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The Abbeville Messenger Newspaper Archives Oct 8 1884, Page 2

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The Abbeville Messenger (Newspaper) - October 8, 1884, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abl Volle messenger. Kali my at the pos Mollico us Mink a. M. 1 Itolia i. Thus. Coth Nii ins. S. I or kililer.-. Iii a i . \yk1 Nisi a of Tolik s. I ssi. Of Xiv claims am Tiow they Khot ii lilo i Yii. A of the county homing a claim against tin county commissioners for building n Bridge amounting to$170.00, tramped All Over town one Day last week offering the claim for Sale. A neighbor had offered eight live cents on the Dollar for it. And after trying nil the brokers around town he failed to get an Advance on this offer and carried it Hack Home with . It the claim had Ihmi less than $100 he could not have received More than eighty cents on the Dollar for it. The county of Abbeville can certainly pay More than eighty five cents on the Dollar upon its indebtedness and the Pride and position of our county justifies its citizen sin demanding of its financial agents that this matter be improved. Ileal i v it is not As much As 85 per cent. Very Man who bids upon a contractor any work let out i a the county Tommis Sion ices if he is a Man of Ordinary shrewdness adds to bid the 15 per cent that he will have to pay to the broker w he buys claim discount and at least 5 or 10 or cent in addition id cover All the incidental risks attaching to the collection of tin amounts due. So that upon these contracts there is almost invariably a discount of at least to per cent., and this the county must pay. It is said that few men can live under a debt drawing ten per cent., then what becomes of tin in when they pay Twenty or More in the Case of whose remuneration for service to the county is regulated by Laws. Trial justices. Constables shrill a clerks Coroner etc., if they Are unable to hold the accounts until taxes Are collected they Are obliged to pay this exhort Pilaut interest imposed upon Theiu by the financial policy of the county. The Law allows them t be Hundred cents upon the Dollar and yet la v Are compelled to accept who Are least Able to Bear such a Burden. After the first of january the brokers pay m t cents on the Dollar but la fall in discount is equal in their favor by the shortness of tion june 15th, for instance the claim is discounted Al ton per cent., Ami Trio full amount is paid in four months. Tin labourer who is worthy of hire in this Case pays interest at the rate of nearly per vent these things ought not so to he Ami if there is a remedy the people of this county have a right to demand it. It is a great Ileal better that the county should pay its indebtedness Dollar for Dollar. It would he Economy and Justice. If the county commissioners would make arrangement sat the beginning of each fiscal year for Money during that year at seven or even ten per cent., and pay Oil very claim As it was approved they would gel better work they would Havett done cheaper and tin v would be Deal ing out even handed and exact Justice. If the county contracts to pay a certain amount for services it is better that the people As a whole should pay the interest upon the Money necessary to me t these demands than that the loss should be entered upon Lii i who performs the services. Not that the broker is to Lilamer. For ii is a 11101103 transaction wit it 111. Kulij of to considerable risk it the financial policy of the county entrusted to thu most important Olliie in Tho county should lie conducted on Busis a principles. Who would expect a Hank president or the directors of a Cotton factory to pursue u policy similar to that upon which the Only is conducted Tim tribute to Hampton. One of Tho most Beautiful episodes of the grind rally was the magnificent and soul stirring reception Given to senator i Lampion As he stepped Forward to make address. T rent the ail and for fully live minutes the Noble carolinian stood in speechless Delight at the ovation of the people that he had lede Eind. The people of Abbeville will never forget Jav ado Hampton and nil that i Lias done for them. The Honor themselves in honouring . Through the War that Sacri lied the Flower of our land i stood by Thui tried and True and through that greater bloodless War it was to i unerring judgment that they Ove Luiei present and everlasting redemption. It was due to this reception that the senator made the most eloquent Ell get Jive speech that he Linse of in do in this county. His very soul was moved Andjus Ovid telling words came pouring Forth flip spontaneous outburst of a grateful heart to the people shut he Kne a would. He True even unto death. Advil h to to of hails. Arc you disturbed at nil by and pro i 11 in to Kiun i. Its value is incalculable. It will relieve the poo Little Suh Crew immediately. Depend up on it Mot hers there is no it. It cures Dyse Fry and diarrhoea. In i nil Ite the stomach and bowels cur wind Colic. Y the town Council of the town of Abbeville in the state of South Carolina and by tin authority of the same that at the organization of each town Council now or hereafter cliche l or at some succeeding meeting it shall he their duty to elect some suitable person either in or out of the Council clerk of Council to serve for the full term of the Council by which he Isle Ted unless removed for Good and to be deter untied by the ii. That it shall be the duty of the said clerk of Council within ten Days after written appointment to tile wit the intend Ait of the town of Abbeville a Bond signed by two sureties in the penal sum of one thousand dollars conditioned upon the faithful discharge of All duties that Are or Lime hereafter be required of i n. The the said Bond to he determined by the town Council ii meeting Cioc 111. That it Liall to the duty of i lit m will clerk it f Oiin Rilton keep a full record of till the of the Council in 11book of minutes to be pies Rcd by Bini and turned Over to Bis successor in Ollice. To take All returns mud by liable to taxation in the town of Abbeville Transfer to lieu alphabetically upon the tax Book and to collect All taxes that ii a be due thereon. To collect All lilies licenses and penalties imposed by the Council. To payout the funds so received Only upon the order of the town Council and Rita u vouchers for the same. To provide a Book �1� which he shall make regular entries of All cases containing the Nam s of All offenders who shall be summoned to appear before Council for the violation of any ordinance now in Force to which May Merenf ter be ordained by the authority aforesaid with the specifications of the of once of urged and i time and result of the trial. To submit to the Liitt naut by Lii i to lie Laid before Tike town coup ii on the fourth tuesday in Augustof each year a full exhibit of the receipts and expenditure of the year turn Over to the succeeding Council within thirty Days after the expiration of Ollice All moneys in hands belonging tothe corporation and deliver up All books paper Sand other records due Ideiil to in. That for such services the clerk of Council shall receive 2per cent for receiving and 2 a percent for paying out the funds that tray come to hands As said clerk. That All ordinances and parts of with this ordinance be and tile same Are repealed. .1. S. , Lille Plant. 11. 1. , ion is f. Mil ,t. A Coth an. 01" �i.a5-s, Waido is. Ions f. . Clerk f m Ziril. Fast kids . William Anderson is. Lola m. m. Tran Liloni a son foreclosure. virtue of an order of Sale made in i lie allow st a Ted ease l a Llie Loii. .1. It. Kershaw pm lure 6th circuit on 27th Day of october1 will sell at Public outcry at Abbeville v. Ii., s. C., 111 the " ii Day of november 1ss-1, within the Leal Luurs of Sale the following described property situate in said state and county to wit All that tract or parcel of land known As the Williams place and containing kkji1t and like More or less bounded by lands of William , George Nickles Hubert i i William Dunn and others. Terms of Cash balance twelve months with interest from Day of Sale secured by Bond of purchaser and snort a a of premises wit i leave to purchaser to Mayall Cash purchaser to Pav Lor . 1 Honcia a .1 it. Mast Kii a. s Sam. Dowie ii. is. J. A. Calhoun. By virtue of an murder of Sale made in the above stated ease by the . T. Ii. I Raser a Udre third circuit on Day one 1n84,i will sell at Public outcry at Abbeville N. S. I on 3rd Day of november itis a that Beill Sale Day within Llie Levial hours of Sale the following described property situate in said state and county to wit tract or parcel of land known As a lot in Tilk town of Thoy and thirty feet by one Hundred and Lifty front More or less bounded by lands fronting on main Street and Lyviu Jurii the Cornet of main and Augusta its. Terms of purchaser to pay for papers. M. L. Hon ii am -jr., Max tor. Matskus Salk. .1. T. Morton is. .1. T. 11 Arris it. Al. By virtue of an order of Sale made in the above stated ease l v the lion. .1. S. Colhran judge of the 8lh circuit on 3rd Day of october 188-1, 1 will sell at Public outcry at Abbeville j. 11., s. C., on Lin Jurd Day of november 18s-1, being Sale l a within the Lega hours of Sale the of hewing described property situate in said slate and county to wit All that tract or Puree i of Laud known As the Homestead tract and containing Onk 111 in in 1 and ninety aci5kk, More or less bounded by lands of a . K. Cowan. M. A. Jia Ivy . T. Alorton. Torts of . I or Chaser to pay Lor i users. M. I. Hon ii am. .1 i. Master. Mas to los . Win. 1. inn vhf. .1. T. Harris a Al. I1y Virtu of an order of Sale made ill the above stated ease Liy the lion. .1, s. Cothran .1 to the 8th circuit on Elrd Day of october 18s.5. I will sell at Public outcry lit Ahw vill ii., s. On Choini r. A. T. W id Einan w. 1. Wide min. .1. I. I Loi in i state of. S. M a to . Terms Sale. Di. Purchaser to p v or in is. M. I. Lion Ham. Or. Master. J 1ast,s Sai i. J Lymph is. Lestia How hi., i virtue of an order of Sale made in the above status Case by the ii in. T. I. Kraser -i1h8i. I will sell at Public out re at Abbeville ii., s. V on re Day of november 1ss4, that into Side pay within the Lejsal hours of Salthe following described property situate in said state and county to wit All that travel or parcel of band in the town of Hodges and containing two hoods i oink of . 1 with i w k 1,1,1 x i. Stonk j a torsk and of sikh la til Kirkon now or formerly owned by Huberts in Adams by lands now or formerly own 1i. D l i. Mark and by the O. It. J a. Terms of .purchaser to put for papers. Al. D. Hon Ham dr., m Asti k . F. A wage incr & co. Is. T. W. Mars. 1h virtue an order of Sale made in tin above stated Case by the hon. T. Ii. I Riser judge Kig Lith circuit on 3rd Day of june iss will sell at Public outcry at at Leville It., s. R.,�n 3rd Day of november 1x8-1, that being Sale Dav within the Leal hours of Sale. The following described property situate in said state and count r. To wit All that tract or parcel of land containing i Ink Nix Nikki Kiuji it five a i is More or less Boun Deil by lands of estate of los Ali Weils s. Is. Monnh.,1. I. Caldwell and others. Also that tract or parcel of land contain 1in-? Tlok Acks More or less and bounded by lauds of James act Zaslau said A. Mars and others. Also that tract or parcel of land containing two Nikki Aci iks. More or less and bounded by lands of j allies Mccaslan a. 1$. I. Lindsay and others. Terms of. Cash balance in twelve months with interest and secured by Bond and mortgage of the premises in Clias. ,.vm. L. Hon ii a a jr., master. Wai Inonu to tits passes. Vil persons arc hereby forbidden l enter11 Pun our several lands Lor the purpose Oahu tiling Frame either by nil lit or Day or Nettin partridges. The Law will be enforced against All trespassers. Titos. L. Moisik i. M. Cookk t S. ,1. W. Force in .1. I , ii nov ii. K. To Pinkk Ort if. We. Xci Manlik hotel i i . The omit two class hotel in the would. W. It. A Luck Poi Ltd Kumh. Rpm is talk 01 sol tii i a Koi. In a. Attl Cointo. L Robale for letters of ,1. i Yon. Ks.,l Rohale .iiidii1 , w. 1. M. Cason. Has made suit tin in i Nuil Linin i lad Minin stration it till estate no Euc cts of Cason Laic of a Bevilee county deceased these Are therefore Tocito and admonish All tand singular the Kindred Ami creditors to the . Frank Capon deceased that Thev he Ami appear before me in the court f probate to he held at Abbeville ii., on monday the i20th Lav of october 188-1, after publication thereof at ii o clock in the Forenoon to show cause if a by they have Why the said administration should not be \ Suveil Nii jer my hand and Seal this Seal i the Day of october in the year four lord one thousand Cir rat hum red i Ami eighty four Anil in the Louth year of Nier eau Independence. 1published on the8th Dav of october. 188-1, in Tuk a Kovi mass Knock and on the court j House door for the time required he Law. .1. Fli. , i oct 8-t�\v Jude probate court. I annual meeting. I no tit k is lie Rev Given that the annual meeting of the Hoard of county Coin .1 missioners for Abbeville county will be held s on tuesday november -1th, 188-1. All person holding Bills account s or demands of an v 1l ii t Omu Vui Ililau ii u it t u Citi fire presented to Trio Ilo Aniot of commissioner sat special meetings held during the Vear arc hereby required to Deposit the same duly sworn to with the clerk of the Hoard on or before the first Day of november so that thu a May be examined nud ordered Tobe paid Al the annual meeting. James Klugh clerk b. I oot lot rep k. 11 Kan Man s Sample room mail Street Columbia 5. C., opposite hotel Lalock winks and Maks. Tylli Best a grids of Domestic and imported whiskies wines a us champagnes always in Stock. Orders by mail promptly listed with first i Timss goods at reasonable prices address. K , Columbia. S. I Jee Bailey deah is in / birr Drift. 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Persons indebted to the estate of miss Kos 10. , deceased must make immediate payment to the undersigned Andall holding claims against said estate Are hereby notified that settlement 1� the same will lie made in probate judge s Ollice i ii saturday october is1j1, i s3j." m. J. , adm sept 18-. U Bridges to be let. Milk contract to i build i att i sox s us idol will lie let to the. Lowest responsible bidder at the Bridge ii site on monday september Joth 1881, it i o clock m. Also Tho contract to rebuild hmm Leif. Will be let to the lowest responsible bidder at the Bridge site on tuesday septem Berloth 1884, at 10 o clock a. In. Specifications of each Bridge w ill refurnished on Day of letting. Ilon with two approved sureties will be require Din each ease to be Given on the spot. The right is reserved to reject any or All i in r i. Lock. Sep a it county commissioner. Do i West female College. F vat it session logins monday. Octol berth 188l number of pupils year. 187. Number of teachers j 1"j. Facilities in my. I i Kiim ii am i a Mimi Usu Assad. of of Boal in 1 regular tuition for Colic " year of 105. L or a in lose to Trio l Resi . I j. P. . Jurylo uni j 1" i iams i. 1 so Hobon dentist. 1st tal5jo\l . Icat i on will in made i tin Liener la Assembly ill South i " 1 .1 ill in next session for a charter for i Liili. Ait tvs to ii Annil Liv i Lennix Ami in i in a ii Aiken in s. I. I. I in soda water. I have in full operating one .1v a. To i t s Ai civic soda apparatus Ami propose to Ric \,.ii As title soda water As v ii Call or ill am it Spica i a it Chi t inn Nail i ladies. Fall i l or. N \ \. Store House and Glot for Sale. . St la Otic store House i to feet Ritli Root fed in tin town of store is a rond one Story Frame l a kit rails. These extracts arc a know led cd to be the he tot their kind. For Sale by a a ill ii sky in pm Iifltl-v1/1? v i a v a Nii Enin he3eee8ksh9bdbi no Moit terror j this i n v a 1 u a Vej it of Iraq truly Ano Mori i Gilill i Tilini Ipili of Sciont Itic skill Alul in i Nomore hauliers in la .0.ei,t a i Al vill a 11vv Oil i la i to mall ices lit tin to a i. Of 11 it Oulu slum oils i in t inn Iselin Mother or child Ami till Inton. J Silv pain Sut. Bot till of mor Taii All. It i in a motherhood "un.r t to unit Lior 11 i pm i rails Lorini in to tit highly to speedy Roony orv. Siml far loss liable r i / \ 1 1 Ali Metilin a ouiiviil11 v / 1 1 u simis. A n in i o r Alavi icing Viii it to lingering 1" Ami Aii Ful labor Lis 1 Liiv wonderful j j i Lii i a in ibis Oil Toiv p 1. J ,.tiiitlo tin Moi wikis t to ranked safety and a imy in a Jivoni i ii 1 111" will inv tin Ilir Verios women Siu in i. From tin nature of tin Wiist it will of min rec in to cannot publish i Rutili rates concern this Riu i v without Romuli Iier Tell Oacy to tin writers. Vol Wolia pc of such testimonials on tile Ami tin Mill Lior who it will Ever attain lie without it in her t ii 11 of trouble. A it physician lately Reid Erkcil tothe prop Rit tor that if it were admissible Tinak. Public t lie lot let s w o Roe i v. Trio mint list Frimml Willil at \ nor tut the Market i most Earnest i entreat Ever female expect Nir to in i Listini in to use i Vilior s lit diff. Couple in Willi this entreat i will ail. . I ill Isis. V in tin. M st Hill thy favorite route t till a i s faii5, a Kwh oklans. . Tromm exc inc december 1st, isl. Double daily trains with elegant sleeping attached for which thelow rate of 1 for each Section is lowest sleeping car rates in the i United states. secured ten plays in Advance. I of that your Atlanta t., i Kocia 1 acidic i a i was am. Ill pm Iuli i a a. A la. For further information write to or tall on l. S. By Iowa i pm i n. 11a a . A. S. Thweatt trav. Pass. At. , a. I. V. Safik in. Superine. Iii,151 if i son county lie or in. The followings or. John Pearson s statement. In Tho Spring of i sati f wits attacked with n. Very bail conch which continued to Crow worse until fall when i cot. So weak that i could not ret. It out. I tried a great Ryan kinds of me Darlne but. Continued to grow worse. I was notified that i had consumption. Ana would r in Oil. Or. To Ioway Nan told me to try Brewer s lunar restorer. They sent to Nard store Ted or t a bottle and i commenced taking it i lit away after taking two or three doses 1 lick in to improve and Bytho time i had used up one bottle i was Able to k it on my Fiot Ami in. I am now to excellent health. I am confident that f he restorer my life and Ziy neighbors Aro of Tho sumo opinion. It in the Host lung remedy Ever made in my opinion. I r. N. Promised Mot hat he would Wilto lev Tho manufacturers und Tell the i of the won Dorluis Curc it mail in my ease. Statement of Karly in november. I font while sewing on Tho machine. My was taken with a i Eero paining her Sido. Which was soon followed by Haemorrhage from her lung and a fever cough. I Ever commenced she could neither eat nor sleep mid in a few weeks she was re ined of living Skeleton. Tho attending physician told to thai to thought one of her i bugs end Lyrone she could not retain the most delicate Rah not on her Rio Mach. I then agreed with or. Sullivan my family Ali you Ian to Call or. Holloway in c iimilt.,tion. They made a Fitial Ain nution it the patient an pronounced the Niue i �.iele. S. Or. then suggested i it ill Cor s t no Post Crew As a last Reot. I for a to. And her ado it. I Oiin i that Shoou i in it on her stomach an 1 after Teeth Ore i a san in non i i.iimm1" � i r. In. 1 cent Tiu a 111 Chi irl Ami by tint Inrush Linti Irvn w � Sii o to no i no ii Mimi. My is n a in better health Klimis in i com Rel yours.1 of lev. I o 1 to r1 ii r i. V. Or. Liemiul inv it n co is tit Ponc Oivi a. I u a thoroughly Esfir Llo . A. Lamar Ratoft a \ Lakar Maco m of. f Tali Iurii Len Lioy a 1 , a 1
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