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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - June 14, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioA Leml Here a Nlle it t to turn a i Iii we a i ifejrjlt3b a al a volume 63.cincinnati. Ohio june 14. 1917. Number 50. \ written for the a israelite. Here a to the boys. In Here a to the lads who Are leaving Here s to the lads who depart though we shed tears in our grieving though it May Cut to the heart lets give them courage a mid sorrow so they May Bear up its weighty even to Day and tomorrow a let loves True Power conquer hate. Yea Evn through carnage or Battle and the cruel my a the War mixed with the rifles hoarse rattle calling for More and Tor More let the pure Light of loves Power bring to it it them gladness and cheer give in the most trying Hap. That which to All is so dear. Fore end against Man made invention love and fee Lwe for the right can free their hearts of the tension that they receive in the tight. Loihl the heart of love for the Cunes gone to rest love in the souls of the sighing love in each live mortals breast. When we give them we have Given All that we possibly can deep from our heart ppm ppe riven to serve for his country a Man. They Are our sons and our Brothers they Are our friends and school a i mates a a and they with thousands of others will states. So Here s tfx in boys put Are going into the War of the world Lof their country bestowing under old glory unfurled lit re s to i heir deeds # the Ocean. Here s to their Val on land drinking of wars bitter potion they for America stand. Scherl m. Livy. Joplin mo., june 1917. Israel the Scapegoat for the world a Les ship a apologetics. By Gotthard Deutsch. A a the Prophet of the babylonian exile whom the Canon identifies with Isaiah must a pm been confronted with a situation similar to ours when speaking of the suffering of his peo ple he said Waviah 53 4 a surely he has borne our grief and carried our the experiences of the ancient seer a not known to us in detail Biro pm Ruth of his vision is presented a the Long history of our martyrdom. When the mongols invaded Europe a a i the thirteenth Century tie jmj were supposed to have invited them. When the turks in the sixteenth Century menaced the safety of All Europe it was claimed that the jews had sent them can loads of Gold the a Are but two of the most prominent because to most absurd charges. The jews were also sup posed have caused the hussite movement and Jar have been responsible for Luther a reformation although Luther in his later years advised to Burn every Synagog to the ground to Kidnap All jewish children and raise them As christians. In More modern times Stoecker As defender of dynastic interests claimed the jews were sworn enemies of All amur Hority. John Burns the British labor Leader a gain declared that the most characteristic feature of the jewish soul was Quot of like submission to at the beginning of the present War we had Houston Stewart chamberlains authority for the belief that the hostility of the British people to the germans was an artificial movement engineered by lord Burnham formerly Edward Levy. On the other hand we were told Stime and again by Cecil Chesterton Hilaire Bello l. J. Maxse and Many others that All jews Are German in their sympathies and that the Zion is tic movement is a Mere ruse with it the object of giving to Germany the Dominion Over Anta. A off Why should we wonder then when now after almost three years of unparalleled Slaughter those who shudder at the responsibility of seeing the terrible Scourge continued claim that the spirit of the old testament is Back of the worlds calamity the a Western Christiff advocate has the following to of a Fusi a will we be brought to believe in the blood Iamb Metal or will that old doctrine so vividly taught in the old testament a there is nil emission of sin without the shedding of blood be Given a new Content and made Job live again it seems so for the most spiritual interpretations Given to this great world War Are by the leaders not Only in this country but great Britain and France supporting this View. Tho a in sages of holy scripture containing it Are being used a texts. The mind is turning the thought Over and Over die strongest penetrating Powers of intellect Are massed upon it. The cup from which Christ drank shall we not drink of it a it. Chi Jolt his suf Fering his blood his drink of vinegar his a my god my god Why Hast thou forsaken me a his death by heart realm while the spirit is saying unto us the whole Cross is More easily cached than the half. It mean that men do not come to know the Depths of life Jintil they find the Wayfe of Golgotha. Who a amp a understand Jesus of Nazareth without entering his sufferings ? l can one interpret his crucifixion who has never known a Croas. Can a bloodless Man preach the blood of Christ who can say we venture this prediction that when War is Over that old revival hymn so Seldom Sung these Days and regarded Sas too. Highly a a a col my there is a Fountain piled with Biggs drawn from a Immanuel a veins we have a new significance and give deeper expression to the emotions a Jos our r spiritual n a similar statement is contained in the London a nation a which incurred the Disfavour of the British government for its condemnation of the Pom recently adopted by the War i part ment. The a a nation declared that the retaliatory measures adopted by the British in they cd Ftp amp bombs indiscriminate upon Jolil City a .0% not Quot by org Adeil and a Jed a Law Vba of a Hildren a a attending a mme a a a it a a paragraph is performance even if done in Retali Aron was no More justifiable than the German practice of shelling British cities from the air. The London a jewish world discusses this opinion in an editorial of a Rhio la the following quoted �0b a the a nation which is rightly it seems to us indignant at England adopting this method of warfare published an article in its last Issue pointing out that retaliation As enunciated in the old testament was abrogated by the new dispensation and that Christ had repudiated the Maxim which was thus now impossible for Christian it would be sheer optimism to believe that we can Ever succeed in convincing the prejudiced mind of the Christian which sees in the old test Iff Lufelt an inferior Conception of ethics supt reded in the new testament by a final solution of the porn do a moral problems. We owe if however to ourselves to discuss this opinion dispassionately and scientifically. The new testament Matt. 5 38-39 quotes Jesus As saying Eye have heard that it was said an for an Eye and a tooth for a tooth but i say unto you resist not him that is evil but whosoever Smiseth thee on thy right Cheek turn to him the other for the present it is left to the Reader to decide whether in the whole history of Christendom christians have Ever acted in accordance with this principle or whether they have obeyed the injunction connected with it never a go to Law for the Sake of a claim and to give to the thief who stole their coat their cloak also. One of our presbyterian contemporaries recently grew quite excited be ease the israelite pointed out that those who distribute new testaments in the army could not possibly expect a a the soldiers to live up to their Savior a Ideal. It May be said right Here that the ska elite never intended to find fat gift with such action As far As it was meant for Christian propaganda but merely protested again forcing this propaganda on jewish soldiers. The Point that we wish to make is Noi one connected with the present War or it methods adopted by Christian chaplain service but is exclusively of historic interest. Jesus As he is represented in the gospel of Matthew misrepresents the old testament. The words a Eye for Eye a As stated in exodus 21 23-27, and in two parallel passages lev. 24 19-21 deut. 19 21 do not intend to Lay Down a theoretical principle of ethics but speak clearly of a penalty for a distinct crime. As such according i Ujj our Conception it is cruel but by no Means As cruel As the Laws practice All Over Christendom As late As the eighteenth Century when forgers were sentenced to have the right Arm Cut off not to speak of the Savage tortures and executions by christians for christianity a Sake. To put out a Many a Eye for having in a Brawl destroyed the Eye of another Man is surely not As bad As to Burn a Man alive As was the Case with John Hus for teaching that the Layman is entitled to partake of the wine in the sacrament or As was often done in elizabethan England to behead men for refusing to use the Book of common prayers or to put people into sacks and drown them for opposing infant baptism As was done in numerous cases with anabaptists 131 of a Europe. H sch vhf h h Jfe let us not forget further that As Early As the first pre Christian Century the pharisees taught that the Law of retaliation was not to be carried out literally but was understood to mean the payment of compensation for Bod i 1 v injury. The pharisees claimed that this interpretation was the real intention of the Law. Modern criticism contends that it is not so but that does not alter the fact that this Law condemned by Jesus was not practice by the jews of his own Day. At any rate we must repeat the Law merely stated the punishment for a certain crime but never intended to Lay Down a fundamental principle of ethics and therefore the statement ascribed to Jesus and repeated again by the London As it has been repeated for centuries is a misrepresentation of jew teachings. The Subtle insinuation of the methodist paper charging Judaism with the responsibility for the War because it at one time taught the doctrine that sin May be atoned through bloody Sac rifles is no sounder than the statement of the that Judaism is responsible for War because it practice retaliation at a Remote period of its history. The argument even if its premises were granted is very weak. We can refute it by the question Why did christianity in its Nineteen centuries of history with the Power of the state at its come Mand not overcome this View the problem however is not merely one of the practical working of a theory in the present Era but of the proper historic presentation of the theory in itself. It is simply not True that Judaism taught the exclusive Efficacy of blood As the atoning Power. At the dedication of Solomon a Temple which was devoted to the sacrificial cult we read i Kings 8 33-34, 35 36, 46-50 that if the people in misfortune a turn to thee and Pray and make supplication to thee then hear thou in heaven and forgive the sin of thy eve a tuft make supplication in the land of their Captivity where there is no Temple and no sacrifice a and return unto thee with All their heart and All their soul and Pray unto thee hear Quot 1 their prayer and their supplication in heaven. Thy dwelling he a and forgive thy people which have sinned thee and sail their transgression wherein they have s transgressed against h a a neither is there any mention of the atoning Force of sacrifices in the Case of Ddavid when he had sinned by Jujj set ing the wife of Uriah to a. Jyril amp Ili nor in the Case of Ahab when he had Naboth executed under a false charge for the Sake of obtaining Possession of his Vineyard 1 Kings both oases repentance is the m of obtaining gods forgiveness an sacrifice is required. The same Ciple is expressed in passages w Deal with sin generally deut. 4 3 30 2-3. We Are told that if the diction of calamity should come True a and thoth Shalt return unto the lord thy god then the lord thy god will have compassion upon again no sacrifice is mentioned and As the prediction refers to the exile where sacrifice is impossible it is not supposed to be required. Still stronger is the attitude on this question in the teachings of the prophets. In their words the sacrifice is not Only not commanded but directly condemned. A Yea though be offer me your Burnt offerings and meal offerings i will not accept them. Neither will i regard the. Peace offerings of your fat beasts but let judgment Roll Down As Waters and righteousness As a mighty Stream. Did you bring unto me sacrifices and offerings in the Wil do Ness forty years o House of Israel Amos 5 22-25. We leave it to our methodist friends who we understand reject higher criticism As heretical to harmonize this statement with so my of the statements in the Pentateuch but they cannot deny the fact that the prophets of Israel speaking As jews and for jews and whose words Are found in the books accepted As sacred by the Synagog declared that not bloody sacrifices but righteous living is an atonement for sin. Says Hose a c 6 a for i desire mercy and not the polemical attitude again is taken in the psalms where we read a will i eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats offer unto god of sacrifice of thanksgiving and pay thy vows unto the most High and Call upon me in the Day of trouble. I will deliver thee and thou Shalt glorify <51 13-15. And again a for thou de lightest not in sacrifice thou Hast no pleasure in Burnt offering the sacrifices of god Are a la a mme spirit a of Ken and a contrite heal o god thou Wilt to despise 50 16-17. The Story of Jonah is of ii ii ginning to end a lesson that repentance is atonement for sin. The talmud mishnah tax Anit 2 1 a reserved to. Us a Sermon based on the Story of Jonah. It reads a Obre Tifft of the peop9nhneveqj it is not said god saw their sackcloth and to la in fast but god saw Thal they had turned from their evil Isaiah and Fer pah never tire of preaching the doctrine that sin cannot be atoned for by ritualistic performances but can Only be remedied by sincere change of heart Isaiah 6 10 58 2, 6-10 59 211. Jeremiah offers another serious problem Foi those who reject the whole principle of higher criticism when a appeals to the men of Judah that they return from their evil ways 18 11and indignantly exclaims a add your Burnt offerings unto your sacrifices and eat be flesh for i spake not unto your fathers nor commanded them concerning Burnt offerings or Sacri rabbinic theology has repeatedly emphasized the belief that the sacrifices were it a by god merely As a Concession to the Pagan tradition of Israel. This View is most strongly presented by Maimonides Moren 3 32 who declare that god guides Mankind always in a roundabout Way and that therefore he guided Israel through their inherited prejudices that god must be served by bloody sacrifices to the Only True Conception of religion that the Only Way to serve god is to proclaim his truth and to live an upright life. This View is already expressed in older rabbinical literature lev. Rabba 22�. Where we read Quot because Israel had imbibed the belief in sacrifices from his egyptian environment god said a big your sacrifices Only in the Tabernacle for this was the Only Way o wean them from the same idea is already though less clearly expressed in the talmudic words Berakos 32, a Tanuma a yera 1 a prayer is More powerful than having the stated the views of Judaism we turn to christianity which As our Christian friends assure us was the first religion to denounce bloody sacrifices As ungodly. They certainly believe that everything which is reported in the new testament As having been said by Jesus his authentic teaching. We Are willing to accept this opinion for arguments Sake but if we do so then Jesus did not oppose sacrifices for he said to the Leper whom he had healed a show thyself to the if and offer the gift that Moses commanded Mark 1 44 Luke 5 14. We also read that his Mother after his birth went to Jerusalem to offer a sacrifice a according to that which is said in the Law of the lord Luke 2 23. The More important Point however is the theological Conception of later christianity especially in the epistles of Paul where Jet us i represented As the real sacrifice. See of the numerous passages especially i Cor 5 7 hebrews 9 25-26. The idea presented there is the following Mankind had fallen into sin so that god because of his Justice could not Pardon it without some sacrifice. The sacrifice prescribed in the Pentateuch was not sufficient to wipe out this sin and he therefore had to offer his own son As a sacrifice in order to appease his oven Wrath. This is not said in the Way of derision As might appear to those unacquainted with Christian theology but is actually the View held by Anseim of Canterbury and is practically accepted in All orthodox Chu amp gifts the roman Catholic mass is based on this View. The Elevation of a wafer called Host is a symbolic repetition of Jesus sacrifice and As such work atonement the views of the greek Catholic and of the anglican churches Are practically the same. The idea of the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross for the remission of sin is found in the hymnals of All v orthodox protestant churches and therefore if up in us Dogma is responsible for the savagery of the War. Christianity a with its constant insistence on the atoning Power of the a Fountain a filled ibo drawn from Immanuel a veins a cannot shirk its responsibility. The genesis of religious Toleran i to 1� by Joseph Leiser Joplin to. Ely and out of Ion to presentation we Are exalted that International Ernat ional artist Are Over throbbing mass dance and sex be judged by Ial standards y novels and he wrote in t his medium at first Blush the publication of a new edition of a Nathan the Wise at particular period of history strikes one As a Foolhardy Enterprise. There is a psychological warrant for books which astute publishers have not failed to and therefore Are those volumes that document the status of the War either As it concerns the contending nations or individuals in greatest demand. A emr. Bristling sees it through a and a a Soldier of life reflect the Range of our interests and Minjir our preoccupations. Beyond this area our interests do not penetrate nor our curiosity. The War zone holds our attention and we will not be distracted by ought else since a out there is tragedy More dramatic than any playwright can depict. Therefore does it seem plumb with Public of any drama from the fighting no matter h product May be. Art we have heard joists Are few and their creations still fewer. The lonely minority concerned either in Art or a whelmed by the vast that clamors for be Tinct on of the foe. On the other hand Lessing a than the Wise Cann the casual super wherewith the Ordi dramas Are Essaye of communication was accidental. He was a cosmopolitan soul and had he been master of esperanto he might have written in that code language. It would not have a failed from the Potency of his message leasing in the editor of this volume italicized a was the first free thinker in Germany a and god knows they needed anal 1 the provocation for this volume then is to be found in the circumstance of the authors disposition and his tolerance. Germany is our enemy. We Are armed to crush Prussia ism militarism autocracy in order to Render Safe democracy for All time. We discriminate As the president did to the Chagrin of the Teuton War monsters whose theory of warfare was Learned from Savages and whose fright ulness was taught by barbarians Between the German government and the German people. We deny their identity. The industrious peace Loving affectionate is mans Are not identical with the bloody a a huns who Cut off the hands of Uno fending Belgium children to Stampede the horrified populace into submission. And it is from these Thrifty compassionate loveable people that Lessing pime to teach his countr amp in to look with sympathy it Eye upon a people who were maligned and a Aluminate a Ond Entrance a people As diligent and Uno fending As children a people greatly endowed and greatly persecuted the jew Gemm the play was printed by private subscription and delivered to the subscribers in May 1779. It was acted a few years later and from that Date unto the present hour is a Standard production in Deperto a up amp in meanies in those theatrical circles where drama is still Art Adolf von Sonnenthal the celebrated austrian actor recently deceased had played the leading role for Twenty years. With Faust Jluis drama ranks As one of be great est creations of German Genius in the estimation of to editor # Ich possibly ext Vagan a Praise and in matter of personal pred elections not necessarily binding on any one to accept As final. Quot a Nathan the Wise is epochal no matter from what View Point it # appraised. In dramatic literature it Marks a turning Point from bigotry to tolerance from ignorance to intelligence in its delineation of the dramatic personae of the jew. Since the elizabethan period the Continental stage had portrayed the jew As shy lock Barabbas and other monstrosities. Says Gratiano to shylock in the a merchant of Venice Tojal to be thou Damn d in execrable dog and for thy life let Justice be accused. Thou most makes me waver my Faith to hold opinion with Pythagoras tags soul of animal ise them a go selves of into the trunks of men thy Currish in spirit we go cd a Wolf who hanged for human Slaughter even pm i to Gallows did his fell soul Fleet and whilst thou latest in thy Uthal infused itself a thee for thy desires Are wolfish bloody starved and rav in Nathan the a obtained a spokesman who pm mini his Char a r As the jew aspired to be known log just Wise feeding the hungry clothing the naked and setting capt a free no of the potentialities in men that they May help others by helping themselves. Instead of slouching along the highways bowed by the weight of woe they walk the Earth with head erect. Says Daya speaking to the Templar of Nathan 1 a 4i v a a a a. A i. $ % a o he his people Honor him like a Prince and yet i wonder that they Call him Aye h. A flan the Wise my Jet in prefer h his Encel l Quot Nathan the Rich. H. But More than All they ought to have entitled him the Good for of you cannot think How Good m 1�.�?� p. 17hm Ese lines assigned to a1 Saafi a and yet in other Points he is a jew unlike All other jews has common sense knows life plays a Jim at Ess a a yet he excels in bad As Well As Good All other jews besides a a a a a gives unto the for a tight a and a gives he a he huh All he a la Quot As much perhaps As Saladin himself or if not quite As much As willingly without distinction too since Frank and jew Parsee and Mussulman Are All alike to p.194. Thus Lessing was the first dramatic author to present the jew in a favourable Light. He did not flatter him nor overdraw him. He portrayed his character As the flowering of culture sympathy Wisdom generous tolerant and reasonably wealthy. The jew of literature and drama Ante ceding the Advent of Lessing was lined As a revengeful vindictive shrewd Knave a Succubi that extract blood from human bodies. On the stage they were made up with ferocious masks red beards and hideous grimaces to terrorize and 1 dih trin me in their ignorance. A Nathan the Wise shattered this notion fed by the priests and the lutheran clergy. He offered the Continental age up other jew in the Guise of a merchant who mingled freely with personages in High places the confident of Saladin beloved by Mah Medan and Christian alike who was in turn willing to do a human service towards any one in distress who was Ever kind merciful just and generous with his possessions his Wisdom and affections. A from that Day the Continental stage has been compelled to adjust its jewish characters not to the portrait of Barabbas of Marlow but to the delineation of Nathan a wealthy jew of Jerusalem. The Type of jew presented on the stage of our Day the Little the movies have left is nop venomous hideous nor scurrilous but natural human a As or. Selig in a was a Man if the connection be Ween Lite Vur a a a a pouts teach our f be ratio the author is congenital to Nathan might be a pow tort Staw. In. Tove respect to Surucu lilt Cun i me a jews on the continent of Europe and the editor of the present volume rightly traces such results to the production of this dramatic poem in various parts of Europe. Tolerance is the thesis of the play and personal liberties individual and National worthiness and the Equality of religions As a Means of redeeming men. The editor has provided an English version which he claims is the Best and his authority is Nuques we a a a a a i jew of the bigoted ignorant misdirected priest and clergy Ridden masses and tolerance towards the devotees of other faiths aside of the jews the mahome dans. Yea the righteous of All nations will inherit eternal Bliss the play seem to announce and a least All the characters Are revealed As being dependent on the adherents of different faiths in which it is shown that their religion does not hinder a Man from being a Knave like the patriarch in the play with his famous a it matters not the jew must Burn or a hero like the Knight Templar who proves to be a Mussulman aside Field and would not foist an inferior version upon Bis Public so honest is he in his intellectual convictions. He has also Given a few illuminating notes which he More than any other is Able to provide from a vast storehouse of information on mediaeval jewish and arabic literature gained from one of his teachers the erudite Moritz Stein Schneider. With these accessories the play need never again be done into English. The editor has Given us a Standard work whereby the present generation May learn the stupendous task that eighteenth Century and what Progress of Saladin and Sittah among the we have made in liberality and to France since that Era. I it and yet one is a tempted to infer that religious tolerance a not the by setting anxiety of our Day. Religious tolerance has become the established Royalty who exhibit princely character and exalted traits. The plot is complicated. The situations Are devised to place the devotees of contrasting religions in dramatic conflict 1 a a a a a a to Ltd. And to reveal through this Juxto-Po-151�stnipateuac<�nciil sit Ion that at Bottom their religions to ave a a Mir minho Erin Are not As transcendent As their survives among Ltd kit a. Hearts that religion is at Best the Socrat and the Accident of time and Choice and the 52? a .2 of in the and that i Nze t in equa�?~1ty of men and the right of each to worship god As conscience and reason dictate. Tolerance in religion has been achieved and in a sense Lessing has brought it to pass. It is now of historical interest to learn its sources and its genesis. What the world craves today is another sort of tolerance and that is an economic tolerance. Our age is striving for economic democracy. Lessing a work was Well done. Our age cries for another Nathan Rich and Wise who will teach Man by his life and career the stewardship merest whim of Caprice character is the Gem of rarest Worth and that character is self attained not superimposed by religion. I this deduction leads to the parable of the rings which affords Lessing the Means of presenting this View of religious tolerance by creating a scene wherein the jew a amp a Ipi resent the plea for tolerance towards him and All men regardless of their religion by reminding the Sultan Saladin that the original religion Manely the ring from which patterns have been made and copies has been lost the f materials h production and therefore one equivalents the i distribution other. In its Day this argument carried. The plea for tolerance is in our Era of scientific historical studies the by the editor to that great american jew whose nobility founded on another Assumption. Re j Ead a nor it its it la legions Are not equivalents. The religious process is identical not the purpose objective and ethic. Our age has acquired religious tolerance even if our More penetrating visions gives us better insight into the religions processes than a available when Lessing wrote. Religious tolerance tribute _ a a a a a a a a a a a a the last degree those traits of character and conduct which made Nathan the pattern of tolerance for All Mankind namely to Jacob h. Schiff. Likewise is the pm publishing company to be congratulated for the excellent make up of the volume. In from Lessing was the to write German instead of jargon rap to write clearly instead of muddied. The jewish lip merchant Tever put Forth the claim that Heine advanced. This apprentice to a dry goods store said he could write a a godly prose a and i at times he did. Mendelssohn wrote a German that even an Arkansas High school Virji can Cimpl the Aid of a dictionary and that is going some. He looped the Corners of his complicated sentences so that the caboose of a predicate was not a mile from the engine of its a subject. Hence he was popular that is Jip bread his books and he wrote so that he could be read which is More to his credit. Whether we like a his a a Phaedon or a a Jerusalem is of Small consequence. This jewish silk merchant who adorned the professions by a Juring them Laid the foundation of our modern tolerance towards ourselves. He made a later Reform possible. Had he not met Lessing there might have been a different chapter in the history of Judaism but that is not the a a a a there is no Man in american jewish circles better qualified to handle the vital matter treated in this publication than its editor George a. To hut. Scholarly to the a Point of pms Antry yet a a practical Man and with it All a dreamer gifted with keen analytical Powers and a critical mind with a reverence for Judaism and the cause of the jew that is thrilling he has brought to his Mission the ripened fruits of laborious years of research. The introduction alone with its wealth of material bearing on the personalities of the author and sources of the parable of the rings and a with its Analogues illustrate the Workings of his rare mind As Well As it registers his generous often quixotic impulses. If Ever there was a Prince in Israel it is he whose love for Lessing is Only second of by put of Heine and moved him to prepare this plea for tolerance amid the Din of Battles. The purpose encompassed in publishing Nathan in this Era was to on the jews on the occasion of the Celebration of the of the a emf new York City former a president William h. Taft who was the Cipal speaker said in part a i am a descendant of the puritans and i therefore have no hesitation in speaking with a or Tfir Kwh the attitude that the christians played in your be ? i not Jet re and fun riot centuries. A a is amp Feao and of protestants that in # All a that 4re#i#i6led to you the Equality of. Opportunity the a equal a Chance which was All that you were seeking you have won it and Russia crowns the end. Svy a ,��h�h-,.��h a there were a few Bright spots in that dreary. Tale had Ense enough to give tolerance to the jews then the Saracens of Spain had sense enough to give tolerance to the jews and then Poland to which the jews rushed for a Asylum. Then it seemed As if a Fate Ruel again delivered that place to which the jews rushed to 1 whom a to a �41 and what was ancient Poland became the jewish Pale in Russia. A what amp was sought As a place of Refuge became a prison and a place of oppression and it was not until the eighteenth Century that we acquired what we Call the Christian jew it was not. Really a my a the ton of the it it i was adopted until Freedom was established in this country i that the jews were Given an equal Chance. That is All they asked. That s All they needed All they needed to succeed in every Field of human Endeavor. They said that Are not Farmers. No h f because they let them own land or work it either. A they said they Are exclusive. Well a How could they help being Thev said they were Money changes. A pay they prevented their doing anything else. A no my friends it is not a history that one a go Over except As you read a dreadful sad gravel that a Given a Good end and therefore i cannot stand in this presence without thinking of that history of eighteen or Nineteen centuries of suffering of cruelty of ostracism with the ghetto and All the a deprivations of a Chance to earn a livelihood and finally after All that eighteen for Nineteen centuries we find half the Jeri a of5 the world in the country that has spirit so a far As the jews Are a concerned of the fourth and fifth centuries in Russia in Roumania. I a we thought had made a Progress a we &Quot"��?~91 made Progress Jet this Way that there was a place of Refuge for those poor people that were murdered that were attacked that were driven out of russian in this free America f they name Here since 1#0, increasing a from 500,000 to Pearly 3,000,000 a million or More in new York City. Coming As they did poverty stricken ignorant under w the weight of a life of narrowness i think it is wonderful a that we a have had so Little of what might have followed from an like i they have i seized f every Opportunity that a been a them they have valued the Freedom a that Pis come they have improved it to their own advantage and to the advantage of the country which they have made their Home. v h a a when was formerly leading a a vicious political life i occasionally visited the East Side and i went there after j had been there once to get an inspiration and i got it a now what was it i when you have a civil Liberty and have always had it when Liberty is like the air you breathe it is such pm a. Tatj Pyotr cannot understand any other condition and then you grow into a condition where you cease to be grateful for what you have. A Flat if you want to know what Liberty is what a Boon it is go Down to the jews of the East Side those jews who have come from Russia and hear them sing the Pali spangled Banner a and you will understand what civil Liberty is.�?�l�? Billy sunday and zionism. Preceded political emancipation and a a. A a. A six hinges on it. Political emancipation of the jews is the outgrowth of religious tolerance thanks to Lessing. Nothing to be desired. There is also a edition which is a Marvel of printing and Book binding a Judaism the Battle cry. And shall we not appreciate our re it Many attempts have been made to i Yorth it a testament for 80 a dislodge the jew from his enfranchisement in Europe. But he still has a Sterling Champion in Lessing and he cannot therefore be so easily enfranchised. For this reason need we jews be Liffon Snail we grateful to Lessing for his advocacy a amp All we not los it As and support. He has made us All raided to Joyl. God wet 1 a. Indebted to him for defending the Peart a Goth All our with All Chari of of the jew against infamous our a shall we not be jews desecration. At the same time no a a it r.1 Oice but with Enthus al won cow pop Ini 1i1vaaiva j i inv a vat to jl1vit.made possible the character of Nathan. Debs amp sir 7w to sisal. Jewish standpoint to Israel s Century one Oulu to it go fading a tug a he i and centum tried cd a a a actions. Ate Oriti Iai in afr by we on a very eve of Victory stowed on the Friendship of the a Ober h n Sora chant and scholar Mendelssohn and or faiths and inferior standards shall 91mbwllwwmiihiibblwmblire Fortik the Fountain of living the dramatist old fusing benefited Waters for broken cisterns that can Mendelssohn As much As Mendelssohn by his searching penetration of mind nature modest humbled by physical deformity and Nat not hold water let us not do so for their religion let us be willing to live a a a a a i these critical it As age comes on i can cheer my own wintry Days with sunbeams gathered from the Spring time of Young people and from the smiling faces my children. This will save me from the shame of casting a Shadow across their life a the Light in my face a gel a a Tell Ecol it i of their #�skdams.sf6f a a a Nathan the Wise a dramatic poem by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing translated from the German by Pat Rick Maxwell edited with an introduction comprising a biographical sketch critical analysis of the 4rama, and account of the relations Between Lessing and Moses Mettels Sohnly by George a Alexander new Voltl Bloch publishing co., Siao reverence by the Awe of the whole world is out of joint when scholarship and True Wisdom influx civilization is shaken to its found being teat much Akin. Both were champions of Edas by fire in we nigh univer upon. Law Ming cd Tomb Izraie in break Down # Aims Anco meals till intolerant lutheran German from its lord Els fanaticism and Philistin ism and men in thebe Suppon Everi jew to break the Bonds to his duty to Reamon tue to Judaism. Judaism by Bis faithfulness meaningless it ceremonial ism. Which and Devotion to consummate its miss even to this Day survives in the mis Sion to Crown the efforts and the he guided Zeal of those who will not Roisum and the martyrdom of the Cen write on Schabus hut who none the i transact Burn a and pm Wise abjure the Synagog. The greatest of All benefits Tharl Mendelssohn received Yurieff bytes Prem Elseo Marabie service in Hest Ritey learn a but i i 1 and a ged Fui to i i i n a pal a de Erick Cohn Omaha Quot Lieb. A at last the secret is out we know now Why so Many a Rabid anti semites Are so earnestly hoping and praying that the zionist pc program May fulfil itself and that the jews May be nationally rehabilitated in Palestine. Among the latest recruits of the cause is the Rev. Billy sunday who in an address in the metropolte�8�#� week is reported to have made the that Palestine falling into a hands of the allies would mean the restoration of the jewish nationality there. Great was his rejoicing at the thought of this glorious consummation of the dreams of some of our people. The secret of his juy did inca lie in a a fact that the jew so Long persecuted might regain his Independence and be Able to work out his spiritual unhampered. A nor did it consist As it does for some american and european merchants in the fact Flat with the jews in Palestine they would be rid of some of their most troublesome commercial a competitors Billy a Joy a in Jip fact once the jews Bould be restored to Palestine thus fulfilling part of what he conceives to be biblical prophecy within two Days the jews of �5 the world would go farther in that fill ment and accept Christ As their King. As a matter of Jpn i he said with Flag the shortest possible time after be restoration there would not be a jew in new York for All jews would have become christians. So our Zioni Stic friends had go a bit slow in Basing Eire a for jewish restoration upon the words of the prophets a Folbe Devil can quote scripture for his own purpose a to and Billy is not the first to 7 have construed the realization of Tjho Ioni a program As the first step in the wholesale nay 1 the Universal conversion of the jews to christianity. A for our part not his portentous prophecy. But surely our Zioni Stic Brethren should be jewish chronicle Detroit. A a Gill the hebrew ladies benevolent c Ety a flt Iila Elt it with a Hep null congregation a Almazo he Joine the i Tion at see r a t i Opp if sisterhood. M hmm

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