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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - January 4, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioVolume 63.cincinnati, Ohio january 4, 191� number 27. The a jigs. / f with tears. That Are deadly Bright a Man said unto his anger a a my spirits Are fallen Low and i cannot carry this Battle 0 brother where might i go Quot the terrible Kings Are on me go with Spears that Are deadly Bright against me so from the Cradle do Fate and my lathers fight. Then said to the Man his Angel a thou wavering witless soul Back to the Cranks what matter to win or to lose the whole a was judged by the Little judges who Hearken not Well nor see not thus by the outer Issue the Wise shall interpret thee. Ipp Quot thy will is the Sovereign measure and Only event of things the Juniest heart defying were stronger than All these Kings. A though out of the past. They gather minds doubt and bodily pain and pallid thirst at the spirit that is Kin to the other Twain a and grief in a Cloud of banners and Ringl eted vain desires and vice with the spoils upon him of thee and thy beaten sires a a while Kings of eternal evil yet Darken the Hills about thy part is with broken Sabre to Rise on the last redoubt a to fear not sensible failure. Nor covet the game at All. But fighting fighting fighting die driven against the Louise Imogen Guiney. The proposed Congress a. By Gotthard Deutsch. Pliny is quoted As having said that there is no Book so poor that one cannot learn something from it. It was my experience during a Long trip to new York prolonged by a delay of four hours when from a sense of duty i read George Moore a novel a the Brook of either my time of novel Reading has passed or the Book is not Good it certainly bored me. But it contained one statement that appealed to me very much. The author makes one of his characters an enthusiastic believer in jewish nationalism defend the roman Rule by the suggestion that it saved Theja is from quarrelling among them selves. Our present generation is evidently still More individualistic is after All indicative of the various shades of religious Observance even in the orthodox Campi a the meeting which was called to order according to Good old jewish fashion More than half an hour after the appointed time by colonel Harry Cutler of Providence r. I., even in civilian clothes a military figure began As already mentioned with a prayer by rabbi Mendes. This in itself is an innovation. Old fashioned jews knew no other prayer except Cue found in the traditional Liturgy and recited at stated times. The opening words of colonel Cutler were strictly formal. He read the agreement Between the two factions and Callea for nominations for a temporary chairman. This was the first signal to show the existing differences which cannot be understood unless the move is prose Fitial historically. A bin the idea first took Root to utilise the Opportunity offered by the War for the removal of the mediaeval Resti actions imposed upon the russian jews there were two different opinions i s to tie methods to be employed. The american jewish committee considering itself representative of the whole jewish population of the country proposed to Deal with the question As part of its Agenda. From the fir t moments an opposition grew among the masses representing largely the russian element. The yiddish press which again represents two fail tion3, the one comprising the orthodox and the zionists while the other voices the sentiment of the Radical and nationalistic labor element objected to methods which were considered a repetition of the old court jew policy working through diplomatic channels a while the other element insisted on making the voice of the people heart a through a Congress. The opposition grew to considerable strength and As the american be Wisla committee refused to yield the other party called a preliminary convention in Philadelphia which held its sessions March 25 and 26. The impression created by this conference clearly showed the strength of the movement. Whatever individual ambition May have contributed to the sentiment is evidently insignificant compared with the feeling of the masses that the two latest experiences with the old fashioned Way at the Berlin Congress of 1878. And at the Portsmouth of 1905, were not encouraging. La 1878, we had indeed representative men than their ancestors were at the time i locating the jewish cause. There of Pontius Pilate. We have grave problems to solve in some respects Graver than those of 1800 years ago but we Are still quarrelling. The statement just made requires qualification. True the roman Rule was oppressive yet the jews in those Days could hardly be found today a jew of such prominent standing in Public life As was Adolphe Cremieux in 1878. He was senator of the French Republic had served twice As member of the highest Council of the government once As minister of Justice and it Sec suffered partly in common with other time As a Embiri the provision subject races of the roman Empire and partly because of their aspirations for Independence. Individually As members of the jewish nation or As people professing and practising a al government constituted in the hour of the severest National crisis in 1870. He had served in the French parliament for nearly forty years and had been for fifteen years president of the certain religion they seem to have a Dalliance israelite Quot thus possess no fared perfectly Well. Our problem is almost the opposite. Our enemies As did lately drum ont claim at least that they would have nothing against us were we to establish ourselves unequalled opportunities for knowing the sentiment on the jewish question in the highest government circles. Apparently he had achieved his object. In International Areopagus had either in Palestine or to and Quot other i a Mph sed upon Roumania formally it in palest be o in a y wag jmp0se j upon All Balkan states although Roumania presented the Only serious problem a the obligation of treating her jews of an equal footing with other subjects of the newly country As a nation for ourselves. This May prove it harsh indictment. Yet recognizing and As i Hope Able to present the historic importance of the gathering that took place in new York december 25, i Felt keenly the fact that a twelve hours session interrupted by a Brief recess was devoted not to the cause of our oppressed co religionists nor to the realization of the Long cherished dream of a permanent organization representing All sections of jewry but to a quarrel about the personalities to achieve this end. The gathering was a notable one. Its personnel was highly impressive. As there was no official list of the members present i must rely on my memory. The most notable feature was the representation of such divergent elements As Jacob h. Schiff created Sovereign state. Practically the achievement amounted to nothing for Roumania evaded the obligation by a trick. Russia had supported her in this policy even during the Congress and the other Powers did not use any serious Means to enforce compliance with this obligation. It was still worse with the experiences of 1905. Prominent american jews All of them men of the highest standing though none of the political influence of a Cremieux had an interview with Over by the nomination of or. Fried Enwald As vice president Frieden Wald although representing Toft old american element of German extraction had warmly advocated the Congress idea. He had even resigned from the american jewish committee to emphasize his opposition. This however was evidently not satisfactory As a Compromise to the other party. They demanded a Man As chairman who could be considered strictly Neutral and the Choice fell upon Adolph Kraus who during the entire controversy had used his influence to bring the two parties together. Hit name was placed in nomination by professor Horace m. Kallen the a Lenfant terrible for this aristocratic Section of american jewry. Kallen whose brilliancy As a scholar and a writer is undisputed stands for the National Conception of Judaism and has Only words of scorn for the religious interpretation of the jewish idea. One who looks at this handsome Young Man and listens to his Calm Way of speaking would never suspect him of revolutionary tendencies. The few words in which he gave his reasons far nominating or. Kraus showed no poll Mica spirit. The nomination was seconded by judge Hugo Pam of Chicago who was the presiding officer at the Philadelphia conference. An unusual procedure was adopted by the Rule that elections should be a Viva evidently each party desired to know its followers and neither party trusted its members so far As to allow vote by ballot. The election proved that the two factions were almost equally divided. The vote stood forty nine for Kraus and forty five for Marshall six a among who were the two candidates a refused to vote. The election further showed the curious fact that the most Radical element represented by the labor leaders voted for the aristocrat. The writer is compelled to admit that he is not enough of a politician to understand the motive of this surprising fact. It is Likely however that the opposition of the labor ele ment to the zionists was the decisive Factor. Or. Kraus acted As Chaitt fun with the calmness of it Man accustomed to handle an excited crowd although by Nai by Rith meetings Are As a Rule not every exciting. The most important matter resting with the chairman was the appointment of four committees which were to decide on the Date of the conference on the organization on the nomination of officers and on the a constructive Relief As the real Issue turned on the election of officers it is preferable not to follow the chronological order but to speak of the nomination is the last Issue. A a what should have been considered As the vital question was that of electing the members of the Congress. Professor Horwitz who As an experienced statistician was appointed chairman of this committee presented his report at the last moment about eleven of clock at night when everybody was tired. The report was even then a Mere draft and not in definite form. It is proposed that every jew who is affiliated with any jewish organization religious charitable or fraternal the latter including the labor organizations shall have a vote. The number of delegates was apportioned according to the estimates of the jewish population in the Large cities. In addition the population scattered Over the various states is also to elect representatives. Owing to the Lack of statistical material it will remain impossible to state whether he allotment is fair but it May be assumed that every Section will claim that it was not Given the proper representation. The project was in such vague shape that the convention referred it to the administrative Board with full Power to act. Morris Hill quit the labor Leader presented a report proposing that the Congress he substance. A we have already three agencies for the collection of War Relief funds none of which is Apt or can be compelled to surrender its funds and its machinery to the Congress. If you do not wish to establish a fourth Agency what do you propose to a of a his Vipul evidently made a great impression and the finally adopted Resolution to place the Relief As boys today might play school. They had succeeded in electing a Board of a eighteen men As Trutt tees a rabbi Neal College of three two Hazan m Sexton and a a Schul Kloppert and perhaps some More officers but one boy a typical Shl Emiel was left. It was impossible to find an office for him. He had to remain Iff it was a great achievement to unite work on the Agenda of the Congress men like Henry Morgenthau and Oscar was in effect a first class funeral. Of the. Debat Ellrose to fever heat when judge Alschuler presented the report of the majority of the nomination com on officers of the organization. Straus with typical aristocrats like judge Sulzberger who withdrew during the Early part of the proceedings with Gedaliah Bublik and Mordecai Katz of the a Sta Gelatt a and Schiesl both sections of the committee agreed Inger of the cloak makers Union but on a Board of thirty five members but the question of the president was one on which agreement could not be reached. Judge Alschuler As chairman of the majority of the committee proposed the name of or. Kraus while the minority of which or. Cyrus Sulzberger was the spokesman nominated or. Marshall. Or. Sulzberger had a very delicate task to Deal with in stating the reasons for the minority report. He evidently believed that the Best Way out of the it was a pity to see that a deliberation of twelve hours should have ended without even declaring a Pitt form of purpose and an outline of proposed action. A Meta Sah Der Grosse moment Ein Klein Geschlecht Typlt like exclaiming. Yet the personnel of the administrative Board gives Hope that the Congress will be an impressive demonstration of the determination of the jewish people that it will insist on obtaining for their Brethren in lands of persecution full Recagni difficulty was to say that the election Tion of their inalienable rights As Dpi of or. Kraus the chief executive of i Zens and demand them not As a gift a give Rise to a misinterpretation and cited the Case of Leo m. Frank in which the by Nai by Rith order was charged with maintaining a political machine to defeat the ends of Justice. In this connection he was guilty of a serious Faux Pas in naming governor Slayton As the persecutor of Frank which he later was forced to Correct. The impression intended was so As least it appeared a to antagonize the election of or. Kraus without saying anything against him personally but the impression received ? was that the president of the by Nai by Rith would discredit and imperil the whole movement. Rabbi Stephen s. Wise at once arose and with his deep voice which of kindness As recently a an English citizen of the jewish Faith has said but As a right which they have acquired As natives of their country. On this platform All May unite including those who believe with the englishman that they Are citizens of the United states of jewish persuasion As Are those who demand a jewish state in Palestine and group rights for the jewish people in other lands. In the menorah movement an official statement of its purposes. The menorah movement represented by Over fifty menorah societies in is doubly impressive when he uses american colleges and universities. The leading russian statesmen the t held not later than May first. On russian ambassador to Washington Baron Rosen and the then powerful count Witte. They were treated to the ill. Fin l Likay a me courteous phrases but there the the leading financier and men like ended two month later an Era of pogroms began which has also Schlesinger the labor Leader. There was on the one hand rabbi m. S. Margolies the representative of strictest orthodoxy and Stephen s. Wise the Leader of the most Radical element in american Judaism. We had Louis Marshall the noted Cor Lutoll no parallel in jewish history since the time of the crusades for even the Cossack rebellion of. 1648. While bloodier in its results was not a states action As according to a reports of the London this Point nobody seemed to have any desire to say plainly what was in the minds of those assembled. I interpret it As a feeling that if the Congress should be held before an International Congress would be ready to consider the settlement of the peace conditions it would be aft empty demonstration in my opinion at least such would be the Case. Yet various voices were heard protesting against what might it to express indignation shouted in the midst of enthusiastic applause a we jews do not hat to go outside of our fold to find our enemies. We Are supplying them ourselves a or. Kraus at this moment called or. Morgenthau to the chair and declared from the floor that a would decline the nomination if or. Marshall would do likewise. .11 or. Marshall agreed to do likewise and then or. Nathan Straus was nominated and unanimously elected. He proved an admirable chairman whose dry humor helped to tide Over numerous difficulties. One interesting practice of his was to declare after he had put a question a i have heard no noes. The motion is therefore but there arose a serious hitch Over another difficulty. The labor element complained that they had not been Given proper recognition by the four members who were elected into the administrative Board and although urged to name their demands they refused to do so. Those Fon the inside knew that it was not a ques Tion of the numbers but their determination to have Meyer London elected whom the zionists and the orthodox opposed. It seems that no one had the courage to name him until or. Magnes arose and with a calmness that was not disturbed by the most heated interruptions plainly stated the fact. It seems that the zionists who in former years idolized the Young graduate of the hebrew Union College who in spite of his Early training in Reform environment had jollies their cause Are mow antagonizing him. The Keh Illah whose a a spirytus Rector he is does a it seem to be very popular in the orthodox circles either and is charged with catering to the it is claimed that the local Relief committee in Warsaw is using its Power to discriminate against the zionist and nationalist element. Magnea had in his report declared that these charges were unfounded but the opponents who seem to have received such complaints Are unwilling to abide by the results of his investigation. Magnes however held Hia ground without betraying the slightest sign of excite ment and succeeded in gaining the attention of the Assembly in spite of the previous disorder. The objection to London he said was due to a remark that the. Latter had made in a Boston Assembly called to collect por Atlon lawyer and Rankin the tires life pogroms beginning october nere i 19q were Thig la a strictly has appear As indefinite postponement of Money for Relief in the War zone. He lawyer a for i the labor were two Brothers Straus a i topic Survey not based on any Par a in has ii a san prejudice. It May be True that the conditions would have been exact the whole idea. Finally or. Oscar Straus prevailed with a Clever Amend was certain London could give a satisfactory explanation. London in so Many ways As the first jew serv ing As american minister to a foreign country As member of the presidents Cabinet and As a nominee for governor of new York perhaps also the by the same had the interview Between count Witte and the american notables not taken place but it is an ment that the Congress should be called to speak declared from the held not later than May first unless Start that he had nothing to apologize the administrative Board by a vote of for and he brought the audience on two thirds of its members should de his Side by a Clever bit of he Moi Joe cide otherwise. Still More difficult was the task of or. Louis Marshall a re Rel. Nzin2n for disputable fact that All the niceties first jew honoured with nomination or that were passed at Portsmouth and said that he had his own style of talking and if he had not he would As chairman of the committee on con be As Dull As his opponents. At the held its annual convention this year at Minneapolis and St. Paul under the auspices of the University of Minnesota on december 26-29, 1916. This jewish student movement devoted to the a study and advancement of jewish culture and. Ideals a initiated by a handful of students at Harvard in 1906, has grown rapidly and spontaneously until now through its constituent societies in the leading universities of the country it is a recognized Force for intellectual and moral betterment la if Pali Quot in these momentous Days when the jews of America Are organizing their economic and spiritual resources to meet the obligations and responsibilities of leadership it appears important to give More than a passing consideration to the aspirations and achievements of the menorah movement. With the Advent of thousands of our members to the universities in the last two decades followed by the prominence of jewish students in the Fields of scholarship their Awakening to a sense of loyalty and appreciation of their it wish heritage has come a change of attitude from the old Raissez Faire position. The jewish students Are slowly but unmistakably shaking off the old Conception that the years of College life should be free and unperturbed of jewish thoughts and problems. They Are coming to the realization that their University training is incomplete and inadequate if it does not also give them an Outlook upon jewish life based upon a study of jewish ideals and problems. With the new order being established among our University students the men and women of the Community Are beginning to take a More Active interest in moulding the welfare and Progress of this student body destined to exert no Small influence upon Toa policies and development of american jewry. Of Aims and purposes of the Moi Orah i societies. The primary object of it mint fifth society is intellectual otitis cultural. It inspires men with a desire to study the history the literature the religion the problems and ideals of the jew. Working in entire Harmony with the Freedom and liberality of the american universities it brings too jewish historical and literary contribution out from the Musty shelves of semitic treasures and curios into the lecture room and study Halls. By the establishment of menorah prizes and study groups opportunities Are Given for Earnest intensive fruitful Endeavor in the Fields of jewish scholarship and thought. A menorah society is instrumental in producing jewish students with virile moral fiber through the process of self realization and reawakening it has done much to enlighten the general student body to a proper appreciation of the jew his contribution and ideals. Operating As a cultural Force an open forum it has been accorded a position of dignity and re pet. Its influence is Ever widening in the Field of jewish scholarship by encouraging and making possible at our leading universities the establishment of chairs and courses in hebrew learning. It the attitude of University Rad faculty authorities is notably illustrated in the cordial support Given by such leading educators As president Eliot of Harvard president Wheeler of California and president Hadley of Yale. The faculty members who have come into touch with the societies have noted the remarkable influence exerted by the menorah idea. The observation of prof. Edward c. Baldwin of the University of Illinois is but characteristic a even now i can see to the jewish students whom i meet a change of mental attitude from that which was common a few years age. The jewish student of to Day seems to me to have developed a racial self respect not aggressive nor blatant but rooted in a recognition that he belongs to a gifted race possessed of a splendid past. The jewish student now is commonly a Man proud of his heritage and sensible of his obligation to live in the Light of his racial ideals. 8uch a change of mental attitude i attribute in no Small degree to the influence of the menorah movement. The jewish Community too to beginning to feel the influence of the menorah societies. Whether in the Fields of jewish education social service or Community enterprises men a Rah graduates Are being actively enrolled while the undergraduates Are receiving that academic training in jewish lore and ideals which makes them Ideal candidates for these Fields of Pursuit. The menorah movement with a membership of 3,000 jewish most every hour and several members of the a Zion mules have been decorated two Poland in its fight for Freedom had the assistance of a Doughty f jewish regiment the record of whose exploits is still preserved in the archives of the dismembered kingdom. The american civil War provided its jewish heroes by the a thousand whilst today when a a preparedness to echoing across the Atlantic a j a regiment is in course of formation. 1 there is no reason Why the jew should not make a Good Soldier. The martial spirit is latent in every israelite and whether he comes from country House or factory from directors chair or tailors Bench it requires hut Little to bring his fighting spirit to the surface. It of psf. One of the happiest phases of the War has been the cementing of Good Fellowship Between the jewish and non jewish Soldier a state of affairs that is largely due to the fostering of the spirit of comradeship by the it. . Religious differences and misconceptions have been buried and appreciation of the jew has been aptly summed up by a wounded Highlander. A what a asked a voice in a West end crowd a what Are the jews doing at the front a came the reply a Why their duty of course a that Highlander spoke with the emphasis of one who really knew to a of a j of jottings of Fui Fiji a ? vase is a Auto the knights of Zion will hold their annual convention at Minneapolis december n to the Lodz school department established this year fifty nine polish schools thirty seven jewish As Many German and three moravian. In a recent interview in new York City gov. Simon Bamberger of Utah students with an Ever increasing body i that state As it offered them Greipp of University and non University men port unities. And women in the general Community associating themselves with the movement May confidently be expected to contribute in no Small measure to the Progress and advancement of the jew Billy sunday says. A i do not think Home life is More filled with love than that of the jew. No Man on the Earth loves the members of has family Mace in America. The jewish student Gen-1 than the he might have added Prat Jan amused and mindful of its a and his fellow Man a obligation and Opportunity will give a creditable account of itself. Jews in British history Touro infirmary of new Orleans one of the oldest jewish hospitals in the South is to have a building erect a a of gift frae clinic through there Are at least Twenty thousand i the generosity of j. K. Newman who jewish soldiers in the British army will defray the expense which will be though there is every reason for the something Over 360,000. Belief that this figure Falls Short of the actual total says a correspondent i the new York federation of Chariot the new Orleans Picayune. They i tits includes Only same of the Socie Are recruited from every conceivable ties of Manhattan Borough Brooklyn occupation and Are drawn from every has a separate federation of its own social Grade. And just a few Short whose new president or. Lazansky years ago the jewish chaplain to the Jug trying to bring about a Union with forces was telling is that available i Manhattan organization. Figures of jewish soldiers showed less than three Hundred were serving in the Arak fat Itji Fel the thought that lies uppermost in in its report of disbursements for the minds of people today is natural-1 a Ommie be does not make Good show by a what sort of Soldier does the jew make a a military representative in the East end of London once referred to the jewish recruit As a a the smartest thing in trousers a for the jew is nothing if not adaptable. The jew comes of it fighting Stock and it would seem that the centuries i disproportionate. Of his dispersion the weary years of wandering across the face of the Globe j a Utah society was recently formed have not dulled the Edge of his fight at a dinner recently i hotel ing instinct or lessened his Abhorrence Astor new York City at which gov of a might against it to but error elect Simon Bamberger was the ing. It expended for Relief work Rad the support of institutions in Palestine $7,583.54 for Transfer department expenses $2,500 for salaries travelling and office expenses propaganda advertising etc., $7,601.41, a percentage of expense that seems just a bit natural that a Man who traces his descent from an oppressed people should respond readily to a Call to Fig or Justice and for the rights of the Small nations. The Warrior instinct was not unrecognized by the late lord Kitchener. A few months before his death when visiting the canadians at Salisbury Plain the War ministers attention was drawn to a Little Canadian jewish boy of thirteen Reu Fri Ginsberg who had joined his father staff sergeant Ginsberg himself a Veteran of Many wars Iff toe Campaign. The Young Warrior had managed to Stow himself on the outward bound ship and was subsequently adopted As the regimental Mascot. At Ypres Reuben was wounded by shrapnel whist carrying dispatches. It is of interest to add that after lord Kitchener had Given the lad permission to go to the front he was heard to remark to his aide de Camp a a that a blood for you a a i than there is the Case of the Little ghetto boy myer Rosenbloom who suddenly disappeared from the jews guest of Honor. About 250 persons were present. Leon l. Waters presided and among the speakers were Edward Milton Royle the dramatist or. Stephen s. Wise of the free syn agog president j. T. Kingsbury of the University of Utah Leo Oppen Heimer and Isaac Russell of Salt Lake City a a v7 ? so j ski the gubernatorial office. Nathan Straus world famous As a philanthropist of unsurpassed generosity in spite of his passion Lor sport an aristocratic figure in his appear Washington did not prevent them. This Point was raised by the opponents to the plans of the american jewish committee. They maintained that the voice of the american jewish str calve Relief. The phrasing of the committees task As originally presented seems in itself objectionable. This original report spoke of the reconstruction of jewish communities. To me this phrasing is open to Seri might take for a i left representing approximately i Ous objection. One can understand member of the landed aristocracy of l mrn0n souls and possessing that the ultimate object is to furnish England while his brother might sit As a Model for a German landsat or . There was Simon Wolf the Veteran communal worker of the United states holding himself erect and speaking with a Clear Sonor. A Ous voice notwithstanding his four store years. There was Adolph Kraus weight in National elections in some Relief not merely to individuals but parts of the country could not be ignored by their own government and this government would be encouraged to communities. It might be much easier for individuals in the War stricken sections of Russia and Galicia in its desire to work for the cause of to which now Roumania no doubt will have to be added Mil on a Hka my the determination shown by the representatives of the Congress idea As again than for people who Are just beginning to manage to make a livelihood for themselves and their Fame same time he did give an explanation. He was charged with having said that jews should cease to Bluff about their past and to Prate about their future pm it was the latter part of the phrase which aroused the ire of the zionists. He had spoken in yiddish in which language the same words assume a different meaning but his main argument was that his words had been torn out of the context. He had appealed for the Relief of the War sufferers and had indeed said that jews that follows association with menorah i old and was found to have joined the ideals. The feeling of shame and con London Welsh. Myer had a month of ceal ment or even incongruity is sue soldiering and was claimed by his needed by the Manly recognition of father but within Twenty four hours the jewish heritage. There comes a was. Back in the army again. Six spirit of reverence for the ideals and months later this ghetto boy was achievements of the jewish past a fighting at Achi Baba standing on n True appreciation of the problems of Rampart of dead turks to take pot the present and a spirit of consecration to serve for the future of the jew. The spirit of class antagonism and snobbish Ness is often succeeded by a new attitude of Mutual under shots at the enemy. But Rosenbloom a father had been summoned by the school attendance officer for falling to Send myer to school and thus it came about that the War office discharged should apply themselves to the prob p00r jewish student the orthodox and lems of the present and cease talking the reformed. Standing Between the Rich and the the lad on account of the untrue statement As to his age. Still Bell Lane has labelled myer As a hero and head of the Only inter tonal jewish5emwed in Philadelphia a finally had fraternal organization with More than effect on their opponents. The lies to rebuild their destroyed Syna 40,000 members distributed Over continents with the quiet manners a Man accustomed to harmonize differences and on the other hand the latter agreed to the Congress idea and goes schools hospitals cemeteries promised co operation. This result i and other institutions. In East Prus largely due to the efforts of col. Harry rail a in Cutler who a russian by birth pos constantly excited leaders of the two Niu via in Aihoa a prs Arv pm main factions of the More recent in 8ia, this task has been taken in hand by the co religionists of Germany. In of their glorious past and their won a society exerts a Benell Kerful future. With the exception of cent influence 0f a patriotic nature the few wild zionists like or. De Haas and n. Sirkin the Leader of the a Poale Zion a the convention accepted this i explanation As satisfactory and judge not without Good reason. Another ghetto school Berners i. My. I i Mili i Street e., claims sergeant Issy Smith adjustment a is a amen a at a Quot Hist. O course list or jew our esteemed contemporary the Baltimore jewish comment is once More on Safe ground after having plumbed the Depths of a financial quagmire. At present it has smooth sailing As on a summer sea being conducted by nine distinguished rabbis a Beautiful portrait of one of whom each in turn has been the ornament of the front cover of comment for some weeks past. Last week hawed i. Fly front cover of comment burst into Refulgente radiance and presented the portraits of the whole nine editorial not baseball each showing a dignified yet Grace up pose of the body and an impressive highly intellectual expression illuminating the countenance and altogether presenting a Galaxy of rabbinical Pulcher etude that cannot but Delight the hearts of the daughters of Israel who have the Good Fortune to be ble to gaze upon it even though the subjects of the pretty portraits Are All Bend ducts. The managing editor of comment has certainly Given its readers a treat and it is to be hoped that this Beautiful Galaxy of rabbinical portraits will continue to Demaght their eyes each week and that he will not allow them to be deprived of this innocent pleasure by the protests which the shrinking modesty of the distinguished nine will undoubtedly Call Forth. Map ii s. A so a adjustment jewish loyalties by inculcating in them a Strong Devotion to the Ethi migrant element hailing from the East of Europe the zionists of the yiddish press at one hand and the Radical labor element with its cosmopolitan tendencies at the other. As it would be impossible to mention names without regrettable omissions w. A a i shall Stop Here pointing to but tentative of the jewish people of am senses the qualities necessary for Russia and Galicia this evidently will bringing about Harmony was that Sev be impossible. On the other hand Enty representatives of each of the of it May be expected that the russian posing parties were to Convene and to Pale will disappear and the galician jews having meantime been Able to establish themselves in the various work out a plan for the convocation of Ai Toh Congress. The main question was How to elect parts of Austria to a which they had one Small but characteristic feature. There were besides rabbi Margolies two orthodox rabbis present Loewen Thal from Philadelphia and Ashinsky from Pittsburgh. The two latter were bareheaded while rabbi Margolies bad his head covered with the indispensable Skull Cap. Or. H. Pereira Mendes covered his head while he delivered the opening prayer. This Small incident insignificant As it mor Appeal Erica. The breach was not healed. The convention while supposed to be been transferred by their government will not return to tools original Home. Even the Transfer of the tanneries Woolen Mills and shoe factories of to a unit was still a federation of two land Rad a Lithuania to Tulsa Perm or distinct elements. This fact became Astrachan will make it impossible for apparent when nominations for the their jewish workmen to j return to cited. Federal judge Julian Mack who As a zionist was supposed to possess the sympathies of the other party placed Louis Marshall in Notra the deserted places. Will it be Wise or possible to rebuild the Synagog and the Beth Hami Drash of Baltri Manz now completely destroyed or. Marshall handled his subject with both Tion the opposition was won i frankness and clearness. He said in Sanders London a opponent in the contest for a seat in the Congress of i foundation of our american demo ish soldiers who have been decorated for gallantry is decidedly Large. In Russia particularly the fighting jew the United states placed or. London racy Jug preparing them for service in nomination. This necessitated an t0 the state find t0 their fellow jews. Addition of Twenty members to the and our multiplying communal problems ministrative Board for behind the scenes someone must have complained 9a1, i has acquitted himself with suck distinction that hundreds have been decorated on the Field of Battle. Quito apart from isolated instances of jewish grit and gallantry we have upholds sunday dancing. That the rabbis had not been Given or new generation who will com due recognition and the names of a b no an understanding of the deep in Tion with a warm Devotion to the tradition and ideals of their jewish heritage. Our increasing measure of re Ponsi the record of the Zinn mule transport ability Calls for servant and aders 0rps. The first British jewish uniting rabbis Margolies and Loewenthal on the orthodox and Hirsch and Schul Man on the Reform Side had been previously proposed. Thus finally Flag history. Composed of some 700 refugees who had fled from the fury of Tjie Turk in Palestine to the Protection of Britain in Egypt the corps or actively and actually after toe Elev j Nora Socle Tiea Are serving. Mui 4 m Lyrl Quot Iwaya trained in the amazingly Short this double function the me n .1 a to Tkv a nmn tra Nano tenth hour the election of the administrative Board was completed. The contest out of which a body of results of menorah activity. The menorah society functions As a 55 was chosen to act As executive of University Agency. It has been a Salan organization comprising 140, re-1 Lutary Force in its to operatic minded me of a ghetto experience. The boys of our town paed a Kahal a University authorities for the general promotion of jewish student welfare period of three weeks for the arduous work of delivering supplies in Gall poll. Their commander Lieut. Col. Patterson has told the graphic store of the a Zion mules a and has narrated the coolness under withering fire of men who had never handled a gue. Acts of gallantry were recorded al a this is new York and not hoho Kus a said magistrate Murphy in the West Side court new York City when seven detectives of inspector Dalys staff applied for warrants for the arrest of actor and actresses charged with dancing in the Palace theatre and the Winter Garden on sunday. V a what harm is there in a Little dancing a the magistrate asked a the women Wear abbreviated costumes which Are Varico lored Side the calve Turk replied. V a that is nothing new a the magistrate said. A i can take you out on Broadway now and show you women with dresses Aois a to their Knees and dressed in All the color of i the tax with these remarks the waved toe detectives Amie. Ill court

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