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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - January 25, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioMy ii to Mem if quot1 Quot a Jim _ 1 a. A j for a. Can _ i. A it a a fes vex Fei pc a. A a a. It a a Ivr a ��&�&2�?- 1 a up it Quot a a i a Ltd. A a a.,. Y v volume .63. Cincinnati. A of 10, january 25. 1917 number. A v a a a .�.�v-v. Reof a for h. A to a a a a a a. A. the Defiance. I said a i will write me a song Gallant and daring fend Gay jul por the ease of pain and the rest of a brain and the cheer of a Stormy Bui doubt looked in and Spok a Yoi will write what your spirit i trouble fears a a a Quot amp a a a a a. Catastrophe performance Ion a americans englishmen a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Liyu a them go Forth into their various i in nationality Quot became the motto., Des stressing its separatists nationalism that Only in drawing ourselves of from our fellow inhabitants in the into Captivity. Then was the people spheres of activity and e International lands in which we live As a separate among the nations of nationalistic group can we perpetuate fathers waste Imp-"1 i shich fillip were transported aught i but the Quot a land of but of the rabbi to i Pupil were up the world. The new birth the religion of Israel is flame i i and the bitter taste of then my heart sprang map Wrath and i faced the sneering eyes 1 will write the truth tags the soul of youth beads in the kindly shies. A it a i will write what my like has known failure and Hope and mirth. Quot / and Griefs great deep and the hand off sleep entail. I pleading me Back to Earth. I will write of the Bond of blood a time cannot break slay. Of the True True friends that the Good Godri sends a of Eft tip and Comrade Beer on the Way. Twill write of the things i know a and the magic of life shall Shiine performed pliable to the larger life of the whole people. Israel was to begin that career of service and Travail As the servant of the lord in All the world. Even to a greater degree than in a the new time for the children of is said by these latter Day prophets of Rael. Reading Trise Alexandria had written drear years previously c out for Good Jade ail it seemed amp it the idea of universalism to be stress-1 the holy City As the Metropolis be possible that this could prove to be de. The service of the hereditary cause the Temple of the highest god nationalism. To and that too a Small incident say ten percent of the general jewish experience which they term Hie jews consider i in a word because of the madness a a a a a a a a a he Upun the. Semitism and nation Case. All seemed lost the future Priesthood at the altar had come to a is there but they look upon the land Alistick obsessions absolutely hopeless. Exiled into a close. Of course the Hope was con where their fathers lived As their Rou strange land it is no wonder that the people cried out a your Bones dried up our Hope is lost we Stant that this service had been Only i fatherland having been born suspended and would be-establish-1 reared there. Hatreds reverse our International clean Cut and. Brought. A but for i All practical Pur de when some Day the Temple would mento of the great jewish Neo Pla universalism of Israel place among with that is higher scholarship Hajj by our few cation a m f a system l s Wjk i 4_is 4 t 91"v< w j64 a a. V it a 1 i \ a Vii a a to 3-Toi by Ignatiu Mueller ph.d., Louisville i the familiar dictum a a Man wants but Little Here below nor wants that Little Long a is uttered by the distinguished poet with ill theft dogmatic Assurance of an axiom % but i venture a suggest Ion that it admits some qualification. While Quot it maj be True in the abstract that Man wants but Little it cannot be truly said that the average Man is Content tonic philosopher became a dead let the nations and to accept As the final Ter during the centuries of Christian explanation marvellous with tremendous consequences for poses idea was transferred to the Judaism. Then it was that it became whole people. The rabbi the teach flourish even away from Palestine that the truth was not dependent upon any soil however dear Sac Edtl then it was that the synagogue As the House of prayer came into being and the conviction was brought Home persecution of the Laws Servile position these latter occupied the religious internationalism As the family in Israel and was thus repro the Jeri Unitive Mait of he Golden age the ideas Man of whom the poets sing is one person and the a practical Man living in the twentieth Century the service of the whole people took actuality. They supreme Factor in the life of this. G quote another person. Our positive ii 8ubstltut� 11 As its ?5on natural wants a a a a but Mir or. Only but not in i for Bemer an exc Ludmer and exclusive 1 peo the place of the priest the repro in fact for they lived among All the merely like any other Small people Vui it ural v i my a a f a a a a a aristocracy As the religious Leader Tion in the National life. Particia a a a a wants Many. And these latter wants none the less real because they i artificial Afghanistan 1 for civilisation itself is artificial ilm Mgo and via a a a a through the Cloud of fears and the to the people that although the Tern thus Only in another Way because of . Beneath the i not Goy Dechod books Biz a people people of Israel was the servant of who lived in those terrible Days of message and its Mission. But that storm with a splendor of Hopes divine. Great Babylon god could still be approached in these houses of prayer in this rho Lnig a in it inn a i pm a no i then 11 was that the Univie Sal ideas i the lord being worked out. It is also it Lauona Eop e i in Judas san were strengthened and reported that a great spirit of those fostered the Universal ideas that Cul-1 Days declared that on the Day that Happy in a the remarkable speeches of that soaring Genius the Prophet of de the Messiah was born the a lose of that period of the babylonian exile the Man whose name we do not even know but whose glorious forming the Book of Isaiah among the worlds left his land and Birthplace As the recognized the possibilities that a i mention of a a a a a a a innumerable Abii Ohhi it undertakes to Supply s it is certainly possible for a Man to subsist upon a Pound of raw flesh and a few Kernel s of Corn a Day to live in a Cave if Guam and to dress congregations 1 a Sermon delivered before the convention of the Union of american hebrew congregation at Baltimore january 15, 1917. By Rev. A. David Philipson. Quot base upon the religious significance Israel nationalists Jerusalem was destroy Zelop into Undre amt of actualities Phlipp a Bah ppm pfc he a a a a a a a a a a la other the material for the real Universal in-1 the religious e 1 Emja an in words when Temple and land and i Ter nationalism was All there. It cadent it jewish experience say ten a Abra-1 aflame and cause it to burst Forth to task in the world from the Day that eyes All the world a new thing comparable with Aye us Birthplace were lost the messianic quire Only the spark of the divine a a be of Israel among to m wild beasts. He then has plenty of time to lie in the Shade in summer and in Winter to bask in the Sunshine. But the More civilized he becomes the More his wants increase until at length All his time and energies required to Supply m m _ _ _ _ it was Bidden be a kingdom of priests the. _ Ameri-1 this mighty spirit god was god a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ill de by the unforgettable Leader Isaac Israel it is True is gods chosen but m. Wise and the devoted coworkers chosen for what for service. Is my j a _ form substance to what had been the dream famous Conception of Israel As the hours Quarter through the suffering in the exile is ration that the glory had departed Terr station along the line of israelis geniuses among its prophets thinkers sages rabbis and martyrs the beginning and the end of whose life and thought was god and god alone Tak among the nations the i ing our stand on 4he religious Ideal crisis in its life. Dark was the out-1 world. Once again the lord was do j is tic interpretation of history _ where indeed seem to during the two score years j supreme religious masterpieces. For a larger significance of israelis work Perior to the glorious event that the the sojourn in n Babylon upon leaving land and birth-1 this name place a after the first it destruction so was it accentuated even More Strong this career of improvement be meet with some difficulties which hard to manage. He is liable to Over once again Israel was div toe fall to get itself Forth into the world and to live a Tion rather to the flippant and flowery treatment of hackneyed topic than to any Earnest Endeavor to develop mental strength in the Pursuit of truth such attempts to find some for the he be of a Complete education surely commendable hut hypo neans to meet the wants of the Case not commensurate to the ment of our civilization a a the a degree of culture we have attained to other things. Our higher scholarship is not creditable to us. Its undeveloped condition does not Well Accord with on lofty pretentious 3 As intelligent citizens of the let us now investigate causes can be a assigned for this superficiality Ini our i education and where the remedies to it the dub vital questions the discussion which ought not to he neglected. Pm a a theft Veryl amp Rebholz of a a. To vesti gation it might seem satisfactory to some to say that on Public school system must be at fault and when this is sufficiently improved a it must be before Long then All will be Well and As it should be. But to me this answer is not satisfactory. Our school system is toot yet perfect t but the superficiality of which we complain is not chargeable to its defects in most he still farther Back. 0� this system in general i wish to pay h is As Good As could he expected and is rapidly becoming better. In some of the states the school accommodation is still insufficient to some attendance has not yet been made compulsory a by a Vijil it should he he length f of school terms ought atm to be extended and the qualification of teachers to be raised y but these defects being remedied every year and they do not touch the Point at Issue. 1 becomes a Finical fellow whose main dare say that the de Etc Ftp amp a #111 aim is to be a Man theal Etui al Abb by a a by Jubb fashion a and he is liable to seek for the betterment of his material Condi ing wondrous things even As in the i of we believe Israel presents Quot the most i oovemenrus01to the01tlatte�uof Public Tov that furatsh1 Days of old the Bonds of the oppress striking Symbol As Over against the improvement it is to the latter note an a animation met in so troubled so critic Rael advanced to the scale of spiritual altogether from Israel. And Power and might this Universal idea tory of Quot the world and the history of of the True inwardness of israelis Jeff a a a so a he a a my blessed land far away from the be to serve to the cause of god nage in the devastated countries of the pages of this babylonian jew but a further step in the Progress of israelis messianic service. The tem-1 and Israel now materialistic interpretation whereof dose the Messiah nationalism is the Climax. \ we inter sufferer the americans Public common schools is the highest Triumph of democracy and of self government. Our wish to Call patriots and citizens of Good Quality y585btt to this essay. A to hts schools of our country have fitted in every Community there is always unto the living god _ everywhere in the civilized world Dur Jan Active participant in the glorious the old world still we can not get j through All the dark Days whereof ing the succeeding centuries for is-1 life of the new world of Light and away from me a nuance 01 me Wuhu 1 to racers i but in by full his words Rael woe nor would we. In the midst of have brought Hope and peace to in penetrated everywhere. The Freedom went Forth to serve every we Priesthood of a single family gave where in the ranks of Justice right of brotherhood True feeling that As so often a before the darkness which is enveloping the world will be dissipated and the mists disappear before a arising Sun. A a oppressed with the constant presence his message of Consolation were an of the indescribable tragedy that is Ever present endear tenement in the being enacted across the seas. The wretchedness and misery that were colossal War casts it Shadow Over All i israelis portion a Comfort be. Comfort Priesthood a whole people in reality if not to recognition cd these revolutionary fatherhood of god unto those Pho tendencies until a much later Day but could really appreciate the sign al a a a a a a a a a a a dark was a he Impi when amt International ithe messenger j Temple was destroyed and Israel god was being i worshipped i everywhere to reality by Israel the Temple of Jerusalem was Only a memory the world. All our thinking is affect j be my people Salth. _ de in some Way other by the crisis not my servant Jacob a a fear be not i less in actual life and experience the new time had brought to pass through which the nations now nor be Israel As the Mes a a a -�?�2&53l� passing. Victor Hugo once wrote Waterloo changed the front of the people destined to serve humanity in a much More compre-1 through suffering and Travail this is special Phenomena that exemplified led captive to Babylon hut from out that darkness came Forth the Brilliant Light of that truth that god could be worshipped in Babylon As Well As Palestine and eventually the great teach the i Ings o the univ a Sale St a Prophet who hailed the coming of the Day when pensive sense this will prove True of the mighty contribution to our Relig struggle. Things tons treasure trove by this our i the Priesthood the rabbis springing from any family a were the interpreters of the religion. I As a he International people among god would be acknowledged one everywhere and his name one. Darker will never be again quite As they were j Prophet. The memory j so unconsciously perhaps _ but none the less surely the Concep-1 state after state in Western Europe a a a 11__ 1_a# n a Leo i. A 1 a a still was the Outlook for Israel when Palestine was finally lost and Temple a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a by a a a a a a we a a Mai dred and fourteen. Values will be j these noted a servants of the lord j tons of the universalism of god s say nothing of our own blessed j that darkness More less thick men and the women in j passages in the Light of prophecies presence even a the a a a a a a a a a a a a a a mob my Bumm hmm by service jew Jim a the warring lands will hav an Alto foretelling the career of Jesus of Gether different a Outlook upon the i Nazareth. But this is a forced inter-1 became after a a a a a a a Raiem the full rights of brooded Over Israel in All the Earth citizenship with the passing of the with Only occasional gleams of Bright Temporali ties and the eternities. A a the old order is passing for Many of the Burden of the thought of our Prophet embattled Peoples. A new order shall is that not one jew not one i divid. A a a. _ Dawn. The night is still Ual but the jewish people is the suf Ity. All this was preparing for the of the ancient prophets notably Isaiah Hertog and finally the achieving serv coming of a Day when there would of Babylon in and Elo shall emerge. They who now suf-1 ant of the lord. Significant too. Of be proclaimed again the naughty quent preach ment years of the nineteenth Century Ness Here and there now in Babylon arose the Reform now in it Spain but during god sued the character of an internal movement which interpreted the new Quot m terms of the universalism t _ pct a select Circle of a privileged people who assume More less control of the local style and who tacitly permitted to Lead the fashion g and it can scarcely be denied that the perpetual changes of fashion and the arbitrary requirements of so style greatly increasing the above mentioned wants of civilized humanity. They Quot continually. Calling for new. Supplies and incessantly augmenting personal desires and cravings that a beyond the Boundary line of frugality. The i efforts a to f meet these requirements and the desire to play a becoming part to the role of social life often absorb All the time and thought of Many Young people and induce them to enter the All absorbing race for the Pursuit of material Means. Of course that is done at the expense of neglecting their education and of arresting intellectual improvements a a Price too % dear for purely material Adan to g e Ihl ill a if a maj mime the people to be their own rulers bringing Assurance of the permanency of the Republic. While the european nations expect everything to Quot be done by their governments America the people themselves legislative bodies As Well As town and come anal meetings impose taxes on themselves for educational purposes. The and people it i America feel that self government cannot to de with ignorance of the masses that on the common schools More than any other basis depends the future the weal and the woe i of i american up nil amp i Sion instruction to the nit de states ate generally sufficient.?5 in round numbers there 16,000,000 pupils enrolled in the Public and private schools. ? there 260,000 school houses my Many of them to the towns and cities have ample space and every possible con Benenice to accommodate the numerous pupils. There 580,000 teachers. The annual expenditures for Call Fering they who the universality of the Outlook of this in darkness shall see a great Light the Light of advancing Progress High Visioned spirit is his hailing a Heathen King As the lords anointed the Light of liberating Freedom. Does eur conqueror preach ments of the Prophet of the j in Israel dwelt upon the Mission of Captivity. a a a a 6t6rywh6r6 would be held Forth of israelis Mes-1 pee Bat was set free in these latter the opening of the modern the iwmmwmmwwww., a glorious ? Light again broke Forth lit a become Almon a National mob tation to pursue this cer j building Sites buildings and furniture mainly not Quot salutary course is spec i amount to 45,000,000 dollars for ii tally great in the isl country where a 1 paries and apparatus about 2,000,000 luxuriant soil and Many other facile Idolla Tor salaries of teachers and ties present flattering opportunities of 8upe#iiidens More than 18,o0o, obtaining riches and Promise a Speed dollars for contingent school expend Rise to wealth and distinction a until yes <8,o00t000 dollars permanently rth the bearer gods truth am what than be though this King was not of the House As a curse for the sins of the fathers cause of the disabilities of the jews of Israel he was yet the instrument of god everywhere service As a priest people Dis j a jays to serve god everywhere As the in gods Earth where Freedom International religion Fiji Community everywhere sity to seek a super social Posl Tion to that Way rather than by the acquisition of knowledge the Multi prepared the Way 1 Uit of the coveted purposes of god in that stronger and loftier than All Arti of the path of the people. And to Day the indescribable suffering misery of All nations. Part and parcel is this and won greater far than that of i thought of the universalism of the it the families others which they experiencing prophets teaching the Fine product of blessed. A a a a a a a a a a Ikra Mikird Jug own it sending the people Forth from land al cd a nationalism that of Many a and Home and Birthplace that through devising the Universal Well As their display incompatible Ter course. They certainly attract too pc Sibly than the i much attention and turn the mind vested Schoot my amount to 000,000 dollars. these vast sums before us we must acknowledge that the different state governments have done very much to it raise american schooling to a first class Standard. They giving a sufficient Opportunity to the youth of the United states was world has Ever seen when Over Israel to Avail themselves of a Good Toprac , intellectual education. To All from he higher pleasures of mental the above it must be added that daily truth a Symbol of what seemed As part interchange in the Bias Tern War zone notably in Poland there particular problems for us As jews to addition a to the general european lands where a great overpowering the Israel dwelt to ghettos and wore the Mankind and badges 7 a a Birthplace into exile had thus even u8 in common with All our tufted into a mighty Advance of Spir men. The Center of Gravity of jewish Potency. The palpable proof life has shifted to America. We witnessing a new phase of our history to the making. As a worshipped once Palestine the seat of supremacy in jewry and then Babylon god everywhere Rael could serve god even beyond the stances confines of the Temple of Jerusalem people when whole communities were mobbed and a plundered a tortured and exiled. In Zangwill a expressive j close touch with one another inter fatherland to the jew. The ghetto j am everywhere became israelis Birthplace what . Great scientific discoveries we will lift our eyes with Faith and Marrable inventions that brought the Hope that help cometh from the lord Distant parts of the Earth into the same god who bade Abraham social Intercourse de tween beings. J we find teed 1 barrenes8 of conversation modern Carlors which Bear methods of instruction that there to an ample de Flea onal literature to inoculation continually criticizing and amending the existent defects in instruction. That political interference to same god i play of expensive decoration and Snag i arbitration among the nations All seemed to give Point to the growing dominance of the idea of universalism now it is coming to be the United j and the boundaries of Palestine. E j this darkness a Only the whereof israelis status As an inter states in All be l what an intimation of a greater fun j precursor of a Brilliant Dawn. God Maraha the new revelation of gods working in jewry is Here in this Western sphere. Never has the com which was still to be a even greater More impressively than it is sounding i Ian Jocame again to the people of outstanding Symbol for us who moved particularly. Within this Circle of life and thought. It appeared As though a Mailhe a a a a a a a a iwas the Dawn then a Igaz al sounded the command my in these Days in. Ears that not Jug stopped from hearing Mes a j i apse since the first destruction sages. Never did the word 4f ring Forth More clearly than it now does in the tremendous upheaval of Days six Hundred years and More a Israel a get thee out. Of thy and and birth Saft and i Home out Imp Tibai of Jerusalem when the a second Catas-1 abodes of oppression lands put Birthplace tons were to flock together to the of the i House of the Universal god. When swords were to be beaten into ploughshares and Spears id pruning Hooks Home get of per out i and nations were not to learn War Mese Days. And that word is being 1.wid Piv scattered of inese a a la Lue abodes which i shall Mejri Norfe. Address eat ratio Ulm Ray to a. Of to. Show toe. The abode of Freedom and 1 Opportunity in America and such House of Israel in the Lanh Promise of these latter Days. If Ever the Burden of the spirit of the lord was upon a people it is now upon us. Throughout the then civilized Wolff in Asiatic countries in african lands. In european but the time was not yet Ripe. Ugly a. R. 8lr�?o signs began appearing on the horizon a c? where the new Light is be dark spots began showing on the Sun j ginning of Shine. Again was the a universalism. Israel As so often unto us if we have not vision Wellem was the Centy of jewish life unto us it a a these new Days of reve towards Mph words spoken by our fathers As they where a Odd dwelt v especially destined to. Extend More and More Priesthood ancient time Naloch in we Nishma before was the barometer that show Freedom whose ii dimension were a we will do and we a Tell Bear a woe unto us if we unmindful of the a mighty responsibility which our exceptional Post to on As citizens of this free land places upon our Quot shoulders Tor unto us our harried Brethren sub j to of inv Vav v to Spain. But the Temple of Jerusa a Raja in the history of Israel More la a iwo Phe Cente a rep put it at t Mei than any that Hadi gone wee not ?5r3rfl thither All eyes were directed at times before and in those new abodes of anti semitism in Germany the terrible pogroms in Russia the unspeakable persecution in Roumania gave evidence that the universalism that Israel s place in the world As the in to it Awa i ,. A a Ter National people signified was not there and a larger use. Isaiah of Babylon and All Mationg enough to exercise the of similar spirits were to live again for who revealed himself through Israel As the Universal god and father of Mankind the same god who dispersed our fathers throughout the world to be a Blessing unto the nations and has preserved us to a this Day As a people not like other Peoples of the Earth but distinct Peculiar in Thal his word is the lamp to our feet and the Light to our Faith that same god in the same voice of bidding that has 71#flyii in constantly unto Israel throughout the Ages bids us of this latest Day and generation to get ourselves out of our narrow confines of doubt and Desnald out into the a wide regions of Faith that All will be Well that voice bids us As Universal a messengers of a Universal god to sound the Universal note a of israelis True place among the nations lib Rit am Leor Goyim As gods covenant people missioner by him to be the Light of the nations. Amen end a common vlrtn.mftfel-? a it Balty and experience have come to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a the chief requirement this sort of fashionable society should disgust the Man of higher culture and learning and that he should lose his enjoyment of social life and choose Tot restrict himself to the seclusion of his own study is it any wonder that he should become dissatisfied i with the monotonous conversation about the severity of the weather the turpitude of the latest scandal and should Des the qualification of teachers and that incompetency is being More and More avoided so that we can not fairly ascribe the superficiality complained of to the state its educators.g5 we must therefore look for its cause in some other direction and if p Sihle a where school statistics will still be of some assistance. While it is a Gratifying fact proved people and at length withdraw and \ Sion i of education that the enrol thus deprive society of the Benefit of a ment of pupils in the lower a schools his instruction and rational Conversa t a the greatest in the of United states real tru8t. Brawl t he Seegle i had lain a a Cut Temple Wen All a Israel Israel Here everywhere sent its cont Gigious segregation is shown by a Lution which i it can so 111? afford to 1 Ose ? ? % Wysk Fem my top �?T0 there some mitigation of this intellectual dearth in fashionable life that Candor requires us to notice. Not having the time the training to think for themselves those votaries of style and wealth willing enough to pay others to think for them and freely patronize nil kinds of lectures where they often hear High sounding and witty descriptions of noted persons and places As Well As Many instructive discussions of the a current a in to i.1 a a to if. A. And sacrificial system. When blow fell when the sacred edifice and Priesthood the beginning of thee and of the great session of narrow nationalism the conservative in the United states to 0�b%Day. Jhk i ii s a .r.?�? ? re a Dreezer of Nairas Aiau As atw>0 i it i universalism is the source of Ami ties i. S Aetna Taini May % for counsel to the plan of prove Devou tog flames when the l roman j heeding finally conquered the holy City and ghetto and disability that Prophet was rom Limni a a speaking and the people a a 1 a instructive such lectures they cannot wholly compel those benefits which society this Synod can be persuaded of Quot Kine and Tnp veome were i j. A u i a life insurance policy for himself could derive and ought to derive from Wing Ana the pc pm were apostles of such spewed f.ml1 ministry of the Synod personal conversation a a a a a a i remember yet not the for j Forth the air uni Yonous doctrines the is Fame by perform Afun enu Dence the Blessing and Prosperity which ours Here in America to become the instruments of salvation for our Brethren this is the latest chapter in the marvelous Story which began in dim Antiquity when in response to the driving Call Lech Lecho Meart Echo Abraham left his Birthplace and his fathers House to Joti Vifor the truth which had come took its people captive Asne Naa Ai _ in ready conquered the remainder a to of be it Spring Forth shall be not of All things had come for wan it the voice of god which now Forth their poisonous doctrine the infection grew by what it f class hatreds National hatreds ease of a person who lib a we a a a a 1. Lili no Walt a Mil indeed a new Shtok was a it Peurring x x As insured. A this Cut a a i hatred a Tow. Were 8"rred by role a a a be Lef a to Njo to in provldei1�, capable. A. A. Rightful Conia Gratton application of the Worda. Land i and a Birthplace and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a to Oei taming the old world burst revolutionary turn was being talker Forth in its frightful a Tot . Many see in this the ruin of All the Hopes thought this want is also attempted to be the current tendency in the people so f s2�s a we i a wet in Ray rom unto Many nations. Since then How frequently that tout see gods purposes As a Troia larger manner in this a a a Lff Jpe a Toat a ants of Abraham at critical periods to saw the Silver we to a their history Imbler and anon that i Cloud j the same bidding Beaston imperative and a mighty spirit rabbi Jochanan be Willy Ait of. It had ibo he flowed for to Kaki comforted his Pha sized As never before. Universalism and brotherhood. A note of weariness and hopelessness sounds Israel a Forth be ill the within our dispute the truth of Reli fashionable world to establish and Providence and the caution Botial clubs and literary so but when we see such truth ci8ti8s to is o proper safeguards against a a benefits May be Gaine a but Pap Unpi Rsie i seems Dawn of the new of free a to Quot have come around full Circle been unrecognized As a Fudg thousands and to is of thousands Safe against Absurdity is narrowness is really ant truth these societies any rights. Israel among the nations in the newer Day was to stau Porib element a sayings of Jesus so As to prohibit the universalism we protagonists m.1m a Troj command a pit Tough at the time Quot it scare a Ned. was it in the a colleagues nmn a Toto whose the Inyo to fast Quot our to mme Mtoto Rei i Giangr it Olto exercise of common sense. These lutherans have As Good reason for their consistency As any one was who Limpl times rigid literalism. The teaching in the number and in the competency of their membership. There is Little originality profundity in their literary work phattaln8 its Euto Ai i read before the til son club named after John til Sod Kentucky a first historian. The which was to proportion to the res Pipine population off ont Rielei amounting to no less than five per cent of our entire population it i also a. Humiliating fact that the enrolment of pupils in the higher schools is far less to proportion to the num i Befi of such pupils a other a countries a the i commissioner a report exhibits the startling facts that ninety four per cent attain ile secondary Grade and that Only one per cent receive a Superior education. This sad state of ill a is the More a my Iii Gitlin ce1 governmental and state provisions such a to f Aci Lidahl ply to aliment of a higher education i and to give the poorest Pupil a Chance to Avail himself of it g for higher education is Grater on in All Tbs states and to Many of task eve a a he Pupil a text books furnished at the expense of the Commonwealth. Reflection upon these reports might Lead to the thought that a the very great proportion enrolled tax the Mary schools might be owing to the Law of compulsory education Jerk a it not for the fact that to Many of Quot our states there is no such Law and the conclusion is inevitable that the very Small proportion of those pursuing a higher education in our pub is mainly do to a in i sentiment in its flavor. A most ,5? 1 altar Rael were to be received in full being held up to rim we a p i jeu90,j. Dim. Ltd jews in Redig. Tevini Lam i can Nelv a tip Vive by i impose a Ibie. 1 Nanuan Keri ser too precious to he made # organized in 1884. Is a historical Bio people hotly engaged to the of wealth seelogy pm sessions but few who Eter i toe prominent and abundance of a m Quot in can a Only strip graphical and literary association

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