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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - December 16, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioFax tsp a a wet let there it a he be Light. Volume 67 Cincinnati Ohio december 16. 1920. Ten pages Quot in. Number 25. Realization. My world is never Barren. Late and soon i have Sweet fantasy strange mood and Mystic Amnion. My heart is never weary some new thrill throbs endlessly with utter and there is Beauty still. Love my soul is never silent lost in Harmony boundless spirits blending into one my sonar and my divinity. A Robert Lee Straus. Cincinnati november 1920. Danger in Palestine prof. Gottheil says thers is none except that caused by Christian missionaries. Taking exception to statements made in an editorial in a recent Issue the Paris France edition the new York Herald prof. Richard Gottheil wrote the following hotel la mail Rouge Strasbourg Ras Rhin. November 17, 1920. To the editor the Herald my attention has been called to an editorial in your edition november 16, headed a danger in 1�?~alestlue.�?T�?T while Reading it i have been amazed at the statements it contains and i have wondered How your editorial writer could be so badly and wrongly informed. That has not been the Cus Torp the Herald the Sun in the past. One would like to know who the informant your editorial writer is who the a mus Ulm no is whose words Are recorded and who the British Are a who have Long been resident in when such preposterous but at the same time dangerous state ments Are made precision As to their source is most essential. In the absence such precision i Jan Only suppose knowing Oie country and the circumstances As i that the views expressed have been dictated into the pen your editorial writer by one the other those missionaries who have pursued the jewish body from one country Europe and America into another offering him advantages in this world and the next upon condition that it barter away its soul. I myself have seen in Jerusalem How medical assistance has been put in the Way the poor jew with one hand upon condition that he accept the gospel from the other. And i have Felt ashamed for my own Christian fellow Cut Izeris. If such action is not a aggression grasping and impertinent a then words have lost their meaning. The arabs in Palestine Are perfectly Content provided they Are left alone. When i was there last they worked for and with the jewish colonists in the North As Well As in the South. They docked to the zionist Bank preferring to leave their savings to the care those very jews who now Are represented to them As their worst enemies say a a represented advisedly for emissaries have been sent All Over the country to stir up the Arab population against the jew. It is sir a wicked deception that has been Practised upon your editorial writer to make him say that the jews a demand to be put in control even the holy places the followers Mohamet a it is a fact that the most scrupulous care has been taken to avoid anything and everything that might Hurt the religious sensibilities the Mohammedan inhabitants Palestine. The Best feeling has prevailed continually Between the two sections the population for in Justice to the Mohammedans there it ought to be said that they have never made use the reprehensible methods Christian missionaries who Endeavor to turn one from the Faith that is in them to one to which they Are strange Quot find in which they have no belief. You say that the modern jew has no claim to Palestine and you base this View upon the theory that he has a Long abandoned that country. Yet the facts the Case Are entirely against any such theory. The jews never abandoned Palestine. They were Iriven out it by the romans and they were prevented from returning thither during their Long Peri Oil exile by the heavy Christian hand that weighed upon them during the Many centuries that confined them within narrow ill a Raeling ghettos and that refused to allow them free transit Anim place to place from land to land. During All these centuries the True jew has kept the love for Palestine warm in his heart Filleul As he has been yith the Hope returning to it As a free Man in a Freer w orld. At this moment when the one hand the great mass jews in Eastern Europe Are suffering the tortures one Long continued pogrom and the Hydra headed beast anti semitism is raising its head in almost every land when the other hand an Assembly is meeting in Geneva which proposes to bring Healing to a stricken world by sustaining the rights those who themselves Are powerless to uphold them it is saddening to read such an editorial As you have seen fit to print. During the last few Days Many millions have passed in silent reverence before the remains the a unknown we jews cannot afford to erect Stone monuments to the millions our people who have been killed robbed and despoiled during the last six years. But we proposed with the help great Britain and France to put up a living one for them in Palestine not Only so that that country May become a Homeland for the wrecked jews wherever they May be found but also to give to the jewish people right and statue to sit at the table in Geneva and discuss with other citizens the world the grave question that affect their future. Richard Gottheil Columbia University new York City in a subsequent number. Or. H. Pereira Mendes makes a further reply As follows 22 Rue Marechal Joffre Nice november 19, 1920. To the editor the Herald your editorial a danger in Palestine a Speaks zionism As a danger. There Are two zionism the zionism that limits itself to win Palestine for a jewish nation a matter Mere a trial titles for the Benefit the hebrews alone find the zlon4sm Tabata is to win the world for god e question pure spiritual ties for the Benefit All the nations the Earth not the jews alone. God gave Palestine to the hebrews but Only half the truth. The first kind zionism stops with this half. But with this divine gift was coupled the divine provision stipulation which May not be ignored. This provision stipulation is vital. It is stated not once but Many times that a through thee shall All the nations the Earth be blessed Gen. Xii 3 xviii 18 xxi 18 xxv 4 xxv ill 14. The second kind zionism insists upon this second half As a a sine qua All the nations. The prophets developed this divine plan showing How All the nations the Earth can be and will be blessed by the erection Lon in Palestine those institutions which shall be a Blessing to All nations alike and shall mean the salvation Earth from the curses the past and the curses , such As War hatred unrest commercial rivalries preferences International character Etc. Will these prophetic visions when realized in Palestine be a a danger a let me cite from them and then in Justice and in truth you judge and let your readers judge too. 1 an International court arbitration so that a nation shall not lift up sword against nation Isa. Ii 4 Micah in 3. If the Best brains All nations be assembled the lines the supreme court appeals a lamed by Moses greatest the prophets so As to include the Mihest representatives religion morality Law Justice and science the knowledge that qualifies one to be expert judge will this be a a danger a <3f. I it but. Xvii 8 Seq for a world court a a league nations court a Zion has inspiration for Catholic protestant greek Church Man Mohammedan and Tew that a Hague a Geneva lacks. And never could i understand Why from Hague Versailles Geneva any world court tile Pope the Archi slips Canterbury Ami York the head american Church Dignat Arios the Sheil us islam the chiefs the Grea Clinch should always be excluded Are they untrustworthy Are they idiots Moses specified the highest was he wrong 2 a Earth shall be full the knowledge the lord As the Waters cover the sea Isa. I 3. This knowledge As another Prophet intimates Jerem. In 24 is kindness consideration Justice righteousness. If Austria Germany had shown cons demotion for a Senna a Belgium if Justice and righteousness had inspired their advisers would the War with its crime Cost and curses have been launched As Waters flow from a source so from a world University in Palestine where the world Best professors can gather for International studies without the Lionie atmosphere prefer enc is would flow inspiration to every nation to train and educate its people in International Amity to train and educate its Public opinion to forgive and forget to a Large degree. 3 a a House prayer for All the Peoples Isa. Ivi. 7. How this will promote the idea the brotherhood Man and the fatherhood god your readers will perceive. A doubtless thou Are our father thou Art our father is the heart cry the ancient Prophet Isa. Xiii 16. A have we not All one father a demands the last them Mai. Ii 10 if Palestine help the world to learn this will Palestine therefore be a a danger a if the nations the a a Powers a As today they neutralize cities zones neutralize Palestine and erect there such realizations prophetic visions will Palestine then be a a danger a you May Call it zionism if you will. It will be the salvation the world. International action to reconstitute Palestine is Visioned by those grand Bible seers a Rand because they looked for saw and sought the happiness the world and not one Small people Only Isa. Xix 42 in 10. But they picture others besides hebrews being gods people. A and Many nations shall be joined to the lord in that Day and shall be my people zet har. Ii 11. A the sons the stranger Isa. Ivi 6. They shall be accepted in my worship 7. A the lord god Saith i will gather others to israelis scattered a 8. If jews prefer to live in other lands they can so As Loyal subjects citizens owing no allegiance to Palestine More the members Church owe to the Church As a source holy insi it ration. Jews must live among the nations a their seed shall be known among the nations and their offspring among the Pei Iless Isa. Ii 9. Enough. The dreams idealists be come realities. Washington and Crom Well israeli and Gan Betta dreamed but from their dreams mighty results for the world came. None them were Are the dreams the prophets mean for the world not a danger a but salvation from All that disgraces the name civilization humanity religion today h. Pereira Mendes. However Humphreys presumably a Christian presents the other Side. 1 place Wagram Paris. To the editor the Herald your correspondent the a danger to Palestine in mondays paper seems to he a jews and possibly a zionist. I went to Palestine in March approving great Noble impulse to provide a National Home for the jews in ancient jewry. I came Back Fth May disgusted and disillusioned for i had seen the zionist propaganda at work. Your correspondent lets two things slip in his attempt to gloss Over the actual conditions. He says that a the arabs Are perfectly Content provided they Are left also that they were working a a for and with the jewish colonists when he was last there. True enough and interesting if True but he ought to know that the a letting alone is a thing the past and that the actual dispossession a Abs have Given Rise to a sullen resentment which threatens to Blaze into Wrath destruction because the veiled and open threats what is to code privately and sometimes publicly made by the jews themselves. The opinion is we Ldes Pread even if it has no True foundation that another rehab am has come who says a my father made your Yoke heavy. I will add to your Yoke. My father chastised you with whips. I will chastise you with by his Pride and arrogance the Young King lost the ten tribes who would have served him As by Thelt threats and assumptions no the zionist propagandists Are Likely to lose what they had already partially accomplished by Wise and moderate methods through peaceful penetration. Great Britain promised the jews a National Home assuming a basis Equality but the civilized world will not tolerate the Assumption that it is to be a jewish kingdom with the majority Mohammedans and the minority christians As serfs and slaves Power and property and forced to a work with and for jewish i am not prepared to deny the a aggression grasping and impertinent in the methods Christian medical missions. Through All the years in Sun blinded Syria the gospel Christ has carried the Healing Christ to thousands those Wiio we Ere poor and sick and going Blind. These unfortunates crowded to the feet the medical missionaries underpaid poorly equipped in their tents and Sheds and the few struggling hospitals As they crowded to the feet him. A galilean Tew in whose name his servants healed. They healed the nameless horrors ancient Syria great tutors removed we inadequate equipment sometimes Lotae More than the pocket knife gaping ulcers cleansed filthy we Ith dung rubbed in by ignorant attempts at Healing eyes looking like putrid holes in the face with lids that hung out like raw Rne to babies whose Little bands looked like the claws a Bird other babies we Hose eyes led with spiders web sometimes washed we try urine were already glazing with blindness All helped and tens thousands healed without Money fee by skilled hands which at Home would have brought Fame and Fortune to the men who gave All up gladly to bring Christ a <io.<?i Al and Healing to those in need. To we Hom could these unfortunates go but to the Christian medical missions works Healing and mercy. Preaching the gospel Seiz vice and love. For which these things you Stone me a course the arabs we ent to the zionist Bank a Good Bank but not in business a for its but they we ent to the Christian medical missions for Healing. Many accepted the gospel with its message the Only message they knew a a we whereas i was Blind now i from gratitude perhaps. By a aggression grasping and impertinent a i think not. Some jews also accepted the Gosp above All things the zionist hates a Christian Tew. I have been told repeatedly that they will spend More Money to destroy such a one than to help a thousand orthodox jews to Prosperity. There Are Many Noble zionists idealists in England and America. Some i know and admin a but not the Type which seems to be represented by your correspondent who Are doing so much harm in Palestine. Mostly without any real religion they have a racial dream Power Over a land settled by forefathers who were a Little better than the barbarians All about them. In Over three thousand years they have ruled the land As a United kingdom for Only eighty years under David and Solomon unless indeed we Are willing to accept the 126 years the As Nonean Louse High priests and . This would give them a total some 2<x> years single Rule in the 3,000. It is now a problem race Psi a Cholo by. In the fighting easter week my wife and i were under the fire the Tew s. Poor shooting i we would have been safer in the crowd arabs i think though they had no guns having no officer their race in the British army to divert Case after Case revolvers and ainu nation to his Peotr in a in Case As they were hauled to the hospitals in lorries and automobiles the jews were the most bloody but the a lbs were Mast to be pitied. Theirs were All gunshot wounds. On the basis eighty yearn Rule in times Semi bail barium and 126 Jot tags the Twenty Niit amp Assem Toly the jews Lah society will he held at Clevel Aiida o., let Egl nning sunday Weinber i the and continuing until the follow i thursday. Die usual elaborate protium has Boen pre pared. F sex president will Lem Howard Taft has accepted an invitation tendered to him by the anti defamation league to address the Public in reference to the anti semitic prof Ganda now being Condo Ceil his address will be delivered in Chicago december 23. During the month january 1921, there will be launched by District grand Lodge no. 7,1. O. B., a Campaign to raise $500,000 for a by Nai by Rith Home for the aged to be located at Memphis Tenn. District no. 7 embraces Alabama Mississippi Tennes so Louisiana Texas okla Hoina and Arkansas. The unusual amount advertising at the last moment caused last and tills weeks issues 4 to contain less than its quota matter. Phe publishers Hope to avoid anything this kind happen tog again in ithe future and beg the kind indulgence their Fri Earls and readers for last weeks mishap. To Youngstown d., a comm Ttoe has been appointed to devise ways and Means getting a jewish Community building. A Campaign for funds will shortly be inaugurated. A Complete list the entire jewish population the City has been made and each Inifi visual will be called upon to give their Aid to the building contemplated. At Zanesville o., my. A. J. Barn Stein president the jewish women said society a will co operate with Timity federation 01hl s in the Sale Christmas seals. The proceeds the Sale this year will go ibo the a in Poi to the crusade against tuberculosis which is being conducted under the auspices the american red Gross. Reiner Albert Behrend Jacob Albert Lewi Meyer Isaac Bohmstein s. L. Gellis and Stephen Caplin. Eighteen clergymen representing seventeen different protestant Christian churches and one jewish congregation took part in the Community service held thanksgiving Day in Elmwood music Hall at Buffalo. Or. William a p. Faunce president Brown University was the principal speaker and rabbi to j. Kopald Temple Beth Zion was chairman the committee. At a meeting the Progress Cut Johnstown pa., last week initial Steps were taken to erect a jews Reform Temple As a fitting tribute to memory the late Morris Nathan one Johnstown a most beloved citizens and founder the largest department store in that City. The movement for the Temple was put under Way shortly after Isa Dore Sobel Erie speaking under the aug ices the Union american hebrew congregations made known 4h� purpose the american unions Synagog Extension Campaign. A the Book Job a by Morris Jas Trow jr., pm. D. Ll.d., the j. Imp Pincott co., Philadelphia. A the Book Jtb a which is uniform with professor Jastrow a recent Ltd plication a a gentle cynic a sets Forth its origin growth and interpretation based a new translation the revised text. Next to the Book Koh Eleth commonly known As Ecclesiastes which the gentle cynic treats a the Book it jobs is and ably the literary masterpiece the Bible a a Noble Book All menus Hoydt a As Carlyle so aptly termed in written in the authors Lucid and fascinating style this interpretation that great Book will make its Appeal to Large Circle and the news translation which deviates throughout from the Ordinary English translations and embodies the result investigations extending Over Many years will take its place As a Standard production. Members the seventh Day Baptist Church in Detroit which holds services saturday afternoons Are opposed to a Blue sunday Laws and started obtaining signatures to a protest against the proposed National sunday Law the lords Day Alliance which will be sent to the president and both houses Congress the petition recites that the proposed act is a violation the fifth amendment the Constitution the United states which provides that Congress shall make no Law respecting the establishment religion prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Jears during greek Semi civilization i a whenever the zionists America present an account their stewardship to the Public they not stint words and figures a says the hebrew Standard. A thus to key Are not slow to use paper and Ink and thus make a Printer two Happy. Whether the general Community is in the same situation As the Happy Printer is another miss Jessie Bogen head the financial adoption Bureau the joint distribution committee announced that fifty jewish ppr orphans had been financially adopted by new York residents and that the number adoptions probably would be increased to 1,000 within the next few Days. The adoptions came As the result an Appeal miss Bogen issued in connection with the hanukah festivities last week. I Abs i Nathan Krass and . Manny Stransel were the speakers at the mass not meeting held at the athenaeum in new Orleans to present to the jewish Corm Unity that City the claim the Union american hebrew Oon a rotations to their support the contributions tie new Orleans to the Union have hitherto been negligible. What the will after the matter has Heen so forcibly presented to them by these two eminent Gen then in remain to let a seen. The rapid growth the by Nai by Rith order is made particularly noticeable by the establishment lodges in Small towns where the jewish qom Mummy would seem to be hardly Large Anouilh to Nake it we Orth while. For Recai Pulc there was instituted recently a Lodge at Elyria Ohio off Cei s Are Alex Altfield president Max Goldstein vice president ii. J. , Secretary S. Altai cd . Other officers Are Frank Berson a no it a i Deutsch and Sam this example is being followed in Many Ether places. At the annual election the Lima Ohio by Nai by Rith Lodge Dudley Bernstein was chosen president Ben Rosenbaum vice president Morris Rosenbloom Secretary Louis Sanders treasurer Louis Rothstein Warden Herman Katcha guardian. Samuel Blattner the retiring president was named As Delegate to the National convention in St. Louis late in december. Samuel Kleinberger we As named As Delegate. Alternates Are Henry Schwartz and a l. Michael. Five new members were in stated. They Are Julius Wise Arthur Wohlgemuth Sherman Abrams Samuel Jackson and Connie Hirschberger the new officers will be installed january 3, following a banquet to be served in the club rooms in the City Bank building. Rabbi Samuel s. Mayerberg Dayton delivered an address at Temple Beth Israel sunday night. Professor Earl Barnes Philadelphia who night after night in various cities is delivering popular lectures Seldom neglects to attack Henry Ford for his bigoted treatment the jews. Barnes is a and his audiences Are composed 99 per cent non jews so he reaches the very people who should be touched by some antidote to Fords Poison. The rabbits Power to fight anti semitism is limited for his sermons chiefly reach his own members and they already agree with his viewpoint. The jewish newspapers likewise Are handicapped for their readers Are mostly jews who need not be convinced the great harm being done. When a Liberal outsider like professor Barnes takes time each night to ridicule such weapons As bigots use and when he Points out the extremely valuable Aid the jews have rendered and Are today contributing to the development our country he does a blessed Send ice to America. A unique service. Maintain that it is not right to put Toliese christians almost 2,000 years residence and Mohammedans 1,360 years residence and actual Rule under the Power any set men we Hellier idealists Bankers both whose Rule will be carried by representatives selfishly set racial ambition heart Lessly and full prejudice to All that is not their own sickly looking anaemic Greasy dressed in Long Coats and fuzzy fur trimmed wide hats with sickening spit curls in front their ears men who Are the underfed product ghetto life in the great cities the we orld broken Down shopkeepers tailors pawnbrokers and failures in business who have proven failures in farming except As the arabs it for them and who have been living the Charity the Rich jews Europe and America for the last fifty years far More than upon the fruits their own efforts in a Sou that needs but the meandering track the ancient Oaken plow to yield Rich increase w Ltd Only moderate Industry. These men and their children Are not the ones who will carry the Torch civilization and a sit in Geneva to the worlds advantage. They want Power without Effort the usufruct without the labor. They we ant the Fellaheen and the Small Christian Farmer to the work while they themselves run the show. What wonder that both arabs and christians Are saying As i have often heard them say a if this keeps give us Back the Rule the Humi Preyt. November 22,1920. A coming Over in tote Steerage from Poland at this moment Are poverty stricken hunted jews that inside ten years will be providing Good steady employment and Prosperity for hundreds native born. There is no limit to the wealth this continent. We need Industry courage and intelligence to dig it out and distribute it. Remember that the state Texas intensively cultivated would feed tie entire population the Earth. That we ill save you from worry about Brisbane in the new York american. Or. Louis l. Mann rabbi Congre Gati mishap Israel new hav conn., has been chosen one a Grouff four professors at Yale to give a course jointly a comparative the others Are prof. W. Bacon a a lltt., d., l. K d., prof. E. Hershey Sneath pm. P., a. L. Do a and prof. . Had Tosh pm. The jewish Peoples Relief society representing. Jewish labor organizations throughout the United states met in a two Days convention at Philadelphia pa., last month. Between 500 and 000 delegates were present. It was decided to bring 1,000 jewish War orphans to this country from Europe. Not Only will the organization provide the travelling expenses these orphans but it will make itself responsible for their maintenance and education until they have reached the age it which they can care for themselves. After spirited debate it was decided to continue the affiliation with the joint distribution con Muttee. At a recent Rae Etling Temple Israel Brooklyn n. Y., a Resolution favouring the merger with the Keap Street Temple was adopted. At the meeting rabbi Gross a. U. C., 1909of Temple Israel was unanimously re elected with a substantial increase in salary. The reports read at this meeting gave High Praise to . Gross and showed that during his occupancy its pulpit the Temple had increased in membership and influence and was in More flour swing condition today than Ever in its history. This was the substance a report read at a the Meeng by albeit l. Levi. Or. Gross came to Temple Israel in 1918. He was fori Nerly stationed. In Akron The offices elected were Albert l. Levi president m. Schmidt vice president Mark too Dot treasurer Karoo Marcus Secretary. Tik Hoard Ernstam a re Micha purse Julius Che unique service tie first its kind to be held in ithe country Quot was held at first Baptist Church Rochester n. Y., sunday evening when the topic a Judaism and Chris to Anity Cleir great was discussed by . E. J. Hanley pastor first Baptist Church and rabbi Horace j. Wolf Temple b Rith to Deli at a fellow shop service the to congregations. Or. Hanley presented a Christian View the old testament and rabbi Wolf presented a jewish a tier the new testament. Clie combined cd Tours tie Twe congregations Sang under the direction Norman Nalini Organ 1st at Berith Kodesh. This service which Groin rises to be unusual interest be sultes a from a Sermon we hich . Hanley Euicho some time ago a Tje Waind Christian a and a subsequent in vitiate a a n from ral by Wolf to preach in his pulpit. In the Courtesy . Hanley suggested As an alternative that a joint service Ite held at first Baptist Church at i incl in Ali . Hanley and rabbi Wolf should speak. I he service for sunday evening w7\s then arrange Tel and both Oungre Pitons to Iii he in an Effort to Efth t a deeper understand log the relation bet town the jewish and Ohr latian a Flaith. New books City. To. Ram Martin Shelonka Elk air Texas . Sara c. Let Evy join w. Rodgers Char ago i. $5 Eadi miss Anne r. Lorna Manaj Fig 8. C., $3 Samuel Friedman a Arris Tinc Piir a $2 being a total $605 from 52 donors. A a i a where no name City is Vesh the donor is Cincinnat. Or. Plots Heads physicians who will fight disease abroad. A with the doughboy in France a by mward Hungerford the Macmillan company new York. A with the doughboy in France a which the author Calls a few chapters an american Effort a is dedicated to a the Croix Rouge Amer Calne the girl in the steel Gray uniform with the Crimson crosses w to tolled and endured and danced and laughed and lived that the heart and soul the boy in Khaki might remain untroubled this Book is affectionately the Book treats various expert voices a member the a e. F., in the great War. It gives a detailed account How the red Cross did its work and is a spa did description the work it did for the american soldiers the a. E. And incidentally tells much the character and psychology the boys and girls who went to War and did such w Kerful service in France. The joint committee the american f ids for jewish was sufferers which Felix m. Warburg is chairman has announced a amt a medical unit would he sent oven Ai Early next month to fight dismiss in Eastern Europe. Or. Harry Plotz mount Sinai Hospital medical adviser the joint distribution Tommy tree has asked for $2,600,000 to cover the first year s a it wac and to provide for payment the medical personnel the Purchase medical supplies the construction Bath houses Etc. Medical and Hospital supplies will be in connection with an Elt inc atonal health Campaign. Or. Plotz who discovered the to Phis germ will be in Dirge the work and will head the unit Walt is to be made up physicians with Mintzy exit Prience. Appl Carton for volunteers for the unit will be received by i it a. at the head Varteni the joint distribution committee 20 Exchange place new York City. A the passing legions a by George Buchanan Fife the Macmillan company new York. In a the passing if it Gions a the author tells How the american red Cross met the american army in great Britain the Gateway to France. The and incentive which service at the front were denied to the american red Cross staff in great Britain but for All that its work never once lacked a Superb inspiration nor was it devoid moments sheer drama. Its service Lay Back the lines among those either the Way up for a million american soldiers passed through England their Long journey leave returning wounded and worn from the firing line. To these men the red Cross administered and in this Book the Story this wonderful work is told. Council jewish women. Syracuse n. �?the Council jew ish women have formed a class in jewish current events under the leadership rabbi b. Friedman. The chairman this activity is mrs. B Bronner. The meetings will be held every fourth wednesday evening in the trustees room the Public Library. The last meeting the coun cil took place december 15th, in the Temple Annex. The speakers the evening were mrs. Henry Altman and miss Anne b. Couchaine Buffalo. Philadelphia �?the audience As Sembly a to Greet . Abba Hillel Silver at the last open meeting held at Temple Rod Eph shalom november 18th, was repaid in no Small measure. Doctor Silver eloquent As usual gave a spiritual message inestimable Worth. His subject a rest and unrest a was treated in a scholarly fashion. Mrs. Charles Long chairman the National standing committee education the Council jewish women was the speaker december 2. Her subject a education the food and adornment this was followed by an open discussion from the floor. Mrs. Alexander Weinberg chairman education the Pittsburgh Section led this open forum. Springfield Council jewish women gave a card party Mon Day afternoon nov. 22d, in the vestry rooms the Temple. A Large attend auce responded and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon. Refreshments were served and favors were won by mrs. Gus Salzer mrs. J. Baskin and mrs. Jerry Samuels. The committee included mrs. J. Ebner chairman mrs. J. Blattner mrs. S. Jaffa mrs. M Fisher mrs. A. Friedman mrs. J. Bas Kin and mrs. L. Reg ular monthly meeting the Council Lewish women was held in the vestry rooms the Temple wednesday afternoon dec. 1st. Miss Amelia Sny der Sang several songs in French and English. Or. George e. Mccord superintendent Public schools Gav an address a the welfare the schools a which was enjoyed by All. The Council has taken charge the distribution Christmas seals and is lending much co operation to the sue Cess the Campaign. Mental telepathy. Speaking Oftle a Reston nation Ork now going in Palestine the Colum bus Ohio dispatch Saju a Quot institutions which might have taken generations to i under tie colonization methods Ages past must in a a ase be created at Onee if the Experiment is not to result in failure Ami grievous disappointment. It will he an extent Ely interesting essay at state building with Earnest Devotion and keen economical Intel gence in command and everybody will Wisla the utmost Success to the in its Issue the same Date the Alliance Ohio review says a in fact it Bei an extremely interesting essay at state building with the Earnest Devoit Lon and keen econom ical intelligence in command and everybody will wish the utmost Suc Cen a the Enterprise. It will not Ean that institutions we Rich might have taken generations to grow Imper the colonization methods Ages past must in this Case be created at once if the skin is not to result in failure and grief cams but we believe that if it is once rightly launched it will be carried to con Cletion and Success will attend its a Ery pm an a which is a wonderful instance thought Transf Cenca �sk�3����skil-.>. A a a a. The Jellinek fund. In a recent number the ame Icax Isk trite . Louls Grossa Nann made an Appeal behalf the Feuilly the dirt Lent preacher Vienna . Adolph Jellinek. The following hav responded to that Appeal Jacob w. Mack a Max Stern Del Ouis Grossmann .%t�,i>hen s. Wise new York City $50 each a r. Meyer Abaham Segal Milton Adler Isaac Joseph $25 each Daniel Segal Les lie v. Marks .$20 each Henry Roll nmn $15 Hugo golds Radith Oscar Berman Joseph Lazarus Ben m. Bing Ben Pritz Joseph l. Ranh Nathan Meis Charles thumeier Charles Solil Morris Westheimer Louis re no Herl Ert c. Oettinger Esnil pol Lak Samuel Straus Edgar Dettmann . Joseph Stolz. Chicago Iii. Or. S Wolfe Stein Cleveland. Of. Or. Kaufman Kohler i. Newton Trager . Henry Berkowtz Philadelphia a mrs. Isabelle Rosenbaum St. Peters Hurt Fla. In Obi Joseph Ratich ia>u1s Ville ky., $10 each rabbi t. Schau Farber Chicago 111. Or. Joseph Ranso Hoff. Or. Alfred Friedlander Benjamin i. Kaufman Sigmund Rhenstrom p clip Pana Iii. Samuel Rufi limn to ebb Roll Raan Abraham b. Ltd it Hui jul Samuel Ach s. Blum Igni Lyviu by. A amp Muel a Zieffler Alfred Cohen b. J. Reefer jews plan overseas unit. I 1 Temple sisterhood. M Springfield Ohio a the november social cd it Mil tree the Thev Zedikah sisterhood gave a card party wednesday evening nov. 17th, in the dub. Room the hotel Shawnee. Beant a Ful favors were won by several the ladies. Home made cd Kes contributed by the ladies the committee and ice Cream were served during the evening. The affair proved a financial As Well As a social Success credit for which was due to the following com a Muttee mrs. Justin Altschul chair Man mrs. Murry Braunstein Mraz Jerry Samuels mrs. Sam Jaffa mrs. George Kleeman mrs. John Muckler and mrs. Percy congregational Bible a ass fostered by the sisterhood has been formed by rabbi Simon Cohen and he its first meeting at the Home mrs Samuel Altschul p monday evening dec. 0th. Plans for the years work were disc ased. The class is to meet bimonthly St the Homes the second meeting was scheduled for monday evening dec. 13th, at the Home mrs. M. Braunstein. The Blu Cal subject is to be rhe legend the rabbi Oei Imi will also discuss 4be present Day situation in Palestine with references to the recent article in the saturday evening Post. Owensboro �? sunday afternoon the regular sisterhood meeting was held in the triple. After the business meeting a program was Given by the Sabbath Sci ool children which was flt flowed by that the sisterhood a lighting the Chann Kah ugh la Sabbath school children. Poem truth a Alice Siegel poem a bight Little Candle a Carolyn Cohn and Adolph Baker Story Chann Kah it. Madeline Koll to Unnic Story Esther Barohn vocal Solo a at dawning Cadman miss Blanche Feverlicht paper a zionism a mrs. Rose Siegel vocal Solo a a love a whisper Ash Quot Worth. Miss Lillian Rosenthal a the Banner the jews Emma Lazarus mrs. Marc Wile paper Gravetz historian miss Sylvia Grey Iberg. At the pm inclusion the program the hostesses the aft Emo Ltd mrs. Rose Siegel mrs. Lawrence Weill mrs. Ben Wile and mrs. H. Barohn served in the vestry room and the regular hanukah treat was Given the children. M Tablet dedicated to . Schlesinger at Albany Temple. A commemorating the fifty five year Rabbinate . Max Schlesinger the congregation Temple Beth Beth Albany n. Y., deem tour 10, formally dedicated a Bronze memorial Tablet with impressive Cerera Onlea the serve Ioe was att Eiklid by dieting silted jewish leaders from All Over the Soite and Remi Lecent addresses to in w works and services the tote rabbi were made by the Rev. Or. Alexander Lyons Brookli a a and tie Rev. Or. Saini Iel h. Goldenson Pittsburg for a erty Albany. Following an introductory address by Samuel Hessberg president the congregation the to blot Wittus in walled by Samuel t. Sonnenfeld. The inscription recites the Long service the dead rabbi from 1863 to 1919, and recalls twit the present Temple is the result his vision and Lal it . It characterized a him As a a nmn Liat walked with god patriotic citizen profound scholar reverend rabbi and a Leader in american Reform and it also bears in hebrew and English the test a Ekls Delight was in the to is the rabbi David h. Gross Troy read the Sabbath evening service and pronounced the the Ccu Nealt tee which arranged the service cams list Howard b. Stark chairman Jan a a a s. Friedman Moses f. Aufseeser Samuel t. Sonnenfeld and William l. Gap Ethelm. New York jews Honor the pilgrims. The tercentenary the Landing a the Pilgrim fathers was observed by about a 0 prominent jews at a meet ing the Judaean at the Hel 5�?T Sylvania sunday night at new Yorac City. The speakers were a h. Faunce president Brown Ulver sity and Oscar s. Straus past presi Dent the american jewish historical in society in conjunction with which body the meeting was held. Judge a Samsom Lachman presided. Faunce said that he read with horror a Book with the a heartless Quot a the a the cause the worlds in Reata a and declared that the fifteen million Peirona Pilgrim and Positan ancestry As a whole a reject a a pure Farl cation a statements in that be Ltd and la books like it

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