is a racial yearning to obtain what has once been its precious Possession and to idealize the Distant at the expense of the present How much of this Heim Weh for Palestine is deeply sincere among Many of those who now sing the jewish nationalists hymn the a Ito Ulvah a with re Viv Allstin Fervour Tow much of it would actually persist As a spiritual Mouava tips Power if Palestine were Oba ?cl7 in other words will the existence of Palestine As a jewish state actually result in developing in the jew that Hebra ism that spiritual View of life which has been i distinctive contribution and will help to solve the problem of the vast majority of the jews who have cast their lot with America with Russia with Germany with France and with other countries of birth or adoption this is a Tei All the largest part of the jewish question. A r the zionists say that if the jewish state existed the rebound upon the jews of the world would be regenerative. They would draw thir inspiration from this Centre and would contribute their distinctive idealism to the Peoples with whom they Are living. How much of this is a Hope and a prophecy and what Are the serious moral dangers in this nationalistic Point of View from the standpoint of the jewish soul Here Are some of them. First it is Apt to Breed a racial egotism. What we want to preserve is the Best in the jews which is the hebrew. Spy that i mean his idealism. I sometimes believe that a conscious emphasis of nationalism leads to an acceptance of racial qualities just because the race happens to possess them. The jews like other people have Good and bad qualities and to improve As a Type they must eliminate and minimize the bad and cultivate the Good. Sometimes a racial self assertion leads to a Subtle acceptance of limitations and prevents a it is a Mem tar Frank facing of them. A a obtain the jew to get in touch who Omar equal rights in the various lands or races to grow by struggle and even. _ _ _ _ a their birth or adoption is the jewish question solved social anti semitism will still persist for the removal of social prejudice cannot be effected through the granting of civil politic rights. Social pre-1 acted but at times by suffering. A conscious emphasis of nationalism leads almost imperceptibly to a form of spiritual domination a to a Lack of humility which religion has frequently counter exists even in democratic countries. It depends in the final Analy the world today is suffering from of a nationalism in which the idea a. At Ustiy Titus 1u me. Auw i a a a Sis upon the development of the jew the tragedies of a false nation aus. I i Vino or l Iron no he to Hal Taftt 1 Oil and the the eahppp4ftent of a jewish state will not necessarily remove it. Such prejudice has existed against races which have had a Concrete historic state. Therefore it cannot be claimed that nationalism or zionism will directly solve the problem of prejudice. That must be fought out. Wherever races do not understand each other by Contact and by Ian Effort on the part of the jew and the non jew alike to establish relations which Are based upon Mutual respect merited by both sides and specially by the removal of ignorance which is often the chief Bas Grof prejudice. The advocates of zionism As a solution of i the she Jeow a phase of Quot tip Stion assume first that jul its broader sense is Worth preserving and consequently that its preservation is made possible Only by the establishment of a jewish state acting As a cultural Center which will exist primarily for the Jour Post of per Peiling it. The zionists say a vaguely that jewish culture is worthy of reservation. 1 whatever is of tive Worth in a nationality should be cultivated and contributed for the in by humanity. A aim but what constitutes the Dij a a a pm the first russian Monist bulletin. A j the provisional zionist committee at new Ever printed publicly and disseminated through to a censor or the arrest of the publishers. A fac a by the zionist publicity department and a trans a Noam 8 Agapto 1917 Roia. Re City has received the Firat bulletin mails in Russia without the interference of ile of the first Page of this bulletin furnished on of part of the text Are Given below Tif Tifi a Guiua $ in Kom Teia o�ahfl0af m �111 13 a h a us orap a a a. Of -4. .1 Lii Poko Ira Lycho oops i mar my we of Obaji Iii Fyk met met Mpa or. Coct ohcs Ciao of Digiaro of Fesaha Onyx end Moab am oprahh3auisbhmojid desks. By set. E>t3aam a Obukho ah8 my Tom Kubi Jtj ym6ty a i Kohv h8-evfc3ah al a my. F of it Toba Publ qprahh3yate Cioth Arckie Motuhi h h a Najia Ylopa Knob of h3 Oprah Maaish. 3a Nefi Xoe epic Quot 3iiiiifljpir Ekin Wnm it to or re Jet a to Pernt Pauich Ines a Loop a it my a it a y a to a a Kyd m a a. V a vat a a it it pm a a it Vuk v. ¿>0 f i kit k l quote Clit v a a i m. Upon act Luket Morfi kit i8pe�ock0�o Mojo Vokn. Cd Depearo uhf pm Aoa mom Haro feb Wema re Mockov Kourt Tutu . Or shh Mutt my Monesm a Rex Osep a s. Us out it h put a it it old a it Tui i opry he say cob Etc Tux b but no 8cfen> by Pocan a Teny Aier h Pao Tobl moj10aem. bunymch0�?~�?T 6kao �?�09388hit it it. Moa quench h3 cbp., p�3c0b.�?i�p h h3ukbx-b Cra pub Inmom Fiaai. Wbk Pocci a ?3hm-Aacb. Papa a a on a Moron be Kozoro Rokta. A re of Tea �?� N Oboh Sepa Cahua Tui Erie. Co hot cyae6i it Yarp Pethic Boero 6y a Maroda be Peugh Annie a a Pasami it a Hap Ollhoft co Coati non Ayr our Vii Ponos h he no cup a Bott pa6otw Ana u . Y a oar Espe ticker Lotoa each a tax n Asa or Apa t hot i Oik Haro Ata a Oprah Multi Zimpo Khab acc a Espe Pickaro a Pola h Noa to Rob Hub hot by Nep Yip on Peak kit bh6o-P�mv by co Panie. Koi Poe Asp Gap 6wit Cossiso a Hama Aav Mccoo ouro Pasha to tips Moro hta amp Haro h36wpa-rcjh>haro\npaba cd co6�\pnenitm% Nohh Iwina non Purcha ibo Octiff. But opt 8b tc.1bhoc cd pah a flood Khz a Toft a. Abr pcs it Karo noon io3yhp0mi> we a Rose to no hot i b w icon huh eco Mai. A Paev to h. Racas Rii so Deasaro a Ido �?Ta3sh�a a Bryt issara Sacco i 3ct mop flu Hioe cd it tips cob Hill Iii lib Peak h a a per Cir up Oak Box a a a it. Tow in Hack Tai Baev Jav tp�<5o Murt Yuno Bihr to acc Hoath e3x&bu b5� fit Mhz Pati Law by Caio Obal. Size Wjk 2 a Tremie boils via a Ieca but. Am 3 a Toh Hor Bojoh to Cha it Kot Pili ii Aoa Jev Nemox paiute amp xxv uni Warmee a pen. A. Toss Phi us Hon it by Lwi to Kitt hath by Papua Holh Mac Oak Ord Maymia Huv it paans Oprah 3a wan Subu Nepka Samm Texon pm h a a a. I Ohvo a Patoc Wahbi Pya it Kam it h Catari Iuie Utip by Anu 1�?~ m i but Aai uhte axiom my 4�?T>pmylmpomjm to mum re Peak . By Akpem Hemme hit m m up sub he kit oprahbwiuk1 it a per ctr a a a of Nih a a Iii Ero n Ceolo Itofa pow i a nept a it Yipo puff tpe0yhm6sv, a my a Pulati to Hobo pte3b2 of pm to Ioa Xaiv of m Dpt by Toji a Moxy Nhok k ims in pit a Halo my. It o6v- of Mem Mctosh my akm Haro Fiat . By kor a in a. Haffiz Fig pass set if Virji Kos by Pashto of oms Kohr Pec iia vc0m3ikv by fish of Mckott to a Dojk fikh a Bekir Mem Priori. K a my opra�h3oaarb xxv xxv m Maui omani Rev Kwh 6opb6bi spa am a no if Aaro r Eva Yutaro 1 t ea.n�2arq Bey Fay of Agama. Opt a fax Eek pub Oft a Entkos h Post my Hajciar. It Bop pm Cio tec Tab a som a pay or n a Insp verb do a pm cwt Napa it Tva to Rory co Erv Orr to item by to ebon a Moha uni h a of jul a Dorp a Heaja. Noraa a Herb spa Jusifa Owsha i>pf�hr3auin no blk he Ulm Pocol Halo hmm it Cobl of shr Job Bat us Viust him 3a, Pipp Wilip pow i vat of resp hot Moa serb nary Ifo Yausie to Wmk we pkg Ork tymm i s be Hamit Rev Jamkot psspo6.icthie own no a 3stbctf How a my it 18 up fwd a if ii pfc i Hub a och thru i 3th rp0<5o�ahin 6mrh Eute Mechto tiv t h a Ltd of 4>opmyiihkjbamw a Bce Poccio a Komi a Mtsat by to Jackh of ref. Hoj al co pc Cen Akeri a. In a. To. A. Or m 0frfufty a pm by Pup Napora a us Camo Caipen hic Btu Cipas Axil pa3ck�ds# my ctohkcti4 to it spews co3haem�?Tbl sep o6esrtfe<i�sfi�� b tip Abts Esperes a he Esperte no Popa so Boot is. No3horbfe he riia hauls me no serb a of Masho Kotb pa3bhbatbcs h top Hub Mph oct Voct sin Auto Hondo be wrap. Of hop hip cd tpe6oahl�nv magi sait atm. Pm cioh�ttpr�s.,bprahh3aaia no to a Aaan a it to per Abaha 3cbjiz�?dozhcta Danio Samsara a Acao w Auto Soohui Espe Icide Searp Biea Cornu Iehl a Fex Ocepa a. Liioi a Quot h a a 1 coi bar Cal re in he path he ass tar a to a i b a b b c 0 i a Quot it a. A 2 a Levinio cd a Etc of of h Itei ipes to Lxi of. Ii a Kot Deharb a cd Tirb i r a. Not re to aka cv��3aa 6, pay Otu i i taxi a. Pomi aug up a Ioa Tho not a Luiis is to chums cd huh him a Taklo f 4 pm Jbv Hgt nyuk turn. Re of Tarry orb r repose pm m i a a comic tar o6>�aiimi�hm� Somme St 8 by nah Kab rat kit to Tai o6vewi�eiihme to pm Reth Upky Ariew x 3a Noju maj Xor a pm a a Labia aha a doctor Quiam it it in of r by mock by pm skim tto oses it Ethol Fca aah Fly or ammo Tfir my Roii Xiv a . Je�0� it1taib c m i v a to c a is m 3 m t i St a Jasa Ripon Ubhi by ,9bb.t0r Sanam co Saaed. Or . Koch two m�r�a3<a> i. Ii a Rexon i Kord Pomr sco3m.�> h now was , a i i of pram Ian a. O6mciohiict�ob Pacot he a a a. I a a a Quot i i a a a a a to auth the Mumm m3bmn he . Sorbi Kaaa Otho to them Man a Fly a my a Xii rav. To pkg Phil Elf of vew Mac. Kph a Mph h Eoas a tvs Ofle lib pm to map Muht my a pc a my or it Moi mrs i Raol a Csider Pontiu. Bork Vucko Phelmar a peso porn by Pocci a Neper pohts Takotey to spa Thuu h h3�thmrb by abcs m . S Mowwe april 3, 1917 a he a us Kim pm m a a Rte ism a poem Zooi Sibbio Eood Aan ,.�6v Eoa Ata 6m�t 9 9ea� no oaf a Saau a pea. w no. ii k Nace he c i Haick a Nep Sopota m Napo Aub. Haeo a Mitma Coccim b of me Peck a a t k Yermo Leray pm a of tax Jbf Paau . By. Bah sop a a Ropo actor Koan tet he a a Kex he ilex. V a a or a w Sjuk a k via a l a Pocci a. Ai . A hence Texe ice Pelt no my 4 k co Saint Hub l cd East ionic it a Csc s6 cig pm fms spy Selp Syx Csc tip 06� in to or Asipau of Benassi xoa10i a amp ii ou6 h j%pject9\io Wie spy so is if Mich l Eloiie Hayett Isie Chi pay Otu for per a. a re a a a 2 Yeow ii by leg no a 3aseaehtft nov a Orpo Iii 9ny to Yewnel a sip priss Siili uses tic a c k ctr a a 6 o6ieiihiehhomy hour very Opo j pea a Erpelo Terpis Essav h3becm eashoipemeshuft6op>. So 6 k Suo Opas items Titi Opeyi Uima itt a to Tim it a is Wiki. V f Upsi it Noah two us k. Be Xiep m be idiom a. 4 by rat Costa Ettus Nobuji Opra Naf sum mss Spier Baba it a a Damieni cod sixth set Xii he Forb oprahm3iu�h. It Ltd no vie a ois mfg memo a a aug a wow no. 1. Price 6 Kopecky. Bulletin of the joint committee of the organizations of the his i a morn zionist a a Zereia Zion and a he Chover. A comrades we approach our comrades broadly and publicly. Timsic Wihs arrived for a Active organization life. Early in May of this year the All russian convention of the zionist organization will take place. The organizations a the Chovert and a Yzzi it gel Cal a convention of the zionist youth for several Days prior to the general convention. Vej amp be jangly fag Sive work must be taken lip in Advance of these conventions. Within the next few Days we must begin to count the zionist forces to Register the shekel payers the voters for the convention. Comrades organize zionist meetings and gatherings take up the Sale of Sheps Hie rest of the Page is devoted to am Appeal to a wish youth of ramp shia participate in the zionist Moven fent and detailed plans of the new Popag Mumm can be brought Back i to r the land would have powerful value. Interesting Quot and Hon Jlas has been made in various jewish agricultural experiments in fore Flo zionists attempt to Aid jewish colonisation is tract Jess. But these Colon Lep shop not be up rioted to Palestine alone although the latter colonies should receive every support possible. I a a a a a i a to the jews of America Zion i Safe has no positive message. The american jew is nationally an american Only i is thrilled by one flags which symbolizes the idea is of a democracy in which men and women of Gopf races have joined together to make gov frament of the people for the people and by the Pede a Success. The very first Tenet of a american democracy is the separation of Church and state. It has demonstrated that citizens can have one common political allegiance and As Many religious allegiances As their consciences May dictate. A of a feg the american jews will not tolerate any other National political loyalty any movement which Ipp Bayizes racial groups in americans inconsistent with the spirit of this democracy. P fortunate indeed for the jews of America that they Are a tic Patin in a political Experiment which does not encourage National groups and which prevents the race forum such a recognition. The United states through the Wisdom of its founders has been free of those National and race wars which have characterized the history of Austria where racial groups have been organized and recognized As a part of the larger state. I a May be natural to recognize racial groups in Austria and even in the new Russia one cannot anticipate what will be the outcome of the Kloose -1 federation of National groups but even there the majority of the jews Are seeking recognition in the lands of their birth and their adoption rather than the establishment of a jewish state in Palestine As a solution of their problems. A they ,1 of vow work out their destinies on the basis of Irett and in lands. Significance Are in different Type. Ign number of the Day in the secular is in the lower a a pm up rough a a arrangement All important occasions can a be told at a glance. Fhe economic recons Roft a. A of polish jewry from report of a provisional executive committee for Dibonis affairs Jyh Severa it n j. a and polish jews 40 per cent of the entire % jewry of that counting have been reduced to the a bread Unez because of p i War and it will by Bee Essary hip addition to the temporary Relief nth a a a a ures now in Imro Gress Ptake Early m Steps to organize economic conditions m which will make it possible fir the a communities % to reconstruct if them s selves on a self supporting basis i p a a plans with that Are be ing discussed in Poland and the go Popenhagen zionist a a read has come into Possession of a i amp Ehen Sive m study of the a Katimi Quot Quot and of Herf measures which Are regarded As theft most effective Means of Greco Struc % Tion. It a a Quot there Are thousands of jewish Young in a Poland who stave the pieces of sary strength for artist try but who before the War were it a Erks or still these Young men would if for the trained artisans. The teachers and i the necessary raw materials for Trade schools Are available in fee saw and it is estimated i that it would Asp 4 ii in i ii i i fifi of 11 a up it Auden who will be Able to provide his own h living exper Etc pm the period a study. A an expenditure of 40,000 f Marks approximately $10,000 would i Rescue 100 families inn misery Man of pauper Dom and enable them to live in modest but i tolerable f cireum�1 stances. The plan As projected a a re Ever Calls for the training Iff Boos Voung men at a Cost of 200,000 Mark. The development need of trades is also suggested. Here m is suggested that funds be supplied to responsible to organize responsible organized English jews i00 Marks per individual would be Are fearing the establishment of a needed for he workmen until they free Republic in Palestine upon Tiwi became self supporting. For 500 per basis of special App Dpi rights. Id feud sons 50,000 mar�4 4��uld be needed. They want is equal rights for their peo the establishment of business eol ple wherever this is a Leges for the training of clerk ook much sounder position for the jews keepers and stenographers in Lambl to take than the dangerous political suggested As employment in these experimentation of Zlotni fight puff t0 branches in easily detained f Twenty the jews in America zionism has no positive message my conclusion finally is that jew thousand Marks would a a be sufficient for a school with 200 students the mme being that f this ism a liven ish nation Aalim As a philosophy a Oslo a capable Man for the payment of life is not satisfactory that it is re a Eft a years tuition fees a for c200 act Ocam leads egotism and that it does not Conduce to profound moral and. Spiritual but rather to romantic emotions. However this a not inconsistent with approval of Ike jewish cultural censers where those jews who yearn to preserve 18itd develop their jewishness can i live if they wish to. They fee the such a Center the should obtain the right to have it. Just As other Peoples have. A but the existence of such a Center is not essential to the development and even preservation Ipi ups Best in the jews which is the hebrew. A a v a a what the jews need is that hebraic spirit i which i the Prophet expressed in the insight that a without vision a nation 1 Peri Beth a which made Micah St he hath shewed students. The of. A class of jewish farm lab Oral is. Iggy so Tion. Uncultivated land in Tite neighbourhood of the towns rented and devoted to gardening and truck. Jewish Young men could be taken on As apprentices but the person operating the farm would bar to have their services free for a period goof two months. As these Young men would have to earn a living during that period the sum of would be needed to provide them with sufficient Means a ring the their a it a a teem by Aticy that their services would he Worth pay inf for. The greatest hindrance to the economic reconstruction of the a jewish communities. Is the hostile attitude a All the polish p Ries and in fact of thee o Man what is Good and what if Poland the policy being to reduce doth the lord require of thee but to a a population from 14 to if do justly and to love mercy and to i per cd tit the a being that the walk humbly with thy full la jews smaller percentage of jews would nine de to be bathed in a revival of Tiina Tely be compelled to yield to the that hebraic spirit s which gave birth process of assimilation. A this hostile to Isaiah a visions to David a ass maj attitude off be Ltd a the principle to Spinoza a god intoxication tolling adopted Iii polish Charita that Rich literature of distinctive jew 1 Hie institutions be con de red munic ish Worth which is theirs and the a pay to or of general a Jamal the jewish world s heritage. The not Only with the of the he Point of Contact with other races brew prophets and the rabbis but spiritual creativeness needs the Bat with the spiritual movements of the to ground of Conj Jug to produce its present Day. They Are inwardly to full fruit age. Home when they come in Contact with great jewish and non jewish person the world needs at the present time More than Ever a spiritual revival. Ali ties who Are attempting to Solfi in the friction of cultural contacts the social and religious problems of and in the revolutionary melting pot the present Day. Millions of jews satisfy their souls of ideals which is now taking place the great religious message must be Manti cism and emotion but through the difficult Road of spiritual and mor a Mere romantic one to contribute to 1 the jewish problem be solved when w no romantic movement can effect this Miracle no message i racial self assertion will bring it about. Only to a and Ltd of .�8 by a return to the Quot Are of Jas Power a hebrew idealism can goal be approached. A not through the easy land Wate hued path it off to a a Hpe a a a Mant Ham on<7 a int inn he the Mich 1 Durden of their own poor and of the same time to met their Ever May be Thiec habitat. Sisterhood Art Calendar Tho profoundest problems of life which Are in the final analysis spiritual and religious. They will meet the problems of the newer Day with an open mind and with their native vision will be perfectly willing to cast away. The National federation of Temple Hie old cups for Thomies Nib and sisterhood through its National conf fib be Jiff factly Frankjr accept the my be on religion is ready to launch the Cost of the a punic Pajger institutions. The cruelty of this situation is obvious when it is considered that the jews constitute about 30 per cent of the town populations and include the chief sufferers from the War. La this situation must he met by the establishment of Legas shall also afford Legal a in Rte a to the communities new forms if need be. To contain the its fifth jewish Art Calendar. Copies tle8 pm up dim. Flip Daisy a form of megalomania and if any emphasis is needed it is rather along the lines of internationalism a fid human Fellowship. If the zionists reply a we desire to realize the National self of the jewish people any thought of the answer is that any conscious Effort at National self realization results not infrequently in a form of spiritual domination which is unwholesome and which tends to develop race limitations quite As much As Virtues. Up go after All there is less need of emphasis and developing of social individuality than there is for laying stress upon International 3 interdependence. If such a an. Individuality really of gaps it should exp Rem itself Switij it conscious Effort. The world is passing through a revolution in which up Sciple of International Ted nation is being stressed j As never before. From a spiritual Point of View jewish nationalism is reactionary. A but there Are some jews who find themselves inwardly isolated and who feel at Home Only or a jewish atmosphere. They say with a Well Kra own philosopher that Ipi in the midst of emancipation they Are in slavery. They feel with him the need of by contributing their jewish idealism born and the jew has a wonderful i new Waters of life As they Well up Ujj face on Saje some time during the Buch bureaus need to be established my pm Ophir Tunita to develop and al a rat rom deepest Springs. A Emo Ratlife this year the Calendar in i on a a maw one to Lodz and one _ that hebraic spirit which has been the most constructive work that of exceptional Beauty and Art value for sma11 towns. Tolbe Gge Ted Cipa Ting in these non racial move-1 his most a Rhetous contribution to the j the zionists have accomplished is the the theme Bein the life of Moses in i a Kef of t>urtt%aw0�id command to the world problems of human Freedom. They Are conscious while parti it does not encouragement and financial support five pictures ments that they Are contributing the civilization of the world. Nijs Fli idealism of their people and their the subjective Satis wmi.,. Faction of the latter May be More a elopement. On the contrary political a forded some of pioneers fro need and has never needed a Politi that they have Given to the jewish Cal state for its existence or its de colonies in Palestine. They have Afen from a like num-1the services of Many volunteers. Her of famous paintings.  9 the first scene is the famous work Marte a per tear a Quot of Julian de Vriendt a the finding amp yes amp a amp a amps or High Rich tag to the world than the former considerations National hatreds and mania and Russia an Opportunity to 0f the artist has so Satui Jot greatest importance a would be Ajia it a it their practical and sin ritual u _ establishment of jewish state j problems. This limited Experiment in the land of the Lotus that even the two a May coarsen a the Imp i of hebrew jewish a a Hje plus my lip of zionists but of non Lon lists who common in the Days when Moses Are interested to any practical scheme grew up in the court of the King which will help solve the problems of j a building pyramids Quot by Julian Rich ated his Canvas with atmosphere of the est pop pent of a Bank which it Llev Juil to v Julia y a a once la j. I a you wish the jews and Judaism to be i spirituality and Jesuu not in a pure preserved a and with Freedom will not the process of assimilation set a go 00 that the jews As a people will finally disappear unless a jewish state exists this question is and for generations will be an academic one. First there can be to objection to the existence of a cultural Center where reproduction seems to exude it. The Between the polish jews and a their second scene portrays an incident relatives in foreign i countries Espe Tion passports. And other necessary documents for the emigration a which Lew who Are Willm Bhaji go there can those jews who have sought a Refuge Ter is a vivid represent att of of Jfe a anticipated will me of great off preserve and develop their race Trade to Somi persecution. A Elbut there Fyna of egyptian slavery 5 in i the ume after the War. Because the racial idiosyncrasies of to a philosophy of jewish nationalism but interest in practical colonize third picture Lesueur has Given us Tion is quite a different matter from 1 an impressive delineation of a Moses the jews will prevent for a Ion time As a condition for the preservation of j risking the prestige and impairing the j and the in the fourth if Ever their Fiir assimilation. Sec the hebraic spirit and Flat fee arte Many influence of Judaism As a Roelln new Temple in n. Y. City. Only the jews have no More right dangers to that philosophy in r r thin other nation unless they justify it. I a. Quot the Only right that a people has to f refer Force by the failure of a jewish state. Scene by j. E. Millais several striking things Challenge attrition. The Emce has been made to the tendency i a Jarac tical colonist is not Burden of such a philosophy to develop Roe nor is the Success of his Experiment persist in is that right which a.11 �,ap�li1 m based upon the fulfilment of their acceptance of forms which the Narrows their horizon and tends to the 1 Cal nationalistic and racial difficulties israelite Are in a death grapple with dedicated their new hebrew Sci Esq their treacherous for a the am lekites land % Temple ,777 East 178th Street and Moses accompanied by Aaron and sunday june 10 at 2 . An lab Mission. As Long As of cd a contribute. 1 in to civilization they ought to exist. If the jews fail to make their distinctive contribution to the world they have no right to exist. They should science and intellect of a great Many i a jewish state. He need not concern Hur has ascended he height to Pray Tor Victory. The so life scene is Haken orate program had been to Range the from a practical Point of View the existence of Palestine As a Home land will not solve the problem except As from an old Bible and portrays a Moses j Jos. A amp Nondess and prominent county Mathewson District attorney Martin Worth in jewish culture surely it i a jewish Ideal source which a cannot be claimed that jewish stiff to tear inner comp exist upon a qualitative basis Only til Touge Tor those Jot Irish dreamers Judaism prevails As a spiritual Force f who will consecrate themselves. To been a Tummy Art or even philosophy or Chola Fulp is a a a by Jve. A the realm of and scholarship has always Feen of Erly International and where cow ism have the produced great Scien less Heff have not made their contrib tip of science scholarship Fly these jews Are so it they can obtain their Deew to Wal of a Ttoe Futon Odlav by the existence of jewish spirit al source they should have it. Jews do Sot Jesi the need Wall my soul my he satisfied Mil is does his distinctive contribution de make their jewish dreams come True. Pends Tipon a spiritual inbreeding but they Are not tip Only Dren Pps. Which is capt to be the result of a we dreamers of Israel jays jewish state t j creative to Itali a a i and Wye. 1 a a of struggle and of come Fer inc. The history of 4��itew8 now that their Mil fruit Fil a Isi exist and their dreams will have a Ous slfiew�6ltiilis$ate come at himself with such questions As the re choosing his filled with presentation in the state of the Many the realization that his is not to i varying shades of jewish a religious the task the lawgiver has assembled i Edward Polak m m Fertig and my social and economic Opin tiie people and is presenting to them Erz addressed the audience. The sons Ion. The rocks upon which states have Joshua. An added feature of the new i of Israel of the Bronx were organized a log Lendar is the novel arrange my it Fly a Litto tilth Tolg. client Money to Purchase the wherever jews can be brought Back the Days of the months. This follows to the land they should be encouraged the same principle adopted in let Iff i a constructive program for m it it attn 1 calendars the Days being arranged in on which a he edifice is erected. The newer jewish immigration to am american citizens squares seven to a line corresponding i property is free and Lear. The to the number of Days in the we Etc. Ears i amp a Herma. Both of jewish and non jewish sex the Sabbath and All Temple Long Morris hym a vice pres traction would make possible the es-1 holidays ? Are a red eel top Aye Fin be ? my Otto Tahl ashment of colonies where jews and occasions of More than Ordinary 1 Thal my a

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