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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - July 22, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioVolume 67 Cincinnati Orno july 82, 1920. I . Y the Hope indomitable. King Taasan Well beloved was wont say. But if it were not for the peasant movement which is 800 Yean old and which is purely russian and is the they did not intend rept their mistake of last summer. They will a Rombly a Long Way Home Here and Erik economie a when mainstay of bolshevism soviet Russia i meet the Peculiar demands of is Bor failed went wrong or any la i would not be where she is today. Fuk Ranian peasants and allow them a much for the part of the jews in the a a Tomo Itow friends will be another origin of bolshevism and in its leadership. Now Down the jewish people Down into the ghetto. a Toni Day a and in that Faith he slept and prevailed. Long live this proverb l while the i like Vii ask or Gomel not very big world shall Roll certain Freedom of individual Effort and private ownership even if limited and because of the present extraordinary military strength of the soviet government in addition the reason i have just Given i believe one every jew i Lowed and who were a the leading , is this Hells ministers of the City. Id. Wise of the jews of asserting a we. Should resolve As they Are pre jews representing the various groups Middle a task the i and elements within the great jewry Only Iam ird class element Jet i organise As far As it lies within news the polish foreign ministry has informed the jew Isai deputies that it is doing All in its Power protect the Russia has every it had. There is Lour Power into a league of religions jews in Hungary. The towns but still having 80,000 or 40,0001 Ukran la will not leave the hands of i soviet Rule place for last under soviet russian g Russia cannot stomachs compel them be against tomorrow fresh shall Rise from out i jews each. Regin talk jews of r soviet Russia. You then get about the night and re endow the indomitable soul with courage for its never ending fight be i one i say is conquered till he yields All kinds of All types and classes. You Are an american newspaper con respondent. Those dispatches which told of the jews being leaders of bolshevism Are still in the background of your mind and Here Are the real 4,000,000 jews adrift from Odessa it must he order which bolshevism fitted that in the new As explained by Bishop Rabehl i polish representative in Budapest was also making arrangements for the return Poland of a number of polish the visiting Bishop he referred i jewish refugees now residing there the outrages committed Puim jews in an App Mil has been made for funds Rui Tania and declared that More than i for the Xio Ndon England general it. The jews of i Wise aroused the meeting the High bolsheviks. Their i est pitch of enthusiasm when turning you and your i if Otvis standing which you Tulsi Wmma 8<m be your presiden a god a Mij your hypocrisy. �?�1 would rather live in land of sinners that with such sadists. doubt this letter was brutal Frank. But it was also commendably sincere and honest and these Are tues which Are alms Worth jewish exponent i. A a a. A pm \ Petrograd in the hands of. The soviet there will be a it lace for a certain government thousands who Are torn away from the old moorings who and. Yield he need not while like i jews of Russia. Are they Bosh elsts can get Back into the old channels because the government will not allow i conditions will g4t into the various emerge in Russia Ever fire the hebrews heart and soul with him in the project outline i for it. Intellectuals of a carries with it a Promise of the Amel As this Hospital maintains four jewish wards and a special Kosher Kitchen. Number of certain Type and kit ther Young Bright i oration and ultimate end of the inf chaps who each if capt themselves firings of a persecuted race in foreign Hospital. An special Appeal has been directed the jewish Public inasmuch Jai Fiafia % r Mist from Glass god wipes the stain of life sad Battlefield. From every morning that he brings pass f new Day new Hope new courage let this be soul thy cheerful Creed what a yesterday ? forget it then Here lies the victors Way. South african jewish Ghr onide. . Emphatically . First of All you find they Are More bitter in their opposition bolshevism Rule than any other class of the population. You find upon investigation in them and if they try they Are considered speculators profiteers. Economic Deif Tenent and make Good lands. A if this movement is really a serious National Young Judea met at Long last year 2,074 patients were admitted n. J., last la Twelin the wards and Over a Yoko jewish .9 tip that the War is Over and the -1 russian jews wis be found at the i undoubtedly. But the majority of the one a a said or. Nathan Krass a and not patients were treated. The jewish common Ltd of Manches circles distributed in 88 states. A government is paying much attention internal conditions speculation will be stepped because there is i Flung open and 1 Gates of rtt Saia opening into Western Europe As Sorn these Gates Arellia ism or seventh Day Advent imn if a scheme seeking jewish converts into ter eng., has recently been appealed protestantism catholicism Piscola subscribe �40,000 build equip a City like Gomel where there Are i a fun a a use a Slang expression about All human Barimas. 85,000 or 40j000 jews less than 2001 the methods of the soviet government jewish communists. You find. Most i intends Sto it speculation it will alike face this Gravity that it a Stop it Quot even if some lives have be i k constructive an sacrificed on the Gallows. Ner. Now what the jews say what Ido they think they want leave lie fee of proposed jews mib Rossit soviets Hurt jews Isaae Don. Levine Calls jews anti Boish Eviett says they wish depart from Rukaia. Of them Are waiting for happen that will change the soviet government As strike a medium Between Denikin and the soviet and evolve a democratic government As it Russia. That is the first thing. And it understood in this country allow i conceive it be my duty try _ ing the individual the Opportunity interpret As closely As possible their develop his own Genius particularly in the Field of Commerce. The jew will not stand the unlimited Power of the state the pressure from the top. The jew is individual. He has his own strivings and ambitions. Is incumbent upon i its jewish members become More Loyal news and non jews i god fearing jews and its Christian and Rotem with All the he rents become or remain Loyal god is and solve it in i fearing christians then this is the broadminded Man j noblest and finest thing Horn in the twentieth cent nay Aye even in the past Twenty and endow a fresh air a Don Levine or. Maurice h. Harris unreservedly i Inah Inow ind Oreed the proposed league in i i a it a pogrom and Man sentiments. I can Tell you what they Democrat i fam a my a a cry occurred at Stavrou Whitza sold. Leuis Globe a Kolm Grigoropol Kutcherman i uis Wiooe-1 Ful of the evening voiced views of the 1 Mia Stovka Mohilef Podolsk and other a jewish girls exhibit of pal attn stirs Lon a says one of our it school for delicate children at Dada a a a Al a me mid 1kgemti<�n subscript ices of 0�i� v a another esteemed citizen of Itoe Phis has been railed from among a and his soul has Tak flight get sub lunar realms a says our contemporary of that City. It really should not have die de Mort ids Etc. In at t a a Mere Cheshire. £20,000 have been received hut Unhul the remaining half of the Money is forthcoming the scheme cannot he depleted. According news which has reach f told me that they Are waiting for the 1 Sponden writ tag of the line of first Opportunity get out of Russia. B. Whiting its staff Cor most Liberal kind. He was most Happy in his Rii Olce of epigrams and he was they want too Palestine or America. Finally they want where they can be sure of making a Rel a planned by the Ulrev. Her convincing at every stage of his Adbert Bury which is embrace the Gress. He made attempt at Pyro whether in business or in any other living i speak of 90 per cent fully world and include All sects and nation Les says in Pari it new York june 28.�?when the it. Awol Technics and the sympathies of his Fel Low sectarians were with him at All times. He made the Point that there places. The pogroms were attended by i american red Cross phys Riam who indescribable cruelties. Many jews 1 a a a Cenzy Analysed water from Tho were killed and a number of Jewr ases i River Jordon found in it Many dishonoured. Jewish property was 1 inns of skin diseases and other Mala a sign. A a r Tel h i. Line. And the present state in Russia is a without exaggeration of the russian a a Verena Roert ave churches and churches but that one of the first revelations me on i condition approaching a dictatorship jews both of those who had gone Bishop of Northern and Central in by re is but one religion and that is arriving in Russia was that the j in which individual Enterprise in Husi thought i had entertained regarding bras is suppressed. Through the massacre a in the Ukraine and of those who lived under soviet the number and influence of jews in the bolshevism government was quite erroneous. At heart i suspected As now Why Are the jews against the Bosh elsts the Bosh elsts have i confiscated made pogroms and Denikin has. Rule and had their shops and stores j the British Metropolis it was a Voth the realization that he had Dell red rope and Suffran Bishop of theg j he worship of Good. Throughout All diocese of ii Ondon recently rent re i of the addresses Here was word uttered that could be construed into a wavering of loyalty toward Judaism i hut there was some banter and a won Many casual readers have that the j of course they Are against Denikin. I it is a very grave dilemma. One could jews were. Indeed the leaders of Hoij take that for granted. They Are i not answer those people. They expect Shevis in Russia. I had this Misc on against All those indulging in Mas caption because of the prominence Given a number of men of jewish parentage in the bolshevism movement in reports of newspaper correspond miracles. Miracles from America. It must he stated As a fact that most acres. You ask Why Are they at the same time against bolshevism Russia of the jews in Russia Are zionists. I there Are some very convincing reasons. The first is that the russian the people of the United stat message which promises develop j Kerful amount of Good Fellowship into the greatest moral Force in the uplift of Mankind in Twenty centuries. The germ of the movement sprang everywhere plundered wholesale. In every Case soldiers of undisciplined corps were responsible for the massacres. At Kutcherman the German colonists a a ably seconded the efforts of the rioters. A new terrors threaten Hungary. Vienna july 15.�?the Arvelter 5sci-Tung of Vienna published an account Dies that the Loral anti orioles for the first time in history restricted in it. Hebrew has been added the list of subjects of instruction in the London a if county Connell evening schools. It is at present being aught at the Stepney commercial re tote Imd further of a Meekue held a fortnight ago at 1 he ran if a demand for a two in premise incidents. With the close of the meeting there Budapest attended by leaders of ir-1 shown. From the Whattl Elds of France and j cae two impressive where the English prelate toe closing prayer of the och Odom incessantly and a Ere the minister. Rabbi Drachman who in ends who had come in touch with these jew is against capital punishment the United states and there were a jews in Russia. Only the other Day i read some articles by a certain or. Davis who represents himself As a major of the american red Cross rehashing the old yarns about the jews in Russia. Or. Davis uras not in soviet Russia and has first hand information on the subject of the itus Sian jews. Yet his tales Ai it out them refuted by All that frightful actuality which 1 am going portray Are published in Many american newspapers and Given National circulation. Against any dictatorship. It goes against the Grain the makeup of the jew and Many americans know it from Contact with the russian jews in i other Interior russian cities and who this country. The soviet government considered Russia a Good country was responsible for quite a number of with certain reservations. Now these executions. I am not speaking of the people were zionists. A a a 1 Mev of .111 it a a it the movement them god that such a message had been brought. Regular military detach and War minister Soos As Well As governor Quot of i Horthy a aide de Camp a Shady according the report the Leader an officer Hejjas outlined a program m. A a t creeds and Many nationalities United who did hns iness with Moscow or some in Boston mass., mayor Peter has signed a Bill naming several Dubue squares after world War heroes who lived in rim Vicinity. The june Tola towards the military dictatorship stat of Talbot Bine Hill avenues and her ing the determination not Stop using Yard Street is now known As Mandri 1. I red terror of which Pelt Hgt in in this country have very a ride and distorted cause ideas. I am speaking of executions after a tribunal had passed upon the cases. There was numerous executions of that Type. Some of the executed were jews. In that they had somewhere and be they believed that perhaps against a common enemy. It was this close affiliation this sinking of All Prev Niees for the general of humanity distances of Hldi _. Vou 1 were constantly brought the Atten-1 very head was bowed in re Aguilon. A Iii he. Tion of the Bishop that impressed fore ably upon his mind the formation of a ther at length in order present and the a ther the announcement by a Ven the severest possible Means for i Lewenberg Square. Bishop Bury that he had been asked by Bishop Burch of the new York Isco Palian diocese convey the gathering they Isco Palian Blessing. A. Attaining the ends of the program comprising the occupation buildings disarmament of the pc Dice expropriation of jewish capitalists. Jewish physicians of Baltimore Hava organized themselves into an association for the or he option of the medical -7 i k k a a suspending socialist newspapers a department of the Una Verity of Jeru -1� i if sting and killing editors if Sreng Salem. A fund has been subscribed by Palestine will be the land where they j fris could . Meanwhile the of lust a drag the pro even on of future or league j me j Ere of the socialist organizations also general massacres of jewish people. Of some kind the Obsi Bruties of which 1 est movement is being received would be greater than any league of throughout the world. the writer. But it is not my object Here argue j most rates the executed Are bandits against or. Davis. I intend Tell j be sure Many former officials of the what i found in the Laurse of my two j Czar and some members of the com Tion Are executed. Many of the jews could not Etuati a Petal in1visits Russia for the Chicago daily news in 1919. I found that there were jews in the for foreign Aff Alra where a knowledge of foreign j a government which prof Esara be languages is required and i found socialist. This affected the younger tews in a number of other depart jews those of Radical tendencies. A ments with which foreigners new spa far More potent reason is the fact that per men from America and Europe the mass of the jews in Russia were out a miserable existence. Most of them it by Selling piecemeal the chattels that they bad succeeded in concealing in the last two years. Take my native town for instance 60 per _. Which was a plan also be extended who attended the Temple Israel m<-1country districts. The program is resistance extermination of the Lead-1 the members for the Purchase of ical Hooks for the use of the medical school of the hebrew University. A 1. Monist party found guilty of Corrnp-1 cent of the population of which Are the jews there were not writ they were poor on the whole conflicts in Brief a Krot nerhood of j a a therse de be a touting Ai it j reported accepted by the meeting. Of Mankind Mari Ira zip in which there i peal in the league pro rat whirl a will j filers in the conspiracy Are reported should he eligible Srery Hunan being stronger As it becomes Moore apprehension that throughout the world. Irrespective of widely town and under Tooa its a reign of terror will be engineered by scope and intentions Are for Dir ferrat the effects of the Boycott. Wn4.,n not a Fiafia a. I. A v race or among the most Dranly interested in from the Point of View of american the movement in the Uit stat a standards but somehow they made a a a from movements Ohleh have gone before and which have failed through Lack of that brotherly understanding living. There were More shops and stores in that town than one would imagine the population could support. Were the jews More Espe Clafy the lib at is eral element although the More Ortho would necessarily come in touch Small business people. They were such was the typical jewish town in Dox have promised operation. As an indication of the representative character of the hebrew support it is these jews were there mainly because can missioners brokers Trade spec be rns Ria. I came there now and i found it it by necessary mention the person of their knowledge of foreign Ian of various Descry tons and shop keep most of the shops empty and closed Nel of the committee which had chaise gauges or because they Lead lived in ers. And the soviet government has it was nday. The town used toe meetings which the British Els foreign countries. But when i got closed nearly All the private shops away from these departments and went the internal vital organization j business of Var Lens types and has de and bodies of the soviet government i j priced the jews of Russia of their found a Surpig Longly Low number of j Means of livelihood. I am speaking Copal an Bishop addressed. The names jews. The communist party which is j of the majority of the jews the new name for the Holst exists is composed of about 80 per cent pure russians and 20 per cent All other a have a fair when the surrounding has discontinued All the brokerage peasants would come town. They Jound upon it were Oscar Straus were very poor peasants. The land i philanthropist former ambassador was not Fertile it was Mashy and Turkey under Roosevelt Abram i. Al Woody. But still they had something Kus financier and Well known poll i bring and they brought it in the 1 cd a and diplomatically Louis mar Good old Days and sold it cheaply. Shull president of the american jew the soviet government is essentially i a government of the peasants. Now tonal lies. Ami Fig which indeed there i a Rua Otan Nascani a i is a considerable number of jews. Riese russian peasants Are the a the reason for this is twofold a first 1 people and in spite of one reason Lor this is two Ioia. Sirsi Sigute of the communist govern now i found that the same poor j a a committee mrs. Charles i Hoff peasants who used Wear shoes of 1�?o��. Toe woman a league of toe United states or. Elias s. Solomon president of the a United Syna it it in religious work May easily recall appear be satisfied with his work what that movement was As Well As sir George Lloyd toe present gov clearly recollect others of similar kind Toor of Bombay win probably replace which lamentably failed because of a Gene ral Euthy. Bark of their own manufacture and Coats and Caps of their own making. These peasants especially toe peasant 1 Sog of America Adolph s. Ochs pub the communist theories they girls whom i remember distinctly coming into town ten or fifteen years Oric times in Nisi r. Hays Bamson ago barefooted now came into town Lachman president of a the Jude ans toe non slav races in Russia second toe communist party is recruited largely from the cities and. The jews form a Large part of the Urban population in Russia. % Are for the soviet government and we who believe in majority government can not help facing this situation. Here is a More or less legitimate gov enry Morgenthau former a Basso dressed amazingly Well wearing Good shoes and silk kerchiefs and silk Dor Turkey and present Amassa Ern ment which Aims eliminate the waists. The poor ignorant peasant Dor me Jacob h. Schloff ban jew As the middleman from toe eco of course there Are Trotzky and nomic Field which Means from life it there Are Zinoviev Kamenev and two self. When you find this out when you. I t discover that the jews Are simply de the jews were 4n the majority in the jewish ministers or three others. On the other hand there is Lenin and there is Krassin the called economic dictator. There priced of this source of income of i City. Their shops which Are either confiscated or sold out you Are not surprised at finding that the bulk of the jewish population of soviet Russia is Agal is who used Wear shoes of bark now 11 had philanthropist mrs. William had a pair of Good boots. Where did 3> Sporbert president of toe Council they come from they came from the jewish women or. Nathan Stern City not exclusively from the jews but president of toe new York society of is Kalinin the president of the Congress of soviets the russian government. There is Tchicherin the Man who is responsible for the foreign pol you understand it was mostly jewish boots and shoes and silk or. Stephen s. Wise minister of the free Synagog and an orator of wide . Gen. Allenby resigns As protest against appointment of sir Horbart Bat my. A is rep noted that general have been taken in a the past looking Allenby has tendered the government a closer relationship Between religions his resignation As a protest against the denominations Are recognized have fallen Short because of a tendency interfere with beliefs and in the attempted successful organization of one movement of this kind there were sex the Rodeo Bolom Maple Sisters Hood of Youngstown Ohio elected toe following executives for Enn plug year mrs. Philip Klafter pres drat my. Herman a Teri Firat vice Park Dent mrs. Irwin in Tubman Sec cd vice president mrs. Joseph Friedman recording Secretary my. D. Wilkoff teary mrs. Sol Harte Rijuk a financial be treasurer. A i j i _ at Detroit Mich., Adolph Freund appointment of sir Herbert Samuel Pisgah Lodge by Nal the Post of High commissioner of Rith formally installed the follow ing officers for the ensuing year president Samuel s. Mayerberg Vira president Charira Rosenthal serve tary Otto Gate plug treasurer beb Palestine. General Bols head of the British administration in Palestine and Gen 4 eluded from membership three of toe eral Storrs governor of Jerusalem a a most Able men of their time because of also tendered their resignation for toe Monitor m. Karin toe fundamental doctrine of the sect which they belonged. Those interested a same re on but Gen. Storrs recon-1_ but Horwitz guardian Side red his decision since the zionists i Joseph Gottlieb. Weak Corner Stone. Sir Samuel has received a number of Anonymous warnings written by arabs Montagu 8 great work. From january 1, 1915, january 1, 1920, toe membership of toe by Nial by Rith in toe american districts increased from 27, 40,1. From january 1 april 1, 1920, there Wasa a a an artice in toe Conte Pona re View for january oif a Constitution Diete jul a comp a sir making for India has Tois say Baum Toqe where he Wra w raw _ _ _ with f i a a .1 a that be should not come Palestine an increase of 7,006 in he entire oras by doing he is endangering his der. In the five and a half years past about toe achievement of Edward Mon tags. Secretary of state Quot for India a it is not too much say that Al will act in the capacity of Secretary. They left for Palestine on june 15 after several Days of conference with kerchiefs and waists and the Hundred Seph Silverman or. Cyrus Adler pres and one Little things such a pins and went of the jewish theological sell icy of Russia there is Luna Charsky the government. They appreciate that watches that these peasant girls were Ben Altheimer of St. Louis and wearing while bringing a few eggs or new York retired banker and Philan commission Era of education. These ate there have been massacres in some butter into the City Exchange All non jews. Three of them Are of Viet Russia. They appreciate the of Fer audit Kraal finery. Noble birth. If Yon further if you forts of such men As Maxim Gorky la visit toe various commissar its you Parcharsky and toe wife of Lenin who will find that there Are jews at All have constituted themselves into a committee combat anti semitism. But Here is toe situation. Here in Many important departments. One finds in walking the streets of Moscow some Peculiar things. One of these is a Monument erected last year. It is a Monument not a jew not Karl Marx not a socialist or a communist but a Man of the name of Stepan Razin of whom very few have heard. You will find in russian history that Rayln 300 years a when Karl Marx Lenin and Trotzky were a government be proletarian. In the system i ants because they Are the worst sex which the soviet government seeks Poltera. erect there is place for �111 Tell you the Story of a relative Middle class and the jewish people mine who had a piano in the Good it must be acknowledged Are a Middle j old da3�s. I stopped in his House Tois class element almost everywhere in time. The piano was not there. Where Europe especially everywhere i saw a a a them. And when. You a mine the Nathan j. Miller and or. Maurice h. Harris me of the most convincing in other words these peasants were i Josh pulpit orators of toe country Al a Kinas a a a a a a an who has devoted his life i raw that Only in jewish hut a a a league. Oak t Lafi 0� religion. Altheimer is treasurer of a in toe Russ an t a a d i Eft movement and Miller Secretary. Aeao a of a. Tor a. I Palestine. At toe last meeting of the committee much time was devoted the question great achievement the new cd Matitu ton for India belongs or. Montagu. Previous Cret Aries of state have of a a. I Rae Sra us or lems or have turned their backs in it. He is toe first Holder of the office a a Araumi expressed Nim Seti As very who has entered upon his duties with the entire order increased its Mem it be ship from 40,083 62,877, an increase of 22,294. In the same period there were instituted 74 lodges in toe United states 8 in Canada 3 in Germany 2 in at str amp and 1 in Rumania. An amusing specimen of the kind of information Wahidi toe european press furnishes its readers on Anterica events is toe following item found in . 25 of a israe Litischua ochenblatt.1.1 a a a j l Ian Ukai a a of i tii a die a Diwell a published in Zug doubtful regard Fig the possibility of j Rich a the state of Albany u. S. A. The deliberate intention of setting the 1����� a jews who of feet of indians on the Road while. I the Sabbath work on is a government which seeks j Russia with sympathy for the Peak j Are classed As Liberal or reformed jews but the Aid of toe straight out orthodox element has been promised rough Rev. Bernard Drachman. A probably one of the most impressive leads responsible government. It is True toat the decision make a dec eely discussed was that of i Milf if the paper had said toat such a Hafl in w a v.-, a a a a a a by a is pa�8�<i in Albany for toe state of Iii Ira of set meat be ascribed a a a a a a. Thrum migrants would head new York it would be Correct except it ask Chas it Sale old Toa a a pc Ltd dance in far toat just the opposite hair. Bosun a Nam Nenaie a Inai. I a occupational need and the Bill Niimi terms of the and the demand which existed for their i i a .1 a Lra Blie services. The zionists will be Ruapon but it needed the sle Only for that part of immigration boundless themselves will organize Region of a Toerag pm a a a a. A and the authorities will be in a Posi drop knowledge of Indian Tion Deport any Independent a which characterize or. Montage carry that into effect. In raid he Hel a Temh isto Etin a not sold it he hidden away Ai ttam.-., , unique frankness. Unknown raised the Banner of rebel projects for the future of the jewish probably in some cellar. He formerly tfx up a a people in Russia you Are up against j was a fur merchant hut now he was this dead Wall worse than apy a a doing nothing. And for two or three lion on toe Volga russians National River against the Rule of the czars in Moscow. And Razin who was nothing acres a Wall of reality a that there is j months this relative of mine had been but a serf leading rebellious slaves is the Typlt Catlon of bolshevism the russian peasants. If you want know bolshevism look up in the encyclopedia the history of Razin the history of his Drani Atic Rise until he place for the jew in the Russia of bargaining Wito a neighbouring peasant today and in the Russia which the for toe Exchange of the piano for some soviet leaders Are trying erect. Flour. You see the piano was once sided. The Synagog one of the most commodious in toe City was filled with an attentive sober and Earnest gathering of jewish men and women who Baid come with open minds livery word of the English Bishop wag heard in deep in the Ukraine there were massacres tens of thousands have been seized Many evinces enlisting in his j pied a and hundreds of Hund Rasof thousands of rebel a my ranks Lious peasants and threatening Moscow. For 800 years bolshevism has been soldering in Russia. Maimed and robbed of their Homes and their property. But in the Ukraine mime can of a fwd re Worth a Able and w Kopecky m a j thousands i same town. The peasant was quite willing after several weeks of bargaining give now six goods of bread. W rivals in toe country who not prove if Able maintain themselves Ven Mously and scurrilous by attacked but he has weathered every storm Wotli wonderful Good humor and Minimi Tahir Akhil. Or. Montagu is a ran of toe first lord. Sway tilling. The act in question Unterb Teddy represents the greatest and most far reaching piece of legis a tin fashioned by any person of jewish origin in modern lines. The abuse which or. Montague was subjected i Grid about the matter of course had largely with this t Siren re is deemed Best. The Mariner has been maligned and ridiculed by Many City people who Haven brains enough farm toat or. A hayseed a As these incompetents love Call him will soon show How much More can be made by Selling g Small crop at a big Price than a Large crop at a Small Price. Altruism does truly the labor men who clamor for Short hours and High pay nor Wall it sometimes happens that men Are veet financier and toe Farmers Are selected head religious or communal lessons from thera organizations whose Mode of life and a a a Wanto general Outlook nor convince the have pay real Money for in Ordinary observer As the fitness of the selection. Ordinarily nothing is 7. -1 a it �-7-i and transactions in which the jews in Ake their living. Less than 200 years ago a Man of the name of Png Richov ?.o i Reviel Leader repeated the episode of Razin. He also was stopped. Razin was publicly tortured and executed in Moscow and Gage in order where he was executed 360 years ago you will now find a Monument raised by the risen russian people who see in it toe Symbol of their centuries old aspirations. This is bolshevism. On t g not already. Now toe Ukraine As under Denikin and Pelura there was costing according toe old Standard More in the future for toe jews who 9 rubles and according the present remained alive because Bettura and Standard 7,000 rubles for the piano Denikin stand for business for private property they stand for All those which if bought today in Moscow a a a a a a a a where such things Are being and 1 Sven now would Cost 50,000 j rubles. Well my relative was not glittering Closs and Riti Listic Vest ments speaking from the pulpit of a jew Ira Synagog was impressive and was remarked upon by or. Wise one of the speakers of the evening who warmly endorsed toe movement As explained by toe eminent prelate from Thines which allow ladle dual efforts j bought even now would Cost 5q.000rubles. Well my relative was not yet a cd exhaust Velv at toe end of his rope and he was exhaustively at toe recent meeting of toe tins a judicious tees and directors of the jewish or an amusing Hanage Home at Cleveland Ohio the the Law has not and rather unique instance toe con following office were elected for the tray is recorded in Quot the life and let ensuing year president sol s. Kiser beet and lady Dorothy nevus a recently Indianapolis ind. Vice president Adolph Freund Detroit Mich. Treasurer general fund Alfred a. Benesch. Cleveland. Treasurer. Sinking re-1 fund Fred Lazarus jr., a Kolumbus. Secretary Kate Wela Cleveland a Ifor the. Canting hypocrisy which. Superintendent l. Edward lakh Man Cleveland 0.j Matron mrs. Lute democracy immediately applied age of social reformers he entertained Koltho Dentsch Lashman Cleveland Jewl i affiliation eat affied everybody but it has with the approval of the Ebron Gest Bast indians As Well As the j published. Her father lord Orford leading British Auto it Lee on Indian was a staunch tory and a very out affairs. Although it does not Confer spoken person. An incident which 11 absolute Home Rule on India it Gora lust rates his frankness is thus As far in toat direction As it would be corded Safe at toe present time. Of course those who believe in abso-1 unfortunately is too often the Appan. A i it All Peoples would regret Surti a plan the greatest loathing whilst a Hie Les j Ohio bit tidy a Rale a a in Felt in let font pfc he did not a a a Ftp bands of soviet Russia 85 or 90 per elude the Deal but when i left he a id cent of it and there is question a a a Wren vow How As the one formulated by Secretary and leagues which under the pret of making the world better meddle with other Peoples jus less aroused his ire. Ltd the Day May conf i when i will f Peelua 11 in we pm a ont if a it a of this Are built communism and Lenin s ideas of a new social order far As i can figure out is going stay in toe hands of soviet Russia. The i be reason Why it left the hands of toe i get for it is consumed i May have Montagu. But the suggestion that a time population of diverse Peoples Dlf fling in language Rollf on and in the e was Given a Stogo of intellectual and moral devel could immediately become piety which invited him become its with simple. Impressive ceremonies the new Synagog of congregation Beto my last Palestine restored and dominated a Hie characteristic reply sent the Abraham on Washington Streel can president of the Norwich Bible -1 ton. Mass., was dedicated. Tho Dedi or things will not come that pass j a concluded his i Luuy i How because of the improving internal. Levine prepared at toe request of the i gent Down into toe Ukraine a lot of Illonal situation but the future of toe a a a a by. Aka4> Kay i avs tax Vaivai a from two addresses by Isaac Don i Bosh elsts last summer was that Toey i now because of the improving internal address his audience Rose its Toet anti defamation league of the by a by Rith assist in answering the charge that the bolshevism movement is jewish. The information on which his statements Are based was gathered by or. Levine in soviet Russia the two visits he made last year for toe Chicago 111. Dally news. People who did know the Cor try and tried impose upon the Ukraine the same soviet Rule that functioned in i social system which certain people in Bulan jew. I not Brlit not be Cuse of Inu Tieres bet because of a a jewry will be a Refl Dot by Moscow a system that did not meet with the approval of toe ukrainian population. Renin and the Otrera recognize this because they paid dearly for it when i left soviet Russia eluding s Hue of jewish origin Are endeavouring build up la Russia. Now one cab be for this social system or Agalov or it. This is not the question Herk the Point he driven this league and i Hope see it come about in my lifetime a and As it did when he first arose endorsement. The unqualified endorsement of the league came of Wii Spraker who Fol and son. Adapted absolute democratic ins Titu tums is it me that does not commend itself toe careful and con moderate judgment which is the result of human experience. It certainly is a High tribute or. Montagu s work that or is generally regarded As a Long and Wool Rome St in by it ment. President deserves quoting cation of the first permanent jewish House of worship in Canton gained via a a sir i am surprised and annoyed i added significance and was rendered by the contents of your letter sur i doubly effective through in premed prised because my Well known Charae-1 rated sent holism As a sincere tribute ter should have exempted me from the lace such an application and annoyed be cause it compels me even have Tola j the Sertl Ces became a Eulogy rat too i Vij Quot the lace or. And mrs. Abraham Brightman founder and sponsor. Communication you. Two Imra fish workers who had de i have Long been addicted toe i voted poems does ensuring sue Era gaming Tab e. I have lately taken Only die before they could he serve there is nothing we May not Hope i the turf. I fear i fee Quentin Bias-1 the Complete fruits of their Iab it my a a. A a a Rejmer it in never too late Pheme. But i have never religions tracts. All this was own Synagog ment in be said be a lass a . 7 7-7, 7��,7.�. A a t. Re v.

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