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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - December 23, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioOf let there tip a it be volume 67 a Cincinnati Ohio december 23, 1920. Number 26. In Cavor. What beat thou for thy scattered seed o Lover of the Plain where Are the Many ripened she aves Itzy hot should bring again a the Only record of Niy work Ijes in the buried a to conqueror of a thousand Fields in tinted Armor Bright. What growths of purple Amaranth shall Crown thy brow of might a a Only the Blossom of my life Flung widely in the fight Quot a what is the Harvest of thy saints o god who Dost abide where grow the garlands of thy chiefs in blood and sorrow dyed what Ive thy servants for their Sullns a a this Only to have a Julia Ward Howe. Jewish immigrants fleeing from persecution speech delivered by the honorable George Huddleston of Alabama in the House of representatives on december 10th, 1920. Or. Chairman i speak on this measure As an old fashioned american As one who comes of a Stock so Long in America that there is no record of when they came. So that i May be pardoned i Hope for taking an old fashioned american View of this question and for not adhering to some of the remarks which have been made non this Bill. I hold feb the old fashioned ideals of americanism and not to the newfangled narrow and chauvinistic spirit of nationalism. I still believe in the principles of Jefferson in the principles recognized in the american Constitution and in some of the old ideals for which our ancestors Laboured and fought. It has been charged that this Bill is an anti semitic Bill that it is aimed particularly at the jews of Europe who Are seeking to come Here. To such an extent if any As the Bill has the jew particularly in View and Aims at his exclusion. It is an irredeemably bad Bill. I have no hesitation in saying that. I read in the report of the committee a very significant statement a statement of sinister significance found on Page 6, which is this the committee had confirmed the published statements of a commissioner of the hebrew sheltering and Aid society of America made after his personal investigation in Poland to the effect that a if there were in existence a ship that could hold 3,000,000 human beings the 3,000,000 jews of Poland would Board it to escape to i also read in the appendix on Page 11 of the report comment on the situation As to applications for emigration for emigration from Rumania Bucharest possibly 10 per cent of applicants Are rumanian from Transylvania or the old kingdom. The remainder Are jews mostly from Bessarabia and Bukovina practically All except women and children being Petty merchants or salesmen. It should also be noted that the proportion of men emigrating is increasing and that not a few Are probably fugitives from ukrainian who have managed to obtain rumanian passports. Ninety per cent of applicants Are jews of both sexes and All Ages. I wonder in the Light of those statements Why it is that the jews of ukrainian and Rumania Are seeking to escape and the jewish population to the individual is seeking to escape from Poland. I wonder Why it is. Their economic situation is not More say Ere than the balance of the population of those countries. There exists no reason so far As i can conceive unless the jews Are meeting in the of their nativity with oppression and abuse on racial and religious grounds. I can draw no other inference from the fact when a nations entire population of a certain race and religion is seeking to escape from that nation. I read with deep indignation accounts of Poland a anti jewish pogroms of the butchery of men and women in cold blood. The stories of these atrocities were denied by representatives of Poland. Now we find them verified by the wholesale flight of the Jewls population. I cannot forget that the new state of Poland was brought into being by the Aid of America and her associates in the great War that we have Suc cored and sustained the poles furnished them with supplies and loaned them Money from the Public funds. More than that we furnished Ltd Many millions of Quot dollars in supplies and munitions with which Poland might repel the Boli Evist invasion. I am deeply disappointed by the failure of Poland to appreciate the spirit in which american Aid was Given. America cannot and will not be partner and companion with bloody handed oppression of race and religion. I have in mind also that Ukraine and Rumania Are reaching out their hands to us for help. Already we have Given substantial Aid to Rumania. These people must be made to know that our country will not countenance rapine and murder that we will not Aid those who commit atrocities upon a harmless and inoffensive people. The prese if a a White government of Hungary owes its existence in part to Aid and sympathy extended by our government. It has repaid our humanitarianism by a a White terror of its own. A recent dispatch states that 15,000 jews have been gathered in Budapest and condemned to deportation. They Are being persecuted on racial and religious Bright spot in that part of East Quot pm Europe where jews live in Large numbers is Lithuania from which no reports of oppression and pogroms have come. Lithuania seems disposed to treat the jews fairly and although some of its largest Ltd a Are More than ii Alf Jewl thua is Are not trying to come to America in overwhelming numbers. It Speaks splendidly for the lithuanian people and ten a spirit of democracy and humanity. It is a pathetic fact one of the deepest pothos which should wring the heart of every humanitarian that after �11 the jews have suffered in the ter Rible War they must now abandon the countries for which they offered their lives and flee to a Distant land to escape Reu Gloos and sectarian be recur ton. Of All the people of the world no people unless it May be armenians have suffered so univ Emily and so greatly because it the great War As the jews. Living As they do Iii Efimy in Eastern Central Europe in territories which were ravaged and overrun again and again by the of tend Flag forces pm sized under foot by every invader their Homes destroyed their families outraged their posses simis swept away their desperate situation today makes overwhelming claims upon the humanity and 8ymi>athy of All Mankind. They served in our own country. They offered their lives in support of our Flag. They served in the Allied armies in the armies of Germany and Hungary and Austria and Poland and Russia and no it Man anywhere can Point his Finger at the jews As a people and say Liat they shirked their part Lotic duty. But now having served and having done their Best having suffered alongside of the most unselfish they find themselves persecuted and driven away from the comi tries they fought for they must abandon their Hom they must come to a strange country they must seek Nea wipes and new fortunes in a Distant Lahd. The situation must Appeal to any heart that has any sympathy. The jews As we have them in american and of course we have them from every country in Europe furnish a valuable element in our people. I would not have them away. It is too late to say that the jew cannot be any Penon who Ltan gained the eminent Tai the world of letters that Yon have should be a coated As a victim to Pray Nice against one of the great historic races of Mankind. It is a matter of common kilo fledge that you count some Jewe among your friends nevertheless it is a Well i own tact that Many anti semites a quite of their inherent antipathy have been unable to reeled the Charm of jewish celebrities this 1 must in All Fri less my was the manner in which i was led to interpret your protestations of Friendship for individual jews. For there has been a persistent report that Yon did strenuously object to the holding of religious services of the jewish rite on Sabbath at the Columbia Casino and that you were instrumental in forming a Syndicate to Purchase the Columbia hotel and to exclude jewish patrons and that you have furthermore utilized your prestige in Kennebunkport to foment prejudice among the people in the Community. This May not be the kind of evidence that would be accepted by. A judge and jury but it is a belief very strongly entertained by every jewish resident in Kennebunkport and you know the old adage a where there is some smoke there la very truly yours mrs. W. A. F. Sidgy in London the lost Tuloa by the Liberal of whisk Claude facial Bead Ell i Strong condemn two from the editor sunday services it Lon in London Ite Flore is the of an expression of of the jewish wifi whose language by the Way is not it always the most moderate. In to this there appeared in the in Mon jewish guardian the Organ of the English Liberal jews a very pert Kent letter which reads As of Iowa sir a a cells ill census ave i the Way to Helj-4or evil is easy such alone in Tho View of the jewish world is the i rent of the new departure of stay services to be held under the quinces of the jewish religious unto jewish Synagog whose Sabbath seas hitherto. Is n assimilated in America. We have the jew in such numbers that there is no use in discussing that question any longer. He can be assimilated he has been assimilated in the past and he will he assimilated in the future. There Are no people who come to this country who Are so ready to Lay aside their allegiance to foreign governments to foreign flags and foreign institutions and to embrace Liose of America. We had a Good Deal of spy Hunting during the recent War. We had charges of men being slackers and of l Cingo Jet Ion Able hid senates. Men were charged with disloyalty with Loving some other country better than America. But no it body in it Inte Ltd to the jews and said they were i Silty. On the contrary the jew was always will in to say a i am an american i love America i am willing to stand by tie institutions of my adopted no jews in America were partial to Hungary or Germany or willing to betray our cause and our Flag in behalf of any country that Lay across the seas. Always they held our institutions and our interests above those of their native land. And i say it is a peculiarly pathetic situation Hetre Juat after the War when we have had this Len did evidence of jewish loyalty and patriotism As citizens. It is a peculiarly pathetic situation that Here is presented a Bill that is aimed at the jews. We should attach to it certain reasonable and proper amendments which would open the doors of this country As an Asylum to people like the jews and the armenians who Are being oppressed at Home on racial or religious grounds. Booth Tarkington Light. In a new an interesting and illuminating correspondence Between the author and a Philadelphia lady. Jewish exponent a Well known and highly cultivated Jewis i lady of this City who has for a number of years with her family i spent the summer months at Kennebunkport Maine took occasion several week ago to Forward to the distinguished author and playwright. Booth Tarkington a copy of the Rev. Or. Samuel w. Purvis article on a the jews the wonder of history a which had been printed in the evening bulletin. To this copy the lady added some personal marginal notes having for their purpose the direction of or. Tarkington s attention to an anti semitic attitude of the Kennebunkport summer Colony of which Colony or. Tarkington was a prominent member. A correspondence followed which we Are privileged to present to the readers of the jewish Etc potent from or. Tarkington. Kennebunkport me., sept. 25, 1920. Dear Madame the Clergyman might have added disc Aelix a retort a when the Noble lords ancestors were painted Savages on an undiscovered Isle mine were priests of the Temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem a of course jews Are not excl Deal from Kennebunkport nor from any part of this country though i deduce from your marginal note that you imply a racial antipathy on my part. Jews Are at times visitors in my House and frequently Here As guests for considerable periods. I have not Only intimate friends but family connections who Are jews. A a personally i have no racial consciousness unless something extraneous stimulates in when i am with or meet a jew i have no recognition of this fact. I do not say to myself a eth la person is a jews any More Tolian i say to myself a i am an i agree entirely with your eloquent Clergyman i May add in his appreciation of the Genius of the jews. May i ask you therefore to Tell me Why you Quot sent the clipping to me and where you obtained the impression that i am of the a Santl i believe that i could make a fair guess but i should like to know sincerely yours Booth Tarkington. From mra. W. A. F. Pm Adelphia oct 6, 1920. Dear sir i wish to acknowledge with appreciation your interesting letter of sep Teiber 25tb. I recognize the fairness of your request for specific information As to the nature and source of my impression for your anti semitic leanings i can assure you thatt would give me great pleasure to know that Yon have been misjudged in this respect. It is a sad experience to be made to realize that from or. Tarkington. Kennebunkport me., oct. 8, 1920. My dear mrs. i thank you for your Frank reply to my letter. You confirm an impression i had and also give me some surprising information that anyone could believe that i a strenuously object to the holding of religious services of the jewish rite on sabbaths at the Casino of the Columbia i could not very Well object at All it seems to me even if i bad such a silly inclination for i do not recall even hearing that such rites were held there until receiving your letter. I am not a member of any Church myself unfortunately but i most heartily respect All Faith and this Rumor of my objection to the Observance of the ceremonies of a Feitli is a pure invention. I am glad to have the Opportunity of calling it a ridiculous lie. No doubt the originators of it counted upon its circulation among people who did not know me and who consequently would not inform me of it at least not in time for me to expose his remarkable originality. My jewish friends and family connections Are none of them in the slightest degree celebrities. The Only jewish celebrities i can recall meeting even Are lord Reading and rabbi Wise and probably neither of them could recall meeting me. About the Columbia hotel i am glad to have the Opportunity of making an explanation to one of the jewish race especially As my share in the transformation of that property a a the real cause of the impression of my a anti semitism which i find Here and there. I joined a number of property holders in the Purchase of the hotel. This is the reason that i did so certain guests of that hotel year after year had such objectionable manners and such bad habits in Public that they were injurious to the pleasure other people took in Kennebunkport to the Charm and peace of the place and to the actual financial value of the investments Many of us had made Here and naturally wish to protect. I am willing to give tie objectionable things to any jewish gentleman and would leave t to his fairness to judge if i took an a anti semitic it course. The objectionable people happened to be jews buying the hotel and incidentally making an attractive looking place instead of the Barren ugliness it had been seemed to be the Only remedy in the opinion of those far More Active in and much greater contributors to the movement that i was. And in their opinion too there was no option for the policy of the new hotel but to follow the same policy that All the other hotels Here follow which meant jewish exclusion. I reluctantly concur they Are Correct if the hotel is to be a Success and my position would be precisely the same if the exclusion were of people from Indiana. I should explain that i am a a devoted Hoosier a but if this were the Only Way to save this place from certain damaging Indiana ians under the same conditions should feel justified in joining those who followed it. And moreover i have myself been in the position of tie sex eluded. In Europe i have found myself treated As a without the Pale by jews among others on account of the bad manners of certain of our countrymen abroad. The exclusion works no hardship to anyone so far As i can see. 1 Felt sorry at first to become involved in any plan which might prevent someone either jews or Gentile who loved this place from coming Here. But i soon perceived that it it would not prevent anything of the kind. It might unfortunately prevent some charming people from coming to the Columbia hotel. But it was impossible to think of anybody a Loving the Columbia hotel and certainly the plan prevented no one from coming to Kennebunkport which naturally is not owned by the purchasers of the hotel. I have Menti Mied that i have some jewish family connections. These people came Here a few years ago upon my recommendation and i found them pleasant quarters not in the Columbia a i think that can always be done and certainly it has always been done. I make this Long explanation trespassing upon your time and i fear upon your patience because i have hitherto lacked Opportunity to make my position Clear to anyone of it it a it derivation and i find it Painem to be thought quite so stupid As to be an i am anti disregard for other Peoples convictions rights and Comfort and i am anti bad manners and Althonie i thin that the excl Sion hotel of any lady or gentleman jew or Gentile is an infraction of rights and an individual injustice the a Columbia hotel Case was a a Choice of evils Quot and the Fla Grancy of the bad manners made the course pursued the lesser. This does not show me to be an a Wailtl so Nite Quot i believe. Sincerely yours Booth Tarkington Little severe on Tine Orts of a maybe misguided people but people who even in the Denun Chatory article Are Given credit or some them for being Earnest and san let assuredly it might be concede hat even if mistaken their Purdoi and intention Are not the fostering of evil As suggested but an Effort to uplift in a Channel yet untried and who shall say which is the Likely greater evil this separatism so strongly advocated or something nearer Akin to with the fellow creatures in Quot whose land some of us insist upon calling ourselves strangers. Here the Avenue for evil to stalk seems so Broad so inviting and so obvious that the Marvel is that advantage is not taken of it to a far greater extent than anything of which to have present cause of comp Saint. Those who refuse to Call themselves citizens first and religionists after seem to be much on a Par with the guests who flout their hosts then if we claim As we have a perfect right to equal citizenship we should be willing at least to adopt the whole of the governing customs of our country and adapt ourselves to its usages if need be. But so gloriously free Are we that every conscience is left to its own unrestricted exercise. And pitiful though it be we employ this Freedom in losing no Opportunity to belittle our co Ditl Zens by constantly thrusting Forward the suggestion that a we Are religiously and ethnically separate from the Peoples among whom we is not this almost the epitome of evil the refinement of cruelty to Tell our Friendly neighbors that we not Only live in a finer world Tolian they do but the furnishing of our houses is so much Superior and yet in both cases it was inherited and both from the same source in this a articular instance the Observance of the Day commonly called the seventh As the jewish Sabbath by the a a Liberal Mem id not the Liberal a congregation Ces will continue this. Sir just a of the jewish world la responsible for our most prominent Leader or. Claude a Montefiore to it reverting jews to the dominant Feitli Quot like the missionaries. Is this fair to a Man whose one aim is Ever to Kelt most prominent the do la of the belief Whit typifies True Judaism according to his insight whilst the charge brought against him is a sinking to the moral level of the missionary Quot which of course does oot even Elk it a for the sincerity of the engaged on Sudi work. And it might not be difficult to assume that it would require a great Force of sincere and belief and firm belief by those who give up their lives to Succour others As they truly think from a mistaken course. Of Why Why cannot we All surm Patrize with each other and Trust that each however divergent the Means is working most ardently according to his possibilities for the Benefit of his fellow men Why do we not Why can we not adhere to that spirit Wahidi it was thought the late War had inculcated of sympathetic brotherly love was it not example Enon of what is in us though too often dormant that men of divers nationalities characteristics Creed thought Aye and even languages stood shoulder to shoulder firm and implacable As a Rock for the common cause of , Justice and Liberty let us determine then to Foster encourage and develop this oneness and cease our fault finding with methods foreign to our own but let us recognize them As All employed in the same direction and for a similar purpose. Some of us May honestly feel that there is no religion with anything More Beautiful to offer than Judaism whilst others May think that Judaism has nothing More Beautiful to offer than any other religion of if Only we would inculcate such a spirit in our children How very Beautiful might we Render their lives and insure the elimination of Petty jealousy among future generations. Yours faithfully 8. A. Lazarus. 167 West end Lane n. W. 6. Michigan b Nai by Rith lodges form Union. A or n. Eben Buffalo Louis Topkis Wilmington a. J. Levin store Newark a. H. Shiver Seveland rabbi Nrman Waterbury s. S. Rosenbloom Pittori Iorg Finkle Sune Scranton m. U Avner Pittsburg Jerome k. Bot fit child Philadelphia Hugo Pam Chicago n. D. Kaplan Chicago Max shul Man Cal cafe f. In bin Chicago Felix Frankfurter Cambridge l inning ups itch san Francisco Max l. Grant Providence a. J. Goldstein. Springfield s. Waldsten mss. Henry h. Levenson Boston d. L. Simons Detroit we. Sanber Greenbay j. Rosenfeld Dallas 8. Shapinsky Louisville Max Heller new Orleans s. Rittenberg Charleston s. O. J. Saks Norfolk i. B. Brodle bal More g. Gordon Minn. Rabbi Samuel Sale St. Louis Oscar Berman Cincinnati new York members Benjamin v. Cohen mrs. Mary Fels Bernard Blex nor Abraham Goldberg Boris Grabel sky Horace m. Kallen Morris m. Mar Gulies Emanuel m. Mohl Emanuel Neuman. Bernard g. Richards Bernard a. Rosenblatt Morris Rothenberg Louis Robison Robert Szold. Greater actions committee consists of Jacob de Haas Mary Fels Felix Frankfurter Jharry Frieden Walic Abraham Goldberg Louis Lipsky Julian w. Mack Henrietta Szold Stephen s. Wise. Bers of the Coriam a. Is in no Way jeopardized. But ote Adful thought assuming that it were for some valid maybe vital reason it was found expedient or possibly essential to observe the jewish Sabbath on the National Day of Observance what possibly could happen could it be that the world would cease to rotate the Man who knows Only one subject is next tiresome to the Man who knows no subject a it Lucens. Would it mean that life would be unendurable that All sense of the True and Beautiful would be assailed or eliminated would our perception of All that is exquisite in the form of religious characteristics be nullified is it reasonable to suppose that Man would foe less humane to Man and far and above All who could dare to prove to Man in truth that the Power to whom we tender allegiance would be unwilling to receive it on one Day More than another at most upon Wirat could such suppositions alone be based or other than that throttle grip traditions which at Best spells the handing Down of opinions and practices unwritten is not this rather like converting tradition into a fortress and How Long can even the most Modernly constructed fortress hold out if it be not properly provisioned to feed the souls within its Walls in tills Cas some members of the Garrison May honestly feel that the food is perhaps not nutritive enough to satisfy their cravings or taken in the Environ sent of a restricted area becomes unpalatable and for them even the dangers and risks outside of the fortress Are preferable and maybe alone endurable. Of surely there Are men who can be who must be credited with a High Noble lofty sincere and genuine aspect of the beauteous in life who venture to break out of Tinis fortress does not this rather speak of the ambition such men show to preserve and conserve what is left to them before allowing it to crumble to a possible nothingness shall they be called upon to remain inert inactive whilst that which they inherited from their fathers gradually but certainly is declining because of the out of Date methods continued As part of the legacy rather would it not be More consistent with the True spirit of actual religion if we each Lent a helping hand to the other to Foster what we should always of cede to be the intended practical idealism emanating whence it May and after All May we not in Justice to the other admit the right to any sort of Conception of what in fact can Only be visualized and never proven for the Only foundation upon which All religion is constructed is the View that men took of it in the Olnie Peculiar to their generation. We do no More than this in our turn. From time immemorial. Orthodoxy and liberalism have each bad their intended place and Liere is ittle reason to sup Xione that one is Ever Likely to absorb the other. But it does seem to be a hitting below the belts to suggest that liberalism seeks to proselytize or in other words to weaken its True Foster Mother orthodoxy. On the contrary it is intended As a rest Home for a Siose Only who find their mothers old fashioned methods do not satisfy them. These love Mother no less to Lime allegiance to her Sweet Sway is not abandoned they will never he forgetful of All they owe her a nth they have a ached he stage when More Modem music is requisite to keep their Soisa attuned to the beauties of her training this after All la but human and who will sooner appreciate Andt encourage it than the True Mot Iery it Ringlon it there can be no def Ferem of principle that divides traditional Judaism from liberalism we Lii in the View ten of the eleven Michigan by Nai by Rith lodges have joined to form the Michigan Coli Neil of by Nai by Rith lodges. The officers Are Adolph Freund Detroit president Erwin n. Treusch grand rapids first vice president Henry j. Jacobson Pontiac second vice president Adolph Kosit Check Lansing Secretary j. B. Simon Lansing treasurer. Edward Lichtig of Bay City rabbi Adolph Steiner of Jackson and Benjamin Wiener of Flint were appointed on the general committee. The officers together with the members of the general committee form the executive Board of the Council the Council was formed to in note the welfare of each Lodge by Mutual co operate Ltd to Foster social and fraternal relations Between the several lodges to aim towards a perfect practice of the underlying principles of the order and to Render support and encouragement to District grand Lodge no. 6 and to the Independent order of by Nai by Rith generally. Action of american zionists convention. The most important resolutions adopted at the Twenty third annual convention of the zionist organization of America held at Buffalo Are As follows Resolution extending greetings and pledging support to sir Herbert Samuel High commissioner for Palestine to the executive committee of the world zionist organization to the comrades and Brothers in Palestine to the joint distribution committee for its assistance in supporting the settlement in Palestine to Louis d. Bran dels. Greetings were also extended to the governments of great Britain and France and gratitude expressed to these Powers for the Balfour Declara Tion and the action at san remo. The convention deported the Lack of Harmony among the zionists of the United states and instructed the executive committee a to take immediate Steps to create Harmony and co operation Between the various factions and organizations in the zionist movement in this the establishment of an american jewish Congress on a permanent basis was approved. The organization resolved to concen trate its efforts upon the immediate up building of Palestine. It also resolved a that this Conven Tion regards it As a duty of zionists to participate in activities intended to ameliorate the conditions of jewish life in the Diaspora and to spread a knowl Edge of the hebrew language and of jewish culture among jews every the report of the organization cd it a Mottoe As adopted recommends Tlle formation of a committee represent live of jews generally to further pal Estine development. The organization of zionist districts Independent of each other Are each entitled to elect one member on the nation Al executive committee for each 3,000 of its Mem Bers or a majority fraction thereof. The National executive committee As Sumes no financial obligation of a District organization. District organizations May affiliate with local jewish organizations. The to membership dues shall be 16 a year for regular Moin and .�?T510 for sustaining members. Contributions for organization purposes May also be solicited and received by the National executive committee. Of the dues received by the regional unions a shall be the shekel tax to the world zionist organization to the District organization for administrative purposes $1 to the regional Union for administrative purposes and $1 for sub Serh ton of a member for such publications As Are issued by the zionist organization of America the balance is to be held by the Zlobl organization of America for National administrative purpose the organization and administration expenses of the zionist organization of America shall be met hit of the membership dues excess dues of sustaining members and specific contributions for these purposes. Newly elected National exec Nilve committee members Are l rude Den 13,125,000 voted for jewish Relief. The sum of 13,125,000, the largest Ever appropriated at a single meeting by a strictly charitable organization was for Jewis i War Relief in Europe by the joint committee of the american funds for jewish War sufferers of which b Elix a Warburg la chairman at a meeting at the hotel Pennsylvania. The appropriations were made within less than Twenty four hours of the Arr Vai of lieu tent Jas. Becker director general of the committees Relief Woric abroad who rendered his report of it Ondl Lons in Europe Anh of the results of a conference held in Vienna of the committees representatives from every part of Central and Eastern Europe and Palestine. The committee voted the Money which is to cover actual Relief operations Only until july 1 next without having the Cash actually in the Treasury but the members pledged themselves individually and collectively to the raising of the entire sum. Some of the men in a it Kahti i to or. Warburg who made this a pledge were Louis Marshall or. Cyrus Adler Cyrus i. Sulzberger colonel Herbert Lehman Arthur Lehman Paul Baer Wald. Or. Lioe a Frankel or. Julius Goldman colonel h. A. Guinzburg Howard s. Gans Mary Strauss William b. Erdman rabbi Aaron Ted Tel Baum. Colonel Harry Plotz Albert Lucas Abraham Schepper Morris Engel Man Stanley Bero and some fifty others constituting the committee. The committe also made preliminary plans for the conduct of a National Campaign during 1921 that will have for its objective a minimum of Flo x 0,000 to carry on Relief work abroad. The budget As passed is divided As follows Russia. H,000000 Poland. 690,000 Austria. 200,000 Hungary. 200,000 Palestine. 400,000 Czechoslovakia. 100,000 lit mania. 75,000 Rumania. 195,000 Latvia a 100,000 lieutenant Becker urged the reorganization of the committee in Europe under a single directing head. Weit Iob of jewish Fann rip the federation of jews a fat tatti held its twelfth annual Connre Osksa of to educational Alliance hint in Torulf City Banning last sunday. Speak Ltd As president of the jewish Agri Eulse and Industrial Solety Cyrus i 8�li-Berger deprecated the exist ones of a separate organization of jewish fan Era. He expressed the lilt that he might see jew Fri and non a swill Farmers a United Community of All so aged in the production of food she told the drive to that it was their duty to work for duty i a Community. Other speakers on the Firat Day of the meeting were Louis Marshall or. 0. W. Larson of the department of a Pri culture miss Rose Brenner the newly elected president of the Council of jewish women and rabbis Nathan Krass and Hirsch Maslinsky. There were about two Hundred and fifty delegates present urging larger and continuous jew Kwh interests and activity in America Agri cultural life Nathaniel Phulps Peri Dent of the league of foreign bom citizens in an address at these Ltd it and Days meeting of the federation jewish Farmers asserted that while Many sections of the nation reported a trend to the cities of Gentile agriculturalists the ranks of the jewish Farmers showed steadily increasing numbers and greater incl Vadnal and general Prosperity. A about Twenty years ago a said he a there Quot were not More than 200 jewish Farmers in fhe whole United states. At that period the total value of the acreage they then cultivated was estimated at not More than $40,000. Today there Are More than 10,000 jewish banners in this country and the value of their combined acreage is $60,000 000. Their fanning equipment i Worth More than $10,000,000.&Quot or. Phillips declared that the jew ish people will be doing the Best thl toward americanization and toward becoming real americans in theory and practice when greater number of them become producers by gluing the Eoo. B. Inkermann manager of the jewish Peoples Relief committee said the jews in Poland a victims of in Justice because their Industry and Success aroused envy among the less Thrifty and Idle. Henry Ford and the jews. Immigration to be prohibited if the Bill introduced in Congress by senator Johnson of Washington and Given tentative approval by m Bera of the House immigration committee becomes a Law which seems probable immigration into the United states will be totally prohibited for one year with the exceptions noted below. Under an agreement reached at the committee conference entry for permanent residence in the United states would be limited to parents grandparents sons and grandsons under 18 years of age and unmarried or widowed daughters and granddaughters of citizens or of aliens who have signified their intention of becoming naturalized. Of causes permitting the Entrance for a six months period of travellers of officials of foreign governments their families servants and employees and of aliens who have resided for at least one year continuously in Canada Cuba or Mexico met with general approval of committee members As did the admission of students for a temporary stay in this country. The Canadian government passed an order in Council intending to restrict immigration of me Chamlis artisans and labourers by increasing the individual financial Entrance requirements from $50 to $250. This was done in order to alleviate the Cindi Tion of unemployment now prevailing in the Dominion. The order became effective along the International Boundary on december 15 and at Ocean ports on january 1, the new order does not affect tourists commercial travellers or returning canadians. It states that a a considerable amount of unemployment prevails in parts of Canada and that the prospects for employment Are not Likely to improve during the next few paragraphs 1 to 3 of the former order in Council applicable to mechanics artisans and labourers have been suspended and four others substituted. The first provision says a no immigrant of the Mechanic Artisan or labourer classes whether skilled or unskilled Beall be allowed to land in Canada unless he possesses in his own right Money to the amount of and in audit ice transp my action to his destination in it is provided in the second paragraph that if an in Norgrant in the classes Menti med is act kit Mpa Nied by his Fomley he must possess. In Addi Tion to transportation for his family to a their Desty Nat on a Furtner sum of $126 for every member 18 Yeara old or Over and a for each old 6 Yean old and under 18 years. It is not Only tie daily Newi Pera in the great cities Chat Are extra bang unqualified condemnation of the Dearborn Independent its proprietor and his hirelings the smaller town Jon nals Are expressing similar views. As an instant we give by an editorial trom the pen of John Marshall mul Ford the editor of the Western Star published at Lebanon Ohio Hldi reads As follows the Star to pot. Itself on record As distinctly Opp used to the tirade at the to it Narbom ind Dent Quot against the jews. That paper is owned by a amp Ary Ford the Minlu millionaire builder of automobiles and tractors. He is not tie editor because he lacks the education be Cessar to be an editor. No Man who declares that a history is bunk Quot could Long sit in an editorial chair. But a envy Foito a is response file for the Utt Fances of his papa especially so whoa week after week successive articles appear upon the same subject we Admire the Genius of hairy Ford. We stand aghast at his moneymaking acuity in Whilt a no Man of the jewish race can tee Hon anything. With Che vast amount of Mon at his command he could do a coders of car the people of this country but placed beside game and Roric Feller he fails to measure up. He boasts of what he is doing for his workmen hot the leading welfare Wori cers of America say his work is insignificant when compared with that of John h Patterson. In so far As we Are informed we cannot believe he feels for the rail Loren and youth of America As does our own we. E. Harmon who a pocket Book is always open for the betterment of society. But what of the jews Why this teaching of class hatred or. Ford rated of peace but does the Dove of peace Breed Only in the Home of or. Ford Are not the jews disciples of peace we know of a few jews and we have read of others. We do not know or. Ford exc to thru his paper and from what we read in Otho papers yet we have no hesitation in Saring the jews of America have Dot Maas much for peace As has any one other religions sect. Kindly sympathy is a marked character of the race. Their own sufferings have made them so and the teach filings of the prophets summed up in the jewish Man of Gall Lee is a peace on Earth Good will to All or. Ford accuses them of a Lack of patriotism. But did he think of his own unpatriotic act while planning this propaganda against the jews does he not know that thousands of jewish boys bared their breasts to the bullets of the huns and hundreds a bit the dust for the love of country while he influenced so High a Power As the president of the nation to save Iris own boy from draft it is said that three of tie seventy i right soldiers selected by that same High Atli orly. President Wukou As having so conducted themselves upon the foreign battlefields As to warrant his bestowing the highest military award were jewish boys. This is surely sufficient to prove the patriotism of tiie soldiers of that Faith. Or. Fords paper constantly alludes to the fact that Trotsky is a jew he dislikes the Trotsky ideas of red republicanism As practice in Russia and a sequently he charge All bolshevism to the jew Iii people. But or. Ford very much likes Samu Gempe trs who is also a jew. Why then not give the jew credit for All the Good that labor organizations have done. Both Are Imirea Sonabah hut one As much As aim her. Or. Ford is a valuable asset to american Industry but a should stick to the autom Ebue Industry Ana leave alone the i motion politics and pout Ltd a Economy. America is proud of her Jewis a populate of. It is a Wop Kerful people honest and enter Pron if we consult our own be lags a no hell Tationa in saying we prefer a. B. Kaufman to Henry believing he a a a ally More sensible As to the Naxos . M. M

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