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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - August 12, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioV. A a Quot by i. 0-, a. A a a /.v. R a a a a a a is a �?~7. V Jim a i a. 1. Of 7r ,r St Lrol re c a 4 a v y Sjuk ii y f t Quot. A i t a a a 1 Skles and empty Billows i till see arise another world out of that waste and lapse like yonder land. Perhaps perhaps a perhaps 1�?� William Dean Howells. Jewish labor Laws by rabbi Louis Feinburg Cincinnati. A if you want to understand the a tire of a Pec ple study the attributes of their go gtd. While the gods of the greeks spent their time on mount Olympus in revelry and intrigue and the god o f the brahmans in Complete report and inactivity the god of the jew is a Busy worker a master Mechanic who not Only fashioned heaven and Earth in the beginning of time but continues to guide and Rule the universe alone and unaided. Naturally Man who is formed in the image of god is expected to follow in the footsteps of his maker. Therefore Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden not to spend his time in unproductive idleness but to a dress it and keep it a to work in order the better to appreciate the blessings of Eden. The order a six Dayi Shalt thou labor a adds Sanctity to the second part of the command against the aristocratic Nasi or president to hts the latter was too snobbish to interest himself in the welfare of the members of his Academy 19. B. Meir was a professional scribe with a Beautiful handwriting 20 and is said to have earned As High As three Selah pm a week 21rav Hanna and rav Oshawa were Shoemakers who applied their Trade in the Market places of the cities in Judea 22. Rav papa was a Brewer and like Brewers of modern times until recently became very Rich 23. Rav Huna was a hard working Farmer 24 and a very poor until late in life 25. Karna was employed by wine dealers As a wine assorted 26. Many of the amoral were tillers of the soil a used to close his Academy during the months of Nisan and Tishri because his students were very Busy then with their farm we oink 27. Such men who knew what it meant to work for a living naturally guarded the interests of the labourer against the usually greater Power of the employer so that the labourer might not sink to the level of the slave. A for unto me the children of Israel Are servants they Are my servants. A says god Leviticus 25to which the rabbis add a and not slaves unto servants 28. Their interest in the labourer can Best be seen by the following two Laws 1. The talmud says that a common his Tongue in his Cheek. But the rabbis did not rest satisfied with an occasional criticism. It was their spirit of fair play that prompted them to offer special Protection to the that on the Sabbath a thou Shalt not do any manner of in answer labourer May quit work even in the to the question a what constitutes work on the Sabbath 7�?� the rabbis Drew up a list of thirty nine categories of work Middle of the Day and yet be paid for the work done unless the work is of such a nature that it spoils if left in forbidden on the Sabbath All of them Al de. Even if the employer paid being proc eams Inyol Yed in the putting up or the taking apart of the Tab it Nacle or desert Sancturi 1. This intimate relation Between Labo and holiness in significant. No wonder then that the Bible champions the cause of the Day a Borer by saying lev. 19 13 a a. The wages of a hired servant shall not abide with thee All night until the morning a and in another place Deul 24 14, 15 �?~11100 Shalt not oppress a hired servant that is poor and needy whether he be of thy Brethren or of f might a Tir the <9ise thy strangers that Are in thy land within thy Gates. In the same Day thou Shalt give him his hire neither shall the sum go Down upon it for he is poor and he Zetteth Bis heart upon it lest he cry against thee unto the lord and it be sin in the same spirit pervades the teachers in the talmud and the Midrash. A glorious is labor a say r. Judah a for it lends dignity to Many 2. The same r. Judah says elsewhere a the who does not teach his son a Trade teaches him robbery 3. Another rabbi in Babylonia rav advises his Friend rav Kahana As follows a Flay a carcass in the Street for pay and do not say t am a great Man and it is a disgrace for me to engage in such work 4. However great care must be exercised in using such statements. We often hear lectures on a the jewish attitude towards woman a lectures abounding in Beautiful rabbinical sentences glorifying woman. But the lecturers in order to make their Points suppress or ignore the statements of other rabbis that Are far from being complimentary to woman. So with the question of labor. There were rabbis him a full Days wage in Advance air the labourer must do is to return the Una arned portion of the wage. More than that if the labourer has spent the Money advanced him even then the employer can not hold him against his will on that account. He must let Hutn go and regard the Money due him As a loan in the hands of the labourer 30. 2. The mishnah lays Down the general principle a fall who take an oath Are thereby exempt from paying 31. If a sues b for Money the court Loi one of two ways either a swears that b owes him the Money and the court makes b pay for it or b swears that he owes him nothing and the court exempts him from paying. Jewish Law adopts the latter course. It says that a can not take an oath and receive the Money but that b is called upon to take an oath that he owes him nothing and if he does take the oath he is free from paying. This is the general Rule. But the wage worker is the most striking exception to the Rule. If a worker taken on the payroll in the presence of witnesses claims a it Veekas wages and the employer denies the claim the employer does not take an oath in order to is Caine payment but the Workingman swears that the employer owes it to him and he receives the Money 32. The rabbis seek to find the in weaker one. And it was the same i Hayim 191 Boshen Mish Pat 337 20. Spirit that led them to protect the employer against unscrupulous employees. Labors have their right to quit work even in the Middle of the Day. That they would approach a breach of. Hullin 84b Baba Promise Case with an unbiased mind Shah Baba Mezis a a great number perhaps tiie majority Sci a Vak. Would go Luto Tho just with the conviction that a really Nice girl would never bring such a Case into court that a Mish Pat 335 1. Besix a 29b. 4hk 7 1. 41. Baba Meslo a 76b Goshen Mish Pat 333-5. 42. Berakos 16a, Orah Qayyim 110 2. 43. Berakos 16a Orah ship a olympic a arriving at new York from Southampton july 28. The information which miss Kellor gathered at first hand from government and unless their work is of such a nature that it spoils when left unfinished. If they insist upon quitting the employer May resort to deception. He my Promise them More pay but he is not required by Law to keep that Promise. Or else he May employ other workers at a higher wage and pay the differ ence from the wages due the strikers. In other words there Are occasions when strikes Are illegal even according to jewish Laws 41. So conscientious were the rabbis that they urged Upen labourers who receive pay for their labor in addition to meals not to recite the entire silent prayer or the full Grqce after meals. They permitted them to recite the Fiort Habine Itu prayer instead of the Long Shemoney Sreh 42and to shorten the Grace after meals 43. A but a adds the a Tizor of the sixteenth or Itury Law code the Shulhan Aruch Quot nowadays employers Are not so exacting As to begrudge their workers a Little prayer. Therefore they May recite the entire she none Sreh and Complete the Grace after could a present Day rabbi say the same of jewish employers today in the same spirit of fairness the Rabbia do not permit a Inan to work by Elf to and to hire Hin self out by Day to starve himself or to be a Flag Ellant or an ascetic for he would thereby weaken himself and As a result be unable to do the work of Bis employer with Energy or As we would say. In Modem parlance he would thereby reduce his efficiency 44. With regard to overtime the rabbis say that in places where it is not Cusp Tomary for labourers to begin their work before Sunrise or to Continuo employer a aft not compel his labourers to do so. Even if he pays them More than his other employees he can not compel them for they can interpret the Bonus As Al incentive to do better work 45. But where there is no fixed custom the work Day is some hat less than the time from Sunrise to the appearance of the stars. The labourer should leave Home at Sunrise and should work in til the time when stars appear except on fridays when he should go Home earlier to make Sabbath preparations 46. This makes an average Day of twelve hours. Deduct therefrom time for meals and prayers and you have a work Day of not much More than ten hours. We have the testimony of r. Moses Isserles that workingmen of his Day sixteenth Century usually quit work before Nightfall 47which other sources in Europe will be in girl a a who had herself been a sincere i coded in a Book describing the new 44. Ghosheh it 337 19, quoting i would Bear any wring rather than so or does of world migration and the new Mai Ionides. 4ba Mezis a 83a, Bot Tom Goshen Mulmat 331 1.46. Goshen Mish Pat 881 me based upon j another Large number would estimate redress in telling the whole Story to the world and by filling her pockets. Statement of Resh Lakish Baba Mezis a 83b, a a top. 47. Hos pen Mishima 339 8, note. 48. Toma 38a. 49. Ibid. Avriet it Correct in frite but would hate to serve sgt a South african writer. It a Gwen a the Jshii Nesburg a be distress of social and department of the s. A. Jewish chronicle has in a late number a charming Dissert tilt Mon the women serving on juries As f is y. Sitting on the jury. The new Magura which has been in the evidence upon the principle that a Man who has so behaved Hipfl self As to drive a girl to take Legal action a inst him must be a Rascal. It is probable that both parties might be Able to reach a fair decision but the probabilities Are against it and conscious of my own As Well of other people s infirmities i would rather not be put to the test a do not suppose that male juries Are exempt from the same or similar government policies on Emig Rellon that Are being developed abroad because of cond Rions resulting from the War. Facts which she will make a Allahlee for the interracial Council will be used As a Means of acquainting the american people with the new order of things in Europe it and the new conditions affecting immigration to the United states and to other countries of the world. A the immigration to America for the time being will be As Large As the limited capacity of vessels will permit a miss Keller said on her arrival in new a a .1,. A quote y a is. A. A s. It a a a a i i f a a a a i a Simitis steadily t the worship attentive 1 fully As Minda Cooke Taft with their physical Comfort Luk Udek the prayers or Serm Ltd. This Fideor Tda Nate condition is being met in Dot to re Oit ways. Supplies of fans or the pm a open air meetings in f ont of the failings. On the contrary. Almost i York. A the Cost of living and Uncer every month supplies cases on which i Etc Moalc conditions due to delay judging by the published evidence 11 reconstruction Are the prime to have to wonder by what wonderful mental processes the jurors arrived at their dec Mon. Ardent feminists contend and i entry agree with them. Tives for coming to America. The desire of families to join to Filer relatives and friends in America is the second cause of emigration to America. �?�0 j juries of men return flagrantly Anjum the sex removal 1 verdicts. That there Are Many trials in which the Cost of passage it a to exact 1919, the old principle a that the world Ini a shall mean male Persona Only a and Dedores that a a person shall not by Erie opted by sex or marriage from the liability to serve As a jurors Well i am myself too old or not sufficiently sanguine to believe that any act of parliament can relieve me of the serious disqualifications imposed upon me by Ray sex. Stin As a matter of theory 1 agree that Yommi Oung to. To sit on juries change rates is however so High that Fri but i am not Able to jump to the conclusion that if they had been juries of women they would dispense pure and perfect Justice. It would have been a afferent sort of injustice that is All. There Are disabilities of Scon there Are prejudices and we shall not abolish them by pretending that they affect one sex Only. Women Are Iziu always agree very much More like it will prevent Many from leaving Europe. Sea a for a year or so a she continued a there will be chaotic exodus people trying to get away from Uncertain con i ticks in their native countries with the inclination of the government to let those go who can. There is Little talk of America As a political or religious Refuge. The present immigration is governed entirely by economic a at a. A it s a a which does not prevent me devoutly hewing that As n Ritter of practice i shall never have to. Such superficial acquaintance As 1 have with the male sex has not fed me to suppose that jury service Iai one of the highly valued privileges of the male sex or eve a a favorite Eccl Patio. Men have at times confessed to me that they would not Light the by last ditch or even jut Ope to keep it to themselves. The last male opinion which i heard on the subject the men than our old Mono sexual order i and family motives would admit. But we have still to make our account with the differences Whilt cause the two sexes to put very different values upon the same things a but there is evidence that this will be Only temporary and that each country is planning to control emigration in accordance with its own economic which make to hmm express the same necessities. Men and women desiring different ways which prevent them examining themselves accurately to emigrate will not hereafter make up their minds to do so sell their and precisely to an audience of the i possessions buy their ticket and so other sex. Opinion of a Good old crusted tory a devout disciple of the gospel of standing still was an a impression of pro found satisfaction that women were going to take their turn. There was about the Man that kind of Quot Bonhomie which suggests that there is a catch somewhere. What is going to happen in the courts is even More obscure. There seems to be no Legal cause or impediment Why women should not be summoned just As men Are by rotation and take their turn to serve with men and among men. Whether there will be mixed juries nobody knows. The courts have yet to decide upon their practice. You May find according to the merchant of Venice and our Chat Ofman. A minority it is True but a representative group nevertheless who had anything but a lofty opinion of work. R. A Neh Oral said a i shall teach my son no occupation but the study of the torah for a Trade stands one in Good Stead Only in his youth while the torah stands by one even in old age 5. R. Simeon Ben Eleazer makes a state Niento that reminds one of a famous dictum in the new to Talent. Says r. Simeon Ben Eleazer did you Ever see beasts or Birds learn a Trade yet they provide for them ves without pain. And they were created to serve me while i was created to serve god. Does it not follow that i should be Able to provide for myself without pain ? then Why must i toil because of my evid deeds 6. According to him then labor is a curse. R. Ishmael a practical Man says that a Man should not spend his entire time in the study of the torah but should devote part of his time in earning a livelihood while r. Simeon Ben Yohai the Mystic holds that a Othiff must interfere with Fife study of the torah let the student devote himself entirely to study and depend upon god for his support 7 interesting is the comment of Abb Aye that Many tried the practical plan of r. Ishmael and succeeded. Der lying reason for showing such favor to the wage earner. Rav Nahman in the name of mar Samuel gives this ask the reason that he lives from hand to Mouth with his wage As the meager Means of his support a eked i Hay ova. This sounds a bit unfair to the employer so the rabbis adduce another reason that the employer having dealings with so Many employees is less Likely to remember the True facts 33. But this reason is certainly unsatisfactory for in the Case of artisans who do contract work on their own time it is the employer who takes the oath. After All the first reason seems to me to be the real reason. Means an even Shorter work Day. There Are two cases in the talmud involving the concepts of closed shop Ivock out strike scabs recognition of Union and doable pay. The family of Garow who were the official Bakers of the show bread for the Sanctuary kept their method of baking a family secret. The Temple authorities fear-1 jury service would introduce More your temperament either humor or horror in the bought of husbands and wives fathers and Dau ters mothers and sons serving together on the same jury. Taking people in general and admitting that there Are few matters which produce such irreconcilable differences of opinion As the credibility of witnesses and the value of evidence it is perhaps not probable that such in these Days when the trash est of literature serves As mental pabulum to the youth of this country anything that is done with the purpose of stimulating the literary tastes of our growing boys and girls should be received with open arms. The announcement cure their passports and leave. The Goven mints mean to advise their own people where to go and when to go. In Othot to stimulated retarded directed or diverted according to what is Best for the native countries from the stand Point of labor necessities capital required from the savings of their emigrants in other countries and investment possibilities reported by the Advance guard of emigrants. A the emigration will not necessarily in the daily papers that a company of be away from Europe. The cd a min ing lest the secret die out with the family urged them to teach the e pro cd is to others but they stoutly refused. Whereupon the authorities imported master Bakers from Alexandria quarrels into family life than we enjoy without its assistance. The wife who thinks her husband a fool will after All Only find her opinion confirmed and the admirable husband who really in Egypt and declared a lockout j respects his wife a intelligence Baa against the Garmus family the alexandrian Bakers however could not prepare the show bread in the proper probably had worse shocks to Toce than he will meet on a jury. But it seems most improbable that such fam True this Law makes it possible for j a a scoundrel to extort double pay scale away and dared manner so the Temple Auto Oritiz a get juries would increase the authority the other Law would make it possible for an employer without a conscience to Rob his employee of Quot his hard earned wage. Of the two possibilities the rabbis feared the latter More. The undeserved loss of a Days or a weeks wages would not ruin the employer but the undeserved loss of a weeks wages might bring suffering and starvation to the Laborera a family. If an employer sends his Foreman to the Market place we today would say Quot to the Union to engage workmen at $8 a Day and the Foreman promises them that the Boss will pay $4 a Day then if the work is satisfactory and really Worth $4, the employer must pay the full sum for we assume that the labourers took special Quot pains because of the Promise of better pay 34. In communities where it is customary to Supply labourers with meals the employer must Supply meals while those who followed the advice of i where it is customary to furnish Dan k Simeon Ben Yah Al failed 8. The few opinions quoted Are sufficient to show the dangers of drawing conclusions from individual opinions and agg adic statements. In fact. It can never by said that agg adic statement necessarily reflect authoritative jewish opinion. The Only place where such authoritative opinion can be found is in the Halakin or Legal portion of the mishnah. For the mishnah was not a one Man work but the joint product of All the noted scholars of toe Day. Every Point was thoroughly discussed and voted upon before twas a corporate into the mishnah of r. Judah a Academy. Whatever then was tons incorporated is authoritatively jewish. It should be remembered too that to the rabbis labor problems were not foreign subjects As is the Case with judges today who do not possess firsthand information of labor conditions but must depend upon a expert. nearly All of the Tanam and their successor the amoral worked for a living and Tivey did not confine ties he must provide dainties 35. One who works in Fields or me Yards or with the products of the Field or the Vineyard May under certain conditions eat his fill As already indicated in the Bible Dent. 23 24, 25 86. In fact he May even eat to an amount exceeding his wages a but a themselves ready to recognize the Gar in Union. But the latter declared a strike in turn demanding in addition to recognition a 1 x per cent increase in salary. And they got it. A similar Story is told of the ent Henos family the official chemists who prepared the incense for the Sanctuary. They too refused to reveal the secret to others and alexandrian chemists Quot were imported. But they were unable to make the smoke Rise in a straight column and the authorities invited the original experts to return. The Qutb of too struck for double pay and won the strike 48. Whether the double pay in both cases was Given them Only on the Day of their return or remained a permanent feature can not be clearly gathered from the text one thing seems certain both families Werft most respectable. It is said that the Garmus family never ate White bread and the Euth Enos family never used perfumery lest they be suspected of of the jury system. One Way or the other the family tie is Likely to interfere with the free fondation of opinion. If the people belong to a Good United family somebody a authority will influence the rest. If they come of a quarrelsome Home they will make it a Point of Honor to disagree. Either Way the verdict will not really be the verdict of 12 Independent minds. That is of course to assume what Many lawyers i understand deny that people on go4ng into the jury Box take minds with them. But perhaps the courts will take pains to avoid conjugal or family complications. Suppose a mixed jury of men and women who know nothing about each other. Theoretically it seems an admirable body to try cases in which both sexes Are concerned. A divorce suit a breach of Pron else Case a criminal trial in Whide both men and women Are accused or in which the guilt of a Man has to he determined by actors under or. Huntley Mckay was about to give matinee perform Numes from Shakespeare for the Benefit of pupils of schools and students of colleges within the City and suburbs of Sydney gave cause for rejoicing to a lovers of literature and All interested in the education of Young Australia. Or. Board the tender Secretary for a flu Catlon at once admitted the great educational Utility of the scheme and stated that he would be delighted to see or. Mckay proceed with toe Good work. But out of the great Range of Shakespere an plays suited to toe minds of youth Why did or. Mckay choose a the merchant of Venice As a production to put before children. We the jews of Sydney must protest and protest most strongly against allowing Sion a of emigration of Italy is advising italian miners to emigrate to France where it is asserted conditions for steady work and wages Are better than in America. Also governments Are beginning to Deal with each other in. Terms of immigration France having offered Italy six tons of Coal per month in return for each italian Miner influenced to go to France. Here is second a definite move it to make conditions at Home More attractive and to handle the Domestic emigration situation intelligently and thoroughly. Instances of this Are to be found in toe announcement that the greek government intends to protect 4�?o� Privily of Worsa no god with emigrants from fraud and to take i of religionists will be a spiritual churches tour services and other devices Are utilised to Maaloe the to note gation Oil Gyldus of the heat to ram of our Jewth Congre Gatlos there is another i Lem which the us ramen time brings. A Large puke stage of the congregation Hie therase lives to Sura Mer resorts while others Hueve Toffik they have a right to take a Vaca Linci from relic to motor As it mania Effii itself in after Naitoh at do vote Scarf use the reporters Forg in the mad Pursuit of recruit ton and Diveer Sion that the sch to invites theol to rest and worship. Now and then m summer re sorter with Namre diary depth of Roii Giozas feeling a Quot with some knowledge of hebrew Bakefe the initiative in starting a Sam car congregation and leads toe pm yeast or even addresses the congregate he to a religious discourse. There is no Rito son Why our temples should not is open a the year a round. In one of e largest Cut ii a Abbi Ito Barksd that it was of adorable that not a tos Reform hebrew Temple was hot Al Dong services this year. The Ushra of american 3iiirew congregations Hsy made efforts to tonsure successful summer a or vices at summer resorts. They have had a Cen Tzul Bureau which Hjul kept in touch with the Rah Bui available for summer services at resorting and they have throw their repro natives supervised the services supplied prayer and hymn books and obtained filth services of rabbis. The stat ent is som Tonel heard that religion is not a matter of attendance at divine services Tito god can be worshipped in neti urea a Imti cathedrals without the Aid of rabbi or preacher that the Best prayers Are the a articulate prayers that to up 4. I i the Ito Kec of the a verse. The truth is toat the worship of god is a social get and the presence of other Worsh is at our Side a vol ring the same prays hearing and participating in the same song ust ing to a religions discourse addressed to a i forge congregation elevates us and Intens files the devotional spirit the assertion toat we can worship god by on Shives in toe Fields the Woods Benito toe canopy of heaven with no Walls of Temple mosque Pagoda Church or Synagog to shut us in. Is an assertion on a it Par with that of a forger in jail who rejected the Well meant offer of a rabbi to extend spiritual Solace to him with the Gruff statement that his religion was not a religion of forms but that it consisted entirely of doing Good to others. If you expect to visit summer resorts find out if there is a Sabbath evening or morning hour of divine serve cock. And if Yon Are not privileged to leave your Home do not forget that the duty and the Joy and 77 a. Quot a a a i. S a a a a is i a a 1al a a a a. A a a a. Of. A Quot a is f .4 a a a r. Of Quot a i. A. A a f a a �3 s a a a a it a 4 a a a a a a a these performances to continue. We admit that a the merchant of j one third Venice is a great literary masterpiece 1 surrender by toe greatest writer England has Ever seen we admit that great actors like sir Henry Irving have so far humanized the Tara ctr of shylock toat our sympathies Are with him but we do not admit toat the a merchant of i finnish immigration. Venice can be played before a drool 1 a there is third an children without creating prejudice against toe jews of this country. Care of those who return in the recent passage of an act by which land owners in Greece May keep of their estates and two thirds to the peasants and in the action of Finland in setting aside settlement areas where occupation and redaction of toe land to cultivation gives ownership. These things will powerfully affect greek and exercise Good for your soul jewish chronicle. K. O. A a German jewry i a a j intention of Home governments to keep in closer touff with their nationals in other Maurice Muscovitch the eminent jew-1 countries to provide More amply than ish actor is playing shylock in London and after witnessing toe performance toe critic of the London a a times before for their Protection to assure transmissions of their savings throng toe establishment of Branch bands. Wrote 44 after seeing Muscovitch a amp us to insure their economic interest shylock we can understand although we do not excuse them Why there Are by the establishment of Trade organizations in foreign countries which will the Lemdon a a times critic Ruk them up with european economic is a Man of High standing in his pro it affairs. Fesson. He is an it Ert. If the play made such an impression on him As to 4� make him to exclaim that he can on de stand Why tiers re pogroms what Italy has under consideration a plan to give its Quot nationals throughout the world actual elective representation in its Home government. Other a terrible effect the play must have i countries Are showing similar Tenden cies a the lithuanians in a Nerica having three deputies to represent their interests at the next meeting of the upon children who can not and do not discriminate. Boys and girls Don Ltd reason. They see toe play. It is avowedly anti-jew-1 constituent Assembly of Lithuania ish was conceived and written in Itiat spiral and was designed to have the act of rousing the Peck it be against i More careful scrutiny even in peace re several jewish under secretaries. In a highly interesting interview Given the London jewish chronicle or. Alfred Klee a Berlin attorney and president of the German. Zionist federation takes it More cheerful and hopeful View of matters relating to German jewry than has hitherto been expressed. Asked concerning toe alleged prot Ondy rating influence of toe jews on toe press in Qenam or. Klee replied a the influence of toe jews on the press has been greatly mag grated. Three Large journals the Frankfurter a Elting toe Berliner Taegu at and toe Voe Tiche a Elting have jewish a Sori talons but on toe other hand the group of papers pm infected with the Sokala Zeiger toe papers cont round by Stinnes toe Rousche Veltung and Many other leading organs have no jewish connection the connect Tom of toe jews with the press in Germany is certainly not greater than it is in England. On the other band jews Are playing a larger part in Public life than they did before the War. There have been jewish ministers. There i a i a a i a a a a the subject of alien residence in foreign countries is also to receive i ure none at the moment though there the jews and Shakespeare would not 1 times. Every alien must not Only be the chief of the press Section at the appropriating Temple ingredients for j occasions a mixed jury seems be the great artist that he is if he bad not succeeded in this design. Children the eld a nce of a a Oman or vice versa 1 Are not analysts. The jew of shake carefully registered even on a tem ministry of the Interior Regiero Nusrat their own use 49. In conclusion let me say this Law reflects human relationships and human relationships have always been and will always continue to be Essen in the abstract desirable. But unfortunately courts of Justice have not to Deal with the abstract but with the extremely Concrete. Do you want to sit on toe mixed jury which has to Speare lives in the mind of the child As toe jew of Sydney for children will Horary stay in european Contri but England a requires employers to take out cd omit to employ an alien Gosslar is a jew and there is even a be Wilt Section at the foreign of flew a an increasing number of Jewa sit on �?~1 always associate in their minds the its Industrial situation. In order to safeguard More adequately the Bench even in the highest Gort of Appeal. Of same. I hear discuss and weigh the evidence adds the Law a the is advised not to do so so As not to harm his own Frances for future employment nor the chances of his fellow workers 87. If one employs a labourer for the Day to do a particular piece of work and that work is completed before the Day is Over then if the employer can find him lighter work or at least work not Jnore difficult he May fill in toe Day therewith but he can not compel him to Complete the Day with heavier work than the work contracted for 88. Let it not be thought however that toe rabbis were labor agitators who gave the workers an unfair Advant a. They fully realized the Laborera a foibles and fallings. R. Johanan evidently had sad eat fences with to along men for he say humorously a if your life Fth the Days of the talmud was simple and crude Industry and Commerce were in their infancy capital was undeveloped and labor was unorganized. But the labor problems of those Days contained the labor problems of today As toe Acorn contains toe Oak. We saw How the Rabels grappled with their prot Al lems and tried to solve them with Justice and fairness. Jew As Shakespeare portrayed him with toe jew of today. The jewish boy in his passage through toe Public schools under Oral Given in a contested divorce Case no nary even Here in Tiree doubt we ought As Good citizens to put Australia has not altogether an easy a the United states will soon have to enter into International conference with these nations if it is not to become the victim of these highly Intel gent plans on toe part of foreign governments. Monkeys or men a a _ aside personal repugnance. But is it Row to Hoe. Unpleasing epithets Are no Way abrogate any american rights Hurlen Clear toat a mixed jury is More Likely than a jury one of sex alone to reach a fair decision How can such a jury discuss frankly and fully the evidence no doubt toe notions of men and women As to right conduct Are much More nearly identical than consent in a Al at him but the australian boy As a Rule is ready to take his own part and though a a Sufferance i9 the badge of All on tribe a toe australian born jew does not take it a with a patient How much More will he have to Bear and How often will he have to stand up a the Way of the world in this weeks jewish world reads a Large such conferences will in collection of animals recently arrived at the zoo. It included sixty Small to determine fully its own policies i Rhesus macaque monkeys and a but America should be More fully aware of intentions and act cities which will vitally affect its future in mgr Salon in both kind and volume. Cording to toe a times a when to were Pat in the Large outdoor is sure on the Bank of the canal their presence was at once hotly resented by s also when the proposed health regu-1 the older inhabitant and some hot two Latsons requiring aliens to be exam-1 fights took place. T lows. But there Are differences of i for his rights after a the merchant of l ined and. Disinfected at ports of pm a Mere Ordinary que Semi this of modern conditions but we can with profit adopt their spirit of Justice and fairness As the underlying spirit of our labor Laws. Notes. 1. Shabbat 7 2, 4sh. 2. Be Darla 4ffi>. Taste feeling and custom which can not be disregarded. It is Safe to Prophesy that in such cases mixed tories would be prone either to disagree which is to deny Justice to toe Good 3. Old Dustin 29a. 4 Baba a tra 110 i Infix nce of one sex Over toe other the pesh him 118a. 5. 82a-b,Aien feeling As Baum a to stand out mishnah and Borita. 0. A it id. 7. Against the women or the women cause or to to be swayed by the undue i jews. But what of our own boys and girls when this pm amp a la produced in Venice Haa been played before Hia i bark Atlon Are put into Poi pit a it Auen immigration i schoolmates. This will be toe effect that seeing a the merchant of venire will have i without a owing time to on toe youth of our stat who Are not i necessary facilities. Of hold be done so As not to migration stranded at for be im-1 but it raises toe important Point ports i did these or keys have Ike men toe i or do men behave like monkeys when they in precisely identical i Pirlot and a the of too internal i circumstances attempt to oust mul >4mve vhf i Itali their suburb All their schoolmates will be present and thir will to coma pics tonal chamber of Commerce and of i a a pygmalion Furr Inera a just As did a a a an intone atonal rotary Cunba association extends commercial contracts for vat a a v n r a a the zoo prof totes a jewish Chron id London. Of it a a a a a a. A a. A a a c. 4a a .li.,., Lik. I

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