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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - December 2, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioThe let there we it. Be Light. Vol me 67 cult Cannati Ohio december 2. 1920. A number 23. Written for to it Raolo. P re8crvati0n. The 8p or of Amo Loa co Munoo on Tho Mountain top of common 8enao. Here there everywhere i feel his preset need my Sii Fht grows dim As from a burning Bush. A great god a i cry a what must i do to help the tangled nations grappling with Dei air shall i jump naked into foreign seas and Trust Ray arms alone to keep afloat a when struggling nay grasps me by the Throat or shall i jump with a round my body curled Strong native ropes that i can pull to save a he takes my conscience in his Healing hand. I hear him say Quot hark understand 1, who am god created thee a Man to Lead this is thy destiny act not the fool. David Maibrunn. New York City. Overthrow of civilization. The jews i ment is nothing it a Steward of the have never conspired with the free-1 people is a Mere Perak. These Are masons or with any other body for the very doctrines that one would sex any purpose. Pet a the protagonists of autocrat from the time of the destruction of by. Nothing can be More foreign to the Temple at Jerusalem by Titus the i jewish thought and aspiration than jews have bad no political state. For these brutal theories of reaction. That centuries they were forced to wander from land to land to flee for Refuge wherever they might find it against bitter persecution. They were pent up ghettos were deprived of even the Shadow of civil or political rights and were made the objects of every Possi byte form of discrimination. It is Little More than fifty years since the jews of Western Europe became politically emancipated. Until the outbreak of the world War the jews of Eastern Europe constituting a majority of All the jews of the world were not even permitted to exercise the rights of citizenship in lands where they and their ancestors had dwelt for generations. The great mass of the jews were hampered in a Ery Way in their efforts to earn a livelihood. Far from desiring whatever that May mean 8a 8 a or vat a Tama u a. _ .11 a Plain butement of facts leading american jewish organizations join in exposing the lies upon which the infamous jew baiting Campaign is based. New York nov. 30, 1920.�?a conference to discuss the widespread Campaign of secret Antl jew ii propaganda in the United states was called by the american jewish Kim Muttee. This conference was participated in by the Foremost National jewish organizations and authorized the issuance of a Public statement in which the so called a protocols of the Learned elders of Zion now being circulated in Large numbers by secret agencies Are condemned As a forgery and the charge that bolshevism is part of a conspiracy of jews and freemasons to secure Thorld domination is denounced As a malicious invention inspired by foreign reactionary forces for the purpose of Breeding suspicion and hatred of the jews and freemasons in the United states in order to discredit a free government in the eyes of the european masses and thus facilitate the restoration of absolutism in the signatories of the declaration which is addressed a to our fellow citizens include the following representative jewish organizations the american jewish committee the zionist organization of America the Union of american hebrew congregations the Union of orthodox jewish congregations the United Synagog of America the provisional committee a a for att american jewish Congress the Independent order of by Nai by Rith the Central conference of american Kab Bis the rabbinical Assembly of the jewish theological Seminary and Tho United orthodox jewish rabbis of America. The Complete address Fol lows to our fellow citizens during the War by secret agencies a document variously called a the protocols of the a elders of Zion a a the protocols of the meetings of the zionist men of Wisdom a and a the protocols of the Wise men of Zion a a was clandestinely circulated in typewritten form among Public officials and care fully selected Civ plans for the purpose of giving Rise to the belief that the jews in conjunction with freemasons had been for centuries engaged in conspiracy to produce revolution and anarchy by Means of which they hoped to attain the control of the world by the establishment of some sort of despotic Rule. Some months ago this document was published in England More recently it has appeared in print in the United states and thousands of copies have been circulated with an air of mystery among legislators. Journalists clergymen and teachers members of clubs and indiscriminately to the general Public. The London morn ing Post has Given out a series of Artl cles As a commentary upon the Proto cols in which the charge of an unholy conspiracy Between jews and Freema sons is elaborated and bolshevism characterized As a movement of for and by the jews and is declared to be a fulfilment of the protocols. These articles whose authorship is not Dis closed have now appeared in Book form under the title a the cause world during the past six months there has been sent Forth weekly in Henry Fords Organ the Dearborn Independent attacks of extraordinary virulence upon the jews these assaults upon the Honor of the jewish people Are All founded on the protocols and on the discredited literature of russian and German anti semitism inspired by the minions autocracy. Parrot like Uliey repeat the abominable charge that can Only a peal to the credulity of a stunted Intel Lige Pcek charges Long since conceded to be unfounded by All fair minded men. Ford is employing his great the jews whose very life has been a prayer for the blessings of Liberty and Equality should hold them in contempt is unthinkable. The document throughout is far it Deal in its absurdities. In the russian original there is a passage significantly omitted from the translation to the effect that the English Are the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel and the British government la violently attacked for its liberalism. If Climax there be to All this Folly it lles4n the idea set Forth in the protocols that the world ruler is to Spring from the do Mastic roots of King David and that Quot the King of Israel will become the real pop of the universe and the patriarch of the International Church a is to govern the world they were Content with the Opportunity to live. Numerically they Coos Tiute less than one per cent of the population of the Earth and More than one half of them Are on the verge of starvation. The suggestion that in their feebleness they have been planning in secret conclave to seize absolute Power and to dominate the ninety nine per cent of non jews upon the Globe is a ridiculous invention than which even madness can conjure nothing More preposterous. Where is the habitat of these so called elders of Zion by whatever name they May be called who Are these hidden sages whence do they come what is the nature of their organization the distributors of the protocols Are silent on that subject. Whence comes these pretended protocols there have been various versions. One Serge Illus of whose identity Little is known a russian Mystic and an ardent us Pierter of Czar so claims to have received them in Russia in 1901, in manuscript form from russian office Holder who stated that the manuscript had been originally obtained by a lady whose name is not Given and who he said obtained them in a mysterious Way. In what language they were written is not stated. Where that manuscript now is does not appear. Nilus asserts that he submitted the protocols to one of the russian grand Dukes who after examination returned them w Ith message a too a Par onily there was no room for them in the russian archives and they suggested no task for the czars ubiquitous police to perform. In 1905, nilus published at Tsark Oje selo a second edition of a mystical Book entitled a the great in the Little a the first edition having been published in 1901. Into this later edition he incorporated for the first time the protocols which he claimed to have had in his Possession for four years. In january 1917, he published another Book under the title a it is near at the door a purporting to foretell a the coming of the anti Christ and the kingdom of the Devil on in this Book he announces that he had Only alien Learned aut Hoid. Tat ively from jewish sources who they were is not explained that these protocols were nothing other than a strategic plan for the Conquest of the world of putting it under the Yoke of Israel a the struggle against god a plan worked out by the leaders of the jews ish people during the Many centuries of their dispersion and finally presented to the Council of elders by the Prince of exile Theodor Herzl it the time of the first zionist Congress summoned by him at Basle in August 1897. He declared that the protocols were signed by the zionist representatives of the thirty third degress of initiation that they were secretly removed from the Complete file of protocols that pertained to the first zionist Congress that they were taken from the secret vaults at the main zionist office which it is said a at present is located in French territory. The protocols As published Bear no signatures. The identity of the zip Mist representatives by whom they Are claimed to have been signed is left untold. The location of the main zionist office and of the secret vaults from which the protocols were secretly removed remains a secret. It is however a matter of history that the first zionist Congress was publicly held by jews who came from various parts of Europe for the purpose of considering it is needless however to elaborate when one considers that the editor of the London morning Post in his introduction to a the cause of the world unrest a himself doubts the genuineness of the protocols and that the Anonymous author of that Book after using them As his text is unable to give them any higher certificate than that they May or my not be genuine. Indeed he goes so far is to say we have said that this document flashes a Blaze of i it and so it does but whether is document is genuine or not whether the Blaze of Light is True of false can Only be judged by internal evidence and probabilities. We May say at once that nilus advances nothing in the nature of real evidence to prove the document and that his account of How it came into his hands consists of assertion Only without evidence to support and yet a document thus discredited by. Its sponsors is made the basis of an indictment against an entire people. 2 the Contention that the genuineness of the the protocols is established by the outbreak of bolshevism in Russia twelve years after their publication and that bolshevism is a jewish movement is absurd in theory and absolutely untrue in fact. As Well might it be said that a forged deed is Gen Hie because Twenty years after its Date a relative of the Persem w Hose name is forged is falsely charged with being a disturber of the peace. To say that the jews Are responsible for bolshevism is a deliberate falsehood. The originators of bolshevism were exclusively non jews. We be it is True that there Are jews among the bolshevik its notably Trotsky they represent a Small fraction of the jews and of the followers of bolshevism. Lenine who belonged to the russian aristocracy and has not a drop of jewish blood in his veins was the creator As he has been the motive Power of the soviets. Tchul Cheryln who has conducted to Weir foreign affairs by charin or Assfy and Kalinin All non jews Are with. Lenine the brains of the communist party. The bolshevism Cabinet known As the Peoples commissars consists of Twenty members of whom Trotsky and Sverdlov Are the Only jews and they Are jews merely by birth. Of the Central committee of the communist party including Trotsky there Are four jews out of thirteen. The so called extraordinary Onmi Isaiou whose function it is to suppress opposition to the bolshevism regime from within is directed by a triumvirate consisting of a pole and two , none of whom is of jewish origin. Although is the head of the War department his general staff is composed exclusively of . In a the cause of world unrest a list of fifty names is gov most of whom Are classified As jews and bolshevik its in order to establish the thesis that a nearly All of the bolshevism leaders Are an examination of the list shows that ten of the jews included in the list Are the leaders of the Antl Bols Heylsr movement in Russia that a number of those who Are classified in the list As jews Are not jews at All that a Large proportion of those As jews Are men who Are so obscure and hold positions so inconspicuous that whether or not they Are jews is not Only Uncertain but unimportant. They Are certainly not leaders. On the other hand the leaders of the me Sheviki who Are the sworn foes of the destruction of to Dautun. It is especially a brutal Clarge when one considers All that the jew has suffered from the Opprel its and discriminatory Laws of in Solon autocracy and from its Effort to suppress every As pm Ramon that the jew had for Freedom it is a great tribute to the patriotism of the russian jews that in spite of the indignities that the in have had to undergo hundreds of thousands of them fought under the Banner of the Czar loyally and Ipi Vantly and in Large numbers their uves in the Allied cause. The rosters of the army and Navy of the United states contains the names of tens of thousands of jews in Russia who served so Falth fury under our colors that they gained the unon Allfred approval of their officer and proportionately Many of them were awarded decorations of Honor to a grateful country. We have refrained from commenting on the libels contained in the Dearborn Independent. Ford in the full Ness of his knowledge unqualified Day declares the protocols to he genuine and argues that practically every jew is a bolshevism. We have dealt sufficiently with both of these falsehoods. It is useless in a serious document to Analyse the puerile and venomous drivel that he has derived from the concoctions of professional agitators. He is merely a dupe. What is the motive of those who have set in motion this new onslaught of anti semitism it is the motive Liat again and again has actuated autocracy and it adroit supporters that of seeking a Scapegoat for the4r own sins so that they May be enabled under the cover of t false Issue j o deceive the Public. A ii is an attempt to drive into the Solidarity of the citizenry of our country that has been its Pride and its strength tie wedge of discord by arousing sus Plecion and inciting overt acts not Only against of jewish origin but also against freemasons in the Hope of discrediting the free government in the eyes of the european masses and thus facilitate the restoration of absolutism in government the protocols were manufactured i Russia under the bureaucracy and the Qinnn ignition with which the Campaign is conducted has been furnished out of the Arsenal of imperialistic Germany Aud by those who Are seeking to restore the Hap Subj a the Hohen Hollems and the roman offs on their former thrones. Ancient hatred and unreasoning prejudice and a failure to understand and know what the jew really is Are likewise res sible for the readiness with which these falsehoods have been accepted by those who Are Ever will Ling to Btu Ieve evil of their fellow men. We have an abiding Tidence in the spirit of Justice and of a mess that permeates the True american and we Are satisfied that o6# Tebow citizens will not permit the Campaign of slander and libel that has been launched against us to go a reproved. There is enough for All of us to do in the great task of building up our common country and of developing the principles on which it is founded. Let not hatred and misunderstanding arise where peace and Harmony Unity and Brothe Liness Are Requer to perpetuate All that America represents and to enable All men to know that within her wide boundaries there is no room for injustice and inf Lerance. The american jewish committee by Louis Marshall president Cyrus Adler and Rosenwald vice presidents Isaac w. Berheim treasurer. Executive committee Samuel Dorf Abram i. Elkus Albert d. Lasker Irving Lehman a. Rat Shesky Horace Stern Oscar s. Straus Cyrus i Sulzberger Mayer Sulzberger Isaac m. Ullman a. Idieo Weil. The zionist organza Lon of America a by Julian w. Macis president Jacob de Haas Secretary. The Union of american hebrew Conge lations by Walter Freiberg it to acre t nt�4 for a tune party in ameritt and Aisne by rabbi Samatt r. By Vokner. Concluded from last week an Antalya of a onto rvs Tiv a Jud Atam. Let us approach Tae so called Trafeli Tlona a or conservative party. Has this party a message cooler native or traditional Judaism As we find it existing in some congregations is in reality still the old orthodoxy except that some slight changes covering the ext Mali Les have been introduced. Nowhere do we find a clearly written or Oral formulation of the philosophy or practice of what purports to be a new party in american Judaism. The adherents of so called conservative Judaism appear to be True kantian thinking in a world of Freedom where Modem Btu Cal critical research philosophy and Western culture necessitates a radicalism which does not seem to Square with the life they Lead in the phenomenal work of duty. Their thought does not seem to Lead to action for All intents and purposes these so called conservative rabbis and teachers Are orthodox jews who have adopted the aesthetic niceties of their environment As a thin veneer for what is fundamentally orthodoxy in theory As will As practice. They seem to Lack the courage of their convict i which if carried out to its logical conclusion would Lead to the introduction of Cli Anges and reforms. Conservative Judaism due to this indecision cautiousness timidity and fear stands paralysed to initiate modifications in its Synagog Cal ritual religious practice and theology which their intellectual position Calls for. They fear the taunts of being hailed into the court of jewish Public opinion on the charge of having become one of the teachers of Cut a Servat Lve Judaism in a recent discussion when confronted with this inconsistency Between his own theory and practice of he being quite progressive in thought though very observant in his practice replied a it is because the reformers went too far in their reforms that we can to do on the other band they find it difficult to Swallow the orthodox ritual and doctrines in Toto. This in spite of their recent attempts to modernize the orthodox service through the introduction of decorum and the English Sermon,�?~Etc., or through re interpreting the old outworn symbols. Theirs too is a position similar to the one described a was one world dead while the other is powerless to be the conservative party is further handicapped by the fact that it draws its rabbis largely from orthodox East at the same time be sufi Clenity Modem and there is danger that a Lees this seemed generation la saved quickly and in our own Days that the third Gene Don will be completely lot to us for they will not even have the orthodox memories that their fathers had. This problem of attaching to the Synagog the second generation of the East Eurt mean jews la one of the most important and momentous that american jewry is teeing a genuine third party is needed. Though a movement in this direction has not yet been set on foot there Sre numerous Kindred Spires who like the writer feel the need of it and have discussed its reasons and principles. In the absence of a of emulated program the writer humbly begs to submit a few of these principles and practices which in his judgment might form the basis of such a party. Basie piano Isles of third party the third party May it for the present remain unnamed proceeds on the thesis that Judaism is a continuum in whose development there has been no historic break. It restates the position first taken by the Early reformers that Reform has been Ever a principle in Judaism. That this Pron Ciple to adjust the Laws and ritual of Judaism to the conditions and exigencies of the time May be traced throughout All Ages and stages in the history of Judaism. The principle of this new party May be formulated a follows 1. The need of re interpreting the jewish past in terms of Modem culture and science. Continued on Page 8. Hutch of Brooklyn. The Rev. Or. 8r Mon r. Cadien performed the Ernst Mony. A reception and seated Dunne followed the ceremony and later and mrs. Sketch left for a bridal ton of the sooth. Upon the if return theg will reside in this Day. The marriage of or. Harry plot and my a Ella Sachs daughter of or. And mrs. Samuel Sachs of 755 Park Avenet took place at the it More of the Bride t parents at 8 of clock last wednesday evening judge Cardozo the wedding guests were the Emillee and a few intimate friends of the Bride and bridegroom. Following a Mort wedding trip or. Plot and mrs. Plot will return to this cite before on dec. 29 on the olympic for Eurc go where or. Plots will be engaged in medical work for about a year. The marriage of miss Dorothy Greenbaum daughter of or. And my Adolf Greenbaum of Perth amb ilk j., and Jessie l. Goldem aft an Archt Teet of this City took place nov. 2� a reception followed at the hotel Gotham. Or. And mrs. A Hgt Lyberger left for san Francisco on a six weeks trip new York hip Pebb bus president Geoge Zeplin Secretary. The Union of orthodox jewish congregations by Herbert 0, Goldstein Secretary. The United Synagog of american by Ellas l. Solomon president Charles i. Hoffman Secretary. The provisional organization for american jewish Congress by a the misery of their Bre Liren in East bolshevism Are to a Large extent jews. Of wealth in scattering broadcast his culmination regardless of consequences. When the jews of the United states first Learned of these malevolent prints they deemed it beneath their dignity to take notice of them because they regarded them As a Mere Recrudescence of medieval bigotry and stupidity showing upon Ali eur face their utter worthlessness. These publications have however been put in circulation to such an extent that it is believed that the time has come humid Hting though it toe to them for the jews to make answer to these libels and to the unworthy insinuations and innuendoes that have been whispered against them. Speaking As representatives of the jewish people Tell Lar with the history of Judaism in its various phases and with the movements past and present in jewish life we say with All solemnity 1 the protocols Are a base forgery. There has never been an organization of jews known As the elders of Zion or the zit most men of Wisdom or the Wise my i of Zion or bearing any other similar name phere has never existed a secret or other jewish body Organ used for any purpose such As that implied in the protocols. The jewish people have never dreamed of a jewish dictatorship of a destruction of religion of i interference with Industrial Proem Fritz or of an a Ern Europe and of enabling them to find shelter in the holy land. Theodor Herzl was a distinguished journalist a Man of True nobility of character. He presided at the Congress sell of w Hose deliberations were held in the Light of Day. The insinuation that there was a thirty third or any other degree of initiation in this organization is merely a malicious Effort to bring the jews into parallelism with the freemasons and thus to subject them to All the fanciful and fantastic charges that have from time to time been Laid at the door of freemasonry oblivious of the fact that fifteen presidents of the United states including Washington and Many of the leading statesmen of Europe and America have been members of that order. Nilus and his associates belonged to the russian bureaucracy. A in 1905, through the Black hundreds that body sought in every Way to crush he and to prevent the liberalization of the government. The time was propitious for the perpetration of a political forgery by a government that habitually resorted to the employment of agents provocateurs a government which Only a few years later against the protest of the enlightened clergy of the world ineffectually sought to convict Mendel Beilis on the charge of ritual murder. It is significant that one among the chiefs of the constitutional democratic party of Russia who Are strongly opposed to the soviets Are Vinaver Sliosberg past caulk Kaminka and Friedman All prominent jews. Among the leaders of the Peoples socialist the socialist and the me Shevik Section of the social democratic parties bitter opponents of the bolsheviks Are a Large number of jews. The leading anti bolshevism newspapers which of necessity Are published outside of Russia have jews unon their editorial staffs. An overwhelming majority it Ruslan jews have been ruined by the coercive measures of the soviets. They have submitted to the confiscation of their property and Are undergoing unspeakable hardships. The orthodox jews whose numbers Preponderate remaining Loyal to the Faith of their fathers regard the bolsheviks As the enemies of All religion and therefore hold the doctrines of bolshevism in Abhorrence. With comparatively few exceptions the jews Are looked upon by the bolsheviks As belonging to the hated bourgeoisie and As favouring capitalism. The zionists who constitute a numerous and important element of the jews of Russia have been denounced by the soviets As counterrevolutionary and Many of them have been cast into prison and threatened than Straus president Morris rot i Enberg chairman executive committee Stephen s. Wise Bernard g. Richards Secretary. The Independent order of by Nai by Rith a and the anti defamation i eague by Adolph Kraus president. Or. Samuel Baruch organizer of Relief work for Germany and Austria was praised at a Testim mall dinner at the lieder Kranz club. It was the largest social gathering of German Andi Austro America Rince the German Bazaar in 19lc Many City officials also attended the dinner among them Borough president Henry h. Curran and or. Royals Copeland. Tie affair was under the auspices of Mem Bers of the new York committee for the Relief of suffering German in and ants Ria of which or. Baruch is chairman. A Book of testimonials was presented to or. Baruch by the members of the committee and he was lauded in Many speeches not Malone for his w Ork of Relief but for his Attall intents As a physician and his prominence in science and the Field of in Sec. Or. Emanuel de Marnay Baruch was Boro in san Francisco feb. 22, 1870, the son of Myron de m. And Elisabeth Fourman Barach. He was graduated from the College of physicians and plan Garaig hotel for emt Rajita. Plans have been completed by representatives of the hebrew sheltering and immigrant Aid society of amet Ica for the establishment of a Large terminal hotel Here for the Accomma Damon of passing emigrants on the Way to America. This will a try alleviate the hardships of would be americans who pass to rough this Day. Probably polish propaganda. All jewish parties United at meetings held at Lelina Nadwor a Skalat Brzezan and other places have passed resolutions asking for definite a Nina of East Watada with Poland acceding to a Cable received at the Pali Fri Legacion at Washington from the foreign office at Warsaw. These meeting followed a similar one at Tarnopol a waa stated. The Central conference of american rabbis by Leo m. Franklin president Felix a. Levy Secretary. The rabbinical Assembly of the jewish theological Seminary by Max d. Klein president Samuel Fredman Secretary. The United orthodox jewish rabbis of american by m. S. Margolis . A. R. To meet in Washington. It has been determined by the executive committee of the Central conference of America rabbis that the next session of that conference shall be held in the City of Washington d. C., beginning with wednesday evening april 13th, when the message of president Franklin will be Prea Ted and memorial resolutions will be read. Thursday morning will be Given Over to reports of officers and in the afternoon professor Lauterbach will read a paper a the attitude of the jew to the thursday night is reserved for the alumni of the hebrew Union College. Friday will be Given Over to problems in religious education some and South european immigrants who in turn enter congregations whose psf sonnet is composed largely of East european orthodox jews at least a by memory who have acquired some wealth and whose modernity consists in introducing the English Sermon and apparent decorum at the Synagog serv. Ice. The conservative party so called is still largely apologetic in its attitude towards orthodoxy. It has no clearly defined attitude towards the problems of family pews re fort of the orthodox prayer Book the Organ and mixed choir. It is mute on the modification of the rigid Sabbath Observance Law the Observance of the second Days of the festival of the orthodox Laws of lev rate Etc. It is silent and inarticulate on too Many vital religious problems to be satisfying in its Appeal. It is for these reasons that the pseudo conservative party can not and does not truly form a third party. It is because of the failure of either Reform orthodoxy or so called conservatism to take a Middle position Between the extreme positions represented in regard to orthodoxy and Radical Reform that there is need of a third party in american Judaism. It is a principle of physics that when two contending forces meet a third Force known As the resultant Force is created which moves in a direction different front that of the opposing forces. From the struggle Between orthodoxy and Reform there will possibly result a third movement that will be neither orthodox nor Reform but will stand Midway Between them. This movement will possibly receive its stimulus from the fact that the East european jews is becoming a vital Factor in american jewish life. The East european jew with his keen appreciation for jewish learning and Community organization far outnumbers the German jew especially in the larger cities of the county. He is also becoming financially and socially self sufficient. In communal affairs too they Are steadily forging their Way to leadership. In a word there can hardly be much doubt that the future of the jews in America is theirs the Rise of a rus oian jew in America a its implications. There was a time when As the russian immigrant jew Rose on the ladder of Success he transferred from his orthodox a a Shuhl to membership in the Reform Temple and whether this was because of his desire to obtain social standing a for his family or because he outgrew his orthodoxy is not for this paper to discuss one thing seems certain he never really Felt at Home with a Reform service. Surgeons Columbia in 1880, and fran the University of i Hibinger Germany .18 Tea hot Acyl ties of Munich Berlin and Paris. He. Committees presenting reports in the Orris prosecutor has been Active in i with death zionists we repeat who i after ooh. manuscript copies of the Are the followers of Herzl. Protocols throughout the United states. Irrespective of this history bristling with suspicion an analysis of the protocols shows that on their face they Are n fabrication and that they must have emanated from the bitter oppo ends of democracy. They Are Replete with cynical references to the French revolution and to the Conception of Liberty Equality and fraternity. They uphold privilege and autocracy. They belittle education. They condemn religious Liberty. They assert that political free it Lom is an idea Aud not a fact and that the doctrine that a govern if the jews Are to let a condemned because of a Trotsky who has never in the slightest degree concerned himself with Judaism or the welfare of the jews then there is not a people that has Ever lived that might not with equal right be condemned because in its member ship there Are men who Are alleged have advocated hateful doctrine. The jew has traditionally stood for religion Law order the family and the right of property. It is therefore the height of cruelty to charge him with for bolshevism when its doctrines should they prevail would inevitably Lead to on saturday evening a paper on a the history of preaching with special reference of Jellinek will be read by rabbi sports will be read on sunday morning and on sunday evening Hon. Oscar s. Straus will deliver an address on a religious the conference lecture will be de severed on Friday evening by rabbi Louis Witt and the conference Sermon on saturday morning by rabbi Abraham Hirse Berg. Let him that Bath done the Good office conceal it let him that hath received it disclose it gab fwd. This condition now has been modified and we find that in the larger centers especially in the East where these jews organize their own Synagog and social centers where the service is a modification of the orthodox ritual and where they feel at Home socially As Well As religiously. The movement from the orthodox Shuhl to the Reform Temple seems to be halting. All indications Are that the children of the Imra Grabt jew born and academically trained in America desert the orthodox Synagog and do not join the Reform Temple. This is due to the fact that the second generation still retains a memory of the orthodox customs and ritual which their immigrant parents practice and the Reform Temple is for them too their Modem education As Well As economic necessity makes orthodoxy typos Sefile for them. They stand haltingly Between two worlds a one dead and the other powerless to be Boro what they need la a Synagog and a party which will retain the ten Pamental elements of orthodoxy and is a member of Many medical organizations and has written articles on medical subjects. Rabbi Ephraim Frisch of the new Synagog is seriously 111 at one of our local hospitals and physicians have so far been unable to diagnose 1u� Mil Ady. In the meantime his pulpit la being filled by tvs colleagues of the new York Board of jewish Man Astete. Memorial services were held novem ber 22 at the jewish theological Seminary 531 West 123rd Street for or. Solomon Schechter president of the institution from 1902 to 1915. Or. Schechter died nov. 19, 1915, and e memorial service is held each year. Rabbi Max Klein of Philadelphia delivered a Short Eulogy and or. Israel Goldfarb of Brooklyn and or. Cyrus Adler of Philadelphia also spoke was announced that four volumes can piled and edited by eminent Jerimi scholars to be called the a Schechter studies a Are soon to be published in memory of or. Schechter. Or. Carlton Simon the noted alien 1st, has been appointed a up eclat Deputy police commissioner for this City or. Simon will organize a Bureau to Deal with the 30, x 0 unregistered drug addicts in this City. Miss Henriette Louise Meyer Daugh ter of or. And mrs. Leon Meyer of Brooklyn and William Jacob Mack son of or. And mrs. Millard w. Mack of Cincinnati and a Nephew of judge Julian Mack of this City were married on the evening of november 22 at the Waldorf Astoria by the Rev. Gross of Brooklyn. A dinner followed the Cere Mony the couple leaving later for Cal Ornia on their honeymoon. The Bride is a graduate of Smith College class of �?T19, and or. Mack is a graduate of Harvard class of �?T18. Leopold Michels of Greenebaum. Well amp Michaels of san Francisco and new York died november 19 in san Francisco at the age of 69. He was Pioneer Pacific const merchant travel ing Lirou ghost California on horseback in the Early Days for Bis firm owned the Richelieu hotel in san Francisco where he lived for Twenty years at the St. Francis hotel. Following an extensive to Quiry uni Ted states District attorney Leroy w Ross in Brooklyn Lias issued a state ment that there was no ground for the suspicion held by mrs. Clara l. De Poy of great neck l. I., that the citizen ship papers of Otto h. Kahn were not Legal. Mrs. Depoy attracted attention when she appeared at a polling place in cold Spring Harbor l. I., on election Day and announced her intention to Challenge or. Kahn a vote. Or Kahn did not appear on account of 111 Ness and mrs. De Poy wrote to or Ross asking him to investigate the Galley of or. Kahn a citizenship. The will of or. Morris l. Calm who died on oct. To at his residence West 85th Street was filed for probate nov. 22, in the surrogates office carries legacies of $1, x 0 each to the hebrew orphan Asylum Home for the aged and infirm hebrews Monteflores Home first District dental society Hospital for deformities and joint diseases All of this City and the jewish consumptive Relief society at Denver col. The residue is bequeathed to the widow with a stipulation that on her death it shall be equally divided among to e United hebrew charities educational Alliance they it Hing menus hebrew Assoc Latium and the hebrew technical schools for girls. Miss Ethel f. Wormser daughter of or. And mrs. Louis Wormser of the Belford. Was married last wednesday evening at the hotel St. A is to Ira Skutch son of or. And mrs. David for Tiff new jews of Kolb Usarowa starving. Warsaw special Cable to l P. B4 the jewish club of members of the polish diet received news of the severe conditions of the jews in Koluns Iowa. They recently were victims Pogron then the Starosta of us town refused to deliver to jews the sir share of the food snap us sent from America and Destine for both jews and gentiles. After a protest he Fantl consented to make Sal to jews but in very limited quantities and it very exorbitant prices. Jews attack so in Prague Wiir Flag hoisted to protect polish and ukrainian Refuge a. Vienna november 25 Jewitt i Tele ency a to Taji a Tonitto by anti semitic Bohemian Rowda the american Consul in Prague has permitted the american Flag to be raised Over the building of the jewish Community in that City according to reports received Here today. Prague at Premit is the Stoi ing place of hundreds of jewish Emit mits from Poland and Urania who Are making their Way to America. These gather daily in front of the jewish Community building trying to get in format it about their departure. Bohemian mobs attacked these waiting emigrants and destroyed the pass torte of Many of them. A special delegation called at the american consulate and obtained permission to hoist the american Flag. The american Consol also obtained the Protection of the police for the building. A novel strike. The latest application of the right to strike is that by the workers of Emden who have agreed not to transport any materials to borkum because people in that town pen fist in singing a popular anti semitic song. Borkum we Are told is a Well known bathing place which has for decades been strongly anti semitic. Jews Are not admitted into the place and even a Gentile whose features suggest something semitic Cannet a Amain in the place. A special anti semitic Little song originated in the City a song which is very popular and is recited at every occasion. The workers of Emden among when we can now find pc ish jews have decided to protest against the singing of that song and they now declare that they will not transport any goods destined for that place until the song disappears. The City Council of borkum decided to forbid the singing of the tune in the Harbor of the City. This is an illustration of what can be done by combined Effort to hit Back. The be Ukraine Gehenna. The statement published in last fridays jewish chronicle concerning Tho tews in the Ukraine is a truly appalling document. It should be read with care it will of course be read too with deep sympathy Aud burning indignation by every jew and with shame by every Huban being. For it shows that an attempt is being made not merely to subject to a state of abominable persecution but virtually by murder and outrage to wipe out the whole of the vast jewish population of the country. A veritable orgy of blood is in Progress which in comparison makes the sicilian vespers appear a tame affair and the bulgarian atrocities or that a armenian massacres Mere regrettable incidents. It is a crying disgrace to Europe and indeed All the world that such vile abominations should be Practised. And yet there is none to help or to Aid to put an end to the Terry of which hundreds of thousands of on Brethren Are the constant victims. Must the blood Bath go on filling until every jew la the Ukraine is drowned in it it seems like it pretty tribute to twentieth Century civilization to the High inspiration effected in the human spirit by the War and above All to the Power of the jew who is supposed by Heb Roma lacs to hold the world at his disposal a jewish world. Morris a. Penler of Pueblo was elected to the Colorado state Legisla Ture by the largest majority Rece veil by any candidate on the legislative ticket for this past Twenty years to Pueblo county. He came out of Battle the youngest Man Ever to Colorado for that Posl Tea

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