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The Abbeville Messenger Newspaper Archives Oct 8 1884, Page 4

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The Abbeville Messenger (Newspaper) - October 8, 1884, Abbeville, South CarolinaV Sciort the Lovs. Toy m. was talking with a sturdy old farther the other Day. And asked him How. Tunny Hoys he had. Vive he replied and i m Point to make a Farmer of every one of Elf w do you know you Are ? 4,\\ihy they re my Hoys Ain t they and i reckon they la do As i say about at ? do they like running no matter whether they do or be got to work Ai it the Inan was what you might Call a representative Farmer. He was fairly educated More than comfortably Well and was looked up to in his anybody had called him stingy or mean his friends would have been shocked and yet he wooly planned to sacrifice the future of his live Hoy through purely selfish motives. The chances Are that not All of the five would select agriculture As an occupy Imo Oumi Lull Tell the latter reaches his majority. Half a Century ago no boy began a Trade until4�e was 21. Now the majority of the begin at at a or 17, calculating to have their Trade finished at 21. If Tho Farmer boy who is determined on learning some Trade or profession must stick to the plow until he becomes of a j his prospects Are greatly damaged. He is no longer a boy nor can he accept of � toy s wages. A Blacksmith or Mason or Carpenter with live sons would not have answered that he was determined to make Ewry one of the boys learn Bis Trade land any one suggested such u thing to would have laughed in derision fully Rimli Vinn i. 1 -. � no i iii no Ilion 10 sit in judgment Flint Way. During the inst six months i have Boon Hunting for statistics about Fanner Sami their sons. In that time i have talked with at least sixty Farmers Only ten or twelve of whom had any love for or enthusiasm in agriculture. The others replied to the question with "1 wanted to learn a Trade but father opposed it and so 1 had to stay on 0 on of the forty seven men an swered me in that Way not one was Rich. All complained More or less about hard work and poor crops Ami it Jas easy to see that they had no Hearton the business. These were the sons whose selfish lathers had obliged them to become Farmers. Of the others All were Well off cheery and contented f.11 a .i.t. Mimi iii i muck i nose wore the men who Hud taken up agriculture from Trio inc. Of the fifty or sixty Farmers Hoys whom i interviewed not More than ten in timid comparatively Rich and doing Well. He reasons that Farmers sons should run a Vay to along in Tiev world. The idea is pernicious and . The chances for a Rufamay Hoy arc not one in a Hundred. The lure fact of his having run away is enough to condemn him with All honest men. Out of Litfiy who run away not Mirin Liun not or Luvi will no nil us Jiow of the Fanner s son sock to discover what his taste runs to. If to agriculture he should he Given a fair show. He should have the Best of agricultural apers and every Chance to improve on should to his and he should he to n ring train extra fat u partner. To Man will a z and Down or you without pay As a incentive. A boy who is cd Porto to put i his Hest efforts on the Funn he i Ulm the Law says his fat la a is entitle to i services will certainly disappoint you. Of st re i to a Tondu of of Tsiun the lathe. Nit i argue the Matte n a reasonable Man would. Luis no right to encumber the North i another botch Fanner. Lie has no Rij to condemn his son to poverty when might to Rich by his own exertions. He is Wise he will oven encourage t boy to follow out the Bent of his inc Lia ions. Nine times out of ten where you h of a Farmer s boy being set Down As hard Case you find his father to Alai for it. He has been too harsh and a tray. He has gone on the idea that 1 son was a Drudge. His idea has been make Money out of his tired muscle and Back aches and inv Back the Lei possible Reward. All Farmers arc not but too Many still Are no Mailer in much Oiler Elass ses Bave improve the results have been and will Ever disastrous. Too Many sons Bave been drug bossed and pounded until Uliey pre tie Lite of a vagrant. A Good share the vagrants arrested in every City j Farmers sons who left Home. Visit t police station any evening and you w hear one prisoner at least out of tin reply to the Captain of i Havn got any Trade or oct pation. I d have bad a Trade but fall made me stick to the farm and 1 r away. Suess i m booked for tin months this time there is hardly any combination circumstances to warrant a boy run iii away from Home but it is easy for a ther to drive his boy away and make bad Man of him. It is being done in most every county in the land eve .1 iii iii. Ii Vii in. R acc i reus. Hill Ai a on involution. Well we Are All right now Al t Ironville Academy is open to the co in Unity. Our teachers Are going teach rudiments and Good behaviour a Good manners Ami music and baser too 1 reckon. They arc not yet i pared to teach evolution and i science. Tomt evolution business Seei to have broke out in a new place and vexing our Wise men mightily. Scien is a Good thing Ami i feel a great est in knowing All about Adam for reckon he is my ancestor but it is id my importance How his descendants Beha themselves in this sub Lunary Wor we have a big meeting going on Here a i heard a Man say Well i m not Gobi i i got no Confidence in t it use preach ers. What i want to know first of is where did Cain get his wife ? tha what bothers and so he is Goi about Loose and every time Anbu talks to Linin about religion be say where did Cain got his hut i think the new doctrine of Elution that has got into the Church is right fair Compromise for it maintain that while old father Adam Evolin. And come from a Monkey old in Atli live did it. She was made All of a us den Anil All at once pure and a Nutil and Lovely and had no Monkey Ane tors Anil 1 reckon that is the reus Why woman is to this Day so much biter than Man. There is no Gorilla Bio in taint of the brute or i beast to crop out like it does in a in what matter of curiosity what became of o Adam s Brothers and Sisters and All t rest of the old Monkey Stock that Eluted Cor i reckon he did t just Elute by himself. May be they Didi marry Angels but just kept on in t pure Monkey Breed and that account Cor the other e Hottentots a indians and such like. There is a d Terence a great difference and it hat beginning somewhere. Science has Power of work to do in unravelling Tho questions and i Hope she will do it i she has t done it i in my lion and i m going to wait patiently. The new expos in ion Halling. This building has been nearly co plated and will present a handsome 1 Yearance when finished. The Low floor shows Good workmanship but t seism a floor a been severely critics by the exc Cutie committee of the i association on account of its Uulevi Ness the wide cracks Between the to ing the defective lumber an Huil Dofing. An experienced Guildor said yesh esterday that there was no danger to the i Hii Ihling from High winds As and iii had act i Xci. A the daily hmm. To the daily lore came in As usual. Is him. Milling in he asked. Or. Mildly is ing. Hyth � Way was tin Hores Spreigl to victim. Los j no. Said Kong. Is the he a in soon so l yes won t you take a Seal do Smid wait a. The bore needed no second invitation be he sat Down Ami he waited lie wailed ten minutes half an hour an hour two de hours. He began to grow uneasy Fer Uyon think hell be Back soon he of asked. Ive Fogg was sure of it. The bore sat to Down again and waited. It had begun ill to grow dark. Fogg got up washed his be hands put on his Coa. Took out his key twirled it around a moment Ami re to marked Ler sorry to disturb you but i m going an to lock up the or. Milling won t be in again to Day of i ogs.u0h dear no did t expect him to-dav.? fun. The you said lie would lie in soon Al he will. Hell to in a ii bout ton Days. That in t Vorva Long Yon know. Sorry to have kept you waiting. Sood As tin Boro stole languidly Down the i stairs he fancied he heard a wild shout of Savage laughter which on the wind online roaring "j1 the Small boy. Father did the Hov really stand orc the deck asked Green s hopeful pro Geny the other no Weorsie he stood on three King Sis and he put the deck up his sleeve to use As occasion times. A 1 Maui a is it wrong to say it is go re Jug to Thunder ? " any ii course not i Ute. Why11. Do you ask Sulci a question a " cause yesterday a said if you were in going to Thunder he would t care ". H Boston Timex. Nil is the Sabbath school superintendent in was talking about children playing at Jav the Mother s knee. Lie had grown quite eloquent and affecting and not a few were weeping. Now Johnny said he does your Mother Tell you to n come and Kneel Down before her at her is Mej Vessier Slie Duz said Dolinny. R a Low do you feel then Happy buy i with a Christian Mother p i Well when she holds my Brad Downs Between her Knees and pulls my coat on up Over my head and wears out her slip to per on my basement 1 0 j the superintendent had fainted. J South and Ivest. In. Papa does cod Tell you what Toto write in your sermons a yes Deir of then Why do you scratch it out so on often?".the Julf a. To of children said a sunday school is teacher looking Over the top of her n. Glasses to should always be glad and is Happy for our Ninny Ami manifold bless Ings. Kvetki the Birds thank their maker .111 in those canaries across the As Street pouring Forth their musical in to. Please a am interrupted a Little lie fellow who was playing tit tat too on and the by Leaf of a hymnal. Them Ain Thea Raisin. That s what canaries a trays and . Eur a year. $1 �n3ie5\ti � a year. $1l a �.= h a 0 Bohs ii b h sin r s tha h a 5f of i in b s � h saw 0" a a pow i m � " s fsr is z lil i Rcd g2 Fei bed p3 = is ags7 b i o cd 2&srs p ois st la of 3iiy iii f p a � Pavilion hotel Lii 7 to Onia Kloston. S. 0. , Ilass in Ull Ith appointment. Yl-1 ass $2.00, $2.no. To la Bellont cuisine Largo airy rooms Oli i us Ungor Lovator. Electric in i and lights. Loati a Rotunda. Hotel on. Chi trally located. \4 ito1p Speed i i on to forgot to Call on us before purclinsi1 j Well Scarf total stuck of Dris Cli Mical Patent m a larg Slock of the fancy and toilet Arti stationery. Poems pens Ink Anil various Oiler will inc great pleasure in showing our customer Don l forget to hopi Yon come to town to try jul plug of our log Cabin Ornati Best in town mul vim will lie convince a Good line our team Collier s favorite Ami red All orders by band or mail promptly and Caret i Elk Schui Ca Turill j Jive us it Call first door above Central hotel. Speed & this space h. W. Lawson new goods Eon j. M. Laws new York buy look out Foi tis ement. Palmetto " trios. Ivel Phoi Iutok of i lie largest in thu Tomura by false advertisements. The Hull papers. He is Well prepared for fall Trade. The think in lie line of foreign and Domestic the Best lie Market affords. He has got Rye and Corn Irish a Apple i each California and film r i he Enn Cherf Nelv recommend his Roods to 111drinks with All the delicious Heyek aces drinks. His specially is a Lar Joe Stock of l l gentlemen s resort no. And you will not forget again 1 a Good line of to df"ac5t a fac the Centenio one of tie Best arranged houses in the up count the choicest and most family wines Domestic and pm ales and Porter Champagne etc., together with hut cannot be excelled in Quality. We cordial gite us a trial hoping to guarantee satisfaction in inn Sipll it inn ii jjuuuu11 to u11u11 Good billiard a in connection with bar and will i a. C y c has ass the furniture a and we Kee by Altit Low prices. Our Stock i Turo rns iness in the South and everything in our Lino besides nil revolving Rook Cusps red routines Vit Patent a by cribs in howl castors firn Mark a adjustable folding chairs. Inn i pillows a. Jere As o a nil or write o or. f 840 Broad stick a. A " Lowry Bijj Olsow Giorc. To keep always i 1i.mil a a paints oils Edi Oines u Host selection tenth or Choc to Vav ju1 a mum articles inn numerous to turn inn. Which we s if i Hoy will hut give us a Call. St one iral Leaf chewing tobacco de poll trying it. We also keep of c in alls. I Are All Vorva fragrant. Til i v Attu Pleil to. Comi ovum i at All hours. Most Kosse Elfull Lowry. Wii. Mil 11 i. Ii i ii 11 iii Imi i reserved for pc co., till their 10. 11 is now in ii them. I a i \ i Irvi i Ziril j7\a l v i Saloon Gret ti.sra.xx., no country Don t intend to dupe his ens is not mentioned in the t Iree Abbeville Palmetto House is Well stocked with every wines and liquors. Liquors nine years old. Good old and scotch whiskies 71 lira Dies. Ter Alt and Resli lager liver. C Public for medicinal Lse. Mid mixed of Llie season. Also Cool. Teml estate he goods. Cull at tic 4 Washington Street Thomas Mcgett Gigax. Bacco and cigars its facts rial Saloon by proposes to keep in Stock for fail Trai popular or rads of and liquors sorted brandies a Fine Stock of of Gas and tobaccos y invite people who Good goods t in any goods pc sell. Ii Dit or Bur s. Between Russ los and i null. Incl Pool room Al whatever Cost. 1-tf in o or x truck business Augusta p it moving a simply immerse. To lend the i uni Competition from Ivory Quarter. Vgo. Augusta a. Mux 5&�ar Mimm . Jj.1.1. Icaria a eni Nonu establish Day & 733 and 735 Broad Stree manufacturers Anu de Arria Jucs. Koe Kawas Ami i ii land a facture is agents i a tlx1 Sale of tin Kis of Ca 1.1, and ski i i inc i s. Pead demo Klyk months foil the National it a Large Wjk i Linn 1 i Washington events. I1. Finneral fori i to any address from now until nov. our party Antl to accomplish Price to Mere Cost of Blank paper. 1 is i Sci ii to n i Kee to any i i Corre pc a okie esl tion to whom a fair Price will he paid. 1inclose a o for subscription in order t will be credited As soon As identity is Esta a i .1 i / i Vivi a i duress a. Us Uiman publisher of Dail editorial rooms 2 Congress st Emory s i Are flip it 10 i 11 Acihl Urlio. One Good 1i i ills. Followed by Olio ill i iii in incl iii by run us rej v-4io swim i "1 Cyl less. Pleasant i to t Ai 11 inv Sill druggists and Medill my Stan l 1cl Cikk term i Tinory s i Jit tic t site Soloc a Jwj to in Ali Best i ill Ever us a. Ii. Co . 11 a i Linn Ujj ure Tia most of a 1n. T. A Sij Reil Mollie memory s Little at in. Locust Grove pilu8. Allies. Texas. I ll0rmayp".pple?m tlievmv.i.iexcelle.1.i a \ i \ 1 \ in Sill its fins posit Velim a i a in 1 1\ i ills i us act failing l i Poison of any kind. Liciu loosed by physicians a Oen in ii Ito. 4 Theo a a w in kit f. W. Wag wholesale grocers and liquor pentane f sin a he to keep one of the limit fest stocks to his the in every in act Mill we propose Toi nit Iid states. We have 01 r new Huili Imor t a nicely House in the eos Intro and we have Hautle plods to t in very Hest advantage. Omit Impo Tho wines Ash l i o u o r s Are brought in in us direct in Bond mul we warrant our oods absolutely pure. Our old Crow live and old Nie Corn whisky is so Well known require ii comment. We would , Call attention to r or Stock of very old French Brandv. Scotch and Irish whisky Jamaica and st Croix rums my learn Sherry Ami port wines. Assent i of no 1 pork packers flour Mills f Mcco Juliet s improved Cotton Chin ton Chin Knicker Booker Llo Llam . I i ii i till let i nil 1 Jim f. A. B 1 Estaeus watches diam Sterling Silver & t clocks bronzes an 70$ Parsons and will completely change the blood in perion Tho will take 1 fill each night try health if such a thing be possible. For Fei physicians use them for Tho euro of lite1 or sent by mall for 25c. La Stamps. Circuit Brj Flarv Trefz Outi who Riping Jyh Uhr Onlo Jil crr a Juvata of up to. Sold . Circular i Well known fort fwd most of t i my m horse and cattle i new incr Ink in Lii my l try it wort Tileti slice inn s in Diioia ii sub i nothing on Earth will Mako he Bilay like Sheridan condition pow la Lliter. Dose one teaspoonful to each of food. It Watt prevent and care i or Chicken cholera a i of tie my eel 18 8. Lai Malvill. T Augusta in All kinds of Iti ii Ami i Soivil Wilsons carts to mantin1krazii-r s Patent 1 Oil Carls. Ski ill May Milia. L have �1imi to our Stock a line line i a lit i i is Ami Ock a avs Iurii a i auction w i a i 1.1. Also a Lull Stock of saddlery and Ariu is . Collars. Whips a Jurj . Trunks coach Mali rial of very inscription cloths paints. Coach Ari wishes. Also leather and 5uui i , rivets and lacing a looks id Fum lies italian ii it Ami soapstone Cather l Rem h Ami american i no fall a at st styles lust i ski in a. Our i rices will at All times he a of crafts read two a s. Ii a Democrat Tolar id. C. A t i a i k newspaper Eoln Iliin a i 11iirii and political news. Will in mailed Lor two Timoria i in tin hands of every Frond Liml end have reduced the subscription son Send Xci is is i . D3st idh3tstts. Desire a a Good correspondent in this for sail position must � olt Tain credentials. Amount however Idis Icid. In kits y National Democrat Washington d. C. Little cathartic pills for t Ost in loss iii Ost ion use of three or four Kin tier s Little cathartic every for a week or two makes the Hurula Riis clock work i hey purify tie Blomlie Ilowit l old. Purely i pc Tulic llnrm1 1 i lie youngest chill ii iii take them. Sold Rizio dealers a 15 cts. N by , h 7 Pearl st., x. Are More than is claim cil Thev prove i la Noro. Worth twice tin Money Haskeil. A rove. Tsa. Kinney s i in at Lini l i ii i in cathartic . Iti Liioi Mills Kiver Isril pm Box with won ili Itil results. N. A in. 1 recommend them. Oiin . M by Aro excellent. I Hanson. Lacks ii. Miss mus. Kaysi a to Herl m. Y Eureil with Kinney s st mined 1110ineilx Olliev contain no quinine Mercury or nil soul he irn t pm co. New Yolk. Markwalt Eit s n t i till to. And South Ca Isoma mont1ok a Sikyta 1.tv. A Larro selection Ovid Boltax Ltd Wolyk always 011 Liam Kim of Ami Deli kit v. It. A. Koskii. Ener & co. Dealers. Cotton factors Turl Idrice dealers. As Ever been offered in tie South and is co compete or the Trade with any Market in Tho oin plated. Which is conceded to he i he Larles ill any goods behave in Stock. Summer he Vcrne cinder ale is Jirar Lemon syrups Light wines. Chami Akines we Are agents Lor the Hest import and sell at same prices As the new York agents iii rink s Scales san Liz s col Clira Pil to Mccarthy s improved Loiis cot1 Lin .1 tiles Milium Climp Ngor Rich till Nui Porder. R a h a tied 1842. Londs jewelry Riple plated Ware d Fine fancy goods i Broad Street Augusta a a. Mls the entire system in three Mont Lis. Any in 1 to 13 weeks May be restored to sound nil do. I and kidney diseases. Sold ovary where Tri free. I. 8. Johnson & co., Boston Ului. � croup asthma bronchitis a ural tin. Khou Matlum. Johnson s Anodyne liniment or internal and external Ute will Rellon Titca and will cure nine cams out of ten. Information Tinl will Suvo Many Lea Cut free by my. Don t delay a i boiler than Eun t cures inn ensa bleeding at Trio Lane . Solera Moribus kidney troubles and e. I. 8. Johnson a co., Boston mama. Ike hens Lay cholera be. Sold everywhere Orient by mall for re. La imps. 1 non shed in Arao $1.00 by mall Tutti Xuy Laratto. I. 8. 73ilm80i co., Boston my
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