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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - August 5, 1920, Cincinnati, OhioJ a Quot a Quot a a is a a i Ltd a 1� y. A a a 1 a t Milf a a a j or i v a a at. _ i a Al v lbt it i a a a a i. To i 4 a a i re in in in l try i a y a i a ii a /. It a by -1 a. I Quot i a a a. H it _ to a a Fie a Al i / a of a a Jef a a s a 4 �4 a Lett a t to urn Jolt r. 1 volume 67 m i a a a v a a St 5, 1920. Numb few is fight though you lose. In All of Otto St Fukac the Battle of use it of easy to fight Myrhen you re win atm f its easy to Tore and St amp Are and be when the Dawn of Success u beginning. He Saan who can meet despair and to feat Atli a Beer there a a Man of gods can Swihel the Infra who can flight to heavens own heir it. Is the Man who can fight when he a losing. A bar Jert w. Service. A is palest Iii and the zionist problem 4. Crit Loi i View of prof. Morris jail Row a Book. By geor Fprd. O. Oakes. It zionism is a subject which is now receiving a great Deal of attention throughout the world. It has produced a very definite schism among the jews of America and England this split was accentuated within the last few Days by an oficial utterance in the form 6f a. Tolerant of of Wojie who did hot accept the fixate Faith. The news ceased to be a nation in the year 1�ks a. D., when the last a if ther immigration of jews to that go a try and that the status of Jewitt web Oniss be is cognized to which Faa tees no objection. Thle View of the author a if Quot ii -7 4 f in Elf bad fret prom turks semblance of Thelt at Roaal in depot a i is contradicted by to attitude of the new was destroyed and they ceased International i it most la to he nationality when the thu ferment i now is in Sion at ism Del the aim off amp i migration from Palestine which i and tendency of the body seems to be began at the close of the sixth Century toward the founding of a jewish Sta bit b. C. Left Only a Small minority in that As late As july i or. Max nor dad country. He asserts that nationalistic strongly advocated there that great left my a a 5g Maftei Ian. One of the guards was w upset that he lost his mind and never regained it. Absalom also ate some valuable papers which he had on his person. As Rifka expressed it when the feat be volumes were later Dhu overed i Damascus used As wrapping a they burned to aides Hie marvellous collection of botany it my spa i Fiieda of Vera Inland jews to get Dot questionnaire fonts to communicate and his geological Couret Ioaz came known Absalom had quite a lot i Hud scattered them to the four whips Aronsohn family Nih secret society. A a in and tragic Chap a cd also to Chew and they completely destroyed his Glo by s Campaign. To. A. M. I ukr i 1 a Al t. 4 lithuanian be artist Buritt. A a a tic a a k \ m. J4h he was tortured for a week but movements of the 19th Century such As revived the Balkan nationalities which prompted the unlon�?Te�6bj Taly which formed the United Germa a Gore which restored the polish and k Heman states furnish no analogy for zionism. None of these nationalities Ever ceased to be one As did the ten Hall Rotous photographic collection valued at $100,000 and All his beautifully labelled i Osage Wai i Britain be informed that a Pale same j the Brief should become a jewish or. Cash Ronicle Jastrow maintains that if a jewish state were organi a in Palestine the his slots other nine tenths of the jews of the Uia Tole world while belonging to his the jewish state coi ild not escape the porthole the implication that they form a part of a 1.1 a a. A t in the London 9,1920, of the esp it. Aaronsohn and and of their Onesti to Gen. Allenby in Palestine is like a Holch one May see supreme glory of stuck to his Locust 8tory,and he Man-1 and arranged vials pm Taining his sex aged to Send a note to Gatun in a loaf inert rants in wild wheat. Of bread which began a Cher Maitee a and went on to Tell of the wild onions Gen. Allenby walking on foot into conquered Palestine owed Bis Victory he had found in the desert. When the j not Only to Modem War equipment and note reached Aaron one of the nil Dos i modern Eddery. It is very fitting that a lire has dest foxed a Large Pari the jewish Tow let stoic Lishok Trosk including All the number of Seroua of Ite Law a it Hurat and Sevell hnbw4 Raofi lost All they Pesse sae. My now in a Field in the open air and Quentlyn Suiter great Bardahl a. 1 i covered that fhe Story of Absalom a i the in it Lenold services of Brave men and capture and imprisonment was writ j women should have played lib Large a jews. The former had remained a separate jewish nationality. This he tragedy and lie full Ndang Beauty of treated a Tio Pittes despite some immigration ten on the paper in wild onions juice part in the winning of the holy land which is invisible until specially from the Power of the Crescent it is maintains would play directly into the death hashing fuss the world like from their native lands. Zionism Bel hands of those a who Are Only too eager lightning maintains arose As an ameliorative i to seize upon such a we Apon to Justl measure. It did not arise in Palestine their social prejudice and deepen hos-1 ish dicer am but outside of it. He draws compari Tilley fixing indelibly the fact that 1 Alexander a very Flag Eileent that a Saint it to sen Between zionists and the Irish i wherever they reside they to in eng aim on june 8 a Youmg. Jew a Kirin subject capt. In was invested up to this time Aaron had not left j Day not Billy to the people erf j ales Palestine because of the importance of Tine but even to the Turk so Sarah pm with the d. S. 0.fby the King. Capt. His work and because of his influence with the grand Pasha. Now there was nothing to be done but for him to Egypt so he persuaded the turks that Aaronsohn is a Saint should have Sec re faced her life for its redemption. Holding that the Irish never ceased to an alien element in the body Aaronsohn one of. The most Temons j he thought he had discovered a sub be a nationality that they remained j he maintains that this step will retard spies in the or distinctively Irish but Palestine j the Podl tical emancipation of the jews the Only enemy ceased to be jewish a few centuries i everywhere and will create obstacles 1 British distinction after the extinction of the National life i in the maintenance of full political tiie Aaronsohn not Only Alex sary for him to go a to Sweden to of tiie jews. Today it is Predomihat-1 rights in the new states of Russia Po-1 Ander and Sara it hut also Aaron and j pediment. He reached constantinople foreign Cwi outbreak at Aden. On monday june 21�1 Muf Ishii arabs and i mlis a poured into and attacked the Jawa throwing stones etc., at their and vying out a beat beat the j the jews Werp panic struck and Werey Tamul Ted. Police Aid Only Rived after two and a half hours rioting. Sistemi of the offenders arrested. The jews did not rep Yjih their 8hopl till the third Day after ing to the panic created. A a a j. A r p a. War claims to Bej statute for Oil in the sesame Plant object to receive a j which would relieve the great shortage the real Story of in the country and that it was Neces-1 Gir Herbert Samuel s arrival in Palea i stevakia.1 my neater and Jewl i Rifi Itab. A Tine. The new minister for Slovakia singly arabic. He holds that zionism involves a land and Romania. A blvd and picture sane account of i Derer received the Secretary of Rifka and their father and another in july 1916. From there he went to the arrival of sir Herbert Samuel int Talon of slovakian jews or. A he suggests the possibility under 1 brother Zevi ainu a Cousin Reuben i Berlin. There was absolutely nothing it it i false Reading of jewish history dnr-1 the Rule of the world by a league of Schwartau is a Wing and immense. A Resolution passed by the Central con a a it o but. R a .1. Fam Xita of Amah Man Tift Shiji it ionian in a r 6 the past 2,000 years it rests on i nations that Ference of american rabbis declaring Oppem Sitison to the establishment of a i a jewish state in Palestine and to the ? 5 la the proposed jewish like All history a like a single con-1 ingenious Ness Palestine has been received by the Stein. The minister contrary to Fiji in the sesame theory but due to his j zionist organisation in America from a Polky of is pre Lecese or or. Rcd a ingenious Ness and a perfect knowledge Jerusalem correspondent. Showed himself very favourable to be �?�-1 a Kings of the uni of Hie subject he even deceived the Quot the very air of Jaffa was tense Teh National sentiment and w a false interpretation. He follows the state May find itself in a quarrel with Ltd option of the _ some other state and Calls attention to verse and yet Lif spite of its Nniver-1 German professors. He went to co with a vibrating exp Octan it Iyo an the i schemes to ensure minority rights to my ref Nofie in n a Yhoma. Pc onal life ceased in 135 a. D., when uie serious attitude in which the jews Sally its True and deepest significance pen Hagen a Lon ii a pm tie Tawiah Venaia Tho i a. Groups 0116 Fol of the states involved would be placed is that it is written of men and worn from there. A Tess m not teachings of the apostles the author maintains that while no ��1 i fill gained the world for the new Roll Quot Tion but a re g Ous co in to and g0n those who remained a separate group holding unyielding attach a a a i Sally. Its True an deepest significance j pen Hagen and shipped in a British ship i morning of june"30, and air roads and i jews. He announced his intent Liin to that a Palestine is not the Homeland for the jewish people that the whole world a bought to be its moral. Jetrow pro Temor in the i a a Devetra m in of the Earth doubt they would give their allegiance i i an of years to the land where they Dweller they comings. It 18 ment to the rites and ceremonies of task icon. He foresees not fief Seri talmudic Judaism. He argues that Ous difficulty in relations where former Ith Only the usual d the usual Short re indeed that a Only tatty of pm my la a la 1 have leap pm Irea a would nevertheless he under serious j whole family is heroes Are made. In 1914, when tie War broke ont All of Germany Austria and i the Palestine Jelm were passed As a turkish spy. On Board there was a German girl spy whom he told that he was a Turk Side streets poured their living Tribu Oleate a department for Jetteh if i a a his a a tries into the main River of excited 1 headed by a jew and of humanity that was hurrying. Down and inquiry into the the stuff from which he was a charming Man and the pit a says the correspondent. A at the Quay was the marquee of the of the my a. Before Long she had told ulna every-1 Luvito spectators on the rising ground gently issued a Book in zionism in which he sets Forth religious economic other nations of Antiquity upon the sex residents Turkey would Bear thing Idle knew. When the ship was j below the reception enclosure r,.i a Lii 11 a a to a Vtha National vitality As it a egyptians babylonians Phoenl-.5 clans Moabite philistines the Peff a Sis the hittites. His opposition with facts and logic which seem conclusive. In his chapter on the roots of mod in the country Jelt is. Which would be Pla ced under a mandatory Power of great Britain. A if a quarrel were to break ont a 1 lets and the orb tween England and Russia while great were As turkish Britain held the mandatory Over pal join the turkish the Asri Sohns who were terrible Aero Elm during Pelieu a Rel Wal the Moscow correspondent of this k a Amona the Lead Lee jewish famines �8 to reach England h be avg Tiew Isil Lai Mues j n a i we not off tha fire if of the country anti the Foremost Zion passing Kirkwall Aaron whose one marquee for the official Depu-1 nations of Welcome and another for the a Follo a. J started a fuss and was put off the boat men of their race t a a dangerous As the water a widened Between the tender and the military representatives the general j commanding the third and to mesh a Lvi lie xxi Lonj the Torpy of a a it in Kleft who a a a ask a preliminary report Freso the Kiac pogrom cd Ommittee which has shows daily More news arrives a to cml i the of the barbarities of the j. West Sci pril to j German spy hung Over the 18 staff. The enclosure was to railing and shouted a i shall make it i flagged and decorated with greenery s�5f�?~�?~ a a a mows abroad they treated you�>4 the Way to the Aadla stage we because of the Strong Bond that was created through their becoming a re russian jews to i of the zoo Nostic their Superior a Tel a made the All. Means do a answered the Cau it eted the cinematograph of orators itself la Ous people. When a nation jew tiny jewish state representing Only the army soon recame unbearable. Movement is due. The existence of a turks jealous Ang the life of a jew in a Angerona Turk a a and As a matter of had their camera in Post Iii pointing a is leh Palestine never played any notable one tenth of the jews of the world. The inevitable remit was rebellion on part either in Antiquity or in later will complicate instead of solving the the part of the j by non partisan of the St Jitomir by the poles. Be fact she did As soon As she reached 1 seawards and every second person the United states and immediately a a flushed a Kodak. Osie Poh ulcer halt hot Jaames of forty three jews wlm been killed. Two one a Man of of a i always interpreted religion in terms of sri i i Arter her arrival the evening Post and sat in readiness in his boat manned by nationality. He contrasts to that View ���1 the new York times published an a spa ctr Lue Crew of Jersey Clad oars Nati Hialit. He that View a it Independence be argues they made the modern View Holch looks upon contributions in the Field of Art. Will arouse the opposition of the a plague swept this country and mad legion As a concern of the individual he argues that in Antiquity every need i Tives of Palestine ind of the adjoining denied the Pei la $0 a desperate de science government or military Strat-1 Syria who will resent being pushed count of the Quot dangerous turks Cap Maui and other auxiliary Craft a Pere tired at Kirkwall. It wag through this 1? the Vicinity. A guard of Hon Entys had Imen buried alive. I Ahi inclined to Swallow a Loiles but this list is absolutely Tomt a it thy and drawn up from the est a it a egy. Solomon sent to Phoenicia for to the Wall secondly it will create by-1 Sevasta a res architects the Temple was patterned i phen ated jews All Over the world and Tion regarded itself As a chosen Pete i after religious Structure of Phoenicia 1 thirdly it will place jews outside of i Channel that the jews in Palestine i flanked by a military brass band As i Deuce of a Aatu a no for Learned that he had arrived. In eng drawn up facing the military sri pee. Seen ton of the jews accordingly 1lat ten o clock the sea still stretched own. Prom this mint of View religion Barrio la. The intellectual a Tiv was new scarily interpreted in a Quoter of Jay jews came after their Dos the sol Darity of the group Only those who were greeks could worship greek gods to to could be a greek citizen who was not a greek by descent or had become a greek by intermarriage. Thie _ same was True of the romans no one could be a roman citizen who was them in self defense of opposition to persion. Their great philosophers j their Fellows who insist upon they Separ be in Western Europe and their Arate nationalism. Political zionism spread from then in the army to Palestine in a position that will oblige the jews All Over Falestine. A a. With the Situ Allon Pedly grow j Al no nyx Nve Nch a Thien tand it Wair de 1 so joke till with a startling suddenness the British authorities in London 1�?o �8t emptiness to the far horizon were suspicious at first but Aaron Tien a Black Dot appeared a Tell of Elded that he should return to ugh get a a r�?o�8 of a White Cruiser revealed Eminence in music in literature and the instead of serving to unite the jews sciences developed Ltd a turtles later Fol will create further splits of the most no my Only 1 a a a a a a Quot a a a with sir Matthew Nathan appointed govern nor of Queensland. Sir Matthew Nathan win receive Alhi warmest congratulations on his ointment As it Evenor of Queen slam Obde of a family who have rend. Themselves and out of the Blue Swem it j great Loyal service to the country a the jews with their fellow men enabled bit if greatest Gode. He finds that the ancient he-1 brews formed no exo pros to tiie Tulei a a vips tit a they had a National deity whom they railed Yahweh who was their a a Arthe a Iron tests Quot Are exercising every lowing their political Eman Capati Ltd in serious character and the upshot of i of Palestine be the movement will be to keep alive the get in c he argues that the intermingling of spirit of opposition in those lands in i authorities a hich the jews Are. Treated As aliens j the ill lbs a aim toil a a the Jed throw go. Great with the Al Tish pm the British of Palestine with the full co operation of a Al three droning aeroplane that Clr Mattiew has a Fine re it mid in Many in the meantime Absalom who had i steaming broadside to the pier and returned to Atalit on his release from visible in her Grade Fol length. Flees we a a will win him the Gene zit demonstrates his it a prison left again for Egypt because i while the port officers boat with at a a �8 a about pi4itm rights ent of j the author says the jewish question culture and civilization. He believes. I is but the struggle to secure for the jews in All lands the same political Energy to take a step backward when 1 rights As their fellow citizens and that protector and whose control was 11m item to the Tiv Story which the he the Shirfe world seems Bent on moving is the Only solution possible. He holds Forward. Brews could Call their the survival in Judaism of the rarity that even if immigration to Palestine concept him of religion which attached it closely to nationalistic limitations. Palestine is today a land filled with could proceed at the average of 25000 sacred association for the followers of a year a Quarter of a Century would 1 change made at the Telegraph v %. I face in the a Able he had received a Roa t a Breakers and was eng Tim Aaron in Copenhagen be thought 1 Choppy Waves under her Iven no his plan of com j a a the Rev berating Thunder of the deter Lunati m we torred a log Back to Al Gyp Mcconn anted by cruisers guns wok the Edises. Seven rapacity to discharge the important Doty now cast up Ltd him. In Australia Road of the Ltd Nodi Tion of the jews there. Of Tell k had Givsto up his it Ian of com Tendit Cettei a had Alrey pass be will meet Many jews with 4. A a Quot Hunt Ftp Thida one has left his snark history of the commonwealths up to organization called a Nili a which took its name Froin the he Jrew Wieza desert both disguised As bedouin a Rael to Oker or a Tow they did not i lactic their Deena a Friend of his he started out across teen times As the High commissioner left her deck and in an amazingly few moments the Strants of a god save the Tion. They were attacked by a band of i Kwh go from the military band upon the Israel shall never be the a a Heads of this Organ Traylon were 1 in ruins and on january i announced that he had set foot these Star re in Days of general mems if and the australian expel Trenary Force. Of tit sir Matthew will a4m fresh Luster to the jewish record in Australia and worthily uphold Imperial interests there ran be no doubt and a a ,1 1. 1, a a. I three great religions and can not be elapse by flt be they could become a a Ander Aaronsohn and Absalom fein u<n7 was of he a on Shore and the Shore Batter Ren uhl a ter As the Roo of modern zionism. Christianity itself inc combed to the it is As sacred to christians As to jews. Mohammed Drew his inspiration from 1 1 the Teti tens that arose in Palestine. 1 Tian population in Palestine. The author believes that the holding of Palestine is As vital for the christians As it is for jews Bethlehem Nazareth Tiberias and the Jordan Are Dos Ely or christians and no natural growth of the turks brought the organization the present Mohammedan and Chris into action. Alexander Aaronsohn de made head of secret society. One needed the instinct a of history to a r r. Appreciate the transcendental sign i upon his return Aaron became the canes of that instant sir Herbert was ing the official religion of Rome link ing the state Universal with the Church Universal citizenship was limited to an avowal of a certain Faith which cited to leave at one for Egypt to get supreme head of nil in Cairo. Once in full ceremonial dress White with in his summary of the arguments he i in touch with the Burrish authorities i a month or of Tener a trawler left port reported pogrom outbreak in Poland. Telegrams from Vienna state that a Strong pogrom movement has Hook a k maintains the following immigration there. He and Rifle disguised them-1 said for Atalit and Absalom a wound-1 of Nure and a court a word at his of jews to Palestine can be better a j selves As a turkish me Radiant and wife de Friend was always aboard As the i swe and on his breast the glittering Gold braided Collar and cuffs a Sari out in the whole of Poland. Polish papers Are making the jews scape. A excluded the jews from participation in the political life about them and longing instinctive in jul jews the sue stoc Lii so humanity for a place where they could worship As citizens. The Era which followed the divorce Between Church and state threw Down _ _ _ complis hed without than with a jew and by Means of a faked Spanish pass associated with events in the use of ish state that the orthodox jews re it reached Egypt in july 1915, aft-1 under Way. Jesus. Mohammedans Revere As do siding there would resent the Stab or Many adventures. Lish ment of a state unless with a re re croats for the polish did and messenger. At last the great Nili was stars of his orders a a figure of dig j stories that Lloyd George is under the nity and of Power. The guard of influence of the jews and that secret .1. K Kkt there were Twenty Fostir members in Honor was inspected the consuls and 04 in Egypt they went at once to the i the organization fourteen of these in j civic represent lives the member8of jewish bolshevik organizations Are undermining the existence of Poland a 1. Figures of the old testament such As Gigious background that the state intelligence Headquarters of the eng Atalit Sarah Aaronsohn who had the zionist Coro Masslon introduced and Are being circulated by leaflets Abraham Jacob Joseph Rachael a would represent but a Small fraction Ijah. But the officials were inclined to come from constantinople to take part dresses of Welcome delivered in the throughout the country. Jews Are try a prophets. Mohammedans and Chrls Sony of tie barriers exit luding opt a inns have fought for the Possession old sol Muon Absalom Job and the of the jewish population that local suspicion a How could they Tefet two in the work was the head in Atholl autonomy is already established for enemy strangers who came unheralded in a for a entitles Aro Imd the e jews. Their political Emancia j spots Church flies and chapels the jewish colonists in Palestine. In with offers of valuable information t As soon As she arrived she began to i High commissioner responded briefly learn to swim to that she could swim but eloquently with thanks and with mme of Jaffa and Tel Valv and the 1 log to escape to other countries and Are Besie a the american consulate i �?~4. A by cd Tutley. And so if i. Quot a a a. He . ,. 1 a an. A Ifor passports. They further state that answer to the argument of a National after a few discouraging weeks Alex out to the trawlers from Egypt and the Assurance that to hold evenly the jewish organizations Are imploring tiie Homeland to develop culture tee an-1 Ander and Rifka left for the ult take information to Aaron. The trawl j Scales of Justice in this old land which i polish government to take timely Thor says that the Best <�ntributlon8 i states with the Hope of inciting the ers were Small boats and there was j was Ever a new that the jews have made to culture j american jews and a ringing the the greek Church the roman oath-1 have been made under the stimulating j United states into the War. Olic and the protestant Are very Large Contact with others. He closes by org countries in which they lived and As a natural consequence the Era of re formed Judaism set in. J re a rmes to do a a a a re Stian 1 ing that Palestine be tee one place in the auteur Moln talks that the Zions prance Spain and Italy and oth a the world where All the nations of eur Sam a so a a oses Asia and Africa great danger in a heavy sea but Sarah Progress and to Advance the interests was absolutely fearless. She always of All its inhabitants without dist inc information to England via Egypt in the meantime matters were i f anally a he became such an inspire steadily growing a it we a in Palestine non to the men that they would not carried along sugar and Tea for sick j Tion would be Bis sole aim in tee exec children and she also carried a pistol j Tion of the High office which be was land to farther its i measures against the pogrom movement which hourly be Ltd Mes Nero dangerous. The government however. Shows a persistent passivity. Under a la 1? the pressure of the danger the organizations have asked the Allied repro s cuu Iviry la a Tuiai a Rte a a a re it a Ranara need by the sick Ndu site in a Toast hated a a Ltd a a a a a a a a a a a a it Quot it a a a a a a a a a a Quot it a a Here Tofu my been Christian was paralleled by the Ltd Mph Eek Dlvore Ltd Between Mohammedan population of 500,000 represents All sections of the islamic religion and nationality in Reform Egypt Arabia Asia minor could unite in a practical league of Absalom Fernburg a devotee of Aaron make the trip without her. They used nations to organize the country on whom he looked upon almost As a to say a is aral is tee Only Man on the god decided to try his Luck in Egypt risking great dangers he arrive there in september 1915, and succeeded in interesting the British. An agree Silver is. Brandeis. Proud to hold. A then into the waiting car with 1 Senta Tives for Portenti m. Colonel Storrs he was sped to Ludd through an almost unbroken Avenue of. A a .1 soldiery and to the accompaniment of. She left Cairo for the last time in an uninterrupted succession of present taking place in connection August 1917. I x a i Poland. In the pol lbs parliament begot a a i. Judaism. Persia and Turkey. The predominate Enrera Litot t a to Dju in sons of a Thote 2plorahle prevailing in 1. Tha f a Manv pm a there is a says the lib Don jewish guardian a a growing antagonism be-1 using Atalit near Hiffa As the base. Ment was made to Start an inform captured by the turks who had been Tion service from Palestine to Egypt suspicious almost from the beginning arms. At Ludd another guard of tee establish it of a new Cut in september a Carrier Pigeon was Bonor and another inspection and from pm a a a a a a a termed by Ludd by special train to Jerusalem. Skolsky which was dismissed. Vuk been in Possession of the soil for Many have More than Ohe half of the fifteen 1 Mal Talna that if there la which Helomes Yre evident Witt Russia and Rumania which countries Evn the european and american relates attending the zionist Confer although they had never been Able to above. And the watchful aeroplanes gyrated rb8gons Are preceding among the Aaron Aaronsohn who was an Agri-1 get. Any definite information. Soon cult Urist of world gift me he disco after Thlu a messenger was captured various parties the jews being every million jews in the world. It was among the jews in these lands who had no country that zionism quickly spread being promoted by the natural social instinct of Man ered wild wheat and did a great Deal with valuable information which led each session. All efforts on the part toward controlling tee River Nile and to the arrest of Many of the Nili in such a thing As a Nis Torikai Diawn Loti Ani Iaia to Infin a a. The land tie claim of the Moha pmed an natives of Palestine rests on As sub of Justice Louis d. Brand is to influx also had in charge tee extermination ence the conference have failed and of the locusts had his Laboratory in in years old and her father who was military governor ate and the mull a Nam �-�.�. 1 Cip Allty. Again god save the King october. Sarah who was Twenty Sev again an inspection again int Rodu a at Jerusalem a third guard of i Job a a ignored. The formation of a Honor a military band the staff of the majority is under discussion. With tee View of creating a Blo it and there is no one to draw the attention of the parties concerned to the Jelte Tion again an address and again a re-1 the National democratic a Holt of either jews a a the his attitude the american Zion Atalit. The first trawler out of Egypt seventy one were among the prisoners. My a and so Teruki a the streets i party with tee Dwa Grosze at Teeler a a a for four Days and four nights they thronged with welcoming citizens and organized tee Campaign 1st Leader has created a great Deal of brought Absalom there. To belong to 8tanfial a basis As some country. An an semitic of Terneak or christians the Jesh up among his own follow the Germany and Austria influenced j being smallest or a est a j Brand is came Here fully de did Oil a Wii Uva the plan was for British ships to were tortured in the presence of each two solid Walls of fixed bayonets the the new Cabinet and,.<as usual Theodor Herzl to found political Zion Isufi he Hett eved teat tee jews were fit Cipior of ath if Mpozi i Civ othi0p� in 0110 nth it h0r a amp a is High comic ills ii inv 0sc0nd0d to tibi0 old jowls drug Mont is Hoing p of �v.,.� i the writer refers to a re organi of the new admin Stra regarded As a separate entity not be which have sprung up a�o�3 Tel to ree failure to influence cause of their Region but race and classes of tee inhabit ends of mor european zionists by promises or the author maintains that this inter-1 Palestine which flu flare up anew u j divergence of opinion ter mined to have his own Way in the ing a signal from kill. Then some beating of four Hundred strokes and mount of olives where Malor general sorted to. In View of the Likely Incila member of the Vigani Zaniou would his enly outcry was the chanting of a swim out to tee vessel with the news. Jewish prayer to the Tempo of the pre Tatlyn played directly into the an attempt is a a a to �8tehlite Thero holds with regard to the icicles of hands of the anti semitic Movena ent. A jewish state teat a 8���� future development make Hinr Herzl maintained teat by organizing a May be expected the follow any swim jewish state tee jews would be in a attempt to Carp out tee Point Iraq move-1 president which is being of and with the Days mapping by position to of Erciso pros sure in cod i it Tont of too zionists to against a 1 him he ref sons to of thin in a Bra of ii d�ildi3 the fact teat none of the Aaronsohn beats a sch Mal Israel a or knew How to swim made Little Dif Feren a As they set about to learn at on Ltd while waiting pc tee first boat. Bols hade him Welcome and departed and on the Morrow Headquarters o. Ear o pm. T. A., had become government Sion in the Cabinet of tee socialist i Aanond jew the new government is being described As a jewish one. Very reluctant to accept the office of unfortunately they waited in vain and no release of the heroic Sarah. It was decided to take Sarah to Naz Areth prison and she asked to go Home looks to i feed him. Moreover he refuses to ship in sight Absan Toi decided Houtos and in place of a chief adm la told rated. Istratov a civil governor is directing a a a a a a a a the destinies of Palestine teat breath Flosi a a a i less looks to him to begin its trans Flag nation into a Laud of peace and of ���fl�8 to the by diplomatic prestige to secure pro j the trend of the Agra. I Guy other american zionist to to Egypt again to Cut a erect the Arpa he argues that it is of Little Avail to i a a executive cd . This misunderstanding. There was no boat Tecton of tee jews living outside of the proposed jewish state. Or. Jastrow maintains that the Prev give offs Assurance that the rights and Point created the greatest excite leaving at the time so the Only thing to her room. She went in tee room and closed the door. An instant later privileges of the Mohammedans and Nice existing against the jews is es-1 christians in Palestine will hot be in a rabbi a. H. Silver of Clevland sent ally social and not interfered with. There win be a general j the feelings of Many developing this thought he refers to protest against the principle of pm a a members of the delegation when he ment among the american delegates to do was to Cross tee so nil desert. No a one Ever crossed the desert alone but no fear for her Perron a a a the Art few iteration of ukrainian jews. At last direct communications have new Resolution the religion of a Caa dilate can not serve As a ground for his Moscow wireless gives an account of he started out i sgt a sed As a turkish t was simply teat Sam was been established with the jewish War the fighting which took place at ber sufferers in soviet Russia. Two rep Dot it Frieff where fighting took place la resent elves of the joint distribution the streets Between Budenny a troops the fact that hostility to. The jews can ing the control of a country in the protested at or. Quot Brau Delsy at he traced Back to the Days of pharaoh before the jews were a nation and in Rome after they had ceased to be a hands of any particular group and Partlon Larry a minority. The very implication in the name. A jewish state to nation. The egyptians disliked tee is that the government would be or deed not Creed. Jews because they were shepherds. I Gan led on the basis of a s a the romans looked upon both Dhrls-1 tonality and controlled by teat a trans and jews As radicals religious bolshevik. In fact Rommi writers speak of jews and christians As ath tonality. Even if tee state should be organized on the Baris of a divorce Between religion and the state by to see a Man living out of an inner frill lists because they did not believe in Eer Nelt a Salty a jewish state would Jupiter. He hold teat dislike is the present the double aspect of religion outgrowth of difference in habits. He i and nationality which up old mean a maintains teat religious exposition to step backward. Tee jews did not arise among the Ghr trans until it had become the 1 discusses the tendency toward a Randi state religion and the state became in Spring of inflexible right and pliant pity if he refuses the color of the Low world around him if his Eye flashes with scorn at Nisan and impure things which Are a jest to others if High sex ampies of Honor and self sacrifice bring the flush of sympathy upon his in his closing chapter or. Jastrow Cheek if in his sphere of Rule he plan Quot by obeys a Trust instead of enforcing officer on a Camel. He was rap Wedl Bro Down under continued tor committee with which the federation and tee poles and ukrainians. Final by a turkish patrol and told them he a a a a secrets. She of ukrainian jews is connected Are by the poles left tee town. The poll was trying to get 4nfonnation about a certain division. After some discussion they let him go although they Xvi. I were still six Iris a a cd a Short time j afterwards he was caught again. This lived five Days paralysed and when her turkish murderers a ame to see her in remorse she Hutterly attacked them Max Pine to Moscow already in both capitals of Russia company imposed a Ltd a Tributino of judge Harry Fisher in Petrograd and five million Marks on ber Ditcheff. To they Are study ush patrols shot All jews whom they ing the situation of the jews there and in Ltd uttered including some jew esses. Zeal another brother who was tor-1 the possibilities for extensive Relief work. At the same time the poll fat tee time he told his raptors teat he had k of j a Nyji Vikt been sent out by Aaron whose assist valid and Reuben Swartz a Cousin j off Isle in Podolia void Anta and later the polish commandant re nested the presence of the jewish Kukk Kukk xxx. A i rabbi and asked him to sign a Dott at he a to St try tee Loci i 8� Frimd hanged to his bed. In some i Ukraine has thrown open tor Relief ment Quot a stating teat tee jews had be i they won taken to r of release him he was i no Lra Culous Way the father lived 1 work Larae Terr Ltd rats Occi died by the the victims of the fighting. Sheba and put in prison through it All and is alive Tay. Alex polish troops. The lat rat i atches _ Ander no after a year in America from or. Bogen report that tee Ltd a fritter s a tire a Buoo Esa managed to get Back to Cairo and wat Roit teen a represent Alvra have already the Umfort of a turkish officer con working with Aaron there escaped in reached Zhitomi Meh lev Podolsk listed of an Ordinary snit of clothes Hamed. Aaron was killed in a fall f Kieff be Ditchev Arfi Many other jew with brass buttons and Epa lets sewed i from an air plane at Boulogne a year it in an obbe8bion. _ a a arbitrary will and in his 8pb#re Olmi. Luring the night Salom ate ago while flying with important do Ciles asserts that those Qnali-1 service takes his Yoke without a groan tee buttons and Epa lets to the mgr fic Atlon of the political program of the zionists a he asserts that those quasi a zionism and the future of pales-1 fled to speak for zionists say that and does his work with thought Only i ing when his guards saw him they Tine. By Morris Jastrow jr., pm. D., i there is no Inte Hytlon of asking that i that it be Good i shall foot pry into were amazed and terrified and thought la. D., prof sror in tee University of t Palestine be handed Over to the jews Juhls closet or ask about his Creed but 1 that he was in league wite the Dell . Up mtg Taid by the made but that assurances be Given of to of Fol to him at once As the godly was Man than Maluan Goa any 1,59 up. 1 interference with the movement of Ffir-1 Martl eau. Til. Mar a e-., a �?�4 Wmma menu a Kun w Wuu Esfir officer and now he eras a Plain Clu ments to the peace conference. That perhaps was the most tragic end of All because it was so in need scary. Not Content with the torturing of the family tee turks devastated air Oak a priceless scientific Library Smitt of the lib centers which have heretofore been dosed for Relief work views re or. Cuba pm Weizmann the zionist Leader appears to be Well advised in advocating an immigration policy of dding in tee a fitted Kab of who make haste slowly for Palm attn. A get. Have relatives in tee Ukraine will now Max Nordau a advocacy of the Send i a by Able to ascertain tee whereabouts of their friends Aud relatives by the use of questionnaire forms which have Begaii printed by tee federation of ing of half a million jews a year to the country is contrary to tee a Quot ment of most students of tee Teir Ingridd mus b am j . A n k v i v. A a r h. T 1 Ai Vav i w v in ,. I. A a a a i a it a a i a. In Taxa a -.7 w 1 j. T Xvi j a i Quot Fai a of vi.3k Lex

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