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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - April 26, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioVolume 63. M or t a it he al Jhaj i 1 jail evil to to Terr 1 j al Var a Jolt Cincinnati. So april 26, 1917. Pm i $ l. A a few so s�1 i b i a Abe s5sbbb is Saba number 43. The Weaver. Elnora Stone. My i sat at my loom in silence i facing the off Stoling a tin the Warp was Rought and tangled and the threads unevenly run. In Patel amp to i filled at the Libres they snapped and flew from weary and faint and sore hearted 1 gathered the broken strands. I had Beautiful color to work with a White Blue like heaven above if and tangled in All the meshes were the Golden threads of love but the colors were dulled by my handling a 44�?T a. The pattern was faded and Gray. That once to my eager seeming shone fairer than Flowers of May. But alas not the half of my pattern was finished at set of Sun what should i say to the master when i heard him Call a it is done a and 1 threw Down my shuttle in Sor ipad the Livelong and i Lay Down to slumber in darkness too weary even to Pray. In my dreams a vision of splendor an Angel shining faced with gentle and tender Finger to work of Tell milers traced. He stooped with a Benediction i Quot Oer the loom of my neighbor near for the threads were smooth and even and the pattern perfect and Clear. Then i waited in fear and trembling stood do not tangled skein. For the look of reproach and pity Thithi a Ltd to my pain instead with a thoughtful aspect he turned his gaze upon me and i knew that he saw the fair Pic-44 Ture Fez. Of my work As i hoped it would be. And with touch divine of his Finger he traced my faint copy anew. Transforming the clouded colors and the pattern Shine True. And 1 of waiting while his look pierced my very soul through i was judged not so much by my doing As by what i had so Juven to do. Christian Register. Strengthening the Victory of the revolution. The jewish proletariat free from the chains of a a slavery will devote its full Energy to the solution of the general and local problems and will be in the Vanguard in the southwestern be the bund a activity has now become of the greatest importance. As regards National questions. It considers its task to be to demand the immediate organization of local Central institutions of culture for National autonomy. Keeping its class position and close connection with the russian proletariat the bund insists upon the immediate convocation before the Date of the general convention of a jewish National convention elected by Universal suffrage for National self organisation but will insist on its National program. Together with All oth socialist parties the bund has begun its existence in the open. Local organizations have been formed in Large and Small towns. The a Beite Stimme is published. A with one blow the russian revolution Hasl in mid Czaj a i abolished All restrictions and opened a new Page in jewish history. The Liberal Ion of the jewish nation is in the faithful hands of the revolutionary la. The Cah a is signed by the executive committee of the bund. Secs radicalism As russians danger romanian barbarism the cause of her downfall inhuman in Chi a lifer against the jews. By these Laws they have re by Edward Herbert. Count Tolstoy fears socialism May Lead to anarchy and Back to absolutism. Bund of russian jews greets jews of am Rica tells of its alms now that it is free to womb in the open plans National Congress says first problem is Pfifle democratic self ruling institutions. The following is a substantial part of the text of a cablegram which during the present week was received in new York from tsp anti a Niit tee of the bund in she most in por Tifft of the flu Skiffi revolutionary bodies whose consists exclusively of jews a Petrograd april 1 14. A to All jewish workingmen of Amer Ica greeting. ? a a 4. A today immediately after the publication of the decree of the provisional government abolishing National and religious restrictions on the Day of the great National funerals of the victims of the revolution the Central committee of the bund congratulates the american proletariat and All american jewish workmen upon the greatest Victory the working classes have Ujj he a phed. 0�ffl@t Agid invaluable is the International importance of the russian revolution. Today russian workingmen enter the worlds democracy As equals. The time of the International is nearer the world is free from gendarmes and the revolutionary Energy of the German proletariat is Awakening. Peace will be made by really free nations. A the russian revolution opens new avenues to All russian socialists to the jewish workingmen and to the bund. Czarist has received its quietus. The Romanoff dynasty has disappeared. Russia is moving rapidly toward a democratic Republic. The full realization of the social democratic program minimum in the coming National convention is no More a dream but a real possibility. The next pro Gram of the democracy is to Avail itself of the unlimited Liberty of the Peoples army organization to strengthen the revolutionary forces and to preps oui Phi solution. A the As to what shall be the proper procedure of the provision Jne Niph in common with the ruling classes supported by the Middle classes in relation to the de Fen jul Iipp reconquered it fifty from the attacks of the enemy a armies is a great problem the importance of which is appreciated by the intelligent working class. The strengthening of the revolution requires the co operation of the whole of vast Russia and of All of its cities countries and villages. The revolution which succeeded with one blow in Petrograd. Can be disorganized by inaction in the provinces by social National antagonism in the towns and villages and especially in the southwestern districts near the front. Finally the danger of the Vendee is not excluded. A the first problem is the immediate organization of the revolutionary democratic self ruling institutions thereby bringing the rulers nearer to the people. The bund the sole jewish party which participates in the executive committee of the conf full of workmen and Soldier deputies rec Ogni Wiethe meaning of this historical problem of bringing together All local revolutionary forces without distinction of nationalities. 4 a h demand for the abolition of All National restrictions was included among the pro Hoyals considered in the conference Between the councils executive com Mitteer and the provisional government. Few the bund i had introduced i a project Quot relating to on Guage i a of As to make it possible prior to the meeting of the convention to use the f various National languages to enable the people to Appeal orally and in writing to a government and which will permit the latter to communicate in and to publish Laws in the various Lan images i ii Liuding yiddish. I this 4� join the people be and the government a Libe ii she common ill a a of the it Jefe danger to the permanence of the russian democracy is that the extreme socialist Wing will produce anarchy which will in turn cause the return of absolutism in the opinion of count Bya Tolstoy son of the great russian writer. The count has just returned to new York City from a lecture tour. He was joined by his brot3er, Leo Eovitch Tolstoy who arrived of off Days previously after a lecturing trip in Japan. Count Ilya is hopeful that Russia will safely weather the dangers which it is now facing but he said he was a Little shaken by the news of the Power Given to the soldiers and of their arrest of general Kuropatkin. A the Only thing that i he said a is that the socialists of the extreme left will be too Radical. I done to approve at All of the rights Given to soldiers. That is very dangerous. You do not give such rights to soldiers in this or any other Republic or any kind of government a Soldier must not Rule he must be command m. A m Issup a in this i see great danger. It is a sign of disorganization. I believe that disorganization will be averted and that the new government will maintain itself but i cannot help recognising the sign of danger. A it was the extreme socialist who checked the revolution in 1905. They went so far As to produce it reaction. Their policies result in anarchy and it is in anarchy that the dark forces Ozone into Power jail a while there is some danger that extreme radicalism May bring about the re establishment of autocratic government there is no danger that it will give the a Tom iry to Germany. Germany might take Petrograd she might take Moscow but Russia would still be undefeated. I do not believe that Germany will take either of those places but each additional acre of grou that Germany gains in Russia makes the War so much More difficult for her to carry on because of the Extension of her lines and the difficulty of count Ilya thought Germany might land troops in Finland Between Petrograd and the russian army forcing a retirement but he said that if Germany went Forward in the North Russia would go Forward in the Soutth East in Rumania and Galicia and easily hold her own. Leo Eovitch Tolstoy said a amp la Fiill a i predict that when Germany attempts to invade Russia from the Baltic Sweden will join Germany in an attempt to capture count Ilya said that Sweden could not do any harm to Russia because Sweden a Entrance into the War would be immediately neutralized by an attack a no Juliy on sift in. A while Tiff i Pic of Ower to a mrs is do serous a said the count a there is no danger of such disorganization in the army As would give Germany a Victory Over Russia. The patriotism of the army la too Strong. If Germany invaded deep into Russia every russian peasant Man and woman. Would fight the germans. The Only thing for Germany to do is to follow the example of Russia and dethrone her emperor. This possibility is not so Remote As most americans seem to think. The German people will certainly have to dethrone their emperor before a War ends and 11 is quite possible that they will do it voluntarily. Americans Entrance into the War will hasten that As the moral influence of this step by the United states is eno�t�s6 pc she fights for the idea of in answer to a question count Ilya said he Felt his fathers relation to the russian revolution was the same As the relation of Rousseau to the French revolution. Few this work was that of enlightening the whole nation and he had his effect on every individual in Russia. Still if he had lived to see the actual Day of revolution it would not have meant so much for him. A he preached the. Liberty of the soul which no human institutions can restrict and a change of external conditions would not have been greatly significant to life new Russia better. I it is yet too soon to estimate the full effect of the convulsion upon our russian Brethren. But new Russia will be a better and happier Russia no one dare doubt nor dare we doubt hdm Lii better Russia the jewish up i amp Solso be jew concluded from last week Cuza Voda. With the election1 of John Alexander cd Uza in 1859, first in Moldavia and then to Wallachia the two principalities became de Facto United under one Snyr Verein and formed one state the capital of which was Bucharest. Be. 1 Cuza was a progressive. What is still More he was a reformer. Like every other Man with an initiative in him who seeks to improve conditions he met with Strong opposition. Those who profited desired no change they urged a status quo. Hence they opposed him strenuously. During those turbulent Days Between the Russo Turko wars and the austrian occupation the jews As usual suffered More than the rest. The cossacks would Rob and kill them a because they Are the greeks and the armenians who were always hated by the turks would decapitate the jews because they were spared by Turkis Ltd invaders. The romanian butchers would Point out the kinship Between the jews and the enemy of the country the Turk neither being Christi Anand would agitate the annihilation of All the israelite. But the Plain common people the i it a a ii new be fir. Peasant of primp the pro Lygis very knew then As they do to Day that their worst enemy the actual real and Only enemy is of their own Kin. Their of Presser the exp per was then As he till to Day is Che Boyar. The privileged class a the Boyars a who were exempt from taxation and from every other Burden of the government this class which enjoyed the privileges without contributing to the government they who oppressed the peasant by every Means and denied to him every rights they those Boyars were and still Are the actual and Only enemies of their country and its people. Neither Turk nor russian nor airy other enemy could so cruelly and heart Lessly oppress them and hold them so tight in subjugation As their own internal enemy the Boyar. The peasants were held in bondage. In England and in every other civilized country serfdom was abolished but not so in Rou mgr pm Bogg a Ould own the land and the peasant the serf would cultivate it but receive no pay. The arrangement was that whatever land the peasant would need to raise food on for his family he would lease from the Boyar and pay by so Many Days of labor. During the summer season he would work on the a diary a Field in payment of his indebtedness. But be would not have time to cultivate his leased ground. It would therefore go to waste. As soon As the Winter season % set in he would find himself without food. He would then go to the boy and borrow in order to repay with his labor when the next summer season came. Thus during his natural life he was bound to the Boyar. Corrupt clergy. In addition to the Boyar the romanian peasant had another Friend a the ignorant priest. This most faithful of All friends which the peasant had is As Loyal to him today As he Ever was. Two fifths of the land area was held by the Church monasteries they called them. This land like that owned by the Boyars was also cultivated by the peasant. In payment for his labor he would receive prayers or some other Church privilege Money never. The result of this it Liberal Ai d humane arrangement was that while the peasant lived in dire poverty the partnership of Boyar and Church grew fatter every Day. The monastery owned every natural product of the country and from Day to Day grew mightier in wealth. Nor did the Boyars remain behind the Church in their accumulation of fortunes Fin this respect both Church and Boyar were rather progressive. Indeed they grew immensely Rich. The peasant on the other hand faithful to his Church and master starved and shrank economically and Cally. And whenever a doubt crept into his mind As to that providential Vij a a anger end. A visit by the i Goral Bijj and corrupt priest dispelled it. The Only one who saw through the scheme was the jew. Hence tin jew Haq in a be hammered. This was necessary first that tie peasant might not see his real enemy and therefore had to be made to believe that the jew is die cause of it a 11 second to keep the jew in constant fear so that he might not unmask the hypocrisy of the clergy or the villainy of the Boyar. I Cuza decided to make an end of that corrupt state of affairs. He confiscated the Church property introduced Universal suffrage emancipated the Ziganti and also the armenians. When he was about to emancipate the jews he met with a Strong opposition. The clergy especially in conjunction with the Boyars opposed him with All their might. Kip be jews on an equal basis with the natives the latter would soon learn that the jew is not As bad As he is pointed. It is a notorious fact not Only to Roumania but More so in Russia that the main and Only subject the priest has to talk about is the jew a to preach hatred against the jew. Outside of this elevating theme of jew baiting their resources Are exhausted. Jfefcfef4 Cuza was forced to abdicate. Not Only were the jews not emancipated but a new series of persecutions began and new oppressive Laws were enacted. In vain a did the French statesman Adolph Cremieux and sir Moses Monteflores use their influence to have the condition of the jews in Roum Amla memo Ratnef. The status of the jews continued to be worse from Day to Day. A a Felt Laws were enacted with the special design against the jews. There Are in i Rover 200 Laws on the romanian statutes most oppressive and diced the jews to they Are compelled poverty Ami la not or Means of earning have Cut off from schools Are suited Fly destries the count whatever Little Thuli must not be employ Sion is closed to must serve in the blood on the Battle try Bear the Burde pay taxes contrib us ment of the country of the Law he a pm has no rights not Ito stay and cont country where his lived for a a Centuria they will not let i to leave the Barbaz tier is closed to m prefect of police or passports a the jew the of the country must says the a Roumano a we can give you Are not a Roum alien a says jews when they de but the jew is go romanian Gover Cannon with. Cd a state that o liven abject. Every avens livelihood the the jew. The is children. In has none. And May be jews every proves jew. But he my shed his id for his coun of government to the develop but in the eyes alien hence he in civil rights e to live in the ancestors have he cannot if he decides land the fron nor will the t the necessary a the enemy of driven out a anti semite to passport you a you Are an Ern ment to its de to emigrate enough for the it to feed the did the Prophet of Cemiah think of the future romanian jew when in lamentation he Sah a abroad Bereave. Ill the sword at he me like the pestilence list t amp no be is allowed to live in Rural districts he is dangerous to the welfare of the people j a the jews Are robbing tin peasants they Are sucking out their bloods a it the peasants Are helplessly to the hands of the these and similar arguments Are advanced in the cafes in the Halls in the Chambers and in the pre Wilm unfortunately for the romanian anti semites the agrarian uprising by the poverty stricken peasants in the years 1888, 1889, 1900 and in 1907, occurred Only in disc ice inhabited by few jews or none Gat All. Furthermore the heart of the revolt was on land and in dist Riili which were owned by deputies serving in the Chambers. Yet these Vety honorable deputies these Loyal and devoted romanian patriots Are Brazen enough to cry aloud that pm peasants blood is being squeezed out by the jews. A a a let them of films we do speak our language and discard All that is outlandish a said a of Calniceanu the romanian statesman in the year 1873, a and we will Grant them equal la a up a their foreign style is repulsive to to us our language is foreign to them they refuse to enter our schools a argued Premier Bratianu. A How can we Grant such people citizenship a the romanian jews dress and live modern in every respect while the Wear the och he a pal find the Suman coarse a Loose coat and they still live in their primitive Burcu hut and subsist on their meager diet. To the jewish child the school door is closed yet when be reaches his maturity we find him a fully educated Many France England Italy and a he United states recognize him As a feb. For the peasant child the Public school is open there is Alao a compulsory school Law but the percentage of Ilu fecs among Fie pc Saib is Appal lug. A Quot m whenever the Finger of civilization is teased at them in protest against their barbarous intolerant treatment of the jews the romanian government pleads innocence. Some romanian statesmen deny it absolutely others Pride them slips on being most Liberal and Toler i. "1 to what extent Roumania is tolerant romanian jewish history for the last forty five years is sufficient proof. However i shall speak on this. Point Iff my a . A up Roumania has joined hands with the allies the most civilized nations Ini the world with the exception of Russia. Will she still pursue her narrow policy after the War will she still continue to permit her government to stir up prejudice and hatred Wal she continue $ Piil Tice the bar Barous selfish policy of tyranny and oppression or will she follow the example of her civilized Alli Ciff and adopt a Liberal policy and treat All her sons on an equal basis if she does that she will deserve to be classed As a evil sized nation among her neighbors where the Torch of civilization is being held High for the in of tip world. If on tin other hand she continues to oppress her people and stubbornly refuses to emancipate her jews also her peasants she we deserve to of clan pop As one of the most barbarous of the european nations. Her destruction will be caused by her Barbaric policy. To new York april 1917. 7 7 v when our jewish boys leave Home by Joseph Leiser Joplin to. Young men should heed. Money is of no value to most of those who make it easily and abundantly. When it is a question of a Good smoke or a Good drink a Good luncheon or an interesting Little game a Dollar looks very Small to your average american Man. And yet this Dollar often so wastefully so needlessly so foolishly spent would keep a human being abroad in necessary Odok weeks. Perhaps the worst offenders of All in that respect Are our Young men who having no family obligations no responsibilities of any kind Are positively reckless in the Way Money is burned up by them and All of it in self indulgence. In having a Good time As it is called and sometimes in letting somebody else have a Good time who needs it just As Littfe As they do. Yet most of these Young men consider themselves Tob in lip a Pic responding ant a to peal made on behalf of the needy and the suffering. If they saved one fourth of their expenses for a luxuries and amusements and devoted the savings to the War sufferers Relief fund we should be astonished to find the huge it Ropo ii to which this fund would Biff jewish world. Concluded from last week but a new order of jewish women has Arisen the daughters of these mothers who pronounced the Benediction a blessed to Tlam cijtotatijjfjti16 universe who has created me according to thy this generation belong to the clan of those whose slogan is a i should rim modern women live in Flats Stea of heated and equipped with dumb eff a gators and predigested food. These girls attend lectures at ten a a clock in the morning on scientific Charity and in the afternoon rehearse their parts in the local drama league. If they Ere in the humor to Cook they Fry a Steak for dinner otherwise they Dine with their husbands at the neigh orig cafe or serve themselves a Hasty pudding Delicatessen lunch. Does any me Hber of the a i should worry clan extend a Welcome hand to the jewish boy when he comes to the City from the country no our modern Sisters of Rebecca Are to sacrificing As their mothers who were perhaps tin greatly Freir Kitchen. When Relig off was a religion of pots a pm Paito it Fyk presumable that they would spend a Large share of their time in what Imp an equivalent to the courts of the lord where an hour was As Good As a life time. But their daughters it Fly a to a negate themselves to this Devotion. For the stranger who comes among them seeking shelter and a Home environment he had one solution Lei him go to a cheap hotel or join the y. M. C. A. 7&wm a i there is a weakening within these daughters of Israel what will eventually disintegrate the sons of Israel and that is the of religion. A thou Hast Sanc flied us by thy commandments a a As it says in our old ritual posits a great Deal in the keeping of which Israel has been preserved unto this Day. If we Are not replenishing the Serif offs of religious the religious consciousness which is demonstrated by these acts of kindness towards our al follow what is the destiny of Israel to this country is it not in danger of absorption assimilation so or. Ruppin avers in his a jews of today Quot is claiming us. Within a few generations the Sanctification of religion will be erased from the consciousness of the jewish boys who have no jewish influences to Mold them in those precarious years of youth when they a shaping their lives for place and position in the world. Young menus hebrew associations1 Are chartered in several cities East and West. In some instances tuffet Are auxiliaries to the zionist cause. But where they Are not an Annex to a zionist society they Are As in Philadelphia a Junior University club with classes gymnastics and social functions dances Musicales and dramatic readings of a highly commendable character. The . Of Philadelphia is probably the Model organization of its kind to the country. Its scope and ambition is More idealistic than any. And , jewish atmosphere unmistakable. Its various presidents have been animated with unselfishness on the one hand and intensely jewish loyalty on the other. New Yorks Kindred organization is likewise of High standing. The problems of new York create a different institution than any other and still in no City of the Union is there so Nece amp Vitious an institution of the Type now being equipped in our larger City to House the Young Toen of Toff non jewish citizens a a a. Off eff the problems of the Young men of jewish Homes Are pm Kolly id Utica with that of his chum of non jewish parentage. The problems of jewish Charity Are not paralleled by conditions in non jewish charities. The jew is Peculiar. He has a jewish soul and his mentality and Pushic processes Are Fri the Banff off his fellow Man. Jewish boys have an intense yearning for Home and domesticity than others. Their Affe Girj us nature is deeper. Their Gregariou Ness is More intensified. They Are sensitive to a fault Subtle Quick of comprehension in to seize Nejep combinations inventive n i m bled minded and loquacious. They crave Fellowship. They Delight in repartee and debate. They Are eager minded curious and mentally avaricious. Natural born liberals and rebels they Are open minded where others Are narrow and Why not for centuries their fathers have recited a Sublime prayer the a a menu which prayed for a condition of humanity us fit ignorance and Biog to would be banished from the Earth. Boys of this Type Are relished among non jewish youths. They Are liberalising humanizing but All this is achieved at the expense of a jewish nurture of the jewish youth who some Day will be himself a father. Or. Ruppin claims we Are losing our grip on the jewish youth who is being assimilated by his non jewish it . It in not Likely that or. Ruppin knows the status of the jews in this country As thoroughly As he does in Europe. We Are not losing through intermarriage and conversion the Large number of jews that Europe before the War bemoaned. There Are some intermarriage Here As there Are Many who have joined the Christian science ranks. But we Are not making any provision for the jewish a boys i who leave Home nor concerning ourselves in their welfare their Home life their Leisure. We Are not bringing the alleged jewish aristocrats every City has them in Contact with the jewish Young men As the a go Ylma bring their men to Light and leading to meet i Thrift Young men. We Are noot 1 building dormitories for them where they May be protected against the a temptations of City life from Gamble Ftp and lot ious living and still we except these youths to escape the contamination of indifference and grow up zealous for our cause How can the american jew be expected to donate Money to a Young menus hebrew association a name by the Bye i Trust will never be he Ardi Zed As the curriculum of some sunday schools is being standardized. We Are not hebrews. Whatever the title we the society of and jewish is preferred though not Flinel none have thus s far Otodo severe inroad a on the Bank account of any Philan Trophis. But in cities like Buffalo Cleveland Rochester Indianapolis St. Louis Kausas City san Francisco even Boston with its a Skult Yah a dormitory of the kind erected in All Large cities of the country equipped As there Are to satisfy the wants of Che residents would retain m the bundle of Judaism the jewish youth who is Drifting from us on the raft of assimilation. His jewish consciousness is not a being deepened Byi removal from p jewish that he can go to Temple does not remedy the condition nor surround him constantly with jewish influences. It does not allow for the manifestation of the jewish spirit which All told is exemplified in the Little things of daily life. 1 will be argued instantly that american jews Are now put under a Burden. Larger than any they have Ever assumed. Millions of dollars must be Given away without any returns except in the coinage of moral satisfaction a but the a Factor inf the argument a a modern equipped . Was the insistence on the part of All speakers that a fully equipped institution a iras practically self supporting f it is possible that a Young menus jews h association might be self sustaining if operated with As Wise a philanthropy As that of the we cannot be accused of imitating the Goyim in urging this provision for our jewish boys who leave Home. Social economic conditions affect4 both and Perc plate a similarity of circumstances. Jew and non jews need hop a. We ought to enable our youths to live amid their own and continue them in the Stream of tradition not cast them adrift to be absorbed within a few generations in the dominant denominations of the we Are not imitating Goyim nor Beholden to them in urging this f if that argument be. Given weight then the jewish f was a deliberate steal from the methodists. The jewish Chautauqua sought to foist upon f american Israel the same scheme that Bishop John Vincent designed for the american people who were craving for College Many a Outlook on life and the world. But the jewish Chautauqua did not make this step. It attempted to provide the jews with an Outlook on the literature and history of the jews which few jews knew. It divided Gratz a history of the into Paras him life whip Orah and assigned to every member a Section for each week of the year forgetting that the jews have heard too much of their own history that it bored them and they sought Relief in learning the history of others m in order to fulfil its contract the jewish Chautauqua turned Turtle and began teaching our jewish sunday teacher. Using on them a pedagogy with whiskers and putting its entire pedagogical Plant under the supervision of professor of semitic a language a who specializes in % dialect of the jewish Chautauqua imitated the manner of the Gentles. A but to this plea for a recognition of the jewish boys who leave Home and have no Means of continuing their Contact with jewish life there is no attempt to imitate for the Sake of initiation but there is a desire to retain unto the household of Israel those born in it. Here perhaps is an Opportunity for the National federation of Temple sisterhood to find their occupation. The sisterhood will fritter out within a few years if their reason for existence h Toffa Blish on the Usu staff tial basis of proof he fit froth of off jewish prisoners or urging mothers of Israel to kindle the Sabbath lights or building a Succoth in the Back Yard. These Are amiable pleasantries like fumigated smoking room jokes. What More natural task than a Mother in Israel to found a Home for the homeless this is within their province More than the ambition to urge upon All rabbis to inculcate the Beauty and holiness of the Kiddush. Why the Kiddush Why not the had amp Lah one is As Beautiful As the other. When the sisterhood Steps out of its province and motive by emotionalism dictates to the teachers of Israel the ceremonial ism of the Synagog then is the a Send time near precluding the Gotherd ammering of the Rabbinate. The sisterhood can get behind this institution to Home and House the boys and girls coming into our cities with better Grace than assaying the perils of theology. To your knitting girls to your knitting Here is a task awaiting you and i have a right to speak on the subject because i am the Secretary of a sister prevention not reclamation is the most economical process in Vogue Iff Charity Medicine and social welfare. It is a preventative measure that is herewith suggested and like the obituary notices it was once my task to write i serve notice to Rodges fraternities societies in All parts of the country to the by Nai by Ith to the free a sons of Israel i and others not competing with old line insurance agencies a there gentlemen is something Vij get a behind fori your sons your children. Transmit your jewish spirit to them a masonic support of Succoth it was or. Schwabacher we believe,5 who first said that if Judaism had never been in existence Mankind would by natural development ultimately arrive at its truths and teachings. The j Force of this become and More apparent a Jap off Only i Man kind arriving at a Point where the moral teachings of Judaism a exert ant irresistible Force upon them not Only do the principles of our people Appeal More and More to the intelligent and thoughtful among our neighbors but even the practices customs and ceremonies of Israel Are beginning to receive greater and greater recognition r among Mboi etim pranced turn and thought. Thus a monumental document which was issued last i month by or. George Fleming Moore Sovereign grand commander of the scottish rite masons Southern jurisdiction of the United states enjoined on All the lodges of perfection which number about 100,000 members to observe the 15th of Tishri the first Day of Succoth As the masonic thanksgiving Day in conformity with the traditional jewish Observance of the feast As one of and thanks a giving. On this Day or Moore goes on to say a the people of All sects and religious he Nottoff tons May gather together not As they Are directed to do a by Iffe president of the United states �1 in his thanksgiving proclamation in in their separate houses of worship but where All can meet who believe in the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of Mao whether they in Ajtora of the orthodox or the Reform parties whether they be Chris Tillias of any or All of the one Hundred and seventy a sects existing in our country or moslem or Sli As to the reasons for insisting upon a faithful Observance of this feast on the Pari of masons or. Moore whose communication to the lodges reveal much thought and deep p erudition states As follows a a 1 a we celebrate this feast for Many reasons and among the pare these r a because our Law and the customs of our order demand it. Quot because it commemorates the ded location of the Temple of Solomon to and about which Cluster the legends and traditions of our venerable s fraternity. A i 4 Fefe be. Few i Fefelov a because the Temple was built and dedicated by a a King of peace and Wisdom and not by the a Warrior and Man of a Jav air Quot because the consecration of the Temple taught the pm a amp Liff and Unity of the people of Israel and teaches us the Equality of masons and the Unity of our we is in big because the �5 its Posi Tion in its furnishing and in its dedication directs our mind to the building am. Construction of our a spiritual temples a and which a freemasonry builds in the hearts of men and among the nations so in in la because the feast of Tabernacle taught the jews and teaches a pub. To give thanks to god for the of the fruits and the it al yield t of the Earth. We name our lodges of perfection a reminding us to labor in the service of our fellow Man and for our own perfection. 4 4 p a a because we Tove the companion ship of our Brethren 8g mid 1 of our frieds and a keep the feast to promote brotherly Friendship and esteem cultivate the social amenities and above All to Aid in promoting the interests and advancement of the scottish rite and carrying out its Mission in the a a a a a of this masonic document and the institution of a masonic feast on the first Day of Succoth will probably come As a Surprise to Many of our readers who Are not aware of the High valuation which masonry places upon jewish teachings and traditions. Yet it is a fact that Many of our cuff Toms and ceremonies have a come to be appreciated by outsiders More than they Are appreciated by us. At a time when we ourselves have come to Lis regard Many of our principles and to discard Many of our practices the most enlightened and advanced Mong our neighbors have come to study them and what is More to prise and cherish Ledger. Is properly declined old and new friends. T make new friends but keep the old those Are Silver these Are Gold. New made 4 friends like if new made wine fei�0 age will Mellow and refine. Friendships that have stood the test and change Are surely Best. Brow May i wrinkle hair turn Gray. Friendship never owns Jeffay of mid old friends kind and True we once More our youth renew. A a i s but alas old friends off fail die my friends must their place Supply then Fth Toisha Friendship in Iii breast new is Good but old is Best. B pm make new friends but icee the a puff the Tolifer Sil vet Gold. Fief the jewish exponent is in receipt of a communication Frog a representative of the Philadelphia presbytery which was apparently addressed to this paper without a proper regard for the fitness of things. The letter states that it is sent to All the papers in Philadelphia. We simply submit that As a matter of Ordinary propel of a the letter should not have been addressed to this paper which is Mot interested in promoting the evangelistic Campaign in which the presbytery is engaged and therefore can be of no assistance in an Effort far removed from the principles which the exponent advocates the principles of the jewish religion i the letter states that in the five presbyteries in Philadelphia and a the adjacent territory there Are a million people men women and Young folks who do not attend any Church of All we have to say is that the number will not he reduced by writing Jap peals to the jewish exponent. Letter goes on to say a this is a country of civil and religious Liberty. 4 the Presbey Trian Church is not a Prosel Yting Church it is a Liberal broadminded Church with one great desire and that is that All men shall seek the lord Jesus Christ and through his blood that washes away All sins enter joyfully Luto the kingdom of heaven there to rest the presbyterian Church in is a pro Seltin Church. It is Send ing thousands of dollars a year in an Effort to Lead jews particularly Young children from the Faith of their fathers. It is not a of this Effort we Are Happy to say a but we your fail to understand any rational a person can a maj up Lithe nerve to ask a jewish paper help in such an a ton is declined Jyh be Neil

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