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The American Israelite (Newspaper) - April 12, 1917, Cincinnati, OhioT ti�?�11 i a al r Uky put Obi xxx volume 63.cincinnati. A Ohio april 12, 1917. Number 41. Written for the israelite. To Peter in Russia. My people o my people dispersed in every land. Your age Long woe is ended redemption is Feriand. The tyrants a Sway is broken Demol Jpn popped Ipp Bis throne last last the exile shall come into his own. No despot More shall hold you in Vas Salage and Thrall the Sui ill la Nan Freedom shines if Quot a equally on abolish Eifes forever both Gate and Pale the quickened soul of Man shall falter not nor fall. Ent languages and professing various religions from Plain primitive shamanism to mohammedanism a buddhism roman and greek catholicism not mentioning the numerous jews As a denomination which the time of the French revolution and in spite of the All that has been said about was practically insignificant except in the Eastern German provinces the vast majority of these people men like professor Milukoff and Nekrasoff Are rank heathens and anarchists. The opposing forces Are undoubtedly backed by the great Tai Gad est put ghetto owners. These Large estate Jap jars a Are also found amongst vhf a Lepreau crafts in High positions. remember that the late Premier Stolpin was the owner of Large estates in Lithuania. No More for Zion captive shall Wist would contrary to human nature m fully Pray Jerusalem is. Builder to Day. In ebb if such men were willing to abdicate Petrograd j both their Power and their social pres Mumm Tige in favor of a democracy. Oey old the Duma your Sanhedrin and jus Cracy has its basis in egotism just a that Russia and the greek Catholic Church will in this respect More tolerant and less powerful than the roman Catholic Church in Austria. All these forces Are naturally strongly opposed to anything democratic. The 4mi�3�flbreason again optimistic a i Rapi from the present russian revolution is furnished by the Cha Insp. Of France. If Ever in any country the enactment of legislation should have settled the jewish question France ought to have furnished this instance. The total jewish population of France was always exceed Small. May figure no More than 100,000 and probably less in a population for forty millions. Of these 100,000, a Small minority com sisting of the descendants of Spanish and portuguese jews who had settled a the South of France least two Hundred years before the revolution were almost assimilated. The More numerous German element in the shall make your native Hearthstone inviolate divine. Has aristocracy. Furthermore Toman Eastern provinces and in Paris where nature is subject to the principle of the population was in those Days in inertia which governs physical As Well significantly Small while of a different i nov chiral Forres men who own nationality had the advantage of this passover season no longer is psych Mai forces. Aien Wuu vow Uimer a Mai step 7� in Galutch a and heave ment the benefactors of Many people i Frenzen Man to German Nau Onai a who work on their estates or do Busi by. The clearest illustration is fur Large estates Are usually to some being far More sympathetic to the French than to the German National those of France or United states but with those of Western Europe the time of the transition from the old bureaucratic to modern parliamentary form of government. % \ in this respect the conditions of England furnish an important analogy just because reaction there appeared in a mind form. In the Histo a England find no such Stafij Den took to Russia nog or even As was found in Western eur a poverty the befitting portion ? a safes of the cd Helm i amp my philosophy of Solomon Shneerson a epigram discussed by raw a dad Goldberg a.b., Corsicana Tex. In the year 1812, when the lat of Napoleons armies in Russia were hanging in the balance the famous lithuanian wonder rabbi a Solomon rope in 1848. There were practically Shneerson was know inces never any restrictions imposed upon the civic rights of the jews in England since their admission under Santly praying for a russian Victory and a French defeat. When asked of another wonder rabbi How As a jew Cromwell and the abolition of their could a Tomato gently Champion the political disabilities was a slow process from the time when sir David Salomons was elect decaying. H As a matter of fact can Judaism is decaying the author a heart wrung sigh Ness with them and such men consider wished by Gluecker von Hamelin who a Are Bleb Xiang wer of the Toff not my a Man in met who. Prob struck from off your feet of that this years feast of Freedom in 11 g gladness you May meet. F011"101 on reason but As so etly a give you cordial greeting dear ago found in Large numbers among As something which is ably did not know any French Speaks the contrast of herself and her which helps them. Such people Are surroundings As the difference tween her Plain German ways and the withered Rose of Sharon shall Blossom now afresh like Lebanon a proud Cedars your Stalwart sons shall Ris the nations ancient glory reflected a in their eyes. A Geqrge Alexander Kohut. New York passover eve 5677. The 11ussian revolution and. V the jew by Gotthard Deutsch. The bureaucracy. The russian official the More intricate French habits of was compelled to live on graft and her new Home. This Endeavor to leaving the moral question aside come amalgamated with the French was better off than if his pay had Bee ill Piona Lity is clearly evident today increased. Take the Case of a giver no better witness could produced nor who issued passports to jews and Titian Anatole France the famous nov derived therefrom a regular income a get. In a al Anneau d take a Plain Captain of police who has presents to us a jewish prefer signify to watch the exceptional Grants of cantle called Quot Worms Clavelino thus residence allowed to jews and also showing that wishes to make the will in the new order of things the people forget his German origin who loser least for a while. Is Rea fraternize with the Gentry the army Honable to anticipate that will officers and the clergy always with so Large hearted As to feel that his the Hope As France expresses of private interests should considered rubbing off his two Coats of paint less important than the demands of the jewish and the German that distinguish him from his neighbors. In the same novel have a Baroness j to . Co. .11a.Justice and the necessity of placing the talmud Bei Akot 58, a tells state on a level of modern Civili us a wonderful really poetic Story. Nation another Power is that of the called Bowmont originally Gutenberg greek Catholic Church. She is an who plays the devout Catholic in or cause of the tyrant Czar the oppressor of the jews in preference w sheriff of Lom pm Leo no the founder of the jewish syn Don in 1835, to the admission of bar sedrion pal mfr on Lionel Rothschild As member g befits i few of the House of commons in 1858. A Jand suffering alone is a con this is an important Factor in judg Cpd to his town fit ,0 ing conditions and drawing analogies i rated and throw Teto the people slowly became accustom ductile world the i Tott lds Ltd a Gay to the change of a conditions and losing his of his Public opinion opposed to these Chan a my. Ges would naturally not so violent a the answer of the _ a sies in its expression. Another Factor is Fuhri represents no pm Talty the very Small number of British the subject of jew and Judaism but jews which up to the beginning of is rather expressive of a Well known the recent russian immigration did Conception concerning the same Soi Iii l not exceed 50,000. Yet heard four amhed m the talmudic a is eternal Hll a gilding a und the to jewry supports three theological seminaries do Jet the training who Are by the Way among the Best of reference paid so flu Fern in the United states now a both him As Pul pit or tis found in the various iwo Fps of 3 them i Are Phi and an institution for High Tor jewish i alarmed the a of Judaism pier my cognate learning. The jewish encyclopedia is the cherished Monu-�h8 work accomplished on Ian a to a misunderstanding of what the essence of Judaism really is. The author can soil so Are All the publications of of the article Quot the problem of Ameri the jewish publication of can ? Judaism a who i undoubtedly a America including the recent foible Longs to the Sec no category of alarm translation also the translation of the is sees in the fading away of the Media Val jewish As yet in Merom by Etc pfc Vances an pts embryo but an assured fact. Pity picturesque Orient air a i these Farewell then this sad forecast for Judaism in of Judaism As a religion that makes America f for lit but a this is Simp i not so. ? because America there is no the Neap of minutiae Ipp converted forced seclusion to disabilities no j Judaism into a cult was the effect the oppression and no social Dis criminal unfortunate effect a of a which ghetto Tion to speak of. Hence no pretext seclusion was the cause. Fence Mak Here to assume the air of martyrdom a ing around the Law was no essential that artful a Balsam which alone con part a the religion of a dais of Bim served the Judaism of the Quot i Lmh if a Ufal ill a was the of a whole a torah Gil the to the four in i Iii of in in a teen the a Jamrs Long years ago a voice i commons criticizing having appointed lord chief Justice of England. An example of the opposite Type is furnished by Italy. There the change the House of Yoeh Anitha la Yehudai poverty postulates this charge in his essay daily prayers the numerous Benediet without the least Effort to tons accounted Jfe Pohs no the . In the Ghetti Judaism no Mke were i no fundamental require problem because the Gates of the out ment of the religion of a Israel but a or shall say aate realistic world was a sorry 1 substitute for a religion being shut on the jew was left to Cut a off from i the main channels of indulge freely in his grotesque no life and practice by a people reduced tons picturesque orientalism and to utmost misery a people Degener ghetto dreamers. And what not. In . �1ra� that is to say there was to a. Balfour for 18 Well comm the jew. A toe a jewish problem in its Mich a i Fine religion of Ever Gambler is Iofe. I?1any strewn a11 Aion a fifth com tragedy with god the torah and is portable within the Lin is lit Leih Captivity. Assigned to him from the seats of the what makes Israel i resemble i the fact wet. The but there was no problem of came with the suddenness of a Flash yields no Oil unless. Through a pwn Dju Jalm latter Insall was of lightning. The French occupy pressure so Israel does not return to desired Tion of Rome in 1798 proclaimed �?olib-1the better unless through the pros for erty Equality and the i ,r0 Saffrin Bab. Talmud j jew is go Ives by the exodu8 from the a the holy one blessed pre-1 7&Quot bps seated Israel with three Beautiful Budai therefore is fundamentally wrong to measure american Judaism by the ghetto Stisi Aii a 0�y Here in porous people need not and a hould Ca amp the n0t indulge in a grotesque notions and Gates of the f ghetto were Down. A year later the French troops withdrew and throughout Italy a ghetto that the problem of Judaism tonal societies were organized which gifts but of these my May possess had for their slogan a Viva Maria a himself through the medium of suf and the cousins of the holy Virgin of ring were the favorite vict fans of the mobs fury. In Siena Nineteen jews were a ome the gifts Are the tora i Yehudai c0jr& can the land of Israel and the world to i tinted the the of Hving Stehan mtg Side her the other religious were tolerated not merely the jewish but Rab Shekhet a Blind Man heard that the King was coming and being i institution she was recon a Man of great piety wished to sized by the state As possessing the meet my in order to privileged to say the customary Benediction praising him who has Given of his glory to those a who Are of flesh and blood. As was being led to the Road along which the King was expected to pase an infidel taunted him saying a Why do you come Here since you cannot see a the rabbi answered Calmy a you will find that i shall see More than after a while the sound of the hoofs of a troop of cavalry was heard and the people began to shout but the rabbi said to the infidel who stood next i a the King has not yet another Little while and again the people began to shout when they saw amp Cloud of dust in the distance. The rabbi again said a the King has not yet finally an unusual calmness fell upon the crowd and the rabbi said a now the King has arrived a and pronounced the Benediction. The Olam Habba Bab. Talmud tires hold or the nineteenth Century. Vol a Quot a i Quot by the Bute which desired Israel to adopt .1an. A As his own but of All found none uld ,.us find hims. A luge so befitting Israel As is the Quality of of al. 1 r s the conditions in the scandinavian countries where anti semitism is practically unkind is again Case in Points there also the number of jews was picturesque orientalism a when has v larger religious duties to Yoeh Anitha let religion that requires its followers to if the observation of Yoeh Anitha ured by criteria other than the daily formulate which solve the problem of been successful a simply because stood and stands of Versal in scope to framed into formulas. A a of should thus find himself entrapped Ards to measured by and will not the jew and thereby create a problem of Judaism or leave the problem Der to received in the society of the nobility in the Vicinity of her own j Sion to full civic and political Equality absolute and exclusive rights. a estate. Similar is the Endeavor of did not arouse popular outbreak. Quite insignificant and their admin poor that his heart broken his Devotion to Jmc heavenly satisfied Mph Tely the dilemma is cry ated i Tion or with the recitation of petrified father no Otiler Way than through Szyllo daily prayers. A religion of the uni intensified depending on ought but �8tlcally arranged sentences the a versa Lity of Judaism requires of its this is Armor of which a 8tul to proved followers to act justly to love mercy her a on Nta. A Ghent .Lon la to Insp test Sver Quot a becoming a a american jewry no i and to wok admitted to the Hunts of the neigh also the roman. Catholic which is Boring Duke. All these endeavours Are rapidly with the population. Yet even the ruling religion of the poles and futile because the genuine old French of the lithuanians and the Luther aristocracy will in spite of the decree in Denmark had in 1817 a Jay Par i a Oins Ltd i w7e.5nare� demonstration age tags the jews Fol an which is the prevalent religion of i of the French revolution which never a Iain Iiga a la the catholics in Poland were not permitted to have monasteries. Their the jew As a red leather outfit a sep of a essays a now. When judged by these criteria i pc for is Well i ool Tadino per pm cal8 such being a certainly reliable criteria for pro known to the holy one that Israel a nature of the bul will escape poetic Judaism Meridia Ewry the danger lowing the a Hep Hep movement in f Alks with Ais Groweg Rich even a through the saving Grace of ignorance was repealed not recognize the jew a Germany. The latter movement fur is written and Jeshurun grew fat a their eau. The Antisemitic pay Nhes a Clear anally to the Condi and a kick Etc _. I my a so Mph Veran in is up Esthe intelligent minority who take heed of the pro Luyun cd Ute. X 7 of tool to 0\ Uhuru Ului Iuka Tiwu i Dro ?.�. Tsirk rss ?"sm3."25�?~ a err pilgrimages a Boly shrines were of More apparent when observe that Uton of a part of Ger a is with him occasionally prohibited and in every in stance subject to tedious police regu non jewish alsatian Are received in France with open arms. Their for b rogue lations. On the other hand in strict-1 eign habits their German to Catholic and torts of i their inability to speak French Are Many and the practically French administration of Terri Wabi tories As found in the kingdom of in in fhe Waff Tow tev of a a the intense desire to find some con future of american Jude even As does the Buhle tories As round in the a Naom i or. A a lines Westphalia and ill tsp grand Wlton a a the jew of the Diaspora has a lot of materialists As Are led to believe by the alarmists ? f to sure there is room for More religious Fervour in our reformed congregations and for More Llis pm among the Parven of our race improvements along these lines Are the steady con rather Russia the greek orthodox Church chided enjoys privileges exclusively on the ground of its being the states Relig 55 per cent roman catholics 40 per specially his Railroad magnate Kahn to i. . ,. In Humm of sly Iasi of Fra Monr a fou Wood Aror W�ter-1 found himself the same time offer-1 in Justice to the of Btij amp a Public Lri Ted rats eve a the jews would mock the weak attempt of a Loo by a popular outbreak of hostile similar Are Zola a characters is ties. These were ��6 As bad existence of the unspeakable Condi As the pogroms in Lii my but ing some sort of justification to the i problem of american Judaism i of America so especially materialistic should. stated that the thesis of cent. Jewish and some lutherans the in a son excellence Eugene j 9errnai\. And r Kuzola nor France Are ant Semi quite the reverse. Their liter greek orthodox Church with a membership exclusively of government offi-1 tic. Vials and army officers has a magnify sense of duty on the i of the German governments. May Howe inside a emitting that the Blind Man cent Cathedral which was built the had seen More than asked a How City a expense just As was the Magni . If ind Rokhki on k _ Tom did you know and the rabbi an swered a because the True kingdom y the few russians who a his personal agitation Are responsible for the fortunate outcome of the Drey fluent russian theater which again i fun intrigue. Still both rather justify a activity. And a in a Zoia. a jul parts of Germany was that time considered As an accomplished fact on Earth must like the kingdom of heaven. Of the kingdom of heav-1 �ent6. Antisemitism in their novels. Of visitors or Best temporary Resi-1 Zola a novel a sont excellence Rouen is said 1 Kings 19, 11-13 that seder the pomp of the greek Catholic the lord did not come in the storm Church in Public processions her con which broke the mountains nor in the Section Witti great state functions like earthquake nor in the fire but in the the consecration of the water on Epi still Small voice.�?��/. A . A. .,7 1 7.&Quot the same i True of great political i pe0pfe arc used to such pageants and events. If such events Are to precede win not abandon them without Strug an Era of True peace and Good will . They must not introduced with too a the Bjo who have travelled in Russia much shouting. If philosophy of his Aye noticed that every Railroad tory stands for anything teaches i depot in every hotel on every steam furthermore one must con gone May said that if his jew Phany Day and similar functions. The representative of the jewish charac which could never altered. Similar was the condition in 1848� this of she a Railroad ma��7t� to Quot drawn from a bad been won for Good because s5 Eizer amp to Quot a m in Anatole France s novel 1, a i us that no great upheaval in the worlds history has Ever been fellow ship and in similar places which Are usually not considered places of Devoed immediately by a return to Normal Tion Are found icons surrounded by conditions. is contrary to All human ugh Tell candles or Oil a lamps burning psychology that sudden changes from the f00t. Before entering a train j estimation. This class of society very one 1pe Jeffi Piid to Wother should j would see soldiers a dump Well Likely still feels like Marie Antoinette pass Jujj Ali log Ilii my a time least the critical condition Ter the Dreyfus Case would not have German parliament from what is Ger been possible had these men not pit-1 Quot any to by and three o hers trom 1n red to us social conditions with j hat Sci Cinno tax a to a hat perfect realism. The titled nobility i time was part of the German Empire. Though abrogated by Law still exercises its fascination i on the popular Elsm. Mind proof of which and again in Quot la which for the last thirty years French action which shows in every has been strongly Antisemitic and novel and or every play the pre Domin where would never have had a Ance of historic families in popular Chance to elected since. the poet Moritz Hartmann was elected from. A German District of Bohe tons forced on him from i of by article was conceived and lit was More a homily intended to sooth j deed written an aching heart than to show a Way Oftle is with the View of calling life and As such has undoubtedly attention to a situation a bordering served to Good purpose. But As a Kwh Tessness unless a some Young philosophy of Judaism was both i Bro pet a Hgt Idrise to a put Back the wrong and libellous to Judaism and Kernel into the emptied Shell of is so now. is wrong because american Judaism and thus Avert an is in fundamental opposition to the inevitable catastrophe. Also May unique spirit of optimism that Perme Iff sad a fairness to the author that ates the whole of the a Las in pm a ii a jew or Gentile does not which bids the jew to Only rejoicing. But is also libellous to Judaism because this philosophy innocent stand alone in his depreciation of Judaism Oriental sized. His alarm Call is very familiar in the campy by enough implies that the preserve Kew Peel for is the same sounded Over Tion of Judaism is effected not sop811# Over again with a the sinking flow much through inward Force of Cohe-1 every Inch of a the ghetto Wall. The Sion As through the outside Force of i professor either joins the chorus i of pressure. denies Judaism potential Ultra orthodox rabbis of the last endowment that is to say denies two centuries who would feel their that Judaism makes for a positive dynamic Factor in the life of the jew and declares doomed to disappear put to god i of to Israel to a stand in the breach with thei Pulte Down of every single Leaf of the Ghet continued on Page 5 dressed women going through their the time of the French revolution of a sudden change. As this is True monies of the greek Catholic Church the psychology of the masses. The performed in Public. Does anyone suppose that one could remove these when she addressed a letter to another member of the court saying that now she was sure matters would become better for god is Long suffer the cosmic god. Clearest Instase Imp Mph eco us by icons with impunity is Likely that a eng anti will forgive sins but the French ii Jymm Jap Henric let a i built or m new Steffens a norwegian a noted scent is being launched that is and philosophy who for Many i these icons Cou Sra Roj without years was professor in Germany tells i protest i can furnish examples to us in a Book which has become a Clas contrary from my own experience. Sic a aus Meiner Knabe Zeit a the following Story. A i was sixteen years Austria issued in 1868, a Liberal school Law which declared that the schools old when my father one Day came should exclusively under the Man with tears in his eyes telling us of gement of the state. As a conces the destruction of the Bastille. s0n to former conditions the teach said a my time of life has practically ing 0f religion for the various Denom passed. I cannot expect to enjoy the nations was retained. was consid fruits of the movement but you being ered an act of Courtesy which the Young will Able to realize All that state extends to All religions. As a which is due to your Talent and to matter of fact however the roman your application. I was chained by catholics possessing a Large majority the restrictive Laws imposed on the would favored in some manner. Commoners and i leave this world feeling that i was not Given a fair Chance hut with Troi will different. Of j in every you do not reach the goal that you schools. There is or least there was As Long As i lived in Austria a Crucifix a classroom in Public on one occasion such a expect to reach will entirely Crucifix wa3 even placed in a former your own fault. jewish school which had gone Over May smile this optimism in into the administration of the state the Light of the experience of the 130 another instance is the daily custom years that have since passed but this of beginning class work with the by rabbi Jacob h. Kaplan pm. D. Reform Judaism still differs with Many religious thinkers and writers on sociology in that emphasizes can never forgive such a Gross insult of the in is la twi if any proof were needed for the reason Over against Ultra rationalism truism that antisemitism has its roots As the guiding principles in religious tons in the United states. This country above All ought not to know anti i in his a cosmic god or. Wise not Only shows a profound grasp of All semitism for never possessed any the philosophic material of his Day i am quite aware that this statement but in organizing All that vast material into a course of lectures in requires qualification in regard to cer giving the stamp of the religious Tain a tates where Christian tests were thinker in breathing upon the Ance with the removal of the outside to tree or since the authors feelings pressure. In this Way assigns the Cofeld riot possibly that orthodox jew and Judaism contingent existence simply Falls in line with the aver merely the form or Fiji Tigirt if Wie whom the jew no the puppet of Peide is which has no control while him no More and nothing less 5 than an self void of any inward attachment to Oriental specimen and Judaism a Pic the religion professes the latter Ture Eque Orientis a cult the fading of having been credited with the ability which is to. General of holding Sway Over a people sup sentimental group a pressed and subjugated but possess for the philosophy of Yoeh an Uthi ing no attraction for the free and the la Yehudai very characteristically Mel emancipated. Nates from the above two extremities. Now As Long As the philosophy of on the extreme Mawk Ultra Ortho Yoeh Anitha la Yehudai was left con Dox jew who habitually bemoans fined to the talmudic folios and to 9vett� att i amp the King of the the occasional utterances of a wonder ghetto fences every departure from rabbi mattered very Little for As tip Heap of i a pm time which Halle that they above every other group of our great Commonwealth must singled out for reproach the professor warns us that a the up fruited is deeply concerned whether several Mil citizens live in the Clear Pppe of religious sincerity end Toblin their lives and signifying their actions in the a lofty moral their ancestors gave to the world or whether they a in a crass 3 and Are Hijii Over to the ibis unwarranted Challenge to american jewry?3what Are the criteria by which Igoe Ial or group values Are gauged what is the jewish interest in education in philanthropy and other branches of social welfare ? what of that Wing in a Hhd Iii Owry which As the author Jeff Melfi admits is sufficiently alive to the lofty a Mission Judaism holds out to the world and what of that multitude in the voluntary new York and ?bhero6 a yet risen to ithe Parven category that give outlet to their religious effervescence through channels indeed lying a outside the Walls of the Synagog but not foreign to its ideals altruistic ideals a Inch As Bodal ism if a Allf a Pertot. Whether like or Nott and if education philanthropy and Altrui cism Are to the author factors nonreligious then jul Dot lion will disown that the author was discussing its problems All. a 3 a american jewry does not a deserve to thus Challenge by the other citizens of this country for while the observation of a and Jeshurun i grew stated above the philosophy of not go rated the Reid kit of Judaism into fat and kicked May a aspect one void of a homiletic Charm and was i a Mere Ujj get. To in i the a year of not limited to in his a my hoped that no other Zigni Fop la locks hips Drem of a la Diode and or min Veo would Given to . But the Case is the carrying of a handkerchief on the 1 of the american people As a More serious now that the homily is i Sabbath is sufficient cause for this whom to use l r. A Jug a i Muel liar i pm ill a Rii Biff Quot required for holding office but let us breath of the jewish heart shows Judy so not disturbed by such minor Points. I himself a great jewish religious tur principle of full religious Liberty philosopher. A a up so i is this was certainly recognized by the fed that in his Day had a Congrega-1 eral government in All the phases of Tion to listen to such lectures is a its history. The country never knew High complement to the intelligence the v of the Cott stot of Viva a Sariri vhf to Nhav few Lvi till.1 Colw Liry made the major premise of a flu Plant Type to Fri a mfr stand in essay on a the problems of american the on the other leg theme by a twentieth Century there is the one who never himself has a become almost a National propensity to seek super social ? position scholar the essence of which stated led the life a i observant jew nor in the Way of Wea pm Foi by Qew has _ Ever Topi a Vatick of int Nilmer tilt i Licitr i Quot f the of any ghetto of any restriction on of his congregation and that today Pes a Are too much the Pursuit of wealth and do not care for a american Judaism that which is Sipline of ghetto Judaism but has used to designate the social mind of come to a knowledge of same thru a Fici As differing outside information a such As is toil Trade of any Shimu tvs in vegan to his took a Noi Bett known and groups possesses no Posi obtained concerning the jew and jul anything in which they do a my us Vari mis other More often read is not criticism of traits is Prce capable Fligg m a non jewish environment pecuniary of course there is Points which existed All Over Europe Reform Judaism As a religion of Rea but Thoush or plainly As the Gentile sees . Both no denying and i have intimated this Puilla Iru Iii void of Dost left a blues. If my ppr of them a nuo Foo font Nihof Amo. Nineteenth Century. Still foo5sjto�?~ deny that there v a�?odeep-1 if ious Quot life Birt rather is a criticism 1former seated anti Pahy go in to of Crilio Atlow and anti seimits. There of a Mugion late in of a Lawai the victims of similar illusions in our protestant father a Man who Oce up own experience. The Republic of the Jed a High position in one of the revolution had not lasted ten years when military a dictatorship superseded the democratic Republic fashioned after the ideas of Rosseau which people considered the a Only practical ministries protested against has jews from certain hotels from clubs ing his claim on the Clear statement from fraternities and other Assoc a of the Law that no religious exercise ions Over which the Law has no con and Ideal form government. a storm of indignation arose and the marvellous Success of such novels As his congregation Golf to now know differently. also know the horrors of the Bastille the cruelty ability of producing such trash under to hold Low to and of Lead to foil practice one May Well suppose con-1 Dumaurier so and the Possi j knowledge and deeds Faith and Hope of its defenders and the bravery of i the Case of protestant a those who attacked have been zen. Who while sojourning in an a Els of Sidney Luska. In 1912, various greatly exaggerated which of course Trian health resort did not Fob a off ily papers published a to Rel by is when a the importance of this event Tor to with the sacrament in his hand on i which an Ataman complains of the proffer an apology for the autocracy of i his Way to a sickroom. The Man was Judice against his race a Hough ital until far lab the second half of the sow nor a failure of Reform Judaism May new a of the my a Are Hasty in ringing Thoj fact that Ameri i pm hag zen intelligence in our the less ?.t? Ilves a was alarm Beu with every deviation from Ltd Dew fathers that in the observances of his time a cored religious inst Tot a of taught to View the jew As an antique is lax times even woefully lax. As a curiosity handed Down to us i but this laxity is not due to the in restly from the promised land. To Potency of american that is this Type a jew who no longer -1 Oriental Zed Judaism but rather i to Mains subservient to an Oriental cult an interplay of two psychic forces in within an Occidental world is void of the life of the american jew of to All romanticism. Certainly a jew Day on the other hand is the fact without the exaggerated patriarchal that the american jew finds himself Beard religious Cap. Huge phyla teries As yet in the grip of the period of and Oriental praying shawl Talithi transition which now seems to have win lot protect a is again a cumin prayer and Hail Mary a an on Quot to z a is 1�.l?.e ,o,�.rf.aand�?z7hic.h ? is no doubt i counted on i As an asset among the members of his Oon Grega ton. Lactic for february 1917. The jews of America Are self sus should allowed except for the Mem tool. I could s also i cite proofs from. Or. Wise did away with the Unes i Bers of the particular denomination fiction and merely need mention the sent Ais Ift Judaism but had and cations a veal and the Dent bodies in the leading universities and colleges of this country is the while today the criticism directed Lions share. American jewry yields against Reform Judaism As preached tiie most intelligent class of voters by or. Wise should directed against and contributes More than its pro rata Rex Beach Eki led a the in the individual jews who have indeed of men prominent in every sphere of but have not taken hold of the Essen the Bourbon Kings which was Byj a birr jmj Tii Bulf to to three Day Ftp uni no jews. I do up or the my Means As bad. As that of to uhf. France was the time of the a Revo Constitution Fitio a United nation a peaking Fine a my Pyffe and possessing one to Ligum Hoo for Many Many centuries. A with is different. 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