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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - February 15, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioLethe Peffly . A j a v to i a f i f a re Quot to it ave a. .f7 % a r a s. A of -v1 a r a it a a. It to -�?��T�.-? a a y. A it a volume 68. Cincinnati. Februarys15, 1917. Number 533 the two armies. Life a unending column pours marshalled hosts Are seen two armies on the trampled shores i that death flows Black Between g / be marches to the Jar by to a we w the wide mouthed Clarion a Bray and bears i Fps Flinson scroll a a your Stef m s1&Quot Oto moves in silence by the Stream with sad it watchful eyes a Calm As the patient planets gleam that walks the clouded skies. Along its front no sabres Shine. No Bloom sons wave a. La a Banner bears the single line a your duty is to for those the sculptors Laureles bust the builders Marble piles $ the anthems pealing Over their dust through Long Cathedral aisles. For these ithe Blossom sprinkled Tail that floods the lonely Graves when Spring we Jyh her sea Green a surf to. A. In flowery foaming Waves. Two upward of below. And a gels ii al above who count al Mph burning life drops each falling tear of love. Though from a the heroes bleeding breast a her pulses Freedom Drew though a who lilies Jfe her crop sprang from that Scarlet Dew while Valot Leaughty champions wait till All their Seal Are show Jug love Titi Gate to sit beside the throne a Oliver Wendell Holmes. American jewish Congress manner hallowed by ancient tradition people millenniums aloft and if the teaching and see our Way to finer a the flite fcb funds to hard to priest for his children then something is wrong which must be studied and remedied. Many of us who do not care to observe the dietary Laws of the passover in ail their details can still have the seder and can eat mat Zoth throughout the week As symbols which the child will appreciate and understand. In fact All the feasts in a jewish religious school we will that while the Congress is called for escape the discouragement of the the express purple of determining methods a whereby in co operation with the jews of the world full rights May be secured for the jews of All lands it shall be understood that the phrase a full rights mean that Federal judge Mack advocates pro a wherever thftfw�8 of All lands posed american jewish Congress a or May a &Quot>&Quot<�1 a harm Max senior Cincinnati civic at i Ucb the inferring upon u.-.,.-5- s. The jewish people of the land authority opposes its creation. Felted of like rights if desired by them.�?�. This phrasing called Forth religion zing the Home by rabbi Lee j. Levinger a Adit of 5-Yj perhaps the most common feeling of any teacher is discouragement. Failure is so painfully obvious Success does not always show at once and a Hundred per cent Success is impossible even at the Best. Besides we Are so full of ambitions and ideals that every teacher in Public private or religious school is planning for bigger things above the Success she has already won. And with the March of thought and the experiments in education such work As that of Dewey Wirt and Montessori to mention Only a few Nai is Ltd a add of vision is enlarging year by year and we Are see my w a a a a a Quot a Vns a us we a have some symbols for the Home. Can american be bras Gres. In a Clear we not use fruits on Succoth Flowers and forceful address before the open on shavuot and games and jollity on for uni of the Wise and Rockdale Cen u a a a Julum w. Mack advocated an j fighting spirit a amp of both sides. Judge Mack referred facetiously to the fact that in Cincinnati 1 we have been but that in Poland nobody them before it is too late and will put staggers May be removed. 8 As a poles of the .1 i they were just a Stop to scheme before set Iasi a a be brought a Lack into our Denre which crowded the auditorium �.1 Homes at least for the solemn Andu Wincn Crow Aea the auditorium mosaic Wen a a or it be of Len to of 2. A. The s>�ke8mea jews and they formed a compact mass pie participated in the open discus formal voice and expression to such the most exposed in time of War with a program. Yet this is the purpose Germany and the Battles across to expressed in the Call for the Congress ruined Homes and separate moreover i venture to say that the de families and caused More terrific men who have heretofore been f in Piff Cring to the civilian % population trusted with leadership i whom you than any other land where the Thun and i have always been glad to Fol de bolts of War have struck. Low in the past and will be glad to follow in the $ future can a do vastly More for the jews in the lands where they Are oppressed than any com Are Given next month it will mean a most cataclysmic change in Russia Uch an event seems almost outside Mittee which May he appointed by of the Range of Hope a a Gam a Uch a Congress As a promoters to plan. I Hope that the jewish people of this country will awake to a real Vilna jew so of f up German Little a 8ett� �?�5�?oltha# Russia. A i Man whose identity cannot for obvious reasons be Wilmari Ilyf has s in to the new account of conditions a Vilna i russian Poland evacuation of a he City by the russian army and its occupation by the Romp a psf report or left Mph let november. To hts to to tto a. Efforts of american that a few of the galling restrictions jewish Relief % committee a and after which confronts 1 under which the russian jew now j Many it difficulties i he % succeeded in reaching this country. Oft the situation Inith a to ii in Finis re Happy Celebration of Friday night. For a number of the great National the Little volume a prayers for Pri jewish organizations directly interest vate by the Cen led a a up Call which has been issued trial conference of american rabbis for the of tag Congress my contains Beautiful ceremonies for All these men and women were Many who these occasions. But the one service differed from the speaker and the Wuh a a gain group rights and Privi i6g6s. What the co the damage it May do is Sian jews the Burden of official of p6rt referring More particularly to the a number a Ron Linen peo pression still remain. The and jews of the polish City ipas follows Sion and the majority or those who ago that they could Ake the Law i gsig1?11 two weeks after entry of the germans and has be proposed was movement. Spoke seemed to favor Typl a hebrew than they could come More and More frequent until the russian peasant he canse Zaat summer almost All the Able bodied. A a m m to. A a d a al Quot a Quot a Quot wherever the new twi pact masses _ judge Mack in i reply to or. The presumption is always against the to formed distinct jewish Tinct in nationality i in so ups senior stated that he agreed with him hebrew. Played on some sort of auxiliary labor which i like Best in it is the Kiddush for Friday night that Brief and touch ,1,------- but a ing prayer with i simplicity which the United jewish charities of Cin similar masses in the same country. 4s the highest eloquence. The child Cannati and for Many years a my a bar no country j8iaacle stated in opinion of this group was vigorously language they wet to be Aco. Voiced by Max sense president of the same rights and privileges. M a a a a a m a. M a. N a m a a a a # m believing that the leaders among i before russian a sub est have Iho i a a the jewish people had Given Distin Opportunity to enjoy life the russian Abell shed a a disinterested service been at work have been compelled h Joys real Liberty where the minority use of the jewish people tout he extraordinary privileges and the bus believe that bpm pfc educated out of labor in some Way against the rus dictatorship. The great difficulty in their deep seated antagonism to any Bian armies. To work was that and every hebrew among them. Y Jimh Ihms Russia May be on the verge of an a be instead of the ethnic situation in Vilna is complicated nearly half the population is who sees the Sabbath ushered in eve of the american jewish committee �2�ek���h a Jef National jewish Confer is compelled to Quot give up its language a much candles and hears the father read ence of charities and correction. It., Rel Trion and Ltd Fen atom a and a the Kiddush and sees the family judge Hack tracing the made to conform absolutely to the will helping them spend the evening at worship or qui origin and ainu of the Congress. The of the majority. All week fundamental objects of the originators a final limitation concerns the fall tended to help the jewish Mas pleasures of the card table or the Pic of the Congress movement were to ing of the Congress. After Many much As to help them to help them Are to be awarded their liberties the i Gas Silis Ture show cannot fail to learn a Les gather the jews of America together hours of debate it Fras agreed that selves. They can Only be made self change in Russia must be Complete. D i son of piety. Such a child will know in a representative body chosen in a Mumm a so Awakening which Shau Benefit All bus-1 jewi8h and there is a str Ngy Thuan the Congress movement whatnot the a to my mama mme a is Wmk my Lyham so 8ians, no matter what their present Ian element. A from the beginning the conditions but if the russian jews germans tried the make the most of the National jewish of what the Sabbath Means when it is democratic method for an expression such should be entitled taught him in the religious school of thought and View and for the form to on to the extent a a a a a a ablation of action to better the civic cell of All of the Hist while his neighbor who knows nothing of All this will Leah the words but will nof%ra8p their meaning. But this religious spirit of the jewish Home does not limit itself to a Day or a prayer. It permeates the Home life. It comes in a word of Grace at meals stopping even the always hungry youngster while god is thanked As the giver of Good things. It throbs through a Brief Prayjr it night and morning. The same spirit which blesses the children through the Mouth of the father on Sabbath eve goes with them Day by Day and task by task. For beside the ceremonies there Are other elements too. We have jewish pictures and books in our religious schools we can have jewish pictures and books also in our Homes. Pad i do not mean Bible pictures and Bible stories either. Judaism has not stopped with the Bible. We have jewish artists today whose plot res rank with the Best of contemporary word and who express the misery the Long organizations As reliant and self governing by i Flag its. to represent them the experience and Opportunity. Racial oppression. Uncle Dudley Twenty five per we had no right merely because we delegates to the were More intelligent More Able and against each other. Lip hey has few ton Are dire Ful Tafea of rage hot supported theories and held latest Froni Russia social religious and political Condi-1 Congreve the remaining seventy five tons of the jews in those countries per cent to be my upon a demo thing to impose our will upon the a t to it recent it to a no in a la la cratic basis. To this election shall less. Intel Gleat Lew my up the Promise of a polish kingdom to rally the nationalist forces to is but the for autonomy were also encouraged and when occasionally bitter quarrel broke out thu almost de to Foo where they were unjustly j Dis Crimin. Ated against. The voice of individuals be held has not yet been determine wealthy. After All we could not feel might not be listened to by the peace de. However it is practically cer we did not have the same emotion conference which must meet at the Tain that delegates will be alleged to and the same understanding As those conclusion of the War but such a con various communities upon the basis whose own Brothers and Sisters a. A a Ference would be More Likely to listen 0f their jewish population and every there and mothers near Onee and zest to Hill in the Duma Deputy to the unanimous voice of the jews jew who is affiliated with any jewish dear ones were in the War zone. The Kerensky in the course of his speech jew pro russians return. Paper translated and issued by the i but Haunost Iea to mood american jewish top a Fotion Alitine during the debate on the Rural i and i declare. A this is our a a i work. Of America and perhaps of the world j organization of a a by kind will been j speaker agreed that if speaking through their own chosen representatives. The word a com titled to cast one vote. There will be was intended for action the Small jews in Russia. He said in part Gresso had been the subject of Conten probably be accorded an equal ballot Tion because it carried a political con with the men. An Effort is also being no plurality voting. The women will autocratic committee would probably it is the jews who have suffered most from the germ an Poco Stidl to slaving the Pem urte 0. A. Alao a re cratic body of tour bundred. It it toe 10 a a 101117 Iff notation. However it was not an in made to work out some Means of pro the Congress was not intended to for the fir8,t time in the zest to Bill Jewa and that which we toss a in a to a a natural Choice As the biennial gather portion al representation so that the act. The Congress was intended tip ice used rom the zem at the hands of the germans a he said. Ings of the zionists were called a icon minority As Well As the majority will give expression. It was to be a great Stevo until the general revision of the a the German authorities subject us representation in the Congress voice appealing to the humanity of question of jewish rights. Where t0 constant i auditions a toe German such was the agreement such was the world. The stronger the louder then is your promised Entrance upon �1- 1 a it. L Aii la a if the history of the Congress move ment proved that it was impossible the Constitution and such was us to secure until and singleness of aim Call for the american jewish con the clearer the More Una Minous the the Road of gradual abolition of a soldiers strike and beat our people on the streets. When _ ,. B voice the More certain it would a be through ithe % austrian lines a in tithe among widely divergent elements. The Gresa which will probably be held in that it would reach the ears of those when introducing the Bill abolishing Bouth in june find there was for a b a Washingtont during the month of May with Power to Grant the demand for a a an 5e .i�3. _8 Hgt in time apparent readiness on the speaker explained that he was Abl to speak impartially because he was in unless the Presentia International Situ j full rights to the jews. Beyond a Fen the finest of our work tag the Beauty the Faith of the be. To do Hgt together discouragement for we have is wig Velista Mil play the present and Hope for the future Wrights Zangwill at their head and seems the natural and proper Emo we have also jewish stories for cell tons for the educator. One great Rea Drens Ltd a much son for this is the Small time in which better than the Elsie books or the boy the child is under the influence of the scout series but they Are All at least school and the overwhelming per As goofy and some of to pm a Are very Oen Tage of different and often oppose Fine indeed. m of ing influences. There Are 168 hours them Are Public Auml cheaply Ehigh in the week of Wiloh at least 100 Are to give As prizes or gifts in Sabb Seth Loo Tiit till both of the fighting Camps. The Prin-1 action should we a compre alter Opal Rock upon which the contending parties split was whether there should action or abandonment of present plans. To remain Only to interest the jew in Russia be a gathering which might be likened the jewish population of a Era to a constitutional convention tree to a whole in ithe Congress discuss All matters and hampered by that every one participates and lends Boston morning Globe Russia must have hit the trial. No Bow or Etc of div should be a Congress restricted by constitutional limitations. One group which was represented by the zionist committee favored the in lumped convention and Felt that they could not consent to enter into a Congress u his backing to the movement by Vot dispatch from there declares that the the peasants to whom the jewish Refu ing for delegates. In conclusion the jews Are probably to be granted com speaker urged a a even if the con plete Liberty in Russia before the mid a a a a a a a. A a vvkv�4mvki� a part of the Gerr ans a wbk City at a moments Bis directed a their Pray for the speedy return it of in occupation while Long lines of a Man artillery were passing Tom ugh entering upon the Road a you gentle a i men i Are practising demagogy a and gees All or Iet to a ind a �9��?T. The 1 streets a Shell a jolted out of a get those jews very Hapit amp Toly Caisson and exploded a in the Street. School where we have Large numbers i ie8s it should afford a free opportune the child in under the influence of the 1 to provide for but they Are easily j Ity for the expression of Zioni Stic Public school for 25 the religious i within reach of the Home where a. Aims As the a sine qua non of the Pri school for two at most and for 73 is Dollar for a sled or game is not at All Mary purpose of securing civil and in a by the Home the Street unusual. Now of course i have not religious Liberty for the jews. Of and the picture show and for a fourth exhausted the Field but have Given a posed to this group were the non it the al Hufh secular and religious Only suggestions to which most of Yon zionist German reformed jews who saw it nos a Many items. I Hope How were represented toy the american fled entirely ther competitors Ever that i have brought out the main jewish committee and who believed to find Niv inf a la Nate that idea by these illustrations showing that in such an event the discussion now it is certainly a Nfn a Tara of at to a Judaism can be kept and Cher of the Congress would almost solely the Home Chi never he considered amp i. A t u Norrina in tvs a 1 an i when ii ii round zionism competitor of the school. If the child i laced to the jewish Homes to the and wholly a enter around zionism. Pleasure of the adults and for the i still a third element came into the Benefit of the a Hildren. Field. The jewish workingmen who now How can All this be done a constitute a vast body in the East. Tnp a paper in a convention of religious and in Chicago and in several other process of making a certain Type of p p. T bring us very cities and who Are organized into civilized Man or woman out of the i achool"�ac�r8 May re Trade Union both locally and nation is to get any education worthy of the name the two it be merely different parts of the same process the Little Savage whom we Call a child. And this 1b particularly True of Reli in which we Are especially interested. The real jew in jewish Homes of their own. And ser member the present discussion when ally and now asserted for the first they marry and see that they have time their interest in jewish affairs hit Well As in Trade Union affairs Mons in Temple help Only a Little within their ranks the conflict heed inca8jewtehhhomi we rate of More because they Are not personal tween zionism and anti zionism broke the Beauty of jewish Home life the As a Rule and the people most in Forth but the socialist non zionist Devotion of parents and children the need of them Are not there to receive non hiting than oms a when Fidelity of Brothers and Sisters the the lesson. Talks and discussions in curious condition then arose when Eress be but a voice band noting More dle of february. If action follows there is no Trace of any racial has crowds 0f the in Pul a Tion were lining tos to x All to announcement about 6,000.000 of Tell Ltd. At the Momm of the world the curb watch Liz the or orc. Of the jews and the least of our duties to a a a a set Effie a our Brethren in the War stricken Conn a Vid Vorih beat conflagration when you Are Phyocritic-1 invading army. A he a jew so bar ally declaring to the whole world that fragments of the Shell a a you Are fighting for the rights of tries is to participate in making this rep and truly effective in accomplishing i Date personal Liberty jts Noble purpose bi�.-. His xxi a Nicoiu Cutai Uia Piui nuo Oitt Una Viu Cue a a aug Lvi m. Tor those who App re Small nations for the Freedom and the Oto her burst into tears whereupon a even when right of nationalities Bau ie8t-n5 there 1� no War the press in not free without distinction Yon Are attempt never have happened under the the chairman Robert s. Marx then i speech in limited to sentiments a threw the meeting open for general russians for they had no shells. Can s afford of Lff drop g them i in the discussion. Y Max senior the Well-1 where and Siberia is always a Hor known sociological authority imme Rible possibility. The details of Pri Diatel took the floor and in an sex Yate life Are subjects to bureaucratic a optionally Able and vigorous manner a control. Asking questions is quite out stated his entire disagreement with of the question As an american Wom judge Mack. Or. Senior began by an was told after she had inquired disclaiming All connection with the where a group of prisoners were Congress. He said a al repudiate the a a tag. A terrified Friend whispered Congre a in Advance and All that it to her a if you ask questions in rus May do. It does not represent no 8ia you will be sent to b nor american jewry and cannot be a political in trustworthiness is a made representative. The of Cialle of crime As is withdrawal fro Botthe Congress Compromise and holy orthodox Church or loss of a the Call for the Congress in equally passport. The Ordinary inhabitants farcical. I am tired of having every of Russia have Little enough Liberty. Proved by the police spies Are every-1 but also All Suaste Public Opinto j movement for the alleviation of the the unfortunate jews have less. Jews in America and in Europe made the jews must live in specified Dis. A a the a fifth wheel of the Chariot of Zion tricks. Only the wealthy among them g p won but a Small majority. A item. The american jewish committee can afford to live outside of the a Pale Quot should have had More courage and i As a jewish District is called. A. A a Chinnia Vipin More As the i this group constituting the most Radi-1 should have stood for their convict traditions which owe their being to sisterhood should help More As a a a a a a a. A a the Home and All of that is Beautiful and part of it is True. The jewish Home was the bulwark the inspiration the Solace of the jewish people in the past and it was All this and More because of the jewish spirit the jewish Observance the jewish teaching of which it was so full. But one cannot indulge in the same Prate is of Theja wish Home in which a Christmas tree is the chief Means of celebrating the feast of lights of thanking god for the miraculous deliverance of our people and the saying of True religion for the world through the work of the heroic Mac ing chiefly where menorah is give nil licence to grow. We can work Enas a Christmas present is not at the influence to Gro itt j 1�t&Quot a value of such jewish atmosphere in Cal element practically joined hands the jewish Home is brought directly with the american committee repro tons instead of permitting themselves to be bulldozed by the radicals and the zionists. The time has come when the jews who have been Here . The longest and who have Given the a a be a11 a most in time in Energy in ability no Ress with constitutional a amp Rita j and in la Oney should assert their right argued to the Mother and Home maker. Most setting the most conservative ele 6f All we can work the Tough the Chil ment bpm Bhaji his Dren. I know that two religious schools finally an agreement was reached in this state give or sell hanukah candles and menorahs and teach the children How to use them and in Many a Lons was decided upon. The first to cases the parents soon grow As inter limitation agreed upon provides that that while it was Veary easy to contested As the children. A seder for there shall be no theoretical discus Dean oligarchy with a rhetorical the children of the religious school is Sion or endorsement of any a general flourish there had been no despotism a substitute for the a family feast theory or philosophy of jewish life in the affairs of am rican Tercel. On though not a perfect one and May or any theoretical discussion of a a the contrary the leaders in religious Lead to real the seder Ltd the Home tonal political economical or Relig life in social and Industrial Reform Verv soon. Confirmations making of Lous character a this excludes from in charitable and philosophical work shavuot a family fest at least consideration or discussion any theory him been men of great a Ell gence an n Raou memorial was s where there Are confirm ants and we concerning Judaism orthodoxy re and of great Benevolence who had president Harrison bearing the in the eyes of Europe and of the pubic opinion a of the War Rel a gentlemen a who stand for defeat be he beco no cause you furnish a new argument to Center of re Rny traditions and those who say that the words about was deet by venere by the whole National Justice on the lips Totte comm unique allies Are hypocrisy and falsehood aum my pm my a Tate it because among them is Russia who 1? pasture ammo the Graves. To continues and aggravates her Chis s?8sians had Law avg respected it. Treatment and hounding of National to Ereg was a Parish old men a too vol . December 9-22. La towage no Crafer of a pet in connection with the Transfer of a Oil the of whle to a of or tart to the Warsaw veterinary Institute to Man Iee a a novo Cherkass the question arose As ?efetf0fdm-the and --.a, to students i the reduced nourishment begins to that City. A Thel Latersa veterinary Institute on the old men and. The eath rate Tett pm a to teen a a Toen Quot this act the totter matric Lauon of Stu. Happened the leaders of t0e is dents matriculated also jews in a Community begged the German. Com co dance with the established Perot Tage Norm. The local authorities How mandant to Ilief a somewhat larger portion of Brea ii the Home. A a what or a re a Ala a mud a Ewe Stu Riss so his to the Nostoc old a Iffla do the question of the right of jewish sol Potey no to see tog pts to tip jews a a a a a a order to do so a jew must pay a Large extra tax to the government. The schools in Russia Are not open to jews to the extent to which they. Are available to other russians. Agri j culture is closed to them. They Are subjected to All kinds of restrictions which Are sprung upon them by police officials. The code of regulations is Complex at Best and is made More instrumental for oppression by the fact that officials Are Able to make secret audit keep to if .1.1.1 in 1891 the situation of the jews 1 my. _ g in Russia was so much worse than Council of la in step decided that us a a Vav Usu 1 Zuj Xvi Jpn even of the russians themselves that the students of the Warsaw veterinary of a Fri or to Urt Ostow v Laid v o students to live in that City was con-1 ave pm Cipal bases the be Side red by the Council of Minisse a. Sjef that they Are acting As spies m Imin Teter of Public education count pus rians and the Tena Tiev remarked that there was no that a of to of to Tom Teoff round for prohibiting the jewish Stu Money wac i they dents at the Warsaw veterinary in a a a. Fre statute to reside in novo Cherkass. Of outside of Vilna. At the Ter the opinions of the three Depa al end of test summer being add bps a. A a a were award. The of of a tags Tel Tes dded i Day when yom kippur arrived 200 per opt to Institute who Are at present attend an enormous memorial was no a Institute have the right to re aide in novo Cherkass As Long As they contributed tremendous gifts of Talent of representative citizens of this coun a go up Toney a the most unselfish try asking that As Russia seemed 1 Are matriculated there. But in the spirit. Furthermore Kvork had determined to expel the jews a up and self sacrificing Tine be restored to them by inter All the jewish Home for which we Are through the children that by their in mane Bod been efficient to Gnu. Universally honoured even among our Tei rests and the alb da�8 f1 b exit tence together with any commit these men were amply Able and com-1 National agreement. A it. Bitterest enemies. If the jewish Home Home May again be Beautiful Wuh the free which h May create at the sex. Patent t0 Lead in the future As they a Large part of the present zionist temporarily. Is to preserve its Beauty it must Eon a beaten by the German soldiers bib Vena s future As Long As the Institute will 8v<mn$/sk�pi8f 100,000 Marks a be in novo Cherkass the admission ip3011 from. American co religionists my jewish students must be flite it by a by a by blk by Sabbath Light of Faith the festival adornments of loyalty and Devotion. Tine to be jewish. If the familiar Virtues of the family Circle Are to be him Hubi and once Bibb a Hwy bbl in a generation of jews they must be Back to the jewish Home kept in connection with the religious influences which made them Strong v t a v Amu a vow v a v/4te i 1/v ave a v a a Iff a ration of one year after the adoption had in the past. There was no reason movement throughout the world is due 1 this according to a the year Eisaya Zhzn. Dec. Lill slur i informant is seized f. By i the a Imoni German commandant. ? the rest is al Back to Judaism and that Quot Means. Gj��1 a Ttripi a a a Quot ma5r be a a the con me ume. In Era to amt v. Takt to the a Riga has been a cd the jews Tuv food. But were Manv reasons Why those who hebrew population of the Earth is in published an order which fits a Bey to buy it from Thegen a a Shiv Many i j y _ r f a charge of 1 he whole food Pruim Uius Vuk i of any treaty of peace by which the to change leaders at the time. There i to the fact that almost half of the the great movement of h y i a recent european War May be con were Many reasons Why Tho a y a Ikhi via for �1mi Gmack explained that had a Fislid to Stet who have prov Rue a and re Alaj. Considered i Supply and an example of the Price. De their ervice in times of strife and loss As far As the jews Are concerned. In times of peace should be retained a jew who has become a citizen stores must be open in a Corixa the Ted by the re Libil that a Salt _ Lilily s��ilgg-ia<i.j�6bkg a a by a ring f �hli>1i Immy a Mil by pack in we Jewit a the Tea he had at Viseth reconciliation upon take Omot a Ohio q Point b6c&u&6 il0 Folt that if the Uon-1 in times of Deace Sulu in be re Ucucu w us too Ltd Wius us a .7. Synagog and Temple Are not observed Gress should demonstrate that because at this great crisis. This was no time of another country May not return the the above instr Lons with la a Quot a and Lovely in the Days past. The re even there As they might a to keep go democracy it was More repro to Experiment. Th�v5ngress move and travel in Russia on a passport a a 1 a a ment was nothing More than amp Clever from tote adopted country Becinte _ of this or. Tafts administration re-1 permitted not to keep open on Satur Gigious spirit which made the Homie How Guelf in a j a Tiess ily virtue and Devotion and religious them holy As or fathers did they Mem noisy a a ukr Sui a us a j tentative than any other Woody its own. Warts must Agate a vips the iome where strength won he renew it and Perpet mime upon the part of fused to renew the treaty with rus dwells the jewish Heam we a St t a in the other hand if it did cals the zionists and the recently fused to renew me Ireacy _ a t. A a exception of those which sell meat pm act 8 now priced at products and prayer books which Are m to a about forty cents. A a m Mew put dece Mtoto App a St ser military authorities have Observance and teaching. It would be save our heritage through the Teseh not More useful than the exist-1 filed a migrant intake into their Sia u i granted permission to 4000 jews sex Idle for us to expect one to live with. Ing of the Schoefl that the Jay fifth j eng organizations it would naturally owe hand the dare option of jewish state still declines to make a new j a Taoy. . Out the other. Because the jews Are subjected to next generation May be aware of what a a Elfear prof. Lente Toach told us his people stood for Mai past of limitation eve a third a a in his engaging Way of the Many cer the glorious heritage of the Bible of�ss9@ol&� ? Congress a wich men As judge Mack Jacob h. Attitude of the russian government Emo Les which were the jewish ele a of he martyrdom of the Ages of the be a oms of a no Otic up a i s to iffy Fogt uis Marshall Host of Tow Ard the jew. Ment in the jewish borne at old. By ifs and stories and acts which con ish organizations hut Iranfar a Fol s if Een i fit irn con it k,"jk.nctwe Are in Tiht or Kiwi 7�nu of tha Home Thot uni St 5 Ity of its committee shall during its ample of the to me that the jew of existence have precedence Over those we a a Reg a. A in Tel to their place. A the Kiev Branch a Fyk the Tatyana task is to Point out such of these cer Emo Les As can and should be Perpet rated and your duty is to discuss my suggestions so that we can go a Iii i the next generation May continue Fae i of any organization participating in political and social rights. Ski senior. Condo Jade a to gel no Congress to set Forth Taoac. Go Fol Tea 9% 4m w Legal discrimination they Are Quot the of committee has resolved to a Propri sects of. To a tet a to Orn. I scrum Tig. A a a excluding desirable immigrate it i i by Means of Adverse Leguet Ethete Pon Ress is again the scene of passionate Tion together with the Johh Ulm j turn by of the russians frequently results it ate a fund for erection of a feed demands pjs a a Tracy test a ooh a we a. In a we amp of k j test As would a great Many a blur for i in anti jewish riot Jug and Patete Tei to on the question of equal rights form rus Skoye Slovon december 6-19. J of those who thl8 country in Kiev jewish committee has re a Haven from religious and political a United a fund of missionaries for the s . By Book and i the this limit a Toto it a a Jelte Jattar jew to Jim Luiree Days at it Phineff Vear from a of ctr a tto a Law Tell picture by song and Story by prayer vents the Congress from superseding agrees that a Laws discriminating in april 1903, when men of the he 5� jewish Home. First of All of course a a Mes a few a a eat ��?oll2�t51 la me must make Judaism live and can and should have its appropriate in we mus. _ a Agi cd unav an us via Miuwa or a i a Vvs Quot Vvs a Rifshin Mac ave Nix sri a log a a Vuu we iwo i pro and Blessing Dally weekly and year Jor supplanting the american jewish against the jews in every land should brew race were murdered hebrew in a a a judgment mu8t be As to who Teim committee or Iboa a of Delegas teis abrogated. No one denies the pro women and girls attacked the i Wpm tto and Celebration. What More Lovely i a Low in the childish heart. In direst 0f civil rights of the a Tynion a a a j a vesling a Rompou a half Nve to the lava a that Art a Luln in Quot 686�?�, 1 a ther 8imllar by Clety a ourth Milta evening throughout a Happy week the Joyful heart within. Apfl oof ipod j Tion Peoples that the Relief work now by ii mlm11i Ern child can be the Joy of lire j being done tej not be in Eriend fwd be of file a Glon we Are ceasing meet Tel with but ski of a eco a of Circle telling the children in a him about the Sabbath we Are be-1 nomic reconstruction of the Jem a ginning Towel Este a with him the Sab a communities in the War zone after m a al am Lori Kentucky i bat5i�# Wissel he Suva a a associations for jewish Relig Jotun Ediso with other occasions As Well. Then a Teton at the annual meeting at Hen-1 when the Hundred hours a week include december 26-28, Tutti. M a. Position that full rights should let Ese brains of Little hebrew children were tier to a Milt enter so As not to it Ftp where they Are now denied. I dashed out against Walls was in it is absurd to Call a Congress to give j Mina Tion of the oppression of the a the rights that judge Mack re a to the crusades. Quoth fers to Are what Are commonly known a group rights or National rights. A since the War started to of times As Many jews have been driven from peace the established shall be one of i this includes among other things the i their Homes m Russia As were expel r a a still further limitation upon the common branches Are taught in y fifty in a jewish borne As Well As two i Congress is a clause which provides israelite. ? s25 wet. The i eat to a their District in Western Russia the Haman our the now that the teutonic allies have coxi4ft�eit��t�krt�m�� we can Reed the i 111 Fiolo flute in in pair proper Mabl i even maj Narf was a pried a in of our people Ftp Lebreu Toa Dardi Fol a it a should not toe made to suffer Njaa Eft Deavor to reach the former it How. Ever the Wiles of the Quot anti a and neither argue to to devolve on the exercise his veto Power in Nufi a ii Job Bibb can legislation should not he Giomi Opportuna Fig of Sutz Tringl or books a in a ism Tri Bene

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