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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - December 9, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioLet there 1� a if be 67 Cincinnati Ohio december 9, 1920. For Iitto North it slut. F bluebirds. No heart can hold a lasting love forever fair forever True that throbs not endlessly and thrills to Flotd the old love Ever new. No mind is worthy to he free a nor know the strength of freedoms Power that Battles not for Liberty. And wins its fit Edom every hour. No spirit lives to be divine Quot a a nor dares to Hope eternally. That in this world does not achieve its Dally immortality. A Robert Lee Straus. Cincinnati november 1920. The religions school and the Home by William Franklin Rosenblum director Temple religious school Nashville Tenn. Judaism is awake to the fact that instead of being nurtured in the Faith the youth of today is being weaned away. During the last ten years Reform jewry especially has suffered from chronic sleeping sickness. Temple services have attracted a Host of worshippers on the two distinctive holy Days As heretofore but the regular Friday night and Shabbas a Omilig services have been marked by a Wisd Ling congregate is. Religious schools have had their usual quota of children but with tie conclusion of the Cert Mony of conf Matlon Many of these boys and girls seem to have shed All reverence and regard for the scenes of their religious education. These statements sound Over Berrti but they Are made in a Calm spirit of diagnosis by one who has Wor iced in the Field for almost to years and who is this very Day in harness not a rabbi but a Layman accustomed to dispassionate analysis and wearing Ava haole facts and apparent tendencies in an a impassioned manner. The situation is Sudi in our Community it is such in other communities the Wal apr has been privileged to visit it seems to be typical of a considerable number of cities 4f assurances of otherwise reliable informants Are taken at face value. Just what is wrong what must be done who shall do it these questions from interested devoted jewish men and women clamor for reply. In the belief that the underlying troubles Are the same the country Over the smaller communities particularly the writer in Roll discuss tie situation from the Angle of a typical composite Community one Large Mough to have a Temple with membership of four Hundred two Synagog and Good sized bodies of the representative Lay organisations such As the by Lei by Rith and the Council of jewish women a y. H. A. And a Small 1mrflbw y. W. H. A. The primary trouble is with the Home and tie religious conceptions of parents. The Inot Lier of today seems not to be like the Mother of old who concerned herself with the religious education of the child. Today tie impression prevails that All religious instruction should be left to the a sunday the child spends Only two hours each week in the average Reform jewish sunday school yes a religious school is often a Misnomer because the children Are not there Long enough to learn their religion the teachers in such schools Are for the Large part willing but untrained worn in not a few those upon whose hands time hangs heavy and upon whom time has begun his fateful sculpturing and who seek in their weekly Contact with children a sort of tonic reminder of their own fading youth. The chief interest of such teachers lies not in the children but the revive location their own flagging Sprita of course there Are some schools where All teachers Are trained pedagogy and others where some of the teachers capable Earnest devoted. However with the exceptions of schools in the larger communities which Are under the supervision of enthusiastic rabbis the teaching is not constructive the discipline is lax and the chief incentive for attendance is that the a a kids have a a Good Many communities this Conception of the religious school As a Fine place for a Lark is encouraged by the attitude of the rabbi principal and teachers who permit children to Advance from Grade to Grade and into the sacred period of preparation for confirmation without the slightest regard to the work they have or have not done during the year. The Only other school the child attends the Public or private grammar school. Insists that the child pass a test and a a know their work before they can be promo Teil. The religious school Doe. Not and it is simple child psychology that he should have a Little respect for such an organization. And having Little respect for the school he cannot very Well be impressed with what is there taught him. I had to fight such an attitude in our own City and it was Only with Trio support of a wonderfully progressive committee of men and women that at last the principle has been established that our religious school is no loafing ground and that children will be advanced from Grade to Grade Only upon satisfactory evidence that they have done some study at Home and have paid a great Deal of attention at school. In the lower grades Oral tests Are Given while in the higher classes Wal twi Ore introduced while in All classes frequent reviews Are interspersed during the regular class is our insistence upon tails Standard of proficiency that has served to reveal the deplorable attitude of the heme. Children Tell us that their nethers will not help them that fathers cannot the mothers Are Busy at Bridge parties or the card games which absorb their attention May be of an even More lucrative character. There Are a a movies to 8ee so Many showers and teas and fun colons to attend. And the Hoys and girls themselves some not Over fourteen Are also Ena enraged to attend party after party. Yes and they have a swe hearts with whom Forsooth they make of i know that Many readers will Stop at this Point and Indyg a a a Heiy say a nonsense two Man must he out of his head a perhaps this a a a. A my a. Picture is not faithful to conditions in All communities. Go Merally it is a realistic portrayal especially of smaller communities. Another Home Factor is the father. His influence in religious matters was once dominating in the Home now it is not Only nil but decidedly negative. His business is always of on the Day we refer to As the Sabbath and in numerous cases he does not Stop the wheels of to Bey Maklon on the holidays. In fact he is often known bar his Childr to he la the roes of a heated game of poker or intensely occupied with the infinitely fascinating Southern pastime referred to As a african Golf at the very hour that the Temple is clamouring for worshippers to save the Raibl the humid Latiin of preaching to an inanimate Host of empty benches. Think of the irony of this situation 1 while the spiritual Leader and the Felt Ful few Are repeating to get holy pledge a we Bow our Heads and Bend our Knees a not an insignificant percentage of the male membership of the congregation Are on their Knees bending their Heads Over the floor their gaze intent upon the roiling tact cd of two spotted cubes at whose every shop to a standstill there is a shifting of Fortune. When the average boy or girl asks the Avee Ruge fatties or Mother something about our jewish leaders something about the principles of our Faith something about tiie significance of our holidays and ceremonials the reply almost universally is a ask the Rabbit or a ask your sunday school but when that same child seeks assistance in arithmetic or geography or any one of the subjects taught in his Fie Cular school both Mother and father a re prepared to help. Subtly therefore the child mind postulates that attendance at religious a drool is not for the purpose of learning things to be remembered and practice but merely a duty performed in deference to some vague mass demand. He gathers from occasional unguarded conversations that Many people go to Temple a just to see who is there and that a we ought to Send our children to sunday school because people will How can the average child attend the Rell Grioua school in a spirit of Fervour How can he remain uninfected with the germ of the wonder la that he submits at All to such seemingly needless tax upon his time and mind. A third Factor Wlinich Ever negatives All efforts of the religious school to imbue our boys and girls with a spirit of True reverence for our Faith is found in their Brothers and Sisters who have a a graduated before them and who shortly after confirmation have become As definitely separated from All ideas of learning about their religion or attending divine services As the Republic of Liberia is from that of the United states. Christians attend their sunday schools until they Are called Back to the greater school of the beyond. Whole families a go to Schoohs together. It is no wonder they Are consistent Church goers. The mothers and fathers set the example an example that is in strict conformity with an axiomatic principle of Good modern pedagogy a teach by jewish children Are taken As far As the Temple door on sunday mornings Atid then their fond parents and gloss matters will make the younger Fellows More cognizant of the importance and purpose falness of their work at school. Yes and the Lett la Sisters will be inspired As Well 2. There i uld be special committees from our sisterhood charged with the duty of visiting All omes in an Effort to encourage attendance at religious school on the part of All children to encourage too the Observance in the Home of vital holidays and the performance of sacred. Inherently jew Loti ceremonials. It takes but five minutes to bless the Sabbath lights but in that Brief space of time the jewish Mother of today can teach her children More of the jewish belief in god As the preserver of peace and Good will Ana inspire them with greater Severance for their maker than the instruction received in a thousand schools. Here is a forceful example of a tearing by doing a such sisterhood committees i Ould be composed of women who by their own sincerely pious and exemplary lives have set an example for other we Omen to follow. They must be Oraen of tact diplomacy magnetism Zeal. In every Community there Are such a mothers in they should be enlisted nay drafted into service. 3. Another practical organization should be kept alive and not be permitted to be a Mere figurehead As is now the Case. The alumni association of the religious school can be made a vital Factor in the promotion of religious activity. Of course meetings of such an Assoc Marion Sli Ould be More devoted to social because the Active membership will be composed largely of recent confirm ants who belong to the adolescent group. They Are of the age which craves excitement play action something a a new All the time. Why should not this natural state of mind be recognized a legitimate inclination and directed into character building channels under religious Chaperon age if not religious Tutelage tie great tro table w Ith Many sincere souls is the the would get these Youmg people into sedate Bible classes or some association equally austere and failing in this they Nei act the Young folks altogether. What should be done is to Foster a live alumni association with a carefully planned program of activities the major part of them social in character. Plays dances outings May be with inspiring talks Bibie Dis Cus on and other serious features in such a skillful Way As to maintain interest at a High pitch. This Acom pm aliment is Best realized by placing the alumni under the supervision of men arid women who no matter what their age Are themselves Young in spirit a just kids grown up As the colloquial phraseology so aptly describes them. Dancing for instance is of itself a healthful diversion not an evil pastime. Even More than that under the proper conditions it is a pleasurable exercise which helps boys and girls to Divy iop poise and Grace and to wholesome attitude toward each other. It is because the Temple though not frowning upon the dance As does the methodist Church ignores this wonderful Avenue of approach that Young people seek their recreation under other auspices often under Chaperon age that is thoroughly indulgent or entirely negative. Not Long ago Jorn to the a a club or return Home. One of our. Rabbis said a a done to worry when school is out these fond parents we Ait for their children on the outside. Can we blame the boys and girls for looking askance upon a school and an edifice where their of n parents seem so reluctant to tread there is no gain in prolonging further the discussion of Dii faculties. Earnest men and we Omen who Are serving on religious school committees and As superintendents Are doggedly pursuing their work in spite of them. What need is a remedy to change this indifference into enthusiasm to awake our communicants from their lethargy to make Home once More the primal religious school so that children will there absorb jews Ash principles and jewish ideals because jewish observances will Grace the Home life. That the remedy must be found at once is More apparent in View of the pernicious the malicious the libellous a a charges that Are being levelled against the entire jewish body by the paid propagandists of Henry Ford for not the least inconspicuous of these a a charges is that the jew is fast forsaking his Faith and is living a wholly godless life. Our Rabbinate to Lough numbering in its ranks Many gifted orators and profound Soh Olare seems generally to have failed in stirring tie jewish soul of today. Their dissertations do not play upon the heart strings and make them vibrant with Devotion and sin Caritj. Few Are those among them who Are Content to a a we Alk humbly with their god and set a living example to their communities. They Are worldly. A look just like business men a As a Christian Friend said to me. Manifestly their leadership can not be of the kind that inspires that moves to sacrifice and piety. A new source of inspiration must be found. The Campaign no v under Way we Rich will Send an army of Earnest jewish laymen into every jewish Community to plead for a revival of jewish Faith and jews ish interest is one momentous step in the right direction. Men of the Type of Mortimer Schiff and Julius Rosenwald will command the hearts and souls of their fellow jews because their sacrifices for our people and our religious cause have been Many. This work How Ever should be but a beginning of an intensive and prolonged Campaign. Certain practical methods of a a follow up should be initiated to capitalize on this revival. A few Are Here mentioned. There Are Many others which May be subsequently discussed. 1. The organization of menus clubs and Young menus clubs in affiliation with our temples should be system magically undertaken and fostered. These clubs will be the Laymi no a Clearing ground for All matters of religious and general be Wilt interest it May involve one night away from the card club or the sacrifice of some social activity but the Richness of knowledge gained the growing consciousness that being a jew is not an Accident but a prerogative the feeling that life has spiritual values these will repay a thousandfold the possible winnings at the gaming table. In these chips will be included the fathers and big Brothers of 2ie boys now attending religious schools. The knowledge that their elders Are devoting some time to Rell if Young people stay away from Temple now they will come Hack some the writers attitude is a a done to let them get away and they wont have to come a a joining backs is such an Uncertain condition because during the process of a staying away a especially when the period of absent has been during the plastic formative years of adolescence jewish ideals May have been entirely forgotten jewish ceremonials discarded jewish religious feeling lulled to a sound sleep. Those who a come backs usually do so under the urge of some misfortune and it is wrong to give the impression that religion is Only effective in hours of unhappiness no the religious school and the Temple through a Active alumni organization must keep our religious school graduates in the fold and teach them that Judaism is a constant vital living Factor. 4. There is still another source of efficient co operation in the work or religious revival which must be stress Cal and that is a Good religious school Library. Generally speaking Public libraries carry few books about jewish matters religious or otherwise. The want must he supplied by a distinctly jewish collections of books and the religious school is the Best place to House it because then the jewish books May be introduced to children when they Are in the habit forming stage. Their introduction to books about their Faith and people wisely and patiently effected will develop in them a habit that will grow stronger we Ith the years and in generations to come we will have not merely a a reformed jews but Quot informed jews and if both Are not perfectly compatible i am tempted to assert that it would be Wise to scrap the former classification in favor of the latter. A vigorous rabbi once said that our failure to read up on jewish matters was making a a chloroformed jews out of most of us. His utterance was not so very wide of the Mark. In our own religious schools we have a Library under the supervision of a Young lady who is sincerely enthusiastic about her work. The children Are not forced to take jewish books but whenever this can be tactfully done such books Are placed in their hands. We heed a wider literature for jewish Young people. And we need a More sympathetic interest on the part of mothers and fathers Toi Ards jewish books. The Young jew who will know something of our history Aid the great jews who Are helping to Mould world policy can enlighten our Chris than neighbors effectively when they show a prejudice in inquisitiveness As to the jews usefulness because of the,.tirades of or. Fords so secured scribes. Prejudice is bom of ignorance. Ignorance should not exist the jew himself must Tell the world the truth about his history and his Faith if the distortions of venomous minds and a Gerful hearts As expressed in the writing of jew haters and jew waiters Are to be neutralized. Propaganda May be the forerunner of pogrom. Magazine articles that Are saturated with fals oods can Poison the minds of our it a Ghiors with sweeping quickness. We must become informed jews 80 that we May keep the world informed about the jews in formed truth truly. Jewish libraries will help. Let us have them. I was about to conclude this article when i Recette a a Call from one of our social Lead for who is very eager for her Young Dalig liter to enter the Confer Maimi Chuili this has brought Home to me Che necessity for stressing one More Point the farcical attitude of our adults awards confirmation. This particular it to a has never shown any internet in or religious studies. Therefore the 4twctor refuses to permit her Entrance into the confirm Malmi class until she Yaeju ants herself with certain prescribed work. Is the Mother trying to co cult a ate to help her daughter least Hie required lessons no she want him to make concessions to show Favri Elsm. And sad to say she seems to find a responsive assistance on the part of the very person who should is the last to encourage perfunctory a on filiation because his is the duty to instill respect for Judaism in the boys and girls that Are to pass in solent procession before him on the Sac pay of induction into the of site. Be hid what is the main reason for the soothers dogged de Tern nation to stove Temple Board bbl Reti Givus a drool director teacher and everyone Weissi is it her religions desire to have the daughter inspired towards a devout Judaism no a Here Are certain a Little friends of her daughter in this years class and they belong to the same for Soobit confirmation is no longer a Religo of ceremony hut a social occasion and one must be confirmed with ones set you know do How the soul of any Earnest jew must revolt at such a vulgar Conception of the sacred ceremonial of of initiation into the privileged convocation of Judaism. One of the reasons for our religious lethargy is the Early age at which confirmation is allowed. The sainted or. Leonard Levy insisted that Hie confirm ants should have reached the age of sixteen when it could be reasonably assumed that they understood something of tie nature of Ifo solemn an obligation As entered into the a covenant of now boys and girls Are confirmed when they Are thirteen and in our Community we have had to overcome str Inous opposition even to establish this age level for Many wanted their children confirmed at twelve. Of course these people regarded confirmation As a gala dress event or a Fine gift receiving occasion. Judaism is a Faith with a message. Judaism is a religion with a soul. Judaism is the Creed which has Given the world the belief in the one god a belief that has substituted Light for darkness. The decay of would impair the existence of All religions just As its inception brought Light into the world and forever slut out the darkness of Stark paganism and idol Wor a Iii. Shall the work of centuries be scrapped in one orgy of forgetfulness and indifference. Shall the sacrifices and sufferings or millions of our people through the centuries be cast aside As Mere momentary fanaticism or shall we once again awaken to our True conviction that Judaism is the hallowed word of god hallowed by the sacrificial blood of our forefathers and destined More than Ever to guide the world to an Era of spiritual growth and peaceful brotherly understanding not Only a Small army of devoted jews Are we Alting for the answer to question but a vast army of christians Loyal Liberal Friendly christians who understand and sceptical indifferent uninformed gentiles who Are ready to resort to the method of the inquisition the moment Judaism has failed to justify itself. Once i would have said the answer must come from the pulpit. Today after years of experience with religious schools and temples 1 know the answer must come from the Home tie for a hews according to the reports in the latest european jewish journals at hand Home is the real Temple of Judaism. Jotting at Lincoln neb., a brotherhood has been organized at Temple by Nai Jesu run with k. V. Pepperberg president Carl Weil vice president and Albert Speier Secretary treasurer. The meeting evoked great enthusiasm and the program committee is at work on a series of lectures socials and entertainments for the season. Rabbi Singer addressed the thursday Moning lecture Circle on a medieval heh vew for the first time in the history of Paducah ky., there was a joint thanksgiving service held at the Syria Gog in which the ministers and congregations of the leading methodist Church the first presbyterian Church and rabbi Pizer Jacobs took part. Rabbi Jacobs Quot a thadress was on a divine discontent a and made a deep impression the attendance was very Large the Temple being packed to the doors and Many of those present expressed the belief that the occasion would exercise a lasting influence and create a better feeling of brotherhood irrespective of Creed. The Charity Ball Given annually by the Dayton Ohio by Nal by Rith Lodge will take place this year on the evening of december 25. The proceeds will be used for the maintenance of charitable institutions to which the Lodge contributes. Last year $750 was cleared. The come Pittee of arrangements is headed by or. Joseph Cline. Assistants on the committee Are Sidney 6. Kus Worra mrs. Stone mrs. Rose Herman mrs. Joseph Schwarz mrs. Lester Kusworm and mrs. Samuel Mayerberg. Affiliated clubs As Well As the Temple sisterhood and Council of jewish women Are co operating. The congregations of Temple Israel situated at Bedford and Lafayette avenues and the Quot Keap Street Temple two of the leading Reform congregations of Brooklyn n. Y., have United. The amalgamation will probably form the largest and most influential congregation in the City. Or. Louis d. Gross h. It. C., 1909 is the rabbi of Temple Israel and the officers of the congregation Are Albert l. Levy president m. B. Schmidt vice presi Dent Mark Goodstein treasurer. Aaron Marcus Secretary. The Board of trustees Are Michael first Julius Reiner Albert Behrend Jacob Albert Leon Meyer Isaac Bebr Estelo s. L. Gellis and Stephen Caplin. November 19 conditions in Poland Urania and Hungary Are Nowise improved. Be Ileal situation in Poland. The Grove moment has prohibited jews from trading in articles used for Christian religious purposes. The chief of the polish citizens guards at Warsaw has praised the conduct of the jewish members. According to a ministerial statement the polish commission of enquiry will rehabilitate the Honor of the executed Raibl Shapiro of Plotzk. The priests at Warsaw have received orders to inquire into the motives of jews ish applicants for conversion a in View of the Large number of jewish Large numbers of jews Are emigrating from Pomerania to Germany. Two thirds of the jewish town let Vigo a has been Burnt Down. The jewish deputies made if presen Tatios to the government to provide restitution to the jewish exiles now permitted to return to their Homes of the property seized by the other inhabitants. The jewish deputies have submitted to the House a scheme for the development of polish Commerce. In the meantime however the anti semitic deputies Are endeavouring to restrict the number of jews on the Stock Exchange committees. Deputy Hartglass complained in the House of the heavy censorship of the jewish press in Poland. Events reported abroad and in the polish press often May not be repeated in the jewish press. Sometimes the latter is not even allowed to Praise the Sevem ment. Naturally the jewish press must not dwell too much on anti semitic excesses. Or. Grunbaum stated in the House that the police at Glodava utilized a list of names of jewish refugees who had escaped before the Advance of the Bela Hovitch army and sent it no As a report that they had All entered the red army. The list contained the names of Many women and babies. Or. Grunbaum declared that Poland now consisted of sixty per cent of poles and forty per cent of non poles. In the circumstances the Only Pottey of the government was to Grant to la nationalities minority rights. The Warsaw police closed a number of Small Synagog on the ground that the old russian permits for the opening of Synagog were no longer valid and that new pc disc permits were necessary. The ministry in reply to jewish representations promised to cease the wholesale commandeering of Syna Gog premises for government purposes the government commission has completed its inquiries at Wishkoff into the anti semitic charges. The jewish witnesses were maltreated in the streets. Nevertheless the commission proved the falsity of the charges made. All the arrested jews who had been tortured were released and the author of the libels or. Voi Vudi i was himself arrested. The famous polish historian or. Luginsky has published an Appeal against the Cam Palgon of hatred against the jews. According to a statement made by the polish Premier a polio jewish understanding can be effected As soon As a the jews Are ready for it has been definitely ascertained that during the recent pogrom at Vilna which lasted thirty six hours six jews were killed and five jew esses were dishonoured. Six persons were severely wounded. The losses amounted to Sipany millions of Marks. Subsequently or. Segal a jew was appointed assistant chief of the police the present authorities recognize the yiddish language. They also declared themselves in favor of Equality for the jews and appointed the jew Sper to manage jewish affairs. The economic position of the local jews is daily growing worse. All businesses Are closed. The jewish schools and charitable institutions Are about to suspend to Weir activities on account of Lack of Means. The Vienna Arbeiter Zeitung states that the polish ambassador is pre pared to withdraw his protest against the transportation of galician refugees to Poland. The ambassador is ready to permits to refugees to return Home immediately. The gazeta Warszawska the Organ of the Polis i National i it Enio it tatic party severely criticizes professor Ashkenasy a statement to an inter viewer that he is a Good pole and goofy jew. The paper declares that is impossible for any Man to be both and states that it reads Between the lines of Ashkenasy a statements proof Liat he 1ms taken an Active Pai t in the jewish a Anonymous the Telegraph Offlee at Somp Alno declined to accept a Telegram from the local jews appealing to the deputies to arrest the growing pogrom agitation pogroms Are Rei Birtett from Bor Issow and Smolev Tehi. Eleven jewish bodies were brought to Belostock from a Forest in the neighbourhood of the town. The rabbi ran a great risk in going to the Forest to bring the corpses to the town. The total number of jewish dead recently found near Belostock is Twenty four. The jewish deputies brought to the notice of the polish House that gendarmes had murdered five jews at Belsk namely messes. Joshua Milberg Mendel Suk Nowitch Selig Grunberg Moses Zuberman and one who was unknown. The situation in Hungary. The rioting at the Budapest University is still in Progress. The rioters wish to Force the government to expel All jewish students. The minister of education declines to take action against the anti semites although in the course of the excesses non jews mistaken As jews also suffered. The minister of Commerce Promisee to inquire into cases of torture of jewish merchants. In the meantime three More wealthy merchants. A Klinger e. Klinger and Hoffer have disappeared. They Are believed to have been killed by the military gangs. Hungarian officers abducted the jewish merchant Mahuel Loewi to Walt zen where they robbed him of i,000 Kronen. Subsequently they flogged and shot him. A Telegram from the Vienna Elt a respondent of the Manchester guardian Tri Public tried on Friday states that in the Antl sell tic riots in Budapest during the last few Days Over Hundred persons were wounded. Jews in the hungarian capital Are greatly exited and a Portia of the press Calls upon the govern sent to put an end to such occurrences by energetic a unites. Or in Felt members Erie hungarian pall Korent Call non Quot Fife government to bring these mar desert before a court martial. The ambassadors Counce has addressed a note to the hungarian government stating that the Allied governments Are determined to Enface the principle of the Protection of racial and religious minorities when the peace treaty has been ratified and has already made representations on the subject to neighbouring governments. The league of nations and the jews. Sir Eric Drummond general Secretary of the league of nations accompanied by All the members of his staff has paid an official visit to the chief Raibl of Geneva the present Headquarters of the league. In reply to the chief rabbits Welcome. Sir Eric gave assurances of his Devotion to the jews. After referring to the action of great Britain in Palestine and to sir Herbert Samuel a activities. Sir Eric declared that he and the members of the secretariat would be United in the defense of the jews and expressed the conviction that the league of nations would to the full discharge its duties to the jews. He hoped that very soon and in every nation All the jews would enjoy the rights of men and of citizens. Henceforward they would not Appeal in vain to the Justice of men. The Ukraine Gehenna. At Lubar Budney a cossacks plundered nearly All jewish houses. Seventy three jews were killed and Over three Hundred were wounded. Nearly All jew esses were violated and thirty six girls were abducted. Their whereabouts is still unknown. The town was Burnt Down. A pitiful Story also comes from Komarov where ukrainians plundered wholesale and killed sixteen jews. Forty seven jews were severely wounded and hundreds were beaten. Many jew esses were dishonoured the Synagog desecrated and the scrolls of the Law torn up. The losses amount to Twenty million Marks. Seventy five per cent of the jews Are practically naked and starving. Sixty per cent of the Henses have no Glass in the window panes. The Tow let Dorodea near Grodno was destroyed in the recent Battles. The a i jews Are homeless they Are without clothing or food. The London federation of ukrainian jews has a lived the following wire from Warsaw new ukrainian pogroms by bolsheviks and pet Loura. The jews tit masses Are fleeing to America. Warsaw is full of emigrants. I ent hts a is necessary. Cable Large sums of jewish National Council grab and Podl Ishevsky Palestine a of Huiai languages Are English arabic and hebrew. Palestine is now a Tri Lingual country. English arabic and hebrew Are recognized As the official languages of Palestine. All government ordinances official notices and forms will be published in these languages. Correspondence May be addressed to any government department in any one of these languages. Correspondence will be issued from government departments in whichever language is practically convenient. Telegrams May be sent in any of the three languages. All railway and Road notices will be in the three languages. In municipal and Rural areas where there is a considerable jewish population the three languages will be used in the offices of the District and sub District governors of the municipalities and of other official bodies in the same manner As in the government departments. Such districts will be termed Tri Lingual areas. They will be eclied by the High commissioner. The present trl Lingual areas Are Jerusalem City Jaffa town and District sub districts of Tiberias and Safe Hajaleh town and sub District Haifa town Elmr Aaron sub District. Other areas May be added from time to time the guiding principle being the pres ence of a population of not less than 20 per cent of jews in the population of the area. The official announcement provides that in the courts of Law Aud land registries of a Tri Lingual area every process every official copy of a judg ment and every official document shall be issued in the language of the person to whom it is addressed and written and Oral pleadings shall be con ducted in any of the three languages the government it is reported sending its official translations to the hebrew language Institute for Corree ton. New Toril Huppe is politics. A report on the political results in new York shows once More the complexity of the jewish attitude toward matters of Liis kind. To speak of jews As protagonists of any one political form of thought is to speak of what has never been True in history and experience. In new York the attempt to defeat the socialist ticket resulted in Many cases in a series of fusions Between democrats and republicans. Isaac Siegelman Defeated Morris Hilquet. Both Are jews. Or. Huq Uit is a leading socialist Meyer London a jew Defeated Henry Gold Fogle also a jew. The former is a socialist the latter a conservative Republican. Nathan Strait is jr., a Democrat was elected to the state legislature while the socialist Assem Friy men jews in the main were re elected. This is a Complex which is worthy of note. It merely goes to show that jews select their political affiliations with absolutely no consideration of hurling the Small number of jewish voters into politics As a compact body. It is a sign of the ability of the jew to participate freely in american political life with no Samperi amp of Bonds such As his enemies so frequently would ascribe to him. Judann techies that Man is the messenger of god i his remit Ltd i with his of a Trowman and not a member of a bloc or group to be delivered at the whim of a Petit real scribe. A direct backfire against the lord a Day alliances agitation for a Rig a Puritan sunday in new York was started november 29 by several sporting and amusement organisations in which the International sorting Chiffi sponsor of the boxing Bill which passed the last legislature is conspicuous. The object of the Organ leation Fonash ton of what iffy was set in motion As tout Best Way to combat those who advocate the a no place to go hut Durch a place to stay but Home Sanday Ide is to crystallise sentiment in Ivor of Liberal sunday Observance Dace it 00 record in Concrete form and Lay it before the new gov door As a Oon As he takes office to convince him that tto puritanical idea would not meet with the approval of the great majority of citizens. Whue the flt will be directed against the lords Day alkanes pro pay Sunda As its immediate a directive there will be an Effort to disabuse the governors mind of the sentiment which has been reported popular in certain Republican Cirdes that the Liberal attitude towards sports of the present democratic Adela stration she old be reversed in reprisal tor the popularity governor Smith is said fio have gained in Dpi Orting Ercles by Siga ing the boxing Bill. Robert l. Moran county cleric of the Bronx announced december 1, that he would organise at once the league for the preservation of sunday recreation. This league according to its founders. Is to function in All five boroughs and is to wage a Vig wons warfare on those who want of top be their own ideas of How to spend Sun Day on others with More Liberal views. Or. Moran said a citizens committee would Lead the of a station and that it would co it rate wit ii such others As have the same Objet in View. It was explained that or. Moran fat particularly resentful of the Active Latiea of the Rev. Or. Harry l. Bowlby Secretary of the lords Day Alliance a resident of new Jersey. The county clerk believes the Clergyman Diguid confine his efforts to his own Static at least until he has Hront that to the Point of Sanday a a perfection Hldi he desires for new a Turk. Or. Mara ii a decision was based Lai Ely it was said upon his belief that a return to the old Puritan Sabbath would mean the renascence in this City of All sets of secret Han hts of vice and crime. Or. Moran and some of those who Are supporting him Are convinced that if idl sorts of wholesome specs and amusements were made in Laufa Thoo Sanfiz of persons would be driven not into the churches but into Lem healthful and lawful Means of pasing their weekly Day of rest. Assembly Mon Samuel Dickstein announced that he would reintroduce when the legislature convenes next month the Bill Eltoh narrowly is Capsid inf Vross. Tod mud on amending the Law regard fight Sanday work so As to permit those who on serve the seventh Day instead of the first As the Day of rest to engage in secular business. Herman Weiss an inmate of the sons and daughters of Israel Etone recently underwent a serious operation and recovered so rapidly that in a very sort time he was Able to leave the to ital. In View of the fact lamp to or. Weiss is 101 years old this i rather noteworthy. Assistant United states District attorney Samuel in Desider of Newark n. J., and miss Hortense s. Fold of Paterson n. J., were married Normn ber 29, in Barnet memorial Hall Pider son by rabbi Harry Jeun Frimond. Llie Bride who is the Daug Kisr of or. And mrs. Moses i. Fold was attended by miss Theora Katzy a a Bifid of Honor and the other attendants were miss Dora blown and my of Firlotte by Stein and Yonng Misa a evian Landay. Who acted As Flower girls. Or. H. B. Kessler of Newark served As his brother a Best Man and the Ushers were Bernard Epstein a amp or Friend Nathaniel Kessler and Morris Cohn. The marriage of mis Arebecca Kaufman daughter of or. And mrs. K. Kaufman of Newark a and aria i. Levien Brooklyn Tosk place december 1 at the hotel Astor the item. Or. S. Foster officiating. Ralph Jonas a brother in Law of the bridegroom acted As Best Man. After an extent Ted honeymoon trip in the South or. And mrs. Levien will reside at 128 onto for Terrace Newark. Louis Metzger 76 years old formerly head of the firm of Louis Metzger amp son dealers in confectioners supplies died on november 27, at the Home of his son in Law 4 Prospect Park Southwest. Or. Metzger was a trustee of the Temple Israel. Ignatius l. Rosenthal of 135 Central Park West died november 29 of pneumonia following an operation. He was 55 years old. Or. Rosenthal was at the head of the banking House of Rosenthal amp sons of Guatemala and of the Coffee importing and exporting firm of Rosenthal amp Sou. Julius president of the Unity club Brooklyn died suddenly dec engiber 2 of a paralytic stroke at Hla apartment in the hotel Peter Stuy Vesant 2 West mighty sixth Street. He was 58 years old and had lived most of his life on president Street Brooklyn. He had built More than four Hundred apartment houses in that Borough and one Hundred at Neponsit l. I. He was a trustee of the jewish Hospital a director of the hebrew orphan Asylum and a former vice president of the citizens Trust company. Louis Spiegel a retired wholesale liquor dealer of Brooklyn died of pneumonia december 2 at his Home 280 Argyle Road Flatbush. Or. Spie a gel was a former president of the United distillers of new Yorac in president of the Spiegel amp Kramer in Quot vestment company. He was a member of Arcana Lodge 246, f. And a. M., the scottish rites Bod Lee and a of Kismet Temple niches of the Mystic shrine. Miss Edith Mildred Engel Daus ter of or. And mrs. Max Fingel of 106 Central Park West and Harry Phillips or Soo of or. And mrs. Hair Phillips fit the hotel Peter Stuyvesant 2 West blighty sixth Street were merited december 4 at the hotel so begot the Here Rainy was Perfo nod to Ike Rev. Or. Stel frito s. Wlee i Tike Lsible Xii. Suite under a Canoso a i a a tax and Roseau _ d a ii

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