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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - July 29, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioI. V u. / a Jyh i j a v Quot a a a Quot a a Quot a it a Jula. A i a a a Luj j. A a a Quot Quot Quot Quot i a up v a. A --1 i a Quot it. Y a r a in Quot i Vry a a a a or Ujj r i. Of. Hj., a a a a Fiji spa Al admonition wit so e b a la Iri. Lirar 2�, 1920 a a \ i i it j a a v k ,9# a Bill said to another Hill a this is Ray Vall that lies h6iv pen Nso but the other Hill was vexed a no it said a it is my Valley and the Hills dts it used and neoame More an by and the storm broke and shrieked about the crags. And descended into the Valley a id Laid it waste. Then the god of the Hills who is your god and my god reached out and took one of the Hills in the hollow of his hand. And he put it behind his Back then he whispered to the Hill that was left a a bebop thee now thy Valley t and the Hill looked and the Valley was not. Then god said to the Hill at his Back a a ism it a thou now Down upon thy Val and the Hill looked and the Valley was not. And god returned the Hill to its ancient place. And behold the Valley was there again. And god was silent for he knew that the Hills knew what he would have said but the Hilis did not know whether god himself cd it uld remove the scar of the storm which the quarrel had brought to shriek about the crags. And to descend into the Valley and to Lay it waste. vinegar sob of Vine Lotthard Deutseh the talmud has a wonderful Way of tersely expressing a . A bad son of a Good father is called Baba Meela 88b vinegar the Eon Vine. This thet fits to perfection the celebrated Assyriology is Friedrich deft Nadh them it a of Frans Deutsch 1813-1890, whose daughter wrote the fathers biography under the title Frans Dell such also Freund israelis i Lipsic 1910. Frans Dell such was indeed a Friend of the jews although he was at the same time an orthodox lutheran and an Active worker for the conversion of the jews to christianity. Naturally jul Damn was to him an error Civ rented by christianity which la the Only trap Rell Gien. Jemia waa the Messiah predicted by the prophets As the full Llmott of israelis destiny. Yet the jews were the people of god their torah was the eternal truth. If Christian written until 700 years after Moses. The revelation of mount Sinai is a product of a typically Oriental and fanciful imagination which May be it med mental not a but the National deity of Israel called a Jaho a revealed himself on mount Sinai and this Jaho is an idol not a it better than those which have been worshipped for 2000 Yaw in Babylonia. This Jaho is the caricature of a real god and deserves much More the thle a Bosh Etc disgrace than the Baal w Hom the jews so designated. Jaho is a new invention of Yahweh As the former Bible critics used to pronounce the hebrew word which plots jews omit of reverence refrain from speaking. This Taho is a liar. Be told his people that he would expel the canaanites As soon As Israel entered the land and the author of the Book of Joshua said that this was done in the lifetime of Joshua 21 41hile in another place he admitted at the canaanites remained As they were 18 1. This bragging about miracles has a poisoned on religion and. If we understand the professor correctly for bringing these two things together the belief in the miraculous Conquest of Jericho is responsible for the defeat of Germany in the last War. The israelite were of the same family As the Ganaan Tes although they Call the latter sons of Ham and just As the israelite for the Sake of greed attacked their canaanite cousins so did Tibe britl9h with tiber German cousins and if god did such miracles in Jericho Why did he not do some in the a goons the comparison is a trifle diff cuu to understand. Since the canaanites Are As go it and Noble As the germans and the israelite As bad and rapacious s As the British Jaho simply repeated hid old policy unless Delitzsch Mcmins if Tom germans bad hot been misled by that Jaho Bible to believe in miracles they would never have gone into War. The professor claims he had his Book ready for print in the Spring of 1914, but kept it Back on account of the War. What a pity it was just the time to warn his Friend Wilhelm and his a Anamani Tosh subjects against trusting in that jewish a Una tonal Goetzer Jaho who always works the miracles on to in wrong Side. This Jaho is not of much account. Hie Laws on leprosy Are not a bit better than those Given by any Babylo Niana a go Etsey and those of Hamm rabbi the King a Raphal of the Bible Are even much better. Even the prophets and the psalmist whom de la tech eighteen years ago was will log to pass Are not much better. They were orig Hal slave Drivers who bade of the women Drudge and therefore they denounced the work Iii of Ash Era whitish to Dell such like the Osth Olic worship of the Madonna is the tha d. S. M. From the King of England for Valtia Fole a information Quot rendered to the British army in Palestine. Finally the professor comes with the old old Story that Tacitus already called the jews the abject of dislike for All humanity if the professor will kindly read carefully the passage in Tacitus Annales Xiv. 4 be will see that divitus Speaks of the Thrist tans As Quot odium generis i. Can not read assyrian but i am willing after this experience with Tacitus to take every word of a bitterly biased scholar a excuse the jewish habits As the word Given to Moses on mount Sinai. On tha occurred a a awaken Lii assaulted Ai Iii passer Imp Ting in the killed and a fresh pogrom members of the Nso association Lulu treated. A few jewish a Tomita sit two jews Ware were wounds. Quot the . B Warsaw not having Regis conk Esporti a the Way to editorial that might have been written for the Ler elite. It is about As certain As anything can be that sir Herbert Samuel is go ing to have a most onerous and difficult task in the government of Palestine. He will have to give primary consideration to the fact that it is to be a British protectorate and is not to be conducted by any organisation association or class. No doubt the cooperation of the zionist organisation will be welcomed but those who anticipate that the government itself to going to be turned Over to the organization either directly or indirectly Are sure to find themselves mistaken. A great Deal of Barm to the zionist cause has been done by. Indiscreet talk and actions in file Stone and elsewhere. Now that the Brit i mandate is operative and the Balfour fedaration on the Way to realisation the zionist leaders in England should be the recognized spokesmen of the movement. The British taxpayers who will have to foot the Bills unless the zionists help out Are not going to pay to carry out the Behest of citizens of other National therefore Rise jews in England and the holy land Ara alone in a Politimi to Deal directly Cirii the Palestine government. In matters of this kind manners and methods Are almost As important As principles. The Best Way to Light i the Burden sir Heri it Ert Samuel will have to Bear is to keep these truisms in mind and get rested for tired them a a a a a compliance Ern ment co sons arrest Warsaw flt father was Garden by tie polish. The two Esfi Dumenko a rom at nov red guards of jews 8 rioting in Tbs were Kttler a jewish property subsequently and made an to abandon action of t feet but the Golpl caped As outlaws. On a Satu two lit undred a determined Sita at Kovel. They a a Bogor and off the beards for prayers Man its were heat a injured windows. In is a a foreigners a in order of the gov. One of the per Boob resident in Marty years. His ii is re entirely t iss Ariea messes. Organised a log in Whilt Many Ted. A in Fiji merely daring the of which several ded and much looted. Trotsky at Kovoros sysk the red guards tics. The desired of commissaries Esing a group of ers delivered m the Synagog de the great o cot and tear lews assembled our co Rell Glon a number Wen jump out of the. R Synagog the rioters were net sad fled with the i inflicted by them on Many jews the i a i i history by sacking Egypt heir prop of eternal verities Alt Bough the Syna i it. A a a a met the a in Almli ill mom. In a ply of in to my g,�.� he admitted that rabbinic Valuate a a help in understanding christianity and had some sound ideas of Euglon and morality. He defended Judaism with great vigor against the slander of anti semites like Bohling and cup Dally refuted the ritual murder Dirge with the most righteous Indig nag Ltd. A a student of rat Danical literature he Occimio a flt or most rank among to in Christian scholars of All Ages. A a Young Man he pull riled in 1888, a history of non hebraic literature which is still use fill and in a modest Way he says to Helman j. Michael \792-1846a Learned Mer chant in Hamburg and owner of a Fine Library phrae Aid he solicited tor his studies i am Only in the Vestibule of jew Idi studies but i Hope to enter the parlor trial in. F the son bom in 1850, is quite the opposite of his father. In 1902 he created a so neat on by a course of lec Turkesi afterwards published under the title a Bibel and briefly put the lectures were intended to prove that the whole jewish Boole was plagiarized from the babylonians. The babylonians were an aryan people whose was appropriated by the semitic assyrians i a whom the jews again appropriated everything which has any value in the Bible. So the semites have always been a sort of second hand 8h<n>keepers in the worlds civilization which a entirely due to the aryans the Kaiser Wilhelm liked this theory which was just what he needed to sustain his conceit that he was the divinely chosen Leader of to in germanic the latter. The Flower of Are continuing to do it lentil this Day. They Ynve ail this time Robbiel the christians by hypnotizing Vliem. What his c8iristlanity it we do not exactly know. He merely tells us that Jesus was not of Jewl Rii blood. This Story is too silly to be refuted. If we know anything about Jesus unfortunately we do not he was recognized by his contemporaries because be was of Royal Davidic blood. The contrary View expounded by Chamberlain and Haupt rests on a rather damaging Assumption to Jesus another because it Points to the fact that the roman Garrison of Palestine was composed of germans. The aim of the whole publication even if indeed the Book was completely ready in the Spring of 1914, is to prove that while the jews were still Independent their government was worse than that of Mexico and Turkey Das Verlot Terette Staats Wesen Das emals exist Erie and they never really cared for a Home of their own. Ley liked much better to exploit other nations by usury As they did in Babylonia and therefore the majority refused to leave Babylonia when Cyrus had Given them permission. This is an unpardonable disgrace and such a people Are a a great and terrible menace for All the rest of the it would be of no use to dispute the individual Points in Delitzsch a Book. In Assyriology he is a recognised master. His views origin of certain biblical books which Are those of the Well Lousen school Are a matter which can never be proven beyond the rank of possibility his valuation of the moral Worth of the Bible is that of partisan for they also us a Law and Desey hit were also con Jirvil the Bayonet to the rabbis i log recognition of ish e the president Czecho slovakian announced that i Republic favored the executive a dec As a political indy Poi he pre Sideney the original notary Comno the Republic m been amended. A Resolution the Ftp a can not serve a qualification. Comi Minal elec Iio the hotly Contiss de jewish communal co resulted in the return its Twenty Niina three orthodox Saab Ous Council consisted up scrolls of the the Ark. Jews on the Point of to Down with be Poland a fio-8lovakian new utile. The Congress of is held at Brunn president of the e recognition of by the Congress tical with Christendom _ was it jewish but i a Eli Roven Obj timely and his views of aryan. He attended Delitzsch Ture twice and when the junkers who Are strict protestants and believers in the old As Well As the new testament expressed their sorrow that his majesty was co quetting with infidels the Kaiser wrote a pills letter to one of his admirers in which he said that the ideas of Delitzsch were Good christianity and merely dimmed the Halo of a the chosen he hoped to reconcile them through a Little anti semitism. Great 8ch fears in the Field of a Syrl ology a then objected to Delitz Soho a views As unscientific and so did Nat really orthodox Ohri evians and jew of All parties feeling his real object was to give to anti semites a new weapon although Delitzsch St gave the jews credit for having taught the christianity Are clearly dictated by Antl jewish Bias. Neither a believing Christian nor an unbiased non Christian can deny that All the teachings of Jesus according to Hla own testimony A. Matt. 5 17, 19 17 Are based on those of the hebrew Bible. He not Only quotes the torah As having been the work of Moses la. 19but Moses a j a witness to his own messianic Mission John 5 46. These things have been said any number of times. We can sum them up briefly. If the old testament is the a great fraud a the new testament is a fraud based on a fraud the fraud of frauds. There is a suspicion in my the jews to contribute the funds necessary to rehabilitate the country. That appears to be the principal practical functions of zionism Oit the present time if the san Reno mandate is to work out successfully. There Are some disquieting signs of opposition. Witness the stat Emmit of Pope Benedict and the opposition of some British statesmen and . Prudence common sense and modest restraint Are qualities with which the zionists can Aid sir Herbert Samuel in his important Post to a very considerable degree. A we should to. A the jewish people ought to be Tibe most Tolar tit i the the ,-4hml it is pleasant to know that most of them Are. But not All of them by any manner of Means. Quite a number have imbibed Tibe spirit of intolerance from their neighbors even if they did not possess it a Inatio. They see their Brethren in some of the nations the victims of hatred and malevolence but when the same spirit is manifested in America by a mass of americans against men who have tried to bring permanent peace to the world some of them join in the Hue and cry As if they were really conferring a Blessing on the world and its people. There Are some things Udich they have Learned All too quickly from their jew neighbors. Then a we have with us today a number of ranters and shout ers who do not believe in god or in any of the teachings of Judaism but who have the affront by to apply the term a As a term of re pro aril to god fearing devoted and i to and the jewish faithful jews who have Laboured unselfishly for the welfare of Timeir people. It is not a pleasing picture when it presents itself. It is somewhat of q combination of tragedy and comedy the latter constr King in the performances of those who seem to consider the Arch hypocrite the highest Type. A National Righte. Whatever May be the outcome of the dozen or More wars now being waged in Euc ppe and Western Asia ail the try Aims which the peace conference has formulated contain the clauses guaranteeing the rights of minorities in the lands in which the Especial Protection of such rights has been deemed necessary. The report presented by or. Louis Marshall at the reconvened session of the american jew Iii Congress held recently. In this City refers to the demand of t in Jewa for nation a1 risk hts in Poland and other lands to a on of the hat the be a Catholic a ring to Pijie a on of a Candate round for his Dis for the Vienna n Lon to and Previ a a zionists re Celvid the non Nat we lists 5,91 and abscess. It la Worth noting that on tag informed of vat was Ham Raing by the chief rabbi the greek patriarch immediately Telep homed categorical orders to his clergy to Calm to tee Linfs of their people. And to St any attacks on the jews. Jewish life in Roland. Large anti-8emitic pogrom placards have again been posted up in Warsaw calling the jews bolsheviks and prot a is Yang All kinds of dangers to Poland from the jews. One Day the of idlers incited by the anti semites appeared in the jewish streets and refused to allow Wiy jew to enter a Tramway car. On two other occasions soldiers assaulted jets. And Cut their beards. A similar occurrence a is reported from Labinka in Lithuania. In order to suppress anti semitic rioting at the railway stations and in the trains a circular has been issued by the ministry of War directing that soldiers should travel in special carriages and enter and leave the stations through special doors under the supervision of officers responsible for their conduct severe punishment would follow any attempt to create disturbances at the stations or in the trains. Poi he pogrom at Berdit Ehoff. Moscow wireless gives an account of the fighting which took place at ber Ditcheff where fighting took place in the streets Between Budenny a troops and the poles and ukrainian finally the poles left the town and retired to Lyssia Gore but later returned to tie own which Budenny a troops had already evacuated. During the it night the remainder of the pol and pet Iura a troops entered. The polish command imposed a contribution of five million Marks on Berdit Beff. Polish patrols shot All jews whom they Eneo entered including some jew esses. Later the polish mandant requested the presence of the jewish rabbi and asked him to Rign a Vocu ment stating that the jews had been the victims of the fighting. Two Days later the soviet cavalry army occur pied Zhitomi and under cover of night the polish troops withdrew from be Ditcheff. The a a Alhante the Alliance israelite held an extraordinary meeting at Paris to appoint its officers and Council. This is first elect Lon since 1911, As the triennial meeting which should have been held in 1914, was impossible owing to wry a f professor Sylvan ii Evl of the College of France was elected president and or. Netter of the jewish colonization a Sori Atli and or. Eugene see sex reject and acting president were ejected vice presidents. The Counce includes or. Claude Monte Flora. Professor Wahl of the faculty of Law of Paris University the chief rabbi of Belgium Chevalier Marco in. By a dint of. The italian Chaam Alexander v the cd Twenty Ono Nwa Carai to Nso Thopy will be thirteen it resale four Consee natives and four Zio dats. #lr-4he members of the Bolin Yby a. Placed tiber resignation of the pm mail. Three Ofish not seek Rael he him Leopold Netter just Erat Jiu Magnus and or. Wilhelm Feit Rienfeld. Important Una Verity appointment. Or. Philip j. Hartog. C. L e., m. A. B. Sc., acad in Reti Rar of London University been of esd and has acc Ted the appointment of vice Chancellor of the new University of Dace a Bragal. Or. Bait it a distinguished member of a distinguished family was born in Tendon in 1884, being the third St of Alphonse Hartog and brother of Numa Hartog the first jew trip Sienbor wrangler. He was educated at Una Verity College school and at Al Teite Paris and Tel Delberg Una Versti for twelve years he was on the staff of Owens Collie Manchester As a lecturer in chemistry and Mer stary of the Extension scheme. He also held a Fellowship being the Only jew to do so with a exception of the late or. Y. M. Asher. To 1908, he was appointed to the portion he now vacates. The estimation in which his administrative ability was held is shown by the fact that he has been Secretary to the Treasury and India if face commit tees eff Oriental studies. He is the a ukr of in serous publications extending Over a wide Field i grinding chemistry biography problems and the writing and study of the English language. Rec is a Quot he Psi m i / is suit Short oni a / re a re a to bl4ea, a fid reminding tons Are of one bling god is Over All. Are not to be Riis Doit they Are to Samimi owners oust a Ose the Kelfa inst aft pm a a Fol by Emit a or to a air instead of bread or the Gas of nem instead of the wine and helpfulness. The Fri ?het8 of. Old Pearil fair play to All and like Tow Wolf Llu l. R m i be italian parliament 87� i Fleischl danish sons no general votes. Slovakian minister and jewish rights. The new minister for Slovakia or. Derer received the Secretary of the Union of slovakian jews or. Wald Stein. The minister contrary to the policy of his predecessor or. Skrobar showed himself very favourable to jewish National sentiments and to schemes to ensure minority rights for jews. He announced his intention to create a depart Peot for jewish affairs to be headed by a jew and to organize an inquiry into the position of the i a do conference. Ninety delegates organizations finn different parts of the Globe already on their Way to at id Relief conference which has by a called by the committee of jew Ira delegations in Paris. The conf twice will open at the Kuxhaus Carlsbad on August 1. It will deliberate on ways and Means of reconstructing War 8 and pogrom ruined East european jewry. Leading Budapest or. Kuranda of Vienna or. E. S. Kadoorie of Shanghai Joseph de picciotto Bey of Alexandria or. Sassoon of Bagdad formerly member of the ottoman parliament and or. Vinaver the a a cadets Leader and formerly minister of foreign affairs in the crimean government. Urge measures to obtain their cooperation in defense against Redau London july 23 jewish telegraphic Agency a at a conference Between tiie polish Premier and representative jews the latter made a number of suggestions As the basis on which the of cow a Airi Tite to rid Fiobo or de in its june Issue a a the Odd fellow a Tea monthly journal published for the Craft at Cincinnati speaking of religious prejudices More especially of the detestable display nude in recent numbers of the Dearborn Independent flit or Rev. J. Galvin Saya in part a it would seem that after preaching Christian doctrines for Twenty cent Ries one would imagine that jew baiting would be an utter Imru Sibilly in on Days. We who Are now living should realize that the outrages committed spinet the jews by christians was proof Snell client in itself to convince those who followed Moses and the prophets that there was nothing to be gained by them in leaving their fatter so Rell on for that of the form of christianity As presented by those who thought they were Best serving god to destroying those who did not agree with them. Nut Bufi Sneh acts As history records these supposed christians transformed the Cross from that which spoke of loves sacrifice a Vries that when to was a id Abraham. Pic to do bed a to truent not Given to brutes. And knowing this what Are we to think of the men who Are in on own country doing their Best in a sinister and Way As we find it Imp Liehe in the dear they Greet All men wac to Yon and so this Organ salutes of Brethren on fellow Rita so a Best wines and in tvs has watched Over the�7l�i� heir hours of darkness and still continue to guide a a filmy the troubled Waters m the time in we Lii they in peace and safety there Srill be no room to to lbs and disturb tour bigot whet Prii tical or religions l i a Quot a Quot n jewish Relief wow Eastern Europe. Get a a i j it a a a v i a a -1 j of Sohit Emmittee sex Penis de s$1jn 0jx 0 rated by Amer Foan be Wadi re Lief comte tree. Over Igloo Firios has been expended in american jewish Relief Tofu a Baster Koropey and Cartons was Sci felted areas throng ont the we feb Rittace Aid for jewish War organized shortly after the on am i it of the War a report of the joint bib trib Niimi committee made Public Day show. Most i the funds add ii the Pooh Muttee spent in 83 countries and Sriri tories. Was raised by the american jewish Relief committee of Wmk Louis Marshall a chairman. In Rigi the past 18 months whoa the tee carried in non sectarian Throner Piont the United Stetes the direction of Henry h. The first time in the history ish Pelt a die that they Ever what their own race to ask for Ai i18jkml009 was raised. Prott Etious si4,784ms.78. With f4jm5,83tj8, and Raasina with $4329,847. Followed. In insi Arta. Honni in and Galacia 8,,89bb was expended in Greece Turkey Sor $1jh2,9q9.79. And in a Bora Independent to Aronse among the masses an anti semite butt Esa against our fellow jewish citizens by accusing them of desiring to erect and establish a super Empire founded on Money and Craft is it the Mission of these Devilish propagandists to have on ignorant and unthinking mobs repeat the lesson of what christianity stands for As Given by new. Or restored amounts expended in other countries included Alexandria Egypt $68,861.56 Algiers. Tunis and moroc co $9,000 gee Rico Slovakia $180,069.-48 Jingo Slavia. $86,000 Aby Finnla $11,797.28 Bulgaria and occupied sir it Bian territory a too Catral Powers $8,461.68 Denmark $1.709 France refugees$6,000 Germany v j i to 11209,407.58 Holland and Brig imn there jews Are driven from their students$94,815.79 r 1�their Dani titters and wives jews from every part of Europe including every portion of what was. Previously the russian Empire will j _ operation according to a dispatch finn Warsaw today. The jewish leaders impressed the Premier with the of stopping circulars i which the jews Are accused of bolshevism. They also urged that measures should be taken to prevent raids upon the jewish quarters that the press should be forced to Stop carrying on anti semitic campaigns and that the state Council of the War office should Issue a Friendly Appeal inviting jews co operation. In reply the Premier declared he fully raged and their men insulted Many cases put to cruel death while its Priesthood remains dumb not one voice lifted up in protest. And among Onn elves we it have Cardinal Gibbons Eulogi zing these same poles As a High minded Brave and True hearted Christian Neonile. A nation to which America i Mcvey surely is no Good Italy prisoners of War$4jxm> pen Ria $36,700 Switzerland refugees and san rats$18,500 Spain refugees$1000 Baltic provinces $83,20l28 Ukraine $8gbjs5.04 Siberia War prison myes9k761.86. Sony Al Chras milk stations supplying of clothing food and medic bios and other emergency Relief Meas area necessary to save War suffer mrs from r �1 annihilation by starvation and disease Prosperity a Peara the world j a of pulsed the major Iriart of Ama Iraa conditions organs be vote to coming better in Many to cavities sex 1 i be in attendance. \ the Boycott in Hungary. Under the pressure of the government the jewish communities in Budapest and in other places have adopted resolutions protesting against foreign labor interference in hungarian affairs As manifested in the Boycott movement against Hungary. And sets Forth the peace conferences refusal to entertain any such proposal. In this it simply did what every person familiar with the situation and with the methods of diplomacy knew it would do. When the a fall or nothing jewish proponents of National rights insisted on the demand being made for them it was strongly urged thai Khe making of such a Clai would place a weapon in the hands of the polish and other anti semites which they would not be slow to use. The result has shown the correctness of this Contention. And yet with strange mind that tie talmudic statement that one. Is Apt to blame others with his own a Del Lizec professor exactly. The title of god in the service of Book some one once god by leading an upright life and for having introduced the greatest Vocio logical institution of humanity the Sabbath. Now in the hew Book Grosse Tae Norimi a Chie Lite he takes it All Back. Jews have never created anything Worth while their god is a National idol just like the idol of other nations their teachings Are All ignorance us per Slation fraud and crime. They Are and have been since the left to to n nation Odt Crooks living by robbery and Are today a menace to All nations on Earth. The Center of the a great fraud is the Tom and the revelation on mount Sinai and the whole Bible Quot from of genesis to Daniel a the order resurrect Lon their demands and even have the effrontery to declare that those jews who oppose their ideas Are a traitors to the jewish they Are the ones who Are doing the real Dan be to that cause. One can understand even if one does not entirely agree with the zionist form of nationalism. But the claim of National Rii to for taws Nikita ice of Palestine is on of the nent winners not loved. In the for of Fiqiri because the fifth Bible has no value he torah is fraud told in the Book of that Joshua ordered Moses to be written this Book was not Gresteri Grauu lit Wuu a i am unable to locate the author right now. The question of right and wrong in the interpretation of old texts and in a a a a nearest of aberrations and Crary Beauty is not so easy but there i the most dangerous. Jewish expo Are certain facts which can be demonstrated beyond All a controversy. De Ultzsch ridiculing the Story of the Conquest of Jeri Iio says As two spies were Able to Cross the Jordan so hundreds and thousands might have done. Beg your Pardon professor two men can swim across or Yod therlow unobserved under cover of the night a whole army can not. The professor tells is further than not victorious nation admits Conquest by treachery. Experience teaches that a Ples have always been made heroes when they worked for one Side and Devus when they worked for the other. I Lite re Stavn Niiori Aaronsohn received semitic press utilized the International labor Boycott for the purpose of an attack on the zionists. The latter Are accused of having spread the accounts on the White terror movement abroad. In addition the Hejjas party assaulted jews in the streets including Many jew esses and children. Several of our co religionists were wounded. Ritual murder accusation in constantinople. An incident which might have had serious consequences occurred in the Faubourg Dagh Hamman on the Asiatic Side of the Boi horus a jewish merchant named Sullam had in his service a Young Gre he Gir Nof fourteen years of age. She had an rant in the same suburb in whose car she had been As her parents lived at Rodosto. One morning the girl disappeared. Her aunt accused Sullam of having outraged her but this Ricarge in View of his High character Fondl Fig no Cre a Saraa. Sha brought Back a Low caste anti semitism in Poland should cease and assured the jewish i representatives that All their proposals would be Given the fullest consideration. At the same time he suggested that the jewish parties should Combine in a common Appeal to the jewish people to come to Poland said in this hour of great need. Communal elections in Borlin. The communal elections took place on june. 20th amid great excitement. For weeks Berun had be up a a a red with advertisements As follows a jews of Berlin who will make the Community of Berlin a jewish cd it immunity the jewish National party. Therefore vote for the list headed by or. Alfred Klee a this list contained the names of the zionist candidates who made the greatest possible efforts to be returned. Through the new voting system the proportional system they had for the first time the Opportunity of being elected. They were opposed by the Conjoint Liberal and conservative parties who had issued a combined it to of candidates. These were most strongly against the zionists As the latter desire to create a National Community whereas the Community has Beeh tip to now a religious body. The electoral contest was very violent. The meetings which were held nearly every evening during the men like Cardinal Gibbons feels free to Wiestow his Blessing upon a people whose hands Are red with innocent blood. And the Rainbow with its Promise of a Universal brotherhood does no to appear very Large while our political leaders and our Christian clergy do not sense it their duty to counteract All such manifestations. That unless they do so they make themselves to a great extent responsible for All such misinterpretations of tiie teachings of Jesus As recorded in the four gospels. Quest med they cannot cent in those parts of Eastern Eim where fighting is still going on or where the countries have not yet been open for Relief work the committee is going More and More into recon Stract Lve and rehabilitative Relief. It announced. The recent $5,000, xxx appropriation to carry out a reconstructive program in Eastern Europe in order that the people who have been saved from starvation May now become self Suto Ortts a Marks a definite change from palliative Relief measures except in Cai of extreme emergency like in the Ukraine and a 1/ a a a Russia the report states assert it is no Nart of their i Gering non Faines tools and raw materials have been sent to Poland Rad duty to denounce All cruelty done in the name of christianity or As a thing permissible in a Republic. Tiie hour has arrived when decent men and women shall see to it that the uncalled for hate and cruelty of the past shall not polite our Century shall not cause on children to Blush flt a the acts of their a tigers As ours Burnt and reddened As we read in history what was done All Over the Earth in the Naine of the religion of him who declared that his i ritual kingdom was founded non gods love to the other Eastern european count Ira Loans have been made to workmen and shopkeepers to establish them on a productive basis again Rad tec tories Rad Homes damaged by the War have been repaired the report shows. Saving the child life of Poland is one of the most important phases Lor american jewish Relief w<m4. And one of the principal Means utilized is a sending Niderno Crisli de children to the country to recuperate in the child Era s Oil uses established by the committee. .51 a a 7 k ancestors of these pm a Pic this will reach its highest Point this whom some Are now doing their Best v a a a a to revive that ancient lust of malice Rad cruelty. And its right Here we Are glad we belong to an order that begins Rad continues its work of turbulent i bringing about better and More human doctor who finding a bloodstained numerous leaflets Many most handkerchief asserted it had been dipped in a ritual Bath. . Sullam knowing that a boat was sailing to Rodosto that morning hastened to the Quay air a found the girl on Board. As she refused to return he had her arrested and taken Back to Dagh Ham electors. The polling resulted in the joint liberals Rad conservatives headed by or. Max Ginsberg receiving 8,868 votes. The jewish National party headed by or. Alfred Izee received 4,516 votes. Thus four lib Rala Man. On arriving Tipiere it was found conservatives Rad four zionists were that the greek inhabitants were in an because they have i in Roar against the jews been successful. In lines that been open to them not Clos it hatred and prejudice they have been Sullam had beep Coig eyed to the Pulst on As a Means of saving her from the fanatical mob. The consternation of conquerors. World conquerors Havo i those who hoped to exploit the ignore those time Ance of the mob by me appearance their excellence. From the Phoeni-1 the missing girl can be Well imagined clans of old a semitic people that led the world in daring to Yankee and japanese conquerors of Yodoji there has been no love wasted on a dinners by those whom they overcome Arthur Brisbane. An explanation for owed fran which it appeared that the girl after a quarrel with her aunt had decided to return to Beer parents at Rodosto. The bloodstains were explained by the fact t she As suffering from a dental elected. The i rapists Are or. Alfred Eide professor or. Heln Ririe Loewe or. Abraham Loob Rad Max Lewitt. As deputies three conserva Olvea one Liberal and two zionists were chosen. The adherents of the Poale Zion had also issued a list of candidates headed by the Independent socialistic m. P., is Rar Cohn. He Only received. 989 votes and will Only be a Deputy. Whether any great change will take place in the administration of the Berle a be Wilt Community through the election of the font zionist candidates conditions through the Active principles of Friendship love and truth. Is s body of men and women that must always stand As a Stone Wall against All inhuman acts. To it. In a real sense there is no jew or Gentile it fixes its Eye Ltd the Man on the woman and does not bother itself about places of birth or the accidents of religions beliefs. It realizes that if a lion to would be born in a stable it would still be a lion. In Odd Fellowship there la no Barrier erected against the jew. Every office in it is open to him and in Many cases he is numbered a Lii its Best examples and its most successful workers. Taken in the general they make flee Odd Fellows True hearted Brothers even As in All nations they have made Good Loyal citizens. As for or. Ford we Hope he does no to Dalm to be an Odd fellow Fri personally we do not summer according to the report when 50, xxi children suffering from malnutrition will be sent to the col onlys for one month where under expert care they will be nursed Back to health. Last january a polish Relief unit of 25 american jewish Relief workers headed by or. Boris d. Obongen was sent to Poland to organize Rad carry out Relief work. Chr. Bogen has Tot returned to this country and announces that the unit has organised Relief in 1,604 places throughout Poland has warehouses in Warsaw and 10 distr try Headquarters of Tim we 100 tracks Rad automobiles of the unit flying the american Flag reach out to every part of the country with Relief suppl Lis Money Tranumn Assimis from am Teras k food packages secured from the am apr lean Relief . A. A 5 �.r-. A one can advise Conr portably of Rcd a a Safe port a says Schiller. Truli a j vation comes to Manor of is. A h -4 a y y 1 of. A i i 1 -1. Vil a a a a a i a a \ pm. It it

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